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*«*: :tV v.* j r? ; r-«^*»u- ,<i»y r . • FOUR V^'ir* \ff^v *- i \'IT**\ 7 rF ^5v^r*w ^.*^^r^; :#K<v • * 4 •yr iter ^>jfi;-«^^ *SE 3 «\. '1 • s * GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS gm gnw lb If IS by fe. O. Parker STORY WBONB8DAT X W.liJaiUaa. Bditor * Publisher $5 ; <r+jJ9L DougUs Johnson. Associate Editor «sf- J ^ !* > , SUBSCRIPTION RATES H*£* **• fl.ls, • moa. 7Sc, ' mos. *0c ^UJtetOMil as second-cUs* mall matter ?/\ Telephone 100 . OOOLXDGE IX HAVANA President Cooiid*e in his address to the Pan-American Congress as- oambled In Havana has once again broa*ht the Monroe Doctrine before tbe people of the world. Without tbreats or gestures the president prom^ed that America would guard the interests of her sister republics to the south when it comes to ag- gression or coercion on the part of gtrong European powers. the testing uatH the fall of the year when new contracts will be made with their tenant*, and when pro- vision for the teating ran be made. W. S. BRISTOL DIES SUDDENLY JMM GnJum Ala* Expire* at HMBC New Hereto*—Saak folds * WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18. 1927 NEW HOME OF LOOM1S TALC CORPORATION DEKALB .JUNCTION »^*«£*^^^ Dekaib Junction, Jan. 17.—Leelle' HH^SL ^JiJS 1 ^ *}l^ tT *T?I' S^ ol J?Il a * d *!»• William Miles, preeeat and a er, Mrs. Herbert Rice; librarian, Mrs. j There were over 40 Heuvelton. Jan. 17.—The death of Win field S. Bristol occurred sudden- ly at his home here Sunday morning, Jan. 8th. at 3 45. Mr. Bristol had j not been feeling well for a day or i two but his condition was not con-, aidered at ail serious. At 3 he took his medicine but soon afterwards be-' gan to breathe in an unusual way Mrs. Bristol who wan alone with him became alarmed and went to call her nearest neighbor and the doctor but 1 4 L Rasev and Flovd 8 Pow»u w*r« 7 V . \• \ CI «^»«- *%*w, xynm .t ML*£2? to S21 W 5K Sff Vfi^ fir? B^il^JSS^ Mr l V « UU «\\ : *\\* —*'\ ! — ••\ ™ — iXP-*-* 1 and Mrs. Harry taoder and Mrs. Claren Rensselaer Falls Elmer Hice of Eddy on Wednesday. J^^fbJ^^l.ltini u!°m Carri * ^hnm>n. Everett Mile.. Roy JtBCUoB.bH been ritlting Mr. and. Typ^, Following the buaiseaa ' aeaalon an impromptu program wti baaineaa caller in town Wedneaday. I * lreD * nd r »<™ h ™*<* wer« aerved. Lyle Tupoar returned Thuraday • Samuel Roblnaon of Canton passed from a week'a vlak at Ormatown. I Thuraday in town with Mrs. Helen ™ -......-......„ _ r . ©nulla Haven; «book commKtee. | and they were presented with a* am- £/Jw.?d^Zd Mr I Mr * FI °y d PDW « U - *«• B - & RWey. broidered InDcheon WL ,W ** m and Mr and Mra M /\ I ! 05r T ?'\ w ' Mr ? J L Carney; fh ou»e in Second ati administration co Mrs. Andrew Hitchcock William Bell of Heuvelton was a Quebec. Miss There** Murphy of Hogans- burg was the suest of her sister, Mrs. George VanDelinder, part of the wet»k Mrs. Cora Wilson is passing the week at Deneure* Corners with Mrs O. W Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Neil Bodette of Big- elow were recent guests of Mr. and * The new office building In upper East Main street now occupied by the M,^ Frank Dewey he was beyond human help before w - H - Loomis Talc Corporation. It is built entirely of steel aod \Loomite ' - — she left the house * new building material developed by the Loom is company Construction of n**- a8 com P* ete( i this winter and the Loomis offices, which formerly were. 0 ^^ located at the rear of Mr. Loomis' residence, were removed to it. The Loomis company owns and operates extensive talc mines n the town of Fowler. moved froj) hie K« « - TV. rrHv *** •^ 5 tf: \t«< the edge of the 'vliuie. hU Um ben THce. Barrell Huntress. Mrs. 1 Arnnnw thftl4fl whA m _ nt M Among those woo are 111, are lira. E. H. Dever, Samuel Elsey and Henry Needle. Ceylon Reed of Hermon is work- ing in E. M. Woodward's barber shop during Mr. Needle's illness. u*. . . , Mrs. Homer Powell is visiting