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Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY A Turkish Vlow o f Divorce. The. Turkish minister at Washing­ ton, who, b y the way, i s a great favor- —ite jvith the society ladies there, has confided to some _of tbein his painf nl - regrets at the prevalence of divorce in America, and there is reason t o believe that be attributes it i n great measure to the fuct that the Americans d o no t •ofeas the true faith There ca n be' n o .; ib t that from bis point of view-, if -Juubiimmedaniem wero made the~\state religion of bis country, divorces would cease. Tbnt seems s o obvious that it is useless to argue it. But it seems that some of the society women i n Washing­ ton twitted the embassador o n the Turkish harem, whereupon that distin­ guished diplomat gravely informed them that the Turkish harem exists in his country in just about the samo degree as Mormouistn exists in the United States. And this is a fact that is not generally known outside of Tor- key. The harem is a state privilege, like the lord mayor's show in London. It is frowned upon everywhere by th e best Turkish society. What is perhaps still more cnricus and not a whit less true is that polygamy in Turkey is be­ ing killed slowly but suroly b y th o In­ fluence of womun herself. This is the testimony of the very best writers on 'that country Tbo only question that remains to bo answered is, Will no t di­ vorce increase as polygumy disappears? A great and needed female reform has been started b y a bravo woman in Boston. Its purpose is t o provide wom­ en with pockets. Having studied tb o subject, sbe has come to the conclusion that civilization will bo advanced ma­ terially and woman will tuku her Btund properly by mun's sido a s hia equal if she can only bavo pockots iu he r dross to put her bands and otbor things into. A tailor made woman ha s suffered for tbo want of this luxury for years, and she bus put up with it because tbe tailor told be r i t was a necessity It goes without saying that a woman would not put be r money in a book for eufo keepingjind^theuforget which book sh e ptft ft i n if Bho had a pockot. Nor would she put ber chub g o iu her la p u t a lunch counter und spill i t all over when she gets up, making a dozen, people crawl under Douches and counters -to recover it. Man would undoubtedly have a larger appreciation of woman if sh e ba d pockets, and, now that sh e bu s gono ou t into tho world and demands a night key, it i s very absurd t o seo ho r diving into a reticule among cream, caramols. chewing gum, visiting cards, face pow­ der, chocolate eclairs and matineo tick­ ets t o find it One thirg is suro—she could not leavo her pockots in th o seat or i n tbe car and ask somobody t o go back and get them. Captain Boynton, a young man of San Francisco who started out t o walk as nearly round tbe world a s the ocean would permit, i s o n bi s return.. His ex­ periences ought to b e very stimulating to other young men. His bet was that be would shin round th o planet without borrowing any money and live entirely -on hospitality. His record of tbe latter is very interesting. He was fired on by Ute Indians, starved for two days an d a half without food or water in the American desert, was found in a dead faint by a hospitable Mexican, was nearly killed by a railroad accident while going through a tunnel on foot, was poisoned in Spain, was stabbed in Portugal, was arrested as an American epy i n Germany, was married t o a Scotch girl he ba\d never seen before i n Glasgow, was publicly stoned u t Mur- bella, was cut witb a knife in Colon and arrested b y tbe police, and was impris­ oned in Valencia. But h o won bis bet, whatever it was. Some years ago a party of practicni jokers set a couple of darkies to work whitewashing tho city hall i n New York, and it took a squad of policemen to stop them. But this practical joke isn't in it with the contractor who, in painting tho ironwork of the new Washington bridge over the Harlem river, also painted all the fine bronze medallions black. It will now cost $1,; 800 t o ecour the paint off. This is a joke On New York that New York has said very little about, and perhaps the less said about i t the better. The-British income tax was first im­ posed by Sir Robert Peel i n 1841, when it was fixed at fivepence in the pound. Four thousand pounds of dates'have been gathered from a single palm. 1i Princeton Pessimistic? Professor Wilson of Princeton ha s brought upon himself a good deal of criticism for telling the students that there is no 'party leadership except th e machine, and by-warning them agaiuat entering political life if tbey have not an independent living, becauso th o temptation to become corrupt