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Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY BEAJUTY'S REWARD. j A blushing rose In a garden grew And with its fragrance filled the air, But the sweet, red rose, alt, it never knew OF the joy it gave to a maiden fair,I The rose knew not, as It drank the dew, Of the charm it spread tn growing there. A radiant maiden smiled one day, And hope crept Into a doubter's breast; lie turned, transformed, and went his way With new resulvi>a to do tils beat— A man had sprung from a lump of clay, And the maiden, ah, she never gucsBcdl -^S. E. Kiser fn\ Chicago News. f * i FLATS AND li OC_Z>0 How a. Xiover Brought a Dallying: Girl to the Point. • The suggestion that brought i t all about came from me. I believe. Suggestions o f an y eort nsnnlly carat from me rather than Margery, fo r ] have in my veins the adventurous-blood of stanch New England ancestry, \vbc bnd bnrned witches and fongbt Indian* and later pursued a relentless traffic ic wooden Dntmegs with the same high courage and fine disregard of conse­ quences, whilo Margery is of Dutch de­ scent an d inclined t o be cautious, i f not a bit pig beaded, a s I often told her. But no on e coul d help loving b,er, in spite of ber little touch of Dutc h ob­ stinacy, least o f all myself, for o f all the provoking little women tbat were ever created for th e express purpose o i charming and tormenting their fellow men Margery was the most deliciously dear, an d I loved her s o well I could forgive her anything—that is, anything but th e way sbo treated Jac k Beasley., The dance sh e led that poor fellow wa s something to move eve n a bearded Turk t o pity Fo r a whole year she ha d kept hi m dangling after ber a s abjectly as a dancinq doll a t the end of a string, and yet , as far a s we could see, be had \ made no progress whatever i n ber way­ ward affections. W e bad been talking things over. Jack, Ned and I, in Margery's absence (I never dared mention Jack to Mar­ gery for fear of still further exciting that famou s obstinacy of hers), an d even Ned, th e moBt hopeful of mortals, had hod t o admit Jack's chances looked blue. Ned, be i t known , was the daring youth who bad undertaken t o guide my New England enterprise and other vir­ tues (too numerous to mention) through life's pilgrimage. He an d Jac k were partners in a law office and occupied the flat o n th e to p floor, where they indulged in certain mysterious rites they called light house­ keeping, while Margery an d I taught music and Delsarte an d practiced th e modest virtues of hospitality in th e flat below. Nothing, therefore, could have been more fit, suitable and otherwise to be desired than to hav e Margery and Jafk fall in love with eacb other, even a s Ned and I bad done. Jack was willing enough, poor boy, but Margery balked. It wa s to o provoking. A s I said before, we three had been talking i t over th e day before while Margery was absent teaching the luck­ less children of a rloh soap manufac­ turer t o play Wagner on th e piano an d had all agreed tha t th e situation looked hopeless. ' Jack ba d been in th e depths of de ­ spair because th e tenor of th e choir fo r which Margery played the_organ ha d called three times that week, and , though I didn't believe sh e cared a pi n for the tenor, I bad never known naugh­ ty Margery t o appear more willfully re­ gardless of Jack's feelings. We bad parted, therefore, gloomily enough, after a fruitless conference, and I ha d relieved my mind b y being especially cross t o Margery all day, though I must own she didn' t seem to mind much. It was an awful day, mining cats and dogs, an d i n tb e afternoon I got tired of bein g cross all by myself an d propoEed tbat we should shampoo ou r hair an d dry it o n th e parlor radiator, the only on e i n th e flat large enough for th e purpose. Of course Margery object­ ed. Visitors might come, sh e said, an d then who woul d le t them in? I scouted the idea of visitors on such \a day un­ less, I observed with sarcasm, she was expecting tb e tenor again. She didnjt notice this stab, so I pro­ ceeded to sa y tbat as th e radiator 'was in tbe cornertwe could pull our big Jap­ anese screen up i n front of it