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*^ p 3T * VJIJO**.* mtmmmmm ,#4?--^ ^ & T^v v *£v* • : V S >- -,£ W ^f^J^TiN^* L-?.^v'V T- v j» - FOUR * *t,A < -» GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS !«*£«» WSTAILIMTICERS \\\*'\\\\' OF BELIEF CORPS ,HF , JTUBUBEKD EVERT WEDNESDAY OO0VERNEUR. N. T. ?6 X W. McTerlane, Editor 4 Ptiblianer Aaana) Ccreaaoaies of Dekalb Janetioe Groan Hold; Mrs. Dom*las Johnson. AitocUU Editor % 4^. ^R SUBSCRIPTION RATES .11 f?. 9J.10, f mot. 71c. ' moi. 50c Dekalb Junction, Jan 51.—The annual installation of officers of the George A. Rich Woman's Relief &*' i .-^-^i.— m .ti m.tt-r' Corps .Vo. 119 was held Wednesday i secoad-class mall matter afleriJOOU and tbe tol |owin« officers Telephone 100 HOOVER AND THE LKAGl'E II the oplniont of the fanners, fi'iiu around Gouverneur can bt* relied on tit? Karr; pr^ss correspondent the general tendency of the agrarians Mabel Sheldon; musician. Mr> In Che North Country 1* toward were installed by Mrs Maria Over- acker of Gouverneur President, Mrs. GeorKta Miles treasurer. Mrs. Hatue Mattes.on; secretary, MU* Mabel Sheldon. conductor, Mrs Lizzie patriotic instructor. Mrs Hat- Miss i ton, ^ Ber- nice Jeflers. color bearers No I, Mrs. Jessie Uaxter; No. 2. Mrs Eva MRS. SULLIVAN URGES CHANGE IN PRESENT LAW Would Place Immigration in Hands o! Commission L Drake, both of Oouvemeur. Other routine business was tranacted. Mrs. f-fflfTiaji jjpptn en Immigra- tion follows: Jmiini^rmtloa Pto^IeaMi. Will Rogers says the ^ptMUml prob- lem U \Where ah a 11 we park our WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY I. 1*28 J*-—. % 1 r 1-3 of +— - „ „,. m . Li . i • - _ _ ^ftj^^hurthes inVGouverneur 1 lain fku W *>*^^^—^^^, J _ M _^i^fc^^a^^^^^ rived hai a quota of nearly the tuota immigration. The law, ever, states that It shall be mined aa nearly as may be Impossible adequately to explain the national origins calculation to the lay • FIRST PRKHBYTERIA* CHURCH cars\ Next to that the immigration j mind. They are vague and uncertain j R e y. W. F. Skinner, Pastor problem is one of vital interest to *»d must ever be so. The Sons of thet 10:30 a. m.—Morning service, the American people. Prtsident Roos ' American Revolution have gone on -tnon by the pastor velt said that he considered It, with ' record in favor of the 1890 quota 12:00 noon Sunday school In Address Before D. h. R. Ckapter, She Suggests Fitness to Becoaae Cihzems Be Parnjaoaat 6 30 p. m—Y. P S. C. E meeting j 7 30 p. m.—Evening service, ser- mon by the pastor. Mrs. K G. Aldrirh of this village regent, and Mrs J K Brown of Can ere elected delegates to the the gates and the exception of that of conservation ; basis. jof the, natural resources of the coun-j Experts are now working on the try, our most important problem. Up- J probJem with the hope that some ac- oa our policy in dealing with the im- curate and satisfactory quotas can migrants depend, to a *rg* extent, be worked out. Since the Sacco- ; TRIVITY KP1HCTJPAL CHUBOH the progress and nature of the devel- Vanaettl disturbances our present im- < Rev V. O. Boyle, M A., B. D., Rector opment of the nation •conomically, migration restriction will continue in politically and socially. , force. We must protect ourselves Since the World war v^ have tried adequately against the alien gunmen, to check the mighty rt*b of immt- the alien dealers in narcotics, smug- grants from over the sei^n seas, but gled aliens and the 'moral turpitutw the quota laws have left gaps under clause.