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\ EVERY SATURDAY -VOL-I- L • FAYETTEVELLE\ NEW-YORK SATURDAY JULY 15 1899 FOR IMPROVEMENT Suburban Officers in: IiW Jh. The directors of the Syracuse and Su­ burban railroad met last week and elected officers as follows- President, Arthur Jenkins; vice-president, Chas. E. HnbMl; secretary and treasurer, Giles H. btilwell These officers with John \ iviriilar meeting of the Fayetteville i ^ ^ m F< E'wurd Joy and Thomas Hogan •meiit Association was held in • coni Pnse the executive conimittee Enthusiastic Meeting Results Adoption of Some Pointed Resolutions lias 1 invei t.fflec of Mr. iliiy evening, CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR Annual Convention at Pompey Hill Last Tuesday A Prosperous South E. F. Hopkins last President Plntt H. -initli in the chair. Tn-a-nrcr Keohane reported a member­ ship of sixty-six and the receipt of §15.75 fniN i dues and $8.75 from Mr. Bartlett, l »in>; moneys on hand from the former l„i.m. nien's_clnb. ' „ m(Yvl . , . Mr OUT was appointed a committee 1 •'\\>\\\ is ixnng spent in building new M investigate the francliises and privi- ' cottou nulls and enlarging old ones. In It.;,- .if the Suburban Railway and the | \ £,^\„ , rn V ts tll<,rt ' is Ip'\* \ctivity and Fayetteville Plank Road ' *•\\•— - - •• - ••• ('i 'iii]«iiiv with a view to ascertaining their responsibility for repainting and re- ', ?y e \ nl tu . 1 ' lu K n price ]i!mikiiig the bridges in the village and n |<u nig and macadamiziiig the streets where necessary „ ,. , Iho Syracuse Sunday Times 1ms Keliable testimony is to the effect that! changed its name and will hereafter to everywhere throughout the south there are evidences of increasing prosperity-. Jsew cotton mills are under cousti uetiou in even- direction and upward of $20,- L Alapania has demonstrated its ability to ! tho price of pig iron for the world 1 Even nt the high price now prevailing, Alabama furnaces are receiving orders from Europe for pig iron \Reconstruc­ tion\ did not ruin the south, and for its The Secretary was reimbursed to the P ro sponty the south owes little or nothing rtt.qit of 25 cents for an advertisement | J° _ 1 °._°\ r ' )0 \ P'\<*•r>lt\• t l party —Bnf- iii tin Herald \ \ Mr Hopkins offered the following n-nliition, which was adopted: I falo Commercial Chauncey M. Dopew is quoted as sav­ ing that there is no truth in tho rumored combination of the Pennsvlvania and New York Central roads. Ho is reported to have said- \I have been away, but if anything like that hurt taken place I I would know of it If there \ Central is Satisfied Ki '.-olved, That this association, or- pmized for tho improvement of the vill- will stand by and assist the Trustees in all mutters pertaining to repairing and nlinililingsidewnlksniidall other necess­ ary improvements; and that the Associa­ tion l-in favor of compelling the Subur- l«in Ii ilroad and the Syracuse and Fay- wirulle Plank Road Co torepln.uk and ri]iiiint the bridges, ripave mid maca- ihiiuiz • tho streets wherever necessary. The Secretary was instructed to fur- ni.htli' Village Board with a copy of tlh r. -ulution and t o cause it t o be pub- ^''fJ&^SSSJ; and resohi- t^o C^trid Vermont, the Fit.a.burga .Hl ,,„„ *ns also adopted. other New ^\Klaiicl nulroads.' the sen- Whereas, it has come to our attention CLIPPINGS F I Rhoades of Hubbordsville sold liis crop of 08 hops at )1 cents. Oneonta is t o have a silk mill. The citizens have raised §12,000 to buy a building and site. Tho Christina Endeavor Union of tho It is said that an ordinary passenpir, Towns of Manlius, Do Witt, Pompey, car like those used on the Lehigh Valley • lMibius, LiiFuyetto, and Tully held its railroad costs over $4,-100. 