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VWttUt FORTY-SIXTH YEAR GOUVERNKUR. ST. LAuMlNCE CO., N. V WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 19. 1927. NO. 37 Vy'AV^V^^V/M^'V^V/V The Week Whe n th e hunting season opened on Frida y last, tha t is, whe n th e killing of deer became , by law, pej - miasible, somethin g less tha n 4,000,- 000 would-be hunters entere d th e grea t Adirondac k forest. Ther e ha s been n o official estimat e made of th e exact number of deer in this forest. bu t probabl y 2,000 would cover it all Thi s does no t prove tha t all of th e hunters wh o go will no t brin g back deer. It 13 a foregone conclusion that some of them will. The others •will have their alibis, which often are even better than the venison. The hunters started to pass through Gouverneur last Wednesday. They continued until the present, al- though the on-rush was at its height on Thursday, the day preceding the season's opening. In days past going deer hunting was a real task. The hunter was obliged to travel for hours on a slow train to get to a point which was walking distance from the camp where he was to make his headquar- ters. He was laden heavily and by the time he reached his camp, his surplus endurance had been so tried that it required him at least 24 hours to recover before he was physi- cally able to take to the runways. Nowadays it is a far different mat-J ter. The faraway resident, of course. ( Is obliged to make certain prepara- j tions. He travels by motor and can probably, with few exceptions, drive 1 his car to within a few hundred yards of hiB camp. If he is compelled to walk a greater distance, he is dis- couraged from the start. A warm •hack, a chef and an expensive guide, are all a part of the trip, and he must have all. DRY RAIDERS PAY VISIT TO BEALS HOME — ...i. . m - \• • Federal Agents Make Big Haul There Monday. Clarence Gray of Richville Also Held for Federal Court Following Raid on H» Home. Federa l agents in this section on Monday mad e tw o raid s which nette d them considerabl e alleged contra - band . Th e home of Clarence Gray, Rich- ville, wa s visited by th e governmen t me n durin g Monday afternoon. There they found tw o quart * of alleged al - cohol an d a 1<» gallon still, which wa s not in operation. A charg e of possession wa s brough t agains t hi m by th e agents . Gra y waived examinatio n whe n brough t before United State s Com- missione r Dallas M. Hazelto n and was held in Jl.ouu bail for th e Uti - ca term . Bond wa s furnished- by Mrs . Mary Gray, hi s mother . Th e hom e of Edward Beal s of th e town of Fowle r also wa s raided . Mr. Beals wa s absent a t th e tim e o n a deer huntin g trip, an d in hi s absenc e Mrs. Jenni e Beals, hi s wife, wa s ap - prehended . In th e raid th e officers declar e they confiscated one quart of alcohol, seven gallon s of wine. 80 gallons of hom e brew beer. 10 gal- lons of home bre w mash , tw o pints of whiskey , four pound s of hop s an d 12 pound s of malt . Mrs. Beals wa s brough t to Gouv- erneur wher e sh e wa s given a hear - ing before th e United Suites com- missione r charged wit h possession an d manufacturing . Sh e waived ex- amination an d wa s held in $1,000 bond, furnished by Orin Churc h an d Merton Cole, both of Fowler . ENROLLMENT OF jVILLAGE PAYS Milage Now Pumping PARTY VOTERS I $10,000 NOW. | IS NEGLECTED BALANCELATER REV. M. P. BEACH AND FAMILY IN AUTO ACCIDENT Local Pastor's Car Overturns on Road Between Caaton and Ogdensbnrg We alway s hav e noticed tha t th e —Al l Escape. rea l hunter, th e on e wh o makes a -•TiwtO \i.Z' if enci* *oir inJajflpt J«»w»* a buck, is no t a s anxiou s to ge t int o the wood s o n th e openin g da y a s is the less experience d hunter . H e •waits until such tim e a s th e \ope n era he leisurel y wend s hi s wa y Into thej n '^daVafternoon \at\^ woods . An d nin e time s ou t of ten he accomplishe s what h e desires. Rev. Maynar d P . Beach, pasto r of *»* F4r«t Method*** Kp*#cor»wi clmr^ h here. Mrs. Beach , thei r daughter, Muriel, Mrs. J . A. McQuad e an d Mre. Willia m F . Beac h of Utica, mother of Rev . Mr. Beac h escape d with sligiit injurie s when the Beach car , -„+ ,k»i. An «f th a U.AAH« thorJa Chevrolet sedan , turned turtle on get thei r fill of th e woods, the n ( ^ Canton<)pdensburg ^aA Wed . Th e stor y last wee k of th e tw o Syracus e hunters wh o becam e lost whil e hunting smal l game in a wood s not fa r from Gouverneu r has caused grea t amusement among th e vetera n hunters of this section. On e of the m insists tha t th e woode d trac t wher e 'the tw o me n \wandered for tw o days\ unabl e to find thei r direction, j Jo thP ditch does no t cover to exceed four acres. Th e exact dimension s of th e wood s ther e ar e no t available , however . Rev. Mr. Beac h sustaine d a bruised leg whil e hi s wife straine d a shoulder . Othe r occupant s of \the ca r wer e slightl y bruise d bu t no t seriously hurt . Th e accident occurre d whe n Rev . Mr. Beach, following another ca r thre e mileB from Canto n nea r th e count y hous e wa s forced suddenl y to appl y hi s brake s to preven t strik - ing a ca r which stoppe d jus t ahead of him . Th e ca r skidde d abou t an d rolled over whe n it struc k the shoul- der of th e road, landin g o n th e to p All wer e remove d with - County Committee Making No Two Notes Arranged for Re- \Vigorom\ Campaign Now. tirement of $25,000 Debt. In Past Years with Presidential Elec- Both Sides Forced to Make Conces- tion Following, Work Was Done in sions Before Controversy Reverting Systematic Manner j to 1923 Could Be Ended. WOrd hits bee r.* Judge John C. Crapser . JUDGE CRAPSER AIDS BREWSTER IN CANDIDACY Ehzabethtown, Essex County, Man Visits Gouverneur in Interest of Suprem e Court Justiceship. Byron O. Brewste r of Elizabeth - town, district attorne y of Essex count y an d Republica n nomine e for justice of th e supreme court in this judicial district, wa s In town last Wednesda y on a tou r throug h St. Lawrenc e count y in th e interes t of his candidacy. H e wa s accompanie d by Judg<' Joh n C. Crapser . Mr. Brewste r seeks the office of justic e of th e supreme court in th e Fifth Judicia l district. Hi s home is in E«sex county. In hi s candidac y in St. Lawrenc e county, h e is bein g as- sisted by Justic e Crapser , wh o i s well know n throughout th e county . Mr. Crapse r brough t Mr. Brewste r to Gouverneu r last week \t o show him off.\ a s on e of hi s friend s pu t it. It is understoo d tha t h e create d a favorabl e impressio n throughout th e county . rr ( .-ivfd in thi s village during th» pa>t w,,k of a (untVrfncf of \ a K*.WI few\ at Pots - da m last wee k a t which time it wa s decided to make no vigorous\ can- vass for party enrollment this fall. The objec t behin d the decision ha s been th e cause of considerable spec- ulation locally durin g the days since it becam e known. In year s pas t it had become almos t a general matter for the county com- mitte e of St. i*awrence count y direct tha t a thoroug h canvas s vener* be conducted . This wa^ don e by th e sendin g of printed registra - tion book s t o members of th e count y committe e wit h instructions tha t th e canvas s b e conducte d a s in th e past' in a thorough manner . Th e practic e apparentl y ha s been abandoned , as n o such hooks hav e been sent ou t thi s year. In fact, it is A long standin g <outro\ers y be- tween th e Oswe»gatchie Ligh t & Powe r compan y an d th e village of Gouverneu r over th e operatio n of the, village wate r pumpiu g system was 1 terminate d on Thursda y last when an agreemen t wa s signed provid'iig for th e paymen t by th e village to th e , power compan y th e su m of $25,000. ' Th e determinatio n to pay ove r this : sum to th e Gsweigatchie compan y wa s t o i th e culminatio n of a series of con- of j ferences between representative s of the powe r compan y an d th e village , lighting commissio n which extended over a period of a month . Repeate d consultation s wer e held and each