and, se­ cure i n our hiding place, le t our entire visiting acquaintance, including mes­ senger boys an d duns, knock at tb e door till they go t tired an d then, de­ part, blissfully unaware of ou r proxim­ ity Accordingly i t wasn't long before we were snugly ensconced on a pile of sofa pillows o n tb e parlor floor, wrapped i n our bathrobes an d with our wet locks streamin g ou t behind u s across tee ra ­ diator, over which we ba d stretched a steamer,rug We were armed with a novel apiece, bu t soon got to talking girl fashion an d were deep i n a dfscus- sion of Amos Judd when there came v loud knock ut th e door ••> \Great Scott I' I exclaimed i n a stage whisper.- tbe rosy advantages of my plan suddenly fading i n the cold light of reality ^ \There. I told yon sol' \cried Mar­ gery ungenerously, sitting up abruptly so tba t be r hair'fell al l about her in a great shining, coppery-sfio.wer \Sh—shut up I\ I whispered, reach-' ing out with an agitated stockinged to e for th e bedroom slipper I ba d carelessly kicked off a moment before. Again. th e knock came, tbis time more imperative \What in heaven's name. shall we do?' jruepe'd Margery \Keep still.' I said sotto voce. Tben tb e door- bandle turned , and we heard Ned's voice saying \There's no­ body home. Let's couo in an d wait for them.\ \All right,\ was th e reply i n Jack's bass tones. i \Maybe it's no t tbe proper tbing. bu t we might a s well risk it.\ And w.e heard tb e door close a s our vis­ itors entered an d took possession of ou r apartment. It was to o ridiculous. I' d have bud to lang b if ou r liven ha d been a t stake, and in spite of -the imminent danger of discovery i n tbis mortifying plight I stuffed all of a sofa pillow that would go into my mouth an d shook till my sides ached. It wo e th e expression o n Margery's face that recalled me to-mysel f at last. Chancing t o glance up from behin d a corner of th e cushion I was' trying t o swallow, I cangbt ber listening with strained attention t o something tha t was being said on the other side o f tb e screen, with ever y bi t of color gone out of her face an d a look i n be r eyes I' d never seen there before. \Yes Jack was eaying, \if they .don't hurry, I'll hove t o go withcut saying good by. My train leaves at 7. and I'v e lots t o do.\ Ntd lighted bis pipe before he re­ plied Dear Ned, I believe be would emoke in heaven i f Peter didn't tak e tbe precaution to search him before b e let him in. \I guess it'll surprise tbem eome,' ! be remarked a t last. \Especially when they bear you're never coming back.\ I nudged Margery violently a t this, but sh e didn't look a t me—the minx— and tben Jack went o n dolefully - \Ob they won't care very much, I'm afraid 1\ \Of course they will,\ proteeted Ned. puffing away . \And I will anyway Must yo u go , old boy?\ \Well it' s this way, Ned: As long as I hoped tha t Margery might care fo r me I wouldn't give in t o my uncle's proposition tha t I should marry hi s ward, Miss Wilson, an d become bi s beir, bu t now tbat I' m satisfied I have no chance with tho girl I love, I might as well marry the other on e and please the old man, I suppose. I'l l b e miser ­ able anyway.\ And Jack heaved such a sigh tba t tb e big paper screen waved about till it threatened to como down upon our heads. I gave a horrified look at Margery, but ber hair ha d fallen over he r face, and I could only se e on e littl e hand MILK IN MANILA. 4 Parker S, Carr. Attorney and Counselor at Law FAYETTEVILLE. N. Y. Special attention riven to Wills and Settle­ ments ot Estates, Foreclosure of Mortgages Collection of Legal papers of all kinds *Vnter Hnffnloe. Are the Principal Source of Supply. • The water buffalo, or caribou cow , supplies th e milk used i n tho Philippine Islands. Th o accompanying picture iL lustrates th e Filipino milkman going his rounds i n Manila t o supply hi s cus­ tomers with milk. , An Australian ha s recently taken 60 head of cows from hi s own country to Manila an d started a dairy\ He has ANDREW W. WILKIN Attorney at Law 012 KIRK BUILDING SYRACUSE E. y?. HOPKINS Real estate Agent , Contractor and Builder S UPREME COURT, ONONDAGA C(« Homer Dunham and Horace Dunh: centers of the estate of Mosley