1 \\\ual convention on Tuesday, July 11, in the Presbyterian church of Pompey Hill The services began nt 10 a. m., - — — with a song service, followed by dovo- knowu as tho Syracuso baturday Tunes. t j olm i CXPrc ises lod by Rev. M K. Mor- The Art Student's League of Central I win of Pompey. and Western Now York is on its way to 1 , R«v A. M. Hurd of the. Disciple Indian Lorette. Quebec, Province of , church, Pompey, occupied tho clinir in Quebec, where its annual outing will bo ; the mtrmng, and after a secretary pro ) )e lrt I tern had been choson m tho person of ' Miss Josophiuo Wilkin of Fayetteville, tho first address of tho day was delivered by Rev. E. L. Evans of the Manlius Two Queens county fellows were con­ victed of making sausage out of horso ment; one got $300 line and six mouths in jail and tho other $200 and throe months: Presbyterian church on the subject \God s Estimate of Young People as Shown in Christian Endeavor Work.\ The common council of Syracuse has, • Ho spoke of tho fact that young people, by a vote of 17 to 1, granted the tele-' < , f t°««y. I'™ unsurpassed riches, of phone franchise recently asked for-by opportunity, the times in which we live the new corporation known as the Sym-, '«™ increased our responsibilities a ense Telephone Company l l>«nnxed fold God has included young ; people in his plan for the world; m Ins- In the famous McNiff-Smith fishnet, tory ' \ case in Yates county T ; -~ ^* 1 Rochester hits decided that th< claimed for the destruction nets must bo jwiid. We are told that one of our farmers has not yet removed the both secular and religious, nearly ,, , „ , . thing gi-eat has boendono by youth. Uie oounties Alexander, Cortez, Loyala, Luther, Pas- ot illegal fish Clt l, Lavonarola, Wasliington, Gideon, NO 18 quires our best, not, tho best, he expects us to do pur duty, tlio fmit is not our concern. Rev. Homy B. Williams, of tho Fuy- ettovillo Baptist church liuxtgavo a sug­ gestive talk on Bible study, tho object of which must always be to learn God's will He suggested sovond ways first, by books. A book at a time, to get a clear idea of what it treats, under whnt conditions it was written, and its defin­ ite purpose. Second chapter, by Chaptor With four questions in mind, namely, what is its principid subject, its leading lesson, its best vorso, its principal i>er- sons. Third, Topical study, o. g. lovo, comparisons, tho kingdom of God, grace, etc. \ Mr. Williimis recomended tho use of a Bible with wide margins, on which tho results of study could bo noted Ho then gavo an interesting illustration of a Bible reading on Prayer from the book of James; and shoiter ones from 1st John and Ephesinns. The convention-then took a recess of two hours, dining which time a lnnch was served in the chmch parlors. An address of welcome was given by Rev. Mr. Hurd, mid a pleasant, response in behalf of tho visiting Endeavors by ltev. W. P. Decker, of Fiibius. A song service begun the afternoon session, followed by a business meeting, presided ovor by Rev. Mr. Merwin. Tho secretary's mid ., T , ., . -- --, j ..treasurer's reports JJavid.Jolin the Baptist and oven Clirist were rend and accepted. The report of T1 »! w which. God has mndo tho Cor. Sec'y. Miss Florence E. Can- Himself, rnitnt „n if,\, »i ,,i ' sauyt '\ n K ' the trees in his sap bush, to it at, all, it is that the two systems • - - - have reached an understanding to main­ tain rates, prevent favoritism, discrimi­ nation, etc They are both dividend- paying roads and naturally will work for their common interest \ \Is it true that the Central is after large amount of \labor no havo tho buckets already hung.