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EVERY SATURDAY VOL. I FAYETTEVILUE, N. Y., SATURDAY, MAY 27, 1899 NO. U A New Crusade | In clila city a new movement against ilu'-saloons is being organized that at ­ tracts attention and receives encour- .12 ment from the church elements says the Syracuse-Journal It is a' crusade along an entirely new line; -jmrt i ffers-wi dely—from—the—ProhlUPT non movement, and it i s considered' North Manlius | Chittenango | High School Entertainment niM 0 [ th Ma .? Ilus ' Ma >' 22.—Mrs. Mary I Chlttenango, May 23.—W H. Math-1 The Theta Ph i and Kappa Epsilon Dibble of Fayetteville is spending a ews has exchanged his meat market soocleties of the high school will couple of weeks with old neighbors property and vacant lots in this vil- Slve a n entertainment o n or about here. Mrs. Almlra Maine expeats-tOvgo to a» being more practical an d more sure of results. ; The purpose o f the\^\Prohibition Un- 1 im of ChristIan-Men\-!s-to-secure-an- ,<nforcement of the present excise: ',ws Tbe-plan is to secure evidence! of violation of the la w and to pre- j,nt It to th e proper officers of the for prosecution of the offenders. If the officers fall in their duty there will be an appeal to th e Governor. The union Is no t a political organiza­ tion and Is not allied to any political party It will not endorse any candi- : dates for publ/lc office. It is to be • composed of men of all parties. It is proposed ,to keep up a n \everlasting agitation for the suppression of the, public licensed saloon, and to change, the attitude of the State towards this traffic by making the attitude of th e ditirch one of active hostility.\ lage for a very desirable residence property o n West Onondaga— atreetr- Buffalo this Jiy^eJc4a--vlflR-h€r r d'a^hfTSyricu^. TerTMrs. L. E. ford The price of milk ha s been cu t at Little Arthur and Marguerite Soule have been having the measles. Mr D. O Costello is building a new barn. —Miss Edith Dewey is entertaining some lady friends. Miss Mollle Haight of Illinois vis­ ited her aunt, Mrs. Edmund Adams a few days the past week June Sth. The following -will—be^rentlerexlTy program I II. the milk station from sixty-cents per j can of forty .quarts to fifty-four cents per can to take effect May 16th. ] An action brought by John B. i Schuylejv.against Mrs: Florence Vleaii j for work done on her house In this' village was tried today,-before Jus-! tlce E. D. Wafrath The Jury did not j I V III agree. Mr . J. J L. Baker was at- 1 North Manlius Grange will hold a' torney for th e plaintiff and C. A i strawberry and ice cream festival at: Hitchcock for defendant, their .hall. Friday evening. June 2. A n entertainment wa s held Sunday i A cordial invitation Is extended to all. [ evening a t th e Baptist church under The ordinance of baptism will be | th e auspices of the '.Y P. S. C.'E ., for administered at the Baptist church, > the benflt of foreign missions. It was I next Sunday Mrs. William Farrance is very sick Mrs. Ralph Soule is entertaining her 'sister The high water bridge at the Charle3 Peck place is In very bad con­ dition; an d needs repairing before horses get Injured a very pleasant entertainment. The j children did their work nicely. The funeral of James Young will be 1 held at the residence of- his-son-ln--j- law. Mr. Burdett Stannard, tomorrow,, Wednesday, May 24, at 2 p. m. i Miss Florence Hitchcock, accompan-! led by her friend, Hattie Sttllman vis - r Danger in Spraying Chapter 325 o f the laws of 1898 reads as follows - \An y person, who shall spray with, o r apply In an y way , poison or an y poisonous substance to fruit trees while the same are in blossom, i s [guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than $10 nor more than $50 This act shall take effect July 1. 