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English and American Weddings. The marriages of Lady Margiiret Prim­ rose in London and Miss Virginia Fair in America'have given fislfto some com­ parisons. Both were of \unusual opu­ lence in display, and attracted a great deal of public attention. In one ense the bridegroom was the Karl of Crewe, ir/ the other Mr. W, K. Vanderbilt. The English wedding was made splendid with 100 bridesmaids and tons of flow­ ers, to say nothing of the distinguished guests, from the Prince of Wales.down ! who assembled in the abbey and the! enormous crowds that besieged the bis- i toric edifice on tbe outside. But, sub- 1 stantial us were the wedding gifts and \\*Tho Huiit-For the Ghost. The chase' of the disembodied dis­ turber continues to be lively. New York h'aTTju'Sror'g'aTHzed a society of psychical research in imitation of the parent so­ ciety inwEngland. Its object is to in­ vestigate all well attested cases of haunted houses, walking phantoms and disturbed furniture, for, strange as it- may seerrl, tbe recurrence, of these things and the interest in tbem continue, in spite of the progress in physical sci­ ence and the growth of materialism. By common report, ghosts still walk as they did in tbe days of Mrs. Radcliffe and Sir Walter Scott. Houses continue to be haunted in the largest of cities in 0 O - - - ~ — j *V '* *\ .1.1. . .. I II I. \Jlr LlblL d I U sumptuous as was the appareling, it is ; spito of all modern improvements, and .1 „,.!,. CI :» i _ *i . ;_i .. T , .. . . doubtful if in theserespects it material ly' outshone the American wedding. men and Women continue to be warned as they were in the time of the or'aclo Time was when the daughter of an ah Delphi. The sum total of investiga- Englisli earl would be very apt to have ' tion made by the English Society For a wedding that no democratic country i Psychical Research by no nicjins does could imitate, but that time has pass ] away with tbe old. ghost business; On ed. A rather plain and unpretentious j the contrary, tbe latest report points American gentleman marries his daugb- t out that the society hus met with many ' phonouiena (bat it cannot explain and that nothing can bo more unjust than to dismiss all the enrrent ghost stories as destitute of every particle of truth Exportation of Wives. Tb© French havo adopted an entire­ ly now feature in their colonization schemes. Hitherto thev hiiy -0 _.heen .Jini- able to compete, with other nations on ter with all the splendor of an oriental prince. Tho London Spectator, which in common with other English papers made elaborate mention of tho affair at Westminster abbey, turnB aside a mo­ ment to acknowledge that a similar af­ fair is going on in democratic America, and calls attention to tho fact that the plutocracy Is rivaling tbo aristocracy and thinks it advisable to advertise its ..., ,— -d.uuo u u splendor In fact, the display on both ' account of tho difficulty of making occasions was remarkable, for i t was inj French peoplo propagato themselves. It the main a display simply of wealth, I is all very well to establish colonies, but tbe reproductive industry is essen­ tial if tho colonies are to grow, and tertainment.. One obvious reflection will, here, for soino reason best known to be made by every serious minded per- | themselves, tbo French have been inva- eon, and it is thut tho spectacular char- riably beaten. The Fronch minister of acter of tboso matrimonial events fur- tho colonies has now opened in Paris a nisbes no additional guaranteo of their : central emigration office for women, happiness or their well being, but, on j and ho propoees to establish branches and two nations looked on ue if it wero a masquerade got up for public cn- the contrary, lias on moro than ono occasion served only\ to mqko a hideons contrast of tho after disappointments. How strangely law and order some­ times work to produce misfortune I Hero is a poor German woman who after toil­ ing for years saves up $450 and comes to this country to tnko a humble apartment in Now...York and continue ber labors. Sho put her $450 into a mattress and Bewod it up for safe keep­ ing. Sho hud'not been in her domicilo long before she conceived tho idea that Bomo of tho dlsrcpntnblo peoplo in tho building had formed a plot to rob her As tho fours grow upon ber she went to tbo police station and miido her com­ plaint. Sho was there directed to a magistrate. Her emotional excitement led