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'%&•' <*5\ mi rouw THB T»i«tJWg.Pllgi>^OOUVgltNEUW, N. V, WIOWMAY, MAY W. tM» THE TRIBUNE-PRESS ITee Nortaeni Tribune and i Oouveraaar Free Preei) Coaeotidated April 14th, lit* X, IMUCO EVERY WEDNESOAY -i THE ADIRONDACK I ANNUAL SESSION 1 IWPFY<!TFR NOTTS LEACIIfSCflEDULE RAPTISTASSOC, j *\\\»'« HUiaa try tba Vjxk Pro* Corporal kjo, <tM« Maaajrr t.outtrrirur. N * Eaarvrd in the fxifttoffu* «t Gouverneur, Of«cial Ope*tag of Season Will Occur Sunday—Four Garnet To Be Played St L ,_ce ..p.* A....WWP-.A ^ -I'^Wft Met jt Oickinaon Center Church May 16-1/ TW dtbr on >oui j*wr »ul*cripttor the iron t&o« ^C • <ldr«U Ubc i 0MT4JM) «j U> UkC £lr»t Of UMI Member NYPA Circulation Audit Bureau T:i» -c-hmiuif toi rhr Adirondack IliM- iKiit l^afcru*' which will off: <-*i!iy upm ihr 11*33 season SUD- da.v >l.i> 2vh. nas t>« *-n ctjtupleted s May 28 j K'jNr-»-II a' M«>rr;»:o» u. M!')aMTD»*ar a'. H**nnon j Ki-r^?»v!at*r J-'AJN :t? Spragueville ' S'unhs Corner.-* a' Heuv^kon June 4 * il«-U\rlton at K'JSSf t . i , >pra<ut-\ ilit* at Uou\ernt*ur Hrrmon at Ken.s>^Ia^r Falls Morriatown at Sruiitk* Corner* * ( June 11 For poetry w»j tvxf-uot* i ihxsac of 10 ^uwrm-ur at Miun&town goe^prx ,.« * made. Jot card of thank. Ku ^ n ^ H *rmon ikiiioj A... il r.jr,ai cba.-ft 2* far | Smiths Comers a; Spra«ueviUe 25 word* <jt *»» aver tti*( imoual U *; fi»»n>S*'la^r Kall> a t Ht*UVW'on ~~\ \June 18 raxur> .'!}«• at Kii^v*-ll. •MfiiiD« At the next regular :iM-':n<^.> b^hrid on ajay *Tth. a •>;'•-«• :al program will be given COtn niriuom'.int: tit** •>\*•* aailirereary rrf *:ir* foundir.-* of the Order of Patron of Husbandry. Members a:r a^knd to bnnx for exhibition ariclfs thry may bave in their po- N.^^h5ion tha* wrrf in common net- Service and \ Hospitality u— of I>eaj**y*\t»r Grange NM ijgfct SUBSCRIPTION j**/ IU luonuim - . Four One 5UM> Oftomt* moiiit ' copir* ADVERTlSlf .* HQ PRICE . . _ ..._ - RATES » $ 1 1 S 1 » .uc '5 W li .05 Thr- 1-\ an.uua! »tv»jiuu o! the b t I Lawrence lU;j!L»t A-.- ntation con ' \-*::»-.i J' l>akiiiekon (Viitrron Tm-v , iiay aii'i W ••dn»»«»day last with Kvv j .Mn!::is'»jtti M Morion. Mt>d»ralfrrr* [ r'-\i'im^. Tii»*r** wu> a fiar aJ •»«»nt^ri' '• of dc!eKatr.^. the *anou.-» _. , mmm ' tAt b riv^ wcll.M'x'y >'-*rs a^o M:> Charlee With :»-;»-ll will b^ :n charge of thi» feat ure Th** public i* invited to at n*Dd tin- lfctur»'r .s hour A Moth •-.•a' Day proKram «w presented by the worthy lr»cturer. Mrs. Mar liadgtr The rnembers Of the in the ar» a j oh'irch^ J \\.»nlft of warm %it-icotiie were Up«»k-n by r .':^ K»-* (^t'org*- V:n».*n. r i»f the entertainjiuj? church, t-op^ndtxl t-» b y the Mini era* or PHEASANT RAISING CONTEST STARTED «SB Oaab 0Du»t a<~com p*'..y Claasifled Ad- f vartlaina; ct.f.) ERNEST W. JACKSON as the traveling representative of the Trtbune-Prea* He U fully em potered to make contracts and re- ceive and receipt- for all moneys «ue the publisher Mr Jackson also represents the Syracuse Poet-Stan lard :n this territory WEDNESDAY, MAY 24. 1933 j HERMON K an J LMHV.i ^; ;*ound M:> U: Heuvelton a' Gouwrneur. Morns'own a' K* aA**»:a»*r Fall.s. Ht-rr»on a*. Snith* Corners. June 25 Ht-rnioh a* M.»'-n»:ow n. %&. '• el ton at Sprajfueville. <X*J-'. errjru.'\ a* UiL-oeil, Sruiths Cor-uer- Kc»na^elaer Falls July 2 S; 'at* >-\ :i!t» at H*-r::jon. \I'.rr.>:o\s n at H'-'jvel'on ri'Ti-^st-la*-:- F:tiU a' Go**w~rneu r \ 1 a* S:JI r hs Com••>*--* Ju<y 9 1 a: K.-r..--. ow n a - >; •or. a: !!»:•: •n»-ti - a: >::J July 1 >n\ n a' ii^.' » ' 'jion a: Gt»u\e •n»*f ••; :;U- u' ii\ •ii.wl'on H' Si:!i:lc- C->mer^. July 23 j».l! at Helix» l*on. • -o^ t- TT.r-ur a: S;'.-a-::>-\ U!•• -fi^.-vi^i\-.- Fall* at Harmon. ar-r r*a!](« aJU.'Ull-. 16 Cw^rat-1 -*. IN ri'- ir Falls >ni:; F -n. ; o M- and Mr- ale ^.it-jrday, Mav 13. <iau«:h:»r. ua*::rd Ii»-ce M.