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Better Than Charity. - A year ago Mr. Booth-Tucker pro­ pounded theTietoniabing theory that it would be more profitable t o let.the rlea- titute poor of enr large cities have n chance to earn tbeir living than t o fur­ nish them v»itb charity. He stated bie theory ID these words: \Plm;e the waete labor o n the •waste lands by means,, of •waste capital and thereby convert .tbia modern waste into a productive sys­ tem. \ He ha d tb o acnteness, t o go t o Mr. JatnerA. Davi^, industrial commis­ sioner of tho Santa Fe company, an d be gained his sympathy. Then i t was that he made a practical test of bis scbetiie. He picked out a piece of land in extent one section and a half. It was in the Arkansas^valley, near the bound­ ary line between Colorado and Kanwis. Ho bought tbia land at the rate of $32.50 an acre, and 11 years' timo was allowed for payment. Upon this pection Mr. Booth-Tncker, with the aid of tlie Salvation Army, started his first colony of 20 families, or about 400 persons. That was a year ago . The land wa s tongb and sour, the climate eia«perat- ing and tho prospects gloomy. But,, un­ daunted, these pilgrims went t o work, and now, after ono year of experiment. Mr. Booth-Tucker Bends a niost remark­ able report. Tb o colony, b e says, ha s proved its industry, it s grit an d it s ability to work under the greatest dis­ advantages. I t has bniTt homes, dstab- lisbed stores, pu t i n crops, erected a church and scboolbonso and i s general­ ly contented and happy. S o remarkable an experiment should not go nnnoticcd Its ICSBODB nro very farrenehing. Mr. Booth-Tucker claims that four-fifths of tho'misernblo people who are rotting in onr great centers \yonld bo born again under tho influences of pare air, perfect freedom, systematic labor and a pros­ pect of ultimately owning something of their own, an d bo declares that if the $00,000,000 that is spent every year i n tho United Stntes fo r merely temporary relief for these people, an d which results in n o permanent benefit, were spent in enabling them t o work for themselves under tlio most favor able circumstances tho greatest reform­ atory movement of the ag o would be put' in progress. Tbo Dake of Abrnzzi. a wealthy Ital­ ian, is converting bis \entire fortune into a n outfit to reach the north pole Ho left Roam ou his expedition not latin ago with 2,000 boxes of supplies. H e took with him a ton of macaroni, tw o hogsheads of olivo oil and five hundred­ weight of garlic. If ever tbo dnke should got lost in the arctic regions, it will bo easy for Europe to trace him by the scent of bis outfit. He intends to make his voyago to tho pole an aesthetic ono. Ho has provided himself with au ­ tomatic pianos, mandolins, billiard ta ­ bles, a portablo bowling alley, a wine cellar, n pack of honuds, two Arabian steeds -and, wo snspect, a comic opera chorus. Now this is tho refined way of doing it. Hitherto our arctic explorers havo lacked delicacy of touch. On ar­ riving at Franz-Josef Lund tho dnlte will celebrate tbo event b y n perform­ ance of \Tho Barber of Seville.\ It is greatly to be hoped that Genpral Fred Fnnston will not be pushed by western epthnsiaem into any -position which ho has not. the capacity to fill. More than one Kansas paper ha s al ready nominated him as governor, end otbere have suggested the United States senatorship as hi s appropriate honor. So fa r as i a known, the general will fill either of these positions with lienor t o hiiiiai.']f and state, althongh'there is ab­ solutely nothing in his career which in ­ dicates that lie is a statesman or a poli­ tician. He is already overwhelmed with offers of large sums for uiogazino-arti- cles, quite irrespective of whether be has any literary ability or not. One en­ terprising citizen of Kansas, who ap­ pears t o be a showman, has offered him $1,000 t o swim tho Little Arkansas river onfd tuke a fortification on the other sido which he will have put-up for the purpose. The great risk of all our brave mon is that somebody will try t o make them ridiculous when they get home. » When your 8-year;old boy, who i s studying geography, asks yon about the deltas of the Nile, the Euphrates, the Ganges and the .Mississippi, yon will have to tell, him that all thede great- rivers,, with tho single exception of the 1 Mississippi, have preserved their deltas and continno t o sprawl^toward tho sea very much as they please. But the Mississippi has been_ harnessed and choked and disciplined. Tbo United States has taken its delta away and in­ sisted that it sb.onld ran i n a navigable chuunel. Ever since tbo time of Gen­ eral Jackson th o government has been at work o n these side