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LOCAL NEWS. Mr R . H Wands is visitin g at Col - lanier ;,[r Fred Pratt o f Syracuse was In ., ; vn Monda y k > Rev Matthe w Joyce visite d i n Cort- I.UKI on Monday . • Mr an d Mrs . Joseph Ostrander o f M : noa. wer e in town , Monday. Mrs. N. G Case o f Marcellus visite d h. r sister, Mrs . D . Higley , last week j'orter Tremaln, Sr, o f Minneapolis , Mini . wa s in town the first o f th e n i^ek Mr Charges Relph o f Syracuse was home ove r Sunday Mis s Emma Kinney of Canastota is visitin g Mrs . Pelmer Carpenter. Mis s Carrie Titus o f JamesvlUe vis­ ited friend s i n town , Wednesday Mr. Frank Law o f Chittenango was home ove r Sunday, the gues t of hi s parents. Everett Brown, a former resldetft^ calle d on friend s int&tow n th e pas^ ' week . Joseph Stanton will soo n occupv the M S. Pratt tenant hous e o n Elm street . Mrs Anguis h moved on Tuesday !«\ th e Carr buildin g on North MIII^ There will b e tw o games o f bal l t playe d on'the home grounds Decora-1 tion da y 1 Mrs. H C . Beauchamp was in town Friday. Charles Relp o f Syracuse was home over Sunday. Mis s Id a Hopkins is visitin g Miss Tulloh o f Rome. \ Mis s B. Bohan of Syracuse was In town the first o f th e week . The frame fo r th e electri c light buildin g is up an d th e boile r placed . DeForest Dunlo p o f Erievill e was a visitor at h\is parents, las t Sunday Mis s Lydia Rice o f Wolcott. N Y., is visitin g Frank J. Rice an d friends ! Mr Henry Paltz of Syracuse was ho guest o f hi s sister , Mrs . F S . Pot- ;i'.r last Sunday. Mr an d Mrs . J. D Nichols , spen t -umlay at Mexico , N Y., with Mrs . Nil hols' parents . Mis s Coral Worden visited he r cous­ in. Mis s Ellen Henry of Syracuse on Monday Mrs. John Nichol s Is visitin g her parents. Mr . and Mrs . Babcock o f Mex­ ico. Bring in Your Feet Mr an d Mrs. Davi d Thomas of Syracuse visite d at D r D P Hutchlns o n Sunday Mr. W W Hall of Gouverneur was the gues t of Mr . F. E. Dawle y Thurs-' da y an d Friday ' I Mr an d Mrs. Henry Sheffield of Syracuse were guest s o f Mr an d Mrs. C. Peck Mr Henry Ford o f Syracuse was in town, Monday , on busines s for th e nrm of Kent & Miller . Mr Frank. Hodges o f Tully . N. Y , called on hi s sister , Mrs . LeRoy Wick- ham, this week . Rev W H Yard will preach again at the chape l in Manliu s Centre , Sun­ day, at 3 p m We shoul d lik e to Introduce them to a pair o f our \summer shoes,\ you know, those ever popular Russets. They are no t those very J loud- ones , but Just the proper color. If you wear this shade you wil l b e strictly \:ln it. \ True Art of your money unles s you get value receive d for it. For that reason we are always gla d t o have you loo k around the store and learn how much better you can do here than at any place else . We are very anxious to have you try our Prime Rio Coffee , and we are willin g t o stake our ropu- tatlon that yo u cannot An d the equal in town o for the money— 20c a poun d Window Screens and Doors A littl e precaution just now wil l save yo u a heap o f trouble later on Buy your screens and doors early before-the \flies come. We have them al l sizes. We save you money o n these , without a doub't. We Son't Want a Cent o Shoul d adorn your walls . - Noth­ in g can b e more truly artistic than th e patterns w e show In our stock , comprising all the latest de­ signs . Papers lik e these would make your wall s a pleasing study to th e ey e and giv e every room an invitin g aspect . Certainly * nothing In the way o f paper cam d o more towards making a house all It shoul d b e than judicious se­ lection s from our collectio n o f the bes t effort s o f leadin g artists. COME AND SEE US. Mr an d Mrs . T . Gree n o f Syracuse, \i.