time th e tw o factions got neare r an d \ neare r to a n agreemen t on th e que©- j tion. | In th e agreement, both sides ar e I said to hav e made substantia l con- j believed tha t there ha s been n o meet-' cessions. Th e Oswegatchi e compan y ; ing of th e county committe e since reduce d th e amount of th e claim for the mor e o r leas famous Cubley , meetin g a t Ogden&l urg last spring, j Water Supply, Uses Own Electric Power INDEBTEDNESS WILL BE PAID IN TWO YEARS WHKKIKK SMIT H HAGS HIG U«H>-IH>1 \I > IHVK IM Accompanies! By llroth«>r, B . S. Smith , aiul Vila* Johiu*on J. Wheeler Smith , well know n groceryma n of this village . Is enjoying th e hono r of being th e first local ma n to brin g home a de^r. In compan y wit h B S. Smith, hi s brother , of Ne w York city an d Vilas Johnson of thi s village h e left Sunda y morning for Loiw Pin e Camp. Cranberry Lake, and returned Monda y eve- ning with a 200-^pound buck . I'p t o Monda y evenin g it wa s the largest deer to be taken ou t of tha t section. power by $1,000 an d also remove d he interest charg e which ha d been It is pointe d ou t that in th e past j » 1;i de agains t th e village for mone y a careful canvass ha s been made to which th e Oswegatchi e compan y obtain a lull reiru-tration an d extr a 'claime d wa s du e Th e compan y also efforts made t o haw these voters' agree d to furnish powe r for th e op- j enrolled i n orde r that thev migh t eratio n of the pumps from Oct. 1, ' vote in th e primaries the following U 9 ~ : • untl! lhe village wa s able to vear when a presidential election ! take over lhe work of pumping . I occur*. It is said that at th e Pots - On Tuesda y afternoon th e village da m meetin g last week th e matter' succeeded in startin g its pum p an d i s wa s eone int o and th e decision wa s ' toda y supplying water . reache d to allo w th e situation t o re- i Man y resident * of Gouverneu r ar e main as it is. THE POOR NUT TO BE SHOWN HERE FRIDAY Gouverneur yout h worke d itself int o a whit e heat her e last Friday night , somethin g to whic h th e towns - people hav e no t been accustomed . Thei r hilarit y wa s a forerunne r of; crushe d in. Th e part y returned the Gouverneur-Ogdensburg football | Gouverneu r in another machine . gam e on Saturday, an d i t reminded I PARKER CAS E I S APPEALED old timer s of th e days whe n tV c Notice of appeal from th e surr o same thin g wa s th e weekl v cus.mr: * aTe> °P' nioT > rendere d recently ii #-„™ «„,.•„ O^^^K^.. ,,„*<i TV.-W the B. G. Parker will contest wa from earl y Septembe r until Thanks- filed by the contf , = tanl , Georf?e Wal THOMPSON SHOWS LITTLE BOW ROAD TO TOWN BOARD Mormtown Me n Inspect Highwa y an d Approv e Highway Constructed by Gouvernen r Township. James B. Thompso n of th e Littl e Bow roa d an d superviso r of th e town of Gouverneu r conducte d th e tow n boar d of Morristow n o n a n inspec- tion tou r yesterda y of th e Littl e Bow asphal t boun d tow n roa d built last | summer. Th e Morristow n me n pre - j sent were Superviso r Prank L. Scott jand Thorn a s Gilmor e of Morristow n ' village and Charlee Collins, J. D. More. Gu v Taylor, H. L. Castle, A. L. Klock an d D. C. McWilliam s of Brie r Hill. Th e Morristow n boar d in- out seriou s harm. , spited th e roa d an d secure d dat a Rev. Mr. Beach an d hi s wife an d , on _i n e e ™<* ho £,'°J ^l^L , h * fir*t mother , with thei r daughter , wer e Th e Littl e Bo w roa d was the first takin g Mrs. McQuad e to Ogdensbur g I ° J \ s klcd t0 be * ullt 1 D t the J°^ n for a consultatio n with Dr Gran t C ! of <*>uverne ? r. an d consist s of th e Madill. They wen t to St. Regi s Fall s ] replacemen t m th e local roa d system first an d afte r returning t o Canto n i starte d for Ogdensbur g sfaortlv be- fore 3. Th e ca r was badly damaged , on e wheel being broke n off an d th e to p to of th e forme r wate r boun d macadam with th e man y time s more durable asphal t macadam. Comedy Will Be Presented at the Gralyn Theatre Under Auspices of Local Library.