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7«. Atsr VTsWT WB0NWDAT N. T W. MeFariaaa, BdKor 4 Publisher I iw»«u« jr^Z^TttA^atA Editor' U:0# ooon—Snnday school PmniJcmw, Aseoeiaie sonar j i:|u p m — y p 8 c E , 7: JO p * V - JTOBSCRimON RATsW -1 jr. Il.lt . I moa 71c, 4 •?T ' ;$£*.*' ***>./: >' GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY. APRIL 11. 1928 ,«wfX^'j tCluirches in Gouverneur * FIRST FfUDBBYTBRlAN CHURCH Re*. W. F. Skinner, Pastor. , 10:J« a. a.—Morn Ins; serrlce, ser- <*noa by the pastor. » 10c as second-class mail matter TeJephoae 100 Oebscrfptlon prtoe fl.ftt per rear ear- ths Uaited States. nerebU In Canadian •ubecripuos* $!.*# meeting. m.—E renin* serTlce, ser- mon by the pastor. la tfa# .pas jrear strictly All sebecriptfoas dJeeaaUneed at th« eantratloa of the time paid for. or con- . Upasd ae the option ef the publisher. Yfce acceptance of a paper from the MSteeTloe by a subscriber wb«a not maid La advenes Is considered a bona fftie promise of payment for the time ~tbe subecrtber received such paper. Paper wtll not be discontinued to a SMecfiber's address until all arrears** iwm been paid. FKKK MKTHODLST CHl'tUtl West Main street Rrv. J. Robert*, Pastor. Wednesday— 7 30 p. m.—Mid-week prayer service in the prayer room Sunday. April 15th — li>;00 a. m.—Sunday school. 11:00 a. m.—Morning service with sermon by the paator. 12:15 p. m—Class meeting. 7:00 p. m. —Union meeting in the Church of the Nazarene. April 20-22~-Third Quarterly meeting In charge of Rev. Samuel Ghent of Watertown. VJR&T BAPTIST CHI RCH Her. L- U Hatfcsrieaoa, Mini u-r. Sunday April 15th. 1928 10:30—Morning worship. 12:00—Church school. 2:30—Service at Fowler Baptist church. | 6:30—B. Y P. l\ 7:30—Evening service. BREYVHTER TO HOLD HI8 ^^ npftr IKRM QS APRSL M O. Byron wSrewster, fleeted a Jus- tice of the saprfeae,efurt last fall after serring several years as district attorney of Ease* couity, will con- duct his first term of court at Elii- * beta town, opening April 23. in tribute to Justice Brewster, a reception is being planned by mem- bers of the Essex County Bar asso- ciation. Mr. Brewster still makes hia home in Elixabethtown. GRA40 FIRK IX v f JOHXfiWOWX UTRKET The Gouverneur fire department was summoned to lower JeAflsto/rn* street FViday aftSMne^ti i wtssre a graaa fire was burning over a va- KOTK lis el whlc Th« Oo«v*rn«ur Fres Press to publish stories of events b have news value and which are TRINITY KPIHCXJPA1, CHURCH Her. V. O. Boyle, M. A.. B. I>. rUsctor. First Sunday after Ranter, April ' 15. , ^00 a. m—Holy Communion.! Corporate communion of tne W. A. and presentation of the Thankoffer- ' lng. 1U:00 a. m. —Church school. 11 uo a m.—Holy communion. 230 p. m —Dekalb Junction. 4:00 p. m.—Hermon. 7: 3u p. m.—Evening prayer. written by persons not connected with Itae edttorlaf stafT of the paper. All copy most be presented before noon on Wednesdays. The right is r**rrved. how- ever, to make such superficial changes ta the work submitted as are neceesary his papers, with editors unfamiliar with local conditions. **xpHri^nce dif- ficulty in giving them the local hu- man touch that is admired be*t in a the style of the paper mechanical; newspaper. situation is the oomposing room, head- lines written by those other than mem >ere of the stair cannot be used. BsjriaalasT April 16, rertlsias\ rates will 112$, transient be 30 eents an Ogdensburg is a typical small city. It is not like Rochester, however, nor is it like Elmira. Its interests are not the same. Its views are not the same. However, Mr. Gannett will ( D. A. R. CHAPTER SCORES BLACKLIST Mrs. Aldrkh Aski That Local Chapter Be \ExoacrtMd;\ It Ct to Massachasettes JNORTH COUNTRY ROADH last week a truck dropped through the road in the middle of Heuvelton. A aaa driving to Watertown was forced to abandon his car in Antwerp and go on by train. Automobiles at- tempting te avoid the huge hole in the middle of the Watertown road it. jmilea south of here have tried to to around and have been stalled in the ] ed, 5,456,017 lbs; amount of milk I Gouverneur Morris chapter, D. A. strive to give his readers a good j R \ S not j n sympathy with the black-, newspaper, fashioned after his own ; list movement undertaken by several • views, and in his venture all of north- ! chapters of the organization, it be-; % , v . . , ... . . | came known today. ' ern New \ ork s newspaper will wish w ,. „ A ' . . - w I Mrs. H. G. Aldrich. regent of the mm well. Gouverneur chapter, has asked that • the local chapter be exonerated as \ I far as it is concerned as it has receiv- Hermon, April lo.