-r- T!n-ron Haj*ber > .ve*»k w;!h her Si St- Mars:on in Il;on M-> Fioland I-arab^^ and dsu^ii r*-r. Jean of Sherbrooke. Car.ada jha\r in -en i^nd:n*; a few day- with Mr>. [^arabe^'s parent?. AJ and Mr> Wi.'lij Well*. •**^- Mr.- Maud** Haven, local librari- an, i* gpending ih«* w«-t*k a* S* Lawrence un:vertJ.ry where she is takini: a short library course Mrs Jennie MacMillan has chars*- of rhe library during her abeetice. On .Saturday evening of this week therp will be an entertain- ment of music and rvc:tat ions held in the library for the small pnee of ten cents. The program will be followed by refreshments. The -function is in charge of Mrs A. C Booth. Proceeds are for the bene- fit of rhe Baptist church Mre. Charles Bolton of Canton Rensselaer Fails - Smith* Corn*rv was a busine?e visitor in Hermon August 20 par of last week. ; Hermon a: Spra^uenlle. Mrs^ John Hance entered Hep , Heuvelton at Morrisiown bum hospital lae-t Wednesday for (kvuvemeur at Rensselaer\Falls treatment and a minor operation, Siiiitl* Corners at Russell. w»hich sh^ underwent on Friday I August 27 'morn:wr She U as comfdrTable as ' RenAseiaer Falk at Russell. *°?}* be / 1 2 ect6 ^- . , ! Sprasrueville at Morriatown. Mr and Mrs Kenneth Reynolds Hermon at Heuvelton. of Watenown were guesu of Her- s m j t hs Corners at Gouveraeur. mon friends part of last week. Miss At lhe closp of tne geason a Harriet Reed returned home with \ rie « of po^t-sea^on itamts will t**m Thursday. - _ f ; lay-d rod*c*de the championship These ganitti will be played by tht two leading tearns, the honors be- Corner- at Morrusiown. Juy'y 30th Morristotin at Gou\erneur. Hermon at RiLS-eii Spraciev :lle at Smith? Corners I Heuvelton at Rensselaer Fails. August 6 ' Russril a: Spra^uev jile. iGomerneur at Heuvelton. .'Rensselaer Falls at Morris town. : Smiths^Corners at Hermon August 13 i Morristow n at Hermon ;£prapuevi!!e at Heuvelton I Russell at Gouvero^ur b> Y wh Kp:s:lr ^ev««ral ;•: .Mrau. Sr: :;h. Kxecutive Seeretary of the .V-w Ys.rk State Raptint Conven- tion. Rev <'harle> A Bechter. As- fhi-itaiit to the Kxecutive Secretary. Rev (* K. Nichols, who has charge ,,r 'he I'pstate Baptist Home for Chrldn-xi and W. Renjamiu S'arr. a prominent Baptist layman in the S'at- Ais-» the Rev I) H. Sisson. r- • j:-!i»-<l miAsioiiaiy from India and S-- -refary of the New York State K'-rei-n Mission Board. Kach of T .. f ,.. j,r»^»-iited forceful address-.-s on the Genera! Association Theme. ••\Kxi-re-^im: Christianity \ 0'\ \\\edne.-*«iay^ iii'ernoon. Mr. ' R »ht 11 I. Hale Of (Jvuven^!!' aJ- »'(!: -^-d rhe A>^ociation in the in- f :ere-t.-* .>f the Anti-Repeal in/ve- liiaiii Mr Hale spoke- oil work | th-a* t an be done to prevent the I repeal <>f [he l x 'h amendmen* ile I.^r^ed that every possible effort be , ::..t !'• to i.*et !h»- dry \otes to the ;v»iN on -Tuesday and «Jirvs^fd the , ad^antaces of a lar^ M dry v»te in NMW York State I»:^:rur the sessions, a serie.- of d--vo!.<»rial addresses were deliv- •e:.-d by Rev A. K Kelly. Gardens- h in:, on the theme. 'The Kxpres- -: >n of Christianty\ throueh the Book of Hebrews At ;>:3y p. m. on Wednesday Itap'ist women met in th** church auditorium for the annual meeting i Mr-* W. V. Bacon, president, pre- ! sided Meanwhile, a men's confer- II ence on Kvangelism was held at ' the parsonape. with Mr. Frank Richardson of Osrdensburg in the chair. 