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Onondaga Independent EVERY SATURDAY • COUNTY -NEWS Chittenarigo Chittcnongo, October 81—Tho Mcrrell & Soulo Canning Company finished drying squash Sat­ urday nnd arc now working on celery. Mrs. Nina Hinfltormistcr is, quite ill and will not m'ovo to New York for the present. Her daughter, Alice, expects to enter a business • college in Syracuse. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Button nnd. family and Mrs. A. H. Perry visitod Rev; 8.8. Bidwelf and family at North Syracuse last Tuesday. Mr. Isaac Babcock will more to the Clarcnco Bettinger place, on Wednesday. J. O. Tuttlo and R. E. Webber hove recontly had a number of sheep killed nnd somo badly Injured by dogs. Mrs. Morse and daughter of Eaton spent Sum day with Rev. nnd Mrs. J . H. McGohen. G. E. Mcrwin, who'sprained his ankle by tho falling of a scaffold while a t work on his black­ smith shop, is slowly improving and can get around some with n crutch and cane. Mr. F. G. Clark of Chicago, called east by tho sickness and death of her sister. Miss Minnio Donohuc, hos roturned homo after spending several days with Dr. and Mrs. M. Billington. Tho marriage of Mr. Wendall Bushnell'of Shortevillo, N.I Y., nnd Miss Mamio Wnger, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. P . H*. Wager, oc­ curred a t tho homo of tho brido today. Eagle Village Eagle Village) Novomber 1—Emmott Stanard spont Sunday with his parents in this place. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Theodoro Halo and MIKB .Grnco Alsop of Enst Syrncuso and Miss Alsop of Ohio wore guests of Mrs. Gcorgo Halo last Wednesday. Mr. D. G. Gntcs entertained his customers nt tho storo Inst. Saturday ovoning on his grama- pliono. Mrs. Bornes of Cnnnstotn Is tho guest of lior daughtor, Mrs. William Austin. Mrs. Roso Reynolds of Sy rucuso was tho guest of hor parents Inst Thursday. Wedding bolls will soon ring in this place. Mrs. David Evcrson has been spending a week with relatives in Syracuse Mrs. Fry of Albnny is visiting hor son, War­ ren Fry. Mrs. William Austin, who has been quito sick, is about tho liouso agnln. \Water-vale Wntervalo, Oct. 81.—Miss Emma Bush left for Syroouso on Saturday, whoro sho will spend several weeks. Miss Emma Butts of Fulton visited hor uncle, 8tophcn Butts, last wook. . Mr Edward Clark, who luta boon ill, is much Improved. Sovornl from hero attended tho Town Sun­ day School convention at Dolphl on Thursday lost. Mr. and Mrs- J. 0. Brown visited friends in Porryville, recontly. Mr. and Mrs. Hufltls Butts and daughters, Ethol and Alice, of Phoenix visited friends in town'reccntly. Mr. Francis F. Carter of Cortlnnd spent Sun­ day In town. Miss Maymo Flynn nnd hor friend, Mr. Thomas Mc Dormott of Manlius, visited hor parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Michael Flynn, last week. North Manlius. North Mnnllns, Octobor 81—Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Randall and daughtor of Oneida vis­ ited over Sunday with her brothor, Mr. M. 0. Maino. Tho Misses Mills and Florence Frooborn nro ontortaining a cousin foi a fow dnys. Mr. and Mrs. McCord woro tho pleasant guests of his slstor, Mrs. Nathan Kimball, ovor Sunday. Mrs. W. O. Hatch of Skancatclcs has been spending a fow days with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. T. Adams. Hallowe'en passed bff_with_a _vpry„wolcomo. 'rain. Manlius Centre Manlius Centre, October 25—Miss Jessie Rcm- linger spent last' wook with, hor sister, Mrs. Frank Lester, a t Minoa. Miss Julln Harter of Syracuse is tho guest of her brother, James Harter, this week. Miss Florence Terpenlng of North Manlius visited hor cousins, Misses Bessie and Cnrrio Bell, a few days last week. . William Pelton, Jr., is moving his family to Syracuse. MtssMablo Brown is suffering/with severe throat trouble. John Whnlen has returned from a visit with friends at Lenox Basin, N. Y> Manlius Centre, Oct. 81—Mr. and Mm. James Mitchol of Buelville spent a few days' this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. Satterlec. Miss Carrie Bell and Mrs. Joseph Hadley spent Tuesday with friends