\ 1PIK8T METHODIST CHURCH i 10:30 a. m.—Repairing the f* pie and paying the Debt. ! 12 0 0—Church , School. Bring Herbert Hoover for the presidential s*don; No. 3, Mrs. Dora Hamilton. Continental Congress. Daughters of badly down in pUce'^i/Ts^fina! i,u h n e a wcon V l robl ? !l d :f° rllllo k n - the American Revolution, from the ' hope of restricting ^miration the tlT\ of* 1 Ou^a nfo^ h \ l ' Gouverneur Morns chapter of this t nation has fixed iU faith in a border arerage of 1 ' 0U0 a month. village, which held a me*ting hen Septuagesima Sunday, Feb. 5. 8 00 a. m.—Holy Communion. 10:00 a. m.—Church School and Bible Class. 11:00 a. m.—Holy Communion. 2:30 p m —Dekalb Junction. 4:00 p. m—Hermon. 7:30 p. m.—Evening Prayer. a montn. During 'e • oatrol and the 11 t A l ^ e ^ a8t ^ l8c& ^ vear *>•*$** were deport- nomination. Even though this is Owing to the storm several off icerw I FYiday afternoon The meeting was at j portation *** ^^ * ° * ^ for entr >* wi thout proper visas eontrarv to the rectrnt statements by *> r ^ uot present and will be install-j the home of Mrs Aldrich in East ZZ ' , , •••,!• ^„ a ** d at a l *^ r meeting Th«-y are Main street. Tht* Continental Con- Dairymen s league officials it seems ^ Qlor Vlct . p re8 ident. Mrs. Mary Depress will be held in Washington. D. to be the truth. j vine; junior vice president. Mlssjc.. the first week in April Marion Puffer, chaplain. Mr* Ethel ' your children. 6 00—Young People's meeting- Leaders: Wei don Wood and Kenneth Chafee. Topic: The Christ or West- era Civilization 7 30—Union Service at Baptist Church A welcome to Rev. L. 1*. Hutchinson. Wednesday night—6:00—Supper and fellowship. 7:00—Dr. McCom- ber, 7 30—Devotional Period. 3:00 —Classes. TK4 , n,mw>t~ t * f ^ i* . Nine hundred and fifty-three enm- The Free Press conducted an ua- Risley; assistant conductor. Mrs Em- \h biased investigation during the last ma Slacy . 4uar d. Mrs. Hattie Gard- week and the results are shown on Dt >r; color bearer No. 3, Mrs .Lena the first page of this issue. The Hemenway. The president hat ap- «™t«,.,», or h ™.„ Q—«•»«- ^ d n r Dg ^Hairr^. TJ?.\ U SS: on their choice for a Republican WT y anon buffer. Kelief Work candidate for the presidency named Lmie Hills. Catherine Thornhlll, Hoorer. Thexe seemed to -be no Emma Hyland. Executive: Hattie Matteson, Jennie Rice, Bessie Mo feeling whatever against the man d Welfare atfd Administration: that the athievements jt the past twelve months have t*en greater Mrs E. J Peck of this village, ! than during any simila* period be- vice regent of Gouverneur Morns fore For the first time in the his- chapter, was appointed first alternate j tory of the United States we have a and Mrs. George F Leak, also of ( well rounded and well considered set Gouverneur, was named second alter- of laws relating to Immigration. nate Evidently the last two years have Other alternates appointed were: changed things as the rcagazines and Miss Josephine Carpenter of Wash- ! papers are constantly printing ar- lngton; Mrs. M. E Loveiand, Miss 1 Alice Wilcox. Mrs. George M. Dodds. Mrs. Inei Wallace, Mrs. H. H. Noble, j town Tfmes had tides about immigration Only a few nights ago our Water- Mrs. Bertha Sprague, Mrs. Frank W Pruyn and Miss Alice Thornton a column headed who did such sterling work tar j eDn i e Lobdell, Emma Stacy, Hattie America and her allies during the Gardner. Miss Mabel Sheldon was) johf)«r>n of C» nt ^n Great War. •' eletted delegate to th Statements