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WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 12. 1927. GOUVBRNKUR FREi PRESS PAGE FIVE Of Local Interest Schools ;tr.' > iosr.i today in cele- bration of Culumbu- day. Robert Hiiohnum arrived horn*- from New York ri-.y on Saturday. iu client TucstirtA Ewc n Jeliel t >f \V;, Oil b riowu Hpi sues*-. Mrs. Anni' AUirich fa spi-nUni^ the ek at the Lake Placid dub . INSPECTION OF GOUVERNEUR ON i W.R.C.T0BE | TOES FOR BIG ! HEDOCT. 19 FOOTBALL GAME CLASSIFIED MARSHVILLE H. G. FARMER •IlIHl I.ls»,,! Mr*. Mary E. Bond of Jamaica, L. !., Despite Reverses Last Saturday Team — Department Secretary, to Pay Visit L Preparing to Make Strong Stand r . U, \ I 'M . ,l, T.' MW ~^ V i 1 !. t,c . s !' M VlTy *» i * a M - ua u u*. M.15 li^iits, water, par- Not all money required. H. C. Here. Against Ofdensburg V: H Barms W R. C , No. 200, In spite oT rever- will hold a special meeting at their ('anion on Saturday rooms in the Odd Fellows building the Couvej-neur Hi«h dn I'aul Smith, a freshman at Syra- Juliua BartKtt spent Sunday with i*u*** diversity, spent the week-end his parents at their home in Adams. ln town Mr. and Mrs D O Foster of Wa- Mr*. Ali<t ' Richardson of Onfral tertown were in Gouverneur on Square is visiting her father. K. E. Sunday. • Osier, here Mrs. Robert Hltchman .visited her 1 J- H. Aliigee. now located iu Al- grandmother over the week end at ' buny. spent the week-end in this vil- Ogdensburg. ; la 8t* wil & b- i8 parents. Leon E Fornay who is working at' Miss Elizabeth Callahan returned Wednesday evening. Oet. 19, for the train lost to Canton ] ; Cranberry Lake spent the week end Tuesday from New York where sbe 'purpose of annual inspection. The a score of 23 to 13. Co,; with his family i has Det \ u visiting for the past week, inspection officer on this occasion forward to a victory 1 . „ t , , . .., . . will be Mrs. Mary E. Bond, of next here when it \\ Roscoe Davis and little daughter. A. I rwcott lx>omis, of the \\. H. j amaica> L . i wno Ls lhu iv par t- the ogdensburg Free A Mildred, were, in Baldwinsville on, Loom is Talc ( orporationi, of this vil- menl sei . re tarv and who while in Gouverneur'a defeat business Saturday. I *f. K **' * pent bunda y at his home i n Gouvurncur mxt week will be en- of Canton was UII.A Luella Graves of Potsdam spent a'^ aUJrt ° Wli , f a *^ wlth Mrs Ida M. Loveless, dop,sters had given • tew days with her friend Gertrude Mrs. J. J. Sullivan entertained on Department treasurer, in consolidat- Couverneur by a big - '•---- Thursday afternoon at a luncheon ing the quarterly reports of the Corps neur. however, went :: bridge at the Garden Tea House at in this Department. The business seriously crippled and \ Philadelphia. meeting will be preceded by a supper greatly weakened by . at 6:00 to which all Corps members its control. However, and the members of E. H. Barnes of the team are offer :. Post, G. A. U . are invited. explain its defeat, b.r. Joe Spratt Corps, No. 4 6, of Wa- traiing entirely on tin., of c-oM ,1 l!„o 1,. be. pMc\ Rogefi -Co/v •h. lav; . ater , ti , good -t reel s 1 lit t o »rv * 11 b.ius. limits. •e. ret la-' ni«', :/.e.d ganl.-n. town. Will ell quickly. tin, M I Ja- o visitor 1 tin! l( , h ' ;he vr. r red at ; when Loot ball den. Kog R. • d of nrwk[...i-t Mrv K.lw.ir.l L.iv for a lVw day s th e pa^t Week Mr and Mr-,. B.-rr Samphi.-r and three little ^.irls visaed hi- parents ii\;tr ('aiiton last Sunday Mr« Esiace.y M.-R.d.bu- and dauuh- ter Mildred of did Dekalb «,TI; Snn- day guests of her son, Harry Mc- • lir.-t •k llu-- It is before , was a reuce'- 1.;; K • n: i li ti- lt; e sllj :.v;;> wah the, linn of >•«•. <v KinMeln, Inc., 111:111- ••'ut' : s an d importer s of Liir, ha s mad e arrange- rs with th e hoa^e t o ply hi m with a line of »b'e ir looks Saturday ish with iiy. le hands Allen Osier of the town of Finch county Dunda»s, Ontario, is spend ing some time with his brother, E E. Osier, here. Nir«i Country Home—About 10 res inside coiporation Couverneur IOOI oy Nk . e h(JUMl | b;itn t . losetj lavatory, ! Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Camph.dl and lights, new furnace, some hard wood : daughter. Ruth, were in Canton Sat- aturday llour .. ham. hen house, strawberries, ' urday evening to attend the movies raspberries, asparagus b*d, currants, 1 \'J 1 '' 11 Hur\ was the picture. gooseberries, cherries, plums. Not Je.sse St John accompanied Mr all money required. Would take vil- • Premo to his home in Canada one e.a. in e Ja+; e property, if good value in part ; da - v the past week, game 10 payment. H. C. Rogers. ' Calvin Lamore and sou Ainesworth (.ouver- — . f of Williamson were in this section the game Small HI>UJ*>—Good repair with with a truck load of onions and a line-up barn and large, garden, $1000. II. C. • apples last week. \ beyond Rogers. | Mr. and Mrs Forrest Young and members __ —_ _ i ittK . son 8l „. n t Sundav alibi to 1 tttrm \\ nnutl —Party with $500 parents. Mr and Mr with his Frank Young tertown, will have Inspection Friday, against Ogdensburg wh Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. I ....... .,-w,^,.—* ai \.j nji.ii vow parents coneen- wants 25 r»w farm equipped. Has ; on the Trout Lakfl road xt game help in family. H. C. Rogers, Gouv- ( Mr and Mrs clinlon Burch and LoomLs re- Oct. 21. the same inspection officer: to recoup for Us loss S r ut dliy.^^ ! 'T\ »-'...„•• , •_ \ : ! HeTllys atTyriter\^ \ B> \ r ° D Threshers were at Worth Fair- SDencar 12 bank ' 9 last Monday. 32tfc i Tner e wa S a reception at Bert Miller's on the Edwards road last ?d the ' To K *' nt —Modern apartment, new . The game I y decorated, furnished forenoon as 5 v ished - Mrs - c - L u-. during De P ot st - '<:. Lawrence' or unfur- For Sale—95 acre farm 3 mites 'Friday evening in honor of the new persons from (Jouverneur on state road, leyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Harold college B est of land, plenty of water, 20 Gotham. We extend our congratu- Forney, 121 Barnes street. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Rush, accom- panied by Mrs. Pearl Turnbull, mo- tored to Buffalo on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Stoughton re- turned last week after spending sev- eral days at the Lake Placid club. Miss Madeline Dellapont of Star i tur \neii Monday from a short stay at being in attendance. Spratt Corps] Many villagers ac Lake spent last week with Misses; jj er kimer. Thev were accompanied has extended an invitation to Barnes team to Canton Saturc Rheua and Ruth Forney at 121 b t^eir daughter, Lydia. Corps to attend this affair and also was played during th Barnes street. I \ a banquet to be held in the Histori- the field was to be Miss Marian B Tavlor of the! Earl G-ardner traveling represen- ca , buildIng at 6 . 30 . The invitation the afternoon by the s- claas l8 of 1927° ^GoJvYrne'ur 0 'Hfg'h ^^ ^f Sis \na^To^an >\ ac 5? pted & ^ \ V^'** that UI —^ \*™- M «>\ ' •chool, has entered the Watertown « x 7 e P n T^ go K od, y -n\ 11 !?^ Gouverneur remained also to witness Commercial school. , extended business trip to Michigan, members will attend. | game in the afternoon h d Holsteins Fine lations for a long, prosperous life. * „,».,» , . ! H. C. Rogers has sold Margaret' During the same week will occur; Ogdensburg expects •> hri™ a sub- dalr U . Go od buildings Horsey an^ Orland McCollum has been filling Herman A. White, a former reai-i p ke - 8 house at tne corner of Dex - the annual meeting of the St. Law- stantial following to -h.s village on aH farn. machinery go with farm h«« -\ilos this week He had near^v dent of Gouverneur. la visiting his terand Pearl Btree ts to John Finley. rence County Association of the, Saturday to back up th- team, and M OSt a o ? 