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iiaondaga. Independent EVERY SATURDAY ~~L6CAL DIRECTORY Fayetteville Village Officials ' -.ident—Willia m Austin, istoes—F. W. Cook, Abram Solg , M. 8. j.. r Levi E . Swan , rk—J. A. Eckcr . •u-urer—Fred 8 . Potter. , -j,x;tor—Aretua W. Bessee. . \ nr Commissioners—Pres . Elislui Stead- „, an d Trcas . P. H. Smith , Supt . D. P. R.. -ek. , ,-f o f Police—Georg o Ebeling ; Assistan t , i Benjami n Phillfnps . County and District Officials Count y Judge—Willia m M. Ross , Syracuse . Surrogate—Edga r P Glass , Syracuse . Sheriff—Stephen Thornton , Syracuse . Deput y Sheriff—H . S. Polly, Sknncateles . Count y Clerk—Georg e J. Vaeckel . Distric t Attorney—Ja y B . Kline , Syracuse . Count y Treasurer—NicholiaGruinDach , Syra - CUSCT Superintenden t o f thoPoor—Smit h Rice , Eas t Syracuse . Coroner—Loui s F . \Weaver , Syracuse . Loan Commissioner-Georg e C . \Nichols Otisc o Henry L. Cole , Colli n gwood. Bchoo l Commissioners—Firs t Distric t W. G.- Frawloy. Baldwinsvillo : Secon d District , A. F. Presley.Sknnentolcs;Thir d Distric t N. F Bene ­ dict , DeWitt. „ „ Member s o f Assembly—Firs t Distric t W. G. Cottle , Elbridge : Secon d Distric t E . G. TenEyck Fabius , Thir d Distric t E<lwar d Sabine , Syra ­ cus e : Fourt h Distric t Joh n T Dclaney , Syra ­ cuse . Stat e Senator—Horac e White, Syracuse . Representativ e in Congress—Michae l E . Dris - coll , Syracuse . Board of Health i -ident—Danie l W. Griffi n i • »,ieia n Dr . George J. Bryan - retar y Danie l C. Dunham. Public Telephone Office ] Longdistanc e telephon e is locate d i n th e stor e ' o f V. H. Nichol s & Son , Genese e street . Board of Education }•.. -ident—Dr . N. Wilbur. Ti ii-tccs—Thoma s W. Sheedy , Joh n D. Pratt , ,\ T Armstrong , William Morrison , Nelso n V .nr. M. D. i i, rk—P. H. Keohane . Treasurer—Fre d Hong. t Ti mint Ofllcer—Jame s H. Mathews . ('..Hector an d Censu s Enumerator—Aretu s \\ \M -ssee. Telegraph Office Wester n Unio n telegrap h ofllce is locate d in th e stor e o f Ev'eringha m & Carr , Mil l street . Local Telephone Exchange The local exchang e o f th e Fayettevill e Tele ­ phon e an d Telegrap h Co . i s locate d In th e Inde ­ penden t office, comer Mil l an d El m Streets . Fire Department Chief—Hira m Agan. iir ~t Assistant—Chas . Prn'tt . So-mid Assistant—Car l Graham RAILROAD TIME TABLES , Train s arriv e a t an d depar t fro m Fnyettovlll o on th o Chenang o Valle y branc h o f th o West Shor e Railroa d as follow s Manlius Town Officials Supervisor —A. Cad y Palmer TWn Clerk—Patric k H. K'eohane . JuMices o f thePcncc—William Austin , Chas. K. Cole, Thoma s M. Ainslee, Elbridg o M. Lyon ('i )iiiiiiissioner or Highways—Herbert Adams . A.-sessors— Henry R. Strong , Dr N Wilbur , Km nk B . Fillmore . \ , Cnlleetor—Augustu s H. Chase . Overseers of tho Poor— J Erwin Campbell , William W Hoag . ('i nistables—Geo. E . Chase , Juine s H. Mathew s .A-ii Ballou , Joseph E . Ostrander , Elme r E. Hurler TRAINS MOVIN G SOUT H Lv Syracus e la I \ DeSon o \ Fayettevill e \ Munliii s \ Oran *' Cazenovi a \ Rippleto n lb) \ Balfuia \ Erievill e \ Georgetow n \ Lclmnoi i Ar Earlvill e Id .Local Societies Kaj ettevill e Lodge, F nn d A. M , No. B78.— Meef.- first an d thir d Tuesday i n eac h mont h Konirti n Bake r block , Genese o stree t H J Knapp, W M.; C. H. Pock, Secretar y Limeston e Cree k Lodge, No. 145,1. O . O . F.