emanating from Dairy- was elected alternatV The next meet- men's League officials have indicated ing will be held Wednesday, Feb. S. that either there was a widespread^ The Dekherrus Three Town Sun- feeling against Hoover or else that f a >* ^^^^^r^^^rT 11 ^^/^ ^ . _.,. ' . *. _ in the Methodist church Saturday, the League did not care to see him Ffc4b 4 named as the Republican candidate. | ja tn e Masonic Club Monday eve- Certainly around Gouverneur there ; ning there were 11 table* in play. over 500 likely to become a public charge A recent report of the Depart ment of Labor stated that 44.7uo aliens were iisted in penetentiaries and Jails, 36,000 in insane asylums., 14,000 in hospitals. The existence of J such a situation would justify the | passage of the deportation bill. j The third great problem is Mex- ican Immigration Some authorities! agree that we must extend our quota system to Mexico and to the coun- 'lo'-Vo'a tries of Central America and South , America. The annual immigration I from Mexico is now about 60,000 j and larger than that from any other' 11-40 a m <CHOU-H OF THE XAZARKNE 2 9 9 West Main Street Rev Walter S MacPherson Thursday—7 30 p. m—Prayer meeting. Friday—All day Holiness meeting\ meeting of the Women's Missionary at the Free Methodist church. , society. Sunday—10 Oo a. m.—Sunday! Friday FKKK METHODIST CHURCH West Main Street Rev J Roberts, Pastor Wednesday—7:30 p. jm. Prayer meeting. Thursday—2:30 p. m.—Monthly School. 11:00 a. m.—Preaching Service. 7:00 p. m.—Testimony Service.' 8:00 p. m.—Evangelistic Service \WTiosoever will may come.\ All day Holiness meeting with services at 10:30 a. m. f 2:30 p. m. and 7:30 p. m. Speaker—Rev. 8. Ghent of Watertown. Saturday—7:30 p. m.^Serrlca with sermon by Rev. 8. Ghent, Sunday, Feb. 5th.—9:30 a. | Sunday School. 10:30 a~,m.—Love Feast followed m.- aeems to be no such antagonism as ,. . . ikon White and James O'Brien, and League officials have talked about. • lhe consolation pnxes were awarded Perhaps there is in other parts of to Mrs, Ervin S:reeter and Perley the country, but the farmer has al-; Hamilton. TO pro^ hl»«« to be the tyP*; ^^Hou. Bu^^rd^p^r who can think for himself and who $15.00 was realized from it There does not need propaganda to make were 13 tables in play, up his mind. It will be a queer situ- ! The Presbyterian Missionary So- *. _*^, u _ ^ .w~~* w .nrrrh ciety wlU mee i Tuesday afternoon. making to such an extent that he y an r>n n der. The president requests forgets his own thoughts and bor- all who nave not returned their rows those of the propagandist. i birthday calendars to do so at this meeting. The Brown and Bailey Condensed Mrik company has completed the The dream of many in Gouverneur work of filling their ice house at } Immigration to cause great row an article by Mark Suilivan, stating elected delegate to the department I The meeting on Friday was largely ' partly ^a public meetta? mTa?^ I f oun .try except Canada. Do you think { J . ;g ~ m._^hu\rch school convention and Mrs Hattie Matteson I a business session, although an inter-. ington to be addressed b» well known ' immigration from Mexico la de-i € . 