Dunl; ceased, vs. William Redhead. By virtue of an execution against tli erty of William Redhead issued-out of premeCourt in tho ahove entitledaetic.i directed and delivered,!, Stephen Th Sheriff of Onondaga County, shall soil „ auction on the 2oth day of \July 1 M>.I o'clock in the forenoon, at the front dr. Court House, in the City of SjraruM-, \ the right, title and interest which i William Redhead had on May 18, M> following described^property: Being part of lot No. TV, bvginnitig northwest corner of said lot, thence i-.,. north lino of said lot, 18 chains unit thence s«utb and parallel with the «. -• said lot 14 chains, thence west to th, . Offiaid lot, thence north on the Mini • to the place of beginning, containing: land, excepting and reserving nh acres. Also that other piece of liiml 1 in the centre of tho bear road, so cull Plnns and Estimates Furnished, will Charge of Property for Non-residents take Ofllcc, Cor. Genesee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. not mado i n th e same manner, which, clinched fiercely \as if sh e had a tiain ! °' course, includes tho handling of both FILIPINO MILKMAN. demand for more milk tha n h e can sup­ ply at CO cents Moxican a quart. The Firs t Reserve United States hospital pay s him a milk bill of $2,00 0 gold a month Thes e wero th e first cattle, except th e water buffalo, ever shipped t o the Phil­ ippines, an d th e cost of tb e freight from Australia amounted to twice tbe value of tbe animals i n tb e British colony. The water buffalo, besides supplying th e natives with milk, 1 B slaughtered for tho meat, but very little is used i n tbe Philippines. It is also th e beast of burden an d th e famil y pet Tho chil­ dren will climb over th e animal, and i t is as gentle a s a kitten, except when it i s very warm an d tho flies _are trouble­ some, when i t will take a sudden notion to run for th e nearest river or mnd pond, burying itself completely an d wallowing until covered with a coat of black, sticky mud, which serves t o keep the flies from torturing i t BO effectively THE BEST State Beef and Pork I dont givo something for nothing but the most for the least money of any markot in town. .Hamburg Steak u Specialty. Try our made Lard. . GEO. EBELING People's Market South Side Beard Block WM AUSTIN Insurance and Real Estate Agent for several first class Companies. I have some desirable property to sell and to rent, Estates looked after and rents collected. Notary Public with Seal Office in Post-office Block Canio o f Soft Butter. Some butter tha t is made i n summer is often soft o r muBby. though, of course, mos t of i t i s solid an d of good grain , says th e New York Witness. The reason why th e soft butter i s no t of th e same quality a s th e hard is that i t is somewhere. I reached dumbly ove r an d tried to take tbe little band, but she shook me off, s o I fell t o listening again. \Well it' s no t s o ba d a s i t might be,\ Ned was saying encouragingly ''I hear Miss Wilson i s a beauty.\ \She is,\ said Jack-witb enthusiasm. \And then thin k of tbe money, my boy 1 Most an y fellow would envy you.' \I suppose so, V said Jack drearily \But I must go . Time's up. Will you say good by t o the girls fo r me, Ned? Tell Margery\— Here Jac k choked, an d I was BO busy catchin g a large, warm tear that was chasing toward tbe end of my nose tbat I forgot t o look a t Margery, when, t o my amazement, a little figure in a gray bathrobe, with a cloud of coppery hair flying after it , bounded right over me, and, a s th e screen toppled ove r with a crash, I heard Margery's voic e cry: \Oh no, Jack, you mustn't go I I—I —love you , Jackl\ I ba d a confused vision o f Jack seiz­ ing th e little figure i n his arms, and tben I started to run. I don't look so pretty with my hair wet a s Margery does. But somehow when I got to the door I me t Ned, and a s I looked up wrathfully something I saw i n his eye made me stop short. \Ned Tucker,\ I exclaimed, \yon\ knew we were there al l th e timel\ \Well h e said, no t a whit ashamed, \i f you will leave the ventilating shaft open\— \You wretch I\ I cried, and then something else struck me . \And the uncle,\ I gasped, \and the beautiful Miss Wilson\— \Are about as real,\ said Master Ned, \as a rainbow.