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Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY Speculation In Iron. Th e following from \The Iron Age reads like a prophecy of th e coming of a tiino y/hen iron stocks an d futures, pits and calls, will be a familiar fea­ ture of Wall street transactions ' •The excitement In the Iron markets is growing , and la spreading, A very largo tonnage of pile Iron {> being placed for 1000 delivery at advanc­ ing prices. The bulk of the sales are for the first six months, but a number of Important orders have been placed for delivery far Into the second half of I'D), the southern furnaces leading In these transactions. Evidence Is accumulating that a very large tonnage of unfilled orders will be carried over into next year, not alone In steel rails, but also In structural material, plates and _ other forms o' finished iron and steel. In olhoi words, the Impetus of the current enormous de­ mand will surely carry us over the usually slack winter period. There is a visible possibility that a n \iron room.\ th e equivalent of th e old \gold room\ of the civil war days, will \shortly bo opened in connection with th e Now York Stock Exchange, where \iron\ in it s various states will be daily bought, sold and quoted precisely like stocks, cotton, whea t an d oil. Whenever any substance, product, com­ modity or security begins t o have a shifting value i t becomes a fit mattor for gambling, particularly' if the value shifts in disregard of al l known laws of nature and business an d promises t o yiel d readily to the influence of manip­ ulators Th e rapid an d large increase, in tbo price of iron during' the last si x \ months has awakoned spoculativo inter- ost in that groat staple, and we may ! look t o aeo it soon made th e subject of exchnngo gambling operations Whe n iron gets fairly into th e speculative, game, tho abundance o r shortage of the , actua l metal will not long bo the basis for fixing the prices, us i s tho case of other products which have become th e proy of the speculators. The y will doubtless snbduo iron to thoir machina­ tions a s roudily a s they now d o whoat Tho rumor mongers may be do- pendod upon to circulate nil sorts of stories to \bull\ or \bear\ tho mar- , kot, a s suits thoir fancy Wo may expect to hear that tornadoos have scooped out tho 6re ranges of Michigan and Minncsotu to the bodrock. distribut­ ing thoir troasuro over th e surface of Lake Superior or conversoly. that vast deposits of iron or e have been discov­ ered nnder tho Hackonaack meadows in Now Jersey an d in the Dismal swamp of Virginia. Poor Cyrano de Bergeracl Perhaps! if h e had been able t o peer Into the fu- 1 ture and foresee the fnto In store for t •him ho would hav e refrained from do- ] Ing many of th e things with which more or ICBS mythical authorities have credited him. Cyrano was a pretty wil d sort of chap, and It Is suspected that he would have undergone untold torture for the sake of having himself talked about, but In bi s wildest dream s h e could never have believed It possi­ ble tha t some da y he would be the cen­ tral figure of a comic opera. That Is bad enough, bu t when th e doughty duelist Is t o be Impersonated by dlmlu utlve Francis Wilson th e limit -Is al­ most reached, an d when we ar e fur­ ther Informed that Mr. WIlsou will play many passages seriously th e limit Is actually reached. Pew people, even those most Inter­ ested, are. aware of th e Inroads made by oleomargarine upon the butter trade. Th e pure food departmen t of Pennsylvani a reports that during th e past yea r there has been sold In the United States 87,000,000 pounds of oleomargarine, over four times as much as was sold-ln-1888. As a result of the large increase In th e manufac­ ture of this product It i s also stated that there ma y be a falling off l u th e cows number lug 4,309,000, worth in th e aggregate $12,027,000. At a n exhibition In