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Onondaga, Independent EVERY SATURDAY OF LOCAL INTEREST . -dorsa l of Trinity church choir , U M b,- held Saturda y evening at eigh t i. cream by th e pint, quart or dish at w H Hawley's for Sunday or week ,L,v .luuiers. •Ih, fi-uce has been taken down from , „. ir k adding greatly to the appear- tl f the street. On Sunday, Lester Shelly, DeForest Belph and Millard Howell were enjoying a ride ou their wheels aud a s they neared Maulius a stone obstruction caused the precipation of the Howell boy onto the surroundin g terra firnia. After a little work by his companions he recovered his senses and was able to continue his journey home His face wnsqnit o badly cut up, but no serious results are feared. PERSONAL Miss Ada Nichols i n Lyons. is visiting friends MissAiuiaCoughlin is visisting frieuds at Uuadilla. . ' Dr Win. Law called on his one day Inst week . . lVet reville Improvement Association • nit; next Tuesday evening at eight k Don't miss it. lii lioous ice cream at Mrs. Hawley's I-, cream Parlor, corner Genesee and CIM |»'1 streets. Come and try it. * Dr D S. Evans has purchased th e M.ick horse owned by P. H. Costello for In- .laughter, Miss Eleanor . A regular meeting of the Improvement \.MN -iiition will b e hel d next Tnesdny , \ .•lung at eight o'clock. Come. Utcud the I. O. G: T. , icecream sale r'i the lawn of Mrs. F. H. Allen Tuesday .•vtiiiig and help the cause along. lie cream every morning, .afternoon a ,„l evening at Mrs. Hawley's, corner i,,-m-see imd Chapel street. * The water main on Genesee street apriiiif.' a leak Wednesday, th e first since ii win. laid, inured The break was quickly re- llit not fail to attend th e meeting fo tin' Fuyettevlile Improvement Associa­ tion next Tuesday evening at eight n't lurk The new fishing grounds at Suburban Park lake, Edward's Fulls, were 0 )>eiied to the jjublic \Wednesday. This is the latest attraction offered'to the patrons of this rapidly-growing and popular summer resort, and promises to eclipse all previous efforts in the line of amuse­ ment attempted by the euterprising managers of the Syracuse and Suburban Railroa d company The lake itself is a beautiful sheet of water, about five min­ utes, walk from the car barn, and the company ha s furnished it with ten fine rowbonts. Fishing tackle,etc, will also be furnished —Maulius Eagle. While the usual preparations were be­ ing made ou Monday oveuing for the opening of th e glorious Fourth, an uceci- dent occurred whic h came near closing th e career of one of the party of cele- brntors. Horac e Hong was carelessly luindling a revolver, frequently shooting it off and finally thinking the chambers were empty agai n pulled the trigger. Contrary to his belief another bullet re­ mained in the weapon which entered th e foot of Martin Peavy, lodging in the ankl e bone He wa s carried by members of the party to his home where Dr. Bryan assisted by Dr. Wilbur placed him under the influence of ether and re­ moved the bullet Another case of \didn't know it was loaded \ Perhaps sometime, people will begin to realize that a gun is a dangerous toy and not at all appropriate to be used indiscrimi­ nately . The injured boy is doing as well as can be expected and it is not thought any serious results will follow. Later in the evenin g the crowd pro­ ceeded to several churches and wel­ comed the incoming da y with ringing of bells and other wakeful noises. Dr Biglow was a guest - at Wellwood the first of the week . I Mr. Wallace Sitts of Herkimer is th