\—Edgar Temple Field in Chicag o Herald . The girls may be Interested In know­ ing that there will be 2 4 leap years in the twentieth century. the milk and cream. The softness of th e butter i s generally du e t o th e tempera­ ture being to o high, and this Is why soft butte r i s th e rule in most dairies during th e ho t months of July an d Au­ gust Porhaps th e reasons why th e diffi­ culty is\ not overcome are lack of con­ veniences , pressure of other duties an d in some cases ignorance. To overcome all this keep things cooL Have the cream at th e proper temperature^ an d if yon canno t secure the means of mak­ ing it s o i t would be better t o give np the idea of making butter during th e summer, for i t would b e a great deal better no t t o make poor butter, even if yon ar e interested i n th e smallest kind of a way, for i t will ruin you r reputa­ tion , and this once done i t will be next to impossible to build up any kind of a business i n either butter, or cheese Churn th e cream—during tbe morning would no doub t b e best—at a tempera­ ture of abont 5 6 o r 58 degrees, for this will prevent it s becomin g mushy As soon as th e butte r comes i n little gran­ nies about th e eize of grains of whea t it is time to sto p the churn. Should i t look milky an d no t float wel l pour i n sufficient cold water t o make i t float Having done this, draw off th e com­ bined water and buttermilk an d pour in more cold water, almost filling th e churn, an d then revolve th e chur n rapidly about 50 times. I ha d this il­ lustrated t o me a fe w weeks ag o a t an institute, and th o result was a lot of batter , with each little' grain standing out separately, extremely firm i n tex­ ture and ready for salting. The wireless telegraph furnished qutye a fitting companio n piece for the windless yacht races. It te now up to Mr. Kipling t o recite something about th e Englishman's bur­ den. SUBURBAN Cafe and Pool Parlors COSTELLO & CAMPBELL The Best Ales, Wines, Liquors and Mineral Water for Family and Medicinal Purposes Beer on Draught Sitting Room Upstairs Lunches Served at All Hours Choice Brands of Cigaj-s. 18 chains and lO.linkH, thence wot li (•Slinks, thence north 18 chninM urn' containing 12.05 acres of land mon ..r Also a part of lot No. 64, begum center of a ditch running 12 feet w,- | east line of said lot at a point 38.1* <•) of the N. E. corner of said lot on tin i owned by George Nilsh 41 rods to th a ditch, thence south along the c.-h ditch on the cast line of Henry T li. 63 rods, thence east parallel with tin of said lot 41 rods, thence north f,'l •. place of beginning, containing 13 u< rods more or less. Also a part of lot 78, beginning in of the highway, 88 links north, si minutes cast of a stake standing u lino of Peter Smith's, running thru, chains and CO links, thence east KHin,. north 4 chains nnd 83 links to a stiik. at the southwest corner of Asu B. Sinn thence east 11 chains and 88 links tn ih west corner of William R. Admit*' bin.. south 1 degree west, along the west lin. Adnms' lnnd 12 chains and 4 links tn th. of tho bear road, thence south (ill <l- _-i . minutes west 2 chains and 2.58 link - .. , south 81 degrees and 80 minutes WIM :• i and 61 links t o place of beginning, I-I.IH , 15.02 acres more or less. * 'i Also port of lot No. 78, beginning in i In . or the highway called the bear roml , ut i 1% rods westerly from the lands of w il Redhead and running northerly pnruM-1 u it the west lino of said lot to land ownM u \n, mus Bourn, thenco westerly on the n ..i:l , l m of said Woodward's land a distnni -n MIIII. I. „ so that a line 'rom that point druuu |..n-.,ii. with the west lino of said lot to tin .-. mr. . said bear road will contain six urn - ..fl .ui ! thenco southerly parallel with the wv-i im- . said lot to tho centre of said bear roml th. n, easterly along tho center of said lx-nr i ml t. thoplacoof beginning, to contain six n. n land. Also a part of lot No. 05. beginning ut ...•< ..„ stake standing on the west line of Wu -lirngt M Davis' lot in said lot (15 and now th e in.rilnn . corner of n piece of land belonging t u tin .in.r. said John Redhead, thence along tin -iim north 87 degrees west, 0 chains tc. u . .