*. Th e Poo r Nut . a comedy, will be played Friday nigh t a t th e Gralyn theate r under th e auspices of, th e Gouverneu r Readin g Room. * This play, which ha d a long ru n on Broad- way, is on e of th e comed y hits of the yea r and is being brough t to Gouverneu r in th e hope s of inducing roa d companie s to play her e during, the season. Miss Juli a Spencer, chairman of the executive committe e of th e asso- ciation, is in charg e of arrangements for th e play. Working with he r a s member s of th e committe e are: Mrs. F. F . Drury, Mrs. John J. Sullivan. Mrs. Byron J. Carpenter , and Mrs . F. Erwi n Cox. ' The male lead in \The Poo r Nut\ is played by Horac e Michael, a for- ' me r Amhers t man . I n hi s cole of a youn g awkward college junio r h e ha s been acclaimed as on e of th e fun- , niest characterization s of th e Ameri - can stage. Othe r members of th e cast are: Dorothy Black. Florenc e Day, Charles Bakej*. Alber t Busbee. Bar - row LePaig'-. Josep h Baron . Carlys Randolph , Frank Dawson, Vincent Fiore, Jonathon Hole, David Pritch - ard. I of th e opinion ta t th e questio n shoul d hav e been settled in a dif- ferent manner, o n th e theor y that the village notified th e power com- pany in time , tha t thei r services wer e n o longer deeired in pumpin g th e water . Ther e is a question of •^ H la w as to th e rate , an d tha t is on e of \the reason s that th e case wa s no t furthere d in court. At th e expiration of th e five yea r contrac t with the Oswegatchie com- pany in 192S , a bid wa s submitte d by tha t compan y for pumpin g a t J 8,- 000 for a period of five years, whic h wa s a n increas e of $2,000 over th e previou s contract . The vihag e boar d failed t o sign a ne w contract, bu t ac - cepted th e service of th e compan y for pumping at th e new rat e until the completio n of a new pumping station. Th e check s for th e pay- men t for this service wer e refused by the Oswegatchi e company , whe n it was learne d that th e village plan- ned to operat e its ow n pump statio n with curren t to b e used» from the St. Lawrence Count y Utilities corpora - tion. Whe n th e village wa s prepare d to operat e it s ow n pumps , th e Oswe- WATER RENTALS WILL PAY OFF PUMPING DEBT Clerk Says Money Spent on Erection of Pumpin g Plant Make s FnM Pay - ment of Amoun t Now Impossible. Th e retiremen t of th e village debt to th e Oswegatchi e Light and Powe r compan y will no t be costly t o th e taxpayers , accordin g to Village Clerk A. M Jepeon after th e agreement ha d been signed. Th e ilu.000 which was paid over immediatel y unde r the terms of th e agreement wa s availabl e from wate r rental s alread y received, \ h e de - clared, \and th e balanc e of fl&.OOO will be take n car e of in a simila r way. \The reason tha t th e mone y is not now available. \ he declared , \i s be- caus e th e village has spen t thi s amount ($15.00 0 1 to construc t a village-owned pumping plan t an d equip it wit h modern, pumpiag ma - chinery. \Th e rental s from th e propert y owner s abou t th e village will tak e car e of th e whol e matter. The agree - ment wa s advised by capabl e attor - neys an d wa s th e prope r wa y ou t of the matter . Th e public shoul d hav e no criticism of th e agreement.\ VOTERS' TEST S T O BE HELD IX OFFICE OF HIGH SCHOO L Ne w voter s ma y obtai n thei r cre- dential s which entitle s them to vote in New York stat e by applyin g to th e superintendent of schools a t hi s of- fice in th e High school betwee n th e hours of 9 an d 4 during th e tw o _ _ week s previou s to election and a t gatchi e compan y refilled to \ disc on- lhe office in th e grammar school on tinue it s service, claimin g that with ; election da y betwee n th e hours of 9 th e acceptanc e of the service a t th e anc * 4 - increase d rat e in th e ne w bid. which „.. ,.„„,-„». ! ... . . ^ -™' wa s for five years , th e village vir-• \I.