1§ jesting papex > waa xtTen Dy MTB. J. J.! public men Oie questlop of contlnu- ' IlT * Dle an ^ dc>e8 il r ^^ ^>^ r stand-j Sullivan on the Immigration Prob- ing immigration restriction is com- l ards of llvin « ? ! ^ m - (ing to the front this week. The sub- 1 Jt doe s not behoove any of us to. The assistant hostesses were Mrs. ] ject must be acted upon in this see-, approach these immigration problems; Adelaide Anthony Smith and Mrs. H. ; sion of congress and the degree of in any other than a humble spirit f 7——--—— tt , .. ^77\ feeling attending the eirliest mani-; w e should not forget that the forei- Lanton. .Mr. and Mrs. George W II-• fesUlionp of de bate shows how im- I &ners have done much for this great! lard. Mrs Ha / rie \ Evans of Rich- portant it ls . The aspfcl of immJ . , country. They have bridged our _ ^ /~ A ^« f , Attmm Mrs. Donald Day and Mrs. „*,<„„ u „ fai . a . t ^ by the low-, breams, tunneled our rivers, made 23 REACTORS FOUND First prizes were won by Mrs. Ham- FIRST a*PT!ST CHITU^ Rev. L. L. Hutchinson, Pastor. m.—Morning services, sub- ject: Communion Med- by sermon by the District Elder, Rsr. Hation. sermon by the S. Ghent and the observance of the pastor jj Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, mmunion ! ( 3:00 p. m.—Holiness meeting. . 7 00 p. m.—Closing service of the p. m.—B. Y. P. r. meeting\\\ Quarterly meeting. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week at 7:30 p. m. evangel- istic services with Ensign C. A. Sat- terly of Ogdensburg as the evangel- ist. All are welcome to all of the services 30 p, m.—Evsning servicer sub- ject: The Youths' Problem, sermon by the pastor. Wednesday. m.—Prayer Meeting. 7:30 p. ville Ralph Reed of Syracuse Mrs. Murray Babcock of Hermon gration so far acted upo J , ........_ Mr. and er house has been the Batter of ap-; tbe wilderness blossom and dug our, INLINEHAN HERD tie were shipped to Buffalo today for federal and state test before slaugh- ter. • na?ed U a^ buiit Florence, whose over s vear semi-m.alidism of hen w Johnson of Washington that sons built St. Peters, painted the VrViLvw^^ninP.nntvK^ iaithough there are BO dependable ' Sistine Chapel and carved out of Mr. El^ey was bora.in County Nor-. IUur ^ the numbers of immigrants Carrara marbU-the statue of Moses. Twenty-three cattle reacting to the Susan B. Anthony (seeing drunk) _ tuberculin test were found in a herd —** ow gauche! of cattle owned by James Linehan of Lucky Person—Fine, thanksh. North Gouverneur this week. There! How goesh it with you?—Penn State were 41 cattle in the herd. The cat- Froth. THE HOSPITAL folk. England, Jan. 9, 1S4S. and was the son of Aldus and Lucretia Elsey ' and was one of a family of nine 'children In 1^68 he came to the [ United States and ha* resided in thts vicinity for many years. On May 2»>. 1*74. he was united in marriagewith Miss Mary Bill of Rensselaer Falls and two daughters. Minna and Lil of a hospital situated in the village Red Rock The ice was of good qual- ; « na ^ o oaugnters. Minna and Lil- of $700,000 R^™-« ri»,mv Mr. Ann Uy and averaged 15 inches in thick-i 1 J aD t Wfc>re *>°™ to them. Mrs. Eisey s prants but it may soon becomes realit>. MM. Ann • * j death occurred in U99. In 19i»5 Mr. 'm l0 J who come to America by bootleg Raphael, the painter. Dante, Savon- routes may be more than-100.000 a . arola and a hundred masters of the year The total apprehended and de- brush and poetry. Then there is the ported last year was about 14.0Qu.J*>w -who hae only to go to Mos*e*. ~| and that on account o: lack of funds Hosea, Isaiah. John. Paul and Peter, onty the minimum of necessary \ ft has been~sug*ested\hat one way cases could be deported. Congress- to 8olve our immi gration problem m , an ,- Jo ! 