1898 \ On this subject (Prof. iF. M. Webster of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment station says. \Spraying fruit \tress while in bloom with arsenical mix­ tures is dangerous, and in fair' weath­ er is liable to not only kill the bees that frequent the bloom, bu t also to destroy the young brood that are be­ ing fed at that time. Spraying should not be done until all the bloom has fallen ' In a bulletin Issued by the New York Agricultural Experiment Sta­ tion it is said: \The trees should tint be sprayed while in blossom, for the spray ma y injure th e delicate parts of the flower, and th e poison may kill the bees and other Insects, that play an Important part In ferbil- i izing the blossoms.\ . There is yet to be had a very nice , ited her grandparents. Mr. an d Mrs variety in Millinery, at Mrs. F O T William'Harp a t Cottons, N Y., Fri-1 Balsley's of Fayetteville. that is to , da y and Saturday. ' I Mr A Kennedy attended the annual j I re-union of hi s regiment, the 14th, at I Utica, Dednesday. i Mrs. T M. Hatch an d Miss May Fuller, attend 3d a business meeting of - be closed out at very low prices. Mycena Mycenae, May 23.—Messrs. Sponen-1 the Daughters of the Revolution at burgh. File and Everson. sold their tobacco to Syracuse parties, they de­ livered it last Friday Mr and Mrs. George Walrath spent Sunday an d Monday with her parents,* Mr and Mrs. R. DeForest. a t Syra­ cuse Mr John Hunt visited his brother i clnlty Harry Hunt at Syracuse. Sunday 1 Mr J P Everson Is confined to th e house with a sprained limb. 'Mrs. LIbble Shaw of Buffalo and Mrs. Charles Ransler of Syracuse Cazenovia o n Wednesday, May 10th Miss Floroence, daughter of C. A. Hitchcock, gave a party to a number of her young friends, Monday\ even­ ing. -Mr.. Bert Roberts of Tremont, Mich­ igan, Is visiting relatives In this vi- VI. Build Them of Cement Section 1G2 of th e village law pro­ vides as follows Whenever the owner or occupant of lands adjoining a street shall, with the consent of the board of trustees, construct a sidewalk of stone, cement, lu-ick or other similar material along the line of such land, of the width of. four feet or more, and of th e value of I at least $3 per lineal rod. th e board of trustees shall credit such owner or ornipant on account of his assessment for street tax In such village, three- fourths of the actual and necessary, expense of constructing such sidewalk 1 or instead of such credit, may pay to such owner or occupant from the street fund of the current year, one- half of the cost o f suoh sidewalk. If, credit is allowed, such owner or oc- fiipant shalLbe.exempt from taxation! on account of streets in such village 1 until the amount of the exemption!) equals the credit so allowed. Bare Ball Meeting Pursuant to the call Issued last spent a fe w days, with their many | week for a meeting to organize in friends here ! -ball_team..In_ this village, quite a num- Misa Kate File -is spendlng\a few' ber were present at the barber shop days with her sister Mrs. Frances C . of Pearl Williams on Tuesday even- Lawgo a t Kinderhook\. , ln S- Carroll Marsden was chosen Mr 'and Mrs. M C. Walrath and • manager of th e team and. Walter daughter Julia visited their son, Geo j Smith, captain. The flrBt game was Walrath on e day last week [ Played with North Manlius a t their Mrs Edward Buss wa s called to grounds yesterday. On Decoration Fayetteville on account of the sudden ! dav . tne y wi \ me <* the Danforth Illness of her daughter Miss Martha ' Chevaliers at the home grounds, and Buss, who i s quite sick there. , an Interesting game is promised. The • game will be oalled at 2 o'clock sharp, ocale OI prices win appear later as tw o games are scheduled for that' _ . .j.,.. ' ' afternoon. The boys will consider it tagle Village • a favor if all will come prepared to Eagle Village. May 23-Mr. and , p** J^_ u ,» u £ ?