1 machinery nfarlv new R 2 5 acres of corn sister Mrs. T. D Ormiston and also Mr Finl ^^ po^ssion at once. , W. R. C. which will convene with 1 the game is expected to attract a, w ° LI matnmery nearl > 3 n 4 e ^3tc ' Horn to Mr and Mr. Fred Car-1 friends in the village. 1 1 Rich Corps at DeKalb Junction large crowd interested in the school's penter Fridav ' Oct 7 a son ' MM'. Ovwrnit. F.B unJ Wi B »*r Mrs. Roscoe Davis and danrtterj lu »- ed VtK.%TlUK°e S^urdaywfS T h ?\ day ; ° C f '^ D ^?^ ^ d >-^- Jhe village hi, ^ de ; For Sal.^ne kitchen four grid- j ^ml* ^r^ouaVn* o't° Edwards I 5^.! *Z ^ a 7 m u™ Marion, visited in Ogdensburg Sat- j L. a d n _° Mrs M E^ liveiand and ^ even l\ B to ^.present Corps No prised this fall of r.uh football die coal cooking stove, A-l condi- commenced her school here Monday. Men» Suit*, beat qaality urday and Sunday and attended the, ^ n ? e d r fS rtr ude and stent Sun 5°i° ^ M\ An \ a , bel S ^' eT ' ^1 ocally \ ,°°, ly , tW0 Kl . :,: ' s on the tion. James Constantikes, Crystal'Oct. 3. Men's Sheepakin Coats *8,09 football game on Saturday. J? 8 } J' Gertrude, and spent bun de egate; Mrs. Lrdme Hill second League schedule were c: ve U to Gouv- Palace. 34w3tc | The school tax is out and can be tt , o U T^r • tc iwi7 *T_I * ' jday here. delegate; Mrs. Gertrude Corbin, first erneur. Saturday's c,.,..,vvme.ur-Og-i 1 paid at Fred Carpenter's for thirty *°y* Sheepakin Coats-$5.00 to $6.©« Mr. and Mrs. Loren Washburn George Waller Parker of Paris, alternate; Mrs. Rhoda Fox. second deusburg game and the Malone-I Wish to Hire a reliable man by • davs from Oot 5 at the ro g Ular l M tn 's Gennine Leather Coata leave today for Mexico to visit Mrs.; France has arr i V ed in New York ' alternate. Other members here who Gouverneur game on the following the year, beginning Nov. 1. Jas. B. per cent D I tKM __i _J * cii A_ Washburn's sister, Mrs. J. S. Putman and wi *j] con duct a showing of his wil1 have a vote in the County Asso- Saturday. In consecjuen. e of this Thompson 35w:!tc ' , j R«gUiar ^Id.UU, reoacea tO.^ll.UV and other relatives in Oswego. I paintings in the Babcock Art galler- elation meeting are Mrs Inez Wal- starvation for football .. large crowd;—; -- ,_—•-— T^^Ti iwT^ D4DMUADT DCicicrrw [ Men's Gennine Leather »£v««&.!r^£ b ^:^^. s ^r£r:£ szszzz^Atx&i ,s z^i^^r^ ao ^^^t^^ -^.r^BARNHARTRELEASED , w-.^^^ redBMd „,...,„,.„ tie Torrey. Johnstown street. Mem- The Irving st0 re, including stock 1. Parker, a past president nf the rTmnn 't»\«m \Vrnrort \.^.\/\tnnVhJBurns hard coal or . wood. Call bers please come prepared to quilt. and nxtures at Oswegatchie. has been county Association The regular monthly meeting of sold to Maurice O'Connell of Pen- \ + Ladies* Grange club will be held at; nt-lville, N. Y Ladies 9 FurCoats for ihe comiug Fall and Winter Samples already on hand at 72 Rowley St., Ciouverne.ur, N. Y. You ran wive rnom*> by placing your orik'rN wttbi jMr. Farmer. SALE of Fall and Winter MERCHANDISE Staple Ooodm mt Low PHcmm NO BANKRUPT STOCK lace, vice president of th e Associa- is expected to be pre^-m For Sale— For $25.00. One used BARNHART RELEASED tion. Mrs. Maria Overacker, president Canton high school <!• tVated Gouv- S1X , lid Round Oak kitchen range. AM I\AI kino Annri«0 : . ... ~ . . of the local Corp?, and Miss Helen erneur by the score of :;, to 13. The. with warming oven and water front (J R DO LAN S ORDERS Army and Navy Goods ncluding stock 1 Parker, a past president of th e Canton team scored thr-e touch \\\ downs and a field e al. Schoen, ; 'P hon e 164 \ M husky halfback of the Cantonltes, was the high Bcorer fnr his team, AVilliani Barnhu.rdt, who was pick-! d UP in this village on a charge of ALL MERCHANDISE REDUCED TO FOfc CLOTHING * m akiua: .two touchdow aft^r touchdown and . H. C. Itogers. Mr. O'Connell takes inrvpii If A fil? the home of Mrs. Byron Kinney. •'possession today. The sale was made flrrrfll |V| AIJI 1 . Somerville road, Tuesday afternoon, through the H. C Rogers agency. «* * Wlli \trax/EJ Oct. 18. j The regular meeting of the Gouv- , Mrs. Charles Dellapoflt and son, erneur grange will be- heW-Frid»y.