«>HBIR> SELLING OUT tually acknowledge d th e five yea r Roge r B. Washburn, for th e past ter m an d tha t th e compan y there - tw o years, owner an d proprieto r of fore held a contrac t for pumping th e R. B. Washburn Grocer y store which would no t expire until July , in this village, is selling ou t his 192 8. stock and will vacat e th e building , An action w-as brough t to compel owne d by Mrs. Adelaid e Anthon y th e Oswegatchi e compan y to diacon- Smith , in Main street, o n Nov. 1 .•~^~ r-.~ » -^.-^,^---^ , ^ Th e reserved seat sale wiil open FIRST ST . I^WR^JTELODGE khursdav mornin g at th e Gralvn WILL MEET HERE TOMORROW lheatre The adT a Dce sale is repoft- Th e regula r conventio n of th e ed exc-llent and person s desiring | Firs ; St Lawrenc e Masonic district seat? ar e requeste d to go to th e igiving day . Parker , on Monday. iwill be held in this village on Wed - nesda y next. Th e fir=t. second an d third degree s in Masonr y will be exemplified Supper will be held for the benefit of th e visitors a t 6:3 0 in th e Masonic Temple . gom e complain t ha d been hear d previou s to th e \peppin g up\ observ- ance on Friday of a lack of interes t e n th e par : of th * townspeople. Bu : th e pupils themse've s were to blame . $.3 they ar e no w convinced. It wa? th e first demonstratio n of th e seas\>-. and It take * tw o o r thr«-e of Just thos e things to brin g th e spirit of th e townspeopl e u p to a point wher e they, too. ar e excited theatr e a.- earlv as possib> . Th:? week Miss Id a May Diltz of New York, wh o is connected with :he B-tte r Plays Extension , ha s been in Gouvtj-nfjT making preparation s for th e stacir.z of th e play. Sh e will leave Friday. Th e seat? ar<- priced a s follows: SO cent?. 75 cents, 11.00, $1.50 an d $2.00. Antwerp Business Section _____ Is Endangered By /^«w^s'_goN POST PLANS BOUTS The custom in to: says usually was to bold their bigg*-?t celebration a!ter the game had been played. Of course, the results and effect were dire-'ly in accordance w'.:h the score Th- pupils felt that it w&.? a much »af-r t.t=e to celebrate when they a::t;a'.\.y had something over which to cele-brate. However, the results trozz pre-ratne mass demonatrations are desirable azd ?hould be continued Fcr in no other '»ay c*n the towns- people he aroused to the desired temper. $20,000 Blaze Wrecks Three Blacks in Center of Village; Elmer Bnrtis Is Awakened by Smoke and Escapes from Home with His Family. A bUze of undetermined onenn which destroyed- $20,000 worth of property and endangered the hvw of two families and for a hme threatened the u-hole business section of the village was discovered at 5:30 Sunday morning in the David Rogers' block m Antwerp. The flames later spread to the block next door to the Rogers' property and hnally to an adjacent block Bf \ act owned by Charles Moore. Fir*\ Was Smoldering. J fire :s be'.ieTed to HERE NOV. 11 Armistice Day Boximf Exhibition WiB Be Staged for Bevefe of Local Or- ganization. Jchnr.y Fiiniall and Johnny tinu e th e service, which wa s tried before Attorne y A. H. Abbott a s justice in th e summer of 1924. Th e decision wa s no t rendere d urr.i! Feb . 1. 1925 . which wa s t o th e effect tha t the matter a s presente d by th e vil- lage wa? withou t thf- juris-diction of the court. Since tha t time th e pump- ing ha * been done by th e Oswe*rat- ' h:e \ompan y t'p-rn th\ installatio n of th e ne w pump ? by th e viilac*. both th*» vil- lage jumps w*-re op ( -ratfHl as w<-!l a s tho^- or\ th«- Osweirat h;e '-umpany. an d the larc e Mandpipe s a t th e wa - : f T station we«v- overflowing Foi - Ir.wine thi= move th e v.ilaee stopped pumpin g Ir-avinp *he rr.a-'er in th e hard? M th e light compan y A* th e presen t tit^e, wi-h, th e com- pletion of th e powe - pro-en by th e village, ther e is -ir. al;r.dan<-e of pr.wer to operat e th e village wate r Fy-'err.. whi'-h := r.'<w uti!:z<*2. The f u ;i text •: ' th e aer^n.'-at be- tw.'-v:. :,>:e Oswec-^t.'h.e <ompany an d th- village a? f-ignfd or. Oct 13. foiio-w s. Arr--em* r, : rr.aie this I 3th da v of O-'-be r 1.-2\ r,«:w.-.