tbo magistrate to buliovo that sho was deranged, and he had her oxamined by doctors, who Bent her to Ward's is­ land.. Wbilo confined thore, her land- \ lord soized upon her offocts for rent, 1 nnd among tho other chattels carted off her mattress containing tho $450. Not long after, tho poor woman was reloos- ed, the charge of insanity being un­ founded, and then she set out in a wild hunt for bor mattress. Her difficulties wore enhanced by ber inability to speak the language plainly and by*lier hyster­ ical condition. Failing to get any trace of her property, she finally in sheer des­ peration wrote to the governor of tbo state, and he turned the letter over to bis wife,' whose sympathies being ex- , cited by the strange CDSO giivo her per­ sonal attention to hunting up the mat­ tress. 'At the latest accounts it had not been found, but the ponderous machin­ ery of the state is set in motion and is moving with mucb creaking and revolv­ ing of wlieels toward justice. all through France. Healthy marriage able ninidens are to be offered special inducements to go abroad. They will bo provided with a wedding outfit costing $00, with $30 pocket money and a free passago t o tho colony. According to the French way of looking at things, this scheme will not only induce French­ women to go abroad and become wives, but it will hold out a bait to men to o be­ come colonists. Tbe scheme is to be | tried first of oil in Madagascar. 1 Recent American Humor. ! Mr. Dooley, the oynicol humorist of fhe-SpaniBb war, has attracted consider­ able attention\ in England. He is a prodnct entirely of the recent war ex­ citement here and belongs rather to tbe- bnrlesque'rs than tothe'witsof the time. But his humor has the strong flBvor of Celtic Americanism, and. like all Amer­ ce humor, is slightly irreverent. In this respect he is to be clsssed with Nnsby and Orpheus C. Kerf nnd Josh Billings rather than with Artemns Ward or John Phcenix, and of course does not belong to the higher category in which one places Lowell and Saxe and Holmes. It should beTeuiembered that all tbe humorists that came into existence during the war of secession passed ont with it. No one reads or even remembers Orpheus C. Kerr now. nnfTyet his \Mackerel Brigade\ and his \Gothic Horse\ were tbe funniest 'Of all tlnrephemeral things that made the nation langh amid its tears. : DooIey has seized upon some of tbe largest issues and reduced them to the lowest level. The Benso of absurdity goes with them, but soon wearies. It would be a curious task to collect now all the burlesques that were written on Abruhuin Lincoln from .the time of his inauguration up to his death. Flow ghastly and extrava­ gant and- unjust they would appear i n \Ttbu calm Jigiit o~f~ Ifie\ present I Be was : pictured as a 'baboon. His manners and i conversation were reflected in the coars- ; est ond most repulsive extravagance. , No one can read these things now witb- • out resentment and diBgnst. And-thie, \ perhaps, is tbe ultimate test of pnre humor. All that' WHS funny in Saxe or Lowell is jn.«t as funny and as accept­ able today as it was when it was writ­ ten. Mr. Dooley 's cleverness consists in a graphic interpretation of the passing moods of .the hour. When tho moods have changed, Mr. Dooley will ceaso to be funny, unless, indeed, Mr. Dooley should apply his talents— of which he has an ample supply—to a higher range of Biibjects and ehako himself clear of tbe mero extravagonces ~of humor. So far ho has written in dialect. When he can bo funny without it, he will cease to bo Mr. Dooley, but he will become a genius. } 'Flower Seed3 ;'at Bartlett's. 6t2 Pish Poles, from 10c up, at Bart­ lett's. . 6t2 ! FOR SALE.—A pretty^ speedy i brown mare, five years old, not afraid of steam or electric cars and perfectly safe for any one to drive in city or country. F. E. DAWLEY. FRANK T. MOTT, JzCai 'dware Tincznizhine. AND The hope that the czar's disarmament conference would result favorably to peace is slowly vanishing. There is not an official newspaper in Europe that speaks of tbe conference with any as­ surance of its beneficent results. The emperor of Germany selected as his delegate to the convention Professor von Stengel, tho most uproarious war- horse that ecer flourished a pen or set a column (of type) in the field This se­ lection looks to England like gory irony, i How it looks to tire czar nobody has ' been able to find ont. SPECIAL LIKE OF SHELF AN'D HEAVY HARDWARE AT LOW PRICES. 