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'tffetef 7 items? ^&#> : ^ ••'v :•** v • .* ?; ^; >>• ;# jr\ ^ -MS 'v»v'-. 1ARY II. i$» ) WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 11. 1928 GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS PAGE *rs ii BIG GAIN ta Great* New sows Falof ket Steady —In answer to the New York Agriculture and [uote egg prices .cording to the in accordance j are not re- ccording to the y this depart- ies only to eggs econd: This de- nly wholesale prices paid by cers and ship- milk in Great- , ShOWS SB lB- treajn shows s le consumption 157,160 quart* 280 quarts. In n of milk was and of cream The daily in- option in 1927 id the daily de- of cream was •ontinues on in dy course, eas- estic and for- milating large butter without \ on its placid U thirty days, 4 to 5 3 cents 52 cents for •ket is showing on fowls. Leg- van ced to 17 33 cents per broilers show e month of De- he New York [press 833,597 ry which \Was ~ than the pre- ?w York, Vir- ?d / in amounts earned. led poultry re- » time was 32,- h was 284.669 the preceding s the heaviest 2 poundB, Iowa !9.094 pounds, ith 3,993,181 ta was fourth Free Press Business - Directory PADGETT IS MADE MASONS HOLD BEAD OF MASONS- BIG MEETING D. M. HAZELTON General lMumacc Dependable Stack Prefeseor Gsy C Hal U InstaJbng Officer at Edward* Cereaaoeie*; ; 0. L S ef Officers is Held by Van Heavel L»4fe—Graaft Observes ZSth Ajinjvcraary Edwards. Jan. stallatiou of the 1U.—A O. K. S joint In Heuvt-lton, Jan lo. —Knday evt- -^SSgtlAE How Tb Drive t Care For It By — DOQ C*Strceter GLEN W. SEVERANCE Funeral Director Store Phone 24*-\Y FURNITURE Night Osll 55»R LEONARD & FULLER Men's and Boy»' Furnbhin*• Tnulu-Bag* TJ Mmi* St. F. A. DOWNEY PJnmbiRg - Heating Tinninf St Pko-e Z40-W F. *s A M lodges w** held in Ka- aonU- hall Monday evenm*. Pro! tiuy t\ Hall acted ** iustallinK officer for the O. E. S and M^ Lrta (Irani a» marshall Officers nrssiall^d w« re W. M , kulu i'adjgt-u; \V. P . Moti Meldrim. treasurer. Mi>. Lura. Mrl- drun; secretary. Kdna Hughe*; con., Irene Laiipherr, a.v*i>nnje cuii.. Kihvl Williams, Marshall. »V,eUt (Irani. fc?UT FIA>WK1U» ^ ar •• iorjL Payuv. 5* n.. A K»iot _______«_ His., Abbie Lutnley; trusts, Venera Pratt. J'laniKb?. Kva Ciore, A iah Delia Ward. Kuth Marion CarNoti. K>thcT Ida Mct'ullum. Martha W.v.x. Clark Klecta Margaret Maxiner The off'.cers of W; id wood ,Lod*«- NN «. r<. then lustalltni with I>r. l\ Adar.i* u? InstalUnK officer and Kugene Ward. marshall. Officers installed v» \ e Master. Harry Webb; S \V.. Sh-rda Latiphere; J. W., Merton Bell; tre*ujur*r, E. l\ Gregory; twcreiary, Henry Grant; S 1)., Laslie Ueach; J D.. Kollin Brown, 1. M. C Frank Payne; S. M t\, Jay Dewey Tyler. Ira Maxiner. Concluding the cere- monies a splendid banquet u as serv- ed to a large crowd In the banquet Juil. .. . i Fhone 80-J the riinK. l>ec. 3uth. Van Heuv«ll lx.>dKe No M1,F Ac A M. publicly install- ed the following officer* v% :ih V S HliH>d as installing ofTi t-r and ('harles Hutchinson as marshall; Worshipful Master. G H Sanborn, senior warden. L C Hart»»-r, junior warden. J. H Sheppard. Irr*a>urcr. c l» Hutchinson, secretary F I. Zt)ller; chaplain. !<••> \S F (lark Alter the installation the Maoris en- •••r!a:ii'-ti the KaHU-ru^ J^Iars/ at an oyster supper The following Tuesday evening Fl<»r»-nce U. Heatce chapter No 34S. u K S.. he4d their iuMallaiiou of officers. The installing officers* were Frank L. Kinney, patron or S; U*- rence chapter, with Mrs, lna Zoller as marshall and Mrs. Kva Gray as assistant marshall. The officers elect- ed and appointed were iustalled as follows: Worthy Matron. Mrs OtKe Hutchinson, worthy patron. i>efbert Hutchinson; aasociate matron. Mrs Sophie Rickett; treasurer, Mr^. Blanche Mc Fad den: secretary. Mrs. C. Winona Allen; conduc tres>. Mrs Mary Guerrin; associate conductress. it hum >I walk There is not much •i.e^-r of for- getting the thing* our lurnai. bodies net d. but thiire i< m-jre .ik. 1 hood of torgetting thoac t^» IU- ^ \^^ automo- bile., need If a\lB^-i »> c::. .'ted a warning from th© i attention to the fa** mobile s supply of : lowed t»> dimtui8ll te the point, the only wan ::i: i* h.ieiu e v, here the V ss • r i hhould be Then It .