is' too great for most men who ar o dependent. Such extraordinary advice'proceeding from an American seat of learning has called forth from Noah Davis and oth­ ers a storm of protest. If security from corruption in public life ca n only bo found in wealth, then, says Noah Da­ vis, \God save our country,\and that sefftiment will find an echo ia every honest American, whether h e be rich or poor, who has read tbe history of his country. Much as the rich man ha s done for America'—and ho is undoubt­ edly doing a great deal at present—tho greatest glory of our statesmanship has been, no t only that its most illustrious men were poor when they went into public life, but were poorer when they came out . It certainly does not appear to bo th o duty of those professors who have charge of tbo coining «ien of America to instill into their minds both a contempt for and a fear of public lifo becauee i t offers temptations. If our. colleges cannot make our young men braver, inoro self sacrificing and willing to give up somo'thing for tho sako of their conntry, then they ar o not doing tho work for which so many of them aro endowed. What wo especially need at this time is a class of young men who will bring clean natures and strong, honest intentions into public lifo, who cannot bo bought or frightoned o r ca joled, and it ought to bo one of th o chief duties of our colleges t o form jnst such kind of character for th o country Professor Wilson's remarks botray a fiabbiness that does him n o credit. He appears t o have advised the young men solely with a view to thoir personal comfort. They wero to keep out of UK way of temptation. They might indeed learn t o swim, but in doing so i t wan altogether advisable no t t o go near tb e water A cat and dog cemotery has really been opened by a stock company at Cox sackio for tb o burial of po t animals Tho place is to bo laid out i n plots, an d tho graves aro t o bo ornamented with headstones. I t is very difficult to treat this subject seriously, for it i s difficult to understand bow fa r mcro sentiment can bo carried i n this direction. T o mourn over th o loss of* pet animals is natural enough, but t o attompt to com- memornto their virtues in tablets iu quite another matter. It is just possible that thero is a growing feeling among men that animals obaro witb tbom the prospects of an immortal existence. The question of instinct a s opposed to rea­ son has of late years been seriously questioned by tb o sontimentallsts, an d any attempt t o endow animals with the same reason that man possesses, differ ing only in degree, no doubt leads to new attempts to honor tb o pets with tho samo memorials that w o erect over men. But there will always remain in tbe minds of robust persons a fooling cl contempt for effusive sorrow over un animal, which sorrow is often' made ridiculous by tho honors which are paid \ to tho carcass of tho animal. • I Good Storlen of a DUhop. Many anecdotes were told of Bishop Williams of Connecticut, after bi s death, for tbe good bishop was a s well known for bis love of fun as for bis 'earnest piety. At a meeting of the bishops a IPPXS uro was proposed and explained by it s orginator,_bnt_ with such incpherence that nobody understood it. A second speaker essayed to make tbe matter clear, but only darkened it. When lie had finished Bishop Benjamin Smith of Kentncky tried to explain tbe question and also the explanations. Feeling that be ba d failed, be fluid \Bishop Williams smiles. What has ha t o say about it?'- \Only this,\ said tbe old bishop, \that 'the mess of Benjamin wa s found to be greater than the HJCSB of any of his brethren.' \ \The humor of Dr. Williams,\ says a friend, \was always present and ready like tbe flash of snnlight. It ba d one peculiarity, it never scorched nor left a scar behind.\ At an assemblage of noted men , a lawyer wbo conducts the legal business of a great railway system tried to \goy tho pur HOD\ by malicious quizzing. At last he said \Why don't you get these railway managers to give yon a pass over thoir roads, bishop? You can pay for it by giving tbom entrance tickets into heaven.\ \Oh. n o I \ gently replied the bishop- \I would not part them so far from their counsel in tlio other world.