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»-—.•« flajf cloth, htad- (24 S<1 . including markers. OR TOO S OFFICE bs. 49< showing a pward, which will soon This sale opportunity Stock Up worth U ' - mm- VV, KETS 27 •^ it 15 17 YOUR BABY'S CORNER THE TWtBUNKPWKM. aOi»VKWNIUW, N . y, WKPNUOAY, MAY «4. Utt SIX MONTHS ON EUROPEAN TRIP J **»• * *• ^ouw, pa*^ Lett to Bight JUNIOR GOLLAHER Bon of Mr. and Mm. Merlon Gollaher of Macomb DOROTHY OVICTT Foster child of Mr and Mrs. George Grey. East DSKJJJL. - LELANO AND HELEJTtSREY Children of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Grey of Canton LOCAL ITEMS OF INTEREST The Handy Helpers with Mrs. George K. Main street on at 2 o'clock. Bach member is ur« ed to be present The Ladies* A>d of North Gouv «.*meur will hold a dinner home of Mr. And Mrs. K Tens on Thursday. June 1. brirur own dishes. Marble S , will Tne regular meeting of City Chapter No. 92, O. K. be held Thursday evening. May 25 at ,* o'clock. The altar * ill be j draped for our deceased members. ' will meet 1 The union evening service will Dawley at 322-be held in the Presbvtenan church Friday. May 26. Sundav. Mav 2vh at 7 -30 The Evening Circle of t'.ie Pres- byterian church will mev: wi'h Mrs. Ura spencer Puller on Bam^ street Tuesday e\«-n:n£. May 3\. at ^ o'clock. Morris Ku derm an announce* that he will furnish umformi..to Ameri- can Legion members, fur us*- on Decoration Day. a: no expen>>^_ip_ the Legion. %*r. and Mr*. A. F McAllaster Returned to Their Home HT* O« Friday A marked iajprywai*-u: in ?h^ Kurope of todav o%er ihe Kuropv of six years ago * a» reported by Mr». A* F McAllastvr. who * i!ti her husband rt'turu^ recently, from spending *:x monrfis travel' Ing in France and Italy Mr and Mr*. McAHaMer landed in ,NVw York aboard the liner Manhattan en May 12 and after spending a week in N**w York, they returned to Gouverneur Friday Mr. and Mrs McAllaster have made two previous inrw 10 Europe. t>he Arm being a few years after the mar and the second about six years ago According; to Mrs. Mc Allaater. the greatet»: improvement discernible today u in the sense of ngwto-datenesa which* prevade* everything The streets are in ben ter condition today, and the traffic laws more adequate and better en- forced, she said The native*, too. are more courteous and are not trying constantly to take advant- age of the traveler, she added. U Rev R. First Baptist Church FAMILY FINANCIERING \T How t« '1 rue v uu d^iiitr? a dav work for threr TROOTYPLAY WEU RECEIVED Bohemian Girl and Don't Call Me iRoeie Preeented By Pupils of Mrs. V. O. Boyle vou clothe your sii bo M ' ,;^ ul 175 T P !t ^l™**?!! , « -../.K nm.v'*\ v \refinance of the flve scenes on such pa> m ^ ^^ ^^ ..^ Bp _ I know you w.u 1 ,. niUn { ; ir i' t am j| the two-act com '-I*. - ix»u't Call Me Ro*ie\ which t presented at the Grange Hal! • Mjuday evening for the di- r»-< :.un uf Mrs V O Boyle for the •'•-•i»e!i: of the Trinity Church. The same pi-rformance will be repeated ir. Canton Thursday evening for ' • •- fluent of the Canton library a^.>ci«i!ion and milk fund. The *'aii'ou performance will bo given A half doten boys ,n : ^ e grammar school auditorium. to be clothed -Nearly forty persons took part the entertainment, which was riounced by all who witnessed • t as oae of the be*t vf local talent t-nVrts ever put on hrre The cast uf the opera, all appropriately at- tired In gipsy costume or military uniforms, was especially colorful. ( The theme of th£ opera centered taiak it con ceitew- »nd (W queer, But I do It. W cause I'm a good financier T here's Pete John, Jim. and Joe. and WU- •liam and Nt*i. E. Gould up and fed And 1 buy for them all. good Tla:n. \ ictuals-to eat. And clothing—1 onlv buy clothing for Pete Wheu IVte'e clothe* are too small for him to go on. Mv * , tf . wife makes em over and give* around the kidnaping by gipsies of ihem to John. , U - M young daughter of an Austrian rMrs. McAllaster was highTn her \^'^Q\{5;JAn, who U ten, they nobleman. The girl grew up among have grown out of date, . lhr * gipsies, ww returned to her She makes 'em over for Jim, who father, but subsequently married a J* eight. ; Polish prince who had disguised When for Jim they become too rag h»ni*elf as a gip*y ged to fix, Outstanding among the soli were: at the J Ste- Plea**e The regular buainess meeting of 1 Gouverneur Grange No. 303, will 1 be held Friday evening. May. 26th. ~ F Hull has charge of the The Gouverneur Country Club is ! Mrs D holding an opening dance for the Memorial program. members and their guests on Fri- day evening. May 26th, at 9 o clock The price will be $1.50 per couple inciu(ring refreshments. The Christian Science services held in the Unitarian chureh on Trinity avenue have been changed from U>:30 to 11 :w a. nx, starting Sunday. May 2Sth. FORTUNE—A 5!