- a a to the £.ts station- T»»e I ai'* Ku»«i»«»»»ei,i*l No complication ^ ... supplying the m« 1 ' with the attention it sion of any of th** • invol\e» trouble or The three fundame quired are gasoline If the oil supply i*\ too low it may r*»u tons and cylinders bearings. The «am* the engine is allowe to lack of water while forgetting to water to the battery go dry. resulting l* 1 and necessitating the pnr« ha>< or a new one Fornetting to turn off the i^ni;.on switch when the car is s'oppeel :na> cause serious re^ul!.* It ma> ru!i down the batter>. it may burn out the generator, it may burn out the :im;i calU j ignitmn ijjil, or ;t may do all thr»-e. i' 'he auto- I depeiulmg on the nature of the eui u:en: is al* tricul cirruits It is »a>> to torvet r- \ani^hing j the ignition sw-ti-h. particular!) it; tored to Hailesboro Sunday and vis-1 talk In the erenJng. M ited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Puffer. ftiera Rev. Allen Ktrk Mr and Mrn Will Ingram and»*preach. At Pope Mill* ReT. W. ^O. children Catherine. Agnes and Hull will preach and at NoiUk 0©*t- Mitchell and Mrs (U^orge Silts at- , erncur Kev. L. E. Roee will preftek. ! tended church at Gouverneur Sun- , Al? try and come to the«e • day. , that ia mo*t conventeni Mr and Mrs Kd Kvuns and something good. i daughter, Muriel. *p< nt the week- \ * end with Mrs Kvumv parents. Mr. I KAIR FI-.%X» IHHCU0«D and Mrs Will Stanton, near Plesais. ! fMans for the 1928 Jefferson Mr and Mr- CUud Huttou spent ty fair to be held in Watertown dmr- Sundav with her p.treti's. Mr an<i Mrs J a men McCauley Lev>n Ka\en and Harry Harvey mo- tored to Ogdeit*burg last Friday. Tlwre will be a Gouw-no-ur visit program on Jan 1\. .KM-IJIIII: x*r- > ice« at them placen At - ?'.' p m parn»r. Chrwt lakt Talk*\ by Mrs Cuiligan Tli ere wiM be M.pper at Hraste Corners in ban* MHMIT oi ing the week of Sept. I were cuf.MHl at the meeting of the board of managers of the Jefferson County Agricultural society at the coart house today. One of the important actions taken was the adoption of a resolution to increase the gate admission from la cents \n &t> cent* and to lower the age limits of children entitled to tree \e«tls. •N i:. \ ». \ <- d iU ri. autumobilt -e.il > h;lt OllllS- - v-a! > dt tails i,eL-«- or both \\ - .; pile* re* ^ ,'i-r and oil. a'.low. d to get n .--cored pis- iiid burnt out th::.^ is true if to to dry. due the radiator, UM'ly distilled * . \.1 allow it to been used frequ«!.*!> to keep the » n gin«- running ,lf the engine *tal!> under the>e conaitions. thete ,-> per- haps nothing to remind one that the switch should b«- turned oft Ctuier such circumstances vigilance abn.e will prevent experiencing the trou- ble> just mentioned. Forgetting the tires is another cause of uniieves>ary expense, a.- though it is but a simple matter to check the pressure at a gas station once a week. On balloon tires :t is especially necessary to keep the pres- sure up to the point recommended by the maker of-th^ car Neglecting the tires will cause increased ex- pense in the long run, just as neg- lect of the chassis lubrication system •burch Then Kev M K Freud wtH * admission from 14 to 12, arly demise [will ne<-essitate abnormal repairs. A. M. JEPSON & CO. Insurance oi AD Kinds - MmniapaJ BUf. - Pbonw Z4ftJ Mrs Carrie Austin; chaplain. Mrs i Emma Rabey; marshall. Mrs lna justice of the P***^ t /> T> ^r -r^Totter\ hlstortati. Mnt Mary M^F»4-*eau*od tey tW death Wednesday evening L. C .