* n the W.iae e r» GTuvern'uir :,i the first part, and th e Ojwegatrhi e Light A Power company, of th e pe/.-nd par t Wheres g -he part y of 'h e 5*ccnj j art is hzi ti~ b*e - * Z r upward s -f : w e r.: y y .-• a r.- p •; ~.->: r. e w a t «• r for the when his lease expires. Mr. Wash- bur n is undecide d a s to hi s future. He formerl y resided in Watertown. the First National Bank of Gouver- neur. N Y.. on e for $7,5u0 an d intej-- es:. du e an d payabl e Oct. 1. 1&2S. an d on e for $7,500 an d interest , du e and payabl e Oct. 1, 1529 . Th e part y of th e first par t hereb y agree? to pa y said note s a t their maturit y as a par t of th e paymen t cf w; of $2.-. (•0 0 covered by this contract . th th e r.gn t of makin g paymen t sarr. rria'ur. pa n bv -;: ?.. r;;al c.,0 Th e at an eari>-r date tha n the ;es m-ntior.e d above , or ^y payment s of not less tha n U'T each payment . par; y of th e ^rorid par : her* 1 - agr->>. :o accept th e an.oun* afore- d :n f.iil settlemen t of an y an d claim?- which it ma y hav e on -oun ' th e of ali pump.rig don e bv it part y of the f.r.= t part, and Cost of Building and Equip- ping Plant Entirely Paid. » in Rental* in Furore WiB Be Used to Pay Remaining Notes and to Help Retire OW Water Bonds, With practically its entire indebted* ness wiped out, so far as the village water department is concerned, the village expects to be in a condition one year from now to retire its Erst Bote in connection witri paying off its debt to the Oswegatchie Light & Power company for pumping costs, without any additional burden on the tax- payers. On Oct. 1 next the, sum of $7,600 win be due on the first note. Mean- time more than $8,090 will ee col- lected from water rentals In tile vil- lage. The village, la action, will- make a substantial nay»ent om Ita til.090 water bondsVwStek! 4t has been retiring gradually over a long period of years. During the past three ffsut, more than $15,000, which H practically the amount due tn indebtedness to the Oswegatchie company, has beea expended to build and eqatp Its pumping house, which started opera- tion on Tuesday. The cost of the pump house, pumps and other equip- ment was $9,113.62. In addition, during the same year the stun ot $435 was paid out ot the funds for attorneys' tees. Mora than $550 was paid for engineers in connection with the erection of the pump house and, $ 1,008 fMt&Jfmsonductlng the Tront Lake survey. These items total more than $15.- 000, all of which bills have beea paid. The retirement of the additional note of $7,500 will be taken care of in 19 29 in the same way. In addi- tion the village will pay the expenses of upkeep of the village water sys- tem, which, in the past, has been somewhat burdensome. Following the completion of the contract on Thursday last when It was decided that the village Would start operating its own pumps on Monday of this week, the village ex- perienced difficulty. It occurred when the village attempted to begin the operation of the pumps, accord- ing to an official ot the Light it Power company. Be said village power was used in an attempt to start qperatlon of the pumps. On a kick-back from the pump motor the street lights were extinguished. This trouble was attributed to the type of motor which had been installed In the village pumping station. Monday a similar attempt was made with Oswegatchie current with a similar result. The Os%egatchie company then expressed a willingness to con- tinue the use of its own pumps until an adjustment could be made. The pumps of the new municipal pumping station were started In op- erat.on on Tuesday. According to village officials the start was made after difficulty had been experienced on the first trial. It was found, ac- cording to them, that air in the mains was causing the trouble, but after a vent had been made In the ptpes the pumps operated without further difficulty. any an d ali furth-. on ac-.