Toronto recently an attempt was made t o pum p milk Into Borne cows in order t o make them appea r unusually productive. The ex ­ periment was a total failure and re­ sulted fatally to th e cows. There is nothing s o reliable, fo r Increasing th e \milk supply as th e old fashioned well pump or tl w new fashioned, hydrant. The Mexican government offered t o give President Diaz $100,000 with which t o have a good time, and h e re­ fused It. . Diaz evidently would no t be ' a fit man' to pu t o n * n America n legis latlve junketing committee. The University of Texas owns some­ thing over 3.000 square mile s pf land. As that state is developing quite a n oil­ field the university ma y yet becom e as richly endowed as Rockefeller's Chica­ go college. \\Buconscious of the picture she' made, she stood iu the doorway of a littlo re­ ception room that led into the drawing room, her eyes fixed . thought fully on a muu's face in the cro.jvded room boyond. Melane had been watching her for some time. In th e pant two years he had hoard much of he r social triumphs and charms. \Give me a welcome home,\ he plead­ ed, crossing tho room to where she stood. \Of course I will.\ Sh e lifted her eyes to his. They were very beautiful eyes. A fresh, unsullied nobility of character shone in them. \It i s a surprise to sec you tonight. I thought you were on the other side.\ \So it seems the home folk think,\ he answered ruefully. \I've had a beastly cold welcome. Got home n u hour ago to find every soul gone. The lights and the music were s o cheery over here I ventur­ ed without an Invite and in this garb,\ looking down at bis traveling suit; \but Mt -8. Brown in an old friend.\ \I see,\ th e girl laughed; \yolir mother doesn't expect you home until next week.\ \You were perfectly oblivious to the fact that I have been watching you for ten minutes and wondering wh y you were alone and s o quiet.\ \I wa s indulging in a little Introspec­ tion. I'm hardly responsible,\ with n shrug of th e fair shoulders. \It's n fault of the age—thiB picking t o pieceB of emo­ tions, laying one's heart o n a dissecting table nnd ' analyzing the why and the wherefore of each beat.\ \And was ,tbe tall youn g fellow In there,\ glancing toward the drawing room, \responsible for it all?\ She laughed outright. \Isn't it dell- clous to have you for my mentor ngnin? I might ns well confess. All winter be has paid mo marked attention. Flowers, candles and nil the rest, yo u know, and 1 I have liked him. Tw o weeks ago the tali, dark girl in there with him came here to visit Le'na Wells, and I have been coolly dropped. I wns trying to find out if I cared, or If it wa s only i wounded pride.'' \Why don't you be perfectly Indiffer­ ent to him and dirt with some one else? I'm dying for a flirtation now . 1 have ' not mode love to u girl since I left the dark eyed si'norltos.\ i \If It would make you feel more nt home you ma y make love to me,\ she 1 said with sweet grnciotiBnoss. He drew he r into a little curtained cozy corner beyond the door. \Now brace yourself. I'm going to i begin.\ I \Once upon a time, there wa s a little lover wh o brought his sweetheart the blggeBt plums and ripest peaches and nl- ways carried home her books and slate. Did you ever hear of him. Caro?\ HP leaned toward her. But she was turning th e rings on her slim fingers, th e faintest suggestion of n smile at (he corners of her lips. \One day i n CIOBB he missed a word, -not that It was unusual, and she refused to go above, because she lisped, 'I lore you.' Then h e gave her a pansy, with some boyish words of affection, and she flushed and asked, 'Am 1 your little heartsease?' Caro.' don't yo u remem­ ber?\ \I don't remember to have given yoti any right to ask HUCII questions.\ \But you remember,\ b e persisted. She laughed softly. \How tlley hated me, those other little girls. They called me a mean, stuckup, snubnoscd thing.