'ju\enile Crrange assisted with the pav an! The antiual tKrrmon wu preached | ^a Rev. Cha*. A. Bi>yd Malone. N ^le<ied as his theme. -An ! program Community 8in«in« was tt Chris* \ t Cor 3 3 ; enjoyed, followed bv recitations b> outstandiriK leaders in ate w»rk shared m Such as Rev I>r Juhn K F:ieanor Jackson and Maxine Field .ton A report of the regional con 1 ' ference^Vkas <i\en by Harve Bad Ker A song. Mother\ was ariven by six girls Readings were gtven by Donald Badger. Carmetta Kirby and Marvin \Vitherelk ; Mrs. Wil- bert Parish read a paper contain- ing suggestions for the low cost meals as.outlined Sv the Home Bu reau. A reading from the National Brange Monthly. \Beer or Milk '. by Charles Witherell. Dialofrue by four girks. At the close of the pro- gram. Marjorie^Rock in \behalf of the Juvenile Grahee. presented the mothers of Juveniles with a flower Assemblyman \V. Allan Newell of ngdensburg called on friends in town on Tuesday Mr. and Mrs John Griffin and daughter. Virginia. of Massena. \w-re Sunday gue>r^ of Mrs. Hattie K:-by. Albert Du-iall began work Wed li^sday for ivU*«d Bayne of Ma comb Mr and Mrs Clarence Hutton of Macoiub. and Mr and Mrs. Charley o'Hara and children of Hammotjtk spent Sunday at Harry Hitchman s Mr. and Mrs Roy Beatty of Heu %ep.on spent Thursday evening with Mr and Mrs L. T. Beatty. Mr. and Mrs. Harve Badger ^anii. dautjhter Jean, and son. Bruce. we re Sunday guests of Mrs. Bad ! gerV father. James Thompson of * he Lisbon. Grrin Smiihers of Watertown spent Thursday evening at Thomas . Stunners'. j Ernest Pianty of Hermon, Miss j Alice O'Leary of Rossie. and Mies Joyce Tyler of Potsdam epent the j week-end at George O'Leary's. The cou»m w*ji ^>td mr\9*kmi rflahce x>n Thurs day evening. May 25th. Mu*ic wil1 be rjmished by French* \orcbes tra 1 , Indies' Aid of the U K C!iu:ch »i!l hold a parcel post *ale in N • church parlors on Saturday e\en.ug. May 27th. Friend* inter e<te«t a'e requested to aend or bring parcels for the sale Mrs Jerri e GifTin is chairman • 1 lie Ik-Peyster Fashion Show\ va- j t'^en'ed at the Grange hall a' <>:i I>eKalb on Friday evening The prcK-eetls of the entertainment were divided between the Lavdies Ad So<*:eties of I>eKaM) and I V \\ >r,ter At the close of the pro- gram the ladies of that place serv- ed a delicious supper to those tak ing part M >s Jennie Beatty is spending a few days with Mr and MD*~ NVweli Bea't> of Heuvelton. Mrs Hoiper Todd, who has be**n ill for the past several days to slight 1> improved Mrs. Olive Ward is raring for h^r M\s P A Bogardus was very >uflde-nl> taken ill Saturday noon and her condition shows only a flight improvement at this time Pr Mui.^K)lland m attending her T::e Girls of the Cloverleaf 4-H club met at the home of Mkss Thei ::,:•. Ravne on Saturday afternoon fort wi \\ ^ n \aAe to add at least \ e-president Carolyn Crayford j 2(H> more. The officers and execu- called the business meeting to or- der in the absence of the president. M.>> Carrie Wilson. Mayoni Rock | nsn ^j^ mufJ . have the backing of !e.! 'h«» club pledge Roll call *a*' a ll sportsmen and the community „ir..-;%»• red by each one naming their ( j n ^,-neral. :.i'« ori*»' season A number of , Verv trulv vours. soti^'-s were sung after which the | £ p Bo Ue hner. bvisifi* ss meeting closfnl^and work, IVesident u; >n the aprons was begun The! r>\: regular meeting will be held ! Rult J iTie 3rd at the home of Margaret ! Todd Ught refreshments were! -.' -\ ed by the hostess Those pre-s- j eni w r :v : Mrs. Wilbert Parkin, lo- j cal leader; Carolyn. Carmen and B.--:y Crayford. lietty Dodge. Myraf S- liars, Margaret Todd. Jdarjorie » 0 wns Rock. Alice Witherell. and Jeani * ; --Kggs'To'be furnished free by Badger. . j :ne Gouverneur Rod and Gun club. The residence of Malcolm Over- j Same aD< J address of the contest ant is recorded on 'he day the eggs English Setter Puppy as First Priz* in Rod and Gun Club Contest ' A member of the Gouverneur Rod and Gun Club has offered a pnie of * fine bred English Se\» r Puppy to go to the person who raises and liberates the most pheasant chickt* ^hatched from eggs furnished by the Club during the 1933 «*ea*>on The committer in charge of this contest, and i n authority to a*ard • the pn*e. will be L. H Martin, the chairman; I>r C. S M<^'o> K R Fredenburg and A. K Boughner All members of the club are fe quested to give all possible as ±l*\ ance to this comm-itte^ as the feat- ure of raising pheasants from egg* T is one of our most important ac thities. i The club lias received and dwtri buted 300 pheasant eggs thu* month and hope to be abfe to obtain more later. Also other restocking has been done this apring, as follows: \ 15 adult cock pheasants. 