— MeeN every Monda y ovening , room s in Wal - nilh Block, Genese o Street . Allen E. Wnlrath , X ( . . O . H. Reals , Secretar y Lv Earlvlll o (c) \ Laliano n \ Georgetow n \ Eriovill o \ Ballinn \ Rippleto n lb) \ Cazenovi a \ Ora n \ Manliu s \ Fayettevill e \ De Son o Ar. Syracus e ^a ) * Stop s on signal . (a) Connect s with mai n lin o West Shore , R W & O. , N. Y. C . & H. R. an d D. L. & W Ry. (b) Connect s wit h Lehigh Valley R. R. (c) Connect s with N Y O . & W. Railroad . A. M I'. M. 1\ M 7:00 2:25 6:00 7 13 •2:88 •5 13 7:24 2:411 5:24 7:81 2:50 5:31 7:88 8:08 5:88 7:95 8:20 5:54 7:58 8:20 6:67 *:01 8:!M 0:00 8.15 8:65 0:15 4-10 0:20 8:87 4:27 0:87 8:60 4:40 • 0:50 G NORT H A M. A. M. V. M 7:00 0.16 6:05 7 18 0:34 6 18 7:25 0:51 6:81 7:!»1 10 10 6:44 7:411 10:27 0:00 7:52 10:20 fl;01 7:55 10:81 11:05 8 10 10:45 fl.10 8.17 10:51 0:25 8:24 10:57 0:81 «8:»1 11-10 •0:41 8:50 11:25 0:65 (. A R . Post , R. B. Hayes, No 007—Meets tir-t mid thir d Monda y i n th o month . Room s in tin Bake r block , o n M^l l street . Dunn o Bub- ci»l{. Com. , Jame s Law, Adjutant . Km ettevill e Grang e No 010—Meets first and lliini Frida y o f each month In Walrath Hal l on Cieni-e o street , Hubert Bender , Master , E. L. Parker, Secretary . I M B . A., Branc h No 108—Meetings first and f'uirth Monday s o f eac h month , room s i n tho Hong's bloc k o n Genese e street . Joh n F . Cough- lin President ; Henr y Strnub , Secretary - . 1 ' i. O. T Lodge No 49—Meet s every Thurs ­ day evening , a t a plac o nppolntc d a t th o pre- eeeilm g meeting . Carrol l Marsden,,C . T.; Miss Siitie Smith , Secretary . Syracuse and Suburban Railway Electri c car s leav e corne r o f Eas t Fayette mi d Montgomery streets , Syracus e fo r Fnyettovlll o nn d Manliu s ns follow s • 7 a in. an d every BO minute s thereafte r unti l 12 midnight . Leave Fayettevill e fo r Manliu s 7:40 a. m . an d every 80 minute s thereafte r un­ til 12:40 a.m . Leave Edwards ' Fall s fo r Syracus e 6:45 a. m. , 0 a. m an d every 80 minute s there ­ afte r unti l 11:05 p . in. Leave Miitilius fo\r Syracus e fro m 6 t o 7 min ­ ute s late r tha n Edward s Fall s leavin g time . Leave Fayettevill e fo r Syracuse : 0 a. m. , 0:20 a. m. an d every 80 minute s there ­ afte r until 11:20 p . m. ^ S UPREME COURT, ONONDAGA COIQJTY— , Homer Dunha m an d Horac e Dunham , Ex - ; ocutor s o f th e estat e o f Mosle y Dunlmm , do- ! ceased , vs . William Redhead . ' By virtu e o f an- executio n agains t th e prop - ertrjif William Redhcn d issue d ou t o f th o Su- , preni c Conr t i n th e abov e entitle d action , t o m e 'directed an d delivered,I, Stephe n Thornton , i Sherif f o f Onondag a Comity, shal l sell a t public ', auctio n on th o 2oth dn y o f July , 1899, a t ten o'cloc k In th e forenoon , at th e fron t doo r o f th e i Court House , i n th o Cit y o f Syracuse , N. Y , all th o right, , titl e an d interes t whic h th e said ! William Redhea d luid o n May 13,1S90, i n th e • following described , property: I Being par t o f lo t No. 711, beginnin g i n tho , ,,, , , , . i northwest corne r of sai d lot , thenc e eas t on th e i C 8 will depend not upon large advances : nort h lin o o f sai d lot , 18 chain s an d 75 links, i„ n -i_ BQ „» r nr ,„ m-nilnct s hiit rather ' thenc e sout h an d paralle l wit h th e wes t lin e of 10 Prices or, Inrm piOllUCIS, out ratner ] sai d lo t 14 chains , thenc e wes t t o th o wes t line upon tho ability to reduce to the Ulitll- i of sai d lot , thenc e nort h on th e sai d west line to th e plac e or beginning , containin g 75 acre s of ' land , exceptin g nn d reservin g abou t seve n i acres . Als o tha t othe r piec e o f lan d beginnin g , i n th e centr e o f th e bea r road , so called , lendin g from th e tow n o f Cicer o t o th e Village o f Liver - , , , . , » . pool, a t a distanc e of 18chain s an d 75link s fr»i n more closely th e cost per pound O f J?et , th e wes t lin e of lo t 79 runnin g thenc e south'SO\ \ degree s east, 0 chai n an d 16 liiiks , thenc e sout h 18 chain s an d 10 links , thenc e wes t fl chain s and | 95 links , thenc e nort h 18 chain s an d 80 links, l containin g 12.05 acre s o f lan d more o r less. , | .. Also a par t o f lo t No. iVJ, beginnin g i n th e cente r o f a ditc h runnin g 12 feet wi ^i t fro m the , eas t lin o of sai d lo t at a poin t chain s sout h ' o f th e N E. corne r o f sai d lo t o n th e lin e o f land 1 owned b y George Nas h 41 roils t o theeentreiif ' a ditch , thenc e sout h alon g th e center.o f said i ditc h o n tho eas t lin e o f Henry T. Robert' s land 53 rods , thenc e eas t paralle l wit h th e nort h lin e of sai d lo t 41 rods , thenc e nort h 53 rod s t o the • plac e o f lieginning , containin g 18 acre s an d Ki rod s mor e o r loss. Also a par t o f lo t 78, lieginnin g i n tm\> cente r of th o highway , 88 link s north , 81 degree s 80 minute s east o f a stak e standin g in th e west lin e of Pete r Smith's , runnin g thenc e nort h 9 chain s an d (50 links , thcuc c eas t 10 links , thenc e nort h 4 chains an d S i link s t o a stak e standin g at' th e southwes t corne r o f Asa B. Steam's land , thenc e rust 11 clinins.and 88 link s to th e north­ wes t corne r o f William R Adams' land , thenc e sout h 1 degre e west, alon g th e wes t lin e o f said ( i Adams' lan d 12 chain s an d 4 link s t o th e cente r I of th e bea r road , thenc e sout h (VI degrees , 15 ' minute s wes t 2 chain s an d 2.68 links , thenc e , sout h 81 degree s nn d 80 minute s west , 9 chains an d 01 links t o plnc o o f beginning , containin g 15.92 acre s more o r less. Also par t o f lo t No. 78, beginnin g i n th e cente r £pf th e highwa y calle d tin! iiear road , a t a poin t \'Vi roil s westerl y frm n th e land s o f William- 1 Redhead an d runnin g northerl y paralle l wit h th e wes t line o f sai d lo t t o lan d owned b y Arte - mus Baum , thenc e westerl y o n th o nort h line of sai d Woodward's lnnd a distanc e sufficient s o tha t a lin e 'rom tha t poin t drawn paralle l I with th e wes t lin o o f said lo t t o th e centr e of ! to the stat e sai d bea r roa d will contai n six acre s o f land, 1 thenc e southerl y paralle l wit h th e wes t lin e of , sai d lo t t o th e centr e o f sai d bea r road , thenc e ] easterl y alon g th e cente r o f sai d bea r roa d to I th e plac e of beginning , t o contai n si x ncre s o f laud . Also a par t o f lo t No. 05. beginnin g a t a cellar , stak e standin g o n th e wes t lin e o f Washingto n , Davis' lo t i n sai d lo t (15 an d now th o northeas t comer o f n niec e o f lan d belongin g * \ *uo nfon e sai d Joh n Redhead , thenc e alon g th e sam e nort h 87 degree s w>st , 0 chain s tp a redn r stake , thenc e nort h 3degree s 45 minute s wist, 8 chnin s 80 link s t o a ceda r stake , thenc e south 87 degree s east , (I chain s t o a ceda r stak e on th e wes t lin e o f Washingto n Davis ' land , thenc e alon g hi s wes t lin e smit h II degree s 45 minute s west , 8 chain s 80 link s t o th e plac o of beginning , containin g 6 acre s o f lan d moro or less . . ._ Also a par t o f lo t No. 05, beglnnlnga t th e south west corne r o f sai d lo t an d running'thenc e nort h 2 degree s 20 minuti * 20 sivond s east', alon g th e wes t lin e of sai d lo t 81?ji chains , t o th e south w<-st corne r o f Marti n Duffeny' s lan d thenc e sout h 8S degree s 20 minute s cast, II chain s to a ceda r