-.urit of sa. or bv reaso n of an u rthej aut •ed th,a: on 1 s- 2 7. at SON OBJECTS TO PROBATE OF MTADAM WILL iage of Gouver : curren t pum p der arreercen* ace ciaims if «aid w«t h the part that • urn ro v Th« fire ts believed to hav e orig- irate d :n th e office of Char'.** Marsh, an inrurant-e agent , bu t th * <\ause is Weather Companion Today and a Year kg • Th e foil \leathe r *e^k as of a r by Oct 12 I S 14 15 1« 1 \ 1! 11 cwi-c tar. con 3*; on* rotcpared » yea r a* i ? *-aken i t : in Ell.o :*2 « 41 15 4 2 !• 40 42 3-$ «: tt Brothers. Weather J & ir Clcniy Fi.r C.c-dy Cicniy Coudy •anew • Fai r e «h=w« th e »-- - V - w *c Ob?- rva the so pa?: those uon« -z.zg :>I\ Wejithe r « 4? 4 4 14 4? 44 it »* 4* Fair JVi r T*.r Tf.T Ti:r r*>- Sa:a Ra-; undetermined . It had apparentl y been smolderin g for som e tim e for whe n it wa * discovered by Elmer C Burtus a t 5:3 0 it ha d gaiae d full j headway . ^ Mr Eurti - *h- lives with his fami- ly aboTe -. a jewelr y st.'re .n one of i ( the building* de*:r-ye-d. an d I>avld . Moore wh o '.:ves over h.« re* tec ran t ' in ht» buildln * wi-Ji ht* w;fe an d tw o * sons ha d diff-.'uity in retting into i tie o-per. because of the .ntenr.t y cf ,{the smoke No on e wa * injured . ;j howeve r Mr Eurt. s fl-=: dis-\ove r; >J the „ Max* at .' 3'» T^- v a WSL . .^j,.^ \t.y *r.e ir.-ense «t=-k? whi-i ha J . f.ii- • i h? \.tv.ig quarter * Imm*d;at*\ r •--uf-.nr hi« family an d t:etgiv>r« h e *-=h* i ~z\ artl •u~ fc d r ^- asa-^a . F-'rt*- fnsrh* th » rtubbom biar* i*'i -*ix lines of hose an d try de*^ r- f fi-=*w ic th e thr*e bu idmc ? Th * • fR-x-er* b^-^k w« jke-rereir damax«Ni itj th - 2*=ie-f ani rrsa: .-« • WJJ *-:- •*<«.»/ v T uh» m*zy yt th e different *r:s~»2»oke hi.i varer •^as bTrceK* Uirozgi in both the Voor e an d Roger s block s an d the upp*r ftories wer e wre^kM y r Roger s run? a «hr>e stcre on tie first fioor of hi s buu.dmg an d Mr. Moore endutts a restaurant in hi s build- ing. FtremeD Wor k Two Hown. Flame* ha d net -ea.rb.ed tie ru.ld - iag s in whir h th e Burti s fam.i y an d the Rogers ' lived whe n the £r e wa s d.covered an d ail e»<uaped withou t person* : injury. Fireme n po-red wa - •er int o tie wooden building * for mor e tha n a n hou r before th e blaxe was under control Fireme n unde r Chief Georg e L Here-? *x:--r: & nfed gr^a t d ff.-ilt y ;n ge-- w r.r a\ acme of th » fire whic h fiad worke d : -j Ta y into th e parti - tino? an d int.-- a tlin d atti c of on e of -he ru iuings. Th e arr.iun* of in«r:ran. -, e on th e bntii.ng * ha« r.-t beex d.*r,o*ed bnt .*. s n t ••e'.evtj tha t -.'n» >«.t ' i fu'.'y rr-rere-t Vuri :•: th * daxnige was tC-e 'y *-~->fce 4 ^<J WJ-jfr A d - \•»\..-r« R.re . - •- » v:\.' t-^.a - c.-.m- 7>*.rr :-. - -«o-'e Th e daraare w.T'. N* re>*.ir« i d a? ^'---n a« poss:*'> an\! ;o»r.'r-:T n* w Jtrnctu-ei ~ay b*- c-rAT'e.-i T w .e 'i-»e bv . dinr ? wh.- h w»re datcajre^ *r» i s th e ^A^ter of th> V-.;;M-» an d aimor t immed:*•*'.-» srroe e 'b e rnree>t from th e Are hotiee ers. hav e r-een .\.atched to firht ?.x ro-^nd? in *he fe^jur* t>out of a box- .ng show :-, r.e heid in th.? v.ilajte on ArmiM.e 2^1, Nov il. The y w:U appea r sct^f tie au=;»-es of James Malt y ;->?u,-AtnerKan Lepion. The bout* bare bee t arr^nred by Matchmaker =w»n of Water*.own axd j Syrac use ' In another rr.ain bcrut. Kid Sulit van wiii fipha --* rounds ajrams: a n unnamed b : xer an d Buily ?.-iuri. al- so of Water \rwn. wrf; appea r a? on e of th e chief fjr^rs* m an--ther s:x- roun d affray T^*~> ethe r four-roun d bout s a 15-- wiij :-» scaled , makme a total of 31 •\ .'4 round s of boxing .n tif entir e exhibition isr c: July ,y * id pa to J . u:? a- »er annum. unpaid to d to Octo- that it is mpin s an d ily. 13-2*. as said Th e der»*: exhibition wa Mai or p.~»?t heid \Monday a pla- e f--r h •.njr but ed in the p eo :n t_->e ^JTI.TZ. tcry arrasge» M at i*»a*i ;w - r *-\ plan, t.- br.t*T \ frorr. Mi^r**\ *V •n tt> hold tie Soxin? pumrtn - * reache d by ti' J»rr. » \Vh>- i- .'J« recular r..e«-tin£ ha* ec. - •-ve-.- r Tie matter •' h&« •-m- '-\.c n«r th e at-- * .? £\v~* h~i •*>« •\.