-.in stake, thence north8degrees 45 niiiiul. - . 8 chains 80 links to a cedar stake, tlniu-. ...ml 87 degrees cast, 0 chains to a oednr -tui >i ..i the west lino of Washington Duvi - luiul thenco along his west lino south II digi..- ~ t minutes west, 8 chnins 80 links to tin plu.-. beginning, containing 5 acres of luiul in.r. less. Also a part of lot No. 05, beginning nt tin -'..»t! west corner of said lot and running tin iu. north 2 degrees 20minutes 20 seconds CUM nl. in the west lipe of said lot 81% chains, tu tin -\till west corner of Mnrtin' Dummy's Imul ilnm. south 88 degrees 20 minutes cast, A chum- t.. i cedar stake, thence south 2 degrees :li minim- west, 16J£ chains to a stake, south 7* ill gi • ) minutes west, links from n soft nuipl- inches in diameter, thencesonth »- .Igr. i minutes east, to tho west line o f w u-l mgtm Davis'land, thence south 2 degni- nut.- west, 15 chains to tho south wist mi n r -on. Davis' land thence north 88 degr. • -'•'• .uuiiit . east, along tho south lino of snnl l\i t' phi\ of beginning, containing 28 acres of luiul Dated Syracuse, N. Y., Juno 8, 1MW STEPHEN THOKNTi 'N Sheriff of Ononda gii <'«'» n t > By P F CAH1I .U !>• put? F. N. BURLEIGH, Plaintiff's Attorney, . 502 Kirk Block, Syracuse, > ^ The Sale above described is hereby uilj- • to August 1st. 1800. at same hour and plu< Syracuse, N. Y. July 25, 1800. STEPHEN THORTON Sheriff of Onondngn ( By P. F CAH1LI-. I' F. N. BURLEIGH Plaintiff's Attorney, 502 Kirk Block. Syracuse, N Y puty Suburban Cafe COSTELLO & CAMPBELL Corner Genesee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE W H WORDEN Cartman and General Jobber Goods handled withjenre. Address box 898, Fayettoville, N . Y. The Sale of tho premises above t\<--r< duly adjourned to December 1st, • same time nnd place. Syracuse, August 1st, 18S0. STEPHEN THORNTON Sheriff of Onondaga Coun t \ P. F. C AH ILL. !'• F. N BURLEIGH, Plaintiff's Attorney, 502 Kirk Block, Syracuse. N. Y TN PURSUANCE to an order of Bi A Glass, Surrogate of tho County of < in Now York, notice is hereby given, tu i law, to all persons having claims again-: H. Read, lato of tho Town of- Mnnlius • County, deceased, that they are requir. • hibit the same, with tho vouchers ti to tho subscriber nt the law ofDce of •W. Wilkin, No. 012 Kirk Building in tin Syracuse, in tho said County of Onuiu l Y- on or before tho first day of Novenil Dated April 7,1890. ADELLH. TILLOi Administratrix (with tho will onne-tnl g oods, chattels and credits of M ;ead, deceased. ' nib •he II. I N PURSUANCE of nn order of Edgui I Surrogate of the County of Ononilu York, notice is hereby given nceorum. to all persons having claims again- Brown, late of tho town of Slnnliu- County, deceased, that they are requir hibit tho samo with the vouchers tin tho subscriber at his store nt Kirkvi 1 town of Manlius, in the County of < 1 N. Y., on or beforo the 20th day of JIu Dated Sept. 8th., 1899. JAMEB.A. BROWN\ EM • GOLD MEDAL FOLDING BATH 60 YEARS' EXPERIENCE I RADE MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS &C Anyone sending a sketch end description mar quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an Invention Is probably patentable. Co mm a men­ tions strictly contldonttnl. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for secnringpai —*\ — through Munn A Co. Patents taken tbrougl tpecial notice, without ch largo, In tho tents, receive Scientific Jhnericatu A handsomely illustrated weekly. Xargcst cir­ culation of any sclontlQo Journal. Terms, $3 a year; four months, $ L Sold by all newBdealera. MUNN & Co. 3618 ™^ New York Branch OfTico. 625 F St. Washington, D. C. This tub will last 10 years, w e guiir ror two. It folds into nn exceeding! space. Anyone can handle' it even win tains water for tho bath. A pnil <•' makes a good both. It is complete • B S? arnt ,° Ports and tho only satisfactoi able, folding bath tub on the market 1 deliver tills tnb anywhere in tho Unite' on receipt of J7.50. Guaranteed as repr. or monoy refunded. . Wo manufacture Camp Beds, Cots, in great variety. These goods ore ji thing for Country Life. CotaloguO Free. GOID MEDAL CAP FURNITURE MFG. £ RACINE, WIS., U. S. A.

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