\ natus Times. buckets from ! of tho young shows the high estimate he I siioko of the woik-that is Iwing dono in It will save a' l\\ces npou them. Since this is so, \rise ! the interest, of local option and in L'xt spring to I «»>« \'Oct your opportunities and inner- spreading good literature, and moli­ ng -Cmci tli.it the Chenango branch of the West f-lmii Railroad contemplates making a rmitnl-trip nite of 15 cents betweou Fuy- ittevilli and Syracuse, and Whereas, tho Syracuse and Suburban Uailruid persistently refuses to lower it- r;ites or to make any concessions whatever to regular patrons of the. road Pauling in Fayetteville, fcheiefore be i t Resolved,That this association call up- \ii nil loyal citizens of Fayetteville to Ikitrumze the West Shore railroad as iniiili ii» possible in return for tho ro- iltii-iiiia in fare when it shall have been ifavil into effect. \fter Mime further discussion as to ii means of advancing-tho pros- l>rrtc of the Village, tho meeting ad- Jimri;. (1 to meet hereafter on Monday 'M nitiL'- of each mouth preceding the —fontl uiid fotvrth Tuesday evenings Tluit :~ the Improvement Association mil in. et on the evenings before tho Mmlar nieetiugs of the Village Board ator was a.sk(!(i. \No , the Central's got all it wants, now that the Boston & Albany is secured. We alwnys maintained close connections with the Boston & Albany as it does 40 per cent of our through business. Wo inid to have it to prevent some other road choiring us off.\ Columbia Wins First Race I Forcing Our Language World The first race between the new cup de­ fender Columbia and tho old favorite Defender was sailed off Sandy Hook last Wednesday. It was for a cup valued at • $250 offered by the New York Yacht Club. A trinngular course, ten miles long on . a side, was laid out from the Sandy Hook i platform, lightship. The sea was fairly smooth, but the wind proved variable and light, so that on the whole it was not a very satisfactory race, although in some re- ' spects it was exceedingly interesting, I For, say, five miles tho Columbia drew away until she was estimated to be a s j QOO'QOO high as ten minutes ahead of tlio Do-. car j y in JnlVt wnoll ft hearing will tako fender. . , pi„ C o in Albany before a refereo. But. a shift of wind m tlio last throe ' ' miles favored the old racer, and on the ' This is an \off year' in politics, and whole leg of tho race the Defender actu-, only eleven states hold elections next ally gained 25 seconds. I full, and of these only six—Maryland. The Columbia's total superiority on \ Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Kentucky the entire triangular race of tliirty miles i and Mississippi—choose governors. In have gone over his ! W as but 8 minutes and 35 seconds, not to ; two states—Virginia and Mississippi— the Legislatures..chosen_are to elect itance in Christ. God wants men not j tioned some oncoui aging features of tlio , miuiikins.\ Tho world nowadays needs woik in some societies. I young people who shall realize what God < It was decided to take steps towa'd Lester P. Bonnet of Homer was riding ! expects of tlieni. Mr. Evans then nn-' the formation of a County Union and on his wheel in Cortland when a giant ; swored the question \What is expected ! for that purpose officers were electod to fire cracker exploded and a piece struck | n f us if God's estimate of us is so great.?\ j act as a n oxecutive committee for this one of his glasses, breaking it One of | He propuses to uso us in 'two WJiys—as | Union, and a delegate, to meet with the pieces penetrated the eyeball and it,, Christians and us citizens. Christian : delegates from the other unions of tho is thought tho sight is destroyed ' citizenship is the great need at pre.<-ont County. Miss Can- was appropriately Haying is well under way this week «\«' f 1 \' W\*t opportumty of tho young chosen as this rtelegato; tlio officers wore and the universal verdict of the farmers V™\Av The world, espec allv through 1 ; Pics -Rev H. 13 Williams Juiyctte- in this section is that the crop is a very , tllu I»TWH nlnces B higli estimute , villo \ ic ( )-Bes.-Rev' h. L Evans, light one Hay is being shipped from «l*mtho work of tho .Christian.Endeavor ! Manlius; &OO.-MWH Mary Byington, suiTonnding towns at from S8 to *10 per f' ™ l ? < » urt «»° V™*™. ot n ' tl>r ''. 81 : n , *nyottoviUo ; Irww.-Rov J. H Mac- ton. The crop a few miles north of, h'kemii questions of poht.es. By virtue C 0I meU, Jai»esviUe;Cor. Sec. M.ss here is much heavier than in thftrlm-, of u f «»«<\\»«!