^ Tony and Mrs. Louis Briggs of Star'evening at Grange hall, this village 1 Lake were the Sunday guests of Mr.' at S p. m. The program will be in r and Mrs. Leon Forney at 121 Barnes charge of the home economics olub.f- 8treet of which Mrs. Orvis C. Baldwin is-. There will be a supper at the First! A M-. U«J.« l p a »4,«. I- 1 „-^l rk»W. fullback, did the major portion of Baptist church in this village on Sat-1 The annual meeting of the Amer- \\« neien 1. rarxer is Local vnair- the ball . carrying . One of the Best small farms. 12 urday, served by the women of Unit; lean Legion auxiliary will be held in man ^, 4 ^jfl Receive Contributions With five yards to go and with acres, keeps 20 cows. House has all S of the church. The public is in-1 the Legion rooms on Tuesday eve- -j, A~r. «•••««« 1 four downs to make :h- touchdown, kinds of city improvements, nice ' ning. Oct. 18. Installation of the, * n oenaxr or urjraniza.non. 1 Schoen plunged over 'he line. His barn, lights, water cups, other up-to- ' officers elected will follow. Refresh- 1 A pathetic appeal has come from drop kick for the extra point was date, improvements. Barns full of two points Ui .goal. 1 den Gcruvtrneur kicked oS to Canton to .— T .„..„ v ..^- — — start thr game, before a small \crowti F^JrTiTYor\^^e*^-S6 good farm's, all which probably was due to the cold, sizes, in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and CAD AIC AD C ACT Canton carted like a house :in re and Lewis Counties for sale, usually with rUI\ IlLAlV EiA^l Proceeded to march right down the dairv. farming tools and horses. > v« *i— «. .^t*^ rtt , ld t0 gcore in the firJ{ three min . Send for j ist _ H c _ Rogc , rSi Gouver- ] utes of play. Santimaw, plucky little neur, N. Y. For It«'m or Sale*—Doris Williams vagrancv as a suspect in the Boon- pDirTC-TWAT Will QATl^ITY Al l house. Cordon Street. All improve- ville murder case, was released from ; rKI ^ ,i0 inA1 rilv ' 1 ' »All»ri AU ments. hot water heat, garage, gar- the county jail at Canton on Wed- nesday on an order signed by Coun- ty J.udgd James•• Do-rati •and which was prepared by the firm of Attor- neys Bowers and Heffernan. GENERAL MERCHANDISE CO. 1S7-150 Grove vited to attend T»*.?f« rber T t l! a L tllolom tI« C ^ arles , ments will be served and all mem- the Near East Relief for clothing for blocked. On the nex- kick'off, Gouv- crops. All kinds of farm machinery Phillips, Leo Bckmann, Milton l<roce, 1 bers are urpod t o be present. -the destitute in the refugee camps erneur began a mar. h from their best condition. With farm goes and John Plunkett went to ^ewlork „ , R rh for _ pr!v of of the war devasted countries. The own 30-yard line and through the everything, dairy, fodder, horses. to attend the World series baseball Mrs ^l io ^ c ^^ r ^l^^ V York State headquarters of off-tackle? running of Sprasue. scored farming tools. Only fourth mile games last week. | this y,nage. 1spent T \^ y in ^ ouv Near Ea^t Relief says: their first touchdown. Sprague also nice country village, six from Gouv- A chest clinic was held in the h \ mother Mrs William Bartlett \Clothes are as important as food, added the extra point by a line erneur. High school very near. Will office of Miss Helena Johnston in the of Norwood ' Mrs Chase exnects Have you any t0 give? Please send-plunge. be sold everything included for much Municipal building on Friday. Miss!,,™,; t „ ini „ w'i,„ci«nH U, a bundle of warm garments, used, shoen fumbled aft-r Canton had less than cost of buildings Johnston is town health nurse. Sev- eral were examined. H. C. Rogers has sold the Clinton O. Wood farm near Hermon to C. R. soon to join her husband, John Chase, who recently removed to Sy- racuse. in part pay. Will H. C out of style, outgrown, but still received the next kickoff, and Gouv- take house serviceable for those who will other- erneur recovered, converting the Rogers. wise be cold. They must go soon fumble into a touchdown. Canton! —~ :\Z~2 T~ Mrs. W. L. Legate of Barnes to reach the Near East by the tim ' then started Its powerful offensive! Wantod—Furnished apartment for M „ , T ^„ „ v .street entertained on Saturday in they are needed.