35 rary- ing hare* (which was only half of, the allotment promised); 50 cane of pike perch with more to come During Augiftt the tlub expects to receive 75 day-old pheasant chicks which will be liberate^ **» the age of eight weeks At preeent there art* about 7u mem be re for this year and an ef- ' H ouse ! *. 98c Made of high quality, fast color fla^ cloth, sewed stripes, double stitched, strong canvas head- ing and metal grummets. A big flag 4x6 (24 sq. feet.) Other grades and sizes in stock, including silk or wool, and the 18 in. Memorial Day markers. COX DEPT. STORE-t GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. * NO HUNTING JOB IS TOO LARGE OR TOO SMALL FOR THE TRIBUNE-PRESS OFFICE tive committer are working hard to obtain and Uberate game and covering the 1933 pheasant contest, which includes the towns ot Gouverneur. Fowler. Macomb. Ros*s:e. DeKalb. and Hermon. are as follow s .- 1 --Conttttt open to any man. wo- man, bov or girl in the above acker has been improved with a coat of paint the past week Miss Gertrude Holden of Ticon- deroga has been a guest the past week of Mrs J B Lytle The annual meeting of the Pur- nost Cemetery Association will be are taken out, by the committee in charge In the case where children are given these eggs, the parents mtast assume the responsibility of their proper care so that none be i wasted These e^t:^ cost too much held at the home of Racine Thornp-1 to ^ vux om to irresponsible par- son on Wednesday, May 31«t. at 2 tirt Mr and Mrs. Newell Beatty and .. , _ . ; At 6.00 a record numoer of mem- daughters Esther and Eleanor were o clock p. m. Two directors will be - ber> of the Baptist Youth's Council Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. L , assembled for their annual get-to- T. Beatty. jgctlier. A bounteous banquet was Mr and Mrs. A-rchle Smitbers spread for them in the Grange Hall, and Robert and Bene were in Og- after which they repaired to the cfeneburg Saturday evening church for their annual meeting, i ___—_^__ e'ected to succeed those whose terms expire and other regular business will be transacted. George W. Clemen Us of Lisbon was a caller fn town Thursday. se be Mr J Emmet: of Ogdensburg spen r part of last week a; the home of Theron Barber Mrs. H. L Wallace attended the , P. T A district conference at Og-' densburg. Saturday, where she —-took an active part in the program A>s district chairman of the pro- gram making committee she gave an interesting report and aiso ga\e an enjoyable talk on the P. T A ' at ate mee-ting recently -held at Cor- nell which she attended. Memorial Sunday will be observ-, efl by an appropriate service in the . M. E. Church at 10:30. May 2*th. Everyone is invited to attend that the time-honored custom may be -continued Tuesday. May 3oth. the Decoration Dav program is as fol ik>ws Lin** of march to the ceme- ', itery wHl be formed at ten a m.. j headed by the H H S. band, with ; Prin. J M lx>ucks. marshall and . Ryei Demmon cok>r bearer The O. A. R. ritual will be given at the cemetery. The firemen will be in charge of decorating -the graves At two p m., a patriotic address will be given bv M L. Knox in the M. E Church The H. H. S glee club will fumieh the music. A rood crowd would be welcome JUincheon will be sened in Hep- km hall at noon on Decora;ion Day by the Calendar club of the M. E. Church. The price will 4>e 25 cents ^Everybody will be glad tf welcomed Mr and Mrs John Peader* hav* anoved to Hermon from