stake , thenc e sout h 2 degrcc-s 20 minute s west, lfljj chain s t o a stake , sout h 78 degree * 45 mlnuti- s west , 8J4 link s fro m a sof t mapl e 8 inche s in diameter , thenc e sout h 88 degree s 25 minutiv east, t o th e wes t lin e o f Washingto n Davis' land , thenc e sout h 2 dogree s 25 minute s west, 16 chain s t o th e sout h wes t comer o f said Davis' lan d thenc e nort h 88 degree s 25 minute s east , alon g th e sout h lin e o f sai d lo t t o th e place of beginning , containin g 28 ncrr a o f lan d Dated Syracuse , N. Y , Jun e 8, 1H09. STEPHEN THORNTON, Sherif f o f Onondag a County , By P F. CAH1LL. Deputy . F. N. BURLEIGH, Plaintiff' s Attorney, 602 Kirk Block , Syracuse , N. Y Public Interest In Rjad Building, rubllc Interest in-the improvement of country highways.is attested In a slg- nlllcunt manner by the presence of over 700 delegates at the good roads convention recently held In Milwaukee. As Governor .Scofleld said in his ad­ dress of welcome at Milwaukee, the fu­ ture prosperity of the Industrial clttss- muui the cost of production. If the farmer had followed the example set by the manufacturers ami had studied nit ting his products Into a market, we would now have much better roads than we have. Singularly enough, the farmers are slowest to appreciate the advantages to be reaped from Improved highways. The mauy defeats met by legislative attempts to provide a system of state aid for road building can nearly all be traced to the opposition of the fanners. The Curtis good roads bill which was Introduced lu the last general assem­ bly In New York state was a most meritorious measure In that It embod­ ied the ' results of the experience o_f those states that have made greatest progress In road building. It embraced the principle of state co-operatIon In the construction of highways, which has been found to be the only practical and effective plan for Inaugurating a system of rond building throughout a state. Patches of good roads In widely separated counties are of little beuotlt ns n whole. The system must be general nnd comprehensive, based upon a progressive plan that re­ quires the completion of a certain number of tulles of roods encb year Until farmers throughout the country •are more willing to give legislation of this character their hearty support than they have heretofore been very little progress Is likely to be made In practical road building. NEW YORK WORLD-THRICE A WEEKEDITION Almost a Daily At the Price of a Weekly Tho most \yidely circulated \weekly\ nowspaper in America is tho Thrico-a- Weok edition of Tho Now York World, and with the Presidential campaign now at lnuid you cannot do without it. Here are some of tho reasons why'it is easily tho leader in dollar journalism. It is issued every other day, and is to all purposes n daily. Every week each subscriber recoives 18 pages and often duriug tho \busy\ season 24 pages each week. The price is only $1.00 per year. It is virtually a daily at tho price of a weekly. Its news covors evory known part of tho world. No weekly newspaper could stand alono and furnish such servicu. Tho Thrico-a-Week World has at its disposal all tho resources of the greatest now'spaper in oxistonco—tho wondor of modern journalism—\America's Great­ est Nowspapor,\ as it has boon justly termed—Tho Ne w York World. Its political news is absolutely impar­ tial. This fact will bo of especial value in the Presidential campaign coming on Tho best of current fiction is found in its columns. Those are only somo of tho reasons: thoro aro others. Read it and see thorn all. Wo offer this unequalled l .cwspajH 'r and the Onondaga Independent together ono year for $l.f>0. Tho regular subscription price of tho two papers is $2 ThiJa Phi—Meet s firs t nn d thir d Tuesda y Veiling o f eac h mont h a t th o High Schoo l Li- uniri Arthur Williams, President , Rober t Iainlnp, Secretary . 