1DS ? n ^nted a appropriation . would be t0 place the whole maUer lor restricting immi- in the h ands Q f a commission charged Aldrich has given $1,000 towards the •William Simons $150 worth of coal Mrs. E. .W. Coons of Antwerp ... .. r.-««— ~o«^ «t;n c„»», passed a few days with Mr. and Mrs. •while the Grange gave $50. Such £ rank Thornhm the pa9t week generous gifts should be appreciated Mrs. A. C. Farr entertained Mrs |>y all. • — ••••\•* I Herbert Wallace of Hermon Wednes- There are some who say that.there Mr and-*rnr.-«mer McBride and The Borden Mine'company started j Elsev married Mi<* Martha McMinn jJhn of this place and a son. Samue\ born to them who died in 19 was vored down and wiln lar?e responsibilities and duties added to the budget, j and tne neC essary powers for dis- completlon of this institution and ! filling their ice house Tuesday. i KL^ 1 !^^ 0 ^^^ 80 . n, J S ? Tnu ?!: was \\\0 at tilt over the matter and Johnson as- son and two Tammany Congress- ; charging them. This commission men from New ^iork had a very sharp would be plven full power over the the age of 12 vears , nlt t °T e rw t ^ e .? iatt # er * aDd Johnson as ! ! admission of foreigners to this coun- Mr*Elsey was V member of X^\sl*S*£ The bill should contain a top Church of England and about 4rw 0 rtoLmM Jrvice^ i Umit / 8 t0 lh n nU ^ ber t0 be ad * years ago he became a member of Ut uVb^ie l? 8 ute ih th e tK ree ! m J u t k an r nually - Tbe commission the Presbvterian church and has '• ~ •* . orieiiy siaie wnat tne tnree should be free to permit this number, been a consLTent acuve member I, ^^} m . m lfJ^^ ^° blera8 _. are ! to reduce the number entering, to is no necessity for such an institution daughter, Caroline, and Corliss Stiles j having served in all of the various - r^toThWuoSa?^ fFOm \T l ? offices of the church and since 1913 ; \T e conn% •' l£^ ! 8 ^ S V he >f 0ndUion8 W ,* rra S 1 ' ^V »ue tuuiu>. ... i^eporiduons. 6. Mex- you think the present plan should be daughter, Mrs. Frank Hayes, and Mrs. Jrving Hayes, and one brother, J.George_ Elsejr^ Sr^ol this, village. Monday afternoon Rev. A. G. Bow- ering of the Presbyterian church The beajers were selected from among former neighbors. George and &. \liere They point to Ogdensburg and of Rensselaer Falls visited relatives Watertown « bel.. e^il, acc^.tle.; in^^toKnBuu**^ ^ It was not so long ago that state dauphter nave ^^ visiting Mr. and |K>lice were called upon to drive a Mrs. Roy Alguire at Brier Hill. man suffering from acute appendicitis The following is the report of the the S5 mile, to Og<eu.bur g «»•;««« SSJffToV^fSi\\^ a dense fog which kept most persons examinations; Audrey Keene. 1^7; off the roads. That man could have Dorothy Gillette, 93; Ruby Gotham. been cared for in an InsUtution such ' **>'• Vivian Bresett. £0; Alice Bishop. o* u n <«» « T^. M %M* **> Mary Laverghetta. 89; Yvonne as the Stephen B. Van Duiee Me- Keene J : . Morris ^on^, ^ : -mortal HospiUl will be. Robert Wood. 84; Audrev Harvey, Another aspect of the case, which' £0: Harriatt Gllmonr. 75. Mavis | Leshe Rasey, O. W. Gnskill. Merton , , , , w * ut w Kinne. 94; Hilda Paonessa, 92; Hel- U purely commercial but which can- eQ Cook 9u . Loraine B owermg. 90; not be denied, is the prestige that a • Mae Woods, ^a^-Woyd Bishop. 