Water own and will occupy the W H Smith apart men* on M~?le ptree* Mr? iMRdred Moss of Watertown i* -unending a week with them \\\\'A rouKing prohibition address was given in the M E Church last Sunday evening by Rev. Scoot en of Rus*ell. Special music cons^; ed of a violin solo bv Katharine :Woods. accompanied by June Filia- trault and a vocal duet \Ivory* Bal aces\ by James Fenders and CLf- iford Hellegas accompanied by Mr? ,Je*^e Arnnn Both numbers were ing awarded to the winner of fou: out of the seven games. DEKALB JUNCTION Memorial service for Albert Miss Frances Cook of Ogdensburg. j presided over a gathering that well filled the church. Several of the! j young people spoke with much in-] terest of different phases of church; work in which they have been en-' 'gaged during the year. The young; people accorded a hearty welcome ! to the guest speaker of the evening. [ i Dr. D. H. StBson. He spoke on 4 The Measure of a Man\ and by his pleasing personality and in* I vpirina words, firmly held the_ at ] tehtion of every listener He\ en I couraged the young folks to LOOKING BACKWARD A Memorial service fc- — neTVC eUOUffh t0 !h,nk thia ** thru Saypr and Kda-ard Whi;^ ----; conditioning influences -which we deaths occurred during the past oWer f , te h ftrik . : u •• year, was held by DeKalb Junction J Grange No 112^. Saturdav evening *>axing this seri'ice the Young in their hall. The order of sen ice • People's officers for the ensuing was as follows, and w as in charge ; year were installed by Rev. Chas. of the worthv chaplain. Mrs Man'i A Xi °y a - in a ver y impressive can 25 YEARS AGO , 35 YEARS AGO Wednesday. May 20. 1906 Wednesday, May 25, 1898 Mr and Mrs. Robert Clifton of The Watenown Herald savs fifty Watertown spent Sunday in town applications for the principaltihip j ; visiting relatives. * - of the Watertown High -school at | I Charles C Donald is spending a . some $1600 per year down when [ ^ . . . few days at Redwood, his former ' the position ought to be wort^j r * IK>rle 5_ JM» lhe Pheasants liber \ a%e j hoir.e, on business. , $2oW at least, indicates an f Miss Elizabeth Callahan of Wil ; crowded profession 3—After the hatch has been com- pleted, the committee must be noti- fied as t o the number of live chicks I obtained. Don't Forget to Do This j —It is important: I 4—When the chicks are seven or I eight week** old they should be lib- | erated and again the committee ! must be notified. This committee i will then attend to liberating them 1 Reasonable consideration of the de- ; sires of the person raising the birds as to where they be released will be given. No birds will be counted in this contest unless liberated un- der the supervision of this commit- tee. Credit for birds liberated in any other manner will not be al- lowed. 5—After all settings have been ^bose'^jJlT^fL^i'^l^/^Luy^ L h !!^ m *treet. is spending two weeks f Mrs Arthur Coates of rtica. is \\ \\* \ \\\in Bceton. Springfield and Albany, visiting relatives an'1 friends in \isitjng relatives and friends. (town Mrs Lorenio Smith is in attend- Miss Helen I. Parser returned ance at the state convention of the Tuesday evening from a few days' Rebekahs now in session in You- visit rn Ctica and Svracuse ove J^ a!ed~The committee will make the J award. 6—Here is a chance to work for. a good purpose and secure a really worthwhile prize. The Prize—An English Setter Puppy. Dam—Medico Mist Girl. Sire—North Country Technician— Elhoti son: vocal duet ;L<ord'e Praye in un: dlelight ceremony. The A&socia- ] branch of the order kers. as delegate from the local* Editor G. L. Olds of the Philadel-1 (n P. ^\f r -»«^*n* possible). \Nearer My God j * ion was much Encouraged by the j A movement has been inaugural-i day I^M , phia Budget was in town on Satur- To Thee\. ^Lri^^ellie Elsey and i Mise Marion Hayes: reading. Mrs.; Wmilla Haven: duet. \Abide With ; M^\; reading. R E Piercy; plac- j ing bouquets of tulips and narcis- sus on the Altar in memory- of Mr. Saver and Mr. White, by Mrs El- mer Rice and Mj^Tertrilla Havan; duet, 'Lead Kindly Light\; read- ing. \Crossing The Bar', by Mr*. Mary Elliott, duet. 