\ Tbe laugh wos general, and tbo law - per concluded to \le t tbe parson alone.' —Youth's Companion N. J. BROWN Fresh and Salt Meats of all Kinds Special Cash Sale Saturday June\ 3 OTICE OF MORTGAGE SALE—V„„ Fresh eggs and vegetables and first eloKs Butter, also Canned Goods Pork Loin Round Steak Skin Back Hum Fresh Plate Beef 13c He 8^5 to 5c N. J. Brown fllghbrldge Street THE BEST State Beef and Pork. The Sltnpe of an Aiiicntlietic. It is a Bath physician wb o tolls tbe following \Some timo ago I happened t o spend tbo night in a country town no t far from Batb, an d i t happened that there was stopping at th o samo hotel an itinerant ey e specialist. \We drifted into a conversation, and during tb o courso of tb o evening b e told me of some of the marvelous opera­ tions h e ba d performed on tbe eye. One case in particular be spuko of that caused mo considerable astonishment, for I didn't know, I confess, that the operation ha d bci-n successfully per­ formed. -Ho said lie had recently taken out a patient's eye, scraped the back of it and rctnroed it to it s proper place._ Tbo patient, ho uuid. was never trou­ bled by bad eyesifjlit nfterwnrd. \That was a difficult operation, doc­ tor,\ said I \Yes said he, \it waa.\ \I suppose you fonnd it necessary to employ an anesthetic Y\ \Yes I did,\ ho admitted. \What amestbotio did you use, doc­ tor?\ I persisted. \Oh well, unless yo u ore familiar with such operations, you probably wouldn't understand if I wero to tell you But—well, it was shaped some­ thing liko M spoon,\ o.xplnincd tho emi­ nent specialist.—Lew is ton Journal I dont give something for nothing liut tin- I most for the least money of liny market in town Hamburg Steak a Specialty Try our made- Lnrd. GEO. EBELING People's Market South Side Beard Block Frank T. fflott HARDWARE AND Tinsmithintf BpcHilul lino of Shelf und Heuvy Hardware at Low Prictw • Novelty Stores Our Specialty Call and see them For some reason most of tho western volunteors desire to roturn from Manila by way of the Suez canal. This is not an unnatural desire. Almost any on< would prefer to come b y tb o way of the Btoried east* passing through tbo an cient watefways pf .history, than t< cross the Pacific. But tb o government haB very wisely decided that thiB can­ not bo. The trip by the way of the Suez canal costs double that b y tho way of the Pacific, and tbo risk to the men'* health is doubled. In addition to this, 1 tbe navy department does not wish tc> bring its Pacific, fleet t o the Atlantic, coast merely for tbe purpose of afford , ing our men a pleasanter jaunt. Out j boys will therefore have, t o mako th« ] direct voyage home and not se e Mount ] Sinai and the Mediterranean. - ' Unntiiipectecl Energy, \Law me , bnt, I_'_m.jes' plumbeftt .ODt frum runnin 'cross lots, bu t then I seed Mis' Green hciwlin thiB way, an so I jes' sez. 'Marthy Potts, don't you give thot miserable ole gossip ther satisfac­ tion uv tollin Mis' Brown ther news fust,' an dropped my bakin nn rushed right over hero. Yo u remember that lopsided, snag toothed Hiram Meddere, what wont to ther city las' month, or ruther h o had to go, for be wua BO ornery o n shiftless nobody in town would put up witb bim? Well, what do yo n think 1 He hadn't been in tber city a week boforo he go t in ther way uv a street car, gittin both legs broke an gen'rally jarred up, an doggoned if ho didn't bavo seven tbousan dollars given bim fer it I -Jes' think 1 Made seven tbousan dollars an hi m only in ther city a week I Laws a massy) An we said he'd never amount to anythinl' —San Francisco Examiner. All Plumbing and Tinning guaranteed to Please, (let Estimates from Us before order­ ing your Work Frank T. Mott ' Faycttevillc, N. Y. Trying It on n. Doff. The sultan of Turkey is most in­ quisitive as t o what i s said and written about him abroad. Every -flay transla­ tions are laid before bim from tho newspapers of the world, and these are all closely perused. His majesty, by the way, is a bad hand at suffering. At on e time he wanted t o have an aching tooth removed and dared not Eight slaves bad molars .drawn out i n his presence that he might have an op­ portunity of judging tho extent of euf-' fering entailed, and finally the •sultan decided that h o would rather bear tbe pain than undergo such an ordeal. A Tnllor'a Advertisement, 1734. \This i s t o givo Notice.to all Gentle­ men nnd others, That they may have good Druggets, Sagatbie, ond Duroy Suits made well and fashionable, for the first eizo Men at £3 10s. a suit, and the larger size nt 4£. Cloth Serge, com­ monly called by tb o Nome of German Serge,~snits for £ 4 and £4 10s. Livery suits for £4 and £4 10s. Colored and bla.ck Cloth Buits for £5 and £ 5 10s. At tho Two Golden Balls in great Hart- Btreet, the upper end of Bow-street, Covent-Garden. 'Also Horsemen's great Coats to be sold ready made at 20s. each, MorcingGowns,- Callimanco, both eides, at ! J 0 B . a piece, blue Cloak-bags ready made at 16s. each, blue Rocklers ready made. Superfine black Cloth at 16s. per Yard.\—Fog's Journal, 1784. A good story is told of th e crown prince of Germany Soon- after Bis­ marck's retirement the emperor and empress were a t dinner witb their elder children and some eminent statesmen when, the prince suddenly broke ou t with. \They say, father, that now Prince Bismarck has gono you will be able to. tell the people to do just what yo u like all by yourself. You will enjoy that, won't you?