her ,neiafl - - * - j daughter, Mrs. Thomee Kerr r a t Charles Dasarmu of Watertown Poughkeepsie. passed the week in town with Mr i Misses Margaret Woodward, Lo- and Mrs R. E. Nadon. He left Mon-I «Ua Lobdell. Watie Fairbanks, Eun- day for Ottawa, Ontario. j ice Holland and Agreta Miles were Amos Hardy of Gouverneur passed home from the Potsdam Normal over Wednesday in town with his brother, the week-end. William Hardy. j Edward M Woodward was a huai- Mrs Isadore Cunningham under-! nes\s caller at Canton Friday, went an operation at the Hepburn j Mrs. James Tanner passed 8atur- hospital at Ogdensfourg Saturday. day at Petsdam Normal with her sia- Mr and Mrs. George Gibbons have ter, Mrs H. Jebo. WED He was born in the town peyster Dec. 20, 1851, and was one of the four children of Edwin and «« 4u.»ni.n. In th* Marv ^rtridge Bristol. A sister no Jingoism in the ... wk __ BKA ___ v _ np preaident's tf^eecn. He talked calm- died when she was a young child and a brother, Mansneld Bristol, died a ty and sanely of the problems^of the 1 few years ago. On March 21, 18 72, Fan-American— and promised our. *• WM married to.Miss; Kmnia Turn- * ^ A . , s \ A . ier. They continued to live in Depey- jidjn the solring of them. America gUr for a few yeaTlJ after thelr mar . an dor stands these problems aa norlage, then moved to a farm which they bought between Dekalb June- Mrs. Winifred Haven U visiting her daughter, Mrs. William Brownell at Potsdam. Mrs. Raymond Rice is entertain- Mrs. Lorana Law, other nation does. Many of our in- Jtcreata are bound up closely with thoee of the smaller republics to the to nth. To a great extent their deals and ours are the same. We strive, often enough, for the same goal. It la lucky, however, that the crackling of machine gun fire in Ni- caragua was not heard in the assem Diy hall In Havana. Lion and Canton. They came to this village Nov. 1, 1912, and have re- Mrs. Myrtle Fleming of Dep^yster Wallace is staying for the present with Mrs. Winflel(i Bristol. Mrs. Winona Allen received word of the death of her nnclf» r Leonard Burton, of Dodge City, M^nn., and his burial on Jan. 6th. Mr. Burton was the last one of a large family. First and second degrees were con- and granddaughter Lou of Gouverneur also Mr Mrs E G. Howe of the town. , Mrs. Henry Fuller of Theresa spent Thursday with her aunt. Mrs. funeral ajuElnf, at which Rev. Boyle Sherman Gates. j officiated. The service will be held The four one-act plavg that are Sunday, Jan 22, at 2:30 o'clock Miss Elisabeth Ross passed Thurs day at Gouverneur. l moved from their Gibbons street resi- Tuesday afternoon a business dence to the house in Main street meeting of St. Agatha's Gui|>d of St. which he recently purchased from Johns Mission was held at the home George VanDelinder. of Mrs. E. B. Lee. Rev. V. O. Boyle, • At the election of officers of the' ing her mother pastor, was present. A report of the Home \Bureau Thursday afternoon, j of Edwards. year's work was given and plans the following were elected to office: The remains of Miss Marion Mur- were made for the coming year. , chairman, Mrs. Amy Lobdell; rice | phy whose death occurred at Boeton The regular Sunday service was chairman, Mrs Loella VanDelinder; , from pneumonia arrived here Friday not held this waeek on account of a secretary. Mrs. Leafy Wainwright; and funeral services were held from assistant secretary. Mrs. Leta Top-1 the-home ~of her parents, Mr. and P*»r; treasurer. Mrs. Eliaa Gilmour; j Mrs. Edward Murphy, Sunday at 1 t assistant treasurer, Mrs. Laura > o'clock with the Rev. F. M. Harvey sided here since then. Mr. and Mrs. ( ferred on two candidates at the Bristol had two children, Alton, who j Grange meeting last Saturday night, lives on the farm, and Ethel, who j Lisbon High school and the local being put on by th** young people Tb* annual meeting of the Dekalb Green. There will be a special meet* | of the Methodist church officiating. for the benefit of the