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IL 11. I92S • *.y ^£vv -v^;- ,* -^- r ¥ r* S^-* ^fc^ rs -ED ON NTWERP occasion to »ur-Antwerp and Sunday iftlculty ii rhere aearj ^P into the re reported >out a mile It was with that they ts were fill- and timber ? soft spots. to get over e forced to At Somer- experienced torn up by EXCHANGE of the Wts- this week, eetin* day today were IS NA fH R\ de-open hv Man t.T ETERS world, in the R § astnase. • N in IK thi* i I i I / C a V •> * -** r •n'tftfcr s;» '^yffl APRIL II. 1928 GOUVERNEUR FftEET.PRFAS PAGE SEVEN •^ ^ Free Press Business * Directory 1 D. M. HAZELTON General D^o^bk Stock GLEN W. SEVERANCE Funeral Director SM-W FURNITURE NVit Cfcll 5fr-R OCT FIOWKRS LEONARD & FULLER [en's ud Boys' Fanmhincs Traalu-Bafs 11 M4t» St. Phone «M A. M. JEPSON * CO. Insurance of AH Kinds BUc. PIMNW 24S-J B1GEL0W , BiKelow, April 10.—Word wi* re- ceived here Wednesday of the dftath of Mrs. W. Hendruk at her home In Russell. Mrs. Hendrict wlH be remembered among her old friends and neighbors here as the widow of Riley Peterson, who conducted the Bennett Jones farm for several years. Mrs. Hendricks was a good friend and neighbor and we regret her early death. Fred Stevens visited his sister. Mrs. Henry Beach, who suffered a shock at her home in Gouverneur Monday. Mr. and Mrs E. E Mack and sons, Vern and Chester; Mr. William Mark and Amasa Simmons spent Tuesday in Copenhagen Mr William Mack and Mrs. Mack and sons remained to spend a short vacation Mrs. Beulah Lamouda and daugh ter Carrie of Rochester, spent tin week end with her daughter. Isabel, at the home oi Francis J. Wood Mr. and Mrs F J Woods aud ram ily were Hermon frut-»t* Sunday Louise Babcock has been very sick the past week. Miss Carrie Lamonda of (k>uv»r- neur is spending the Kaster vacation with her sister. Isabel at F. J. Woods Mrs. John Toomey of Gouvernj^ur a!vj daughters. Mrs. Don Toomey an^ son. Mrs. Leon Sterling and son and Mr*. Hassett of Gouverneur. Mrs. wr Nellie Hurley and son. Frank, Mrs. Cole of Talcville visited Mrs. Alvin O'Brien Friday. Miss Ethel Morse of Kents Corners Is spending the Easter vacation with her cousin, Ines Pianty Mrs. Hannah Leonard of Gouver- neur visited her niece Mrs. Glenn Hall, last week end. Miss Ruth Bishop and frle-nd. Mr Sla«k of Johnstown. N. Y . motored here Saturday to spend Easter day with her parents. Mr and Mrs. L W Bishop. Mrs Emogene Wood and daughter, Mrs George Manning and son of RicbviHe. N. Y . visited at the home of Mr and Mrs. Fred Stevens Tu» s day Kenneth B. Wood *as a business visitor at Fort Covington Thursday. I Louise Blanch and Jack Hardy of Gouverneur are spending the Ea^ttr vacation at the home of there grand- lather, M. E. Johnson Mr and Mrs. Karl Goutrrmunt of Gouverneur visited Mr and Mrs Kd ^ Pianty\ Sunday RICHV&LE r. ,-eived n :n Miss Christian Mt Krnest Pianty spent the Kaat . er holidays at Kossir , Mr. Oakly Givens has accepted thr ' position as time keeper fgr the S: Lawrence Ctilities during the erei-1 tion of the steel towers between here : and Gouverneur. Mr. A. Davenport is much improv ed from his recent illness. Jjbrmry Note*. Richville. April It—W another National Tribune Jessie Walker. - „ 1 Pur! Hodgers gavt twc Heralds Mr> Mark wick sent to th. library .'this *.