-,ueil at D r Cook' s an d Frank Boyn- tons Wednesday Mrs. Frank KImberly o f Fillmore's: distric t wa s th e gues t o f Mr and Mrs. Davi d Clark, Sunday I & Cheney & Son are hauling mould­ ing sand from the canal feeder , t o tluir foundr y at Manlius . Mrs. Irvin g Adstt o f Syracuse vis- 1 Ited he r parents, Mr an d Mrs. Bart- \ lett Smith , las t wee k i Mr an d Mrs . F H. Mathews of (Inttenango , wit h thei r son , visite d iMitives in tow n Tuesday The marshal and deput y marshal o f the local I O.G T , were installe d o n Thursday evening Mis s Florence' Penno'ck o f Syracuse visite d Mrs . I M ' Sllngerland . th e first part o f th e wee k Mis s Ethel Sllngerlan d gave a party to several of her youn g friend s o n Monday evenin g Mis3 Arrlce Whitney o f Syracuse university spent Saturday an d Sunday wit h Mis s Clara Wilbur. V. H. NICHOLS & SON'S FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. Miss Harrlette McCulloc h o f Hack- t>n=ack N J., was the gues t o f Mis s K'la Aga n o n Wednesday Mr John J Morse of, Kalamazoo,, Mich. , ha s been a pleasant visito r at .Mr Monro e Worden's thi s week . Mrs Atirlll a Post of Syracuse was the gues t o f iher siste r Mrs . W. S Roublns, th e first of th e wee k Miss Hatti e Coughll n o f the Oneida high school was the guest o f he r mother and siste r last Sunday. On Tuesday , William Griffin o f the Syracuse Fire Department and hi s wife, wer e visitors at Edward Grif- - ! fin's. i Mis s Eva Snyder of Syracuse was a' pleasant calle r o n Fayetteville friend s on Saturday and Sunday ., Uist Saturday, Justice Austin sen - -rraced James Lester o f Klrkville t o • six month s in th e O P . fo r vagrancy Mr Horace Duk e o f Olean , N Y , is ; in town, havin g bee n summoned her e I liy the illness o f hi s father, Jerome Duke. Alfre d Armstrong o f Jordan, with Mr McLaughlin o f Skaneate'.e s were guest s of th e Misse s Coughlln, las t Sunday Mr 0 J Sackett, wife an d child of Syracuse, were th e guest s o f M r and Mrs. Charles Hutchinson , Sunda y Addison Col e is engaged in re­ painting , varnishing and cleaning tne passenge r coaches o f th e Su­ burban road . Carl Graham was visited o n Tues­ day b y hi s cousin , Mille r Graham o f the Comptroller's office at Albany I) Higley ha s rente d the Gage, house on Genese e stree t an d will re-1 move there th e first o f the coming] month i I Miss Juli a Walker, wh o has been ; iMtln g her sister , Mrs . Frank Boyn-' ion for the pas t fortnigh t returned home. Sunday . i Miss Carri e Hammond, who has been a t th e Clifto n Spring s Sanitar­ ium for th e pas t three months, re­ turned hom e las t week . Mr an d Mrs. JD. L. .Sackett and baby , an d Mr and Mrs . David Thomas of Syracuse, were th e guests of Mr an d Mrs . C. 'E . Hutchlns over Sunday Frank S Buel o f Buffalo, wit h thei r tw o childre n were th e guest s o f Mr and Mrs F C . Beard, th e pas t week . Mr Porter Tremaln o f Minneapolis , Minn. , visite d hi s son. Porter Tremaln, Jr, in town over Sunday . H e left fo r New York, Monday lly request of a large number of friends, _Mr. Porter- -Tremaln, offici­ ated a t th e organ o f the Presbyterian church, last Sunday evening . Mr* C- T Brownel! o f Syracuse, «hu has been visitin g at D Higley' s left last Wednesday t o visi t friends in I 'ompey Dr D. S Evans, arrived fro m Wash­ ington , Saturday, and will spen d the summer here as usua l The remander, of th e famil y will b e here about June, j Parties wh o may wis h t o secure j photographs _o f themselves or friend s j or desir e pictures o f dwellings , wil l consul t thei r best Interest s b y calling, upo n or addressing Fred H . Agan, Fayetteville. Mrs. White and daughter. Miss Flor­ ence o f Newton Centre, Mass. . have bee n tihe guest s o f Rev and Mrs . H . B. Williams, the pas t week . The work o f putting u p the new boile r for th e electric light plan t is progressing . The foundation o f the j buildin g fo r the dynamos are ready for th e frame and will soon b e in pro­ ces s o f construction Mr Thomas Lynch, who has been liwng in the villag e fo r th e past si x )<ars o r more, left on Saturday for Philadelphia. i' E . Harter & Co. , are moving from :h\ Heard bloc k t o the buildin g re- \•ntly refitted b y them, formerly oc- ' upifd as a Uvery . Mrs. F R'. Tlbbltts o f Brooklyn Is -i\ guest o f J3r. and Mrs . Tlbbltts, •*!!.• expects t o b e joLned here b y her !iu>band, th e las t o f th e week . Miss Mario n Maltbi e o f Syracuse, 'IIII has been visitin g at D. Higley' s ^Jme tim e past , returned t o Syra- '\•(• last wee k fo r a brie f visit. Mr Frank Moore of-Brooklyn, fo r a number of week s a teacher i n that '•'!>\ but no w Internal Revenue Collec - ior visited Principal A . C. Chase o n Tuesday. Tim, cartoo n in last Monday's Syra- m.H Heral d was drawn b y B. N . Salg °f this village who has give n former Proof of hi s abilitie s In thi s lin e o f work Miss Florence Roberts came home V-.