Ladies' Aid of Library association was held in the Ing In the Home Bureau rooms Burial was made in the East Dekalb the M E. church w.11 take place Home Bureau rooms Tuesday erening Thursday. Jan. 19th. for a food dem-, cemetery. Miss Murphy was 38 Thursday, Jan. 26, at the Universal- wltn an attendance of 22. Reports onstration given by the leader. Mrs years of age and has resided at Boa- w ?re fciven and Mrs. Herbert Rice James Tanner. , j ton for several years. She is sur- FINCHOT ON POWER In an article on another page of this issue of the Free Press Mr. Gif- ford Pinchot, an authority on natural Teeources of the United States, died Sept. 19, 19 06. He was an at- tendant at the Presbyterian church and had been the tenor singer in the choir for about ten years. He leaves a large circle of friends in the church ^««4 community AB4 in the other . places where he has lived who deep- j ly regret his death. He is survived • bv his widow, his 3on, Alton Bristol, high school basketball teams played a league game in Ferris hall last Sat- urday night. The result was a score of 22 to 14 in favor of Heuvelton which gives our team third position in the league and meaas a chance to win the championship. Another game was played the same evening between the Black Cats and the Old two grandsons. Leland Bristol, in the Dekalb te^m which was a victory for t*. S. Military service in Virginia. , the Black Cats. These two teams had but at present home on a-Xgrlough,. played one game before w&idi was and Albert Bristol, one brotner, Jo- > won by Old fJbkalb. siah Bristol of Depeyster. The fun- i Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Connolly and touches upon a point in the water eral was largely attended at his late R. L. Mayne motored to Adam4~and ist church. The casts are as follows: '.Too Much of a Good Thing\— Mr. Perkins. Kenneth Price; Tom Perkins, Carrol Puffer; Fred Schuy- ler. Don King; Mrs Perkins, Iva Price; Hattie Perkins. Ala Jones; Nellie. Perkins. Ida Price; Eunice Bowles. Bella McTurk; Jennie Cow- per. Eleanor Mannine Polly. Ethel Lansing was elected a trustee for a term of five years, to succeed Mrs. Vernilla Haven. Tile book circulation was: adult fiction. 31S2; juvenile fiction, 1S32; adult non-fiction, 495; juve- nile non-fiction. 243. Ther^ are now 5.0U0 volumes in the-Jibrary and 50 new books are soon to be ready for circulation. There has been ai in- nower controversy which has been sufficiently stressed heretofore. Mr, Pinchot points out that one of the chief reasons why private inter- eats are fighting against public de- reiopment of water power is that no i home on Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock. Rev. A. G. Bowering of the Presbyterian church officiated and Mrs. Mywuv Alayne sang a solo. \Abide With Me.\ The bearers were R. ~L. —MayiH*, Robert Graham. Charles Barker. Stephen Traynor, spent part of Thursday and Friday with Mr. and Mrs. N. M Connolly. Mrs. Charles Thraves.of Fernwood spent several days in town visiting old friends. Sunnyside Rebekah lodge held its Tegular meeting Tuesday evening and afterwards enjoyed a social evening Byron Hurlburt and Eugene Gray j^ower companies now operating do : The remains were placed in. the vault, with cards. Ten tahlea wer^ played not waffl any public corporation set at Fairview cemetery at Canton. i Claud H. Preston has been reap np that will sell electric power and I*ath again visited our communi- poi ? n l . e <* R\! l ? ia \ t > f r -. •,?'-.*.»