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Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY A Local Newspaper Publishod In the Interests of IfayetteviUo and Onondaga County by the Farmers Institute Bulletin Publishing Co. (Incorporated) \> Subscription: Ono Dollar per Year In Advance '\ • ' Largest Guaranteed Circulation in this section \ > Proofs of Circulation Furnished to Advertisers The Farmers' Instltuto Bullotin Publishing Company is Incorporated under the laws of the State of Now York, with a capital stock of $20,000.00. It pnblishcs tho Onondaga Independent tho FARMKRB ' INSTITUT E BULLETIN and makes a specialty of high-grade book and cataloguo work and art printing. Tho plant is ono of tho best in Central Now York nnd correspondence Is invited from thoso desiring tho hotter class of commercial nnd book printing. Office in tho Bulletin Building, corner of Mill and Elm streets, Fayettovillo Advertising Kates on Application Entered nt the Postofllco In Fayettovillo for transmission through tho mails as second class matter SANTO DO^ELNGO i n view of th e somewhat disturbed .condition of Sant o Domingo a s a re­ sult o f th e assassination o f President Heureaux, there has been not a little speculatio n an d conjecture a s to the future welfare of th e republic. Tho sug­ gestion' made in som e quarter s t o an­ ne x th e Island t o th e Unite d States re­ calls a n Incident in history of which comparatively little has been written . It relates t o a movement to make San­ t o Domingo a part o f th e United States, which came ver y near being consummated. I n 18(17 Senor Buena­ ventur a _B»cz.' then president o f the Dominican republic, sent a communi­ catio n t o Genera l (ii -ant, then presl dent o f th e Unite d States, making.a propositio n fo r the annexatio n of the Island t o this countr y under reason able conditions . Presiden t Gran t wa s delighte d with th e proposition an d at onc e made such arrangement s a s wer e within th e province o f the chief execu­ tive to accep t th e proffered sovereignt y The legislative branch o f th e Domin i can government heartily approve d the actio n of Presiden t Baez. but whe n It came t o securin g th e sanction o f the Dnlted State s senate there was a hitch. After a hard battle the annexation scheme was defeate d on a close vote. Grant was deepl y disappointed and when urge d later to make anothe r ef­ fort to secure senatorial approval of the measur e wild: \1 hav e don e m y duty. I am entirel y willin g t o let the Judgment of posterity determin e be­ tween th e senat e an d me a s to th e wis­ dom of adding such a splendid posses­ sion t o ou r national domai n an d o f se­ curin g such a super b strategic position for ou r protectio n at hom e an d naval prestige In th e Islands o f th e West In­ dies.\ PROFIT SHARING The Columbus (O.) Traction com- •pany ha s just completed_the first quar­ ter' s operation s under a proflt sharing Arrangement with its employees , an d the results appear t o b e -very satisfac­ tory. The usual quarterl y dividen d was pai d to th e shareholders of the companyrthey receiving 1 pe r cent on the pa r value of their stock, while the employees o r those who ha d serve d a year o r more get 1 pe r cent o n their yearly earnings . As these earnings average $050 th e average dividen d paid t o labor was $0.50. This Is the equivalent of a n average Increase In the wages ,of 7 cent s a day—not a large Increase, It i s true, \but no t Infrequent­ ly th e refusa l of employers to gran t an Increase , no t much , i f any , large r than that ha s resulted in\ disagreeabl e com­ plications , sometimes In strikes. The \\street railway company in Columbus Is no t a large or rich concern a s com­ pared t o many traction corporations throughout th e country ; but , lik e most stree t car lines, it pays , an d its em ­ ployees may reasonabl y expec t a con­ tinuanc e of thei r quarterl y dividends . If othe r tractio n companie s which ar e riche r tha n this Columbu s concern were . t o imitate Its example, they •would have less trouble with their men. But , with hardl y a n exception , stree t railroad'companies ore opposed to sharin g their profits, n o matter ho w large they may be , with eithe r their -employees or the municipalit y or wit h their patron s by giving them lower rate s of fare. CABLE NEEDED Five years ago th e British colonia l tonference.