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Gouverneur free press. (Gouverneur, N.Y.) 1882-1929, November 16, 1927, Image 4

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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1927 GOLTVERNEUR FREE PRESS PAGE SEVEN Free Press Business Directory D. M. HAZELTON General Insurance Dependable Stock Companies GLEN W. SEVERANCE Funeral Director Stor e Phone 243- W SFTRMTUBB Night Call 5.VK CUT FM)WKRS J. H. HAPGOOD Chiropractor Office Hours—10-12, 2-S, 7-H 77 Main Phone 50-J LEONARD & FULLER Men's and Boys' Furnishings Trunks - Bags Tl Mai n St. Phone 30- J F. A. DOWNEY Plumbing .. Heating Tinning William St. Phone 240-W A. M. JEPSON & CO. Insurance of All Kinds Municipal Bldg. Phone 248-J \j. R. STURTEVANT, M.D. Eye Specialist ST. LAWRKM'K INN JfOV. 2 » JAN . .1 an d ;J 1 MARC H « APKII. 3 M\Y 1 JINK 5 DEPEYSTER GRANGE CHOOSES OFFICERS Charles WithereU Elected Worshipful Master and E. E. Todd Named Overs ?cr f lH IVvs'c.r. Nov 1 ;. -De IVysUT Grang e held a st;;t d iin-etniK Satur- day • v * 11jiIj4 in th e C. ran^ e hall at which time tbt> f:l',ow ng OKA-ITS were » -lee ted. W .V . Oiarle- With - t.rell. overs., er . K. Jl\ Todd , .-.la-ward. Mr-. Klla Howie , :;s.-i-tanl steward . j Hoy Hadger . assist ,:i: ludv steward . Wr^ Kov Halgtr; rliapl tin. Mrs. (hirle- Slnrri*; !• -Mirer. Mr*. J >h n I Hand , trea.-ur< r. .V:,. Charles Wi'.b- rr.-ll; secretary . M.-,, Kl<i«- Morn-; I l'( nn.ria. t>r»s an d Flora . Lillian • Hazelton. Mary V. :!-cm an d Le<.la Perry ; iratek..-.-ji.-r. Aliie \V tlriek ; Mr. i.iul Mr-. Charles Ki:-'« have , hired miartnietit^ : I'd will live in Os.v co where Mr King ha s a good im.-ition. Mr an d Mr--. Ar:::;:r Farle.v have r-. :::,-..! K. R ! >ow :: .::•.'•; farm «h - r e lhe> moved NM.v 1 Mr. an d Mr-. (ilena Thornhil l work th e farm Mr.; Kai ly ha s vacated. j M • :-nd Mr-. l)j^n'r.g hiC - moved I to their hom e recently uim-h.i-<d in ' Heuvelton . St. Lawrence. Chapte r N 6 0, O. K. S., ht Id a state.i meet.a- in Ma- | -on;.- '1 e m pie Widne-d.t y e'wnlnp. ' Nov. y, with a good att^ndanc. Th e ii*-; ; roci-eds of ibe.r bazaar were J lo o 9u. 'l'h . quilting an d h -h -upper h-dd by th e M. K Ladies\ Aid in th e chur.h parlor s Tu.-.day evening wa s largel> attended . M. C. Newv-oinb. I)i-r.:m>n Srnithers. IV'.ir Del i:r an d is n l.ytie have re - turn , d from their Ifiiritii: trip nea r South Cnlton. Al hvi.i'h the.r part y had ?hot three l ,rti.- d ( .-r. they re - por.eu the huir.au c.ndition s uon \ too ;a'i)i. T h - foil ::'. n.-ing .-u thick in th-- lir.-t place a: d after th e snow c. IiH- the tree - !i:i:i; ,;> full of snow it w i , very in.a-a . •\.i.-nt to g<-i areund . Th- r i:..-irn!er of their party w .11 stay it:;- ; N'IV. 16. 1;:IH',J:I 1 her n , :: ..-; train.nc very -:J-A:>. 11.- :iv:rsa. Miss H.-^ie It., k \• rf lituvC . on ' was called h :>:..•.•• r n a.-, nun : . th f po ir healt h *.-:' 1 • :• a.o!:)- r. :!••-. \':d Thoinp-o n w.i- .1 u call d ho:.:..- but will soon 'v. ur a. to a.-sis: .a a •••fine lo r Mr. Thar:, .<n. Mr.-. I layd Wilson is cl. i 1. :• ; .!i th-'. r .- ••-:••'. C: rro'.l i 1 -'a. :m . Mrs. Ar b II '. : : ;: • CM a n Hill v. i re in Ogdeus- SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETINGS PUNNED ;,r.-k .ou.-ly motore d to an d from Ogde-nsburg Wilson St<rling wh o ha s hire d to \l K .-r Hy.lo of Ma.-oait. U+r a year. -aeiit th e week end with his parens* !ii town. Mr. an d Mrs. Stanle.v Heach an d , —' • ^tbe' w^k endw\ht.