—Report of HERMON April lo.—Report I Hermon JDairy company factory for 1927: Whole amount of milk receiv ditch, to be pulled out later by other j for one cars. pound cheese, 10.05 lbs; Any number of springs have ?!? m J >€ I_ of ]?± °_ f fA^ 6 , 1 *^ 6 '^?^ price per lb ed no official list either from the j state or national offices and i s not* in sympathy in any way with the movement. It is safd the movement ] is probably confined to a certain clique In Massachusetts and other K~* K~V * .~i~. ^ •* K ! 174.5 lbs; money received for cheese, i Xew England states been broken going- over the bumps; $$5,592.48; average - HAILESBORO^\ and into th^ holes left by the thaw I ^^^ 23.08c; These are the minor accidents that i made, 7,54 4 \ IDS; money received] Hailesboro, April lo.—Mr. and have occurred In the past week be- f0T butter ' «3.9^8.72; average price Mrs. Fred Forbes of Brownville with • *w- J ,, . . per pound butter. 53c; whole milk cause or Use road conditions around • gold t0 p orte ^ Falanjfa, 1,070.374 here. Just when the major accident lbs; money received for whole milk will occur and someone will be killed ! for Forte si Falanga, $29,109.23; cannot be said. It usually take* one S!. 11 !.^\^ S ° ld X ° F ° Tle * Fa J aD f a ' . ., 344,014 lbs; money received for however to wake up those responsible gkim mUk from Forte & Falanga. for the roads and force them into ; $2,992.4$; money received for whey -dofng something. They cannot be from Forte A* Falanga, $5,032.72; KI.^^4 #^. *v,« •<»•««*,.«/„.„ ^v & ^-^- whey sold- to Forte & Falanga, 1,- 3JamMforthiLiemp**^ ^ : moRey recelved toT but they can be blamed for the fact- crea ra. $5.978.7u; whole amount of money received $132,286.06; manu- facturing from Forte A- Falanpa skim milk, $402.12; manufacturing from Forte & Falanga whey. $1.- 46S.57; manufacturing from Forte & Falanga whole milk. Il.273.lu ; manufacturing butter, cheese an* cream. $$.175.56; drawing of che^stT $253.(»2; average net price per 1«>0 lbs milk. $2,212. L. L. Fairbanks. 'might were put in in celebration or*maker; G. J. Shattuck. salesman; \ parents _the election by the fire department ! G, R. Nea4om. secretary. The Her- ; Sunday that so far they have taken little or no positire action in repairing the damage done by a combination of thaws and heavy traffic. FALSK ALARMS •* The general belief Is that the two false alarms rung in last Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Emery Tamblin and daughter. Marjorie. of North Gouv- erneur visited at Claude Turtle's on Wednesday. , Miss Gertrude Tibbits of Antwerp' spent the week end with her grand- mother. Mrs. K. Edwards and other relatives. Charle* Jones of Jamesville spent Easter with his mother, Mrs. Eva Jones. - Mrs Phillip P. Mang of Qouver- neur was pleasanHy surprised last Thursday when about 3u ladies and children gathered at her home on William street. At noon a bountiful picnic dinner was served. ( Miss Ruby Tuttle has pone to ^Theresa where she will be employed a' the home of Henry Fuller. , Mr. and Mrs. Emery Tamblin and daughter. Marjorie. called on their Mr. and Mrs. Claude Tunle. Miss Frieda .efurning home of a new chief. * •«:. Whether or not the mon f>airy company declared 50 per with her sister to spend her Easter • t ,. ' ». cent dividend to stock holders. i vacation alarms were rung in actually hy [ Messrs. James and Vance Hale re-1 Percv Ethridge of Bolvav spent members of the Are department is • turned to their duties at Hobart col- \ Sunday with his mother. Mrs\ Lillian not known. . . • ,^, lege. Geneva, after spending a week Ethridge. Everett Smith was also This form of humor Is about as' ?J Hie home of their parents, Mr. and home from Sorvay and visited his! K Mm ^ ^- •. •iJ*^ o *i* ~-~ •« •KO MI ?; M -. G - HaIe - i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith.! bumor.ass as Ueing a tin can to the j Mrs. Jessie Armin returned to her i Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Gates. Mrs.