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•^.gy^T^TJ.PPSy.yT '•W«J» - jf-z*K' PAGE EIGHT -r 1 ^ *&^ :JW\ a'». at .fTf 1 ' •ffTawwrrf^ ^*»*** \• • \»-' ^w^;-, a/^^^P^*^\ ^^^^^ -A .-t» • • GOUVERNEUR FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1 192$ was fighting a loeing battle against \ pathetic figure, drenched to the akin j hand. That include* you Reggie, and the severe elements of a tropical from ibe rain and the spray of the I don't forget the banquet at the club hurricane. The passengers had been* sea, •thinking** tfca**ld home back | tonight.\ and the director of the Red notified two hours previous to leave in Olio and tfce airt Mary. Millions j Star, Motion Picture company, waved! t hfM their berths and adjust their life i meant nothing*'**'him at this hour, a careless goodby to Reggie Jones, dav who belts The crew of the ship had tak- t the ship wae'going to surrender if-! his leading man, alias Jerry Lane, j Florida en the situation in a matter of fact *elf to the forces of the sea. pauper, picked up his megephone and called j could nWhas^cia'iiea down way but regardless of their calmness and millionaire, they wonld go down j it Just another day's work. | ^r t ift £L «£& 7d2te. Thlc 'ri&yy .•*' \if -, tCr- I- . Everything flashed through his mind at this moment. The lHtle firm back in Ohio, mother baking the good old ginger cookies, the fields of green, cattle grasing peacefully tn the sunshine, the everlasting chirping of the birds in the old oak tree, that stood at the entrance of the ancient driveway. He would give anything in the world, riches, wealth, position in life, and Jerry Lane possessed them all. just to find himself back on the veranda of the little green and white farm house, surround- ed by flowers and beautiful clinging vin^s. That Hchoolhouse on the hill. Kd- di»- and Frank, pals of bygone days Then a ~~lloiwl<* R. Kinney vision of another old pal flashed in his brain, coming from the depths of his broken heart. Mary. And Mary means all the name signifies. Mary mith the braid of hair down her back. Mary in the gingham dress. Mary with the kind heart snd the understanding disposition. The girl he would tell of his troubles. . The one who planned and helped and prayed for his success in tile great city. It was Mary that bade him fare- well, when Jerry had slipped away from his local surroundings, un- noticed by his parents «ud best friends. Mary the loyal pal and Mary the only girl bade him a sweet good- by and waited sMHl«rt*iy fur the Ut- ter that had never-arrived. For three years, he had told himselff day after day. that he would forgotten letter to ana* kind words of encourag me nt together? * Another sew ere shock; the grim expression on their weather shook the boat. The captain Issued j beaten features, conveyed the ter- orders for the lowering of the lifej rible news, that disaster was about craft, n was limply an effort to pro- ] children vLited her mother in Th«- to befall the vessel. Women, with long the livei of the few passengers.'' ?UiUKl Ber moiner lD Tb *- write the long children cluu-h**d in their arms were that could gain entrance to the boats, the girl back sending prayers ,to heaven and iVothing could exist In the form of ing the holidays with her parents in Wilson street. • '• -.'• heard a fellow talking the other had Inst returned from ! Florida. He goeV on to say how he there for fifteen cent! a*dowen. The climate • ..• • I was beautiful, the living expenses Mrs. I/Quls Washburn of West-very reasonable. There were thous- Maln street, accompanied by her ands of opportunities to go to work if one cared about that part of it. home For the same length of time i shrieking in dbpair, men. the kind \ a small craft In this raging sea of that wear soft shoes and knickers, the Tropics. It would be crushed like! he had put it aside until tomorrow. Perhaps there was an excuse for Jerry Lane, if one stops to consider a mere country lad. caught in the whirl of a great city, became famous overnight, owned and operated nev- eral large stee! mills, married into th higher &H and regretted it after- wards It was a settled fact, between Jt-rry and the walking advrrti^-mmt of fashiotiabie clothe*, that he called his wife, the two of them htfould giv*- it up and forget each other en- tirely. HIM butterfly wife, would re- main in the city and Jerry was to gu abroad. During his absence the lady in question wi^uld immediately file papers for a divorce and Jerry would make a suitable settlement