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~t rv' EKHT -4- S- GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS >H>NESOAY. JANUARY II. 1928 & L--J * rf> > ^ • ** DAVID BAVffiS MRS. HAHE IS \ MES, AGED 69 LAID AT REST fmwm RidwSt a*d Dckaft Reridciii F»eral Service* HeM at Farm H > -,|M Away b B»ntt» Rapt**, I — Dea * rf ***** ^ Wfi O^, ArW U»f Kaowa at Btfefew ?jat' JUcarflle. /an. 10.—A 14 H pound BiKelow. Jan lu. —The funeral <>f v-a>- -4,i „- K~_~ *~ M- *,w4 M«. - Mr *- M V. Haile was largely attend- Wby atrl waa born to Mr aixJ Mr* ^ from ^ hoiwe vt>tlnwl|Uyi Jan . John MaMm of the River road early 4 j^g HeV a^n©,^ 0 f t h<- Rj c h- Moodjiy morning. Mrs Master* and ville I'Diied church spoke of the high fcabj ar* ai the YOUBK ho*piuU in ^tt^m in wfak-h iihe *<« h«ld hy *^^ neighbor* and friends. Oti account of uouTerneur , ^^ ^^^ ^ ea th*r many were un- „Th<? deaf mute** of Mai«ema came able t( , alt ^ u d. but manv beautiful to Rtdmlle U«t Tu^day evening fl 0 wer» mt . re >^ n t from \ her many and played the Ru-hville Hi*h school f nt . nc i* Th e lx-<m i> were M K. team with a result of 32-23 in tavor j C) hns*m. Ji«-ruiett Joiie*. Canon Of the visiting team. 'i Leonard and Will Parker, her older The town tnarn Htrupr^l^d through m-ighbnr*. Tho*«- from out of town the snow and ice lo Harrisville last were. Mr. and Mn Donald Day of Wednesday/ eTenins and^ i>layedm at los- Syracuse Mr and Mrs Perly Fair- hv lug game. Mrs. Henry'~Grey\'T 3r^ rr Hepburn hospital but it is hoped will soon recover. Mr and Mrs. E A Royie of Hus- »ell were week-end j?ue>*..s of M r> Rorce's father. David Jon*^ - Mr. and Mr*. Royce are rx>oniing in Can- ton for three weeks while *fr ittsjAce ia working with the Refund commit- tee. banks of Kukomo. Mr and Mrs. .XlUoi i-^airbankN of H»Tiiu»ri. Mr and ^lr^ t'. V I-ittt 1 of ixkafb Junction. | Mr and Mrs Karl Scripter of St. * R*-jris and >»v« ral men of Canton. friend* of County Clerk Haile. who canu- to show their re>pect • to the family, and several had often visited >im HaiU- when her h-on came home and enjoyed her hot^itality. Mrs. H&Ue will be missed by her neiRh- ! bors to whom she Wcis a faithful friend She had a host of friend* 3J&^*- : Mrs. Clara Nightingale pleasantly 4 .e^tenaiped ^eral wom.enat her /^^ ^^ih^'zuv* teihk~beie±\*d home Tn Willow street TastTue83ay fiinil j v afternoon. { . |N*r^>ruil \ot#>». _^— Ulm Kattifl Maxson of Cla>ion U^ ^^ stanch M:u-k of Coin-nhagen •laiting her sister. Mrs. August is AiMUUp at lhf , nome 0 f Der broth- i er. E. E. Mack .Mi>s Ruth ('.reenhill. teacher of Richtrr * The United Circle will serve a zo cent supper in the basement of the Baptist church Thursday evening of thia week The public is cordially invited. Choir rehearsal will be held at the .parsonage. The following magtunes were con- tributed to the Library last week by Mlaa Etta Barber: 1 Strand. 4 Wo- man's Companions, l Saturday Eve- Osborneville. spent the week-end at her home here Mrs. Ida 01a>by of Oouverneur is' visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs Will Parker Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hall. Jan. 3. at the Seaker hospital at* Gouverneur. a son. Mrn. Hall was formerly Agnes Leonard, daughter of, Mr. and Mrs Jud Leonard of C.reen--^ with. Conn. Mr. and Mm. Hall's £ ft: «ning Post, 10 Travels. 1 New Eng , , , \land. 1 Health CuIt' U reTTTrlSjl~LW=^^y Ixiends _are congratulating ille's magazine?. 1 Book Lover s mag- ihv ™ \V™ thlft ha PP>* eve \l- w „ maine. 