•liderabie t f* uity ,-.z ' '• «•--: tha t .t w.. . - stac - :eatre .* 6^ : .ifa/». CSV b* Ch-'.». in-i that r* mat ;Tnet a A • Th* I^r\*- srooTopa ranffernentc P\***tio*. •*T#riy memb - xict* * rc*etm k a: Widdiarxon « : : e\o : J'\ re i$ due t for pump.nr a? af-. r^-r 1. 15-2T. S 2 «.\ 4•'• entitled to continu e ?a ••, be paid therefi r anu* Wherea s th e pa-' y of the f.rs: rlairr..- that r.'- ; u _ h contra**. ere r -r.ade by it w.th th e party 0 sec end part and -.-.at th e part y 0 «*.-^r.: part aft-r July . 1>2?>. r-.-r to May. H2Z wa s dc.ntr ;u —p n e .n or abou t th e nt-nt h of May. IS»r\ and that it is no: unde r oh.!rat.-'n to mak e payrr.er.*. for such f-er *hit t.tr.e ^nti th* par;y of the first par t »« ec; u ;;*d a tiii;::.*; *-a*.-.n an d i« -ir. i \---ot*d a hydro—>-•-.: plan* -, \ d-s/r -~ to \ake over the rur.;- ,r • -a.-^r f-r u.*e In sa.d T.'.lar* Now ther*. or* fr th * purpose :f • •:iitr a\.! nit'-r* n . -cr.tr' ve- i T -•w*<-n **:* part e« i*r*t o r-»it.n c . *he re.i*teri aftre*i:i. the par' y ' tie nr«t par t d - -*- h*r-by r*--r- 1. an -blirat.-n *- pay t th>- par- ' th* 5-rTJf.: par* in fu.i ft-any tni . -:11ms .n :-;j---.t: w.t h sai l :f ze 't~ mm of II* ' C-: to r-* i. tie snaa of lir.C-OO on th * ,tut.on *nd dehrery of this ro*B- j<t an d two net** parshl* to th * .r*r of th* second par t zr orde r a t 2 o'l'lo-.k noon cf the ?e-n n d par t shall pirifT and Fh^ii at *hat t.m e t: the party of th e first •rr-pinr hou.-e ; s which th * .nsta'.'.ed w.th th e furthe r howe.v^r. tha t th e part y nd part shai*. hav e ninety after .n wh.r h to remov e pumps , appliance s an d .nstalled by it for th * pur - inp th e pumping as afor-- in e ronopie.t;on 0: this •rntra-t shall be a full dis-haree of *^-.-h -f tr.* parties of an d from an y an d aii obii£aton of every kind an d nature to ea- h otn-er *rr:w.ac oc t of th e pumpm? r ' wate r && aforesaid. In *-r;esi wh*r*of. th e part y of •it first part ha s caused this instru - ment t\. be *xecn:ed b-'th by th * may - -r of -h» village of Gouverneur . bv Docometit Is Otfered\ Before C. G. Cbeney This Week—Cas s i s Ad)oun*4. Th e w... r> w.iiarn H. McCadajn -f H-uvt-iton wa* offered for probat e S*fcr- Surroeate r G Chane y thi s W<-*K Ci> -,f th e heirs a son . Floy d Vf-^adam. object? to th e probat e aad the rr.a*t*r wa? adjourne d until the N'\\.^: -e—r. a- r ^vden.«»Vjr|r Th e v.;dow. y-t w H McCadam . wba wa,* tfc*. p»e*:t.oner WM repr*»entedi- hy r 5 Blood ax d li J Don*Tin ap - ;-arei f, r F!ryl V \aoam . John C. pder.stur g wa a appcint - -' r. #ruar- •-d special H i* uuders* - --d volved is a iar*t* Ham H Mc«\ E d*r:. p*rv-:*or fr-.m. *h ratciie fcr seve r no. authorit y an d a^&o municipal .-•oard of v t e c f s board ra-* r 1 V u iftred an d th -. a r • has - a u ? • i~ =.rned hy -orp'-ra-e seal 'he day and y*a- fir**. Villa** of ~--uve FT Orr-.s Board f Trustees . t* chairman of its . const, tutia*? its ommissioners.. by cipai Boar d an d *»1 to be hereunto PEr*T Of *h* ?e; 0 - ( J thi* in = *-irr.'i.-t to Pr \* J ^J:*> ^^ •-•\ V- her-un*' aff:x*i fir**, abev * writte n the of *he >a: seethe or fceira. hat th e eii*,^^ jn . on* 4 h e '.ate Wll - hav.r.^ h-**n a su - =• tow-n of Osw-e- il Urtr.s an d also ciees*. huyer s of FLUE BURSTS AT LACE MILL. PLANT IS CLOSED. Op----.- -n= a* --.-. 1-. *e-r.a:;oaaI ..a: omp*ny Baidw.n . Marrr ?e A ; V 1L Cf ~rC-V j Mur.?<-:p-a\. Boar d of th * V.llar * of Goavemetsr . By A J IfcDrnald . '~ha.rma n Osw*rat.-h!e Lirh*. 4 Pow* r Cc By Michael Doyle PreaideBt. Sea: 0 L. t P Co. ] j*. _ b* --: - •team in Prospecet i-i ia-i*. Wednss - h* fa-*-rV i hog e 'x-.-cmUbs w tlss -u» b*artas W%SSJ r->c th e d>on ot •he >oi> r as tie wate r pcare d oa t o Tr.--• : ir.t cp*eri*%i its ->wn at.a- ':. Z--T --- r*s'-\tie s its -w- eiee- *r.-.ty f-:m tx-.-lers aa d th * a^cidsBat •-on**-; sen:I T erl^plod tire eatir e SlfXl. Th e dar-ajr* resa. v t1aj? hcweT%r. wa a s-ifkt aa d th e tci*.; r*raa»ed •*»«**- ntnns o a Friday. t V -*t\ \ e : J

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