• ... „ . # . xy Tuesday Jan 10, at 11 p m.l John Delair, who is employed as a with eight present besides the two so allow comparison of prices. j wn en James' Graham passed away at ^etion hand on the New York Cen- leaders who sprang a surprise upon It is easHy understood why power nis home on the Rouiston farm. He , tral railroad, was Injured Thursday the members. ,A test examination companies don't want the state or had been in failing health from heart i morning while working with an ex- was given of 10 ^pestions to be ans- government to put a price on electric^ trouble for about a year. Last' L ra . V 1 ** at the light house slip in wered of the work just completed. ••piease^Pass The 'Crt-am\—Mrs/ crease of 72 borrowers. The library Clark. Eleanor Mannme; Mr. Clark. , wlU be open on Saturday afternoons Charlea Doane, - j from cow on. The offirer* are: \Stage .Struck\—Adelaide. Ida President, Mrs. J. L. Carney; vice Price: Mamie. Bella McTurk. i \The Pull Back\~-Mrs. Oldstyle. Mrs Hazel Tuttle; Mrs Senseny. Ala Jone.*; Gertie Plant. Eleanor Man- ning; Henrietta Pr.de . Ida Price; Adelaide Pride, Bella McTurk; Lou. Ethel Lansing. J. H. Gaddis' condition remains about the same but slowly growing weaker. The summary rne^ting of the clothing project was held Thursday afternoon at the home of Iva Price Mr and Mrs. John Prouty of Eben vived Ly her parents, a sister. Miss were over Sunday guests of Mrs. i Margaret Murphy, and a brother, Raymond Rice. j Earl, all of this place, also three Mns Millard Wainwright enter-j other brothers, Frederick of Spelton, tained the following women at bridge 1 N. J., Samuel and Harold of Spring- Friday afternoon: Mrs. A. C. Farr. j field, Vermont. Mrs \George F. Green. Mrs. Anna! A special meeting will be held in Haven, Mrs Charles MacGruer. Mrs. j the Gilmour garage Thursday eve- Frank ThomhiU. Mrs, Roy Tapper,; ning. Jan. 19th. at 8, to e)ect a fire and Mrs Henrietta Thomas. j commissioner to take the place of the A surprise party was given by the late Dr. E M. Cole and transact any members of the Home Bureau in ; other business that may come before their rooms on Thursday evening in j the meeting. Hi •pent city A Mrs don Mi who week Mr lage she \ Th club of M Hi has t past Th partj of U mrr* A Trini micip Jan. Mi is sp of h thon A eater Fore turn M Adaz Mrs. Ing t M Cope gues in G A Met* tural ttyst Tl anot Grar need Pi- i •, jpower. . The price that would be quoted would be bound to be greatly below those now being charged by tlie power trusts. The comparison would^be extremely odioee—to those who are today making such huge profits and % who want to strip the public of waterways which can be turned into power -development cen- Mrs. ^spring he was obliged to seU his dairy and give up all hard work. Mr. Graham had lived alone since the death of his wife eight years ago. until a short time ago when his niece, | Mrs. Etta Carter, came to Btay with ' him on account of his serious illness. H* was born Jan. 14. I860, on the j farm now owned by Mrs. Allen Bill. on the Dollar road: the son of James' , and Mary Beatty Graham. He was ; the seventh child of a family of 12,, Hailesboro. Jan. 17—Mr and | eight brothers and four sisters. His Mrs. Wehster Baker of Barnev street Ogdensburg. A large timber fell. The one holding the highest mark striking him on the head and cutting was to receive a prize which was won a deep gash. Ho was removed to the by Mrs. Myron Lamb, havmg a mark- Hepburn hospital but was able to re- of S5. The reward was a Home Bu- iurrr to* hv# home here Thursday reau pin. The ladies were then in- night. , vited to the dining room where Mrs Lester Rickett and Miss Bes- Goodnough and Price served Home consisting of HAILESBORO term. George Yoirng is quoted by Mr.'. enlire ^ wa8 &P«nt in this vicinity Gouverneur. were Sunday guests at Pinchot « favoring *overnment*l \^ '?