-pound daughter named Catherine Jane, was bom Wednesday afternoon. May 17th. to 1 Charles Scott and Lotoe A. Mr and Mra. John L. Fortune of Swett were elected elders of the praise of the French, whom ahe described as a home-loving people. At the time that ttre United States officially went off the gold standard Mr and Mrs McAllaster were in Pans and they were able to observe the grea^constemation which the action of this country- caused The whole city of Paris was aroused over the action of trvi*» country, and there was much talk and discussion, she pointed out Mrs. McAllaster said that even Lhe head waiter at their hotel talk- ed the matter over with them. The French people have felt the depression \ery badly, eaid Mr? McAllaster \Much of the business i* entirely flat. All of the countries of Europe need America, and they look to her for help.\. The Italians in somewhat better condition than, the French in itw opinion of Mrs. McAllaster. There is still much poverty in Italy, where work- men get about a dollar a day. but the temperament of the Italians. together with years of experience, has practically inured them to poverty, she declared. She just makes 'em over for Joe. who is six. And when little Joseph, who can* wear them no more. She just makes em over for Bill. who is four And when for Young B.ll they no longer do, She jus: makes 'em over for N\*i Wh0 14 tW O. So. you see. if I g-t enough cloth- ing for Pe'.tf. The familyJ«i furnished with cloti. ing cornple-te~' - \'\\ , \But. then Sv^l gets through wi:)' the clothing, and when He has thrown it a^ide. what do ' you do with it then** _ , \Why. once more we go around f hi- circie complete. t And e*£in to u*~ it for patch;•? for Pete.\ ' j To be honest, to be kind, to earn a little, and to spend a little less: to make upon the whole a family \Fear of another war lurks over happier for his * presence, to re- Furope, particularly over France.\ nounce when that shall be neces Mrs. McAllaster asserted \The : «7 and not to be embktered, to French people think it will take kee P a f ? w friends, but these with- practically nothing to bring on an- CW J* capitulation; above all, on the other war. The feeling between Italy and France is outer, and _ .__ there is a perennial antagonism BeckwKh street jkt jtbe Daahnaw j Presbyterian churcii, Sunday morn* j between the German and French.' Maternity home, 231 Rowley street. I tag. May 21, to fill the vacancies -« j caused by the deaths of Elders L. D. Kerr and Fred A. Holland. > Walter F. Leonard and James M. Gouverneur; Charles Puffer, R-3; ! Marsh. have been drawn to serve as trial; — jurors at the Trial Term of County Howard S Fuller, proprietor of ..On the \way to Italy Mr. and Mrs McAllaster stopped at Gibraltar The first month of the trip was spent in Sicily. Among the most pleasant parts of the whole trip were .the five weeks spent in Rome, it was stat same condition, to keep Iriends with himself; here is a task for all a man has „of fortitude and deli cacy.\ —Robert Louis Stevenson The Ballad of borrow\ by Jean Clark Boyle, the gip*y queen, and \I Dreamt 1 l^uli m Marble Halls.\ by Mi*s Welthla Kip of Canton, playing 'he ivirt of the Bo- , hemian girl. \Sunta Lucia\ sum* by ('•lady's Weils. gij«-\ street >mger, was also well receded, a-* was also '• The Heart Bowe<t ik»wn By the , W»-uh: of WCH\ «».::nr hy Kev. V. O. U^yir -Tb*—*i!ignu of Donald (Homer as Thaddeus. the exiled sol- dier, of Douglas D.'lj'hin a.- IWils- , r ''of. -leader of th»- -:p^y hand, and or \eia Luenberir^r a^ the flower c::l was also noteworthy. The two-act comedy. **lK>n*t Call , Me Kosie.