\ Paris Green Insect Powder' Moth Bails At Ba*tlett's Use Whale Oil Soap for Rose Bags Use Copperas for a disenfectant SYRACUSE STAMP WORKS MPOII8. OP RUBBER- METAL STAMPS STENCILS SEALS ETC. Cor. Market &R. R. Sts Nhereby given, that by virtue of the\i*\w Bale therein contained, n certain mortgiig, cntcd by Henry Mohr to John F Chatmim, cd OctoW B, la7f}, nnd recorded tn tin- < \. Office of Onondacn County, N. T., on the Tt, October, 1878, ut 12 o'clock M, in Liber i; Mortgages nt page 103, and by said mort >• assigned to the undersigned by asHL-rvi\ dated April 2,1877, Recorded in said ( l. Offlce December 1,1881, in Liber 20a of v • gages, page 02 etc., will be foreclosed by .-, of the mortgaged premises,. the amount and unpaid upon said mortgage, being »i date of the flint publication of this n.. twelve hundred and ninty five dollars. Thc,follo«-ing is a discription of the pr, i to be Hold :—\All that tract or parcel nf situated in the town of Manilas, County ,.< ondagii and State of New York, l >eing j,;n original Lot number thirty-six in said t. bounded nnd discribed as follow*:—Begin on the east line of said-Lot, nt the south h i the New York Central\* Hudson Birer : road andnulhing thence south 23 chains ;i> links to a stake standing at the south ea -t ner of said lot; thence west along the - line of said Lot to the center of Laki Hi thence northerly along the center of Brook to thesouth line of said railroad, tl. easterly to the place of beginning, eonin about twenty four acres of land: exccptim- . reserving from the nlx>ve descrilx -d preim- portion thereof deeded b y Henry Slolir ..' wife to New York, West Shore und Hii:!., Railway Company, by deed du£ed Octnl» r 1881, recorded in OnonduKit County Clerk «..•• November 7,18S1, in Book 238 of deuds at ; 10 etc., comprising ubout 1-7-1-100 acres. That said premises will be sold at puhlii- ., tion in the vestibule of the Court House, in City of Syracuse, in said County, on tin in .. of June, A D. 1800, at 11 o 'clock in the for. n Dated March 25, ISO. SARAH A MAl'.li Assignee of said inert. ANDREW W WILK3N, Att'y 012 Kirk Building, 8yrtieu .se,- N Y TN PURSUANCE to an order of 'Ed^-m •t Glass, Surrogate of the County of Oiium!.,. New York, notice is hereby given, turorilin. law, to all pel-sons having claims against >1... K. Read, late of the Town of Manlius, in County., deceased, that they are required t. hibit the same, with the vouchers tint-. ., to the subscriber at tho law olMce of Audi W Wilkin, No. 012 Kirk Building in the fin Syracuse, in the said County of Onondaga : Y , on or before the first day of November I- Dated April 7,1809. ADELL H: TILLOTSt i.\ Administratrix (with the will annexed) n goods, chattels and credits of Xleral, I Head, deceased. F PURSUANCE of nn order of Edgar V (,!,,. Surrogate of the County of Onondaga N. i York, notice is hereby given according tn In to all 'persons having tihiims against V. -I. Henry Wright late of the Town of Manlitt- i said County, deceased, that they are return, to exhibit the same, with vouchers tlientni t the sul)scril)eriithisresidence, No. SMCei tn.,! street, in the city of Syracuse, in the Ctmnn . Onondaga, N Y , on or before tho first da> • October, 1891). FRANK E. WRIGHT, Administnit..i Dated Mnrch 24,1800. James Humfrey Custom Tailor Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and . Repaired on Short notice Blanchard block, Fayettevifle SUBURBAN Cafe and Pool Parlors COSTELLO & CAMPBELL The Best Ales-, Wines, Liquors Mineral Water for Family and Medical 'Purposes Beer on Draught Sitting Room Upstairs Lunches Served at All Hour- Choice Brands of Cisrars Suburban Cafe COSTELLO & CAMPBELL Cornet Genesee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE Armour. Fertilizers The Fertilizer Works of Armour & ( • • Chicago, nccnmulnte tho bulk of tlx fertilizers from the portions of the cattl- . hogs nnd sheep slaughter by Armonr Company no t used in feeding, Fhoein;- harnessing, glueing, soaping and herli' 1 -' tho world. They ore i n the fertili/.' i business from necessity and ore i n it«- ' permanent business. They will nototi'* sell fertilizers this year, bnt next yt r nnd fo r many years. Their fertilizt •< • are as good ns can be made. They wr.\ permanent customers. It i s good sense and for the best inter­ est of th e world that the product tnk'' from the farm nnd not needed by tl> world fo r food o r clothes should be i\ turned t o the farm where it can be UM'\ , F. B. FILLMORE, Agent Fayetteville, N. Y. Also Agent for EMPIRE DRILLS '

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