[„! t l w ; , ^^ en u h f *\ *\• ? J ak . e . r l s ..5 rolher ' Frank .Jon«. control over dams built to stop pos- sible future floods. And the gov- ernment, of course, wants to utilire the water power at these points to develop power. And it is for this •ery reason that the power interests are fighting tooth and nail against the passage of any v bill which will allow such a~sensible tfeint; as this. If there is a man in the country who has made a thorough study of water power It is Gifford Pinchot. He has studied it from a disinterested ataaCpoint and he has come to the conclusion that the welfare of our at Richville and Dekalb He was $r.. and family. sie Rickett have been quite ill with Bureau refreshments tne E r 'P- _ j sandwiches and-Parker House rolls, cut of whole wheat flour with a nice salad, also shown b>* Miss Brewer at the vegetable demonstration, also tea and cocoa. A pleasant time was had and much^ credit is due to the two clothing leaders whom have giv- en so much time to the work. married about 30 years ago to Miss Charles Reynolds was taken last ' ° n !rhursdar *f this week the Emogene^ McClelland who died in Tuesday evening at S to the Hepburn Home Bureau meeting will be held at March. 192f>. They had no children, hospital by Arthur Fuller accom He was a member of the Masonic pan led by lodge _at Richville and of Empire Jones. Upon arriving at the hospital lodge. I. O. O. F.. of this place. He his condition was foun5 to be in such is survived by one brother. Robert a serious state it was necessary to Graham, and one sister. Mrs. Agnes operate at OIK•«*. Mr. Reynolds was Woodside. both living in this village taken lo Ogden>burg last^September And by a number of nieces and and underwent a similar operation. nephews. The funeral was held at His condition is \considered favor- his late home Fridav afternoon at able. the home of Mrs. Ross Goodnough Mrs'^eVnoTdV^nd \Frank \^^T«trpow-of cantng rtiatr?.~Anv wishing to do this work are request- ed to try* strtl be present by 1 p. m. or as soon after Bring pegs, awl and sharp knife. Mr and Mrs. \Frank Ethridge and Henry Smith were at Oxd^nsburg at the Hepburn hospital, returning with the infant baby of Mr. and Mrs. 1:XM o'clock. Rev. A. G. Bowering B. F. Hull and Grover Morse left -of the Presbyterian church offic.iat- Monday for Watertown to be gone Smith which was placed in the vault at Gouverneur. ing*. The house was well fitted with relatives, friends and acquaintances. The floral tributes were very beauti- ful. .Xfee-bearer*-w*re Samuel Mc- Clelland^Milton McClelland. Albert country will be strongly affected on: MeCo\\ James SToane. Herbert Sloane the decision\ whether or not the fftater«* d Allen Bill. Interment was in will be allowed to develop ouVnat- Hillcrest cemetery -- aral resources. The governor wants to ntiliae the water power, the voters WJiLlo, and the buyers of electric eerrent want the state to. Those A meeting of the cemetery asso- ciation winrheld Dec. 27th. 1^27, for until Saturday where they will be * working on buildings of Mr. Hull's. At the meeting of the Girls' 4-H Club held Friday afternoon the mem- v bej*s learned to increase and decrease their kimona patterns and also had % a talk on posture and some exer- cises.. j Callers a! J. ~H Gaddis' recently were ^Ir. and Mrs. Ed Peck and son TRINITY KPISCXH^AX* CHl*RCH Her. V. O. Boyle, M.A., B.D., IWtor. Third Sunday after Epiphany, Jan. 22 8:no a. m.—-Holy Communion. 10:00 a. m.—Church School. 11:00a. m.—Morning Prayer. 2:30 p m.—DeKalb Junction. 4:00 p. m—Harmon. 7:30 p. m.—Evening Prayer. opposing it oppose for selfish reasons, g Blood; executive committee. Rob- the purpQfcf at nlor.ins: offirr.rt with • firfirrlnn of JPopa Mills. On Sunday Kri the following result: President, ward Gaddis of Watertown. Mrs. Hugh Scott; vice president. Robert Phillip tternnard of t'tica were in Graham; secretarv and treasurer, C. ; town the forepart of the* week and 51. Andrew's Cuild will hold a rum- mage sale on Saturday, Jan. 21. in the Municipal building. Contribu- Jack Harveyx>f Edwards was a week- tion * wiU * m08t hatefully received - Who .is gaing to win? THE TTBERCTLIX TEST The tuberculin testing of cattle has be>en started this week in the town of Gouverneur. The testing is to be vania ert Graham. James Bell and Eugene end visitor Gray. The following finao#ial report' David King, Mrs. was rendered: assets. Heuvelton- two daughters, Mrs bank, interest account. 12532.45, Liberty bonds, $300.00, Dominion of Canada bonds, 12.000.00. Pennsyl- R. R bonds. 