at Eirkville. Mr. and. Mrs. N. Remlingcr entertained friends from East Syracuse over Sunday. Mrs. E. Song of ElrkviUo was a guest at the. homo of E. Boll's a fow days' this week. Mrs. John Whalon spont Monday with friends nt Fayetteville. j Miss Julia Hartor has returned t o her homo in Syracuse, after spending a week with her brother, James Harter. Kirkville Kirkville, Nov. 2—Mrs. Grace Palmer of New \York is spending somo time with her mother, Mrs. Gcorgo Mead. Misses May and Emma Nnntz are spending several weeks with their brothor in Vermont. Wliilo Arthur Pepper was engaged in digging potatoes recently, along tho old canal bank on the farm of Gcorgo A. Cook, ho found n pecu­ liar coin about tho size of a silver fifty cont piece. On ono sldo aro tho words \May tenth 1887,\ inclosed in a wreath and around tho out- jfrfttef tho words, \Spccio payments suspended.\ On the other sldo Is nn eaglo underneath which is \Nov. 1887,\ nnd around tho edge tho words, \Substitute for shln-plnstors.\ Can nnyono givo us any information conqerning it« history or vnlue? Milk ndvnnced to $1.04 a can a t tho milk sta­ tion tho first of this month. Goorgo A. Cook spont Sundny In North Syrn­ cuso with his wife. Tho remains of Mrs. Logan Lower, a former resident of this placo, were brougot horo for burial on Monday. The recoptlon und pound party, which wns to huvo boon given tho Rov. A. C. Smith Wednes- dny evening, was indoflnitoly postponed on nc- count of tho inclomont weather. Democratic Nominations The following, is the list of Demo cratic nominees for town officers to he elected November 7. Justice of the Supreme Court Howard O. \Wiggins County Treasurer Fredorick W. Willworth- Snperintendent of the Poor Philip Hauenstein Member of Assembly William Herrick Cicero School Commissioner Mary A. Dowd Supervisor. . Elijah U. ScovUlS Manlius. Town Clerk. J. Erwin Campbell Fayetteville. - 1 Justice' of tho Peaco. Ephram E. Woodward Minoa. George French Kirkville. Asscsors. Wesley E. Ackerman Maiifius. John D. Pratt Fayottoville. Seymour B. Mayer Mycenae. Commissioner of Highways. Henry A Carbart - • Minoa. Collector. Tobias C. Griffin Fayettoville. Overseer of Poor. Addison G. Scovillo Manlius. Charles E. Hutchiiih Fayetteville. Constables. Marcus A. Muckey Manlius. John Goodfellow \ Fayetteville. I Asa Ballon Kirkville. Charles\©. Law Minoa. Allen Holbrook Manlius Centre. \THE MELANCHOLY-DAYS HAVE COME, THE SADDEST OF THE YEA And you will need one of these Heaters, to keep the House Warm We are Agents for International Heater Company FURNACES The Carton, Palace, Pease and Howard Ftfrnacej, ALL KINDS OF HARDWARE ^ ^ Tinning and Tin Roofing, Plumbing and Jobbing a Spccialt ALBECK & DOLT . MANLIUS, N. Y The popular songs just now in Vene­ zuela specially dedicated to President Andrade are \You can take your clothes and go'\ and \1 don't care if -you never come back.' Inspection of Election 1st District. DeWitt Mr. and Mm. John King hnvo n young son. MIKHNOIUO Kinney attended n wedding in Byrncutio Inst Wednesday ovoning. Mr. nncLMrH. Lymnn Hantly woro tho guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Chapman in Jnmesvillo on Thursdny. Mr«. Stone from lceturo n t tho M. B. Churclh week. Ohio guvo n tompornnco in thin plnco lnxt Mm. Julia Avery who hns been visiting in Solvny roturned homo on Baturdny, W. W. Gunu James Mc Dcrniott 2nd District, Charlos A. Lakin Frank Dolt 3d District. Franklin M. Severance Frederick W. Cook 4th District. Tobias O. Griffin - Patrick H. Costello 5th District. David Frier Clinton Duffy (5th District. George M. Woliver Anson Taylor 7th District. Henry Shafft North Manlius. John Piron North Manlius. Manlius. Manlius. Manlius. Manlius. Fayettevillp. Fayetteville. Fayettoville. Fayottoville. Kirkville. Mycenae. Minoa. Minoa. The war in South Africa is likely to cause a scarcity of diamonds •There is no.let up. however in the output of American glass factories. The football season Is about to open. If the Filipino war does not expect Its casualty list to be beaten out of sight, It must speedily get action. OUR CLUB LIST The Century Magazine IN 1900 