1 Record of Christian Work. v A *•• D * xl */ of Rensselaer Falls and one year of Cosmopolitan maga- ^ as opened a feed store in the Owen T ^^^ _ _ Jones coal shed near the railroad «m J ™». .. J «* »r.w * 'track and farmers are giving him a Floyd Gillette and Evan Thorny , jberal patronage. Ed Planty is as- Jury duty at Canton this - teting Mr . De Xte r. ~\ Mrs. Arthur Newrlne Is having the | chicken pox. Relative* and friends in this com- Everett Campbell of Watertown munity were shocked to hear of the visited at the home of Clvde Dash- are on -.week. David B. I>*vW Itte*. death of David B Da vies, former resident of Urt* place. His death oc- jcmred early Saturday morning, De- «emher 3isC^ at.his home in Bur- ritta Rapids, Ontario. Woods, Fri- naw and his uncle, F. J day. Mr. and Wrft^S Jones and daugh-'f ter of Syracuse who have been vis- iting the home folks returned Mon- He had been in poor health for day to Syracuse. my rear*, but death came rather Mrs. James Taitt and Miss Wilcox f auddesly. jof Gouverneur visited the school her*. Thursday morning he samplained Friday. Miss Wilcox who is librarian of intense pain through his stomach ?/ the Gouverneur library, gave a and asked his wife to call some one Imle talk on Jjer visU to England. la. Jn a short time he went into «pecliny~Gray • ^uridl place. Mm. unconsciousness and never came to. Taitt presented the school with sev- His children and sister were immed- eral interesting and useful tnaga- ia-tely summoned and were at his **nes. The ladieT were much pleased bedside when he died. Mr. Davies wiln tile * ork °*«** «y the children would have been 69 years of age the and the children and teachers ap- 4th day of April. predated the visit of Mrs. Taitt and i«^™^;\?th^^ *• ^^ine received 1 to this country with his parents, Mr. -. rtwi »>,_. 0 K «K« K«.. V«^ K*^« K^ -«> \M~. r^Xr, ii, k «.i AU „k fl « ^»,w. ^ or \ that a baby boy had been born and Mrs. rwan Davies. when only. p. ic.u IA^ .* >,«. „^^ xt _ Emma Patterson who survives, .rlth forTnti vi T Marearet NVwvine. lour children. . Jamw Dane*. Mrs. Jajlpt . r Dav who ^^ ffiadt . h , 8 ' .home fnr Thf past twn y»nr'>^ifh-Mf. ^nd ^Ir^ John llauiilton. died at the hnme »>f his daughter in Hammond Saturday. Dec\.\ \3 1. Mr. Pay was well known here for he .worked on the road during 19 2 6 ih* was a great singer and at the Christmas tree ©*- ereises of 1925 at the school delight- ed the'children as well as grown ups by his recitations and songs. He had many friends who will be sorry* to learn of his death. He will be Cecil Morris. Miss Edith Davie* \vt •Ottawa and Juhn Dm i\s who resided . a>t home- Mr. Davies followed the black- * ^ainith trade for several years in Kichville and Dekalb and when he moved to Burritts Rapids he contin- ued the work until hhi health failed —- and it waa then taken up by his youngest son. John Davies. Besides Ilia immediate \fa-mily Mr Davies is - ^arrived by a sister. Mrs. Joshua Jonea. of Gouverneur. who was with greatly^ missed in the home of Mr. him at the time of his death. His Hamilton where he was as one of the oldest ahsteaV-Mra. David Jones, died_faft»4y i\Z-£ „ 10 rears ago. , ; ^ ; ~ Funeral sendees were held from*—-~~ DTTCCri I .*?•'*• the late home January 2 at 10:30 KUddLLL , . «L nuand burial made at Kernptville.; Russell, Jan. Id.—The snow haa tie waa a man who had many nearly all disappeared in this section friends la thia vicinity and where and we are enjoying the warm weath- &e had made his home in later years er which is very unusual for this time wiio will aadly regret Ms death and of year. who extend aincere sympathy to Mrs. Sarah Dodds is seriously ill tfeose who are left to mourn his loss, 'at her new home in this village* Harvey Price has purehaaetTa new radio. , AUah Andrews who has been a 4*echer on Long Island for a number of year? is spending the winter with his sister and brother here. Edmund Chase is attending Pots- dam Normal school this year. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Scott are A . . *wi„^. o^.,^ €^ .w^ again located in their home after re- ihl* ^ Clttr VA™ 1 **-~ fOT . ^ ree PaintffiT the^r bous* which recently %£££? rtwfv^mi^n ^T up Mrs. Scott is an invalid and had Herbert Dewey, marshal!, C. \ M ^ carr4ed OBt from the flamejL lB0taU. At the ItoAtaJlaUon of Masonic of- laat Thursday night. Horace iB. Gardner waa installing officer. 4 \The Qffioera were: Worthy Master. .l^Ciare Conklin; senior warden. E. Bmrr Hurlbtit: junior Warden, W. J Tan Namee. treasurer. O. B. Hurl- but *-secretary. William Keyes; tyler, lEus* White; aenior master of Kvan Thomas; junior master ol cere- mony. Lester Overacker. .*• The following Stars were also in- stalled: Matron. Harriet Van Namee: assistant matron. Edna Gardner; patron, Harlow Van Namee; treasur- er, Libbie Thomas; secretary, Har- riet Spooner; correspondent. Hazel \Van Namee; assistant correspondent. ff 1 ?/ 11 ^!' Sh * * nd Mrs Sco *t m *^re kindly cared for a few days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Myron Given. DC. Bancroft has returned from a Visit with friends at Cranberry Lake. George L. Tan Ornuxn is at Cantos this week a* a jury man. , The Httle daughter of Mr 'and Mrs. ' W. L. Weeks is recovering from a serious attack of croup. BeOe Wood; chaplain, Ada Palmer; ^ Jars. Ella Cobb is spending the win- •oolor hearer. Mary Allen; marshall. ter with a friend at Gouverneur. Oertrade Ri&i; Points, Ada, IJary Ifarrey Price spent Sunday after- JFmataav; Rath, Allie Leonard; Be- noon with. Walter Van Omnm. ther. Ella Gillette; Martha. Vivian Miss Bessie Wilcox of Benson Overacker; Xlecta, Lain MdDlure; , Mines u viaitinl in town. -w*r4e». Btkel WUlard; setianel. Alex Mr. and Mra. A. B Shaw are enjoy-; ^•rClure; trustee for three /ears.»log riUare life having recently sold Heme Bienville Home Bmreau held iu sssaaal election of officers Friday. Jaaaary ath. The following offlcari ware elected: Cavairman. Mrs. Carl- ton Spooner; vice chairman. Mrs Irving Johnson: secretary and treas- «rer. May Seavwy. The secretary** report shewed that there had been It members the past year and M Seventy-tour chairs their farm to George Dodds. Will Hepburn had the misfortune to fall and break his wrist last week. SPRAGUEV1LLE .-- w Spragsevitte, Jan. 10.—Mm* Eva- bei Wordem was out of school the past week entertaining chicken pox. Mrs H. J Myers waa UJ W*ater- towx iast Thursday Tbe Progress Club will meet this and manv baskets ***** Thursday at 2 p. m with Mrs. ' TtoUWL g^* Hadat . ipteted the work of the J * r Harold Jonea spent Sunday in projact in the spring sad cat Gowvemeur At the fall mWlnri MrVk Prank!in Coolidge who haa sf switahtt clothes waa sis- **\•* quite ill with tonsilitis at her IS home or Church street * some bet- Dvtmg the past year a rita- ^^ _ M in a store Mr% Bohart Mtnx.ck is eoatmed sy the dasa tn aatrtt*oa ** ^* bouse with ax attack of nvea- the _ , at Canton Mr *- A Mr * Henry r&iiar and er. The BiehvUst society Aaurtter Mary of Theresa were il as each member Sua-lay raliers ^ towx also Mr and a Mff interest. X™ Caarlea \fSar? of LaParrevilia D C Palmer hare^ f •* Hj ^ 1 ^°*? o_:_ Ha^boro _ A ^ery t&pr.ssi n s«?rrice Thelc A: ib* M K. eharrh Sunday following ofVen ft the