1 o ettevill e Club—Ope n every dn y nn d even- in-- Thoma s Sheedy , President , H. B . Clar k N- retary I n i -t tevill e Improvement Association-Meet s tie ->vond Tuesda y evening o f eac h mont h •• Independen t office . Presiden t .Piat t H. >\ li . Si ^retary , Elli s Woodworth. Treasurer , l ' I KiK >hano;Cliairmn n Executive Committe e 1 Hopkins . The Churches l .t 1st —East Genese o street , service s a t 10 :H0 1 nnd 7:30 p . m„ Sunday schoo l afte r morn - rviee . Pasto r Rev. H. B Williams, par- '• first house eas t o f church . ;reli o f th e Immaculat e Conceptio n (Catho - Kast Genese o street , service s a t 10:30 a. in >'•> at 7 p . m . Pasto r Rev M Joyce , rosi- aex t t o th e church . •ity churc h (Episcopal)—Eas t Genese o , ' service s ever y Sunday a t 10:30 a. m . F. G. TIBBITTS Resident Dentist BAKER BLOCK Absen t Occasionall y Friday s GROVE HOTEL Fayetteville, N. Y. HORACE 5. GROVE Spoclnl attentio n pai d to Traveling me n Locate d Convenien t t o BiLsinetw Beet ion. Firn t Chum Kcrvice. Charles L Collin HEMLOCK and HARDWOOD LUMBER Custojn Sawing Hard and Soft Stove Woodj The recent terrible disaster at a grade crossing of the Central Uallrond of New Jersey at Sen bright nguln cull s attention to the (IiuiKcrs of such cross ­ ings . The'fault In this Instance rest s unite as mncli with the local authori­ ties as with the railroads or the state. There Is a law l u New Jersey which Is extremely liberal toward villages and towns lu tills respect . It requires local taxpayers to pay ouly one-fourth of the cost of removing grade crosslugs, th» rest of the cos t being divided between tire state and the railroad companies. It Is asserted by the railroad conimls- [ Blotter s of that state that In many of i .the attempts made by tbt>iQ_to do away with dangerous grade erosRlugs like I that at Senbrlght they have met with stubborn refusal ou the part of local taxpayers to benr their share of the ^expense, while In scarcely any Instance \\ have railroad companies objected to The Sal e o f th e promise s abov o describe d Is i , ... , ..i ..'r> ,..» ,o™i nt t | 10 j paying their share, one-half of the total Free Library Statistics Tho freo public, library niovoinoiit hud its origiu in Massachusetts, and has about culminated, so far as extension of it is concerned. There aro now only sovou towns in tho 8t«to that aro with­ out freo library privileges, aud these com­ prise less than ono-hnlf of 1 por cent of the population. In tho freo libraries of Massachusetts thoro aro now 3,750,000 volnmss, with an annual circulation of 7,(i(Hi,(i(l(l, or over three volumes to overv inhabitant, Tho amount given for li­ brary buildings in Massachusetts in the Rlntpo of gifts and bequests reaches in money alono to nearly $8,000,000. And other gifts of vnlno would add largely to tliis amount. In tho past year bequests imdgift8for public library purposes have amounted to moro than $200,000. The Sal e alwvo describe d i s hereb y adjourne d to Auirus t 1st, 1899, a t sam e hou r an d place . Syracuse , N. Y. Jul y 25, 1809. STEPHEN THORTON Sherif f o f Onondniru County . ByP l' \ CAHTLLi, Deput y F.N BURLEIGH Plaintiff' s Attorney, MM Kirk Block , Syracuse , N Y. A New Suburb i Ono of the most beautiful tracts of I land any whero about Syrueuso is that I which is now being developed us a resi- | dential