* purpoww, tlio s ciety lUonmco E Can;, iMiyettevi lie mediate vicinity .-Earlville Standard. ,>»u-stbean enemy to the saloon, must I Kov .Mr Wilhan.s was asked to con- J strive to put good men into higher , vey to tho family of the 1< to Prof. F. J. \Passengers will please go out the • places. And woman's help is needed , Houso tho sympathy of tlio Union and mo-door,\ is the latest order on Ronm, ^ in \^ - I ^™ Watertown&Ogdensburg railroad pas's-, sho controls tho ningnetic centers of 1 - ,manning as enger trains. This order was issued by , sympathetic interest, whenco powerful the railroad officials, m an endeavor to currents flow; and her work is largely make faster time, as it is claimed thero dono through tho C. E. society, is considerable needless delay caused by * • passengers getting off and on cars at ono ' on the Hon. I S. Evans of Rome has been designated by Attorney General Davies to prosecute the oleomargarino cases brought by tho State against Armour & Co., and other Chicago packers to re­ cover penalties amounting to over $2,- The first move will be made \ nmspicuous American delegate to tin I', lie. Conference at The Hague has <l I'l'in-.l Ins inability to spook any other U.'n.ii;e than his own. The waves of I r« u«-li mid Germa n . j ami wlmt thc.conJEerence is all; mention a handicap of i.seconas a'\«r In- does not even pretend to know. I -vmpatliize ^th liis trouble and ad- f-ii\ In- modesty, but I do not in the l-.w iiintv with him. Far more admir­ al.!, SM„ t ) 10 sentiment of that old hero *!>•> publicly thanked .the Lord that he \•til'l not compel his tongue to speak a »> \tin r language than that of his na- The race wasa very* close one. The State Printing: A dispatch from Albany says that tho legislative printing contracts for two christian gentleman, and of his work for the Union, of which ho was tho President. A vote of thanks was passed to tlio societies of Pompey Hill and tho speakers and tho business meeting was closed by singing .„ Tlio address of the afternoon wns by tho poor, and tho latter work demands Rov. John B. Barbour of Syracuse, on more and more attention. Tho qualifl- j \The Christian Endeavorer's Chief End\ Another great work which lies before us is to reach the poor and bring them into the church Tho churches oro too eager to get the rich, too neglectful of cations-necessary for a successful worker are - 1st, a personal knowledge of God as Savior, 2d, a confidence that we nro called to tho work, a realization of the high estimate God places upon our per­ sonal cooperation; 3rd, a belief in the Bible as God's word, a personal message to us from our Father; 4th, the reliance on God for strength, nothing shall thou be too hard. Let God lead us as ho pur­ poses and wo shall reap by and by. Rov. Percy B. Wightman of tho Fay­ etteville Presbyterian church noxt gavo a stirring address ou \Fidility to Diity' I'n _h„„l W Jiar N wanted .is a universal lan- „„„ _ '\\ f u g\sh is i n the way of be-; c f the'contract. United States senators, but the result \ from tho text \Moreover it is required I will not make a cliange in the political j in stewards that a man bo found faith- 1 comploxfon of the senate: , ful \ Christianity is for everyday, for 1-sacred and secular work; otherwise tho gospel is partial and imperfect. The word \Stoward\ is used in two senses. 1st, as an administrator of secular affairs; 2d, to include all who serve, A freak of lightning which goes to dis­ prove the old saying that lightning never T , i. u » strikes twico in the snme place happened I years,- beginmiig Jaiiuop-1 next, has been j on tho Envin LaDg w ort iry farm in South VUisi Mini ,. —. uuuxg H e has auk th. Hindo and Chinaman talk to ™> in liis own language, as well as the •wan llM \ tne Japanese. He way- '\>•- stolidly through Europe, and *''•\ >' r he goes he leaves atroilof Eng- wi-ii -iMikmg shopmen and innkeepers, ~»\ a and cabmen. By refusing to , ' In- tongue around foreign vocables £-1- f'v. ma the rest