\ A little gleam of triumph shone in his eyeB. Sh e remembered. \Then th e mountain pnrty years after­ ward. You were 10. I was leading your horse, th e saddle turned nnd you fell right into my arms, Caro, and I kissed you.\ The long lashes had curtained he' eyes. \Have you forgotten?\ h e whispered. \However did you make such love to the senoritAs?\ she asked demurely. \You had no reminiscences an d youthful follies in common.\ \Don't Interrupt, please. I promised to do it all The n the night I loft. I can feel your little fingers soft an d warm lu mine yet and se e the wlstfulness in your eyes. You cared then. You don't deny It Your trembling lips and sweet wet eyes kept me straight over there among so many wild fellows. You told me t o raako a man of myself and I hav e worked three hard, honest years for, you, dear. I have never loved any other woman.\ He lenued toward her, his heart in his face. They were quite hidden by the drapery. A voire cut softly across the low humming that filled th e rooms. A woman's voice a s she passed with her at tendnnt to th e •refreshment room. \Th.. pretty blond wh o stood against these curtains—she wa s looking a t you with her heart iu her eyes,\ th e voice said \She Is young, is petite, sh e will learn to shrug her shoulders and laugh as the years go on.\ Tho girl leaned forward t o catch the reply. Uer blue eyes black, he r checks white, tho little teeth se t relentlessly In the soft redness of her under lip. The answer came lightly, after a mih ment. \A man will pass a sweet wild roBe if a lily glows and dazzles beyond.\ Th e voices were lost In th e hum . She leaned back, the small hands clinched. He watched he r anxiously. Then sensuous, softly swelling waltz melody throbbed in his brain. Would sh e never speak? He dared not. Then with a long breath of relief she moved toward him. The delicate beauty of her face shone like a flower in the shadowed nook. \Rob sh e said softly, \I'm s o glad I know.\ \Know what , dear?\ He covere_d_ the little fingers a s if she had been a child. \Know that it was wounded pride, ot course. What did you think I meant? I would have got over it. N o woman with any spirit would have cared for a man after that. Bu t it i s such a relief not to care.\ An d sh e laughed a little light hearted childish laugh. \Caro are you sure?\ Hi s voice was full of entreaty. \Will you let me teach you to care for me? \ \It would be useless\—the words ha d no Btiug: the voice was soft and low— ' \perfectly useless, for I have discovered- I new and unsuspected territory in m y be- I Ing tonight. Rob, you dear, stupid, don't, ' you understand?\ Sh e slipped her fin-! j gci 's into his. just as in the old childish ; • days. \I 've loved you straight through,' I but—you were gone s o long.\ : .There wa s an ecstatic movement of ,the • curtain, then silence; because under-! I standing is,enoug l wh-*n people ar e i n j Jfive.— Kxchnnre. \ ! i i The wonderful progress made in the . facilities for th e dissemination of infor- '• mation during th o past half century i s ] amply -illustrated by th e international yacht roces. Whon th o yacht America. I jin August. 1851. boat 17 British yachts off tho Isle of Wight, the news was 18 • days in reaching th e United States. No New York or Boston paper ha d from its own correspondent ove r BOO words describing th e contest Most of th e : \ American newspapers covered the rac e i with brief clippings from th e London j j journals. Instead of taking 18 days , it I 'no w takes only about 18 minutes to I spread the news of a yacht race o r any j 1 other important event all over this 1 country an d Europe. Within five I hours after th o raco i s sailed o r the I referee has declnred tha t there i s n o race papers thousand s of miles distant have\ editions o n th o streets giving col­ umn after column of special dispatche s about it Parker S, Carr Attorney and Counselor at Law FAYETTEVILLE. N.