e guest of his parents. Mr George Carrier has returned to his home in Elmira, 111. ; Mis* L. Katheriue Smith is visiting her father i n Brooklyn. i Mr. Frank Driscoll of •Syracuse-visited 1 friends i n tow n Tuesday Dr. Horace Bigelow of New York has been visiting at Wellwoud. Miss Mollie Hoyt of Andover, Mass , i i s visiting friends\in town Mrs. H. C. Knap p and daughter of Jamesville spent the Fourth with Mrs. M. E. Couley. Mrs. Charles DickersOu and daughters, Leslie and Marjorie are guests of Mrs. William Coakley. i Mr. J Howard Knap p of Now York parents\ City wa s the guest of Miss Florence E. I Roberts last Friday Georgo Cram was called to Brewertou yesterday by the dangerous illness of his sister, Miss Mary Grain. i me dollar buys a copy of each issue ( .f the Independent for one year . All' tlu loeal news. Send th e paper to your friends hi the west. The Jamesville farmers who have lieen drawing milk to the creamery here *to|>)>ecl Wednesday morning, the dis- mnet being too great The Rev Dr. Frances E. Clark, was ii-eleeteil president of the Christian En- neiiMir societies at th e animal meotiug, in Di unit last Wednesday. The Town Board met Thursday af ter- iiiinii and arranged the Supervisor's liniiil to cover his newly-acquired duties ii- Railroad Coniniissioner. The Sunday evening service at the M } i-Ilurch will be devote d to reports of thi recent Epworth Leage district con- ti-ri mi held at Oneida, by th e delegate s 1 he Herald newsboys enjoyed an ont- IIIJ ; nt Suburban Park on Thursday the ,. of their employers Anyone who -.i\ the enthusiastic youngsters did not in >il t o be told they had, an, eaijoyable i.itiii^ Vr A M. June, who is spending th e • •: nier at Wmids Hotel, brought in a nil' -tnng of fifty-six trout one day this «'i k mid the boys say that \MhT'Prat lii ii t Mailed since, but vows h e will 11 .ik this record or never fish again. Tin frieuds of Mr. Arthur Agon, tunin-rly assistant postmaster at tliis 1'i.iei nre urging his candidacy for the '•thi•• when the term of the present in- • iiiiiln.nt expires.---We understand that Mr Nwm'has decide d to make a canvass f\i' rhi ]>ositioiu which he would doubt- • -- till with credit to himself and part y l'hi ball game on Tuesday afternoon l-twieii the Odd Fellows and the -'•\\> - store team of Syracuse coul d in it i» completed on account of th e rain \''lv \lie inning 'Being played. After '\• 'am had subsided a nin e was picke d U V »Inch wa s defeate d by quite a large ~\f' by the young merchants. \t a regular meeting of the Board of K'lueation last Thursday evening, a re- -•iiiiifju wa s unanimously passed thauk - Mr Colleu Armstrong of New York [ 1 presentation to th e school of a '•\ii.iiful flag. The generosity of Mr. \n strong was appreciated by tho i.\.inl teachers and pupils. Hotel Arrivals The following guests are registered at th e hotels this week WANDS HOUSE A S. Baldwin, R. J. Smith, Mr and Mrs. Cable, George W. Sherman, C A Payne, A. H. Allen, J Brown, H R. Shel l and wife. B Renedict, F Obsery, M Harry Joyce, Stephen Bastable, Goo C. Becker, F. J. Denniso n and wife, Mrs. C E. Crouse, Mr and Mrs C A. Dennison, E B McClelland, Mr and Mrs C. E. Sherlock, N O. Carpenter. O. H. Gillette , A. Cable, L. Winkelstein, I C Waterbury, F S. Perring, D W. Gridley, Mrs C D. Castle. Miss Castle, H Savage and wife, J A. Bender, J. H. Mauning, H. B. Sperling, Chan. E. Hub- bell and wife, E. F. Alle n and wife, H Lou era, Roscoe C Allen, Syracuse; J J Benson, C. C. Johnston, Mrs Warren Leland. M R. Strong, E. C. Castle. New