suburb under tho namo of \Mout- , clair,\ by Wood, Harmon &Coinpany ! It is situated just east of tho two-milo i line from City Hall, between Sidt Springs i avonuo on the north, with Soeley road ' as tho western boundary, to which tho City Lino Suburban cars run direct. Tho property was formerly a part of tho Bastablo farm, and it is a perfect plateau, practically lovel, elevated, dry and healthful, with ftno nir and a snjiorb outlook over tho northern half of Syra­ cuse. cost. The commissioners say that It Is next to impossible to get villages and j dul y adjourne d t o Decembe r 1st, 1800, i same tim e an d place . I Syracuse , Auicus t 1st, ISfiB. I STEPHEN THORNTON Sherif f of^Onond^ou^tyby^ townshlps „ mt wouI(] be beneflted by 1 F. N BURLEIGH, ' ... . . Plaintiff' s Attorney. 602 Kirk Block , Syrncuse , N. Y -byterinn—Eas t Genese e street , Service s 'i- m an d 7:30p.m. , Sunda y schoo l afte r inn service . Tho mans o o n West Clinto n ' Pasto r Rqv . Percy B. \WiRhtraan . 'hodis t Episcopal—Eas t Genese e street, i-s a t 10:80a. m . nn d 7:30 p . m. , 8unda y I immediatel y afte r morning service , pas- •v W. H. Yard, residenc e o n N. Sprin g Order s left nt mil l o r receive d by mai l wil l recolv o promp t attentio n Fayetteville Post Office iU Arrive i Syracuse, i Syracuse i Syracuse. > Manlius Is close as follows •lunlius—South -yracuse \v rue use Syracuse ice hours 7 a. m. to 8 p. ra. Frank Bo Agnes Ii. Walker, 7:40 a. m . 2:40 p . m 6:40 p . m . 6:25 p . m . 7:80 a. m . 8 15 a. m . 12:15 p . m . 6.15 p . m . .ton, P. M tant P. M. SYRACUSE STAMP WORKS Mrons. or RUBBER 5 METAL STAMPS STENCILS CHECKS Cor. Market &R. R. Sts F PURSUANCE t o a n orde r o f Edga r P Glass , Surrogat e of th e Count y o f Onondag a : New York, notic e is hereb y given , accordin g to law, t o al l person s havin g claim s aguinstMcrn b H Rend , late of th e Town of Manlius , In said County, deceased , tha t the y ar e require d t o ex- 1 liibi t th e same , wit h th o voucher s therefor , • t6\tliesubsei-ll)<-rTit _ tho-lnw-oflic o of-Androw W Wilkin, No. 612 Kirk Buildin g i n th e Cit y o f Syracuse , in th e sai d Count y o f Onondugti , N. Y.. o n or licfor e th e first da y of November, 1899. • Dated Apri l 7,1899. ADELL H. TILLOTSON. 1 Administratri x (with th e wil l annexed ) o f th e goods , chattel s an d credit s o f Mern b H. Rend , deceased . I N PURSUANCE o f an orde r o f Edga r P Glas s I Surrogat e o f th e Count y o f Onondaga , New York, notic e i s hereb y give n accordin g t o law , to al l person s havin g claim s agains t George Brown, Inte o f th e tow n o f Manlius , i n said County, doci-ased, tha t the y ar e require d t o ex­ hibi t th e sam e with th e voucher s therefor , to th e suWrlbor ut hi s stor e a t Kirkville i n th e town of Manlius , i n th e County~« f Onondaga , N. Y., o n o r Istfor e th e 20th da y o f March , 1900. Dated Sept . 8th.. 1899. JAMES A. Bnmv.v , EXKCUTOH. GOLD MEDAL FOLDING BATH TUB the removal of these deathtraps to bear any part of the expense of the work. It Is the old difficulty of secur­ ing good roads. All committees are eager for safe, broad, smooth and di­ rect highways, but many of them want somebody else to pay the bill.