„ Y7 Special attention riven to'Wills nnd Settle­ ments of Estates, Foreclosure of Mortgages Collection of Legal papers of all kinds ANDREW W. WILKIN Attorney at Law —/ 012 KIRK BUILDING SYRACUSE TELL YOUR SISTER A Beautiful Complexion is an inn* without good pure blood, the sort t? exists in connection -with good di,' healthy liver nnd bowels. Karl's PI,., Tea acts directly on the bowels, liver neys keeping them in perfect health : cents and GO cents. - E. F. HOPKINS Real Estate Agent Contractor and Builder S UPREME COURT, ONONDAGA <•< >l 7\~ Homer Dunham and Horace Dun!: ,7 ecutors of the estate of Moslcy Dun) censed, vs. WHUani Redhead. By virtue of on execution against tl erty of William Redhead issued out ot prcroe Court in the'above entitled netn .i directed and delivered, I, Stephen T !i , Sheriff of Onondaga County, shall hell u auction on the 2ath day of July, lam. a o 'clock in tho forenoon, at the front di».. Court House, In the City of Syracuse, X , the right, title and Interest which tl. \William Redhead had on May, .18, ittu. following dcscrilKXl property: Being part Of lot No. 79, beginning northwest cornerW said lot, thence cast north line of said lot, 18 chains- and ; . thence south nnd parallel with the wis snid lot U chains, thence west to the « . of wild lot, thenco north on the said w. to the place of beginning, containing 7A w • land, excepting and reserving nbom acres. Also thut other piece of land Is-i.- in the centre of the bear road, BO called 1 from the town of Cicero to the Village nf Plans nnd Estlmntes Furnished, will take Charge of Property for Non-residents pool, at n distance of 18chnins and 75 li n | , the west line of lot 79 running thence , degrees east, 0 chain and 95 links, then.-, 18 chains and 10 links, thence west (1 elnnn Office. Cor. Genesee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE, N. Y. THE BEST State Beef and Pork .8 c..«.«-« ...... .« .uiiMi, west n clinn 95 links, thence north 18 chnins and :ii containing 12.05 acres of land more or l .-s- , Also n part of lot No. 64, beginning m I center of a ditch running 12 feet west fr. .i east line of said lot at n point 33.18 clmin- - 'of the N E. corner of snid lot on the lini i.i , > ' owned by George Nash Jl rods to the rem i • ' a ditch, thence south along tho center • I i ditch on the cast line of Henry T Robert - , 5!) rods, thenco east parallel with the imrth .. of said lot 41 rods, thenco north 5!) rod> i. • place of beginning, containing 18 acre- m 1 rods more or less. , Also a part of lot 78, beginning in tin r I of the highway, 88 links north,'8L degr.. - » nnnuteseast of a,stake standing in tin ning thence n..n east ' I dont give something for nothing but tho most for the least money of any market in town. Hamburg Steak n Specialty. Try our mndo Lnrtl. People's Market South Side Beard Block WM AUSTIN Iusurnjico mid Eenl Estat e Agent fo r severnl first class Companies. I have soiiio desirable property t o sell and to rent , Estates looked after and rents collected. If an y of tbo people of Ransus shall , remain illiterate and unenlightened.' C*\T3(~\ TTVT^* they can blame no ono bu t themselves VXGV./* dxJ it I /J.1NVJT for their deplorable condition The , Chief, published ut Troy, i n that state, makes this liboral offer \Any man o r woman who will call a t Tho Chief office and sny that they are n head of a fam­ ily and are not able t o take a county ( paper, w o will send them The Chief one ' year freo. A home where children ar e , growin g u p without a paper i n i t i s in - \ deed u place t o help There i s n o reason tor ignorant children growing up i n a ! country where there ar o froe schoolB and papers as chea p as thoy are I n Kan- Bas. And, strange a s i t may seem, tbore are n number of families i n th e county that do not take n papor \ Tho popularity of golf In England I Is proving n blessing to the farmers and landholders in the near vicinity o f large towns. In inauy place s almost [ fabulous