Novelty In Literary And Art Features PRINTING IN COLOR Republican Nominations For Justice of the Suprome Court Cecil Rhodes\ project to construct a railroad from the Cape to Cairo is at least in temporary abeyance. However If \it should ever be built he knowB where the steel rails, bridges and loco­ motives can bo secured and delivered promptly on time. Despite the reports regarding the large quantities of beer consumed by Oom Paul Tommy Atkins probably knows by thiB time that ho hasn't-boen summoned to South Africa merely to witness a few roof garden pleasantries. Although the Pullman Sleeping Car company has swallowed the Wagner company, the obliging porter will be found, as usual, willing to brush you off for a tip at the end of the trip. . I have found that six purchasers in ten on an average, have induced at least one other neighbor or \\friend to pur­ chase one wagon or carriage and two have been instrumental in selling three carriages each. One man caused four car­ riages all alike to be sold in one neighborhood. Three have each bought a heavy Sttfdefctoken Steel Skein Farm Wagon and have liked them well enough to come back for more and $85 Remember I sell wagons'at from <tCl^ The more ydu pay me for a wagon the H*^^ better the wagon. My wagons and carriages are my best advertisements, every time, all the time. Buy one of my \IZZER\ Buggies, run it a few months, and if not satisfactory, I'll buy it back. I need room badly to show my Cutters- and Bob Sleighs and other Winter Goods. I sold more wagons and carriages in SEPTEMBER and AUGUST than in any other two months since starting in the wagon business. If you have any thoughts of getting a new rig har­ ness or lap robe, I can sell you for cash or on contract. D. G. GATES EAGLE VILLAGE William S. Antlrows For County Treasurer Irving Coonloy For Superintendent of Poor Smith Rico Syracuse For Mombor of Assombly Robert Mooro Ponipoy Centro For School Commissioner Newtou F. Benedict Fabius For Supervisor Patrick H. Kcohauo Fayetteville For Town Clork Charles E. Hartor Minoa For Justices of tho Peaco. Eldridge M. Lyon Georgo L. Whitnioro For Assessors Frank B. Fillmoro Fayettoville Georgo W. Putnam Fayetteville Charles B. Reed For Commissioner of Highways Horbort A. Adams Manlius For Collector Judson L. Richmau For Overseers of Poor Michael Roiley Fayettovillo -William W. Hoag For Constables Goorgo E. Chase Mauling Darius Harter Frank Hess Josoph E. Ostrandor Elmer E. Hartor For Inspectors of Election Dist 1 Frank A. Barton Manlius Frank Nixon Manlius Dist 2 Frank P. Emmons Manlius Moses J. Flanders Manlius Dist 8 Parker S. Carr Fayettoville Fred Hoag Fayettoville Dist 4 Dana H. Wells Fayettoville Augustus H. Chase Fayettoville Dist 5 . John Meagher Horace Post Dist 6 Stanley E. Terwilliger Minoa Joseph Holloy Minoa Dist 7 George Dixon Henry Grey THE BEST ILLUSTRATIONS, with Cole's Engravings and Castainge's Drawings A New und Superbly Illustrated Life Of Cromwell By the Right Hon. John Alorley, M. P. T HE conductors of Tho Century tnko es­ pecial plctiHure in announcing this as tho lending hlHtortcul norial of tho mngnzino in 1000. No man is more competent than John Morley, who was selected by Mr. Gladstone's fnmlly to write tho biography of Gladstone, to tre«t Cromwell in tho spirit of the end of the nineteenth century. THE ILLUSTItATIONS will bo remarkable. Besides ortyinal drnwings, thoro will bo vnlunblo unpublished portraits lent by Her Majesty tho Queen, nnd by tho owners of tho greatest Cromwell collections. Other features include: ERNEST SETON-THOMPSON'S \Biography of n Grizzly,\ delightfully illus­ trated by tho nrtist-uuthor,—tho longest and most important literary work of the author of \Wild Animals I Have Known.