\ with Snyder and Sarnimaw carrying n % ht housekeeping. Call 242-J Imerson of Rensselaer Falls, N Y. honor of Mrg . p . D . C]ark 0 f Rum-; The chairman for the Near East the ball to the five-vard line where I 36wltp Mr. Imerson^ gets 220 acres and 24 j ford( Me ( who leaveg this week for Relief for this community, Miss shoen scored his second touchdown, j ^ Halc~-\PereiyaI\ plows and Brother ._ _ „ _. _ ._ . _ _ community cows and takes immediate possession. her home after having sp€ nt the Helen I. Parker, will gladly receive He dropkickedI th e point, ergmw....,.,. .,._. all made in Canada - Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Oarand of'past summer and fall here. Since any contributions for this cause stone made Canton's other goal by 2! , fi 3 i 0 ROT BaS Bridgeport, Conn., have been spend-, the opening of the fall school sem- which may be sent to her home, 36 skirting left from the 20-yard stripe., n, \„ v 16w4tn ing several days as the guests of I eater, Mrs. Clark has been filling a W T illiam street, and will p*ck, and Late in the third \quarter Shoen uepe ' Bter ' * v Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Labardee at their ' teaching position at Gouverneur: ship the same. home in Barnes street. Mrs. Garandj High school, supplying for Mrs. G.j nAinwn« is a sister of Mr. Labardee. W T ilaon Dodds, who returned the past, NORTH COUNTRY .,, .... . week from a two montha' European, nnram^nc /urroT« A rummage sale will be held at| WPi Mr8 . C]ark ^n ^ accom pa ni ed PRINTERS GUESTS the Municipal Building on Wednes- to Qer home by her hU8 band who has day, Oct. 19, under the auspices ofjp^ n spe nding the past few days in the Margaret^Turnbull Sundayschool, town Representatives of printing houses Canton,, played a pretty'game, choos- kicked a field goal from the 25-yard j To Let—Apartment in the Barry marker to finish the scoring for the block, corner Clinton St. and Trinity day. Ave. Apply to Belle C. Barry. Her- Nelther team showed a good de-i monp or 137 Main St., Gouverneur. fense, although as the game pro- (\V PAPFR CIDU greased the Canton team tightened Ur IATLI\ rilVin up SO mewhat. Hunter, quarter for 36wltc Storage—Anderson's, 7 5 Barnes. class of church the First Presbyterian A daughter, Doris Eva Webb, was! born on Wednesday, Oct. 5, to Mr. I and Mrs. Grant Webb of Edwards.» in this section of the state were ing his plays with the \finesse of al Ij °**—Radiator cap and motor, guests of the Hudson Valley Paper veteran as did McCulloch of Gouver- meter. Please return to M. E. Love- companv at a dinner at Hotel Wood- neur. Santimaw, besides bucking the land. 35wltp AFTER A VISIT HERE ruff _ i n Watertown Thursday evening, line efficientW. backed up the line to' WESTS REACH SOUTH . U u mr B . UI9U i w C u., ui r,uw*iu 0 . _,. . . A ^ . , Following the dinner, Cautine perfection, while the remainder of i nr 2?£?'? _ ^ C^olm\**' ^^ The birth was recorded on Friday at< v ^ ord . ^a s received Thursday of Tremper, one of the hosts, gave an . the Canton line played hard all the preIeTTea n \ ^ n °g eT - the office of Rogers. Town Clerk H. c the safe arrival of Mr. and Mrs. address Joseph West and family a t home in St. Petersburg. Fl£ Rev. W. F. Skinner's Bible class' October 1. their on \'The \alu e of Adver- while. Sprague was easily the out- Pouml—An automobile tire and Using.