'One Sweetly Solemn Thought\ The nex* meet- ing will be held June 3rd and the first and second degrees will be conferred en Dorothea Piercy and Letter Rowland Memorial service will be held in the Methodist church a* 10:30 on • Sunday morning and Rev George ; Dando will deliver the sermon On Tuesday morning at 10:3\ the Dec- oration Dav services will be h»ld in *he I. O O F Tempi* The ad- dress will be deli\(4*ed by Rev A. K K*-lly. pastor of the Baptist church at Ogdensburg. and music will be furnished by Mrs James •O'Brien at the piano, and Roger Conant of Canton and there w;iii be other features A dinner will j be «\rre<i to those taking part, and ' various reports rendered During ( ed by the Shakespeare Club of this the year 74 have been added to the ( village with a view to the orgaAi- churches by baptism. The Young , zation of a Northern New York Peoples President is Miss Louise ; Federation of Womens Clvte and Nicken»on and Adult Counsellor., the preliminary meeting will be Rev. R. E. Gould, both of the Gouv- • held in the Unitarian church in his village tomorrow afternoon. erueur church. The Association officers for the year 1933-34 are. Moderator, Rev. W. V. Bacon. Canton; First Vice- President. Rev. R E. Gold. Gouver- neur; Second Vice-President. Miss Louise Nickerson. Gouverneur; Third Vice-President. Mrs. Bertha Thompson. Malone; Clerk and Treasurer. Rev Frank T. Bennetts, Richville; Missionary Committee. Mr. G. L. Flint, Rev. Chas A. Boyd, Mr. S L Dawley; Religious Educa- tion Committee. Dr. D. H. Wood- ward. Rev. A. E Kelly. Rev. R. E. Gould. Mrs M H Horton. Mrs. W V. Bacon: Evangelistic Committee. ! POULTRY EXPERT Mr. Frank Richardson, Rev John! .__ TO VISIT THIS LOCALITY Logan. Rev. George Vinson. Mrs. j James Bonner, Mr. G. L Flint. Rev i Prof E Y Smith of the Poultry Charles Smith- Member of State I*-partin^r.: of fhe New York State Convention Nominating Committee. Coiieee of Agriculture, and I*eon Rev M H Horton Alternate. Rev. ; H CJaus. manager of the Farrr. Bo- W. V. Bacon. jreau. will visit turkey grow* r> en- The nert annual session of the , foiled ;n the Farm Bureau Mrs. Herbert Mitchell of White Plains was called to this village last week by the death of her sis- ter. Mrs. L. A. Swett. The Gouverneur Hardware Com- pany composed of Parlow Brothers and H G. Drake who lately came Delegates have been invited and ' to town have now completed prep- are expected to be present fratn ararions for opening their store ia nearly all clubs in Northern New the Egert block. York and as far west as Camden, i The j>epsonal property of the Da- There were 9S6 boxes of cheese videon^llarble Quarry was sold at sold at lOJc at Saturday's meeting : SherrfTs Sale on Thursday last to of the Gouverneur board. This was [Samuel A Talman. bidding off th* frc off from last week There were , prr>perty at $625 200 tube of butter offered and dte- _ posed of at 21 ic or 2|c below last A study of 2S7 homes of city weeks price Monday the ship- workers who live in the country ments from the local sta'.on con-• shows that, on the average, each -Here is a chance to earn a real bird dog at the cost of a little time and effort. Details as t o the care and feeding of the young pheasants are furn- ished by the comm^yee Dont Forget These Two Features: 1—You must report your hatch of live chicks to the conmrittee. 