York; R. N Sweet, Phoeniv, H R. Strong , Kirkville, James Hogan, Mrs. .Tames Walker, Henry Srrunb, Fayette- ville; Bou D Schuyler, 'Herbert C Bet- tiugor Fred Bettinger, W D Walnith, Chitteiinngo: F. M Conner aud wife, Clara Piper, Fay H Hutcliings, Fulton , E Wilson, Mrs. Allco Wilson , Oswego Fidls E E Slingerland, M. A. Muckey, Dolos Fuller, Bert Olomons, Harry Cramer, Gus Pettis, Maulius; William Robinson, Canastota , Claude Boasted and lady, A. S. McPherson, Albany; P. .1 Muckey, Jamesville. OKOVE HOUSE. C W Graruiis, Thomas Stalker, C R Gilman, Charles C. Thompson, Charles McCord, John Welch, Tom. Holland, Jessie Frrngeu, Kittie Hart, Edwin C. Scott, Wm Smith, Albert Hoxie and •wife, G. S. Sheiman, Wm. Dngaid mid lady, John Went and lady, F. J. Patten, Geo H Finch, A. W ScoviUe, W. T. Yonng, J Bert James, Bert Scoville, Geo. Wells and lady, Adam Bascom.C. Jeffers, Syracuse ; Wm. Tubbs, Roch­ ester; C. L Tuttle, Rochester; Kirk N. Sweet, E. R Sweet, Phoenix; Cbas. W Smith, Pompey; F S. Lee, wife and daughter , H \L Haisted and wife, Bnld- vrinsville, S Reid, New York City;B. Catcheson , Oswego; Geo. Goodfellow, Ed. Billington, Jamcs\-ille; Henry Smith; Canastota; D. W. Griffin, John Cnm- mings, Fayettevillo; G. B. Otts, David Donaldson, Phoenix; C O'Connor, J. Branm, W U Tel Mr H P Martin of Syracuse is laying 11 • • meat walk for Mr. P. S. Carr this IV'whic h is a splendid piec e of work. ^ Martin has just completed a lo t of ''\g in Maulius, besides several 'i\>'-. and has th e reputatio n of doing nr -| • .ass work. Ho -expects to lay sev- ualks hi Fayetteville before leaving \- previously announced, th e M. E. ^•ui'liiy school go to Sylvan Beach next >riilay. the 14th, on their annual picnic , all inchcations poin t to an enjoyable ,- >'i-siou. The\ steamer \Colonial 1 ' of M \a. ns 0 hag \x> on cnnr tered' to take the >' : ' to Canastota from whence they \'I proceed by special trai n to the '•• \ii The St. John's Orchestra will IH , , »,,;)-- '• - \ \ t\ 111, e I'll!-, 'l«ny them which will add greatly fan ^ojTnen t of the trip. Round cii ,. s ^av© been placed on sale, at cln„i. eacn ' ^h a special rate to a, °? 40 cents - You will miss »\ tluug if you do not attend. Eagle Village Eagle Village, July fi,—Mrs. Fuller o f Chicago was the guest of her sister, Mrs. F. Osborne last week. Mr James Nixon Jr of Boston, Mass. is spending his vacation with relatives i n this place Misses Grac e and Nellis Moultnre are spending -their vacation in tliis place; Miss Iva Mills is visiting her aunt hi Syracvre. Mrs Brown of Syracuse spent several days with her sister Ransiet last week. Master Hubert and Miss Eva Hal e have returned from a visit to their grandparents at Maulius. The Fourth passed very quietly i n tin's place. T. J. Osborne had fire works in front his\ store i n the evening. Mr. Daniel Hal e and wife of East Syracuse were guests of their parents Sunday. Mrs. R. Stanard is the first to dig new potatoe s from her gardonin this place. Fruits of all kinds in season at Ever- ingham & Carr's. 16tf Mr. O D. Burhaus was the gues t of Mr E F Hopkins Sunday Mr. E. H Gaynor of Boston spent a few days in town this week Miss Emma Klalia of Syracuse visik-d Mrs. Richard Smith Tue/day Mr and Mrs. John Yanaucker are re­ joicing over the birth of a son. I Miss Garth Pock of Gouvorneu r is the j guest of her sister for a few day s Dr. Robert Monk of Chilton, Wis., i visited last week at Mrs. Hesslcr's. Mr. and Mrs. Loomis of Poolvillo are visitiug their son, Mr. Charles Loomis. ! Mr Chester Lansing of Greene, N. Y , I is visiting his aunt, MisyjfAnna Lansing. 