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, Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY X local newspaper published ID (b e Interests of Fajttevlllo an d Onondag a County BY TOE Fayetteville Publishing Company Subscription: One Dollar pe r Tear Jn Advance Guaranteed Circulation 2.0C0 Copies Each Jssu e Proofs of Circulation Furnlsbed t o Advertiser* Advertising Rates on Application SYRACUSE POLITICS The political pot is seething and bubbling In Syracuse and the cam­ paign promises to be rather exciting Folldwlng a/rej the city officers to b e elected next fall: Mayor for two years, salary $4,000 a year, with great power and patron­ age, The Electric Light Plant . _,A representative of the Independent visited the site of the electric lighting plant yesterday, and was surprised £3 see the progress already made. The massive foundations\ for the dynamos, •boiler and engine are practically com­ pleted and the machinery wilfbe set in position within a few days^ Nearly President of the Common Council J all of the \material is o n the ground, for two years, salary $1,000 a year | with th e exception of th e poles, which City Treasurer, for two years, salary | have been delayed In transit. The Man Behind The Plow There's been a lo t to say about the man behind the gun, And folks has praised him highily for the noble work h e done; He. won. a lot of honor for the land Where men are free, It was him that sent th e Spaniards kitin' back' across tno sea; Bui ^fiVs had his day of glory, had his little spree, and now There's another to b e mentioned—he's the man behind the plow.' A battleship's a wonder and an army's mighty grand, And Warrin 'B a perfession only heroes understand; There's aomethln' sort o' thrillin* in a flag that's wavln' high, And It makes you want t o holler when i the boys go marln' by; But when the flghtln' over and the flghtln's done, somehow We find we're- still dependin' on the man behind the plow They sing about the glories' 'bout the man behind' the gun, And the books are full of stories about the wonders h e has done; The world has been made over by the fearless ones who light; Lands that used t o be i n darkness they 'have opened to the light; When God's children snarl the soldier hias, to settle up the row . And folks haven't time fer tbinkln' of the man behind the ploy. In all the pomp and splendor of an army on parade, And all through the awful darkness that the smoke of battle's made; In the halls wliere Jewels glitter and where shoutln' men debate; In the palaces where rulers deal out honors to the great, There Is not a single person who'd be doln' bizness now Or have medals If It wasn't fer the man behind the plow We're a-butldin' mighty cities and we're galnln' lofty heights; We're a winnln' lots of glory and .-weire gottln' things t o rights; We're a showin' all creation how the world's affairs should run, Future men'll gaze in wonder at the things that we have\ done, And they'll overlook tho feller, Jist th same as we ifo notO * Who's the whole concern's foundation —that's the man behind the plow. S. E. Klser In Chicago News. $3,500 a year. Comptroller, for two years, salary $2,500 a year. Police Court Justicg, for four years, salary $3,000 a year. Municipal Court Judge, for four , years, salary $2,500. « Four members of the Board of Edu­ cation for four years, *no salary. 1 Two assessors, for four years each, salary $2,000 a year each. Nineteen Aldermen, for two years each, no salary. - Nineteen Supervisors, for tw o years each, salary $200 a year each. Reception to Admiral Dewey The Syracuse Journal suggests that the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce at once take up the question of having Syracuse represented at ^he national reception to be given Admiral George Dewey on hi s return t o this country from the Philippines. Plans for this grand reception are fast taking shape and all of the leading cities of the country \are to be represented. Syra­ cuse cannot afford t o b e left out. New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cincinnati, San Francisco Denver and many other cities of smaller size have already taken the matter up. Syracuse should not be behind in this project, and it should be represented early enough to insure -a prominent place .at the bi g banquet and in the other festivities to be given in honor of the naval hero. It is proposed to make the demon­ stration th e greatest of the kind the world ever has seen. The Admiral who soon Is to return to receive th e welcome of his . grateful countrymen Is the grandest hero of the century. Delegations of officials and business representatives will be sent to New York, and although the Admiral will not arrive for a -month or two yet, Syracuse should got In the procession early If it desires a place. The engine is the standard Corliss of elghty-flve horse