^s U tn!R-hvine to Hear New York Preacher; ' town j Series of Gatheringi Will Be Mrs Amber Conroy. I'm! Conroy H ,, n nrin9 Uf«*L I and his childre n w, i e dmn.-r guest* ! Held Uana * We * k I Sunda y of Mr. an d Mrs. Clark Ames! Kiehville, Nov 1 r .inning an d family, [next Sunda y mornin g I >v iloilsivr Mr an d Mrs John M. Neil w. r e j of New York city will held a series re cunt, guest s of Mr an d Mrs. Clin-lo t meetings in conn.-c ton with Suti- IUQ Harvey of Bra>ie Corn.-rs. Suu-|day School work. Th e tidlovMiig pro - day they motore d to (louverneu r an d ; grain will be given Sunday nioni - spont th e da y with their son, Grant; ing. address , \'The Ki^ht Kmphasis ; \' and family. I Sunda y noon. >tud.> u f school Hi v Allen Kirknes s ainl Mrs. Clin- at work Sunda y .-v. u-.tiv address , ton Mayhu e entertaine d their Suiida> ' \Ou r Ctnnmon Task. Mmidax af- •M-hool classes in the. M K. churc h [ teruoo u Conference w;ih Cradle parlor Saturda y evening. (.lames j K<d!, Hoitie LK'-partnu-ut Mi>sioiis wtT- played after which refresh-'and Temperance stij erintei. dents.' meat s were served ! Monday evening addr.-s, \Hegin- ; Miss Venechia Kinney wa s a recent j ning s in Heligion\ or 'Chil d Nature gue.st of he r sister. Miss Alice, whoiand Nurture.\ Tuesday atternoon . is attending school at th e Canto n i Confet euc- with Work rs an d teach- Liniversity. I er s in lk-ginners, I'nnaij an d Junior, evi-ning - :'h Youth.\! \• r-onal an d ', ine^dav eve- | I:K Address.| .day School ; the Sunday. MRS. LAURA HOUGH BURIED WEDNESDAY 11- •• School Hoard to d'..-i uss the suggest - i • J • CJ J u v L J\' program . Lived in Edward, Many Years bat , M ^ (own eloctj()n |;ts l w ^ k F Recently Had Been Living in I A . Rich wa s re-elected supervisor by Fulton Where Sh e Died 1 < »>aJ<'rtty of 59 vots an d Mr li. ers in lk'ginners , l'tan-..; iK-partmeuts. Tu» sda ••What's th e Matter W< du.-sday afternoon Crou p Conferences W adul t mas s in---- s an d their S in \ Meeting o: H. Jone s wa s also re-elecit-d a s roa d commissioner . Kvan Keese wh o driv.-s the mail ., .. . . 0 , , , , . .bus from th e depot met with wha t M. K. churc h Saturday afternoon an d • hl haVtf beeQ a M . r;o , s a , cideIlt Kdwards . Nov. la . Friday morn- ing th e snow wa s all gone. The annual sale an d supper of th< m d evening wa s well patronize d rt „u weeR Jt wa> %vh( ,,. t}u , road retted th e society somethin g over | w> ^ m a glij , pt . rv O , nduiou und whe n turning ou t his , a r skidde d an d turne d turtle . Forutiately Mr. „ 4 ,. , . Reose escaped injury bdt th e to p htta Raymond uf lh< i ^ r ^ wimlsh; ,. la were bad . ly smashed . | Mr an d Mrs. Sa m Jon.-s of Ma- ' com b spen t Thursda y an d Friday . , . , . , with Mr an d Mr.s J«>hn Dodds wh o wish he is quite comfortable . ; , Michael Holly >uflered a strok e of apoplexy early Tuesda y morning . $7i.. I Th e annual drive for th e Red' Cross membership is this week. Mrs . Maud Kerr and Mi will receive subscriptions . Wright Robinson j S home from the Hepburn hospital an d though h e is not as well as hi s friends could An Old Established Investment Banking Institution TheF.H.SmithCompany and is th e title of our most recmt lKK>kltt, which yive-> th e hi^torj i>f thxs organization founded ovrr a | hal f centur y agn. I The Bookle t ei'iitmi s concisr . persona l j Inferenc e to thr nun responsibl e t.