88; Tillage with a hospital has. Busi- Robert Tremlett, 86; Jessie Guiles, feess houses would rather locate in a» i^, f f h . a J le8 Ris1 ^' 81; frothy % . . . . j White, • 6. Tillage that shows enough spirit to j The assignments for Library duty care for its sick at home. A hospital for February and March are as foi- ls a good \selling point\ when it l°ws: February 1—Mrs. Herbert Rice, Miss Hilma Olsen; Feb. 4— Mrs. Darrell Huntress. Miss Alice Rice; Feb. 8 Mrs. Roy Tupper; Feb. 11—Miss Hilma Olsen; Miss Mabel Sheldon; Feb. 15—Mrs William Niles. Mrs. E M. Woodward; Feb. 18—Mrs. Ver- nilla Haven. Mrs. Bessie Moses. Feb. 22—Mrs. J. L. Carney. Mrs Herbert Rice; Feb. 25—Miss Hilma Olsen, Mrs. Darrell Huntress; Feb. 29— Miss Alice Rice, Mrs. Floyd Powell; Roy Tupper. Mrs. ha |^nrhiL th arA 0 i a s r wrd f ow. d :nd ! £? I?»/^. ,, «\- ™* ^?^ ?^\ reTecTed V\whTh Vach\n\atiSn\iV a! ^° B m \f^l ^ J i unpra L 8erv i5 es at 2 \y those Who favor the national on p. m. from.the home **--•* gins provision was frequently before , lowed 2 per cenl annually of the both houses of the last congress. : number G f that nationality in this I nder the present law each country COU nfrv. No citizen of any nation has receives as its qrtiots rwo per cent •*-**&* ia^xae_rica. He comes in by of the number of foreign born of that permission and invitation. The ques- nat onallty here in 1^0. It i i argued tion sh ouldn t be. -To what.national- ity do you belong and how many of are already here.\ but. \Are you fit for citizenship and can population since no represents- parenthood? Kan K a favorite «elertbn ot Mr r P ° 8 P \ that v this bMis doPS a ^ reat . rour nationality sryj \The GoJden Cily \ =-.notice.to the native born Ameri- but . - ATe you f f, tion is given in the quota to the peo- ple of the same stock within the comes to getting new enterprises to locate In the Tillage. •' These .gifts will, we hope, recall attention to the hospital and materi- ally hasten its construction. IBANEZ MES Spain has lost the strongest advo- cate it had for republicanism. Vincent Blasco Ibanes Is dead. Known to M arc h 3—Mrs most persons as a novelist of medl- W'illiam Miles; March 7—Miss Mabel ocre ability Ibanei was In reality a Sheldon. Mrs. E. M. Woodward —_„.^v f.u«j ~t t.1. ^ni n •**,? .*. March 10—Mrs. Bessie Moses staunch friend of his people and an H|lM dl ^ n; March 14 _ Mrs ^ ,IC xvasey, u \\ liriSKin. Merton United States who ar*» fhe children ru LU P* at ^ *uiuii B i wr* er r R° me ; P ° W f U t Dd Clinton !o- r ni, Lo re '\\in^° d^ceVd.'nu of ? a ™1 lU^wlllS Spencer Burial was in the East De-, earlier immigrants of that stock. ! 1 tho \. e 1 .r ho /. A kalb cemeterr. - Th.,. if i. .J. >T-«« D «i^ .».-. -t L. localltiea and follow <->... « . ... . . inus it it so happened that_<5 per ,„ _ v , . ,».__ .__ Out of town relatives and friends cent of the population here in 1890 I ! V w £ icl1 ttey are r*n h H° i l JL en wini the Sjf, e, S wer S\ Mr « of a certain sto^k derived from I wh , lch v new , P^ 8008 are wa ° te *« KlJJniii ii\*™?!! 1 ' Mr and Mrs 'one particular nation overseas and' It has also been suggested that an Henry BUI Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bill,! yet in that year there were no people . immigrant living here for two years The Commission should be allow- ed to place immigrants in certain try and to admit ng to go to those the occupations in which they are skilled and in Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bill. Mrs. Charlotte Hep- tonstall, and daughter, Eva. Mrs. „ Charles Graves, Mrs. Ann Jenkins. Mrs. Floyd Powell f -P***' rG * or R\ e Chambers, Mrs. Ida Jen- kins. Orlo Jenkins. Roy Ginn. Wil- liam BTomaghin and Laurence Bill of Rensselaer Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Allen Bill and Mrs. Herbert