12,000.00. New carried out tn a systematic manner among herds whose owners have York Central R. R. bonds. $2,000.00, Canadian.National R. R. bonds, $2.- 040.75, Heuvelton bank, checking ac- Claude Tuttle, with Mrs. Margaret Tibbits of Ant- werp and J. R. Smillie were called to Prescott Saturday to attend the fun- eral of John King brother of Mrs. Edwards and David King, who was killed by a dynamite explosion, being literally blown to pieces. Portions of Friday afternoon at the Municipal E Edward, and'^'^f^ *~ J - J - SnlllT \ ^ *•* Signed up for it. It is believed that count, $ 1.348.21— total $12.22141. \ tDe body were found in a tree, while within a year nearly every herd of Liabilities, none. Cost of operating others could not be found. Mr King cattle in the town will have been tfle cemetery for the year 1927 in- * number of years ago was employed - 3:00 p.\ m—\Holiness meetintfVit eluding plowing the back portion. *t No 6 Mill of the International sermon by Rev. W. 8. MacPheraon> $985.14. Signed—Hugh Scott,; Talc company for a few months FREE METHODIST CHTRCH We** MjUn Street Rev. J. Roberts. Pastor. Wednesday. 7:30 p. m—Mid-week prayer serv- ice Sunday, January 22. 10.00 a. m.—Sunday school. 11:00 a. m—Morning service with sermon by the pastor. \ ith and cattle found to have tu- bercalosis will be slaughter and re- moved from market, both president: C. S. Blood, secretary Mr and for meat and for milk. Complaint* are made that farmers The local branch of the Dairy-* Somerville 7 30 p. m.—Evening service. Mrs. Ray Overacker of February 3. 4 and 5. second quar- road were week-end terly meeting in charge of Rev. S men's League held a meeting Wed- nesday evening, Jan. 11th, in I. O. O. F hall. The occasion «*#, in the have lost heavily tx&mjike leating nature of a social get-together. At said resultant condemnation of cat- 6 o'clock a sumptuous banquet was tl* !*• mAf»r»i«*ift Ti)tTr~~^ nm ».•<»* served to 170 guests. The speaker nesday. tie by Wralsala. This complaint ^ Mr H R ^ thhn ot VerVon. a Everette Smith Appears to be the chief one brought <u re ctor of the association. Local w °r* *t Sovay Su forth. However, farmers almost gen- members also gave short talks. Or- * ** w d*T» ** bis guests of their parent recently. Mr. Ghent of Watertown. and Mrs. Frank Jones. Sr. , February 6. 7 and 8, evangelistic Mr and Mrs. Samuel Price and services in charge of Ensign Satterly Miss Ida Price with Mrs Charles of the Salvation Army of Ogdens- Reynolds were at Ogdensburg Wed- burg. All are welcome. Z -Ji«r- eraily, who are striving to clean up cnestra music was furnished by Rev. and w Mrs. L. Heatherington and Messrs, HolUs Doty and Lores Jen- kins, all of Rensselaer Falls. The causal meeting of the First National Bank of Heuvelton was held Tuesday afternoon. Jan. 10th, and the following directors were elected for the current year: E HL Fletcher, C. 8 Blood. F B Wood. C E. GilTln, R. D. Orr. Frank Mor- rison: The directors elected the fol- lowing officers: E. H Fletcher, presi- dent; C. 8. Blood, vice president. F. B Wood, cashier; Stanley Lake and William T. Beatty. assistant cash- iers. Reports submitted at the a*y .desire to place on the market Mrilk that wfH withstand health de- tests, approve it it is a method of farming said •dairying and consequently there Is tfce aseal furore over this modern metfcod of oaring for the cattle herds, . .^Wt it Is reasonable and from a — IJkoaith standpoint alone worth while. Jfc- p Th* perdietion Is made, and Jnstly : ^ dso. tfcat witfcte a short time ail milk returned to his w * ««•« * fettow at our house nday after spending w *° ^ears black glasses on dates so is home here be won't have to be worried about turning out the lights—Wisconsin Octopus. Mrs. Nettie Howe entertained at dinner Sunday Mr and Mrs. J. J • i THREE NEW MEMBBS ADDED TO SYLVIA LAKE DEPARTMENT Three new members were admitted to membership in the Sylvia Lake Fire Department at an exciting meet- * Monday They were Dr H C Van Allen. H F Brown and A. E. Cash- nH-W BT ITVn^BBLMB I V MIIH T»aUir» ^ T^. of it -cs4Us other snimsla, win W prohibited on prosperons year dty amarketa. The cities are Mrm - Wi »°** Allen spent Thnrs- t* —>m* fkA »^-a^-*.