power, with a boiler capacity of 100 -horse power. This la put in merely for emergencies, as the plant will be run b y .water power, of which^.the company have an abendant supply, barring accidents. The plant Is located at the corner of Walnut and Orchard streets, in the rear of Collin's lumber office. The company will equip with modern ma­ chinery and appliances for giving the best possible service and there Is no question but the citizens of the vil­ lage generally will welcome this needed improvement with open arms. The • incandescent ights will run all night, while the arc service Will be given'until 1 o'olock a. m . Mr. Gel- lette Informed, the Independent that the company -would be ready to fur­ nish lights by June 15th. HATS AT HALF PRICE Mean's 50c Straw Hats for « 25c Boys' 25c 25 15 15 cents If you want Shoes Come to Us, for the Price\ is our Motto. 4 cents a Roll THE NATION'S HERO The reception of Admiral Dewey will be a national affair. The people arc full of patriotic enthusiasm and the reception at New York to the Ad­ miral and his gallant crew will warm •the blood of every true American. The Board of Aldermen of New York re­ cently adopted the following, which shows the sentiment of the people: Whereas, a number of representa­ tive citizens of our city, anticipating an early return to this country of Ad­ miral George Dewey, have tendered him a dinner and reception, which ho has duly accepted; and Whereas, the expected home coming of the hero of Manila has already In­ spired our people with feelings of in­ tense patriotic enthusiasm, creating the general desire for a demonstration of unequalled magnificence; therefore Resolved, That the President of the Council and the President of the Board be each and they are hereby requested to a'ppolnt a committee of seven mem­ bers, which Joint committee shall take Into consideration the best method and shall suggest tho most practical-plairj for an appropriate official welcome by- thls city to Admiral Dewey, the na­ tion's pride, of such magnitude and elaborateness of detail as will equal, if not surpass, any official reception 'heretofore extended to any'ol our country' Bberoes. 'Rah for Dewey! Will Have New Walks It gives the Independent much pleas­ ure to b e able to announce authora- tlvely t o th e residents of Fayetteville that the village trustees have deter­ mined to enforce the ordlnances'relat- Ing to sidewalks. An earnest crusade •will b e shortly -commenced against owners of defective walks and an ef­ fort made to compel them t o build new walks. Notices will be sent out next week and prompt attention t o the requirements of the trustees will re­ sult In the sidewalks being put In good condition Immediately,.. ' The Independent strongly advises the laying of cement walks, wnere new ones are needed, and believes that the majority of the - taxpayers and property owners-of this village would •welcome an ordinance specifying that no other material' should be used in .making new walk-ways. Many of ou r sister villages are up and doing. The business men of Medina have raised $5,000 as a bonus for a frame .factory to locate there. At Leroy $30,000 were .subscribed In a few hours towards the organization of a stock company td operate a foun­ dry in that village o n a larger scale. Property values In such places will in­ crease and prosperity will prevail, while In other places that gradually sink Into a perpetual slumber, values will drop and It wil be impossible to turn a piece of property into money The concentration of capital Into great trusts and th e consequent wiping out of smal concerns In villages is bound to put such places t o a severe struggle for existence. Without work there can b e n o prosperity in any town —Mt. Morris Union. Honor Roll The honor roll of the Fayetteville High school fo r the month of April is as follows: Academic - Department—Helen Al- vord, Carolyn Beard, Robert Dunlop, Marion Eaton, Bertha Wheeler, Bertha WJisJm. Eighth Grade—Golden Ackerman, Mabel Sherwood, Florence Truck. Sixth Grade—Ethel Walrath, Ruth Lincoln. Fifth. Grade—Merwln Armstrong, Christie Dunlop, Chester Madison. Fourth Grade—iMtllle Keene, Mabel Reals, Mary Riley, Floyd Brown, Mor­ gan Lewis, Clara Collin Third Grade—'Minnie Brandt, Ev.elyn Cook. Helen Mott, Mabel Murray, Ella Pease, Katharine Potter, Henry. Sher­ wood Second Grade—Collin Armstrong, Donald Armstrong.'Ethel Bristol,G-race Everlngham, Charles McLyman, Anna Rlordan. First Grade—Ida Bajus, Lillian Beech,Arthur Benedict, Pauline Burns, Dorothy Chase, Ernest Colton, Marian Dawley, Gilbert Davis, Paul Gaugel, Bessie Gleason Archie Green, Luclle Hale. Hazel Harter, George Kelley, Nathan McLyman. Geneva Taylor,- AUce Wick-ham, Ruth Woodworth. \ The Best Wall Papers ' for Gilts for Curtains at 5c 10c. 25c. and 45c. Try our TEAS, they are the Best for the Money We are agents for the