\ The public demand, however, Is \that Bouio- - thing should he done toward accelerat­ ing the present very slow work of abolishing the deadly grade crossing. This tub will last 10 years, we guarantee it 1 for two. It folds into an exceedingly small space. Anyone can handle it even when it con-1 tains water for the bath. A pail of water makes a good bath It is complete without I separate parts and the only satisfactory port-' able, folding bath tub on the market. Wo will : deliver this tub anywhere in the United States i on receipt of 17.60. Guaranteed as represented j or money refunded. We manufacture Camp Beds, Cots, Chairs ' In great variety. These goods are Just the 1 thing for Country Life. Catalogue Free. GOLD MEDAL CAMP FURNITURE MFG. CO., RACINE, WIS.. U. S. A. A newspaper train on tho Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western railroad re­ cently covered the distance between New York; and Buffalo, 410 miles, lu 7 hours nnd 20 minutes. Various fast schedules have proved that locomotives can be regularly run at speeds up to 70 miles per hour and itpward, and that with safety and'regularity. If It Is de­ sired to increase these speeds to 100 mljcs_ per hour, locomotive designers could no doubt bo found who would i undertake to provide a machine to ac- ' compllsh the work. Larger driving wheels, lighter reciprocating parts aud | more careful balancing-are some of the | means by which higher speeds could be made as feasible as are the speeds I at present reached. It Is worth notiug . that none of our present day loconio- | tlves uses'drivers as large as those In use many years ago on some famous | English locomotives of high speed. A Farmer's Advertising A citizen of Columbus, Oliio, recently found in a barrel of apples tho card of a man at Old Town, Mo., with tho state­ ment written on it, \1 consider this an honest barrel of apples.\ Putting such a card in a barrel rjf really first class apples gets tho attention of tho consumer of the apples, and \no doubt ho would tell his frieucK.TvMauy of thorn would write to tho fanner for other barrels of excellent fruit. It is surprising why tho shrewd farmers don't do moro of this sorb of advertising The idea is to have a good article and get it on tho nuirket. Thirty-one governments are to be represented at the trade congress to be held In connection with the Na­ tional Export exposition nt Philadel­ phia. The meeting Is likely to have more results than the peace congress at The Hague. And there will be less sentiment about It all. \\\ A76Hy v 'C6^n'''S6n ? \ \ Part III of tho Now York World's Al­ bum of Songs is entitled '-There Ain't No'Use to Keep on Hanging Round.\ It is bright and catchy; by Irving Jonos, author of tho popular hit, \Get Your Money's \Worth.\ There aro ten songs in the album, which will bo mailed with ten numbers of the grent Sumbry World, for 50 cents in stamps. Write a postal for list and description of songs Ad­ dress The World, Now York. How It Paid \I paid a shilling for my binder twine this year,\ said a Northern Illinois farmer, \while my brother-in-law a mile or so down tho ~Toad got his for nine cents. He read tho advertisements in a farm paper ho takes. I didn't take the paper. He laughed at mo yesterday and said ho sftved enough ou that ono,deal to pay\' for the paper all tho rest of his life. And I guess he did.\—Agricult­ ural Advertising. In Chicago a wheelman can fill his bi­ cycle- tires with wind at the cost of ono penny. An automatic bicycle pump with a penny-in-the-slot arrangement & placed on a street corner. Tho wheel­ man drops a cent into the slot, after at­ taching a tube to his tire, and proceeds to tum a little crank, which oporates the pnmp and drives tho uir into tho tires. The crank will revolve forty times, nnd this is enough wind to inflate one tire. Pictures of actresses do not\ erilbolish the store windows in China. It is against tho law in that country to pho­ tograph a woman.

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