\ which preceded the pre- -i-ntation of the opera, was written j ^>pecially for Lhe occasion by Mrs V. U. Boyle. Jt was a character (study of the variotis types of col- lege youth portrayeti in a situation , designed to bring out to advantage the nature of their characters. Out- standing in this was the action of Jane Smith as Rosie O'Conner. the ugly duckling\ of Ellen Kuney as Alayne. sophisticated cousin of Rose, and of Ivan Weatherup as Sammy Sims, aspiring football hero Between the comedy and the op- era, a short sketch entitled VCourt- ship Under Difficulties\ was pre- sented by Louis Hardy. Irving KATZMA1TS Bargain Basement 3 Lounge Chain $7.19 Tapestry Covering 1 Mahogany Settee $5.M 1 Drop Side Couch _._ $3.00 1 Sectional Book Ca*e . $8.90 1 Mahogany Da- venport Table $5.00 2 Reed Rocker* $5.00 3 Floor Lamps $2.00 1 Victrola _.._ $5.60 2 Leather DavsnporU . $4.00 2 Library Table* $3.00 2 Gasoline Stove* $12.00 1 Motor Driven Washing Machine . $12.00 *AOI rtv« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS RATES—Minimum charge. tU for 25 word* or leas over v that amount lc a word. Sams rate for repeat tn*«rUo»* i | CASH MUST ACCC^ANY Ckaail^AdYetliimg COPY WATCH w »• »k- hold f^r-i W O i M:.»- W I', -ry D >ale.< n*a. AUCTION THIS SPACE ^^^.r• tor !;*;; i;»; in next t£ house ^hm*;M to be sold by the diK h^tTvff ai Sprague- \».' vr w'.ce for circulars ,\!\en*on. Antwerp, N V. agr-r I'h^n** 1^K3 JUST LISTED-.; &cres jmi ^^ &.u~ i,ood buildings, good land price ngh* H C Hogers. ' TO RENT !„»w. T.••.:;. > a- e::u' so' w a'*-.- ruoi. a;»a*:::ient at 19 F-ltx'.ric rvtove. u cur.%eniences > A Hilton 1'hon* l'.'7-W 5-3-lf. BABY CHICKS Booking orders now fjr Ko»elAwn Strain Gnclkah Leghorn Ch.ocs tor June delivery $6 00 per hundred: also custom hatching -Maplelawn Poultry Farm — M L. Jtayino. li-7. N. V Fhone 22 K-lM Crouverneur, S-l<>4?p. NEW SHIPMENT of Parlor Suites 4U. A\I ihe iates-t (OVrltt lYlCed io^\. M H I>a:n. 69 West Ma.n YOUR CREDIT IS GOOD A. Katzman & Son 40 Clinton Street GOUVERNEUR, N. Y. WANTED TO BUY - Output of ii.nsr factories Advise v olume Price $12.&e ar. 1 your pr;ce bas^* Address *'H\ v&r>* Tribune Pre*i>. Gouverneur New York S-34tp STORES FOR RENT or For Sals 40 planks. And elect nc Hot point stove for sal* 1 . Inquire. H B Post, 313 Wt*: M*in *:ivri. 5-24-ltp TYPEWRITERS foR SALE—Oil- ver No. 9. perfect condition, ^•nderwaod and L. C. I Smith. 130.00 to $50.00. C. F. Rush. j Tribune Presa.^ CrU' ) I HAVE a nice bunch 0/ geraniums i * or cemetery, also Patton. 124 orove street, Lrouver- \ snapdragon plants. TULIPS FOR SALE -Mrs FOR RENT--Small flats, all _XTuV'-ments. ,H C. Rogers FOR RENT —Modern house with •larage and garden at |20.*# per month Vivian Hoover. 114-WPOJH Main street Phone 233-M i.rx 1 w \**~'** v \ ^**nvs. Tomato plants i'P at 2D cents per dose* Mn. Win' — j me Petnt. Hailesboro. S-lO^Jip. FOR SALE Tomato Plants. Keith D. Lynde. Johnstown road ltp ^FOR SALE Just outside. 25 acres \with \house and barn, only $15«HX H. C Rogers 3-BURNER OIL STOVE. $16.50; ; ASTER PLANTS <>ie*rWMMd~ 4 Durner Oil Stove $215- 7iMb. u;ns*,lie as:er planc/letd^e >:i.- leer, all metal Refngerator in dollar for one hundred plants C hory and 0^0 , 19 .^. M H | derful collection fKaS i%:n. b9 West Main. , H B Williams. 40 **\<**« (3 HOUSES TO RENT *:: :•••. and $2:> <».. w s k Sons -417-^0,4 Corbin FOR S-10-tf . > Ifeidw-in^MlK \. y Nonh Street, M4-2!. 200 AT ANNUAL MEETING OF WOMENS CLUBS FOR SALE -Certift^-d Strawberry i\antj*. a-trong. healthy plants-- V\ zi\* for frtv sari;;-l»-> and price*. t>: call Tulips and Kvergr>'»«n trees lor c..\l»v Theryn S;or:e. Gouver neur. N. V. SALE CHEAP -Good sited nou*e. barn. gara*e. and 2 acres 'just outride. We ha^e others. H. C Rogers % FOR SALE -Little white house, just on edge of village, with barn * ' .250. H. C. Rogers and large lot. $1.25 LOWER FLAT TO RENT 35 I .Main street C. J Ch;sholm Wa!d street ltp FOR SALE CHEAP—Gas Station, East j Restaurant and Dance Hall com- *^. :bined: gocnl location. \We have otheri. H. good shape. C. Rogers. H C. Rogers ROBERT PARKER Weatherup and This was especi VV'iJiia^K .Griffith. ally Veil received. Court to convene at-Canton, Mon- the sporting goods store on Park „ _ day. June 5th. jjwi. has purchased the siocK of jed/Here\the \party which \included ^ .. • —\— v M ! Guv , u Deans who operated a Mr and Mrs. Harold Goddard of President Boughner has called an similar store on Park street. Mr ! RichvUle. had an andience with the Will Serve Thirty Dayt at Canton important meeting of the Chamber , Deans is now associated with the tonight at 8.00 at the Legion , Fuller store rooms on Park street. Among the : items of business are: (1). Paving of Church and Grove Triangle: (2). Summer Playground; (3). Removal of Main Street Gas Pumps luncheon guests at the home of, JMf* W. 1*. Legate. Thurtday, were: i Mrs Xfafaertoe Akin, Mfcs Urtftla* Hornbrook. Miss Nan Hornbrook. t Mrs. William Dineen, and