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. ,-th'o. jndfipendiat; will, publish such' communicatibiw oiid statements regarding inn tiers 'political us may: bo t>t Inter­ est to our readerBJ' put wo must not ; be held're-' l$-fXiflX)M*lt pubUflhee the OnonjUga Indepuxltnt ^ygMl^ m'onthljy oadiinakeB^a'-'Bpeololtjr 'of, (?^oIIowii^/'-w^-l»s;fdetailed *tafement'of , 5 thec^ote >;in the .;Town of William £S: Andrews -O ^ W ycJtes Imng'C!6o^e £\vVi> J jj7?l : ybtes Smith-Bice^-i.-:' ,.^v^v'8W;'ypte8 - .Member of „A^mj?iy **\' Robert M«m'V!'. - >k/ \ l \*'V784 votes School .Commissioner.-, i Advertlflirig'Eotes'oh Application -^'-.J .Trt\* • 'Indopondorit'onflle.atthooffice • ^P.'HootlerXdvortls^g Agpnt.-115,' The where contractsfor advertising .may TheJNprih • AriJerican Beview for' No- contains' a highly., voluable^orti- fnU'pf -ini!pnnatipa-,ar<ie.mMfc\pBO-. cliiarab'tor. b y Mr.'Ldois Wmdmullor, • - ' \- ' '^lmttac^!j«i:b6d;v'WMch.Itoflf';Jk> < Food,\ to bodily health! eymoodbyjtho average American, : l 1 to the manner the desoriptiou\may f,'^)~?Wvi^r<SMiiiB.»<'*He - , jdwelte/-\upon <*''the i>$ , ^»c^l^i'praiiJHi^,\ < *'. atlultorating food £v£Voand'drink, .especially .that'consumedby ;<t0 .the':poor.'and\offers\BugRe8tions>as* ; to •;;f .v> measure wMoh,might bo ..taken ;by, ; the [.purity'and the viands sold to the i ^'^yyi0JL^-}k £l ^^i^&ss observes,: : , 5 . *:$\&*\?'OTU.[ foternal < revenue Jaw Tvhioh re- toj; be stamped .should,. that .Govern-' ^.'fimeh^InBpebtors be^required \to\test/the ^fl no V and/'stam'p'only that whidh _they fov^5toi'^;J»^ptir4';siu|d' that-,:the, impure '•, »%.X8ltpiiUiie.^iB^r ^n ^l under; their super•• .* vWonry;..OonBtimer^\.. r tymld cheerfully '^t^v'&e^.'\!^^^^^^^!!^ Re- : spectable'dealers''and'^hdnest brewers would \velconie iv cohtrpl which would can.-speaki of tran- //fV^-'spTring'^ byeiits dnly^ when' they /same Tfiinkought t6,'b'o... ^Wo.print-matters'of ;{;VV\* news\when w.e;know .something.about it^v^Chear-.a great' dqaV'about :matters if ttejroperjiersons couldjie' found. rJi Ip ,yerify,;the:same,; , might .proyo.interest,' <3 V . %iiag to 'some afr % least; \If you have any- :vronId% interest, yourself or fxildias'ljy'its appearance in' theln- v:''-^fdeperideni;,*let l *Hus' -know - the-faots; ^JE. S<i^.~.bet^r^yfit,'2writp\Ib Suit yourself, and print i t •.'' iKv'y^^l^Vr S...Z....'. „*'•,!. .- JJnited. Stiktos oiyil .service com- ''/'iv'inissioh, reviewing,Oje legal phases of assessment,'question,,with relation to .the\recent circulars', pf'the.phio.-E«'pubUcan^campaign^coin- ^inittee^holds that the soliciting of.cam:. J ipS&V^mih^^^ie^:ucaiBLeB : '''oleaxly .. T\ \within jthe vprohibitive provisions. of the •v:H.^.'cdvil.service-law/because the ciroulara l£\ .'l.were. addressed ,to,-federal' ofneers and VM.* :'employe's at their\offices under jtho 12th' of-the act';; The' opinion of-the :c6mmis8ion\is fdrtiflodby the opihldnof H^'^^ex^Senatbr •Edmunds,'\ who .-was ohair- >man of-.the senate, judiciary committee '. at the -time'.the act was passed.. *V ;> '- The S^te; assessors *firid that while .'..>- every .county is commanded, bylaw to : -!r'' assess at 100 per cent, no county is doing • so.' .\.Three only\ are. .found to assess as high-as*. 90 per cent and one ,is rated. down.tb.65;.per, penti.the,.average being V belbw-70\per : 'cent; and .the assessors all. :'< •-'take their oath\ that'they assessed 100 per'cent. \Evidentty every grand-jury ; couldpresent : in'dictments for perjury. .'!!'