>r past , presrrvt an d futur e activitie s mi d . should b e rra d b y investor s dcsirin u | •afrtj o f principa l and a satisfactor y depeudable inooiuo . A- /..-• /;... k;,t •va:-^\ • j t( triti bt tn>,t tcif'o>ut t>l Ifjatfti j ^Ae F H SMITH GO. \Dundee / i&!2 ( M, ..-. «•:-« ;.-.W. iff j 1 otail KiiHcxriiutiv e Grace C. Aldrich 27 Rowley M., Gouvcrneur, N.Y. 'l'rlei)bune 187 H M1TICK Par-uant t<. a- .-r.i. r of It oi, (>y - Ion c; I'luau'v . S'.ariniHt e of trie ('nun - ty cf St l.;r.o<-ho , ar:d accerd;r; K t •. the Stfitut e : TI sac' i ia-f> rna-'.e an d pi-ovalr d N.-'.a-e ^ ln-tai-y j; i f : i t o al l tate uf l-Tarlv h lait-.o'ter \ Va : \r \ of ' K.nV in sar d county. iiee«a>'-d. tt-.at :hf > arc rt-qairei i t o esh t>.t tlie s.otie. v\ n )i tlie v, u.-!..-r t ):t ree f t > T 1 e J;INsrr:ht-r . a t ir.8 store in tlie Vi'.la^t- of laiwards in sni d <\<eanty. o n o r t-ef^ r e the 31s t dav of l>ec-»-niber nex t lilted, June 10th . iy27 . J. N. M.-I.eod. Arthur T. Johnson, Kxecutor Attorney. tlo-jverneur. N Y 20w2 6 F. H. SMITH 250 East Main Street -r Meats-\Baked Goods Green Vegetables for Thanksgiving Dinner CANNED GOODS CEREALS PORK SAUSAGE BACON HAM BANANAS GRAPE FRUiT SWEET POTATOES CARROTS CABBAGES CELERY APPLES CRANBERRIES ORANGES AN UP-TO-DATE MARKET Phone 27 5 25 0 E*jt Main St 01»F.N KVKMNtiS WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARK BUILT. BU1CX WILL BUILD Whil e his condition he is conscious mos ;T is ox pec ted ho will daughter. Mrs. Sulliva no t a t alt coo d f th e lime an d 1 recover. His; of C.ouwr- ! moved into Ji house . Mr. an d Mrs. of Spraguevill e were -on LaVack' s •hu Hitchman uests of Mrs. >«>rni: Vursaaiit t-> p.- - T.'..T - f li- s t lai u rem - an d Mrs. t i .l:n K Free Crank Case Service Car (.ria>e.l—!%!-«»*» SOCONY (• \> >T \TlO\ Haile^lHin* and \W-t Main St^ . (imivcrin'iu . N . ^ . (lias. K. XMiitinaivh. Prop. PAY AM > MtiHT sr.HMCE : • •-. '. y.! ^ ur;;': Pau l Conroy wer>. h-i- :: • v .-I-.-rs in Couvt-nuur Fri - • da\. Mr. an d Mrs . L.., n Kirbv an d fam - ' ily span; Sunda y with the former' s ; mother . Mr-. K:n!iia Kirby of t.»>we- : galch'o, Mr-. l':itm!l Fle> thatn wa s a week near , is at th e hom e with he r sister. A'.Uo. to help care for him . They! also have a nurse. ; Forres t McKee wh o ha s been ill i for some tim e went to Malon..- last w.-.-k to consult a specialist. His son . L.'.lan McKee. returne d with hi m Saturu.iv ' ' Mr. an-1 Mrs. I,. O'Nei! were called to Mitoville Saturda y to atten d th e tune-ra! of a telative. Ted CritTith and-Neil P.rown vis- ' iled friend - in Montrea l last week. Mrs. (o.-orj. Padirett is at th e Hep - bum hospital yet but muc h improv- , RUTH H. GRANDY Beauty Shop Parlors in 1II>O rs iKpt . Storv Marcelin g Manicurv Shani|MM>inn Water Waving Facia l Ma-sag e Gouvemeur, N. Y. Phono 210- J COOLER WEATHER HELPS FARMERS Higher Tone Is Given to Market at Produce Jumps in Price; Butter Advances . % Cent Ne w York . Novembe r 15.—Coole r •weather wa s heartil y we b jme d by al l dealer s on th e market a s it gave tone an d zest to th e market. Apples, potatoes, cabbage , onions, poultry , 'butter an d eggs all responde d to th e •urge for highe r price levels. Th e •butter market, which showed no change in price last wee k very early in th e presen< week advance d one - hal f cent pe r pound , an d is now quote d as 4f ^ to 5 \ cents pe r poun d tor highe r score, an d is very firm at this level. Th e only fresh erad e of cheese not quote d is und^-rerades which ar e .quote d a t 23 to 2 5 1 - cents p<~r pound . Held che-?se is in good de- mand. Held, fancy specials ar e quote d a t 2 \ to 2'.