-«-k MX Americar Farming tnagaz:ues and seven Evtry!a> Lift Magaz«ne>. Mr and Mrs. T. P, Griff :h gave three books this week: The B. *in jncr's I^aiin Book. Stories of the ci\\\ War and Jane Eyre. \\Y wt-re glad to fwelc• •rn<- Mrs. Frank Bingham, our trea> ;r* : ba. k to the library after h#r sh'kn»*ss last I wt-ek 1 Mr and Mrs. B. M Fa .if. daughter Frances and Mr- J ! Hendnck w,<re in Cajrth;i^r- to see !hr latter's 4auK v .'«r I>onald Palmer and alio afen Easter service at tht- K; 'church. The F.ister exercises w.-re the Congregational ckur. h .. 'morning >*rvice was w» l: a : 'Easter nnwc was given b.. :h J and special numbers Wer : by Rev. and Mrs. Benn• tt- ' lX>n Wood and Mrs. C. G and Miss Grace Palmer. K- ; were given by Helen R« • >. ! Kennedy and Dorothy Wo ni *' a n d a Iit-t lv urnLiy Mrs. rd the >eopal »!• :d in ..v.d the ' '.iTided h« < hoir 'lid' rrd Mrs. L»-»>nard it at: t)n«> Eliia s. Rev. talk TO >t*rv ice ,:i!!i bers .Harriet J. R- STURTEVANT, RD. Eye Specialist 8T. LAWRENCE INN JAJV. 8 and 81 MARCH 0 i APRIL 8 MAY 1 JUNE 5 RUTH E GRANDY Beauty Shop Parlors In Roger** DepC Store Marcellng M*nJcar* Shmmpootokg Water Waving Oovveraew, N. Y GENERAL ^ELECTRIC Refrigerator PadaJ Phone 216-J Mrs, J. S. PoDock 105 Joknjtown St TEACHER of BANJO Phone 150-J B. J. & M J. Carpenter Every Known Kiad of INSURANCE and BONDS Cknrck St Pbone31 Oswegmtdue Ligkt ft Power Co, GotDTerneitr*e Home Company LIGHT - POWER - HEAT Electric Merchandise and AD Kindt of Jobbing 8 Omrch St. Mrs, Carta* ^ 125 East Main Street MARCEL WAVING Over TransmteKion Office Phone 855 R. W. BUSH High Grade Securities Ofke 29 WiBiaa St. Pkoae 87-R Outstanding Features Not a beht fan or drain pip*\ Never needs oiling. Unusually quiet It's portable—in stall it anywhere —move it anywhere. And do not overlook the strong, attractive cabinets—built for service* Guaranteed bv (General JElectric* ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY UTILmES, INC Distribvtors for St Lawrence Coonry PHONE 58 UGHT -• HEAT - POWER Mr Ee*»*mic+1 Transport* tie* Bennetts uUo *tve a ibv: the childrt : The even ::vr was all mu>\\ two special : IPivt-n by \\\v ladles. Mr- i Spooner Mr> lielle Wood. MUs Hurh Junes. MTN itenuetta. and Mrv V. <; Leonard. - , Friends xifr*> greatly i>ur;-ris«-d when ci>:ar- were pat ui 1 !a^t wt-tk for the xnarn.i^e of Mi>- >- -rjon.* Gr*-> and Arl e Heed. Th m.i.-r.iKe took place ln>t Feb. 15 a' I»t-kaIL> Junction by R.-v. Boweri::^ a ::d was kept a secrt-r m all by the .iMiirdiate families. The bride is th- youngest daughter of Mr and M- . Kdwin , Grey and is a most charm in* younp - ladr. She rraritiated frtm» thr K:ch- .rille Hijeh sehool and atte::.ie<i train- ! inp class at Canton and th*- [»a-t year has been teaching in th»- STt-eter district wher»- «he has hai r:ne <uc- M-^S. Th* j ^riH>ni is a son f Mr and Mrs. Grov»T H ed of the K v-r road iand is well known in thi> village w-here he attended school Mr. and Mrs. Reed are now taking a honey- \ moon anioue relatives in Syracuse. i No definite plans for the f-.:tur»' have' I yet been made, but the be>: wishes of 'their many friends follow* *h^m. : Mr*. Clara XiRhtinjrale and Mrs. Arvilla Hills are on the pi. k list this week. Mrs Niphtingale w. t - missed at church Sunday where shr is a most faithful attendant. ; Worth Hendrick who is ilnHinc a T well near Kddy is spend.r.t' a U w j days her- with his wife. Mr-. Hen-, drick i< au:tin acting as bookkeeper\ (for the j M. Morton company. . : Mis- Julia Bristol of i'otsdam 'spent K.i-*er with her par- uts. Mr.. :and Mr< Y C. Bristol. j Mr<. Mary McCombs of Hnil^sboro ! 