*');\\We hojfe our newly eleoted board will \think of this. . tWe are doing, a big business In the subscription agency line and can furnish you with any periodical printed for less \money than you can obtain the same of tho 'publishers, and i t will pay anyone interested to Bend.ua a list of papers you want before renewing subscriptions to any of the magazines, farm journals,' NewJ»n P, - 700 votes ,,686 votes' Benedict ; - ;.\; V ^'^V.'Supervisor. PaMcK'H.'Kephans: ^'-v..' •'.;';., V. \ t ; jpo\ra. Olerk Charles'B^Harter; \ . •'-\ '. ' '768 votes .. v..',.VJ!usftc*08.\of the.Peace Bldrid^e'^. Lyon.\ . .,:'\ ! '825.votes George L.-Whitmbfe'. • 765.votes •;!•- .\'••!\V\!\ Assessors FnmkBVKllmore\.' • - George 'W v Butnani\ Charles B'R^ad 1 .,. -728vptes- ,795 votes '\;78'2 votes l\ \ pomraissiphes of- Highways', .' Herbert A'. Adams .. ' ; ' , • 766 .votes Colloctof. * -' Judson JJ. Biohman. ' 776 votes \•»'•' Overseers of the Poor Mioliael Reiley -« • '817'votes William 5f. Hoag..' . ' .688 votes \.. ' ^. ',, . \ Oonstabjles ,, • • ,. George' E. Chase „*,, , 701 votes •Darius Hartor. ' , ••' 780 vbtoB' \Prank Hess • .. • , ,768 votes Joseph E. Ostrander • .\ • 808 votes Elmer E.-Hartor • 807 vote's Inspectors of Eleotion , • •• * % lst-Dist. 1 _ • ' .. ^ I\ Frank A.'Bartpn \ 689 votes PrankNixon 685yotes .' \' 2ndDilst \ t • * Frank P. Emmons \' . ; 687 votes Moses J. Flanders * 689 vptes • ^_ .- 3rd Dipt \ Parker St Corp ' ,-, 689 votes Fred Hoag. \t \ \. 687 votes , . 4thDist.. ':- Dana H. \^ells . \ , . ^794 yotes AugustusH. Chase ; . 796 vote's 6th District\ -' , '\ John Meagher v ' 687'yotes Horace Post ' ,' 689 votes • T ~ t \< .»6«h'JW8t/ ' .' \' Stanley E. TerwUliger. ' ' • 087, votes Joseph Holley • \... . 687 votes' 7tliDist \ -''-. '* . George Dixon Henry Grey\ 1 ', 636 votes 685 votes •DEMOOBATIO Justice'of the Supreme Court, HowardO, Wiggins, ,.495votes \ •• . '• County Treasurer Fredbriok W. .Willwerth J \ 409 votes Superintendent of the Poor r Philip •Hauenstoin •',' „ ' 499. votes' '.Member of-Assemhly ,. '. , , William Herrlok, -. - 50/.votes School Commissioner MaryA' L Dowd . ,. t *. •658. votes Supervispr '', \'\ Elijah TJ .i .Scbvuie\ • ', 064 votes Town Clerk J.-Erwin Campbell, -i -V ^--547 votes Justices pf-the Peace Ephraim B.'Woodward' • . 478 votes George French . r ••' . 627 Votes Assessors' '- Wesley E. Aokbrman ' 686 votes John D. Prait ' 604 votes SeymourB.Moyer .' 493yotes Constables -, , Marcus A. Muokey .• ' - 604 votes John Goodfellow •'.<•'. • 499 votes Asa Ballon ' :.628Jvptes Oliarlesl). Lowe \ 482 votes Allen Holbrook ' . , 483;vptes Inspectors of Election - ,1st'Dist, , \ • Windsor W. Gunn - • 419.votes James Mo'DermotE 421\v6tes 2nd Dist > • -' Charles A. Lakin- 429-votes Frank Dolt \ 418 votes , 3rd Dist : \ •\ I . Franklin'M. Severance 417votes Frederick W. Cook , , 420 votes 4th! Dist ' . .' • :•' Tobias O. Griffin 609 votes Patrick H. Costello . 498 votes 6th Dist..' \ ,. .-. David Frier ]-< \... 420 votes Clinton Duffy. . 420 votes 6th Dist ' George M. Woolever 420 votes AnsonTaylor 416 votes .' 7thDist\ , • • Henry Shaft\ ' .T.\ '. %.\„ votes Dbwd ^forr Scliool;(ObnuyiSsi6herVM .wonder and; adniiration'df toeSiffwiilV'y'It 'was a' tribute' to'.'her sterling; worth, of \Threb.years.agp JdrJ.-BeneOict ; Jm4nniart' gem^.of J;600, and. on Tuesday this was. xednced - toi 4he f aarr^lniargin.-of-61; 'ihajdri^'-While lierfriends^gret her defeat, 1 - they'flnd .iTcbirifort '-'in.^tiib, reflect, tion that ','there.arb defeats,\that dispute; the palmiwith-victories,-\ and this is,ohe ; WUl. the'Boers _Q^Helj^?>• igilmt'two^liuIgnlflcantrrpiibUeitre'itlawed with considerable' curlodtylnv«ome -.of •• the^Europeiin cap!Ul«,rn(5ubb*.'Parti aridjSt^Peteriburg. Notes' ,h«T« been exchanged 1 bbi.the'«ubject,-;andj i It U :CTenV hinted - in' uuofflblal ;quartera .that inquiries wlll.be addresxJd, to theOritlah pOTemment as'to' the contemplated .absorption of - the. two ^republics br .'the Britiab. empire. -.