^^^rSen Dian^t Mrs Etta Jenner. war- . ston and suite of Heuvelton were in town den. piantsi. Mrs. :o till vacancies U A. XL Haul- MACOMB and inetalled the officers of Edwards den. M™- Orpha McClelland; sentin- 1 O. O. F. l>odge. The work wait al. Mrs. Margaret Creighton. Adah, done in a very able manner. The Mrs Viola McMunn; Kuth. Mrs. officer* we*e: N. 4;.. Uavid Thomas; k V. G.. Roy Meldrim; recording sec- retary, Roy Hrown. F secretary. J McLeod; treasurer. Mott Meldrim * «% . ,i.i. man, .chaplain, \V. Hancock R. S. N. G J. R. STURTEVANT, M.D.^*arl Wht marsh L S. N G.. W 1 Masters; War.. I^esiie Burnett Eye Specialist ST. LAWRENCE INN JAN. 8 and 81 MARCH 8 APRIL 8 ' MAY 1 JUNE 5 Fol- baura Barber. Esther. Mrs. Sarah Smithers; Martha, Mrs. Mildred Tru- ax. Electa, Mrs Ruby Creighton; color bearer, Mr- Viola Bevrs; trus- tee for three years. Mrs. Margery Sheppard. As a token of appreciation Mr. James Bell who has been patron J. IV Flack, who lef.i here for his winter home in Florida about Nov. loth, was in town th<> piisuweek, havng been called n-rt:; by the sick- , ^ Pfl . i( nest* and de^ith of hi> father. Wilbert j time but seemed a* usual >rida> Macomb. Jan. \v. — Mrs. Richard^ Tully. a life long resident of this place who was 7S years old. died very suddenly Friday night She has been in very poor health for a long C. Flack, who died ::i last week Friday night. The John J. McCr> a farm on the tall only Ogdensburg , night. They were at the supper table 'when she was taken with a stroke u m ^t* ffwr p'o( the chapter for the p**** 19 years. lowing the work refreshment* were^ou pr ^£ ed wltJ) a $lll gold pieCH , lived three hours j Dollar road will be sold at referee's! Xurv Finley had another poor! sale Saturday attern- on. Jan._ 14^. at! ?ptJll Thursday and is in bad shape.! ~ Mrs. Mitchell was called to help care John M. Barr w ' r l^ 1 ' 4i w i , ,,. M v c,, n . 'and the retiring worthy matron. Mrs The Alpha *iass of the M. K San- \ Sheppard. received a $o day school met with Mrs Helen ^ r /^ e X u P mptu0 us banquet was Tompkins Tuesday evening Mrs. *oiu pit^c. ^ v — 'Tompkins served tea. served and a pleasant social hour en- Free Craftk Case Service Car Gr*n*edV— 81.00 SOOONY GAS STAWpN Haileaboro and West Main w». Goaremew, N. *-^ DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE Mrs. E C. Gregory who has been JoJ'^d D >' all. ill for some time was take*n to the Monday evening, Jan. 2nd. Heuv- hospitaJ New Year's dav. Her friends elton Grange celebrated its 2ath an- report her condition as more favor- able. Mr. Gregory and son, Herbert spent last Sunday with her. Mrs. \V. S. Woodcock is ill. Mrs H. O. Beach left Sunday for orchestra followed Morrisville to resume teaching after -Ute- Christmas vacation. >£r>. George Van Zandt is ill with pleurisy. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hatch of Rus- sell were sueets at V. O niversary. About 100 members gath- ered in their hall and spent a very' pleasant evening. Tl*e program was \ aupper was serrfd h} opened with music by the grauge by the office of Attorn in Ogdensburg. The public librar> tinulation re- port for the month of December is as follows: fiction ii - ti, iH»n-6ction 30, juvenile 84, total books 440, magazines 4 5. _ A good crowd attended the New Year's dance held in I O. O. F. hall Monday night, Jan. Z. Music was furnished by the Ihinsonians and the Rebekahs. | for him. | • Mrs. Clinton Harvey is very poor- i ly. I>r. Drury called to s**t» her Sat- \ • urday j Mr*. Howard Knowlton and baby 'from Black Lake--»p«>at a few; days! last week with her parents. Mr. and • Mrs. Eugene Fleming. Mrs. Charles Raven haa been spending a few days at Warren Hast- ings' near^.Depeyster^a* Mrs. Ha*t- An infant *OXL .