Celebrated Chase & Sanborn COFFEES, if you' have never tried them, do so at once, they are the best. . - COQN & POTHER, Fayetteville, N. Y. CHARLES L. COLLIN, and. Installation of Officers The 1.0 G T Installed the following officers a t their meeting: C. T , Mr Carroll Marsden; V T. Mr Ray Parker; P C. T., Mr Bert Roberts; W. R. C. MISB Nora Worden; W T., Mr . Porter Smith; W S., Miss Satie Smith; W C. Miss Bessie Worden, W I. G., Miss Georgle Relph; W Sen, Mr. Frederick Allen. The other three of­ ficers will b e Installed next Thursday evening. The lodge requests the pres­ ence of all members at thlB meetlng-as business of Importance Is to be trans acted. HEMLOCK HARDWOOD JUMBER. CUSTOM SAWING. Hard and Soft Stove Wood. Orders left at mill or received by Attention. mail will receive Prompt The R. R. Commission gnve a hear Ing this week .says the Skaneateles Democrat, on th e application of tho- Syracuse, Skaneateles and Moravia' road to construct Its Hne from Mora­ via t o Syracuse vi a Skaneateles. Of course the Central was there to fight It as also was George Barrow for the Skaneateles road. Robert E . Drake, opposing It for the Syracuse Rapid Transit company, was unable to at­ tend William Cowle, In behalf of the business men , appeared for It urging it. t o be a great public convenience Scores of affidavits wero presented from other Syracusans and all the places along the line to the same ef- Athletlc association has Oneida's I disbanded. » J ... The town of Oxford puts In five Iron bridges this summer. Morrlsville bicycles from trustees have ordered the walks. - Canastota firemen will have a day an d inspection June 22. field feet. Another later. hearing Is t o be held In the death of Hon. Roswell P.<[ Plower, the State of New York has lost one of Tier best citizens. It Is uut.jiecessary-to say-that the average man of public affairs feels., a personal lossTnTl^'^eatEito-eiwJ^he-place- oc­ cupied b y Mr Flower In the hearts of the people. He was a broadTguaged, liberal and patriotic American, whose place cannot be easily filled. The DeRuyter Gleaner has wheeled into line, and Is calling-upon th e trus­ tees- of DeRuyter t o repair the side­ walks. There seems t o b£ a general agitation upon this subject throughout Central New York, and Fayetteville has the . comfort of knowing that \there are others\ having difficulty with pedestrian accommodation. Division Engineer W. H. H Gere sends the Independent a copy of Bul­ letin No. 1, on Public Highway Im­ provements. I t Is .a very readable document and Mr Gere Informs u s he wm b e pleased to-mail copies of the bulletin to any one interested in the matter, who will write him at- Syra­ cuse. Editor AmeB of the DeRuyter Gleaner Is a candidate for Member of Assembly from Madison county. Mr. Ames Is well spoken of by his brother newspapermen and we wish him all success in the race It is expected that work will soon commence o n the State lift bridge at Canastota. * « » The Norwich Board of Education has raised all grade \teachers' wages fifty cents a week » • • The Chlttenango Pottery Company have their new plant completed and are running again * * * ' The new lift bridge at Sallna street, Syracuse,-cost $33,811.75 out of- an ap­ propriation of $36,000, the State and city each paying half. • * * Reports of the State Excise Depart­ ment show that.$1,200,000 have been received there in advance .payments for liquor taxes, for the year begin­ ning Ma y 1, 1899. » . . ... D. Appleton & Co. of New York re­ port sales of \David Harum\ to al­ ready exceed 100,000. They expect to sell 10,000 more within a week. The record for one day is 3,300 copies. The 1899 convention of Central New York Volunteer Firemen will be held in Ithaca, August 1, 2 and 3 . The committees are working to make it a great- success. ... The Lehigh Valley Company, It is said, has ordered it s station hands, ticket agents, baggage masters and op­ erators to wear black shoes and black neckties. • . * Auburn takes Blngbamton's trotting dates. The circuit will start at Gene­ va on June '6, 7, 8 and 9. The second week in June goes to Ithaca ,then comes Auburn and Syracuse last Everingham & Carr's Cash Store. Come and sec. our Saturday Specials in Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes and Wall Papers THE BEST AND ONLY THE BEST. ESTABLISHED J 840. That is our high purpose in all our \work. We offer you a variety of stone best suited to the special requirements of your order, wrought -into enduring beauty by the best sculptors, and all at a i MODERATE PRICE. We .manufacture from Quincy, Westerly, Barre , and all leading granites, and as we sell direct y to customers, we save the middlemen's profits. All our work is guaranteed, no charge being made if not strictly according to contract. Fayetteville Marble & Granite Co'

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