Hums huve been paid fo r club grounds, _and lauds whic h ha d ' hitherto been considered worthless fo r i agricultural purposes have acquire d a particular value an d arc being sol d { or leased for sums of which their own- ! era scarcely dreamed before th e gen - | craj Introduction of th e game. Per - 1 haps It may In time work th e same 1 way here, an d that some o f th e goat • pastures in th e outskirts of ou r larger cities ma y b e transformed Into golf links. If so, golf may have its redeem­ ing points. Notary Public with Seal Office In Post-office Block SUBURBAN Cafe and Pool Parlors COSTELLO & CAMPBELL The Best Ales, Wines, Liquors and Mineral Water for Family and . Medicinal Purposes .. 0 „.«o nuiuUlllg il line of Peter Smith's, running thence n..ri . chains and IX) Units, thenco east IU link.--, tie n north 4 chnins nnd 81) links to a stake stun. I at the southwest corner of Asa B. Stearn -1.ml thence east 11 chains nnd 88 links to thein.it' west corner of William R- Adams' land, tie u. south 1 degree west, along the west line of -., i| Adnms' lnnd 12 chains and 4 links to the en' r lOfthobcnr rond^ thenco south 0) degree- I minutes west 2chains nnd 2.58 links, th,, | south 81 degrees nnd 80 minutes west, t> <h .i nnd 61 links to plnce of beginning, contain 15.92 acres more or less. I Also part of lot No. 78, beginning In thee. ni. r I of the highway culled the bear road, at n pt .nu I Ui rods westerly from the lands of Willi. UM I Redhead and running northerly parallel wuli | tho west lino of said lot to land owned by Am I masBaum, thence westerly on the north lno I of said Woodward's land a distance sulll.-n nt I so that a lino 'rom that point drawn ji.-it-ii II. 1 | with the west lino of said lot to the cent >•. ..f I said bear road will contain six acres oflim-l. ; thenco southerly parallel with the wi-st lin. <-t i said lot to tho centre of said bear road, tli.-n. - easterly nlong the center of said bear mini n. ithuphicoof beginning, to contain six nrrc-ef land. I Also a part of lot No. 65. beginning nt n eiiiar . stako standing on the west line of WashiiiL -t '.n I Davis* lot In said lot 06 and now the north. -n-t I corner of n piece of land belonging to the nt'.-r. | said John Redhead, thenco along the -am. north 87 degrees west, (1 chains to a eiilm- stake, thenco north 8degrees 45 minutes .n-t 8 chains 80 links to a cedar stake, thence, -t .utli 87 degrees enst, » chains to a cedar stake ..n tile west lino of Washington Davis' lanil thenco along his west line south IJ degree- minutes west, 8 chains 80 links to the pli .f beginning, containing S acres of land more i >r less. Also apart of lot No. 65, beginning nt tin -outli west comer of said lot and running thence north2 degrees20minutes 20seconds east, along tho west line of said lot 81J< chains, to the south west corner of Martin DuflVny's Itintl thence , south 88 degrees 20 minutes enst, II chains to a cedar strike, thence south 2 degree- '.HI minutes ] west, 16% chnins to a stake, south 7K degi ees 45 I minutes west, 8\>ji links from a ,-nft maple 8 , inches in dinmeter, thenco south SN <l .-grci~> 25 I minutes enst, to the west lino of Washington Davis' land, thence sonth 2 degrees i\ minutes ! west, 15chains to the wmth west coiner of said , Dnvis' land thence north 88 degree- i 'i minutes ] cast, along the south line of snid lot to the place i of beginning, contnining 28 lien's of land Dated Syracuse, N Y., June 8. 