which would bring about the final climax of his married life. Nothing very serious had entered into their life, simply a case of trying to make a farm boy feel at ease in the Kits Carlton. It failed to function and there's the main factor of the strife that had existed in the Lane Mansion on the Drive. | Three days at sea, on board the ; \Lady Golden\ Japan bound. Jerry Lane was making plans for the fu- ture. Whatever his plans happened to ! be or what thoughts he possessed re- , garding his trip to the Orient, were destroyed in the fraction of a second , The hour was shortly after midnight were offering hugh sums of money to the sailors fur protection and safe- ty Lifeboats were being prepared to drop into the sett The captain, old Halt that he was, stood by with gun in each hand, fouling orders to his men. encouragtneut to the weak and tirnld. cursing the wireless oper- ator for tile disabled wireless, and facing the grim Tragedy like a real Sea captain low* to face disaster, like a man The figure leaning calmly against the rail and gazing intently down at the roaring black waters that would soon engulf him and smother out his life with one mighty wave, was Jerry Lane Darkness was everywhere. The fierce ram beat down upon the ship's deck hke thousand* of Htthr pebbles Another tremble passed through the # ship. timbers creaked and groaned, and the water reached higher on the lower decks. The en- gine room was completely flooded, the stokers had died Hke rats in a trap, it was simply a matter of time before the ship would settle for a moment and take its final plunge. : Htrange that he would be thinking of the long forgotten past. Jerry Lane had told himself. He wasn't a coward. Death was a thought that had newr troubled his mind. Now it was upon him and he stood there an egg shell by the angry wares that leaped fiercely at the sides of the-; vessel. If th«re was only some wajn5f' he could sen* a last message home.1 iy Just to tell Mary, that be passed Into rasa during the past week. » • * The Barnum house In West Main street has been purchased by Mrs. Pearl Carroll. Repairs will be made on the house, after which it will be cupied by Mrs. Carroll and fam- Everyone In Florida greeted you with a smile snd taking it all in all, Florida is just about 100 per cent better than Gouverneur. What I want to know is. why he ever came back. • • • i The regular monthly meeting of nbe \World Wide Guild of the First i Baptist church was held at the home WORTH URKPATRKX IS REPORTED IMPROVED Worth Klrkpatrick. I«, son of Sit:' and Mrs. Alexander Klrkpatrick otf Fowler, is better today. His leg wi broken Wednesday when an auto*' mobile be bad Jacked up fell on Urn. At the time the youth was working on the car of Karl Sibley, the Jack la said to hare given way allowing the car to fall. Dr. D. M. Foes was called and alt- er experiencing difficulties In get- ting through the muddy roads, reach- ed the Sibley farm where he attend- ed young Klrkpatrick. The boys condition is better and he is resting comfortably. the great ber«nd while thinking of In reply to questions regarding the ot Miss Ruth Rathburn laat Monday her and the food old times they had , stove pipe league. I should like to afternoon. The following business enjoyed together Suddenly an idea struck him. H had often read about the placing oi notes in a bottle at : sea and having them drift to shore j and be delirered to their rightful j owner. Why not try it? Nothing else mattered and life was short. Jerry- Lane pulled a silver flask from his pocket, a bir'bday gift from the j boys at the club, hastily wrote a fare- well note to little Mary back in Ohio, I placed his letter inside the flask, in- j serted the cork Tery firmly andj dropped it, with a prayer on his lips | over the side of the ship. Anotheri tremble aa&ted through the floating palace and the captain's final shout. \She's goinf this time, stand by like men and die like a real man should die.\ \All right, you bums, that's enough for today, that close-up with you and the bottle went fine, Regin- ald. Just a little more grief, when you throw It in the water. Hitch a line on this old wreck and tow her into the dock, will you Bill? We will shoot that farm scene, out -on matters and entertainment occupied the afternoon: Roll call. \What II like to remember about Easter;\) secretary'* report, rendered by Miss! Genevieve Taitt; treasurers report, by Nellie Bailey; scripture reading,! \Luke. 24-4453.\ by Ruth Rathburn; ; (prayer by Electa Brown; vocal solo I \Christ Arose.