of the world to talk EtiirliMi -• hiimiii/. Eturi,. V -Vtpnk awarded to John A. McCarthy, of Al- , j3 roo kfioi f i Two vcars ajro his 100-foot i baiiy, for *18H,31fi 47 The two °ther J p ar]1 was struck at each end by a divided n » fl every Christian who rightly bidders were considered m the awarding . bolt flred Rud bunlc(l Thc bnru ; owns the gifts given lmn. Duty means was rebuilt and last Friday ttoring the 'Ift %vluch is due: the obliging force of hea%y thunder storm it was struck again 1 wlm , t m . »J°jaUy nght. The need of an in the same places, but escaped burning I 0 . m P hn *w ot ^ \» tho society lies m although the beams and boards were I th .° te » flellc y ? f Jargo bptbes to wane badly shattered.—Hamilton Republican. th,-\vii language, simply because | There was a division of opinion among r \uiish -speaking man persistently 1 tl \ ' \ \ ' '\ ' in- - 1 ,, xpeak anythjjjg e ig e -pro ],„„ , IC members of the State printing board as to which was the lowest bidder and entitled to the award of the contract. The vote was two to one for Mr.Mc- Carthy, Secretary of State McDonongh voting in the negative. Those bids con- Local Telephone Exchange sidered at the meeting which were con-1 •„ dered the lowest were: Brandow Print- I At the Inst meeting of the village ing company, of Albany, $115,r,49.- Trustees a franchise was granted to 28, Charles A Wenboru, of Buffalo, Me«m. F^E. D'^Wey W. T^aynor . ,$117,388, and McCarthy $138,315.47. . and EUw Woodworth to construct and the way the universal | There was a protest to the board filed Ho took as his text the words \Mau's Chief End is to Glorify God and enjoy Him Forever.\ Ho said we ought to glorify God in four ways; 1st.—Start with our wills, and surroiidor to God, \Onr wills oro ours, we'\know not how, Our wills are ours, to mako thorn Thino\ 2nd.—In- our bodies, which are \tho Tomples of God.\ It is a Cliristian's duty which many neglect, to care for tho body, 3rd—In our words, wo are re­ presenting God to tho world and He is often badly -misrepresented. -Wb can glorify Him-by being earful what words of criticism wo utter, and by testifying for God's glory oven if we fnil and break down. 4th—In our deeds, iucludiug tho business of our daily lives, most men study not tho Biblo but christians. Business is not separate from religion; it is merely a smaller circle concentric with it. Regarding tho second part of his text, Mr. Barbour spofeo of how doleful some people are in thoir religion, so that they really go about as warning signs, to keep others away. The commaud is \Rejoice in the Lord Always,\ even in dark, will be ; and Ellis Woodworth to operate a telephone and telegraph system ; in the village of Fayetteville. Y. - made—by imposing by Judge Franklin W. Danaher to the •„,,--,„,- , ,.. 1 »ot by creating some homeless receipt of certain bids because-they did; Work has alrewly commenced on tho Il'iiini... 'li-nii nv,. niv Km,, tills, . Mw. P!at,, k i hi. '. v admire the accomplished 'iou remember Pickwick's \«' could imitate five cats, sir, cat • in a wheelbarrow, upon \nor; now one can't help selves, to others: but was renewed bv John A McCarthy. , - - A communication was received from , «* marto with thc /dopot, telegraph office > 011 ,i f i„t y to ourselves is clear: wo can Charles A. Wenboni asking leave to I ™<\ other important ^ business ^locations | w. in his life tho possibilitj-for- our- withdraw his bid as he had labored \*\ \\ \'~ *\ Y6i'ii;'.\\\' y is V° who \\poses his good |Po.. If'' K . a >'!t l- N 0li,. I Oil ,| -I«e(,h on the other fellow.— •'\IVOH hi Saturday Evening 'Jtaii; \Wanted. ^'(•ti-opolitan Life Insurance \gent to take charge of its f ai id .Manlius business. hi ' '\e respected need apply. Call p'l'^rmtendant, David\ Boyd' ^iock, Syracuse, N\ Y. * notfulfiU » h V tat S,.