> cents. Th e live poultry market shows gr^a t improvement . Price s have ad- vanr-e-d on fowls s-ven cents per poun d since on e week ago . Latent quotations: fowls, leernrns 22 to 2\ cent s pe r pound, co o r- d 2*> to :j\ •cents: leghorn chicken s 2 2 to 3\ cents, colored .'> to 32 f-er. ts: broil- ers. r<-ds. 3 5 cnts. rocks 4 • =::. e Jr-.r.uary ]-• ifc* X'-w Y'rk m^rk-t ha? r^- f -ivef} about f.ve car'oad s ;>-r day mor e tha n sam e period last year Receipts of dressed juraltry from New York Stat<^ ar e licht. Th e n .ar - yc; i= w-o«k an d pri-ea ar ^ low. J\--.*]^ droned broueh t 22 to 23 <-:.:« o* r p.ound. bro:\.-rs 2'> to 4 \ rer.rs. \ fr:.«rs 27 to 21. Wt = t'-rr. y---,r,J turk-ys 4> r t o *2 . an d nearb y I' •••> '\.. or,':, Th- ho c marke t .s steady bu t th e py; t. ]f-ye] ;s low rani: r.z from b\ t r 1\ :, 2 f e:.*> per pound, -i-p-nd.nc u;'n size ar.d qua'..-v. 'lr?.^ raiv^ f- qu^e- '. ?.'. f'.v- ••:•• ', \••! '-tit? p*-r \p; ar.d. < <-. r.r. - r w= 2'- . v 3\*^. an a T- •••: -ors thr- - • •• -- x •er.t- Th e ha y market 1? irreru'.a r ar.d 1^-wer Rf-^;;-- ar e rr-u- mr.: . r,e teavy Tr ; e qua.ity is r,^' th<=- b*-»t Latest prir-es P-: t - n — t\ ? T.m - cthv No 1 123 -o. No 2. J 21 ''••'• to •$22.•:••'-. No 3, 11? to $2 • •'\.. BIGEL0W , Bigelow. N-T ;:, -_Fr*d Me.'iD* Is carry:^ g potatoe s hav:r,? ra:5^-d 11\''' bushel an d e'.*o shippin g beans tc Florid a of whrh h* ba d a fine err? All ar*. hax d p:cked ard after thresh.r.g ar e pu t in cloth aark s Mr E-a n Ree*e ha d a narro w es- cap e »t'E hif c*r tume4 bottom siie u; .c th e ditch, pit'ng hi m un - der t-t not hurting hirn i s th e lea.«t Tfc« top of his ca r wa s th e OD- JT ti::; ? rrcken . Mr i: J . Mr? I>rlan d MCCAT-.V ba-f? mcr^i into th e Frank Rich farm, on D*;>c'. street R-th Eisiop a=d a friend of JohsFtowr , m.\ore d her e Saturday to *** h« r m.-ti»r'« f'.k s This was a pleasan t *zr?r:~» fcr Mr s B:«hop ••ho ba.« :•*•-- •;; a \'_-e cin:e bo t is r» •H rfc a: ir hz c' i~ J : r> • n.nr r. r.w <-T« r-r O.r .^i-.o ; ob~r th » jt.-,- . p . ' : ' k 'n p-i Mr, w;; j,. 1 J Wr>od.« V- acd M>= -•-m « Zr v;, . rdst VT* ni\r\++ \-' ***k w \\••Z\ r w »5 M \hT -~i Arc:stic -. — — * --;.- .-! Vi ndav Ha'T-v •*-d M • V - v ' s Ti*-- J - ^*^\... e v- y.\\ ~. • 'ati-r r-v^ . v.« ^-:::.a = -lb J-nct.on Cr >i Ps- orb a* F 0¥ •- - - -, •± C r-^-i-. X* i \£--- ^7 r - Vr ar - ->- J F J i-j; --*• •*-T 6 r«r s - *.. - a C T- . £ - JI w - s r ii on i>ay with sited * r >'. .-.•>•« ; % - • V; at - *«.d v *. t: end Kile?; of Mrs. !.v~h-. S:ni:her> Mr-. Arba Hill an d sranddaugbter : M.o!e; ::i e sp-n t Sundav afternoon ; wuh Mr-. Ambe r Conroy. Clarence D'L.arv r-turned to hi> hom e 1:1 Uo--:e sattird..v att--r s ; „. T id- i!ig tl)-- \\e,-k with hi.- brorh..r <;.-ort:e .:iid fiumlv. Mr. an d Mr>. decree (Vla-ary mo - tored to Gouver m ur Frida v an d sp-. n t the da y. Mr.-. Lloyd Wilson an d sons, Har- old an d Grant . .-;>• n; Sanda v with 1 Mr. an d Mrs. Walte r Kinney. Mr. an d Mrs. H-ro n Whitfor d of Syracuse wer e guest s this w.-..k at •heir mother's . Mrs. Ev a Whitford . Mr. an d Mrs. Fre d Morris an d Miss Elsie Morris wer e dinne r guests Sunda y of Mr. an d Mrs. Walter j Wood. Mr. an d Mrs. D. E. Gilson of Heuv - elton and Mr. an d Mrs. Will Morris of Norwoo d wer e callers Sunda v at Mr. an d Mrs. Charle s Morris - , Mr. an d Mrs . Leon Kirby an d Mrs. S. J. Field.