\ Sidney T. Jones. Albany, standing player on the Gouverneur; n m on K-nts Corners road. Owner on also spoke, as did former State Sen-j team and Sullivan, guard, was the' can h aVf > same bv proving property ... ... . , . . . . ., „. , ator Gary Willard of Boonville. j best lineman on either team. • and na-vine for this ad Carl Caroen- will hold a picnic supper in the; Mr. West writes that they left Three reels of pictures were screened, j The lineup: ifer S II COD V V 3«wU? Presbyterian church parlors Monday New York State Saturday. September showing all processes for making! C \\TO\ GOUVERNEUR ' \ evening, Oct. 1, . from 6 to . to 24. Their itinerary was by way of Hammermill bond paper, from the O'Neill Capt. _ LE Hayden: For Sale—Turkev boxes and bar- which all class members are cordi- Corning to Williamsport through to filing of the spruce timber to finish- H O'Driscoll __ LT Priest rels for sale. Walter F . Clark ally invited. j Clark Ferry to Carlisle, thus avoid- i ng the product. Laturner LG Love; 35w3tp Miss Gertrude Loveland returned, in ^ Harrisburg. From Carlisle they Those present were: C. F. Rush Kingston C Perrin: on Saturday from a\ month's visit Passed through Hagerstown Md., and H. H. Wallace. Gouverneur r 0 ffield RG Sullivan AKk BOXES OF CHEESE In Rochester. She was accompanied Martlnsburg W. \a., Winchester. Tribune; Norman H. Pratt, Cautine Aldous RT Gale Z. ,™>Vi; it rnr aarCaiVv A V home by her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Staunton. Roanoake. \a., Rock Tremper. Sidney T. Jones and J. B. Town-end R E I>raper| SHIPPED HERE MONDAY M. E. Loveland. who have beer. Mountain, JV C.. Greenboro. Char- Porter, Hudson Valley Paper com- Hunter QB McCulloch spending the past few days there. lott f- Gastonia, N. C . Sparunsburg. panyi Albany; O. Summerville. Shoen LH Bush TKo „„ wo »„«.„ „„ t . .«, v, 1 ^ : « nderSon t : £ C ' Hartwell. Athens. Knowlton Paper company, Water- Snvd-r RH Elliott The Home Bureau unit will hold Macon. Valdasta. Ga.. Lake City, town; Sidnev A. Morrill, Morrill Santimaw FB Sprague V? ot ?^ £L S Vt M ° n S* 7, «? Ct i' HiBh S P rin S s - Brooksville, Tampa to Press . Fulton: E. E. Manwaring. Tourhdowns—?ho^n, 2; Brother- 1.. at 1:30^ p. m at the Municlpa St. Petersburg. Fla. Osweeo Printing company; Stewart t , 0D , Spragu- McCulloch R. B. Wat Substitu:; building. The millinery class will| After leaving Gouverneur thev R T odd Todd Brother's E 1 ^ 1 ^f 68 ^' °^ . 18 ; a V 2 at , tbe 8peDt two day8 ln ADtwer P- ™e day ?on . Radcliffe Printing company, and st0 ne for Sh home of Mrs. Watson Carpenter.;at Oriskany Falls, and on account of Frank E Bougie Oswego Printin g Clinton street. \ CKT trouble had to stay at Horsehead -Car. ton: Br^ther- Fhoen for rrDris- coli, R 0'Dr:sroll for Kingston. ., „ „^ , , company, Oswego. . Gouvr-rneur—Mi:i*-r for Elliott; Col- The Ioka birthday club of the unlil Saturday. They then traveled Gary Willard. William H. Fltr- ii n ? for Perrin. Perrin for Draper Bomerville road met on Friday after- J: 0 Chambersburg. 236 miles the first ?e ralcl Willard Press of Boonville; Offl.als Thompson, referee: Nel- noon with Mrs. Ray Overacker. An ° ay: t0 ^, oanoake - 25 ° miles, second Gary A. Willard. Jr. Boonville Her- son umpire W-]ti, head Iine-man. excellent program was given, fol- day; to charlotte. N C , 22-) miles. a jd. Boonville; Charles R. Lee. lowed by refreabments. The next lhlrd day (over bad roads); to Huntrerford-HolbrDok company, Wa- * • nsZn*r~ * meeting will be held with Mrs. Olin Athens, Ga., 253 miles, fourth day: tertown; Everett G. Brown and A. E. BORPl Clark the first Thursday in No- ^* Tifton, G*.. 223 m.les^ ( hardest Sansoucy, Republican Journal, Og- ^ ——k vember. \ \*\*\ ^-w^„ „ - v J_ \ ride ever taken over rough roadsV densburg Fr^d E. Ackerman and Tv, a crw~>„^ r»~ vn , nft n day; to St. Petersburg. 315 Merton E. Gamble. Free Press. SELLARS—A* De.peyster. N Y., •w. ^,? pw>n ^ Ca ^P b€l1 company of, miles, sixth day, making a total of Gouverneur Flovd j. Rich, Repub- Oct. 5. 