-sttdghing 9 ^ appropriate pounds was born Tuesday. Jan. 3, to [ ings was ill — • A Mr and Mrs. Ralph Merkley at the t Florence Bailey from Gouvemeur Ogdensburg Maternity hospital. j called on her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mr and Mrs. John Henry and son, Clinton Bailey. Sunday. Harold, Mrs. Ruby Cr t ighton. Mrs. | .ganday visitors at Xury Finleys remarks by Rev. W. F. Clark. An _.—». .. /,«4ifnv f-^^-v**.«.*»*« ,»v« v - original reading entitled New Years RUTH H. GKANDY Hr>. George Van Zandt is ill with Resolutions, was given by Mrs. Orma W CL pleurisy. Smithers: a recitation, Down at Aunt Beailty MOP Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hatch of Rus- - Mary's by Aeolian Truax; commu- Susie Brown and Mrs Mary McFad- Pariora in Roaer'a Depc Store [sell were ^ueets at V. O. Kerr's last' nit >' singing; a comic recitation by Marcello* Manlcmre Sbjunpootnf week. ^ rs - Verna Graham; pantonine. Water Waving Facial Maaaage There will be a business meeting ' Wanted—A Wife, by Mrs. Graham, N. Y. Phone 216-J at the home of Mrs. Eugenia Kerr Mrs. Ruby Creighton, Mrs. Norvin ; casion being a surprise for Mr. and! ' Thursday evening. Jan. 12. McCadam. Misses Irma McQuat and | Mrs. William Henry on the 46th an-! ! The New Year's dance held at Ho-'Carmen Smithers % The program was niversary of their marriage. John' J tei Edwarda drew a record breaking in chargpe of Mrs. W. C. Graham andi and Janies Henry * re sons and Mrs. | crowd. The oreheetra was mostly Ed- Mrs R E - Truax. After the enter- Brown and Mrs. McFadden are sia- Hallesboro.^an. lo.—Tne Home wards bovs and was pronounced: ^ tain mem t a aocUl hour was spent ters of Mr. William Henn* ! were Mr. and Mrs. Shirl Finely from ?** .?. lt A nded . a _ •*/ _°' c ^ ck . d _ iline ! I HeVmon. M«. yohnlKnWrnnd'eiS Lyle, from Soxnerville, Mr. and Mrs. last Sunday, Jan. 1. a: the home of Mr. and Mrs. Janaee Henry, the^-Oc- Eugene Turnbull and Mrs. L». A. r $3.20 DECEMBER paid members cers Co-opera- for 3 per cent 201-210 mile of December, fr pounds with utterfat differ- alent to $3.20 increase of 26 unds over the r. 1926, and is for December leeting of the eld Producers Q, Inc., a reso- imending such iltural law as Dinpt payment alue for cattle ilosis and pro- rreement as to IT* commisaion ke appraiaal — e owner of the ;e and one by P0R2S% MARKET Dies of cheese rmouth, Wis., regular Friday rted that ISO nts and 1,030 there was no sies, no double d no horns. rs reported at xd. They re- ere were 100 ents. The 20 I brought 26 30 horns aoU - HAILESBORO •Ttoe Home wards bovs and was Bureau unit held its monthly busi- pood. Mr. and Mrs Maybe^served an \1. meeting at the home of Mr*. Excellent lunch at midnight n K SoUman last Thursday after- Barton Dulack left Jan. 1 for El- noon' Tne annual elecUon of off!- mira where he will teach the remain- ders also took place for the coming der of the school year yeTr.