_ r ^ e .„ an , < 1 Piano Solo Florence Fisher A Domestic Quarrel—a i Short Farce. Mr. Grumbledorof... . Willis Remlingej •Mrs. Grumbledort (Edna LAW Maid Mabel Perry Readings Katherine Smith Play A Box «of Monkeys OAST: Sierra Bengallne (a typi­ cal Western girl, who is hard to \tone down), ;. Ada Slsson Lady Guinevere Landpore (a prime \English girl, who Is anxious to learn •American fascination) Sadie Collin 'Mrs: Ondego——Jhones (Sierra's aunt, a New York society lady/who desires rank).Lena Couughlin Chauncey Oglethorpe (Son of Lord Doncaster, an extremely bashful young man, who suffers tor­ ture In the presence of ladle-0 ... M. P Whitton Edward Ralston (Sierra's lively lover. Joint owner with Oglethorpe of gold mine Ray Mathews SYNOPSIS. Act. 1. Scene. Fifth .Avenue home. Lady Guinevere's letter received. Mrs Jhones departs. Led's appearance. Chauncey's arrival and agony In pres­ ence of Sierra, who mistakes Mm fo r a butler Ted explains matters. Lady Guinevere arrives and i s received* In \Western\ style. Ted Is mistaken fo r butler: amusing results. V Sleight of Hand.Porter Tremaln Act. 11. Scene; same as before. Ted teaches Chauncey how to make love. Lady Gulneivere learns how to chew gum and use slang. Chauncey proposes. Grand celebration o f the event. Mrs. Jhones reads a n Interest­ ing letter. Grand finale. .Piano Duet Misses Maltby The students have given much time and hard work to the-success of the entertainment. They wish all to come and trust you will feel repaid. Delphi Delphi, Ma y 22.—Farmers have their planting nearly done, ready for the refreshing showers, which are duly_ai_ han'd. •• - The sick ar e improving; Lewis Ay- ers, who ha d appendicitis Is ou t on the street again. Warren Olcott i s im­ proving slowly; he was moved to Burdett Benedict's, as Mrs. Howell was called to Tully, where he r daugh­ ter was lying 111 Sh e has returned and reports the daughter better -Phil- •' lip Van DeBogart is also better. Mr Beach Smith received a letter telling of the serious illness of a relative near Rochester, a s he was un­ able to leave, Ms wife responded t o the call and left early Thursday morn­ ing. School Commissioner N F. Bene­ dict visited schools In this vicinity, the past week. Mrs Castle, a former resident of Fayetteville is stopping at Robert oMore's. Mr. Lewis Benedict photographed the Woodward district. Arbor-day Mrs. Jones Howell has rented he r land to John Campbell for the com­ ing year. * Mrs. Lottie Klock is staying with her uncle. Beach Smith, while his wife is absent, at the sick bed of hi s rela­ tive. Mr Claude Edwards an d Fred Hatch of Fayetteville were recent guests of Lewis and Robbie Benedict. Mr. Charles Hunt and wife have been spending a few days with their son In Liverpool. Miss LIbble Ceon of North Manlius Is the guest of her sister, MJss Ceon, at Charles Hunts. - vir The Improvement .Association The Fayetteville Improvement as­ sociation met a s usual Tuesday even­ ing, with Mr. E . F Hopkins in the chair The following resolution was unani­ mously adopted- Mr and Mrs Barnes of Canastota, T . C Griffin Appointed Manner j ^SSJST^ ^ qu te^recenUy ' \ The many friends of T C. Grl«ln Acers of the Syracuse * Suburban quite return^ ^ ^ ^ ^ nf ^ bImm1 „ vor h i» n^iirin?! railroad, giving as the sense of this meeting that the present rate of fare is excessive and asking that the rate Mrs. Millard of >ih . *™ moved ! ^fn^A^hSS^ ln Nelt m Mannrir.rH h r e have!ettev..le wiU^agoodbase ball team. been very sick with pneumonia, but are able to be about the house again. Here Too Although many of our enterprising citizens have taken advantage of the recent fine weather t o clean up their yards, trim th e trees and make a gen­ eral \slicking up,\ there is still con­ siderable of that kind of work that could be done to th e betterment of the appearance of our beautiful vil­ lage I believe It can safely be said that there is not a village In the State that ca n show J>etter kept yards and gardens and neater-looking houses than Slijraeatelos, and this fact is much noted and 'commented upon by visitors to the place.