Sloan of Heuv- elton; Miss Fannie Bill of Ogdens- burg; Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Ritchie of Watertown; Mr. and Mrs. Glen Thornhill of Depeyster. here who had been bom in that coun-1 w *° ha8 taken no steps towards citi- trv, such country would have no ' unship and announces that %e~doea f\^ quota whatever ! not expect to take out citizenship On the 1S90 census basis Great papers should be deported back to the Britan receives 34j0O0, Germany 51,-! land from whence he came. 000 and the Irish Free State 28,000. ' - While about one half of our total white population ls derived from „ >rk . ft England. Scotland, Wales and North, °™' ^ A , 4 __ Jtl ^ t ^ Ireland, their joint quota 1B only 21 I Wife—That s terrible. What In the per cent of the present quota immi-1 wor,d win T0 ° do \ gration. Germany from which only j Gunman—Oh, Til get a lob on the about 1-6 of our population is de-1 police force.—C. C. N. Y. Mercury Gunman—I goita quit the game.. I can't see t o shoot straight any f Miss Her- enemy to autocracy. For years he ben Rice Mrm Vernilla Haven; fought for same sort of recognition; March 17—Mrs. Darrell Huntress. of the eonunon people—and he was ^ss Alice Rice; March 21—.Jto.il3 . xv . s .. . T .. Floyd Powell. Mrs. J. L Carney;; 3 banished from his country. In his March 24 _ Mrs William Niles. Mrs. will he had written: \Dead or alive, j Roy Tupper: March 2^—Miss Mabel /While the present regime exists in Sheldon, Miss Hilma Olsen; March \Spain. I do not want to return there/* And so he was buried in France. 31—Mrs E. M. Woodward. Mrs. Bessie Moses. Mr. and Mrs. Chacncey \Woods America knew Ibanei only super- passed the week-end at Heuvelton ftcially. Here he was thought of as a with relatives >• _, % . Mr and Mrs.-Frank Dewey. Miss movie scenario wrker and a novelist t R Ul h Dewey and Fay Dewey were at Jt was with surprise that the Ameri- Gouverneur Sunday to attend the can public awoke to find that the funeral of a relative. 1-..- i» V.J u^.^ K^,^. .« „,«^w Mrs Anna Haven and Mrs Hen- man It had been hearing so much Hfelu j^^, ent ertained the Fri- Aboat through movie publicity \ex- & M j Bridge club. had been banished from Spain Miss Vivian Hayes was called of his attacks on the king * om * fro ^ Carthage by the death of =- -w_ •».- ^»—* •w,. -.-*. *# t^*— %«** 4 a ^ grandfather. Samuel sUsey. ^=z.mm UkM3*m& JBt iter irmt lhawyr i:]» mmnij Friday; \Jsywrrr rrr T wte w» fesjless tn hit «t«r- ; tolkrwrtey a long period *f -poor and one who believed that hn- ^* ltA °>* immediate cause being beings should be treated a Uttie ^ n P^ fremr than other animals. Ibanes kad defied his king and all the king's '4 -3- «wtdsls and he had said things that were regarded as \treasonable.\ He -was glvwn his choice of living abroad mr dytng In Bpals. and, the better to carry cm his fight, he xnorsd across 'tta border Into France, Mrs MeOefeian was born Feb IS, l&SS. st Richvill€ She was Rhoda Elisabeth Wells, a daughter of George and Elisabeth Wells In Feb 1177. she was united In marriage to George MrOelian of this village and his death ocrurred In 1*80. lea^ring : Mrs McClellan with s mail daugh- -ter. Pearl. Mrs McClellan has resided in and [ near this village nearly all of her ae pledged almsetf to Ihe' \^ anu xor maiajp jean v» • ^ra^ of his country from Ue reigm If i lf lf \^^ ruff^red an attack of OM Ha^svargx This nght hctTBf ve asa and nerer reratned her almost single handed until former health. She it ssrrtv#d by of hit