outlets, and the last of them,--, known a s the Bayou La- fonrcbe, is now getting a curb in it s mouth which will evcntuully close up its wbolo system. I t i s well t o tell your hoy that tho peoplo of tho United Statue not only adapt themselves to the d2- mands of tbo times, but they make tbeir great rivers'Vlo s o also. The question of woman i n politics is freshened by tho Liberal party i n Eng­ land, which ha s all along been very anxious to secure by every means th o iDfiaenco of \TvoiuetT What is known tboro a s tho Woman's Liberal Federa­ tion ia now kicking over the traces be- catiso the party wants to drivo it in harness. -Lady Carlisle, who i s at th e head of tbe federation, objects strenu­ ously to any kind of party discipline. It looks too much •'like obedience, and that is not what tbe federation wants. In abort, she has announced that if the women cannot do a s they please in pol­ itics they will break away and confine themselves to society. This i s a nice kettle of fish for the obedient men. Spray; Pump NEWEST AND BEST AIR. PRESSURE HAND BUCKET Just the thing for Spraying Potatoes, Etc. EVERY FARMER should have one.-.Cheap and easy to work. Come and see them. For sale by *. _. . SAMUEL J. WELLS FA YETTE VILLE N. Y. 31 ny 12, »». J.E.Fabmg&Son BLACKSMITHING Senator Elect Cbauncey Depew has publicly conceded that the enormous growth of tbo trusts is a matter that can no longer bo ignored b y tbo Repub­ lican party. Mr . Depew does not de nounce tho trusts; h e simply recognize* the tremendous importanco they are as- Burning and sees tho necessity of meet­ ing them with judicious legislation and political action. Representative Hen derean of Iowa, ono of the men elated as th o next speaker of th o IIOUEU, re ­ cently put himself on record with sim­ ilar views. He declares that the time has comu when the wisdom of th u na­ tion must be directed to the enoruioni- aggregations of capital with a view to their regulation in tbo interests of the commonwealth Tho question is thus forcing itself upon tbo nation irrespec­ tive of party lines. First-class Horse Shoeing and General Blacksmithing ALL WORK DONE AT REGULAR PRICES. J. E. FABING & SON Emmet Stanard Eirst-class Painting, Paper hang­ ing and Kalsomiming \ ...CONTRACTOR Successor to late Thou. D. Nichols. Notice ot illeeilas of Board o f Director* PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a. \meet­ ing of tbe Board of Directors of tbe Fanners' Institute Bulletin • Publishing Company* will be held a.t the office' of the Company oft Mill street. In tho village of FayettevJile, N. Y., on the 16th day of ifay, 1S99, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, for the purpose of transacting all such business as may be properly brought be­ fore the same. Dated the flth day of May, 1S99. ELLIS WOODWORTH, President. L. M. PECK. ' Secretary. Notice of Medina o f Incorporators and Subscribers of tbe Fnrmem In»tl lute Utriletln PublUlilnj - Company PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, That a meet­ ing of the Incorporators and subscribers of the Farmers' Institute Bulletin Pub­ lishing Company will bo held at tbe office of the Company, Mill street, in the village of Fayetteville. N. Y., on tho 16th day of May, 1S39, at 1 o'clock in th\e' afternoon, for the purpose of electing officers, and the transaction of such other business as may .properly come before said meeting. ELLIS WOODWORTH, President, L. M. PECK, - Secretary Dated. Ma> Gth, 1899. Gale- and Pool Parlors COSTELLO SL CAMPBELL FRANK T. MOTT, jfai'dvuare . AND ... Tinsrnizhina- SPECIAL. LINE OF SHELF AXh HEAVY HARDWARE AT v_ LOW PRICES. The Best Ales, Wines, Liquors and Mineral Water for Family, and ~°Mddical Purposes. Beer on Draught. . Sitting Room Upstairs, Lunches Served at All Hoars, Choice brands ot Cigars. .FA YETTEVILLE Tbo terrapin is disappearing from Galveston bay, and tbe people of Te.xui' ought to look t o it. The indiscriminate slaughter of th o animal has led to its extinction, and no state or government means have'been taken to'protect it. Galveston i s complaining, for there was always a good market for terrapin' But now the smacks have to go a s fat as tbe Campeuchy banks to get thorn. Tho visit of Secretary Alger and Chief Engineer Wilson t o th u Chicago drainugo canal una revived interest i n this stupendous engineering feat, which will havo cost, when it is finished, $85.