—Skaneateles Free Press. ' her sister, Mrs. R. Stannard , th e position of manager of the Syra- Mrs. H Tale has been very ill, but cuse baseball club an d will watch Is slowly improving under the skill- with Interest the future work of the ful care of Dr -Menwln. \ i team. Mr T\ J. Osburn and wife, enter- The'Star aggregation has been play- talncd company from Camden, last ing such a poor apology of profession- Tuesday. ! a l base ball that the friends of the • Miss Bessie Baldwin is on. the sick club had about given up hopes of list, as sh e wa s to have graduated ] their getting out of the second dlvls- from th e Union school In June, It is I io n i n standing. a great disappointment to he r t o have i It is now expected, and.Hot without to give up her studies for th e present. I some grounds, that th e change \in' anent >: Mrs. J B Strong has been spend- j management, coupled with th e addi -l J° urned ing a week with her daughter in this tlon of several new players to the club will result In a n improved artl- cle of base ball and cause th e perman- j -ent retention of \Sandy\ as manager. • be reduced, and commutation rates be given to persons^ employed In Syra­ cuse and living In Fayetteville. The secretary was also asked to In­ sert in the Syracuse Herald and the Onondaga Independent a notice call­ ing attention to the held Fayetteville offers for a Jewelry store. After some desultory- conversation anerit Improvements,'\the\meetlng'ad- Fabius Fablus, May 24.— Mr. James Will­ iams attended th e Teachers' Institute at Homer last week. Mr Arthur Branch is working for Charles Calcutt in the meat market. Mr F . Boynton of Fayetteville called on friends here last week. Mr Claud Buah of Ithaca Is home on a visit. Mr. W. H Remington of Bellows Falls, Vt. , Is here putlng a new sep- erator In tho creamery. Miss Addle Rabbins of Cape Cod, 1 Mass., Is visiting her father, Mr. M. 1 L. Robblns. i Mr Art. Burtlick of Canastota Is working for Mr. Charles Vincent In the hotel. Mr F . Corll of New Woodstock vis­ ited his aunt, Miss Corll last Wednes­ day. _ • The Rev. J ,E . Fish of Marathon, N. Y . occupied the pulpit of th e M. E. church last Sunday, j Memorial day will be observed by • the G A. R., an d the school I Th e Hon. E . G TenEyck has gone to Albany to attend the special ses­ sion of the Legislature. M. A. Maxwell and C D. Pierce of Delphi were In town last Sunday. Mr John Bramer and hi s family of Gloversville are visiting at M s fath­ er's. Lewis Bramer. There was a musical an d literary entertainment, held a t th e M. E. church, last Wednesday evening. Mrs. Charles Vincent Is visiting friends i n Buffalo. Mr. M. L. Webster visited his son Fred Webster in Syracuse last week. place. A Gocd Meeting Hotel Arrivals Pompey Centre Notice to G. A* R. Head Quarters, R. B. Hayes* Post, No. 667. Department of N. Y„ G.A.R. General Order .No 10—All com­ rades of R. B. Hayes*' Post, No. 667, are requested to meet .at the Post rooms, Sunday evening, May 28nh. a t ' o'clock for the purpose of attending the (Memorial services at the M. E. church All comrades of other Posts and veterans are requested to Join with \s on this occasion. • - , • By order of Commander. JAMBS LAW , Adjt. One of the largest meetings ever held, of Limestone Creek Lodge, No . 145, was that o f Monday evening. Ma y 22nd. On that occasion thirty mem­ bers of Alphadelphla Lodge, No. 44, of Syracuse, were In attendance. The degree team conferred the Initiatory degree o n one - candidate.