^e mating w M called to or- Myrtle and Lillian Clark of Ro- ; Washburn from Gouvemeur and Mr. and Mrs. Vred Horton and two daughters. Emory Evans called on Millard Horton Sunday. Mrs. H. Bogfctt and daughter, Su- san, spent Saturday evening at Wel- with stunts and games including the Rev. W. F. Clark has been con ^ popular corn game. Jce cream and ducting a series of special 'prayer '' ^^ WaTp wr 7gbt> cake were served. , meetings in the. M. E. church -this j Mr and Mn H Harvey and A rather bad accident and one week on Tuesday. \\ednesday , children . Margaret and Roger, mo- that might easily have been a very Thursday and Friday nights, serious one happened Thursday af- Heuvelton High school basketball Beauty and peifofniiatice notice costly*-* now within reach of all O NLY §incc tbc advent of the newest Mohawk models at their astoundingly low price* has such perform- ance and beauty as they offer been within the reach of alL Now you can own a Mohawk 6-tube, shielded. One Dial Radio, in a beautiful console at a price un- dreamed of but a short time ago. And, if you like, you can have, too, the convenience of the new Mohawk A. C electric set* for light socket operation at only $110 additional. If^ciudU Costsoie—Rkfc wbbed t piaoo a, with apron <srred, four diapSf patl* f ycotupaft* wim ffofU-refmyrabie with DQut-sn patctWeo ' pesvkcr v wtth I sUk-backed pflL, wttii set comparCmcnc SKCMamodattoa; Mohawk inarsrbiwgfahh battcrf or skimkPgawcrUoit. Price t \—==*i30 #6^90, $OUKK *l«LOO, ^^•. *«^ — o «w — ,.- y.- ternoon at the New York Central team won two games from the De- der at 2:1* by t*e chairman. Mrs. Chester who have been spending tne on gtate gtreet ag ^^ 2:52 pester team last week. .The first B F. Hull, which was followed by holidays at their home here return-^^^ ^^ com ing in from Dekalb ! game wa? played in Ferris hall on & report from the secretary of the e d to their work Uedneaaay , j u Alonzo Townsend who is Wednesday night and WJLC won by a past year's work. The report was: Mrs. H. J. Grant was a Watertown JJ»» R R Truax |Q hig coal , ^^ Qf 15 w ^ 0n ^ iUT ^ y night commented upon and approved. The visitor Wednesday. . r DUJsine88 w^coming down the hill! a return game was played. This was new officers were then elected as Miss Lila Morrow visited Mrs. r. truck load of coal. He saw j a fast and hard fought game and re- iollows Mm. B. I*. SpUman as J&iuiey M 3^^ ^^T^L^r t the train approaching and applied hts suited in a score of 13 to 12. chairman, Mrs Frank Jones. Br.,f Clinton Goodenough of Oouver- J^^ 1 but having no chalna the Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Johnson rice chairman. Neva M Mowat was neur was •fJP d J\^ «\f' ^^L 1 truck slid down ^B hill. The driver' have a young daughter washing V* re-elacted secretary, having h?W «« ^ ^ The United Helpers wi 11 ^ m «J •J^^hen attempted to make the turn to j pounds bom Thursday, Jan. 5th, at office since it was organized. Oct. the homM Mre. F. Casnova *™*7 the left onlo Railroad street but the-, the .Qgdensburg Maternity hospital. 192 5. Treasurer, Mrs. Marvin Day. afternoon. There is sewing to do so ^ rudL ^ kJdded and collided with the Mrs. G. M. Austin was one of the The county Home Demonstration all come. „ f • Agent Mabel M. Milhan. o! Canton, The Uineral of Mrs^ Smith of ^!Sir S j B Thompson of Gouv- South Russell-ras held from .the erneur chairman of executive com- home of her^n. James-Smith. Tue*~ .»» de GRAFF BROS. John Street '.M A' ^. . ™^f-. -'•; •\'-* i 'y& s THE NEW EASY ••. v Jlr-,'\ train. The train by this time was hostesses at the regular meeting of gouiir'slowly and va* brought to a Sive-Kat-Si chapter, D. A. R-, which Sioj^in a very short time. Fortunate- j was held in the chapter room at the mittee of Thecounty. were present, dav morning with interment at Her- J v Mr Townsend was not hurt in the public library in Ogdensburg Tburs- Miss Milhan gave a talk on some of mon Mrs^Smith died at the hos- leas ^ but } h * truck was badly dam-* day. the few^ubjecu that can be taken pital and her remains \were \brought Jff^ l^!