-hel d In Ottawa, launche d the project fo r th e constructio n of a n all British Pacific cable , an d two years later, a t a simila r conference 1 hel d a t Sydney, th e proposition was enthusias ­ tically Indorsed. A Pacifi c cable com ­ mittee, consisting of representative s from the mothe r country . .Canad a and Austraila. was appointe d t o repor t o n the geographical , 'scientific an d finan­ cial aspects of th e scheme , and th e recent publication of -the committee's report has onc e more brough t th e mat­ ter Into prominence . While It i s wholly a British enterprise. It is of moment t o this country, In view of ou r Interests In the Pacific. The propose d cable , the construction o f which Is strongly urged by th e committee, would cost, it is estimated. $7,500,000. an d th e sug­ gested route Is from Vancouver b y th e way o f Fannin g island o r Palmyra 1 Island an d FIJI to Norfolk Island, thence by means of branche s t o New i Zealand an d Australia . The coniml„{„ tee believe that it would be a paying,] commercia l venture almost from start, to sa y nothing of Its necessity In case o f a genera l war an d Its deslra billty as a n effective metho d of linkin g together th e widel y separate d posse s slons o f th e British empire. The knowledge of the activity o f England and her colonie s In this directio n may wisely serv e a s an Incentiv e In stirrin g up our owa people t o th e necessity of constructing a cable from Sa n Francis ­ co, via Hawaii an d th e Ladrones, t o the Philippines. If thes e Islands ar e to remain In ou r possession. RED CROSS REPORT The repor t of th e American Nationa l ' Red Cros s Relief committee fo r 1808. j recentl y made public, is a valuable ad- ; ditlon t o th e historical records o f pur j war with Spain. The report comprises abou t 300 pages an d cover s th e period ! from th e hast y reorganizatio n In May, j 1898, to th e disbandin g o f th e commit - j te e In March. 1899, The statement of ; the treasure r shows that th e amount' of cash contribution s was $320,344, an d tha t th e expenditure s were $301,430. j leaving a balanc e of $18,914. The total amount of cash receive d fro m th e aux-' lllar y committees was $125,9G7. o f which $114,723 was expended , leavin g a balanc e of $11,243. A larg e amount j of supplies, particularly In th e line o f delicacies, were also contributed. There ] was expended fo r camp supplies $30/5,\ COG, Camp Thomas receivin g the lar- • ges t appropriatio n an d Camp Cuba, next . No repor t Is given from the \field agent\ In th e Philippines, a s th e work there is not yet completed . While the report deal s almost entirely wit h routine fact s nnd figures,' It Is grandl y ' tuc ,'l expressive of th e devotio n an d patriot- Entirely New Oetons- Petcales Wide Calico Shitt Waists AM feindsj of ^fhin White Goods Fi*st Class Summer Corsets See our new sam £L e PORTRAITS FREE with $J0 cash purchases Ism of American women. FORMING AN ALLIANCE . Recent ndvlce s fro m Bueno s Ayres. ' via London, contained th e more o r , There ar c commendable points In a resolution adopte d b y th e Jobbing con­ fectioner s of Chicago urging the gov­ ernmen t to use aluminiu m instead o f coppe r In making 1 eeut pieces. The coppe r coin Is th e dirtiest piec e o f me­ tallic money we use. It quickl y be­ comes tarnished, an d poisonous com­ pound s for m upon Its surface. Disease germs readil y find lodgmen t o n It an d pans where they will d o the most harm. Aluminium, on th e other hand. Is a bright, practicall y untarulshable metal, easil y take s alloy, ma y b e made very har d an d is on e o f th e lightest metals Everingham & Car* FayetteviUe TIME is MONEY less startling announcemen t that al l I k »°™\ The T,' ° f T'* ' u f c J rom tne republics o f South America, alarm ! alunjluluiu woulJ uot be lf any . ed by the highhandednes s o f th e Unit­ ed Stated, were forming a n allianc e t o resist the aggression s of this country . The promptness wit h which th e diplo­ matic repersentntlves of those repub­ lics\ at Washington disavowed th e ' slightest hostile feeling toward th e I United States wa s scarcel y neede d to 1 sho w the absurdity of the canard , . though such assuranc e was gratifying to the state department . The South • American stntes durin g th e last year ! or two have been gradually getting closer togethe r In their commercial re- I latlonsan d riddin g themselves of many J of the Jealousies which have stood In J tho way of their International trad e and comity . They may b e assure d that any union among themselves which will promot e their prosperit y an d ad­ vanc e In civilizatio n will bo heartil y welcome d o y their older an d greater sister republic o f North America, who Is their nntural an d willing protecto r against |>osslble encroachment s from the old wcrld. The pacifi c attitud e of the United Stntes toward th e repub­ lics of Centra l and Sout h America Is amply demonstrate d by ou r good of­ fices In tlu Venezuel a controversy. ! greater than th e copper coins at pres- I ou t i n use. an d the weight o f this low­ est o f th e fractional currency woul d be i greatly reduced . The suggestio n is 1 worth considering . I An Ingeniou s Pcnnsylvanlo n has de­ vised a nove l nnd effective method o f killin g snakes, lie discovered , by ac­ ciden t o r otherwise , that snake s like the sweet an d soothing taste of nitro­ glycerin an d wil l ca t a s much o f It as is pu t In their way This pointed out the mean s fo r preparing th e reptiles for destruction. The next