- tall of a dog, and mentalities about home here one day last week after . Claude Tuttle, WilHarnCroasm&n. j the age of a boy In the tin can tieing aa^ng spent a few weeks in New Lynn fuller-and MrsT^leTen Klias stage must have conceived it M*m-\{V?!?' visit,n « h * r JanrtTer.-rrora ; attended church at Natural Dam, *_ -# ik *«- J _* * 1. ..'Armin. Sunday evening and assisted with the | bers of the fire department should { Miss Monica M. Buckley, teacher | Easter music. know at least that there are penalties in H. H. S., is spending her Easter Milburn Price and Rudolph Zing- for sending in false alarms and they ideation at her home in Penn Yan. ler of Syracuse are spending a few better than uyone etoe. ehonM i^iSJ' U accom P» ni *< 1 b ' Mi8S Edllh >*>?* « £ *?• ^ ice 'y 8 '•H>« , «; Wiltard;g . .. * * . _ . \j Rtggs. [Price, while they are painting signs! Augustus Risley is spending his vacation in Washington, D. C. Mrs. M. G. Hale, son Vance, Mrs. V. A. Green and daughter, Jatfe, were callers in Ogdensburg Friday. Miss Neljie Babcock, teacher in allse the seriousness of a false alarm If they don% it obviously shows that they know .aery, very little about their busrneig. The penality for putting in a false he are paintin signs in the northern section. Monday they were working at Ogdensburg. j Mr. and Mrs. Herman Leonard! and daughter. Katherine. returned I J^tday from Castorland where they I have been 4&ree weeks at the home of! alarm is not less than ten days im-' ^ li <*a. Is visiting her paxeJitaVidr. aad-MWvia Rrd*le*trinker. nil*™ *»» ^ r T Mrs. Murray Babcock. * Mrs. B. B. Spill prisonment er tea dollars fine or, > *?! lman and two v**w *• 1 • v. A **. * *». \ Kenneth Armin of Clarkson, Pots-^ daughters, Betty and Mary Jean, and! botlL It is too bad that the person or j darn> is visiting at the, home of his mother. Mrs. Jessie M.cTurk. left i jpersons responsible for the sending in mother, Mrs Jessie Armin and his Saturday for Fulton where they will j of these false alarms cannot be ap- prandparents. Mr. and Mrs L. H. ' visit Mrs Chester Davy and Mrs. ! yrehended ,fd glren tie fll pejai^ l^iu^nttrrnrT*-^^ ^L „t,n^ ti,. >„.»•' ui uiis way it aright be possible to week end at the home of Mr, and | of his brother at Hammond Monday, i Impress upon those givea'to ringing Mrs William Atterson. > Thos*- that were at Willard Price's ' jfire alarms that such an act should be* Nicholas Mahler of Massena spent ; Sunday were Mr. Harrison Post and *.v An ,^ rtM .u P^« •^•.o—.„„ • « ?a few rta >* s Iagt week at the home of family, and Mrs taken seriously. Fire apparatus run- Mr and Mrg> Dr _ R w _ Delmage. J of Gouverneur. Amelia McAllaster ning through the streets__aj a high Misses Helen and rate of speed is^dangerous. That fact * banks, teachers in If appreciated by the public and al- •P*na.« the Easter recess at the t * . ' . A . m 'home of Mr and Mrs. W. F Hitch- lowaaces are made, but when the lire ^^ department is called out for the Mi»* Marion iDelmage and Mr pleasure of a few persons who are! Robert ONeil. students in St Law afflicted with a warped sense of hu- j r ? n # c K e ? n l xer * iXy i 8 ^ Dt the rara ^ on •— . 4 . .. . . ^ at their homes here mar and the lives of those on the; MlMea Egther Edi8on and Rop{na •treats are endangered it is time to Delmage were csllers in Ogdensburg one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. E Harriet Fair- I Chester Manning of Theresa called Yonkers. are Saturday on his brother Fred. 1 Roy Allen and family of Gouver- neur were Monday evening callers at B. F. Hulls. j Miss Allison Manning visited her cousin. Miss Martha Manning of Theresa Monday. ^ _ , IT call a halt to the so-called fun M^r - • ' THE CHAIN PAPER Announcement is made in the Og-' Gouverneur : one daylast^ week ^^deasburg Republican-Journal of the of that newspaper to the Gannett ^patarests. The sale was denied within |§tfee past fortnight by Mr. A. £. San- for the-past several years and publisher of the paper. sale marks the advent of the newspaper to &L Lawrence The sale Is made to profes- aewspaper Interests in the bus- far bastneas' sake. Mr and Mrs.