- 000,000. Both tbo distinguished visitors expressed their astonishment und ad­ miration of the work, which is not only ono of the largest engineering feats of tho nineteenth century, but i s also uue of th e loftiest tributes t o tb e indoulitu- ble enterprise c! Chicago. James Humfrey, CUSTOM TAILOR Suburban Cafe C05TELLO & CAMPBELL Corner Ceneaee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE. Clothes and Queen Victoria's last public function was to ride to tbo Victoria -and Albert museum and. lay tho ' cornerstone b y proxy. As she had herself mado i t pub­ licly known that this would be he r lust public uppeurauce, a rather pnthotu: in ­ terest was associated with tho event. Lord Rbsebery's recent definition ol the ideal newspaper as \n London Times without it s editorial page\ has not' been accepted anywhere by any clasa'of readers in England. Tbe reader now demands opinions as well as news. The most ignorant reader looka to hie paper not alone for enrrent events, bn i for a sagacious judgment on tbe'm. . They now have a club i n Peoria, Ills., composed of 3(5 men who have pledged themefclves to marry none but widows. \What is funny about i t i s that they put tip n clnim of philanthropy. Eligible girls, they say. have no tronble i n find­ ing husbands. It is only tbe poor wid­ ows, and especially those with children, who cannot pick husbands oft the trees, hence tbe present movement for their relief. Bnt isn't this plea rather thin? Widows, as o rule, command a premium in tho matrimonial market among men who know n good thing when they se e it, and philanthropy b e hanged 1 The Peoria railroad will presently b e selling excursion tickets t o widows. Claned, Pressed Repaired on short notice. Blanchard Block, Fayetteville. Armour Fertilizers. Bishop Potter of New York called the tnrn on the anti-Briggs men neatly. It was tbe ol d story over again of tbe lawyer who went to se e bi s client in prison and eaid to him, \My clear sir. they can't arrest yon fo r this!\ And the client replied. \Bnt yo n see that they bave.l\ The anti-Briggs men de­ clared that Dr . Briggs could not be or­ dained, and the only thing that Dr. Potter has said was, \But yon see that heisl\ The Fertilizer Works of Armour & Company, Chicago, accumulate the* bulk ot their fertilizers from the por­ tions of the cattle, hogs and sheep slaughtered by Armour & Company not used In feeding, shoeing, harness­ ing, glueing, soaping and healing the world. Thoy are In the fertilizer business from necessity and are In i t as a. permanent business. They will not only sell fertilizers this year, but next year and for many years. Their fertilizers are as good as can be- made. They want permanent customers. It Is good sense and fo r the best In­ terest of the world that the product taken from the farm and not needed by the world tor food or clothes should be returned to the farm where it can be used. \' , F. B. FILLMORE, Agent, Fayetteville, N. Y. Alio Asent for BMP1KK D1U.LI.M. Alfalfa Wanted. I have a market for a quan­ tity of Alfalfa Hay. Drop me a postal letting me know liow much you have and state low­ est price. F. E. DAWLEY, At Bartlett's Drag Store YOU WILL FIND . . . Crane's' Writing: Paper Bibles and Testaments Blank Books Fountain Pens Pocket Knives Confectionery Flower Seeds Choice Perfumery A \toilet Articles. Novelty Stoves Our Specialty CALL AND SEE THEM. All Plumbing' and Tinning guar­ anteed to please. Get estimates from us before ordering yonr -work. FRANK T. MOTT, Fayetteville, N. y. J, M; TILLOTSON, DEALER IN CANNED GOODS, e FRESH & SALT MEATS ETC., ETC. \ HIGHEST MARKET PRICE PAID POIt FARM rRODUCE. Corner Spring: and Genesee, FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. Addison Cole, ARTISTIC §tainin§ and. .. cJnieihfi jdecotaiionA. piANOS AND ORGANS Cleaned Tuned and 1 Repaired and satisfaction guaranteed. Special Articles of furniture for church or bouse manufactured from original designs and finished to order at reasonable tates. Old furniture Repaired and i'olisbed. Shop and Residence over Marble\ find Granite Works, Cor. North Mill and Elm Street^ FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. 11 ii Piatt H. Smith BANKER Fayetteville, N.* Y. VP Has the security and all the facilities for doing a banking business that State or Na­ tional banks have jt'jt 27ie Accounts of Individual Mer­ chants, Manufacturers and Corporations Solicited - Collections promptly made in all parts of the United States or Canada. P. H. SMITH H.J. HOOPER, B WOODWORK AND... GENERAL REPAIRING. I have engaged- a first-clasfj horse shoer. Interfering anc sore-footed horses a specialty All work guaranteed. At the old stand of Moharge Hooper. H.J. HOOPER. E. F. HOPKINS, Real Estate Agenl Contractor and Builder. TLANS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED. VIU take charge ot property for noij residents; j Offiee, Cor. Oenesee and Mill St FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y.

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