thing wa s to explode.thorn afte r they had been j loaded. This proble m WHS . solve d with- I out dllllctilty He made u p Innocent ! lookin g little pills of red pepper, and | these, whe u swallowed by th e snakes, i Save Time^and Money by Install- elephone ing a T( The FayetteviUe Telephone Company will install a distance telephone in your house, office or store, giving you t hest of service at moderate cost nil\; Order Your Supplies by Wire PRESIDENT ANNOYED Accordin g t o the news columns of j shrewd appreciatio n The local exchange will embrace the depot, telegraph caused such an emotio u in their in- 1 office, stores, hotels, residences and and-all the imjwrtant ]>lll>- terior that they beat th e groun d with j He places. The instruments will be of the latest manufacture ' and the service equal, to any telephone system in operation Kvery station wilk.be on a metallic circut; ..there will be no pam lines, each subscriber having direct connection with the central station, thus insuring such force that the dynamite was e x ploded. blowing th e roptlles Into thou sands o f pieces. i t migh t be suggested tha t Si r Wil­ frid Laurler refused to attend th e cor­ ner stone .ceremonie s In Chicago , not because he thought he would be In suited there, but because he thought he would not be . The Canadia n premier has always been credite d wit h a of. th e value at Strict Privacy Throughout the Whole Exchange irarlous papers Presiden t McKlnley ha s bceu greatl y annoye d while on his out­ ing at L a e Champlaln b y kodak fiends, who - persisted' In getting sna p •hots o f hi m on every possible occa­ sion. Some hav e suggeste d tha t th e offenders should be punished for dis­ orderly conduct, lcze majest y or some other dreadful thing. Why should th e president b e annoyed ? It Is more tha n probable that he has never given th e matte r a moment' s thought With the tenB o f thousand pictures o f th e chief executive, authorized an d unauthor­ ized, copyrighte d o r otherwise, rang­ ing all th e way fro m th e atrocitie s o n campaig n banners to th e oi l painting s b y distinguished artists, why shoul d h e cure lf a few mor e hundre d likenesse s ar e made o f him. It doesn' t do th e president any harni-and I s a sourc e of grea t gratification t o th e amateur pho­ tographers to take a pictur e which they can point ou t t o thei r friend s as that o f th e president of th e United States, though in 00 case s ou t of 100 It would be necessary to have an affidavit accompan y th e productio n for purposes o f Identification. tt is announced tha t Joh n L. Sullivan has opened a saloon In New York. Ac­ cording t o al l account s Joh n L. was on e o f th e first customer s h e ha d and will prohabiy b e on e or th e best General Mercier says tha t eithe r h e o r Captain Dreyfus mus t b e guilty. This Is quit e probabl e an d i t \is als o probable that th e guilty one I s no t Dreyfus . home o f a grievance against th e United States, an d It woul d hardl y be of an y political proflt to him Just now t o ge t a cordial welcome and' courteous \treat­ men t on this side of th e line, such as th e Cblcagoans would: unquestionably' give him . There would b e n o political thunde r In it which b e could hurl agains t th e United' States. Porto Rlcans have- protested against th e executio n of a n American murder­ er on th e ground that capital punish­ ment Is a t varluuc e wit h their customs an d traditions. This Is rathe r surpris­ ing, a s Spanis h rule, from whic h they so recently emerged, withou t a good deal of killin g of one sort o r another is hardl y conceivable , an d It Is difficult to avoid th e suspicion that this pica Is made less with th e view o f stating ex­ act fact s tha n for th e purpose of creat­ in g a favorable impression a s t o the stat e of civilizatio n to whic h Port o Rico ha s already attained. Any information regarding installation of instrument-, terms of rental, etc., will be cheerfully furnished upon applica­ tion at the company's office in the Independent building, coi­ ner Mill and Elm streets, FayetteviUe. E F HOPKINS Cable dispatche s fro m London re­ centl y containe d rumor s of th e engage­ ment of Lady Randolp h Churchill t o Lieutenan t Cornwallls West, a youn g scion of British nobility, abou t a score of years he r Junior, and als o tha t she was engaged t o William Waldorf As- tor. Con I t b e tha t Lady Randolph' s pres s agent Is working th e engage - 'men t racket a s a n advertisin g scheme tor he r new magazine? * As a n exponen t o f plain an d varie­ gated buckin g th e automobil e Is mak­ in g fo r Itself a recor d equal t o tha t o f th e broncho . ' <~ Real Estate Agent Has for sale some very desirable Dwellings also Mill property and Vacant Lots on the best streets. Any of * this'property can be bought at very reasonable figures on installments or cheap for cash Clear Titles Guaranteed Write for Particntars

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