-on wer e in Gouverneu r Tue-day . Mr. an d Mrs. Charle s Harve y wh o recently sold their farm to Mr, Ash- wort h have moved into George Goodison s hous e in Heuvelton . Mrs. Wiil Morris of Norwoo d spent th^ past we.r-k a fj->; of relatives in b e Peystr-r an d Heuvelton . Mr. and Mrs. Fred Asbwnrt h an d Mr. und Mrs. Harol d Ashwort h were in Gouverneu r Tuesday . Mr. an d Mrs. c . E . Giffln wer e fn Gouvern>-ur Thursday. Mrs. Ev a Wh:tfor d ha s returne d from H'-rnum wher n sh e spent sev- eral days with he r mother . Mrs. Alh-n. Mis? E!-ie Morris ha s returned hom>- after sper.-iine several dav? with Mr-. Bert Martin. Mr- Ella Howie ha s been em - plov- d to do the. janito r work at th e M K Church. •o.v.-r Lat-ur was in Gouverneu r Fr..l.,v. Mr. ar.d Mr- . Clark Ames an d laughter Yiviar. of iiek'>ry >p.-:,; T:i- -dav afternoo n with Mrs. Martin C--:.r-.y. Mr- Amb^ r Conroy. Mr-. Georsre O'l-.-ary. Paul Conr.)y ar. : - w o chii- dr ; r. -;•• r.t Saturdav af'-moon in Heuvelton. Mr ,nnd Mrs. n,i:'-r.^ Mutton an d Mr an d Mr-. Ha v. :• }!•;•• -n <•' I!ra-:e Cormr? were dinner -ru-sts W- dm.-day of the form- r .- c!ai.; t -h:-r in town Mr- iiarold F:-ldso n ar.d a.lire-, Mr- Walair, Harri s ana <h.ld--n ::. --r- -i to i'«rd- n-hurr S .turd^ y an d sper.- :b*- lay . Mrs 01.v*. Wa r 1. Mr- W B Fle-t- r.arr. ar. i Mr- :.aur-n--e F.-hbec k w<-re ;n rjelen- r ur c Thar-lav The f-rr.rr. unity C:rle ' Sunday f-hooi -lass w.ro. -rt-r:a;r.>-i T-.s- dav ev-mr. ? Nor 1. a: ihe hom-- cf M- :,r.i Mr- ?. C Bu-h . Tier* was a -.re- a\ ( :.iar,--f ar. j sev---.; -e w ; merr.ber- --•- initiated. After ti«i bui.nes ? meft.n p wa s over a deiicious su;p-r wa,s f.-rved Mr hzi Vr ? R D Or r we re in Qouferr.^ur Thursday Mr ar.d V'? Pau l F.r'.ey Bnd baby gor. : ? Himrnond we_-e visitors of tr.o.r rar-ots' in towr. ia?t *--k Mr ami Mrs P A. Bogardui an d fam.'.y speat \he we«.fc end w;;h the:r »cr. Geard an d family of Ed*ra.rd« Orsi* SteTens-on wag in Heuvelto n Saturday . DIE:.-: rz~-'.9 Funda y at Mr. an d Mrs. Orw.r. Mas:.? wer-i Mr ar.d Mr? Wi'.'.iaas I-^vya of Ogdensbur p Mn George Tartar: of Hickory a:t Donald Steele of We.s: road- Mr? Ha'tie R.ckft t spent the w-e k \nd with Mr and Mrs Dan Calnon, J r Mr aEd Mr« Harr-'.d ?aith ent-r - ta:r.-d Mr ar.d Mr? r j-~r and daugh- ter frora Osveco. over th - week -~d . Mr izi Mr? Leon Toid »zi V- and M-« Join? .3 m-t^red to Wr/:- :--*n a-.d »e> ro«t3 of Mr ar. j Mr? Lowe-;; E\.s»ort i an d familv M-- E'.«w. rt h is a iiuzz:*r •;: Mr* Johrs.-r. V:'.--s <>r*ra-k*r »i3 »i» a e-aduat*- in J;:' and has o-~--- at- *-*. d.ac tie O F A *.z* S*;-tesi^: na= rr- : 5 C--^;; »i^re ie w.:: i.f- a :o-r*e n :be**e and bn::*r mii: n * y-» A: V -*— Haielto n was i s Oe- i±Zir-:rt 7 tie* tay r ' \or-d Har--.cn . a t--der.t a: *i- O F A ia « -- ~TZ^--1 ; : *.-.»-•; *.i Mr and 2Mr» ?e*m:n H e ba d Thi Misses Doroth y Brow n and Hitchman's parent- . M John Dodds. last w e- k Guest s a t th e home of Judson I.a- Yack Saturday were Mr. an d Mrs. Fre d C. La Yack an d Mr-. Susie La- V.u k of Nort h Gouv. rv-.-ar. Mr. an d Mrs. Frank Fannin g wer e made glad whe n the> ir,,-iv.-,i new s cif a birth of their r.r-: grandchild . A nine an d on e half baby daughter was born to Mr. an d Mr-. GMy Fan- ning of Syracuse N -. .mber l'Mh. Mrs. Fanning wa s termerl y Miss Clara Bos worth . Mis-; .] vilm Prist ol of Pot-da m an d Mr- .lames Conkliu \t N-.rtb. Gouv- .:•:;• ar wer e guest.