-5^i? ,n A^ n lJ ri 2?u t ^ f ^-j r being completely torn off. The wind shield was broken, one front wheel was demolished and the side of the box was split from end to end. An- no the coming yaar. It was decided to the home of her son here. & cSvUfent Kitchen Problem Wiiber La Dar, 17. died at the would -be-^tudied also. The Home home of his sister. Mrs. Mallette, on DecoraUng will be taken up in th^ First Street Tuesday after noon His other tn]ck ^^ came along n*ar future with an all day session home was at Benson Mines wnere tne __„ ^__ „ M ^ _ ,_ with Miss Milhan present. On funeral was held Thursday. He came Thursday of tfci! week the summary hereto visit his sister where he was meeting on the clothing project wiTTstricken and died suddenly. - be held at the home of the clothing Report says that some of our busi- leader Iva Price with all co-operates nese -places are about to change nreaent. * hands. Grant Webb has rented the William McTurk of New York has store Leon Andrews recently built T>een the guest of his -mother. Mrs. and will move his hardware there ueen u-e. F and yr Kubouni will U ke over the Webb garage. Mr. Andrews will dis- POPE MILLS Pope Mills, Jan. 10.—Brier Hill basketball team played a game here with the locals TbunwJay night and and they towed the wreck back so ; were badly beats*-Th* game ended the train could proceed on 4ts way J 35\ to 20 in favor of the home team. The University Extension ,ClOb Quite a large crowd attended. met Thursdav evening with Mrs. j Lawyer Tooley returned home Grace Bourdon. .Thirteen members; Tuesday from Tupper Lake where he J. responded to roll call which was 'has been employed tor the last three- answered by interesting facts. Pa-' years. — \ McTurk, since last Wednes- Jeasie <iay. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leonard and daughter, Katherine, spent Sunday writh Mrs. Leonard's sister, Mrs. Ridlestraker. of Sastorland. Mrs, Henry Smith was taken to the Hepburn hospital a,t Ogdensburg Monday evening by her brother-in- law. Frank Ethridge. Mrs. Wiliia-m Morse accompanied Mrs. Smith. The young pco#e are practicing for four one-act plays which are be- in z sponsored by tne Ladles' Ai<J of the Methodist church. The entertain- ment is expected to talre place \Thursday evening. Jan. 26. pers were read on The Geography of Money\ by Mrp. Blood and on t4 Buddha\ by Mrs. McFadden. A cently bought. All kinds of weather the past week. Plenty of snow .and good sleighing for tvro days then a big thaw and again bare ground. Lum- bermen are gettinc uneasy as all sign* point to an op**n wiDter. the weather prophets say Caterpillars and worms were seen in plenty. Mrs. McKinley Fishel and son, I Paul, have returned home from j Gouvemeur where Paul has been re- I ceiving medical attention. j Mrs. E. R Knowlton was a visitor at James Crawford's Thursday. j Mr. and Mrs. John Rayburn and Question? were discussed and re- 8° D - Claude, motored to Gouvemeur; frf-shments w»-re s^rrt*d. Thursday. JQ i Mr? George Owen of Rensselaer Eugene Murton is the first one in Falls -pen: two days the first of the this locality to k II a beef. w-*k with her .--ousin. Mrs. Winona Earney Kelly has a bad cold 4j Allen Mrs Martha McKay, also of A. Gascon -rrrv.* Saugbesr. Arlie. J Rensselaer Falls. sp»*nt the day. Fri- from the_Bo!ton district were callers IS '-'•' • -~ '^f&jjjm ^ : m m Finished In White Duco Easy To Clean i m£: pose e4 the stock of.groceries he re- Po*» entitled 'Buddha' was read by Mrs. Grace Mayn*\ All joined in sin^inc from the new song books wh.cb were recently purchased. HERM0N I day. with Mrs. Al'K-n. in town Thursday Ira D Bristol who has been sexton' The home of L-n Young narrowly DS (rand) ck or to the y wfll at the Com- n of it. aim to ing A resher aerate :ure a *quent , of Hillf rest ceme'ery the past few i Hermon. Jan. 10.