'is stayin*: with her Bister. Mr.-. Ar-! (villa Hills. I Mi<- Carrie Armstrong\ of Albany jand Mildred Arnwrongoi rari.-hviUe j-spr-nt Ka-ter wi:h Mr. anv! Mrs. Earl 'Baldwin Mi-^ Armstront; !s a nurse and is carini: for her au::: in Pots- I dam. | Miss Hattie Owens retur:>«d home ! Monday after spending a week on 'Gimlet road helpinc to care far Mr. jA. V. .Davenport who ha- been very ,111. but is better at preseir Mr. and Mrs George RTpley very .pleasantly entertained Thursday eve-' | ning the following guests to warm (Sugar: Mr. and Mrs Howard S.m- znons and family. Mr. and Mrs Bar-1 [ney Hawn of the River road. Mr. and [Mrs. Bailey. >ttpto Bos oe of Gouver-i ne4ic Mr. andjBrs oswell Tupper and Miss Bignalirof Antwerp, and the.rl guests ov^ t he w-ek end wer-: Mr. » and Mrs/ Jay Car.nVld and Hilton: rergu^^ 0 f Antwerp j ^Jy nd Mrs. Lo;:]^ r 0 Hier and son of Vi-^r-ion spent Monday evening! M:-. Ix)uisa Davies and brother i L. Jines. * Mr ar.d Mrs. For.! Smith leffTri- 1 day tc ake rhe~t:i \.rsion trip fo . \\\,-;.;:;r n. D. C. I .^r-- r«-len Davie-. Miss Pauline J- :i'- of !>tsdam Normal, Mis- Ruth ^.yMr , n - HidgeflHrl T> irk \ ,T rirv MACOMB 1 Macomb. April lu. -Our ni« e .Hum- mer weather ha> turned to winter again. , Mrs. Clinton Harvey spent F^: lay at Harry Harvey* Mrs. Kimtia Fiuley \x visitiug r^la- ' tive« aud friend* in Gouver!i»-ur and other places Mrs. John M:IU a.s entertaining het mother! Mrs McFadden frum Can- ' ada. Margaret Harvey upent Saturday afternoon with Marjune I>«-vendorf. Mr and Mr> Flo> d Hut ton-, son 'Virgil, and Mrs Will .Ingram w. re at Gouverneur Thursday j Mr and Mrs WiMiaiu Shattuck t and family spent KaM.T w:th her 'parents. Mr and Mrs Geurge Mills j Mr. and Mr« Leon Putman arid family motored to Brier 11:11 Sun- day ar.d spent the day w:th h* r moth- er Mrs Parks Florence Bailey spent Sunday at George Hitchinans'. , The schools are closed for Faster vacation I Miv- Addie Bog-irdus from G H S . is spending her Faster vacation at her home here Mr and Mr> Garfield Btckstad are rejoicing ov-r a baby ^yl born % ' last week Monday at the hoV.e of hi^ < parents. Mr and Mrs Perry Beck- .stead Mr. and Mrs John Damon and Mr and Mr>. Far! Downing and ihildren from Syracuse, spent Easter with their parents, Mrv T. Downing and Mr. and Mrs Albert Chapman. , Mrs Weldon Wainw right and son, { , Weldon. upent Sunda> evening at , John Mills j Mrs Willie Giadle and children spent a f»w j days last week with her parents. Mr. and Mrs Horace Bo- gar r. I IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE FREEPRESS COLUMNS r ' \ J \ % 0? C : Coughs Stopped Almost Instantly A New, Safe Prescription A famous physician's prescription called Thoxme relieves the most ; stubborn coughs that otherwise , might hang on for weeks. Acts on • new theory, relieves the inflammation and irritation which is almost always the cause of the cough.