-^^ ^M «# ** T m t Rensselaer Fails visiting Mrs m PSBSS lae imports*** of it charlotte Maioney and Mrs Manna health departments* are strict McKay. _ so with each tme-' Mra Mary Ken drew had the mis- T^e farmers semse the tort*** to trip and fall on the noor . ta her hoac». spraining her ankle and uy are calling otherw.re bruising herself. j Mr and Mr* R. E Tr^ax. Mm their farms to Thomas Rabry. Mr and Mrs Ersest Downinr izt Mrs Ray Downing »t- aended :i* funeral cf David C Dovi.:r 7\>4r^^dAy *: P**rc*m Ccr- ners F!iy I>owaix* who is a brct>er of tb* 4*cm*&& vu anabe. tc go -oe aorc^r- o.' ..ires* D L G M Le^;« C Barker and emit* ^f it \*T% of Expire ljt>ir*. I O. O F have rtsited saw performed ImytaOat -* cer*»ot •# at Dekalb , Jmn^Uor iaa. Xrd. Edwards Jaa. ath. OvwwtSTzhK Jar Stk Depeyster Jaa. ttb. Pope MHis Jar 11U. Gowvwr- Ja* 12ta mvd Of4emsb«rg Jaa_ l^ta TVry sdS mrvrno visit for tbe mrme pmos m Jam. 14 th- en d of the matter tn itself is a two man's ioh.\ he added ha bis cbarac- teristic manner Photographs and linger * prints of the thJ»e Bfw ^^tntisT all of Gonvernemr. Differences which arose at the sast pTTrtom* meeting over admittance of one of the three to membership were ironed oat at Monday's session and harmony axain prrraiis- according to a detailed s*a:#irer.t glv*n out by Chit/ Milter Forre^ after the meet- ing * AH te sr&:i peace Lr the depert- a*r:.\ <J*-^.*rfsi Ch.ef F-r^e LO a gr-ip of r*^fpaper E« vi? crowd- ed inft t* ;^TI:# cf..*» as *ooa ai ev defies? .f t tr^sk-ar of tie meet- irr v*-* *^^r. ' T± + r+ v*rs fertais tt.zg* :c u*£* ic*c roz* $* ratios is mak:rf tt* d*^:* zz to i&cr*%m the c«yrti.; *r niter 1U7 aid it ail had IO be r-riiiered from many a»- giea^: he ecruised. ~Rstair* c! s tr+ departmoBt-- said Cfcie? f-^-* -» a task ?Co ems »*T*Z been aaTrhuod wttb a wwrw by the Bert::not expert a*d placed on file. Copies wTTTbe fsrniabod tbe oewspapen s: A later date, R was announced Word has r»ar£etf tbe department from Ledd>rs3Ax George L. Tait who recently left fc? California, tbat he has alr^adj a^i^^talren tbe work of making s study of tbe San Diego de- partiEert'i r«^r«icring system and s detailed r^>or: win be sabmJtted at an early ii** 't ; t--; *;poared a: tbe Ras i ,or>c*- Mr Ta« T*4 nse with all tbe z:zld expect He tr- ar rtvUnan oerwpetioa : t him mmt I WSJ a The Four C's of Modern Cookery with an Electric Range 1. Coolness 2. Convenience 3e Comfort 4. Cleanliness— An electric range heats the cooking, not the room. All of the heat is concentrated on the bottoms of the utensils and all waste jis eliminated. A turn of a simple switch brings safe, even, perfectly regulated electrical heat—for every cooking purpose—without work or worry. With an electric range every bit of unnecessary work is eliminated and the housewife can cook in comfort all the year Vound. Cooking utenals stay clean and shiny on an f electric rafigel Pots and pans never get j burned abstained. There is no dirt, «noke | or soot. reur*<s ia~,or mediately *&: an4 tspe wovld not eoc*.der terms for th* I wowi41 not tbat f fie tmamtred if I I I te tbat are ontaijed *\7. ^^ There is an dectric range to fit every kitchea, suit the requirements of every family, and conform to the imitations of every purae. Arrange now to cxrjojy tKc si$>erior comfort, cleanliness, and convenience of electric cookery in YOUR HOME. Obtain Your Universal and Westinghouse Ranges || from die I 0SWEGATCHIEUGHT&POWER CO. z^Gouverme*9*s Home Company \ Pno« 23 Qm&SL \ tnet tnrs Bat enn enu Roc J tow Fin lag< lors He Tai 1 ule< Ogc den era satz 1OD< will ly \ coa Imp sufl oov m i of St. wb^ 'Of \ tn; -oT- trs . z~~*- -*. — VI ter t»-T f

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