-.C >•;;. «> •'„ A-'VJ' ''([ Whether^ at, ^nbt^France'land'Bnssia desire $;tr/- ,\pJcfc a' quarrei /,wi th {. Great Britain is'an open, question,' but if^they do'this would seem tobe\;an bppo'rtune time, though :it^6uld;appear.that,thp interests of •' neither'.of' th'es^ 'countries are involved'irij ! Engiand's(armed con­ troversy iwith\'\the ^frikaiid'ers.'.. The\ inain ihtereste\of. Franc^'in' : A*Sca are \not in : the south;* ihe seat'of : the, present hostilitiesrbut i n the north'of/ the conr tinent,' while Bussii bra directly no in- tereste.either.eputh or north.'.The'lead- ing 'French journals are outwardly 1 hos; tile to.Great .Britain; ,>but : ,it is asserted that, at'bottom'the ^editors of the chief organs are. with England., although:the traditions of the French press prevent' them.from, saying so.\ .The'views.held by My 'Delcasse; the French .minister of foreign affaks;' are practically the same . While Bussian'.papers may^denonnoe \Great'/Britain in general terms,, it 1B not ^likely, that the czar's government will interyeneJn a'matter in which it is.not materially-concerned.'' , . ... v^,Germany, has already declared its •iaeutrality, and.it is extremely improb­ able that, the \South'African republics will'get any. aid or comfort from, that quarter.\ Independent republicanism hae riever.been much to the'liking pf-the German war lord, and. hesides. be has felt the fascination of that imperially minded personage, Mr. Cecil -Rhodes, whom the South African republics re­ gard as their chief enemy'. No doubt the Geririan^emperor would be willing enough to antagonize his .English grand­ mother, if ..there was anything i n i t for him; but heroes not and cannot regard the .Transvaal Boers or the/Free State burghers as possible allies In any pres­ ent or prospective scheme pf German expansion'in\Africa.' - - v.. With Russia indifferent and Germany friendly,'/Great Britain-.has' little to fear from' Franco: 'Moreover, France is just now more' interested in the coming Paris ; exposition than in; anything else j and has no desire for complications' that' will'ln any, way jeopardize'its success-j One may well imagine the feelings of ihe Earl of'Dnnraven wh^en' he learned of the &ird and'decislyedefeat of \.Sir Thomas 'Lipton,', but oven imagination is stumped when i t undertakes the task, of duplicating the tempest of emotions which ,mnst have * swept throtigh' the noble eari^upper', story, when he ; riei ceived the news that Sir Thomas, thougu- beaten, haB kept 'his 'temper^ perfectlyl frankly admitting that he was fairly putdpne in his attempt to ,j lift\ .America's cup. It must also,stir some peculiar emotioiia in his lordship when he reads of the innumerable tokens of affection—divers loving _ ,cups, dinners, .complimentary addresses and such like • articles, useful or ornamental—bestow­ ed- upon Sir Thomas .byjthe admiring American public. .The.noble Earl ;pf • Dnnraven,\ if our -memory is, noi at fault. V7e'nt home without a single ad­ dition v to his. stock of- loving cups;.his dinners after the 'faces 'were, over he j«id^for-himself, ; and,Ythough-he. was the subject'of many able\;and interest­ ing, addresses^ they were not of such a character as to be cherished by the earl's descendantB. 