\ by Miss Dorothy Davis; reading. \The Legend of the! Easter Lily.\ The usual offering was j taken, after which most elaborate i j r* freshmen ts were served. Those] i present included. Rev. and Mrs. Hutchinson and baby. Mrs. W- W. I Freeman and the Misses El ecu announce that the league has dis- continued for the summer months but will resultie activity next fall. You cant blame the fellow* from not wanting to hang around a coal fire during this kind ot weather, can you? w » • Wendall Overacker of St. Law- rence university is spending the holi- days with his parents • • • Thia week's questions in History: 1. What was William Howard Taft's middle name? 2. In what state Is Knoivllle, Tenn? 3. Who was president of the United States during Lincoln's ad- ministration? | L.'E. Young, propietor of the Answers to last week s questions: [ Wilson street garage, has been busily 1. Yes. \thars gold in them thar engaged during the past two weeks. mountains\ i installing new machinery at the Hor- 2. The jelly fish is the fish in ton mi ifc station. Mr. Young has en- question. | tered the second hand boiler busi- 3. It would be quite proper to ness and has several on hand at this Brown, Dorothy Davis. Genevieve Taitt, Mary Jones, Doris Moulton, Ruth Rathburn. .r. X and the good ship \Lady Golden* j leaning against the rail, a dismal and the lot tomorrow and everyone be on J-. f- time. • w • The G. T. C. club entertained at the home of Mr*. Leslie Lamb at 255 West Main street, last Friday after- noon. Cards were enjoyed during the wear a brown derby in place of the usual head dress. • • • Local firemen from Brooklyn did- n't fare so badly at the annual elec- tion of the Gouverneur fire depart- ____ ment. Among the West Side fellows, r party With first honors awarded to who received an office at the election Mrs. H. Thomas and the consolation were: Guy Deans, foreman of Hose* prize was awarded to Mrs. F. Wells. Company No. 1 and L H. Martin. Light refreshments w-yre served at assistant foreman of the same com- the close of the party. The following pany; George ORielly was made fore- • members of the club were in attend- mwn oT Xo:^7 wITh Ffalfk\ FJesaw ' ance: .Mrs. D. Bdwe\rT.~3Trs. A. Kil- assistant foreman; Grove Totman burn. Mrs. H. O'Neil. Mrs. F. Wells, and John Wells also received offices Mrs. M. Cross, Mrs. S. Wood. Mrs. BURLINGTON FERTILIZER Just received a car of fresh fertilizer. 2-S-10 2-1S-2 AcidlUck * Ground Steam BOM Sheep Manure Air Slacked Lime WM. ftflMONS X 1 in the above company. Leslie Lamb and Claude Mosher received offices in the Hook and Ladder company. Mr. Lamb was voted secretary and Mr. Mpsher a warden. Ned Anderson will act as assistant chief for the coming year and Dick Rathburn re- ceived the office of second assistant chief. ___._• H. Gardner. Mrs. H. Thomas, Mrs. W. Pike, and Mrs. E. Lamb. The .next regular meeting of the flub will be held at the home of Mrs. Joseph Bowen next Friday afternoon. . . * * * Mrs. Irving Gardner. Mrs. Perley Thomas and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Gardner, motored to Ogdensburg and Brockville la*TSaturday. The fire department responded to i^ ~t— Z an alarm last Friday afternoon turn-1 EARL MATTIS HIGHEST ed in at the lower end of Johnstown \ street. A rather severe grass fire was raging at the time but due* to the prorrfpt arrival of the firemen the fire was quickly, extinguished. r Ws like haviflg a Maid at no cost fr-v With the ZHotiwvni^ Automatic Electric H ERE is the range that says: \Mother. Come Out of the Kitchen—Let the Hotpoint Phantom Maid Do Your Cookinr\ For when you own the modern Hotpoint Super-Automatic Electric Range, afternoons belong to you. No more leaving the lecture or bridge party early or cutting short your shop- ping tour to rush home. Even if you are late, your dinner will be ready to serve, the food cooked Just right—de- liciously hot The Hotpoint Phantom Maid has watched your cooking while yon have spent a carefree afternoon. g e Morris, the eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Morgan, Mc- Kean street,^has returned from the Hepburn hospital where heTecently underwent a serious operation on his throat. The boy is doing nicely at this writing. • • • Louis Washburn was a visitor in Theresa over the week end. • • • Mrs. Charles Kane is spending the holidays with her family in West Main street. Mrs. Kane i« teaching school at Lucerne, N. Y. • • • Rowland Harder of Albany is visit- ing friends