3—You must notifv committee and permit them to liberate the birds when eight weeks old. L. H. Martin. Secretary. SPRAGUEVILLE sifted of 4W> boxes of che^s* and j home received $55 a year from let 124 tubs of butter. tmg rooms to tourists this vicinity are Mrs C M Lynde. Mrs John Price. Mrs W. P. Lynde. Mrs. W. J VanXamee. Mrs. 1 Fred Wels Gouverneur. Mrs A. L Petrie and Mrs MvrJ*- Patterson, Ricnville. Turkey grower? enrolled in this Fire campaign will folioar five practices W R. C members and families. | A^oejatjon wil ^ n<ft j d at Carrto*.-j Point Turkey Growing Campaign, in growing turkey? that have defin- | 'with the Rev George Vinson of»Thursday. May 25. itely reduced losses and cost of. Episcopal church i^awrence Crary. aged 16 years. was arrested by Sargent G T Woolsey and arraigned b^-fo-e jus- tjc*- of the Peace CarLe G Lobdell, Friday, on two charge*—for driv- ing a car wi-h ovT number plate? Dickinson Center preaching the an- nual sermon Those who will be c&V.e-d on in production. unoch enX>yed by an appreciative an;i » lt hout a license He was giv iP'TCAIR^^-i audi*»nc* S^x: Sunday evening The ipas-or. Rev M R. French, will •peak on rhe topic announced for last Sunday er^nine * Why Younir People Do Not Go To Church\. foas'-d upon answer* r*-e*»!ved by Rev Mr Fr**ncn from the young Ipeople tbern«^*ve« Th^r* will be iapecral HM»K Mrs. ietin^e \MacMiilan. Mrs Frances Delmag*. Mrs Jan*^ Knox *»d Mrs. Ifrrtie Bennett attended Cke Castem ^rar banqu^* and ?rr> )pam at Potsdam last Fndav t-r*- Wftg Mrs. Bennett remain-d in JrXwadam fo* a * _- ; -i;-«o'l » «« • w *h friend* He-moc Vink^ef **-• :o T^Kaih ikKK-ior ;as\ Sa-urdar »f-^-r.Dr>n - play baseball «:'r. ifc^ X>*Kjut team Only on* :rn nr wa« p«a.yed as the gam#- was .ntemjpt^d b^ tbe bearr -a.n Tr> scor^ wa* ;; IP 4 it faror of :be Yankees T*» IWt*ene« w»r% William Tri&ro and Jcten Alcnlr* ( for ^Kaib an^ Jtic-har€ R*s>y anS Kitrr Birfc*- far He en €<• da>\ &usr»ended sen'«-nce TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHtfPCH ! T R^v V O p->yl* MA B I) Ssndav Aft*»r Asrer> I Mr.- Hat-:* L M'-Ea'hron. wife of Freder.rk McEathron. died Thurs lay ev^r..:— May 1*. at 6 45. 'at her horn*- near (^eer » Corners. Rector wh^rA h-r daurh*----in-law. Mrs ->r. Gertrude McKathr-n rad cared for he had N=*-r. failing fast for S:K mr.nth.o. hut was sud- May ^th F Crt> a. in —Holy ComEjn^:, [the pas lb M a m —Church School. 1 dealy taken n.ucfc *..»rs*' on May 1 !! f *' a m ~M->rntnt vr^r^r and Sb* was born :r. Ru«s«-1!. July 24 rrr. >c ,!*<£• In ear y i: fe ^c taugh: CK^r & E Gould or Sc»a«y. ifay 2*— Tooi PM^I' BSar*-- '—C«k %a I w.n boM a c** a<M» or *ar: Matm t*cx*y l*M. rfcaaw m+*AB to aaa w.ii b* «a« 1*a 2 . tfc# ca^crec « m «.*• _ 4 L*) p. zn.—Ogdene^ur^ Vr*+- entatioc of the Church Srs>./. Len- ten Offering. --<w, |- n-. --r:,cnrmat:on s*—-'~» B:*hop G A^'.t.i!; O.dfh^rr. B-.-.->p o' 'he ruse**-* of A.Dar.y w 1. r-o- trzz a c ;a*« y. *;x ; a:, did a v. a*--: r-•'scfc th*^ -^-*r n ,V.-'-n?)OE I^ar. Tnirwcay. Miy 2 r . T:i* a m —H iiy Cc-mniTir -»r. As^-en***-r. Tmv comes f.-.-:v -igr* af-^-r Ea^'^r ar'* c>*nuri*rr ri*<*« ow* !>-\* 1* I«-*S«KT ir*- H-arfr. Cr-nnrmatioc—On 5-r. :ay fr«- nine next *• T e'eock th* an**tial C-.tSranv.s |u—r>c* » .*.. i* b^id ztij rhcrrh Tne R- k^r G A&lrtrn Oldhar. I» :• Ri«h'.r .->; A.r-asy will r.--nf.--r LS* c»as« of candidate* p-*>*-*d tr :;>* r*cv.r a*^d will A^O d*-.*r^» *ae rotfrxi I^L nir»»--a A iarr* iw^cdax-t ;* r-c-s^c-e-i *>A: OL^J ^ w^.cm-r* i>+r BAJ^---; £>-; cfc>*f T :•- %^«.« -,*» p-ir+- s f-,» *•}* ronftr--r-a>^ti «-*n- c>ea**» A fc*trr w«^coc:» i* X*\SkA*4 :r a. pr^-^^Btavioa c/ L^t*-t Of**-».r w-^i u^e *>*ar* a: S* j-*t : t Ca*rtiL Or4+?mt~~-T ^* £zz+*ir j^ erttooa at 4 «• rrort f^\. 5-.^,. aay ^-ikor.: rt.*c**t v »r -^^\J at Trjft-y rka^ t a* t IJ n a ^^ 5 Or4«e^b^rt B±* -~ y*. soh'^1 f'T a feti :n marr.ar*- to r^n .She the:. and ha* r^^id^d r.ar* Be</^#-> y<*a: ih^n united | »wj,-ri-k McEath-' caoe to Pitcairn * h f *•** ?ir.-c h^r mar- ' -*-- r.*:** and *he is .*e» s.\»ns one adopted ;w- *..:*.