Mrs. Ju- lius Prank, all of Ogdensburg and • Mrs. Ruth Perrin and (Mrs George Lmney, both of Potadam The Motheii\ C4ub will hold their meeting Saturday afternoo*. May 27th. with Mrs. Clarence Bailey on Hailesboro street. A picnic supper will be served. Assistant hostesses j Davis and Mrs. pope They saw Mussolini and heard him speak They also saw the standing army of Italy. Almost every' third man in Rome i s in un; form, whether it be trrat of a pol- iceman, gendarme, friar, monk or priest, they said. From Rome the McAUasters GIVEN SENTENCE ™REE TIES IN BASEBALL LEAGUE TULIPS FOR Ixrve, Johnstown 23-F -12 road ^Continued from page 1) . FOR SALE or RENT struggle to preserve the balance of, health over dismast/-.<i* inevitable, and one in which each individual must, wiiiy nilly. >oin. , • Dr. Madill closed hi* address by : predicting that the health of the • future generations would be con siderably better because\ the young mother of today understands the psychological adjustment necessary in the life of her child, and because of tftte sympathetic and understand- ing attitude, the unbalanced and! neurotic patient of today would not be a problem of the medicai pro 3 SECOND-HAND OIL STOVES f ess ion of tomorrow 4 Second-hand Refrigerators 3d WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY on^TULfPS FORSALP—!n„.n~ u„ ,w biding. M H. Da,^ j ^nr? Q^J^^l^J 1 ^ rs. P ^ . , f $™ n »tpre j' FOR SALE Roses, carnal*** and equipped for meat and groceries,' -\ —•--- -• ^^\^ * aa all other dowers in fteason; als o : flora] designs for all occasions. H — —- C. Rogers. Phone 29. SALE-Mrs. Fred | _I Phone jTYPEWRfTERS FOR RENT-^ Standard keyboard. $3.00 a and Crosley Radios Radio tubes and accessories, 32 volt Delco bulbs. G. E. Electric Maxda bulbs. Battery charging. Kelly-Springfield tires Phone 220-J. 39 Clinton Street. 3 22-tf T. G. MOREHOUSE—Atwater-Kenrio.?. n w th -^?f/ able J n *drance. C. F. &ush, Tribune-Press. H Dain. 69 West Main. —Threatened Welfare Of fleer Here Robert Parker, local welfare re- lief recipient, was given a 3\-day sentence to the county Jail at Can- ton when he was arraigned before Police Justice Arthur H. Abbott here Friday afternoon on charges Newton Falls, Edwards and Balmat Were Winners in Sunday Gar.es —One Home Run Scored wilj be Mrs. Ray Simon Fraaier. f * *• 1 * The Margaret Tumbull JBunday School class of the Pres&Vterian fing tiie fete of the nations and the se >* and Trooper E. H Y: church will hold its monthly meet j ff»:e of the flowers. In the former of tne Gouverneur patn WADI to Naples where the excava tk>ne are going on at Herculaneum. , of disorderly couduci Following a trip through the hill country the party visited Nice dur New-ton Falls. FA wards, and Raima: were winners over Talc- ville. <i^densburg and Potsdam in tr.e > Law:cence county baseball Pa-w. vtL% arreted about '\ t — n aTU * *«»*« 8\lWlay. One hmn* Parker was arretted about t knocked in the league. *nd ea>TB ago by *>ergeant G. T ---. Berml two mDd three ^ h4u After an informal reception, the meeting ad)o\imed to Wednesday morning ;:; 5*.i»u o'clock. - The ssion this morning opened with aa organ prelude Moskowsk/s Minuet, by Mrs. Ora Spencer Ful- ler, and after an invocation by Rev _«..- v . , ^ ». « , V O Boyle. ttu> assembly was led F ° R 8 , A i e Nri a (r nor \ al M C ^ h ^^ in the Salute to th* Flag, bv Mar ***• V mc *\* l l\ K ° l Top 1>8k * g-aret Kelo¥e^ Re;H>rts followed by [ ^^ ke y Sal>» Slip .system, i^jnie the chairman of the fourth and ' B**:ng ^uipmXnt. ( M Dunkel HIGHEST PRICES for Hides and Call Skin*. Don t throw them away, >ut bring them to M Ruder- man. 15\.Grove street ftfth districts. Mrs. H W a»d Mrn Reuben l^evine j^^ bery. Gouverneur FOR SALE—Bedroom set, cedar cheat, dining table, and two small tables. Mr* W. L. legate, Barnes jtreet. Phone 18^-W. Up. TAXI SERVICE—Day or Night— Calls promptly answered. Rates reasonable. Oakley FuUington. Telephone: Residence—189-Af. or 269. at St. LaWTWxce Inn. S-24-4t. FOR SALE or TRADE—for Merer farm. 100 acres all equipped, state road, just outside. Could use 25 cow farm not too far away. H. C Rogers ltp. REDUCTIONS in all spring millin- ry. Mrs. Clapp at the Rodger s*ore. — Mr*. Frederick K. krught of Oa-i TU AiTViSl.J? 1 Si2fc ^ ^osen. FOR RE NT-Furnished or unftu> Former Aasemblywoman. ilrs. Rhoda Fox Graves of this village, was one of the luncheon speakers at the spring -conference of the Republican Educational League of New York State held in Ams*er dam, Friday. There were five oth er speakers. ing Monday evening. May 29i the church basement. The prog and hostess committee comprises Mrs Leo Laberdee. .Mrs. Clyde Bame and Mrs. Stanley Jesses—.