1SW. i STEPHEN THOUNT< »N. Sheriff of Onondn ga ('< urn t y. By P V CAHIIil.. Input j i F. N. BURLEIGH, Plaintiff's Attorney, 502 Kirk Block, Syracuse, N Y A Cleveland woman who has been j suing for divorce ha s been ordered to pa y $4 a week alimony t o he r husband pending the decision of the court. This i la a case that clearly demands th e at - | tention of th e reformers. Things are coming to a One pass In this country , fvherj .'he courts expect a man t o live j on $4 a week. Not Infrequently there are prairie fires wlthlu th e corporute limits of Chi­ cago, an d some o f th e children In O*entor New York have t o walk four miles t o the nearest schoolbouse. Those groat cities liilgbt get valuable points by sending com missions t o see. bow . things arc done in small villages. | An Italian archaeologist has made j an Interesting suggestion fo r on e o f the attractions of th e Paris exposition . I He would reconstruct an d repopulate! the ruined city o f Pompeii , having the j forum, theater, temple s and character­ istic buildings represented as they w'ere before th e eruption o f Vesuvius. It will be recalled tha t th e Boers were no t represented In The Hague peace conference. The y will probably now remind th e worl d that they never promised not t o use th e dumdum bul­ lets. Beer on Draught Sitting Room Upstairs Lunches Served at All^Hours Choice Brands of Cigars Suburban Cafe COSTELLO & CAMPBELL Corner Genesee and Mill Streets FAYETTEVILLE W H WORDEN Cartman and General Jobber Goods hnndled wlthjcare. Address bos 398, Fnycttevitle, N. Y. The Bale nlx>vo described is hereby adjourned to August 1st, 1891), at same hour arid place-. Syracuse, N. Y. July 25, 18MU STEPHEN THORTON Sheriff of Onondaga Coiuitv „ „, „ By P. F CAHILIJ, Deputy F.N.BURLEIGH Plaintiff's Attorney, 502 Kirk Block, Syracuse, N Y i The 8ale of the promises above <lcKcril >ed is duly ndjourned to December 1st, Usflll, at the I same time and place.- ! Syracuse, August 1st, 18f.[>. | STEPHEN THORNTON i Sheriff of Onondaga County bv I „ „ _ P. F. CAHIIJL, Deputy I F. N. BURLEIGH, Plnintiff's Attorney, i 502 Kirk Block; Syracuse. N. Y. IN PURSUANCE of an order of Edgar P Gln.s- I Surrogate of the County of Onondaga, New York, notice is hereby given according to law, to nil persons hnving clnims against ttcorgi Brown, lato of tho town of Manilas, in wild County, deci-nsed. that they are roquiml to ex­ hibit the same with tins vouchers therefor, to the subscriber ot his store ot Kirkville m tin- town of Mnnlius, In the County of Onondaga N. Y., on or before tho 20th day of March, l'.<\> Dated Sept. 8th., 18011. JAMES A. BUOWN , ExKciTon „ , • HOW IS YOUR WIFE? Hns sho lost her beauty? If so, Constipation Indigestion, Sick Headache aro the pnncip .i causes. Karl's Clover Root Ten has cur.-.! theso ills for half n century- Price -25 et«. n 50 cts. Money refunded if' results are not - lsfactory BO YEARS' ^ EXPERIENCP According t o the Frenchman's code of ethics, n s amply illustrated by re­ cent events In Prance, h e may d o any kind of a dishonorable thing t o \pre­ serve his honor.\ TRADE: MARKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS && Anyone sending a sketch and description mi; nulcltlT ascertain our opinion froe whether an Invention Is probably patentable Communica­ tions^strictly confidential. Handbook on Patent* sent troo. Oldest agency for securing patents. Patents taken throURh Munn & Co. receive tpeciat notice, without charge, In tho \*- ulTO Scientific American. A handsomoly lllnstratod weekly. largest cir­ culation of any sclontlfle Journal. Terms. $3 a &?nf .v!S? r J?°\ th8 ' «• Sold by all newsdealers. MUNN & Co . 36jB ™ a ««-T. New York Branch Office. G2S F 8t* Washington, D. C.- GOLD MEDAL FOLDING BATH TUB This tub will last 10 years, wo guarantee i' for two. It folds into nn exceedingly sninli spaco. Anyone can handle it even when it con tnins water for the bath. A pail of water makes a good bath. It Is complete without Bcpnrato parts nnd tho only satisfactory port able, folding bath tub on the market. We will deliver this tub anywhere in the \United Stati­ on receipt of $7.50. Guaranteed as rcpresente<l or money refunded. . We manufacture Cnmp Beds, Cots, Chair- In great vnriety. These goods arc just tin thing for Country Life. Catalogue Free. GOLD MEDAL CAP FURNITURE MFG. CO., RACINE, WIS., U. S. A. I i i E9

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