^3«« K exchange wiU be in working order by J lov0f Knc i r i 0 ve as involves the subjectioii Subsequently the pron.st .w\^\.' I Monday or Tuesday Connections ^vill • 0 f our wilk to his wiU. Look to Clirist, 1 ntirl fliiMr tn nnrcnlvna ic and other important\ business locations and local subscribers to the exchange are assured of strictly first-class service. The rentals will be placed at a low figure and those desiring telephones placed in their houses or storo may be assured of „,„ wll „„ prompt nud reliable service at moderate , privelego towards others is t o proclaim cost. , ' ' - ' The ceutml office will be located m the Independent building, corner of Mill nnd Elm streets The construction pf the system .... _ even i n after the spirit of visible success is n o hard times. Tho true sourco of joy is longer a niotivo power, thc work fnlls not material, comes from no kind of ox- upon thoso whose faith is deep and loyal, toruals, God taken into tho heart is the who will do their duty evon under ad- sourco of thotmest joy. verso circumstances. The young people The concluding service of tho day was have not had tho demands of duty tho consecration service led by Rev. Mr. brought strongly to bear upon them MacConnell. It was a fitting close to a heretofore: they lack hi stickto-itive- meeting characterized by deep sinccreity ness. and earnestness, and which must liavo As to the question \What is pur ; been holpful to all who attended it. duty?\ Mr. Wightinan showed that it | lay m tliree directions; to God, to our.- Onr duty to God is j How with such traits 'as I under a misapprehension as to the laws \ is meritorious to speak half j G f mo or when making figures for legis- 'JWiuges, just ns i t i s t o juggle 1 lative printing nnd had ignored the 8- 1, 1 leathers and cannon bolls,, notlr i aw . Comptroller Morgan there- I 'an who deserves best of upon introduced a resolution covering selves. Salvation is not exclusively for the life to come; it means trial, lnimility and love here in this world, and to thus make ourselves better is the duty to which we are called. Our duty and Mr Wenboni's request on tho ground that to award him the contract under such circumstances would be both un­ just nnd oppressive It was adopted A resolution offered b}- the attorney gen­ eral that the protest to tho receipt of any bid which did not inelndea check for 5 per cent of the amount of two years work at the rates bid should \be sustained by the board was also adopted. On motion of the comptroller tb,o contract was then awarded to Mr. McCarthy. is under \tho personal supervision of Mr. T. Dalton Smith of Oneida, who is a practical electrician of largo experience m telephone work. se2i the Independent to your friends in the West. It's a s good as a letter. tho gospel of God's love. ' God can justly expeot our duty from ns, for we have a-^Naturally. in his case it does not. reason for it and tools for it. Nothing 1 tho sun should shine only olioiit six impossible is ahead of us, but discourage- 1 tunes a year Nature's great scheme of The Sunshine of Business .. Thore is some cause for tho skepticism of tho semi-occasional advertiser as to tho good results of advertising. Ho has spout money for the publication of busi­ ness announcements, nnd has had at tho most merely a spurt of appreciable re­ turns therefrom, after which his trado again stagnated. For this reason he is prono to jumpjit the conclusion that ad­ vertising does not mnkc business grow. \ • If inents or hardness will not excuse. The reward for duty waits upon fldel-' ity. The \talents\ of which tho par­ able speake are spiritual truths/the part of tho new Testament which is livable, they are returned to God in sanctified personality. The amount returned is proportionate to our ability. God re­ development would be checked. It is I' that marvelous nnd never-ending regu­ larity of tho great orb of day which pro­ duces tho comforts and luxuries of man­ kind. In like manner persistent adver­ tising stimulates and renders profitnblo the tradesman's business.—Pliildadel- phi (Pa) Record.

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