^W. T Clark were at ' Ogdensburg Friday calling on Mrs. Clark's brother, Marvin Day. who . was operated on Tuesday morning | Moss and daugh- Mrs Phillip Bernhard of Utica ter Emma, and Misses Marion ONeil spent a f^w days last week with her \ and Elisabeth Edison were callers in « mother. Mrs. A. J. Queary, at her gtaadmother's. Mrs. Johnson Gaddis. Miss Ala Jones returned Saturday i from a few days' stay with her sisters. Mrs Roy Overacker and Mrs. , Norman Tyler of North Gouverneur. j Charles Puffer and mother visited :Tbm Mr. and Mrs. M. Balmat and son. John, were Sunday guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Nadon of Dekalb Mrs William Atterson and daugh- ter. Elisabeth, and George Winters at Arthur Doanes on the Johnstown were callers in Gouverneur last week , road Sunday\ .Miss Ilene Steele, teacher in H. H. S , is spending her Easter vaca- tion in Washington. D. C. . . 4 H. H. S closed Thursday. April gfelnaftd §mmk wi for a ten days' Easter vacation. Born to Mr. and . Mrs. Ernest Goodsle, a *tz pound daughter* AJica on Thursday. April a. ,-Mri. Interests l Goodsle win be remembered as Miss taa first step af this kind in lL °i ri ?f* Hance of Russell. Mother Morth Coantry- WbUe the Gen-; Mr *** M\t »^» y.^^p. *«^ wperatee newspapers son. Ernest, of Rome are visiting a staadpotat <d bualaeas at xhe ^ome of Mr and Mrs. Roes « -w - — * v s * • Redmond. a sacesas. Uey are not home af- MT aBd Mrr £Terett Kee4 of do not hear the home trade-' Rome, were callers st the home of which the Republican-Journal Mr and Mrs. Wilbur Reed one day ta the aaat J 14 * 1 ww * ^^ ^mtten d s\1 Watt Babcock *>* Scbenectady coauBu a a apent br 1SS=S and editorial policy CARD OF THANKS We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kindness dur- ing the illness snd death of our dear father and grandfather also for the . beautiful flowers and those who TUJ ulnhed *«*#r ~— i Mr. and Mrs William Yen ton! and Sranley. hots hii pirenu. IBTr\ snd Mrs Murray Babcock Miss Thelma Ells has returned to her duty as teacher at Croton-on- Hndson Will Bartholomew and son. Floyd, of LeRoy were callers in town one day last weak. Miss Beulah Sherman of Ogdens- a few days last w?ek at the burg is visiting friends in town. as which It was Its awws waa aa ae- faraisa. THE LEON OIL WAVE wins four prizes at the International ^Convention heid recently at Hotel Pennsyfvania, Ne%% York Gty. This MarreJoui ^i*Tf wiuci by ki «oeSoriry ^TMU over afi exsenprtjtort can be bad at &e WASHBURN BEAUH SHOPPE $5 for baited time by ciaai Tn6tr professsoaai $10 by pr iff inoaai nair Cesser 1 65.MMSSI-.- ben of lea-^^« cant field. Several baUdlaai were In danaer when the fire started to spread but the blase waa extln*ulah« ed before serious daataae resulted. It was the third alarm within 14 hours, the first two, both Thursday nighu proved to be false alarms. Only a few of the smart mad-season modela included in this exceptional collection, newly arrived, can be illustrated there. The vogue for prints is growing with every week of the new sea- son and in this assortment a wide range for choice is of fered at a really special price. The newest patterns and colorings, both conservative and gay, are included in womerrs f and misses* models in sizes for alL This special collection featurtd at—choice .75 *16 Hardy-Stowell Go. STUDE BAKER, The Great Independent ERSKIMESIX \ 40 miles an hour when NEW —62-mile speed later Y OU tan \trace Studebaker engineering genius in the New American Edition of the rpErskine Six in ithe velvet ease with which it delivers 62 - mile- -an-nour speed. It is farther evi- denced in your ability to drive 40- miles- an- hour the first day ... and you need change oil but once every 2500 miles. tive hours. No stock car selling under $1000 has ever equalled this record . . ' You will find the new Erskine Six a Studebaker quality car . . . for 76 years that name has stood for fine transportation. Drive this high-quality car of low first cost and of low operating cost The exceptional performance _of the new Erskine was dem- onstrated when a stock Erskine Six sedan averaged in excess of _ 54- miles- an-hour for 24 consecu- THE STUDEBAKER LINE MO TW TWDCTATOK 72 turn »m» im •• *u«s #m to Clinton ^Street Garage \ W. E. LYTLE, Prop. «* wtmmm V.VAWA »:«««««< mmmmmsm ?a.\ ' > •*

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