1927. -o Mr. and Mr? Will this village, distributors for the Reo 1502 miles from Horsebeads. N Y. lican-Trbu-'*- Carha^* Seiiar= of D--pevjter, a dajebter. autog delivered last week two Wayne A fine trip was reported with a tern- Louis'AsVifan. A Lawrence Lewis. DA5HNAW—In Pope Mills. N. Y.. •chool bus bodies, mounted on Reo perature of 15 degrees on October j H Machold of Hungertord-Hol-i 1927, to Mr and Mr? W;lliam •peed wagon chassis, to the conaoli- first, although the nights are cool br ook company, Watertown; A. W. I>ashnaw, of I*»pe Mills, a daugh- iS™ ^S'J. 8 !; ?**}*• P e8e Mr WePt 8larted on contract work Santway and G. B Dexter. Kamargo ter. Jnses will be vU lied for the trans- m building. October 3. , Prea8i Watertown; A. B. Parker and FIELDSON— In H*uvelton Oct 2, to ECJr°S, °,H? U £i«.ifi/^ 2?* V CTmP n * • r\T>' I A- M. Phillips. Parker PresB, Water- Mr and Mr= Ellis P:eldson. a ^fS Scll^^^ZlJ^^r FUNERAL OF town; Charles E Palmiter. Mont- son 2«SJ ^i^ d 2S ^Tf^in.^ ° t If DC TAV1AD UEin 'fomery Coughlin. Lo-ls D*L. Berg. CARPENTER— Jr. Marshville Oct 7. fcart, operated individually. MRS. TAYLOR HELD IF C O'Brien and A. W. Munk.j to Mr an i Mr= Fred Carp-nter. Tfce Alpha Ms class of the Metho-; AT WHY ATT MHIfC Watertown ' a son tfiat Vpiacopal church of thla village g AI nniAil nviflt ^„. c Ar». T ^^-^^^ 'WEBB—To Mr and Mr? Grant \will nsot with Mrs. Ray Overacker Funlral serrices for the late Mrs TRIMTi EPISCOPAL CHTRCH | Webb of Elwarda. a Iv.rhter A tnt^; \f 4 5 s b(jx°s of cheese w^-re shipped Monday from the Gouv- erneur station. The price was 25 cent? per pound. At the meeting of the Canton Board of Trade on Saturday, 1.7»>2 bOK»-s of cheese were registered. The prke established w-as 2\> cents. The price on the eonvf-ponding date of lf<2f. wa? 2 2 ] * cents. At that time 1.754 b'.xes w*-re registered. The Cantori Board extender! an in- vitation to members of the Gouver- neur board and also to the Water- town board to attend a banquet to be held in Hotel Harrington, Can- ton, on Saturday. Nov. 5. The New COMBINATION HEATER has proved to be one of the most practical yet offered to increase the efficiency of the kitchen. With the utilization of both coal and electricity, it offers the opportunity of heating the kitchen which may not be heated from the furnace. The Coal and Electric Range is made for the Westinghouse Company by the Tappan Range Company and is of the same type as the gas and coal range made by that company. A hot water coi! is another feature vUiich adds to the versatility of this new range. We are pleased to demonstrate OSWEGATCHIE LIGHT & POWER CO. Phone 23 Ckvck St if V\. Beat Ogdensburg! ©n the 8omervllie road on Tuesday Kate Taylor aged 50 years, whose Rev. V O Boy.e M A . B. D.. Re<t£>r j Dor.? Eva ••enlng . Oct. 18. There will be a death occurred suddenly on Tuesday Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity, • SPACLDING Hallowe'en program ln charge of, last at the home of Mr. and Mrs Ifiss Helena Johnston. Refreshment* John Wayatt. Clinton street were will be »erre4 in charge of Mrs., held Thursday afternoon at 2 30. George Bartholomew. Persona at*', Rev. V. O Boyle, rtrtor of Trinity tend;ng are requested to bring their Episcopal church of thU village own dishes and as many other per- officiating. Interment was made in sons who wish to attend as possible.! Riverside ceme:*ry. George Skinner, son of Rev and Mr * Ta 7-or w M a nat:ve of Eng- Hrs. W 7 ?k.nner. who has be««' ,Md and h&i b ** D l D ***** country •pending ti * summer months.-as 'b 081 14 years She came to Gouv- gues-j of f.t parents at the Tboa- «T»e*>* »* th»: time to make har F ^ T % ° ^ r! * »'-**=<3«yl the au- •aad Uiaais i<^». i**t Frtnay »armtng »°™« w l* h _3f\ J^?**' 1 - * « iB * er '•* rrt ~ «-onTocatitc of the Arecjea- H- hajj beenn enjoy- \\*\ O-tober 1« S? r, 0 a m.