— iiwi -j rete of tne nowers. in tne tormer V4 fc \ r wu '^u^' p« li, in 1 there were representatives of some stAte police on the c ?ran: 35 nations, but the United State* ' Almon Chishoim. local of the 1 were rnaoV. complaint of; The outstanding game was be- w^go, Chairman of Ftoaae* and \ Investment of the Northern New York Federation, and State Feder- ation Treasurer, stating th*t mo- men do ninety per cent of the. Alao, Tomato Ftadu. l&c doaen. Bring Trrotaln^n ~Jfr\ A. Brady. 112 Grove street. RECEIPT BOOK* at £00 in duplicate. 4 on a Harry Cole, local retail meat dealer, who worked for over 2\ years with N. B. Lavar. and ter five years ao manager of the Grand tMore~tnan 100 dele- Umon s:ore h ^ re ' ha * OP* 0 ^ 3 up a gates from 22 counties were pre*-, . . . . ent. Mrs. RosaUe Loew Whitney of > oic _ ;ns: thp store Brooklyn presided meat market on Clinton street ad of George Bea man. While splitting wood at his home in Hailesboro Thursday afternoon. Melvin Raymo. farmer, cut his right foot with an axe. The acci- dent happened about tour o'clock. It was qaused when the axe. nich- ing a wash tub which was hanging up. was deflected and cut into the side of she foot. Raymo was brought to the VanDuzee hospital here, at 5:30, where several stitches were needed to close the woend. He was discharged Friday. The Marble City Dairymen's League Cooperative Association Inc., will hold its annual xneettng Saturday afternoon. May 2?th in the Grange Hfli for the purpose of voting on directors and electing delegates to the annual and sub- district meetings. The Past Grand's Association of St. Lawrence Dist. No 1 will meet with Edwards Lodge at £dwards Friday evening of this week A j dinner will be served by tbe Reb<* !***- T\I..I TZZTL-, L JtI , . * kahs at T.30 to be followed by ..??* ^ tt l^ I ^* Grlff l lh 4 \j? ?** dancinz. This will be open to Odd -held a meeting at the Griffith school house ..last Monday night One net? smther. Herbert Bush, was voted In. Plans for an ice cream social were discussed. After the meeting. Mr\%ogers. Mr. Gibbs. the county agents and the presi- dents and secretaries of the other clubs met and discussed plans for Rally Day. to be held here Satur- day Fellow? and iheir friends. was not among them, according Mrs McAllaster. CHURCH TO OPEN NEW DINING ROOM p^ ' Almon Chishoim. local welfare of* ; t** f a Newton. Falls and Talcvrihe I world's buying and control more book J] 50; 2 books $2.50. ThVTri fo ficer Mr Chishoim charged that j on the latter's grounds^ Newton than fifty per cent of the wealth ot ; buns Press. 14 Park street. \ Parker threatened him and inter-! FaKs wrm. 5 2. In this game Clark, the United States, urged that club i fered with him in the performance ' Wanakena ranger product, pitching programs include somv xoniM-rw j FOR RENT -House at corner of hi* duties Parker was also ar- ( for Newton Fal^poled out a home tive study on family finance, bear* I P*™ «^<i Howard streets. All rested on a charge of vagrancy,' ^a- -in t£e>sTyTlr with two men cm. I ing having been sleeping in an auto- j Clark and Metroeki were th<* bat- mobile and having been unable to j tery for Newton Falls, while Priest give a satisfactory account of him- j s\ 1 ^ Kio pitohed for Talcville and self. i E. McDonald caught. ltp. I ianees^at .45 Gordon stresc Inqaire -— tot mm Thammm, flMaium 9mm As* pries, f aon ^ Wmt M-jn street. j At the J Philip H. Dinner to Be Served Friday Eve- p^ rker and pleaded ^^ b ^- be , v larraignment Attorney j Edwards eaeilv bowled over Og Nelson appeared for . densburg by a score of 13-4 Mel ning—Wil Be Followed By Short Program The new dining roam in the Pres- en a suspended sentence on the charges of both vagrancy and dis- orderlj: conduct. Justice Abbott ^-n Churefc win >._ t^ij ^^^^^T SS^~ IS i ?Z &^Z . ^.£ST 5?£ months sentence on charge* of va 1 baseman drim and Hendricks with Chas*> comprised the Edwards battery. The batteries for Ogden«5.burg in j eluded Raines. Levenceur. and Kin study on family finance, bear* t in inind four principles of i Improvement* finance: First. Budget in relation J Hardy, to Income, and watch your fixed , charges; Second. Save for a pur-; pose: Third. Spend with a plan Garage John P 42^tf AT SYLVIA LAKE-Oood slxed cottage, good location, low price. and Founh. Compare 5 w\t>ud*ei \ £« >*<»* £2Z*VJ? r &?