\- The pres­ ence of some twenty-five members of Manlius Lodge. No. 764, added great­ ly to the. Interest of the occa­ sion. The work having been exem­ plified in a satisfactory manner, the visiting brothers were invited to par­ take of refreshments in the room be ­ low The second degree was' to have been conferred on tw o candidates, bu t was deferred for on e week. of Real Estate Transfers Town Manlius Wilson J. Hod'g and AMn B. Hodg and wlfe'to Mary M. Morse part farm lot 76, $1.00. David C. Mills to Perinella DaWBon, Dorothea Stewart and Harlan C. Shoe­ maker, part farm lots 24, 35, fl.00. Charles B. Goodrich to David C. Miles, part farm lots 34, 35, $1,700.00. Frank Cook an d wife t o Oliver Cook, part farm lot 24, |1,200.00. . Hotel arrivals The following p~ersons were regis­ tered at the hotels, during the past week: Hotel Wands—D. F . Hayden, Syra­ cuse; I. L. DeGolla, Syracuse; C. E. Smith, Syracuse; P. J. Wldrlngton, Syracuse; P. H. Horton, Syracuse; H . H. Spring, \Syracuse; R . C. Garslen and wife, Buffalo; James Post, Syra­ cuse; C. DeWitt. Pulaski; Charles Flach, Utica; J Bender, Manlius; John Warren. „ Utica; C. B. Evans, Wheeling, W. Va.; F. L. Brandt, Syra­ cuse; C. A. 'Cohn; New York city; E. Z, Frazee, Baldwinsvllle. Grove Hotel—E: B. Van Winkle, Syracuse; D. Hennesy, Syracuse; H. W. Childs, Syracuse;' John Young, Syracuse; Baniuel !Reld, New York city; H. C. Kilian, Utica; F . Harring­ ton, Oneida; T. H . Marsfleld, Onon­ daga. Refitting His Hotel Landlord Wands is making exten­ sive alterations' In the Interior of his hotel, which will add greatly to the convenience and comfort of his guests. Solvay now has a free library. Pompey Centre, Ma y 24.—Mr and Mrs. Amermon spent part of last week a t Marcellus. Miss Pearl Farnum and Mrs. A'lvln Hoag spent Tuesday with Mrs. Pur- Ington. The S. S. convention of the town of Pompey, will b e held on Thursday, June 8th. Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Dwlght Hi:- brook, spent Tuesday at Pompey Hol­ low. Mrs. Vail Is entertaining her sister, Mrs. Sarah Robertson of Brooklyn School Notes Miss Owens, who has been prevent­ ed by Illness from teaching for the past week, has again resumed her duties. The annual banquet of the Theta 'hi an d Kappa Epsilon societies will e held on Monday evening. Ma y 23th. To Take Taxes Mr. A. W. Bessee will take taxes at one pe r .cent, fo r twenty days from date; he will be a t the office of E. F. Hopkins (Hoag block), Friday, June 2; Monday, June 5; Wednesday. June 7; Thursday, June 8; Friday, June 9; and Monday, June 12, 1899. The last day Is June 13, 1899. The following guests were regls- \>red at the Wands' house, during th e pist week; A. _CabJe, Syracuse; F . E. Dawley, Fayetteville; S. Cable, Syracuse; F D. Hayden, Jr., Syracuse; AJ Cole, Fay­ etteville; J. D. Dyolla, Syracuse; J. Bender, Manlius; W. O. Carpenter, Syracuse; H. H. Bender, Syracuse; C. C. .Smith, Syracuse; H. H . Sprig, Syracuse; C. Dewitt, Pulaski; James Post, Syracuse; H. Thompson, Syra­ cuse; Chos. Flock, Utica; Dick Byrne, Syracuse; J. Manir Syracuse; R, C. ' Gaersslen and wlfe^Buffalo; L. F. Hutchlns, Syracuse; T.Holloran, Syra­ cuse; P. J\ WiddlngtoX, Syracuse; John Warren, Utica; D.- W . Gridley, Syracuse; C. B. Evans, Wheeling, W. - Va.; P. H. Horton, Syracuse; F . Le Brantz, Syracuse; C. A. Cam, New York city; E. Z. Frazee, Baldwins­ vllle; Jett Weichart, Syracuse; Ben. Kls3terring, Syracuse. A Jolly Surprise Lewis Ecker was given a surprise party a short time since b y his young friends, among whom were th e fol­ lowing: M. P. Wihltton. M. Whitton, D. P. Burhans, Carroll Knapp, M. Birdseye; Misses CaHa Beara\ Helen Wilson, Ethel Slingerland, Katherine Gaynor, Katherine Smith, and- Mabel Sherwood. Games an d dancing were enjoyed and the company thoroughly entered into the spirit of th e occa­ sion.

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