—Corporate Communion for the W. A. l fi 15 « in—Church S-^booi. 11 CO a m—Hoiy Commanlon and Sermon. I 3'' p. m —DeKalb Junction. 4 \•*\' p. m. — Harmon. \ 30 p. m—Evening Prayer axd Sermon. -o-- . 7, a daughter to Rollin ?p.»ul«ing. Mr anJ Mr Elizabeth !><•'-.h YOUNG—At Y-ung's ho«p:taI in Gouverneur. *o Mr. and Mr? Alvln ' Young of Miomb, a daughter. Marh a Jac^ ' RITCHIE—A =''n. Oct. 10. a t Young s ho?;.tai in Oouve.rneur to Mr an i Mr? Emerson Ritxhie of Richvil'.e. v - _ REPUBLICAN >n*ETRYl^>R8 for New Y-*k H- ha bee enjov Tli * *orai offer.ngi were v»rv c**-rr of Ogdenf^urg of which he is ' Tfce Repcbr.ca-j have nominated! lag t mo-or :-••-. through the A4ir- Ur *\*- ^^ practically all of the secretary held at Trinity church, for supervisors. Jamea B. Thomp- •n4acks with h.s z'.i classmate at'^^** 81 * n, 5 former boarders a: the Potsdam Monday a.nd Tn«a<Ja7 of thia «on. Gouv*rr.'ur. Frank A Rkh. | ^rtneeton F B r »r*er of Huating-i wlir * :t bouse for the past few y=*rs ^eek. October 1 and 11 ' Rj-bviiie; Vr Saafo-d. Ca.nton. ton. L. L Fc the past year he ha***** 4 * 11 * Cor »' tribute* The bei — n y E Lorelaud. F J Bohon. W. | Frank L Zcr.y Mwriitrir BUke Ifceen a tea^h*- z :h- San Domingo *Pf^«d*d Jtsige Jaz»* C Do'.an. E Baker. J N Graham ar d Thomas B St.r.man T^>r. Azirvw Han-I «chooU. and ha« be*n -etained in G* 0 *\** C Cook B*mard J Har*r- Ormistot motored to Pctsdam on 5 er. Masse&a In Pntadam E A. Ev-, jlfc* a&xae cap*c'*T for the co^inr BD * m - «»••»« Priest. Re7 D G.bhs Tr:-*4ay asi attendee! tha annual *.»*: w-;:3 «--.--• > J Saperriscr ^lark 1 W*r. He will njirron : N«w York on ud /alias'R. Bartiett ai: cf »i;a r.^t:nr of the Church mens ClnlKcf a. a< ; i n Oaw> B avr-.e Dr W H Mni- October IS \ kre boardert at the hous^ kfis* Northern New York bald In the ai- he.land wy z-- : zhv*& to wn^c^hd ] Anne Honrihan of Mass^na asd s*-- »^^on ar.d ev«:^r 1 Claud* L Pr^'r,. who now r«*1d«» , friends from Watertown atretsd- —* Parish A>-i of Trinity will u» 0»ds»t'Urc r-• i-nger a part of ' , „ . to]i a baxasr rz Thars<iay. Octoiwr th s town of 0«w--ratch.e In namer- Ws d MiXC« 2\. afterno-im MMA e-renrcc. in the OQ» ot±»r town* *':.- present supsr- Intcrwoven Hose A a amber of fxvo.i? eithere^ at _.. , iMrs. Irwiu Gardner* l'~° lc West Jlain ttxeet, Fr.iav er = -.r.g the cc- lion baiag Mrs. Gardz-r ? birthdav ed the funeral and a d^'/S-ga' on r* th* members of St Agnes Gk l i cf Trinity -har-h of which Mrs. Tav«or was a member vu ?raN»rt at*d Thers were abcu! f:r.T present &ev*» taMm c4 a*4ro »?-» r.ay^d ff- **• \rttt ?r*+* wer^ ri^ea tc 1TKET. KETHCvniarT €HThTH lU..ia* Rlalag axd Nelaoa Bisir -wer* a>e*tir* :z th# ciaj-el 2 10 a m .—8«raoi porace eoaaaamkM for tfc« W A-, M Hew PI vstannfi i^h~- S5c 2 far SI 5*c a*4 75c ?ar-.*fc R.vss n th s eburdS bas» r^or* *-»re -*>r* Evftry r.t»- i* JBvtt*d to con-, • —* I trru-e an i :~ attend. HERMAV D TO^ v S£ t S»4 W««J $ 1 Tz» annua Dt^WL nve*cing of WaTJ><> MR S APPXK ;h« Wona-n « Azr.:.ary wt:; be h*'.d T^e aarr.ajre t \aria 11 D Tcrwn ai L.ttie Fa.::* N Y . on October and Mm El'.a Aspl*. both of thj ^^^j^^-—^^^-—^ for th*ir hoaess after eajorlag stag aerr^* II P a ptaaaast rraaimg aad eoi 7 M t B-e*ch p**u»r parformad th* The wpla will i 42 Adetta strs«t. Support Your Local Team By Attending the Game This Saturday If you're the kind of person who just can't sit still when your team makes a touchdown—then here's your sweater —Bradley Sweaters are made for red- blooded folks who know how to take their touchdowns. Every member of the All-American Football Team wears a Bradley All- Amerkan Sweater. Come in and see them. They*re on display in our windows. Show your colors. HENRY H. RYAN $ SON crrrmuK - imtws . iin»aim . HITS Gouverntur's Best Ties Pep op with tke MW ction and ptttc we are display- inf m ties 50c U ^3 i^fe i

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