—Melbourne rears and a n^si proficient care- fLuu of Jersey City is visiting his * tak pJ. has given u;r the work on ac- i- I ) Johnson Ga<idis who has been in mother, Mrs. Herb Westurn , poor health for the past two years. Mrs. Ida Giasby of Gouvemeur is is very low at this writing wtth no spending a few weeks in town, hopes of his recovery. t Mrs. Herb Wallace entertained at escaped from being burned to the ground Sunday night when the chimney caucht tre while a raging count of ill health and will be sue- w ind blew from the south. The Are ceeded bv Judson Blair. .was soon extinguished as the neigh- i Mrs Charles Woodside who has bors were plenty and ready to help. The second card party will be beld an 13th. in I. O. O. , — •»• »-«. w \-»^^ wiciii.i.^ •!. - w-d case 0 t quinsev is not improv- T^* second ri Mrs Ella Bowman returned Tuee- her home on Washington street Sat- ift _ murh _ vet .Friday night. J dav to her home at Pulaski after urciaT -The Woman*' Club. ' < Mrs <; r»\ MrBratney who was ^ »*»• ^** Public is cordially in- sponding the holidays with her sis- Herznon High school pUyed their \ * fc ter. Mrs. W. T Clark, also her broth- third league game In the High er. Marvin Day.. (school gym Friday night with Harn- The 4-H club held a meeting Fri- mond. Hermon won by a score of day afternoon at the school rooms j€ to IT. Hermon has won every with nine attending. The girls only league game played tills season and having one hour every two weeks hopes to continue aave advanced greatly in their new rUQe will work Each of the nine cut their own The next league be played at Heuvelton pattern for a kimona drees pattern Tfeey aiao studied the weave of mi- s New game Jan 21. The Order of the Eastern Star and the Masons heid their installation of tartal, difference* between woolen t>nicer% Wednesday night. and^printed material a»d how to *e-~ ~:Bora to Mr and Mr s George lect. Tne next meeting'which will be Gladie. a baby girl, January 4, named the coming Friday as it was voted Harriet Era ~ — to hold weekly ones MtH farther date will be on Posture of his aur: ax Birelow Tuesday. Mrs Pearl Bailey of Gouvemeur spent Sunday la town. Mr* Arthur Mars* and children retun.'K! the forepart of last week to Earl Scr.yjer attended the funeral ! of his an: Gouvemeur Vance and James Hale returned i to Geneva Sunday te resume their duties as rudents in Hoban college Miss Bene BteeJe. teacher of H Mr% Mam* Christinas James Morse of road was a calier weening TV Lady-» Ai after betng H. B paiwua, Mr and tome Day. since befors *p*£t the v YL Heflftllon- at her just recover nc from several weeks. vited. J of poor hei'.th ha? again been ser- Robert Tully who is town collector lously ill w;th the grip. j took in taxes at Ue Ferris store Mrs E B A'.i^r. has been confined Thursday t to tbe hoas^ w:th a hard cold. J Don Crossmoc from Hammond Fk>vd McCadam of Weatdale was *** a recent caller in town • In town F-idav j Snow is becoming difficult for mo- P Hurn^ ii ihe new blacksmith torists. Bom*> drifts have been ahov- in the P C Lake shop Mr. Harae ' *U«£ out „ i and familv orrnpv one of the apart- Miss Faith Cov^ll burned her hand menu over the blacksmith shop. j qoite badly las- week when the Mrs F J Ducett was operated on Christmas trimmings caught fire and by Dr ?**arr.* at the Hepburn hos- »»e was trying to extinguish the pital last w^k Thursday for eye aames I Ducett had b^^r. receiving treat- vvkRTTTKitw ««»mrx-^<i mentP frr-T. T>r Cattley for sevfral OF >°KTHKR3f RBRIDEVTS months fr- a partiaHy paralysed The Ceerr^isioiial Record says nervp of or* *ve Dr Stearns and **** Representative B. H Snell ha* Dr Ca:t>v fr^allv diagnosed the *** ^ the House petition* from case as the'st'-r pare of a small duct. «tti sens of Potsdam, Saraaac Lake ,» Tnf r :^^ ** ».