- <>f Mi>- Ev a Joiie- Sunday . Mrs. Marc.lia Gr.fl'is . eb-brat.-d her ^2t:d birthda y by having Mrs. t-^-s n-a Marian Brow n vi.-ited friends in Clare for th e week-end . S- \a-ral of ou r townspeopl e hnvin c friends in th e flooded section liave hear d from the m eithe r by radio or iett'-r an d thev ar e rc-ported as all l.oai-a Dav: and M:ss Kut h Pi ma n in for dinner. Mrs. Lee Joyce a: w•--r< in ('anion ov. while Mr. Joyce wa- Mrs Harriet L.-.-l t w hihlr. r e W-ek-l-n. av huutiiii: f 1). ertbld Mi Mrs. Mary Stitt an d son we r gii'Sts of I'tica friends Monday. > 1( ,,-, Glenn Woodcoc k is havinsr hi s house painted . Mrs. Belbin returned Saturday evening from visitine friends in Ne w York. Mr. an d Mrs. H. Ward an d Mr. an d Mrs B. Ward ar e visiting friends in Ma--., wh o ha d !>o :, visiting he r sis- ter. Mrs. Ellis Ethnd-e in th e Nort h ith another -ister. Mrs. Lydia Mr. an d Mrs. L-st^r Over.uker took a trip to Harri-burg . Penn. . where they will v.-.t th e former' s sister. Mrs\ S. L. Williams , an d fam- ily. nue l Tuebner of Elba wh o wa Ren hesier . . | formerl v of th e Horto n Ice Crea m Mrs. Dell Brisban e of Syracus e i8. rompan \. arrivP(i , n Trnvr l Fr; ,,ay af- visiting relative s in town The funera l of Mrs. Laura Hough 61. of Fulton, wa s held a t th e home ternoon an d left immediatel y fomth e big wood s in compan y with Mr. A. cf'her daughter. Mrs . Id a Masters , i E - Bo ?* hner ™? ?f ty OT,H f-m ; Professo r D. ^V . Beaman an d fam- ily of Wadding'ton wer e week-en d ; guest s of hrs mother , Mrs. Ruth Bea- man . Th e basketbal l gam e betwee n th e Richville Hig h school an d Canto n which wa s played a t Spooners hall Frida y evening resulte d in a score of 2^ to 2 3 in favor of th e home tea m Rober t Hardie . Miss Doris Hardie i an d Mrs Gowe of Theresa , Mr. an d I Mrs. Willia m Bowhal l of Antwerp ] wer e Sunda y guests of Harol d Bow - hall an d family. Mrs. Bowhall' s fath- er wh o ha d been spendin g th e past week with her . returne d to Theres a Sunda y evening. J Miss Marie Gore of th e Rive r road ! wa s a week-end euest of h>-r cousin, Mrs Flovd Gille'te. Mr. an d Mrs. LU-wellyn Bristol an d tw o children also spent th e week-en d with th e laiter' s parents , Mr an d Mrs . Howar d Gillette, on the River r->ad. i Superviso r and Mrs. E. A Roy- e of Russell arr.v-d in town Monday. Mrs Roy,- will r- main a* the- hom e of he r father. Lavid Jones , while Mr. Roy- .• ,-ct-nd- th e annua ! s-ssion oi -he Boar i of Supervisors at Can - t6i.; . 'i'r.» ladie- of th e Congregationa l society w.'.i .-• -rve dinr.er at th e Grange hall F'.day noon of this week Ther e w.-i.: r.e a sab- of v.ir.ous art . 1-- ,n *h- af-'-moon whnh will be fo'.lowe ; ay a caff't-r.a supper. Th e public 1- .-or-l:aily invited. Th- Pa;-':-- Mis.-ion C:T')>' will meet with Mrs r-iarer.--- Burnham Thursday a f» - rr.-->..n of thi - s-'- k Al! n.en.bc-rs ar ' :/: f - d to b>- pr---ent. Praye r : . . . -e • wiii be ho ; .r. th e chur'h W- ;r.--'i;y ev*-r.ir.g. Choir r- h'ar-a l will be held at Reveren d P'-r..i' , t's horn*- Fr.da y *- v (• n; c sr Lil»rar> ~Scttn». Miss Ev. iyr. Dodd- g-.ve :hr<r» book= this we.k \The Aa-obioera - ph y of Be:.;ari. r. Franklin.\ R>-\er- les of a Ba-i-lor.\ \I n Hi? ? - ep? Macomb . N v 1\ - -'<\ roth v With- Myrl Arrr.--r-r.fr gave or.e '000k erhead . -f-acher in California'school . \S^lee'e d Ar.imal Stories \ an d l e wa? marrie d to Willia m Davies a t Ma y FLw-r- Ofrdensbure Saturday . Nov. 5. Mr , Mr? J-ho V ^arty gav- or.