*l - 1 * 1 ...i.v .w^.^ .^^;--.i #^. ~«^ ,« ..«-,- cauon at Black LAJke. j with those typical for one in your^ _., tT „ n We have circumstances. othens H C Rogers. opened this week Friday. At 6 p m.. a dinner will be served, followed brought in a run Mrs N. F Fames of Antwerp. ! rr>o DCKJT 4 -.<uku TTTI T read the report of Mrs E C Mosh- . W0 A * \? TV^ 1 * 61 *- July J' *r *r r» rt t-^« m r-K«;«^«- # VI? : 4-room furnished anartment. d». er of i'otsoam. Chairman of Liter ' oirnhtM ature asd Drama, followed by *» Student m ^ _,. . . , x -f-room furnished apartment, de- er of Potsdam. Chairman of Uter [ glrabl ^ y^ix™* for teachers and Payne Brigg*. 13 Rowley street. grancy. The hitter sentence will be j his two bagsrer. Edwards made four Parker. ' upon his release from >ail. does by a prorram of mueic and a short %uxp na^ providing that Parker, errore and OBdensourE sevf-n f n a> 'h a n^,n,Th r R k°LhJn IS din°2« \^ ^ \\*^* *\* ^ d< ** \ ThrW tW0 ^ « u were mad. in changing the kitchen and dining not return to Gouverneur room will also be given by the chairman. Mrs Warren Harvey. It is hoped that there wlH be a good attendance and that everyone will help to make this a successful aJair. The public is invited to at- tend the dinner. Adults. 5oc; chil- dren. 25c. ... MONDAY NIGHT BRIDGE CLUB AT BRICK TAVERN j made The Monday Night Bndee Club j emptv Dr Herbert E. Dobbie of Red Creek WHI op*sr*d*irtaJ offices here- on or about June 1st. He will oc cupy the office of the la4** W K Conner, over Elliott's stor** Dr Dobb;e is a graduate of the Vn.ver sity of Toron*o and the Eastman Dental' D.sp*nsary of Sochf.-*^' and has b*^-n practicine five y**a*r» had dinner at the Red Bnck Tav ern. Monday. May 15th w;h cov- ers laid for 16 Those pre^^nt were i Mr. and Mrs. Percv Hoi: Mr and I Two divisions of the Dorcas So- Mrs. Roy Gibbs Mr and Mrs Les- cte*y are sponsoring the Festival, lie Anderson, Mr. and Mrs Henry with Mrs. George- Hampton Jas Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lehigh. chairman ,Mrs Bert Wallace and Mr and Mrs Harvev Gi*^ai>oL Mr. Mrs Harver Gieason ar*» in charge and Mrs. A E t'lrich anci Mr and of the dining room I Mrs ^. E. Bresee Br:dir^ was en- joyed after dinner at th~ home of in the Balmat-Potsdam gam<:- which was won by Balmat 10-&. In the (founh inning. Ingraham. Balmat. two bagger with ba*f* Two innings later his instrumental trio composed of Mrs wr ^j Dora Rogers foggiest on, violin. Mrs. Mildred Watson Bethel. cMlo. and Mr&- Irene Noyes McAllaster. piano. all of Antwerp Jane Louise Jones. Dean of Wo- men of St Lawrence University. in an address on \Educating the ( Y out h of the Nort h C ou n * ry', told j the assembly that in the present ' S-3<f ALL THE LATE8T PATTERNS in Congoleum Rugs and yard goods No seconds. M. H. Dain teammate Clement made'a -wo-bag\ | naanciai cn8,s - ^cational collapse is threatened as n*ver before. two C « Toung Mrs. Hubbard went to the cupboard To get her poor hubby some cake II order to please her the ssf fering geeser Declared that be thought it „was jake But rt woaM hare bsaa better for ererybody concerned if be had said wnat be really thought DOVT KNCOrRAGE TOCB RUSBA-VD TO UK T£ TO I\ If rem do ran are UkeM u> find yoorseJf dotng a grea^dea: of e*xtra wort for ao rsasoa a: all fcy a cake at HAWTTS ask bin what be thinki of i: siace roa did not bake K >o*rwelL be wOi be sare to tell roc the sn-k' aad act accoring> Gouvernecr Morris chapter. D A R.. will hold rts May meating Tr.- day a* the hom* of Mn. Joseph Brown. Cannot The mecibf-r5 of the chapter i;vmg *n Canton w.ll 9i rve as hostes^e* The elect.on of oP.cers will b* heid Dean £c •* .z L Hujett of ^' Lawrence un.ve^>> ty wil. SP*!K :: c^r.ental rues COMMUNITY FATHER AND SON BANQUET. JUNE Mr and Mrs ft: Hoi: on Rock Is.and ger with three on, -scor.n? , u ^ M ^ Harold Morgan of Potsdam hit a th * much ot ^ e advance of recent two-ba*rer in the ninth, but d**d >T ar8 < a,0D f lh * ^ ° f hy &™< on bases For Balmat Ward r€ . | physical education hom* econom ; h>v*d Morgan on the mound Ken. 10 *- k:ndergar.en work, manual Mrs A D B*-rr of North Go-ci->i. Jtre*: w:..