death. It was s los- *«* daaghtef. Ifrs Pearl RoOisteex . m ... a teacher m Brook, vx schools and as tar as present iadieo- m ***«- nr*. % j iuby of Osceola. oat the man was an- who aaa Mm*' th# wtnter with her and fought on. Ha saw. tn raneral «rrr:ces were heid frca the home S^xday a: 2 or lock w-.th o O'NEIL MARKET 12 Church Street has oeen taken orer. effective today, by / ROY F. McCALL FormeHy of the Elkhom Markets of Watertown A FULL LIKE OF zjG.R. RODGER Midwinter Sale of HOSIERY GORDON H300 for $1.35 pair This number has been known for many years as one of the best Gordon numbers, in heavy weight pure silk, selling everywhere at $2.25 pair. This week we place, on sale 25 dozen pairs of this style in \irregulars. 0 Cordon inspection is very \fussy\. Any stocking that varies in the slightest respect from an jexact standard is thrown oift and sold as irregurar. No holes, no darns, in fact nothing that will affect their \ wearing quaTifies^^$f.35r^a*r; Silt and Wool Hookey One lot mostly dark colors. Regular price $1.00 Half-price 50c pr. Women's Mercerized Hosiery^ A 39c quality in light colors and black for \~~ '29c pr. ' Men's Silt aad Wool Soi _J -—Gdd-terof 50cT grade \for 35c pr. 1 CktUrea's Wool Hose 75c quality in black, tan and cordovan. 50c pr. Children's Part Wool Hose 50c quality in tan color for 39c pr. Infants' Casfamere Hose Io white i«L_blaxL A 50c number for 35c pr. FXCFl.l.A DRESS PATTERNS AT REDUCED PRICES New Marck Pattant aad Faikkw Shecte Now m Stock All 45c patterns reduced to 2Sc All 35c patterns reduced to 2tc , All 2Sc patterns reduced to 15c Annual White SaleWfins next week Thorsaay, Feb. 9th \ WH»S SfTTIS AUTOMOBILES ARI BUILT BL1CK WILi High Grade Altll m m m MEATS will be handed and tbe pubhc ii invited to take advantage of tbe \LOW PRICES Smart, low.iw^ngi-g-*>Y*•* bodies by Fisher— SI l^/S Buick'. hmam rahe- XX /s -* in-head Kx-cyhodtr engine —and Bukk'* Lovejoy hydraulic shock •haorUn tiuitm Buick with the rich <juafity<«ppeal oi the most expensive cars. And Buick volume-* double that of any other builder of no* to a a. KCDOOHC SATUMkAT, FEBtUAXT 4t> mt ««7 tWWtar, w wS «*w SfMiaJ Lam Oat «l Oar Kafaiw W*sWi. T sW f i f Cantos offirla:- a tl~ wn« Spain ^— £ acaia be s power tn the world. ^ aBd ,p-*ki Sf *-orii r: co=:o a powrr rsled eiseiy snd peace A soio. rraw.nr ti# Ear\ wu Ivy men wnose se^stn^ss s-as *«* *? F - r - Po^*::. ard -Ji* be«ar- •aa ********* • ft****!*-*. ^** arr '^ W ^** —** « B 3afarCr-*-T A E » ajrparea.. Fertapt even try r ^ T ^„ A ;^^ r 1^,+. R C W- JLad vl« Aa: ^at Ux^i :>»*« «Uy»r axd w lian: ft w:I)—tr>ais may fr* Mf>f *~! * r^ntr« SM»' p:»-*d tx Uaaks lor aar debvsrarre to *** H— - rrs\ sctl* t;r:i wfc^n ta>ry e*' : s* at*—«^ .= it* R.iniie Watca tW Fiw pooe ot c*tu) articie in 0*3: $:--? piaaalr asarked for convenience oH^>e pobbc The Market That Saves You Money I quality mt «rpri«ngjy km pricn. Three popakr Baick modck, m Sport Ro^ iter, a Sedan, sod t Coupe art priced at lorn m *1195 t mod all can be purchased oo tfai liberal C M A. C pkn. See ether can—then ace Bock* Let tbi pariaon determirje yoor r ** -T*« ar i fr:*adf *n wi* 1 trended sae I. ^r rTjTlfTSafa. sri V-* ; Z Ws> Mt Tzrvz* r-oasJ5a Oowrerr**ar Mr ar^ Mn aa4 Mrs ? S -Ji Pn SEDANS $1105 to $1095 OOUFES$n95ts$XtS« SPOtT MODELS |11T9 ID $1 *25 ~ javk Plat. S^S- jiss iamaiaw urn m W «a*aW TWCEXt SEAKER-GRAVES MOTOR CO. OOCTaBaaOT H. T. .^r^. .. ^---^^ •ri*^^. '-ii'it J •^

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