1 Miss Nellie Coughiiii has returned from tho North Woods much improved Miss JosephinoD . Wilkin has returned , lipme from her school duties at Jamaica Miss Fannie Keuyon of Lancaster is visiting her sister, Mrs. John Vanuauker i Mrs Addison Colton and two children | are spending a few day s at tho Hill Top. i Mr. David F. Lawless spent Sunday and tho Fourth at his hom o in Roches- i ter Mrs. N. S Kmght is taking a trip through thts Thousand Islands and Can­ ada. Mr Harry Smith of New York spent a few days in town tho fore part of the week. Mr William Hart, who is employed in New York city, is homo ou a week's va­ cation. Mrs. L. Burt has been very low tliis afternoon with slight hopes for her re­ covery Mr. Frank B Arnold of Earlville was the guest of Mr Porter Treniain over Sunday I Mr and Mrs. John L Wells and daugh- I ter of Brooklyn are at Wellwood for the I summer , Mrs. Frances Beaut-hump of Syracuse i made Fayetteville friends a brief visit ] o n Sunday. Miss Helena Evans of Rome was the i guest of Miss Ida Hopkins the first of 1 tho week. 1 Mrs. Wm. Austin and son of Syracuse 1 are visiting at tho residence of Mr. Wm Austin, sr 1 Mr. \Dick\ Brown of Gouverneur was a welcome caller at the Independent j ollice Monday. ; Mrs Willia m Becker of Syracuse has 1 been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Edward Goodfellow \- | Mr and Mrs. George Crowell of Syra 1 CUR O visited Mr. aud Mrs. Clarence Stan­ ard last Sunday | Miss Ev a Hessler of Carthag e is home ', on a vacation accompanied by her friend, j Miss Aiiua TaiTzer. _ i Miss Florence Beckwith of Cazenovi a ; has been tho guest of Mrs. A. T. Arm- j strong the past week. ! Mrs. T W. Carr spent Thursday and j Friday with her daughter, Mrs. A. H. ! DahLstrom of Syracuse. I Mrs. Wallace Goodfellow and daugh- , ter, Zilpha, were the guests of her par- ; ents the first of the week. | Mr.-and Mrs. Cliarlcs Goodfellow and I daughter, of Manhus spent the Fourth j at Mr. Edward Goodfellow. I Miss Ella M. Agau and Miss Edna ' Law spent Saturday afternoon and even­ ing with Mrs. Marshal Palmer at Minoa; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Goodfellow and son of Osweg o visited-his- sister, Mrs. James Ricliie the Fourth. Miss Kittie Silkworth of Scipio who lias been visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. Silkworth returned home Sat­ urday. Mr. G F. Davis, who ha s been in th e employ of tho Independent for some weeks, left Thursday for Phoenix where h e will have charge of the new office of the Phoenix Publishing Co. Mr. Davis is a printer of excellent attainments and we congratulate his new associates on securing his services. Mrs. Davis and children will accompany her husband. Mr. Ray Wordeli of Candor called at the home of his parents, Mr and Mrs. -W. H. Worden, Sunday i Miss, Mary and Anna Sullivan aud Anna Tobin of Auburn called ou Mils. Richard Smith Monday, Mi-s. E. O Bpsseo and two children, Edith and Frank spent Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs. Bessee. Miss Ruth Perry and Miss Hamilton of Syracuse were the guests of Mrs. Wm. Perry on tho Fourth of July. Mr. and Mrs. Almond Mowrey and Mrs. Elme r Center ofsWalosville visited frieuds in town the past week. Miss Bessie H Smith of Syracuse is spending hvr vacation .with her aunt, Mrs H Millwnrd on Maplo Ave . Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Prosser of Bergen, N\ Y., were guests of their aunt, Mrs. Ambrose Chirk, over the Foxu-th. Mrs. H. R. Abrial left Monthly to join her husband in Souquoit, N. Y , where they will take tip tilth - residence. Mrs. C. Fillmore suffered a stroke of paralysis on Tuesda y afternoon which is the second time she has been afflicted with tho disease Mrs. Byron Kimball and Mrs. Dell Morso of Syracuse wore called to town last week by the illness of their father, Mi - . Anthony Hartop. Mr. Sheldon VatiAlstyne and fanuly of Iliou, who have been visiting rela­ tives hi Fayettevillo tho past week, re­ turned home Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. A. H Dohlstrom of Syracuse spent the Fourth with Mr. aud Mrs. Alouso u Goodfellow at Bollo Islo, making tho trip on their wheels. Mr Howard Hart has returned from Andover, Mass., wher e he has been at­ tending Phillips academy. He will re­ turn i n tho fall to enter the senior class. Mr. A. James Dennison, wliilo wheel­ ing lime from a kiln at Bangs & Gay- nor's last Friday , received a serious bum on the leg Dr. Bryan is looking after the case. i ' Miss Mary Nixon, who has rendered , herself remarkably popular an an at- | tuche of tho postoffice, has boon sug- I gested by a number of our proiiunent I citizens for the position of postmistress when it shall become vacant, and she ha s peculiar capabilities fitting her for , tho position. FRANK MOTT Jr Manufacturer of Tin, Copper and Bhect Iron Wnro, Tin Roofing, und Genornl Jobbing. Pumps, Sinks, Load and Qua Pipe, Kails, Stovo Repairs, and Staplo hardware. AU work strictly spot cosh. WANDS HOTEL Fayetteville Special Dinners for Parties A S \WANDS Proprietor . LIPPINCOTTS MAGAZINE CONTAINS . A Complete Novel In Every Number $3. per Year Single Copy 25c For Salo by all news dealers J B. Lippincott Co. Publishers, Philadelphia, Pa. The Knack of Good Printing Is tho result of artistic insight into tho \art presorvativo of all arts.\ With us printing is UQt mechanical—wo treat it as an art should bo treated. James Humfrey Custom Tailor Clothes Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired on Short notice Bin Lock of Tnot. j \It's no use!\ exclaimed Willie Wlsb- ' Ington. \1 can never learn to say the : right thing at the right time. I told ! Miss Sllmniius that her eyes shone on I me like the stars above.\ \That's old, but pretty,\ answered Miss Cayenne. \Yes. But she Is one of those remark­ ably tall girls who resent any refer­ ence to tbelr height.\-Washington Star Why Women Don't Stammer. \Persons who stammer.\ said the pseud o scientific boarder, \do so be­ cause they think faster than they can talk.\ \Is that the reason,\ asked the sav­ age bachelor, \that we so seldom meet a woman who stammers7\—Indianapo­ lis Journal. :-r - Blanchard block, Fayetteville N. J. BROWN Fresh and Salt Meats of all Kinds Special Cash Sale Every Saturday Fresh eggs and vegetables and first class Butter, also Canned Goods N. J. Brown Hlghbrldge Street The World Pauses AT THE PRICES WE ARE MAKING ON FURNITURE -J^ 0 JUST SEE $5.00 and $6.00 Bedsteads for - $3.00 $1.50 Kitchen Table 1.00 Extension Tables from • 3.50 up A Side Board for 7.87 Easels from 25c up A Lot. of Furniture way down in price Do you want a Sewing Machine ? We will sell you the Best in the World from $19.50 to $35.00 Do you want a bicycle ? We have a dajidy at 25.00 We will do our Level best to save you money on anything in our line, we will allow car fare or cartage on all cash pur­ chases of $2.50 or more. Get posted at other stores, then see what we will do for you. H. J, KNAPP FAYETTEVILLE

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