^ drtving south on Groove s*r*^ # Tuesday morons: k^-' contro. of rx-' car while keep-Lx A m;iK Dot.le ^.r.p:.: oc the cu#r.:-r b*5*c*- he*. re«jl'..Gg In a coll.? :c w^h a srr.aJl bu:t*-mat :re* b*f d' the r^sudesc^ ot Dr S W Cl-os> Th* impact daiaared the u-e* «' that :t had to b^ uUe« -»ip. Sh*- w a> so* ;r;u.r^d azi tr.e car rv nc much damar*d A cornmunitv father aj)d son banquK will be heid Monday eve- ning. June 5, at the Presbyterian church here Freder.CK F Bucb^-. central secretar> of tr^ Water- town V M C A. w;li be the prin- cipal speaker Local B< y Sc-ou** uzvde- ;he dtrecfiOL of L.ricr>*r. Ei- zn*>r district leader and ffcouJ- mas-te- of Troop 22 w.l* ha* e .^ ;*ar ic the proxrmzr. wh.ch has not yet been definitely comp.e*ed. Sk!nne? The banouet w;M be open *r> a.l of ^J\^ - McCormick the men and boys of -h* rom-r.ur;. Bartholomew ty The banquet is be:nr .v-ld un 6+7 *he aaeptre.? of th* M^ii> Bn> tr.e-hood of the church AUXILJARY DELEGATES ATTEND COUNTY MEETING burr and Potsdam ;n the cellar Delegates from :h* wo:..*--.- »ux { ilian* of the Jame? Maloy P05* No j t>5. American Leg.^n a *--;e-j Thp SK : NNER-BOWMAN county rneetine of the o-rar ia*ion Taylor caught the entire game I tra-nmp. and practical training Ear! McDonald pitched and Pun-is ! Ilrin ^. l& ^ :n ^ abandoned; t caugh* for Potsdam. Ralph Mc Cullough umpired. The results of Sunday's pames causes thre-e ties in the league j^tandin^ with Newton Palis and Balmat. t.e<J for first: Edw ard? and Talc^-lije. for second and (>?tiens in FOR SALE -1932 Plymouth sedan. good condition D M Haxelton. 5-i:-4t. CERTIFIED strawberry, raspberry and blacki>erry plants; one Colo- rado brue spmce. 4 years old. giv- en with orders of $2 or more. Write for pnef*? Theron Storie. Gouver- neur N Y S-17-tf. 6~24-ttfk 100 ACRES, near Gouverneur, good road, good buildings, with 18 cows, some^registered. _\>ry little moner Yetinlred if buyer has own \ruling tools and horses. Posses- sion any time. .We hare others. H. v. Rogers. FOR 'SALE—School Trustee's Or* ders >o Pay, in books of 100— one bookVf&c; two books, $1.25; three bookk $1.50r post paid. Trib- une-Press. lKPark street HATS at $1.SS> at 50c. Mrs. Oiai few to close out Rodger store. FARM FOR SALE without dairy. W< village property or price. Inquire ot E. 10S Clinton street. Gouverneur kty trade for low eaan Jackson, 157-R, : l(Mtp. an nat I PAPER HANGING and PAINTING schools are overcrowded, teachers, Dv nour or contract. Pree esti overworked and underpaid, and in ma Vt on all work Inside and out- ten states schools have been closed , ^^^ ^ jj Beaman Call 25-F^ in part at least, and 'he school year 32 Ha:iei»bc>ro street. held at Canton. Monday ga:*s were entera.nej a* at Canton at 1 CK« Gouverneur dele^a*-? Mrs Jay Seaker Mr* Mn Hofcra-t lx>^ i< M -.- FOR SALE-A ba^y n;ce cc»nd.tk>n Ca.i Main street carriage in a* 2 12 Wesr —~Save Systema'lcaJly\\ and yon wtU succeed Go-veraeur SavJngi 4 Loan Associate W an<i M-* Mace Hopper *z'-r jtsined th* roemb^r? of the Mos:tr jC*»* ped-r> C'.Jb %* their home or. Ocrtvz. s-rre-^t Monday s«v*n nf Four :a'M* w*r* ta paay r.rst ^-.aes were awarded to Mr ar.-: Mrs A*t oc Lcscom. and coo«>fts r>or ;-i»M were secured by Mr* joix vjar:-?^ asd W.iHarn ?<-*••: Pleas.ng reXr*-sb»e«s were ** — •<i followed bv a -nock ma—age c*-*aKxrv - - s . Owe Homt Rails s^4 r-a*« ta# &vt We D*ir**r Mft^» a^tsa. Ds HAWN'S HOME BAKERY H« e at •7:* Tocix »o>ee Soe-^ty o 15+ r^r Fiapc:si Cbmrz* was w~. -^p,-*<-rr-*^ *r rb* To>=qf p*c«pt^* i»ar.:^- w-<re»day e^ec.2.g a-. 7>T4 ?9-'z C*~z'»r '-he ciewnx *++ f xic of '.be Sc Lswre^ee aarr^ I As^r---a-'vrr T>,3S* stresJfiLag # -*rr. 1 ^ *Soc-*->-0- soc-ety w-eew Rrti j r-n Mar-oc Darls Ter^a 6sw-^»- j Mar it DiHs *M*> &awr*~ Mi- ! ^c &r^-+>\ >5cak •ro#m, G—^T Wc Invite Everyl>ocly ts visit ou 1 Plant Store lust to *ee our woe display 0' PLANTS IN BLOOM >t Plant* Now on Sale ©^ Dec©-a*.** Day »X,y Ea'y ,0 ALLEN k RITCBIE m 2»4-j wi r>»- v*- :-e dele- l!> njamir. F Skinner well known •js~rpst>n . farmer residing on the R<chv;;,e I road and Miss Lila May Bowman. daughter of Mr and Mr- Prni Bowman of Natural iJarr. w<^re marrr-cj at the rectory r,f T-.r.;:y Epi&^p^: church at 10 2>'> c>lo^k Tuesdi.v morning. Th» ceremony was perf-rm^ bv j gram Fill be an add~-«>- Rev. v O. Boyle, rector of ihel^'n ^ Archer on S.i ; church, with Mr and Mr.* J->:-n H Br;*r* a« the attandtcr c'typ> Mr acd Mr« Skinner wul r~«o:Je ->L :eluded ! F-ancis Mr? J Yi<~ber. ' cut abort Th<* youth of today is healthy in body and m:nd. md^;*-nd^ct and ambit ions, with definite *dea* of what they wan*, and an equally definite determ:nat.or. *o accomp- lifh that ambition antl b-.n«r so dts'iLctly worth ed_i^a :nc they should have every b:* o! a.