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Fifty plows went to work with 60 teams and 50 harrows. One hundred acres-.were-plowed and seeded down. Then tho .farmers went back t o their'own farms, but the Lewis family will have their harvest as usual. Lightning kills more people in France than anywhere else. Flainma- rion has discovered this and thinks that, the gods love Frenchmen: A Maidenly Device. Evelyn—So you've broken off with Jack again 7 Etta—Ob. yes! I'm tired of the old ring, and be always gives me a new one when we make up.—Jewelers Weekly Mayor Samuel M. Jones of Toledo is securing considerable attention ontBide of hiB state by the independence of his views on politics generally and political reform. As ho has been spoken of in Ohio for governor, his viewB are worth attending to, and the other dny in nn address delivered in New Jersey lie Inid down tho following platform: \PrimH- plo before party, equal opportunities for all and special privileges for nono; public ownership of all public utilities; no grant of new or extension of exist­ ing franchises: an oight hour working day and tho employment of organized labor in skilled work, for organized la­ bor has done much to teach the people tho>meaning of government and of lib­ erty.\ Mr. Jones said in his address, that in his opinion the real issue, deeper . than any municipal, national or indns- < trial, was tho moral issue, and somo day, sooner or later, tho mornr'issuo! will be definitely stated in a national platform. This is touching what some-' body has -.called \ethical hardpan,\ \ and—tbero 1 B a great deal in it worth j thinking about. j The Germans are making tho most of our investigations of the army beef con­ tracts. \ A meat inspection bill is being pushed in the reichstag which, if paes- ed, will virtually exclude all-American canned meats. The advocates of this bill.have collated the evidence of our investigating commission ' and all the adverse press reports and are using them to show that every can of mt*at that enters Germany from America ought to be inspected. The passago.of such a- law will be tantamount to a prohibition against American meat, and Theodoro Thomas refused '.be other day when in Atlanta to play \Dixie\ when requested to do so and quite lost bis temper Ho Hiiirl that his time had been spent in trnining his men to play only classical music nnd that they did not pander to thc/strcct music element. 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Captain Coghlan of—the Raloigh, while being feted in«New York, made n singularly indiscreet speech at the Un­ ion League dinner about the-Germana and recited some doggerel verses whose bad taste was glarings-Jit is very sel­ dom that a naval officer goesjasjfar as Captain Coghlan did i n expressing opin­ ions-about international* affairs, and whenever he does he oversteps the limits of that discretion which has alwnyif been characteristic of onr navy com­ manders. His foolish remarks have , been resented_in Germany and regretted | in Washington. The queen of Italy has always prided herself on her extraordinary collection of pearls and diamonds. She is now dis­ consolate and threatens to go into re­ tirement. The reason is that at two re­ cent court balls -^hc was completely eclipsed in both diamonds and pearls' by Mrs. Draper, the wife of the American embassador, and Mrs. Potter Palmer, who, according to the Italian papers, was a mass oj. diamonds from ber head to her -heels. It is now understood that the queen of Italy has made up her mind-not-to-wear any more jewelry. A r — J— • • \ j London paper points out that tbe queen should have imitated Mme. de Tougy, who, when sho met Mme. Otero, put all her jewels upon tbe maid who attended her and appeared without a single gem and, i n the plainest attire, while her maid'and Mme. Otero were overloaded. As a n evidence that\ tbe divorce busi­ ness ia being rapidly divested of its former acrimony and bad feeling the case of the wife of Mr. Gordon McKay of -Washington may be\~cited. \Hufdi- varced wife married Count Alfred Von Bruening with the apparent consent of her former husband, who not only con­ tinues ber former alimony, bat has set­ tled $100,000 on her. In the woman's department of a 'Washington paper Mr. McKay is pronounced \a daisy.\_ Piatt H.. Smith. BANKER Fayetteville, N. Y. Solicits the accounts of Indi­ viduals, Merchants; Manu­ facturers, Hotels . 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