-terday ^from her schoo l I n Muns- ville. wher e sh e has bee n teaching fo r 'he past tw o months: she wil l return on Monday. Dr D S. Evans, who \has with family been spendin g the past- winter in Washington returned o n Saturday His family'will not arrive \mil next month . The funera l o f Mrs. Geo . Adcock, Sr «\h'o died last Sunday morning w ns held fro m the house at Lyndon on Tuesda y afternoon; Rev. H. B. Williams officiating. Mr E. H Crane and Arthur Will- lams weFe engaged on Monday I n pre­ paring fo r the laying - o f a Portland Mment wal k i n front o f th e residence of M rs. J. H Mathews o n Clinton street. The attractive cartoon In Monday's edition of th e Syracuse Herald, is th e work o f a Fayetteville artist, Mr Bert Sal g It is a creditable piec e o f wor k for a n amateur, and we predict tha t som e day he will stand among th e notable s i n that line. The Odd Fellows conferre d th e first ''\srree upo n one candidate Monday evening . About fort y from Syracuse an d same number from Manlius were present . The World Pauses AT THE PRICES'WE ARE MAKING ON FURNITURE. JUST SEE : $5.00 and S6.00 Bedsteads for * *3 OO $1.50 Kitchen Table 1.0© Extension Tables from ^ __3 50 up A Side Board for Z 7.87 Easels from - *Jc up A Lot of Furniture way down in price. Do you want a Sewing Machine? \ We will sell ypu the best in the world from 19.50 to. 35.0O Do you want aBicycle ? We have a dandy at sM.OO Miss Coughll n th e popular statio n pgent o f the West Shore at this place , Is off o n a month's vacation. Mr D. H. Mille r of Sprakers Basin. N.-Y Is filling her position during he r ab­ sence . Last Saturday, Deputy Sherif f Rob­ ert Dorcheste r of Syracuse, sol d the Beard hotel, als o a house and lo t In Manliu s stree t t o C . T. Truesdell o f Syracuse fo r ?209\38 o n a mortgage foreclosur e against Norrls Griffin. Mr J E. Campbell, George Motsiff. Lewis Blanchard and Carl Graham o f the St . Johns' Mlllitary school band , with a numbe r o f cadets left o n Tues­ day fo r Oswego , e n route t o Kingston, Canada, t o take part i n the celebra­ tion o f th e Queen' s birthday on Wed­ nesday . Las t Friday, whil e cleaning an electrica l battery. James Hutchlns burne d on e of hi s hands severely b y getting some oi l o f vitro l on it. In a short time th e poiso n was communi­ cate d t o th e other hand and bot h wer e lance d several times and are no w much bette r Prof . H H Wing o f Cornel l uni­ versity , Ithaca, gave the first , of a serie s o f lecture s o n agriculture, be­ for e Fayetteville Grange, ,in Walrath hall, o n Friday evening . ' These lec­ ture s will b e continue d each Friday evening fo r some time , excepting the evenin g of June 9th . Al l Wh o are in­ tereste d are invite d to be present Fverything in th e lin e o f trimmed an d untrlmmed Hats at greatl y re­ duce d price s Sailors, In^al l th e lat ­ est Idea s at the ver y lowes t price s t o clos e ou t the stock at Mrs . F O Balsley's . We will do our level best to save you money on anything in our line, will allow car fare or cartage on all cash pur­ chases of $2.50 or more. Get posted at other stores then see what we will do for you. H J. KNAPP. Mr. and Mrs. Wm Ackerman o f Solvay were in town Sunday, calling on relatives. Mr Frank Mott , Jr., has bee n en ­ gaged the past week I n putting a now tin roof o n Che Wands' hotel . Col M B Blrdseye . who Is engage d In the construction o f water works throughout this an d nearby state s was at home on a short visi t Saturday, He has at present three contracts un ­ der way Thp Fayetteville base ball team woul d like to arrange games wit h nearby teams.' Manliu s preferre d Al l communications addresse d t o -the\ manager, C L. Marsden will receiv e attention Mrs. F R . Tibblt s o f Boston made hi s parents, Mr an d Mrs. F G . Tlb­ bltts , a \brier \visit yesterday. He Is o n hi s way t o Mlssourl.wher e h e will attend to busines s matters, connected wit h lea d and zinc mines , in whic h h e Is interested. O n Sunday evening , the churches o f th e villag e wil l unite i n a unio n me­ morial service af th e M E. church, at which th e veterans wil l atten d in a body . The Rev. W H. Yard will de­ live r the sermon of the evening . On e o f the largest trees o n P H Smith's lawn was removed on Wed­ nesday, which much Improves the ap­ pearance o f th e place. Mr Horace Duke of Olea n Is spend­ ing a fe w days i n town . He was calle d here b y \the serious illnes s o f his father, who Is