---.stance we can give them >.te com- mented favorably on '^e education- al programs of the various clu*b units, and rhe:r infi^ir^ ;n main- taining and ex*ead;nr fijra'/ona. op|>ort unities t ^>ther h;rhl t ght5 of th* days pro- FCR REST ^T^m^hed Rooms To: rOR SALE—Used Parts makes of cart. Also new ond hand tires and tubes, at —^ location. Marble City Avto Wrack ing Co. Mill street Phone . S-ttt SAVE TO% on plain or printed gummed sealing tape. Ask for prices- Ths-* Tribnne>PTesa, 14 14 Park street. SALESBOOKS, with original slip carbon-coated, or without carbon- coated. 5c each; SOc doa; add Hfc for parcel post. Tribune-Press, 14 Park street. FOR SALE Brood Sow two vr* old Herbert Walsh. Roasie N Y TOR REST Apanmen* a* No 2f | Ro»>y *;;-'-*.* >; G L^ach j —5-iT ^p TULIPS Fx-ra larsre I>arw-:n Or-j 6f ~^ take* 4^ doi«»n— 2 doaen ; RIBBONS— (Best Linen), for all makes of typewriters; carbon pa- per for pencil or tjrpewritsr. C. F. Rush, Tribun^Press. 14 Park Bt. ARMY SHOES for sale at half prce $1.25 pair. Corns and get your sixe at Carbone Shoe Repair Shop. Newberry Block. A NEW CORONA at a new low price; a ponabie typewriter of the farm SWEATERS J. P. Hardy Co. Spar Varnish bv Etixa- Years of Grange S«*rv-iCe\. ar. c^ran reatai by Sq-:re Hask:n5 of T:.er*-sa. and an addr**** on La» Oi>---r.*ance\. by Hon Wm D inr-a:^ rn*.:r,c* Attorney of S* Lawr^n-*- county An informa* tea M-r-. ^C by the memb*-? of thr*-* G-vj '>*-r.*ir bo«* e«s club* with Mr? A for one ooiia- d*Oraf Garaxe it I > raT *d durability. tt$S0 wltH case. This new model nil interest yon. A few dollars a month win troy ft. M- I C F Rush, the Tritons-Press, Goo- •>rne [vemeur. N. T. . *:cr. Hert>* :. ;/u.f e k e » p. n z I z*i u Uvr*sf* l k ~C*~Ti S-l ARTHUR E.CUSHMAN FUNERAL DfRBCTOa: 1V-W I as chairman. 1 '! day c^cvent^o: coc THE CL*C«SER ma:**e** reno- va: nx 5 op Phone t34-J. or, wrtte 2- r>e;^-. >:r ee>t Go-jre-neu-! 0 ^'^ ^ bon « T «S-W for »oca. r* p-e-ifcentat.v*- AJ. vo-k rua-an-^d na-isfac*o^ G*-* o^*; c ^&^ r ,*PP°***i FitsEXAL BOH* ivvurhwr • pr.^ s • 1.;- :-.;, \ „ ^££- - «• '££$*£* CUT rLOWlRf wo- New line of £1 weirh* yarc pweater- aod c<t*s- e€ec-iA f smmer -p^.l-rers Paiibes, Slips, Gowns Lirr* new im» of Neci.gee- Fiorr»itt Mil.# and <>0dette~a 25c to $1.95 jRcouccu Prices on AM Sprbnf Coats MOHAWK RUGS A r^sd -ne 9( yx*i at - BARBER SHOPS C TUESOAv CSED &> cen*> a <ruar. or li T^ a ral on j J-df>~ »hi - you need for I^no.-wKi. j F\lrx>r* etc at thia t:me .' never , sa^p better I* stands the y^r. wa*erj and e.amrr>** testa Fran*: N'#-\-»n' toid ?r* Zl years a*c> tha* **r.er *i*b^ barb*- *r>o;« 1: I* v ani $: <* vamwh came o^- , win be C!O*N! on D*. of *Te nam* po* \ A fonune ip^c: May S^.h Tb*r w.^ : r-i:: vp*c n i^T»-n,M do*-5 no* chanxe the|a-l car W»4zk+*tixT MaT 2; FOR RENT—Tocr ba^e^i*.* Latbt-* and ti>* ,inc-\.re Mrs Ma> >..!:%« Pa-K f Pboo^ III £. room* ruRN4TU \ FOR SAwE-!>aut::--l \ -vera*-aj • iow p-.-* 'rr^^r ea*' oe Day HH-F. M-^ G R. ParodT P« a* >:^ IPOPEAiREELEv a* » v . a wr*;*. j Cr^r P*-»OLJU opm.oc \&i aj^o. •^ve opimjon a! two or whree *i iz* — br shots la t&e coal ssf^^« .# Louis L Po^^ soc of M nan that coa. a at the krw prvce for th* r Poe* of Pop* M:1U Bac.. year—r^ch< new j aad Miss Aim a H G***>y of Ma- A# 2 *** :u Mrs PSrfcnj •.^•^w corsb w*re mar-*d >^^ay nai a moace7 wrench la the «iact:n*T *« the M*^-hodis* par*-^najre w.^a ws^s b«K- prodaaatSec ta th# op*- R* r E i Un» pe-^orr-.^g tiie aiora and some ot them fee-, ihe i cerfaocy Ta* con^ie sarn^ as 1 <o \t~*4*4 M- and Mrs itope wtU Coa* v«^ o* o-re^r a de-iiar & or: s>de at Pop^ MTtf cheapo now J she had no* b -*+*l WAS rv?~D**«r.e EO -Wo-k carnr ;0«.j sr t$c ir r.-»*.\ r T~*4 I LMR A SPkAofTi 1 Funeral Ci Ambvtancs 't BARNE$ ST PHONE 24SVJ G»tfvtrstsr RlCWVtLLE^^?^^\ 1 4Fl GOOD WWK HO^SE fo- ?>a.e— j Wetrninj: If* r>« in^i.-* Art her Dan* ?.-: C m S-r-* appar^ntry *d»eE\ ktr*ow The bea^r^fa :m*' k was #os*W \ -- 4 in Tvrzi W. S. C0RBW * SONS s-: dea:rab«e i Tia.-Ttty by •wbs>a* e4l sat sge^si -» after #*c2 apa^csooej of 9 aad them or rabsxng ti>e w-ood tar a FOR w.^c i ay K^ (ton tr ttasry SAwE-«\n* Vo gaiwx.ne =»o<or •- Tract or w-.th m Wa&be- oc- In'er p ?w- acrd r* os>- iS>s S-rrknde- lr •>ct a-*o ox^^r W T ?-*o<L:k :.:•. Q<isi 1 e. aevr farm raari- Pars ?• »^5 SiJS TO CwOSE OU^ -s*l.e< S 4La# )acaeiLft • r..1 wee* -x^' e C*. U C^-t

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