* r ~x tK^ ******** and North Banger nroUeting against on the nerr< raasing tne para.ymia Immediate!T *rt*r the operatiot Mrs Scotch SertAi^imt'i-rilLZ^Ur 4 *!^^;-! a^-*/^ 1 ^ wpr * Du«ct regan«! ner sight scou* setuesnemt «?w* •* *>^t— Q—^.- } mAln ^ J ^ ^ bo^pitaj -jiree days, _^_ . *• - , w r °? returning hoir.^ on Smday and at • k^' 1 ^*?**^ Sorm * i wpmit *• ^^-«^ pr***K is eft = valeting cicely rralk \2?*^- c 9M ^ } * *• Beaxt of Antwerp has rented Mrs Ws Atterson and daughter. jTnereee. and Mrs T S Barber were t caDen in Pyrites Sunday. in town Monday Miss Mary Aiiee •K* yf^wm and North Banger protesting again* the• para Tvaia. ^^ Lankford Sun lay observance bill HAS ~ WONDERFUL HEAT- RETAINING FACULTIES NEW \- OUTER _iTEEL JACKET OVER COPPER TUB ^ t EASY WASHER Free Call u* toxiay and we jnll do your next cashing ^\th the _^»^ Easy Washer in your own hom#—free of charge. YoaH never appreciate what the Easy meant to you until you see it work. THIS WONDERFUL NEW- MODEL WASHES FASTER, • flAS 1 ' A NEW CUPS WITH GREATER SUCTION !• ti JT«R l:k. • 'hi — 11 The protests were referred to the WQ# re- * cots mittee wbtch has) charge e/f the hill. t+\& its \1» kMte of Mra wtth n-n Jtrt Wednesday after- wTLUAll PRATT. 6. IS j JN SERIOUS C0KDIT10N Mr and Mrs S Edison and as cra - ter. Gertrude were cailen in Ed- wards Scnday A Gran re dance WSJ held Granre hai; FT:day n.rht. in .» * -• r-rrormed n» am** MOEX8E PLATh> GO FAST Cantoa Jan. II—A report tmz W.msn: M^ade h«ad of the actos^ t:> h^r^ai ir -the S- Lawrsr-e ^ir\*: r.*> --*rry coart be use s ta Of^«a«tz~r c- 5*:- r^a* *-hs *a> o*. license the aperarcs >r.m« *a>:d:y than die* the sa> of the by U. Grant C Xvi~l ; atea William PraxL a*-; «rx ^ar« scr (x Mr. sad Mra Fre^i Pnt: :'. Vatmra Dam maderwrn: ,.- ^-i-.,c-. *?p-adlcstn a: Uft A o ;---* koenttal a part of tt* P*ewton rmrar# on Rrr- ers)d«» ai-ettTi* for a shop and is pr*- par?-4 to o> apboltterinr and a.. k-n-d* cf ftsrritnr* repaar.nr. H^ sfc-srd r*c*iT* m liberaJ patmtare as ther» has b*«^c nc on* her* for a ;:cV- of r**r* *k: d:<Z that k!rd nf T?7t S>d Wm U-* FCT+ *±+ P*Op> wi: 2 s p?r*-r. at * t h e cor rwz : &tr+ Sore Throat Is Dangerous H^ 5 ail the above features in addition to the former •\••\\^^^••^aw^Msw^s^^\'\ ~* - ^ls^S''^a*^av- - -^i^ss^^sssaa^saa---—««^^sam^s^sL«-^au-—^a*-™-^av ,*m* *< m> —•'•-• — •. —. —^_^_ 1 —,. [ir K . m .. t Itm ,„,^ „, w .— ., —.— advantages at no extra cost to yon New Models flow On Display ten thai it .« • Is gaing mere Mr% Tx>z ; a*fi^ *ore throat leads to :.-a*..st.s ecar^t diph-Jier-x 7%l- Thoxin* a fa 112 t»ed as tr^-b> w*th <vr,# o: Ira D Br**/vl the aew tewi; #;«rk has :p<r^ed ai off.ee it the red f-*it , ****4vf»t wh.^k was ocr«p4ed hv T^r%6 Sc far T.Ut <rf th# lr.e4t plates Rounds for selling farm tapie«eau f>— ^isaaan =*« aavs been ittaaosid Mr Rownds ha* stored hij stock of cf wmo» agprsxlsmatejy l,ga# eoav naarh:a«ry tor the preseet bwt es- ^^2^ ****** ^^ *•** **y**r__ i P*r--» ^o rsc^ea ia aaether koesulox cars :hM yaar * abort 1H| 1*4*4 of iast years an** a: the rnneap.arflu ^ pc»re Jwtiee ef the -ttflta says Mr **— ^ ara i* kavtrc i^cSooi phvmciar * ;-*%c* pttem. wtifh -<t often 9 er on* u •e***nl beeaQse :t warkf -r*.pie—frees &r+rx to r~a~hed by rara>s a-ai *>£+* aaeT hrtacs T*te4i a%oney back carkablr * on s z*<* th* rmase z pateet w~.Lfci£ OB# rvt!*rT ic— * the work Coxta»sj sc iroa. ehiorjofor m or otk»r karsfsi dra#a, ftaie-aad smrs — pleasasf tc rake mach kitisir thax farf.ea. Ash tar Thastaa. Xfct, ie< and II »• Aoetwy Taa flftrhs 4 CarLs aad n£ r> d ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY UTILITIES, M Light Phone B8 Heat t 3T -> • rv .~ 7&* 3 • z is>'V^hl5i^ir **

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