much better now Mr Lewis Goodfello w painfull y in ­ jure d hi s hand on Monday, whil e working at the. paper mil l and has been unable to work since . Besides the specia l song service In th e Baptist church last Sunday even­ ing, which proved very Interesting an d enjoyable, the rite s o f baptist were administered to tw o persons. The local I . O. O: F. are making ~ar- rangements fo r a game of ball, to be playe d o n Decoration day wit h some team fro m Syracuse, o n the\ home grounds . The nine has bee n recently strengthene d in several respects, and unde r the abl e management o f John Newman, the enthusiastic and vet­ eran player , will no doub t give a record this season, which .will greatly ad d to th e past honors-of the organi­ zation . The students a t th e high schoo l are preparing to giv e an entertainment on Frldayl evening , June 9, In the school building . The main number o n the program will, b e a farce enti ­ tled, \A Box of Monkeys\ whic h the participants have been hard at work at for some time . The full program wil l b e give n later . The ImUaUa-Jjon o f Rev Percy B. Wightman at the Presbyterian church, Thursday evening was a very Inter­ esting event and we regret that a pressure of other matter crowds out a full account o f I t this week . In our next issu e w e will give a complete sketch o f the occasion . Mrs. Dr. Sllngerland gave a - small party on Monday evening i n honor o f her niece. Mis s Wilson o f Brooklyn, wh o Is visitin g her fo r a fe w days; only a fe w were i n attendance. Among thes e was Mis s Florence Pennock o f Syracuse. ; The two schoo l societies , Theta Phi an d Kappa Epsilon will hol d their annual banquet o n Monday evening, in Assembly hall. Toasts wil l b e re­ sponde d t o b y several o f th e members, an enjoyable evening wil l undoubted­ ly be spent. Immediately after the game between th e Fayetteville and Danforth Cheva­ lier teams o n Decoration day the Od d Fellows o f thi s plac e will meet the Odd Fellows o f either Syracuse or Manliu s In a game o f ball, which wil l giv e lover s of the National sport a full afternoon' s entertainment. The Syracuse Post-Standard con­ firms our las t week' s report , concern­ in g the purchase o f the Van Schoick farm, b y th e Onondaga Gol f clu b o f •Syracuse, In it s Monday morning is ­ sue. The course will b e laid out this fall and next spring pla y wil l b e com­ menced. The purchase pric e was ?12,- 500. The Unlverslty-St. Johns' game, whic h was t o have bee n playe d las t Saturday at Manlius , bu t postponed o n account o f the Inclement weather will be playe d on Monday, unles s the weather again \prevents. It wil l doubtles s b e warmly contested on ac­ count o f the closeness o f the recent game In Syracuse. — Mr. Frank Moore o f Brooklyn, a former resident o f Manlius and quite well known In this vicinit y has bee n in tow n thi s weok , combining busines s wit h pleasure , He is at present the hea d o f a large publishin g house I n greater New York, and i s also em­ ploye d in the United States Internal Revenue service. The Beard hote l property, consist­ ing o f the hote l buildin g and a house at th e corner 'of Washington and Man­ lius street was sol d as per advertise­ ment on Saturday last to the holders ofth e second mortgage, J. W. & C . E. Truesdell, brokers of Syracuse, for abou t $1,200 Messrs\'\Harter & Morrison have been moving int o new quarters, which the y recently purchased and fitted up for their glove factory, and will re­ move entirely from thed r present quarters as soo n as the gaol'ln e en­ gin e which the y are to us e arrives. ' The W.C.T.U. o f Syracuse has desig ­ nated Saturday, June 10th , as Trolly Day o n the Suburban. Edwards Falls will b e the terminus, th e same as last year, and arrangements are contem­ plated , lookin g t o some means o f en­ tertaining those who may attend s Ef­ forts wil l b e made to have a game of basket bal l by some ladles from the Syracuse university. James Lester, formerly of Poole Brook, N .Y, but for the past two years an inmate o f the Onondaga county house was taken ^before 'Drs . Wilbur and Bryan, Saturday by Over­ seer o f the Poor Campbell and examr ine d as t o hi s sanity. Later he was arraigned b y Justice Austin.pn the charge of vagrancy and given six months .fre e lodging m the peniten­ tiary..

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