-. ana two nlw- j.-. X '«**-n r-ar'ick:?- surv.reil hy danr*-:*-* br*>tn«T5 dr-n &*r i^-n.* ar V.-rr.l McEathrOT of Pile aim. D*- *1 MrEittr.n of N«-war. Fa'.ji Jarr.«* M-Ea*hr;,n of New-.-»c Fa> da-.ch-*-- r. *aw M-* Ida S.otncn* of F-i.ierrrlie H*>* sisters ar* Mr* ,N>*:;A B^rrr c f Rur*** M^ \ - ti! e Cuiiet of Vi tertown. and briber* Harry Hut: of Os*w#-r»,:-r.:* and Jam^« H-tt ^f Canada Mrs McEathr'-s wit & xaemher of the -Seers r <r^i U E Church aiso the K-*s* M.tMn^narr Socierr M <G-eee* f-r-r.er* m f^rrrrr Granx* 5ne was rreaily respect ^d by er•*---.-,-• 4.^^ w / t i ^ r-^^; T • X a :***d S* -T \** w*r» ke^i Ln tjft* Geeri Ccr^r% H E efcerr^. wi*^ R*T ^ w Carliirf ot -iat^c fc^Al was mad* a: P> 13 tit? Wood Lrw^ cem^err to *r«*s %c ta-a —Haadr-di of ho«aaads of doi- lan ar* «r. as a reaajt of zzwm* ^^•wuag of Mrjp la Test ia star** of Go^rrer-ns^r\! iiani j± scta^on. Gotrr< The Pace Where Quality, Pries, Courtesy and Service Rtign CALIFORNIA Fruit Markets T*e Largest Exclusive FruH Osalsri Hn WoetKerw Nev# Yorw T3 Vj »• St. PHorvc 50 Specials for Saturday Li^ett S^re Fo-tdi ORANGES id 32 Faecy Ju*ey P»o*»da GRAPEFRUIT 5 25c Ct 'o-nia Seedless * ( 0RAN6ES • 49c 5^2 LEMONS 0RARSE5 ~ !!^39c Htt R oe PECil MEATS ii WU«T MEATS 1 TOMATOES \39ci 49c \- rxj ONIONS « lbs •~4 l i' KW P0T1T8ES ^^C Miss Ruth KelJogg. accompanied by some friends from Gouverneur. were recent gueste of Miss Jdary Stillman in Syracuse Mr and Mrs R. H. Gilchrier were in LaFargeviUe. Thursday. Services wiJl be resumed in the Baptist church, Jun* 11th. at 2:00 p m.. with Re-v. George Cpham of Philadelphia as pastor, and contin- uing the second Sundav of each month. Rev Brasie. pastor of Spragne vilJe Methodiat Episcopal church, will deliver the Memorial eermon Sunday morning. May 2*th. Rev v. O Boyle, pastor of the a? Gouverneur | will give the Memorial Day address «i on Memorial Day. Tuesday. May P^ 30th. at * p m Ice cr**am and cake will b* fi^rved following the ad dress At T p m the grave* will be decora'ed in th** cemeterv The Spragu^vilie Cemetery As- sociation w:sh*-« the men to have a \Bee\' on D«*^oratK>n Dar to p»ot up th«* f^nre across th* front of th* n**» ceffi't^rv JOT ^ Mr and M: H*-man Bar.iVtt of Ihon days den ha^c b***n m pending a f^'* *::t> M* and Mr* John Wor 8 O'CLOCK COFFEE , v TH* \orgti $ml\lng bfond in fh« world lb 17-3 49- Food Markers ora showing a tendancy to ci»mb upward, which means that retail prices will soon reflect these advances. This saJe is presented as on opporiwjfy for rhrrfry people to Stock Up their Pantry at reolry worth - > * W4M*« tavings. •y NONPAREIL BEVERAGES _~ tote Dry Okioef Ale r Lhee aae UiMe, Umm tSck#y f •irc>i leer, U»o«. Qraps. Ow»t« •** **# t—r> jf borrfes £& large I rt«i 5< deoosif on eedi bottle TWO DAY SPECIALS, ' ' V On sale May 26tn and 27fh only CIGARETTES CAMELS, LUCKY STRIKES, OLD GOLDS AND CHESTERFIELDS carton of 10 pkgs. 99 SUNNYFIELD* FAMILY or PASTRY FLOUR 24J*-lb. sack 55 49-lb. sack 1.09 98-!b sock 2.15 ON SALE AT ALL A#P MA KETS ROASTING Chickens .*az^ -27 e Fowl 3»< «.i fc 21< Ckuelc Roirt » 11 c —Kara «ys:en:at;cary and trave. t*» 7'%t t' £nanc;a3 fnccean GOTJV *rz:~r ?u'«*:nr* * I/->an Axeociatios On tale at all A*P stores Vienna franks -15 Ham Rolls -17 r ro* rout coffvpiieMCix i | A&P store* will b« op*n Monday r»ioM, May 29* I L M- A4P ttor»> will 69 do—d'Tw—doy, May 30* J At Our Park Street PLANT STORE y^z ran new ret tfc» g^od Tomato Plants EArlij^ma or Bonny Rest ,AL*C COPENHAGEN EAOLV CABBAGE Our Bedding PknU &A te V,A ZiSN AS n*wK AS SNAP DQA&ONS A-! i: I* na^ ar* acw JS icaci ALLEN & RITCHIE *AS*IC i^eEr^ Wt Dei' Tuna Fish 2^ 25 Del Mon*e Crushed Pineapple 2-.23 ROJOr> - r . Salad Dressing t25< Peas °-*- 2 ii 25 c Tea Seminole Tissue 3~1^ Lux Toilet Soap 4-S5 e < i mmxi ATUITO t FAOFK TEA M.

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