Bpyror^M Lasrs* ay m« r«^«r Mr% D M iCi:: TA- PT-**±*ZI, M^f TVntaJe s< Phfindal trw: <<* p-ea.iest. Jcr&e Lrvr» La Tack, eecoc r*+ rrasifest. nz'Jt KeOoaT 2: / • , 13TH ANNUAL PRE INVENTORY SALE 8 - BIG BARGAIN DAYS - 8 Friday, January 13 - to Saturday, January 21 We are not superstitious in any way, for the past year whkh culminates in this thirteenth Pre-InventorySale has proren to be one of the best which we have ever experienced, and the sale will start on Friday, the thirteenth, regardless of the apparent combination of unlucky days and numbers, We appreciate the patronage of the public the past year and before we take our annual inventory, we wffl pass 011 to trar many patrons many real money-saving opportunities in our effort to clean our stock of the winter merchandu* which should have been moving much faster if we had been experiencing regular winter weather. Our stock b too large to inventory to advantage and we are bound to reduce it during this big eight days' sale. ' As we have so many special Hems of unusual value in our mammoth stock we cannot enu merate them all, but quote you just a few of the big specials which we will offer. Your past experience at our sales wiB justify a visit to our store at this time, and it will pay you to make a special effort to be here and secure your share of the bargains. s In Our Men's Department We Have Purchased 1500 Dress Shirts Of genuine English broadcloth in plain white, blue, tan and stripes, with or without collars attached in sizes 13]/-} to 17J/2- This is the best shirt purchase which we have ever made and the values are .guaranteed at from $TW$4.W each. As weThave bought these at • such a favorable figure, we are going to place them in this sale at only $l^SOlEach Men's Four Ear Lapper In Our Ladies' Department We will offec in this department the two biggest leaders we have ever made and which has never been duplicated in the North Country. •- 1 AB of Our ies', Misses' and Children' Heavy wool caps with fur trimmed lappqrs, the original values being from $1.50 to-$2:00 each will be placecl in our IJthPre-Inventory Sale at only j . 75 Cents Each Thk b the greatest opportunity ever offered to die people of this vicinity to secure high grade merchandise at saving prices. . - We will also make a straight 20 PERCENT REDUCTION , on all of our Men's, Boys' and Children's CLOTHING, SHOES, FURNISHINGS 10% R^fiiction Also made on every pair of our Men\ Ladies* and Children's Rubber Footwear l<*r 1 Just One-half of Former Selling Price JEy_ery Coat in our big stock is indued in this offer, not one will be reserved. \ Also AH of Our SILK, WOOL and JERSEY At Just One-half From Original Low Prices These special offers mean a big loss to us, but we wish to show our appreciation of the past year's business and also desire to reduce our big stock. IOC Modart Corsets __ To be sold at just One-half price All other grades of corsets and also merchandise including Piece Goods/ Furnishings Sweaters, Shoes and Dresses J -\ \ * \will be subject to a ___. , . 20% Discount I — i fl IN|,OUR UPSTAIRS BARGAIN DEPARTMENT U .cabas « v* You are al aware *f the •erchaWbe which we hare heea *ierkf • this • m **t m Ntrfen R ew YarL h aifibM te the afceai? ^«W w#yl Oer al •! the ••ihaain at J^ k^wa as the greatest special which hare prtnfcl * this 15 \Per Cent Reduction * M X A SOL KAPLAN'S Department Stdre, CHnton Street Reaeaber the site, JANUARY 13 trSWARY «l f wmi plu t» attcal Ab ffrcrtnt al al PRJUfYDTTOtY SALES at theKapki Stare. ~> ^i .4P--•-*•

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