\ PARIS, ILLUSTRATED BY OASTAIGNE Newspapers and Magazines a Reduced Rates Pahs. Our pn. Regular with tli price „ Inrt>)j]i'i Am. Monthly Review of Revs. $ 2.50 * i r; American Qncen .60 In Albany Argus Albnny Argus (daily) Amorfcan Sportsmnn Arena Art Amateur Art Interchange Atlantic Monthly Blnek Cat Book Buyer Century Magazine . Connecticut Magazine .60 1 7.S0 A series of_ pnpers for tho Exposlon year, by of \No. 5 John Richard Wt&elnjg, author For Sale One bay horse eight years old, kind and sound, fast roader. Address or call on. L. M. DUN TON , Minoa, N. Y. Street,\ splendidly illustrated with more tlinn sixty pictunw by tho fnmous artist Castalgne, Including views of tho Pnris Expostlon. LONDON, ILLUSTRATED BY PHIL MAY j A series of papers on tho Enst End of London I by Sir Walter Besant. with pictures by Phil 1 May nnd Joseph Pennell. * I SAILING ALONE AROUND THE WORLD ! The record of a voyngo of 40,000 miles under­ taken slnglc-hnndod nnd nlono in n 4o-foot bout. ] A most delightful biography of tho sen. 1 THE \AUTHOR OF \HUGH- WYNNE;\ Dr. S. Weir rtltchell, will furnish n Rhort serial of remarkable 'psychological interest, \The Autobiography of a Qnnck,\ nnd there will bo short stories by all tho leading writers. A CHAPTER FROM MARK TWAIN'S ABANDONED AUTOBIOGRAPHY \LITERARY REMINISCENCES Familiar accounts of Tennyson, Browning, Lowell, \ \ 1 ' Holmes Cosmopolitan, Critic Current Literature Demorest's Magazine Every Month Forest t Btrenm Forum Magazine Golden Days Harpor's Bnznr Harper's Mngazlno Harper's Weekly Hawaiian Gozotto IUustratod American .., Judge Ladies' Home Journal Leslio's Weekly Lifo Lippincott's Magazine Literary World Living Age MacMlllan's Magazine McClure's Magazine Metropolitan Mngnzino Munsoy's Mngnzino No. American Review N. Y Morning Journal (Bun.) N-. Y Morning Journal (daily) N. Y Morn. Journnl ((tissues) N. Y. Press (weekly) N. Y. Press (0 issues) N. Y. Press (7 issues) N. Y. Press (8undays) N. Y. Bun (7 issues) N. Y. Times (7 issues) N. Y. Tribuno (7 issues) N. Y. World (7 issues) N. Y World Bonil-weokly Now England Magnzine Nickoll Magazine Outing . Outlook' Overland Monthly Pocket Magazine Popular Set. Montnly Printers' Ink Puck Puritan Snint Nicholas Bon Francisco News Letter Baturdny Evening Post Scientific American Scribner's Magazine Belf Culture. Short Stories Strand Magazine Syracuse Herald (Sundny) Syracuse Herald (0 Issues) Syrpcuso Journal (weekly) Byrhcuso Journal (0 issues) Tollottes Town Topics Truth ... Uticn Herald Vanity Fnlr Wnshington Post Wnvorley Mngazinc Wide World Magazine Youth's ComiHUUon Now 2.50 4 4 4. .60 1.50 4. 1 1 •1 8. i. X- 4. 8. «. 4. 8. 4. B. 8. 5. 1. 4. 5. 3. 2. (I. 8. 1 1.50 1 6.00 •.'.50 8.50 «. 1 4 .511 11 .50 2.50 8. 0. 10. 8. 1.00 8.00 .50 8. 8. 1. .60 5. 5. 5. 1 8. 4. 2.50 8. 8. 1 2.50 1.20 2, 8. ' 1 5. 2 4.\ 8. 1. 1 .75 4. 1.20 1.75 1 .-4 t.V I. II - 1 II '.' Ill I :n I I I in :'.DI : 1. Hi 1 1 1 ;n 1 i\> •1 u\ :i: m :i.;i) 1.VI it n> :i.;(i 1.m \.m .\...ill :i 50- 2.75 11.10 1.1)1 1.115 1; s.ou 2.16 K.00- 11.50 1 75 5.00 7.00 2.115 H .m 11.50 10.50 M5II 1.50 8.15 I.ill 8.1 8.75 1 ; 1 10 5.511 5.110 5.50 1 8:il t.M 8..II 8.25 8.52 I Ml 1 • 1 .\Jij — jyac, „ Emmerson, Bryant, Whlttler, and IMPORTANT PAPERS By Governor Theodoro Roosovelt, President Elliot of Harvord University, Thomns Bailey Aldrlch, Woodrow Wilson, John Burroughs, nnd others. AMERICAN SECRET HISTORY A series of papers of commnnding interest. THE ART WORK OF THE CENTURY It 1B everywhere conceded thnt THE CENTURY has led tho world hi art., Timothy Cole's unique nnd beautiful wood blocks will continue to be a feature, with the work of many en 1— \.Z j- - 1 . . by _ o distinguished, will appear with new methods of printing nnd illustrating. Begin now subscriptions with November. Pnco $4.00 n year. Subscribe through dealers or remit to tho publishers. The Century Company, Union Square, New York. And. other magazines nnd newspapers equally low prices. Get nn estimate from «- before ordering your winter's reading inatti- wo enn snve you money. Tne INDEPENDENT Fayetteville X Y AT. C H FULLER JEWELER Manlius \New-York Gold and silver watches, clocks and silver ware. PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES—. BARTLETT'S Cranes Writing Papers Box Papers and Blank It' tt? « j Choice 'Perfumes and Toilet Soaps Fine Chocolate Drops, 20c per lb French Cream, 15c per lb >M Jfc' «= 'Pare Extract Lemon and Vanilla Pure Baking Soda Cream Tarta AT. BARTLETT'S

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