* Ad- Dav.es bough : a far m n&ar Lisbon venture ma«az:r* . thre e Re d Book? recentl y ar.d th^y have move d there on e Ou t Do-.r American , or.e Pboto - ?h«- resim^d from th e Bchool. Mrs. P-ay. on e R-:r:C. Home, on- Farm an d Grc-ve Trua x ha« been hired to take F:r»gide. or.e Pirtoria l Review. IF, her place in th e grioo l Hoard's Da ryman . fiv* Countr y Mr. an d Mr? Martin Johnson wer e Gentleme n and several other s over nieh: guesta a t J. W . Reel's Dr. Pa.g * Thornb.l l of Watertcwn Friday right . Rave a rnarazin* this we^k Cheslev S-ayer. Rober t Hutton . Asa ; • Ame? Her b De^endor ! an d Leon; COOPER'S FALLS Wednesday afternoon . Rev. Belbin liiticiatihg wit h interment in the Fullervill e cemetery . Mrs . Hough ha s lived in Edwards many years but_ ha d lately been livm e in Fulto n and\ he r remains w-ere brough t her e to he r old home . She is survived by he r husband wh o is very ill in a hospita l at Oswego ; tw o daughters. Mrs. Id a Masters an d Mrs Edna Tinney. an d four grandchildren , all of Edwards. SOUTH EDWARDS Sout h Edwards. Nov. 1 \ -Bor n to Mr. an d Mrs. B. J. Whitfor d o n Thursday, Novembe r l\th. a daugh - ter. Mrs . Aivin Hall is carin g for mothe r an d baby. Mr. an d Mrs. Ernest Tinne y wer e called to Fulto n Monday by th o sud- den deat h of he r mother . Mrs. I^ura Housh. Th e funeral wa s held a t Ed - ward s Wednesda y afternoo n an d burial in th e Fulb-rville cemetery . Ralp h Whitfor d wa s home over 1 the week-en d from hi s wor k nea r Newto n Fails. Ernes t Tinr... y an d daughter. Mar- garet, .-pent th- w-.ek a t Tinne y Cor- ners nea/ Harrisville. visiting hi s father . E R. Tir.r.-y, Many relatives an d friend? attend - ed th e birthda y -ur ; rise part y for Grat e Hendro-k - Frida v evening. Mr an d Mr-. E V . P-vin s ar e spendin g H few (lavs .n Natura l Dam . Mr-. G'org- Hall ar.d son . Ken - neth, of Car'hag - w-e r - vis,tors at B J Whitfor d - .-andav. Ervi n Hail, -on of Mr an d Mrs . Alvin Hall, an d M;-s Florer.-e Roe. daugh'er of Mr and Mr.- Eddi e Rice of Eiw-ari-. -A >-r- marrie d recentl v and ar- l.vir.s at Alvin Hail's . Howard Whitford an d Wobur <*] e - mer.t of Ar.*-A'ro -.er e in town f'-r a few day? hant.r.g -he past w-eek. Dunne to- he.-.-, y wind storm. Fri-j day n.gh t tr.e roof of E d Finley' s barn wa s h/wn a»oy j..r--\ ii.-.t. Nok-t - is 1 ert-l'v ^ \ t oi :-. a: ;.er-.-:-s >-.,v - K c! a ITIS ac. : es t •'-,. r «. tatf .-.f S'.rvti. -^ t ' v.-.-, N.,••-.«.-, !:>.•.• •-! l.,ur ; -f K\«li- r in t=a.1 c-e., r ,'.v. ,i'-,-a - «•(!. that t : • v art - 1 < .ju r,-,! t • . x • . L> • i Th e S.l!-;e . W.!h the V-OK-' . - v I'.o.ef t o C -,- f-;!is-r ber , a l li a< otT..-,. i:: lo t Viilac, . f O.ouvt-rru-ur o s,i .! iO>um y or- o r t.ef->re tf. f 1s t day of January ly2S, r.t-\t. Charles I?. Vn-i N-isnt-r .\d::iiniNtrato r Datrd Jiir^e 12 l'.'t 1 : Art! u r T. .'--0:i---a. Atfv. Oou\-r: ev.r, NY. TOw 'Jt WIGGINS GENERAL TAXIDERMIST Is mounting from 7 5 to \'1T\ d<- r he-ad- annuall y an d now ha s a few tre-hl y nmuntttl head- for ^ile . 