and relatives on the West Side. •• • • _ ; ... PauJ Finnegan of Utica Is spend- j ing the holidays at his home in Pros-i pect street. Mr. Finnegan is connect- ed with the Indian Motor Cycle company. Miss Mary Gates Is visiting at the home of her parents. Mr. and Mra. Claude Gates in Parker street. Miss Gates entered the Mercy hospital at Watertown as a student nurse last September. • • • Herbert Tuttle. who la attending ental university at Philadelphia, 1* spending the holiday mrith him ' ^ la, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Tuttle IN ROAD HEAD EXAM Earl Mattis of Massena stood highest in the civil service examin- ation for county highway superin- tendent, the position left vacant by the resignation of Walter L. Willson. . Mr. Mattis' standing on the examin- ation, held two weeks ago, was 91 60. H. J. Stevens of Brasher was , second with a mark of 89 and Thom- as Lawrence of Canton third with a j mark ot 72.2. I The^appointment is expected to be made next week by the St Lawrence i county board of supervisors. DANCE MULUN S HALL ROSSIE FRIDAY EVENING APRIL 13 Admission: 75c Couple, 25c SmgicHLady a Pa For this month only, we are making a special 4ff that puts a Hotpoint Automatic Electric Range witfclnfe reach of all. This wonderful otfer includes a low doWi*yment, an extra long time to pay, and a valuable premising each Hotpoint Range purchased during this sale. % And we hav# Hotpoint Ranges to fit every ymxint pur- pose. Visit our showroom today and let us te*>n about the special, time-limited offer. Watch this pafjefcr farther announcements. in Jo) i I Harol i Busin< and relal Lnstown street. • • • id Lunderman of Albany A College is visiting friends ti*es in Brooklyn. ooooooo aofrfrfroofrsgo^s^frssosoofrfrooi •*; •H- 5£ * :*• -V* * 1 S. -y*H 171 :--* »-€ »i FREE PREMIUM A vaiaable pr*a:n» win be giv« free with each Hct^oir: Raar? p«r-aa»*d this »onth Watch this paper or better -r.rft oar ahowroos loday A GENERAL ELECTRIC ORGANIZATION Urjtst Munbctwers of ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY UTILITIES, INf. Mr. am motored cuse durin; will be tl Harrison Mr. and ense and M 1 Girard of Tj few days at James Kinj !Mr. and com pan led the past we | Ing friends worth condi pair shop. Mr and Geneva are Uves in Bi 1 Mrs. Francis McNulty o Gouverneur from Syra- 15 the past week end. They Te guests of Mr. and Mrs. >st in Prospect street. pst l Mrs* Fred Smith of Syra-. and Mrs. Randolph 1 lie are spending a Ithe home of Mr. and Mrs.* in Wilson street. • • • rs Fred Iilingworth, ac- »y their children, spent ek end in Lowville risfV nd relatives. Mr. Illing- ^jcts Brooklyn's shoe re- • • *?• r%. Victor AuClair of risking friends and rela- oklyzi I LUCKY? DONTMISS THIS ONE! JINX BALL • .— A Regular County Fair STATE ARMORY, OGDENSBURG 9 p. m. —DANCING — 2 a. m. Last Company M Dance This Season Good Times for Young and Old LATEST DANCE HITS BY NORTHERN DANSONIANS 13 — Different Kinds of Novelties — 13 The Jinx WiD Be With Those Who Stay at Home WE WELCOME YOU $1.50 COUPLE EXTRA LADY 50c Walter be man. visited the past w ed to Gonve aakL He \2ter is, tmr Brooklyn candy- friends in Altmar over ! end. Mr Lewis return-! by the way of Fnl-i Iks iPip by B*jtE&> - i^mmr 1 PwUs*! two or TTfcT «• ** suddenly discovered * » F^^sollne supply was com- \ pletely exna ^ usted The lhoughl did . \ n't -worrr o^ r #rooklynite lB UJ* ae severe wind that was e time, simply furnished o bring man and car rouveraeur Mr. hewim that he operate* a least, for tl raging at tl the power back to proudly ft; Ford. Mr and Sunday tn ports that with moc' nevere sni north coo^ Carl Oi Inland a new O'Bm Fords Mrs E. J. CafciH spent Ogdensburg Mr Cahlll re- the return trip was made a difficulty, due to the' ow storm that visited the a try last Sac day • o • rapotte will learn for Green J week and will retnm with ar Glenn Cole and Thoma* have both received their new the Curtis garare Mrs Edw vi»ir Melt Nora Rocers of Canton and d Boecoe of Watertown, are g a: the home of Mr and Mrs :a Rnatble in Joanstows street. • 00 *!**• Klsi* Waatfcnrn of BAeheerer ts v^ tx^f a; t-€ home of her par* t __ Mr ard Mr? Georrt Wajrtban.. Pb«e58 GoerehMar, N. Y &c~£\ rf **C £k ~ W.riias Ferrer and fam.ly ef ^ r*r*or ar» vi*::.^* fr.*rdf asd r eia::T»f s Brook!yx WiHiam. J* • 7 ^ r»sa5z s^rera: dayi with Mr • Hanptox a rraeyec street ^ ^_ • _JI _ja — — i Jo Kms a* Dieberrs M i -w » ^ \.•**• v- .# .^r—'^terv *Vf

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