—stops it like ; magic. Thoxne is equally good for sore throat, for which purpose it is j far superior to gargles. Contains no j dope, chloroform or other harmful | drugs. Once used you will never be | without it. Pleasant Lasting, easy to \ take and safe for the whole family. , Remember one swallow stops night ' coughs or sore throat within 1L» HUB.- I utes or moqev back. 3 5c. 6t>c. and $1.00*. Sold bv Van Slyke &. Curtis. , —Adv | New York Central's Taxes more than $40,000,000 Schools, civic improvements, highways, police «ad fire protection all along the New York Central Lines cost huge sums annually. Each citizen shares in footing these bills. So does New York Central, which is a citizen of each community. This railroad's duty does not end with its trana- poftfitton service—the dependable movement of passengers, freight, express and mails. Its coo- \-cV tribution to civic progress and prosperity is alto of importance. For 1927 the tax bill of New York Central Lines was $40,458,648, or approximately $110,000 a day. In many communities New York Central is the largest single taxpayer. lx is the aim of the New York Central to be not only a faithful public servant, but a helpful neigh* bor and useful citizen. New Yo entral TV«s *as bee** care chec by Ved»* tnatWs *-• « ^r*t\ -v - A^l SW USED CAR5; with an ~0/( that counts; Because we are delivering more view Chevrolet* than at any other time infemr history, we are offering a number of tional values in reconditioned used r- K I). K \V f^a F^^ Our used can carry an official O. K. tag which it reproduced oo this page* Attached to a used car by a Chevrolet dealer it signi- fies that every vital part of the car hat been inspected, properly reconditioned and where worn* Iby a new part, enables anyone to used car with confidence at to factory operation, the price it absoi and right. why you should buy your / A few of our exceptional Used Car value £with an OK that counts'' 1925 Chevrolet \ Four Door Sedan - 1923 Ford Cot,* Good rma&ing cobd.Ltoa. Jtts Two »«w rear 485 e who ar- home for :h* »t ion. ( • r WiUlaBD* nni two sni.ill < .: ;.inied her brother-in-law. \V\::..-as. to Bar:.-? Corners :•• K.^: • with tke.r mother Mrv : Will.arns. ar-- ;-.td to wel ome Korr»**t Hrrwar! nf lirkimer ta 'own throuch thv K.ii-.'fT v.: ation. , Mrv Howard Sim* ns rereiv*-d ' wor-i -V-* :i '»a^»y girl wt- born to h*-r sist-r. Mr- iK,r.:ild Fair ind hu-baiid » a: Iw-kalh JUL Uon, 4^ril 4. Mr- ' Farr •*u.- M:>- Kthel DSr.aldton. \for-\ mor r^ii^n: of *he Ri% r roac i : Fro! Dan H^amaa m$ familv of' Waddintton ar- speadfcp a portion j foi The i\-<j>>-r holidays- with\ their' mother. Mr- R-j:h Bea^.n. M>* rioTutby and Haft Shampine i entertain^ 24 of tht Vgh school studeL'- a: thf-ir home «S the Dekalb road Fr t <] r d? K^:r;? to »tt|?ar party. It wa> r^-n in honor Stine basket- ball teaz* which was ^fcorious in the (han,; :-in-hir came^gt week Cards wr-r«- *-rjoy«.