1 u- f tin ' rM~»t shield s an d pain IS made . Tanning an d making u p of ruff*. laities fur-., «t<,, mountiiig of all kiinl- of bird* an d li-h durin<; th e season . Highost pri< <•*• pahl for fun* atiel all kind s of gre^n hides. Call an d examin e m y work. Have ha d ove r 23 years ' exfH'rienoe. No. 1 .Main .St. Antwerp , X. T. MADAME CHARBONNEAU TlSrilling, Mysterious Comedy-Drama Music, Songs, Dancing Unde r the direction of MRS. V. 0. BOYLE GRALYN THEATRE, TUES., DEC. 6 Auspices Trinity Church Dramatic Club ; POULTRY DAY WILL BE HELD IX I Heuvelton on Nov. 18 MACOMB The best dressed poultry of the country will he on display in the markets. , Be sure and visit Heuvelton on the 18th Highest Prices Paid for Deer Skins M. RUDERMAN l.'T iirovf >tr*<*t Crouvern'-ur CUT FLOWERS FOR SALE j Rote*. Cant a bona. Etc., H. C.Rofen I GLOBE STEAM LAUNDRY Afeocy. mtib H. C. Rofera, Man St ' Itaven mo:'-red to Syrarua e S&tur-1 day an d returned! home Snnday . j Cooper s Fa.. - N-v is —y- an-i Mr an d Mrs . Lecn Putmaja from ' Mr s Lowell Cawid y ax d Mr an d hfr * \pent th e week-en d visiting Mr s E^rett McHeifey motored to friends :n Mex.co. Gouverneur Saturda y evenm? Mr. an d Mr« Harol d Kelley ha.ve Jobn Vaell; was a bu«ines« caller nr.oved ir.'o Nellie Ri'bardacn s ten - in r»ntor . ..r » da y La#t we*k. an: bon- e Ear l Pbiil.p? of Po-rgdam is mcv - Mr an d Mr s Fr*i Hor-m an d in g bia family into th e C I.u:a? children. Mi'.tcn. Ala Faye . and Har - bous e recentl y vacauted b y Frank r.et -pent Sunda y at Alri e Dowc - Cc-bin . re ? Vr- f>oree M< H*f!ev ?p^n* ?iz- s-j-.day v. - trr ? a t C'.:nt.->n Har - day w.- b h-r daurbt^r \Mr= Wili.ai Tty' - Tfr * M - and Mr? Harry Har- N*--sman. ••'. *h» Tantnn roa d v-vari ~. ld--r. -Mr- Frank Puffer K^rr y r rai a « . :rE pj 0; - e/ j it ^ .?.-i --n- ra-r-.'.d. an d Mr an! Mrs . jra-*** a- R \hv-.l!*.. F-^d LAva.-k Mr ari M~* Gtiy Alrn:r«- »\»Ei- 1; -ba- i '.-.••> =--n of Mr an \ Mr= ed a ;«:••. a- V- Flrbt s r,*-a- ?->;- Air-- 7-l>y. fca> t-een very ill wltb Mil > r.r. Frida y rzbt ;:'.r. -ma Jctn M2«--r? of -Jje R v*r ro*d Mr an d M*s E\* ^ n Ha*:, srd wa? a r-^r- ^a\> r a: r p z+'.-j-m * \i\> lament* - T*-\ *^;per ru---s Mr an d Mr- Howard P**.s-dy -f a: v-— . Har>.n J . e S^-.diy nifb: Ed**-d* w*r - ^«inea= --a\.>r-' in Mr ind M-? W.i . I>v*r.dorf an d tb:« ;\a\ * r z± -.»y th e p%s* w^*k rzf-'.t\' M\ a Mar-h a r^vft^dcrf. Mr and Mr* Trumaa fra-r «;<--t «;-r - -undi- ;T; t-t« at Her b E>ev- -b- *«-k-r.i •« t b Rr r ar.d Mr» ecdor f ? W*b«te r a t >- R«-4ris Fail* D. C. SMITHERS Dealer m fcroa Pvapa , Pipe FittDXf*, Ta«kj aad Ptsabnf Q«t- fcta, GASOIUM EAfi>ea, Water Bewb uti a J Ear * E4|Vp- m*mL 26 4 West Maim St TeL 324-M SHOES REPAIRED PIU>MPT SERVICE t R.%YES RE.\JSO?»ABLE tVo Frprt* ml Tow fi« r iiof ALEC CARBONE n*mr of F.mAimtt-J-tommem Sbo- <J»m-e il th at women desire * * Durability BUICK demand for 1928 Fleet, graceful lines.. • lustrous Duco colors • . . luxurious closed car interiors— — unmatched performance . . . unrivalled comfort. . . sturdy construction that assures long lil-— you'll find them all in Buick! Buick for 1928 has won tremendous popularity among men and women alike, because it com- bines the style that women desire with the durability that men demand. SEDANS *1 195 t o #1995 f * , COUPES #1195 to #1850 SPORT MODELS *\ 195 t o 11525 All prices f. o. b. Flint, Mich., government tax to be added. The G.M.A.C. financing plan, the most desirable, is available. SEAKER-GRAVES MOTOR CO. GOUVKRNEUB , N . T . NAVAJO Table Model $67.50 F •'\i.VIIT'MII&iH r N M / 1 Tktto anocW to of ridk vtin«, ba n A r»Sfc« L fiioo i.ai*h . SBO-KIM wteh CM wmd vAmm y Other Mohawk Radios a t $92-50, $ 130-00, $ 165,00, > %\ 95-00 and $275.00 Mohawk PYRAMON1C Speaker, $25 de GRAFF BROS. ' John Street Gouverneur

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