(i dar|^ L h e eve- '2, goof t. 3i e w a: on spent £ v a n * 5 enter- r rhiJ- i hman ir.h n d Mr? DoHf. Rob- - Hill, aurh- - 1923 Dodge Coup] Re-con Gil* on *d Newly 5293 '923 Dodge Touring Or.ri-i Motor 0 K $135 1926 Landau Sedan Motor re~eo»&tio»eid I se^ Urea Looks like new 925 Essex Coach $395 ii Re-e-omditiome^ Good rzz SEAKER-CRAVES MOTOR CO. IE < OOCT WTtL W. T. Me CLURE & JOfflf SON ALT0TS GARAGE . RICHVniE AJfTWERP \ Dependability, Satisfaction and Honest Value mnp ar, . a *:- had. Mrs Clara l>«v : ,^ of Thursday u:-h .Yr- FTat Mr ar.d Vr- J h tained a? Etver p* dren. Mr ar.i Mr- of Sprar-*^ ;:ie. -buz. lAbaaloc at Gonvern- Clark Do-id* and Erelj-L aid Mark. Mr an ert Dodi- ar. j ^z T • . o Mr. and M-- I*ean I> cd- ter. Mar;- Kr *'r.rrn of Syr Mrs «*TI Iv-nniLf > danrhter 1 Aire a; B Gladys a: y-^aM Mia*' E*t*. I v ar>e* *?••: Easter M\= '» r kwood ar^d of Ren»M .^' F-*is Mr axe Mr= GUT FaL daupbter Ba*^• \^ Jane of spent :h» w»^k-*r.d w ti; : anu. Mr and M-?. Frar.^ They wer«- accompanied * Hirfcrl]> r*r E'.r^^r Bo**or went on to Ori*-nsbnrr tr aeph^w Mr. sud Mr^ Fr jrr **t Lor^ €kildr*r -f >r.'^;i. Mrs Dor. and dasri'-r N-y*n:a aud Betty Ree-d of ?yri-n«* »^ t-** t^^ir aif\- V*' Ge-orfe W Mr and Mr* LCT*\T r^tunei Scnday m::f :h* re« of th* remaiaiLf for r^ w*#k Mr and Mr- A~tur Reyiio:d aor La*-res-e cf S^^kcaae ar« r- of t*e forx*r « pa-^rui Mr ard Darid Rerrr'id* MT% Kw.r. G--T »peat tt» w #»d w.rl h#r children OB tk* R road. Mr a ad Mrs Car\. Taarstor. two pes* J«-.or and Richard r-est^ of Mr aad Mr* Orrtm W; *rl taroarfc ite Easter. rmcatSor CX**r r»e*J of Mr cad MnV* Baidvia Srsday w#-# Mr. aad M* FRGibjoc of Caxior Mr. »ti1 Ka Mai^ra Hocaa a^d Mrrta Arc stroma art vWUa* ta rnttjf ^ « Millions of Model T Fords are still in active service FOR nearly twenty yean, the Model T Ford led the motot industry and it still is used by more people than any other automobile. More than eight million Model T Fords are in active service today—an indication of their sturdy worth, reliability and economy. Because of the tremendous investment which people have in these cars and because so many of them will be driven for two, three, and even five more years, the Ford Motor Company will continue to make replacement parts until, as Henry Ford himself says, \the last Model T is off the road.\ For the Ford Motor Company has always believed that its full duty consists not only in making a good automobile at a low* price, but also in keeping it running efficiently foe you as long as possible at a minimum of expense* No matter where you live, therefore, you can still hup Model T Ford parts with the same assurance as formerly, knowing that they will give you the kirufof jfrvirr ynPL have a right to expect, and at the same time protect the money you have invested in your car. All Ford replacement parts, as you may know, are made of the same materials and in the same way as those from which your car was originally assembled, and are low in price because of the established Ford policy. So that you may get the greatest use from your Model T Ford over the longest period of time, we suggest that you take the car to the nearest Ford dealer and have him esti- mate on the cost of any replacement parts which may be necessary. You may find that a very small expenditure will mam tain the value of your car and wiQ be the of giving you thousands of miles of additional £/<LW/ FORD MOTOR COMPANY Detroit, Michigan \ Mi * <o*; ,4 . < * « ..•&• i-l * : 4>£i .vis* \-Mm *El \IJA Wj fe

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