1 • ' . The city council of .Atlanta' recently pasaed»an'-ordinance.making i t unlaw­ ful . to /bet on Jhbrae'.or, other., races in that city, .'and Mayor Woodward vetoed it \He'said thatthe^ordinance,. ap 'con­ structed was liable -to be used mali­ ciously, .and incidentally, he .referred' to the evils of bucket shops and said that the inju^accomplish'ed by the betting on horse], racing amounte.'to.practically nothing' when'compared to legalized \-and respecteble. gambling known as fu- tiirea.'.;In the v intimation that \playing' ]the races\ i s quite'as'moral and re-'/ spectable. ap \going .against,the \mar- iet'^.tnere are/a^wiple^ibtI;of people j •w'lio'.'w^'ltiiiniijthafc'.the^ i' LH- i'_T ^r±t '.iiji^-'f«?ri«-^'i_-'i-;-'f. ; .-'-rsi-c'-.' wmmmMmmSSgHk iM.yeaf'sn^nfa^ture.\' - >J?i'X ,f c'\' J ;^ ' u, ' ; \ ! ' \ ;.'V'.; *\\/''7'^--•',*>- v i-. ' i We haye.'a.larger stock than ever b^dre'shb^ iriUJis town'; » •'.' 1 Having bought the entire^Sample. stock of ..Harter &'Morriion, we have 500 • ^sfylesicff.youtoselebt.frpm.- '' •• '.**\* [ V ', '.,,,''. \ ' 1 . the cry\ all\ over., the Business.-'Wprli/Is a.-fac ^ goods of &11 lcinds haye advanced and are still going ..up. \We have a large stock' of \fall arid winter, goods *; .'purchased at the old prices, and while they-last we can and: will give you bargains. \We.inyite;.ydu to look .at bur goods and get our price, this • is all we ask. & Potter f Resolution' ot Respect •, •For the 1 third'time since its organiza­ tion, death' has enterod.bur,.Post, and taken one of its .members) James Law, whose death ocourred November.l, 1899, and the/Post- unanimously 'adopted -the following resolutions: vy'\-..' .WHEREAS, £ri ..view.'6f the' loss .this Post has sustained by the .death of our friend and comrade/ Jaines Law,-and of the still'greater'loss sustained by.'the.be­ reaved wife and children therefore, ; ; ' /\ Resolved, That it is but,a juBt' tribute to'the.. memory of our departed comrade to-Bfiy that while regretting his removal from our Post, we mourn for one who .was in every way worthy,of-pur respect land love, -.-V . ^_ . l_ , \'\ Heidlved,;- That \in\ our \deep'sorrdw for the. loss of. so faithful a member, we find consolation i n the .belief that it. is well with him for whom we mourn,* ' Rcsolbed, That 'we sincerely\''sympa­ thize with-the, companion andohildren of the deceased hi the'bereavement with which itjhas pleased Divine Providence to inflict and .commend them to Him who \orders all things for .the best, '• \~\ -' -Resolved, 'That 1 thesef resolutions be r ;ad on the minutes \of ',pur Post and. t a ; 'copy be presonted^to the family of the* deceased in. token of our respect andregard'for thp|\depart6di'and also.be sent to our village paper for publication. A man and woman .appeared before a New-York magistrate .recently and re­ quested- tb bd united in wedlock.'^ The ceremony went along smoothly enough until the time arrived-f or the groom to slip.the.ring on.the- bride's finger, when it neveloped;Hhat he\ had neglected to provide .himself • with the; golden .circlet: Italso happened 'thatibone in the room' wore a ring and-'the'.djffioulty.was.nnally overcomb'by the-'use'of a rubber band.; The magistrate followed 'the .ceremony with' 1 thi8;blt,6f advice^ .'.^Don't presume too much on-thefelasticity.of the bond.\ . '' \'} ? ! ^.\The Bichmbnd (Vow) LocdmPtwe'and Machine Works^ received a.cable.order.on Saturday fcr^tbied ten-.whedlpcbmdtives. for\ a privates -'road.. ; .inSweden. ,sThis makes the'\ : se(K)nd'' : drder^ceivM',frpm abroad within ten'.days byjthe Bichmpnd- ; W|prTra ,i .callihg''\.ih''all ^for^thirteenjoom-- •plete'/teh-wheellbcomdtive8.\^,The:'d'ra^ Devoe Lead and; Zinc Paint wear twice as long as leadand oil mixed by hand. ^•Garff'bfjTIiaxiics* We wish-to express our. gratitude and sincere'thanks for the kindnesses shown us, by'friends,and neighbors', during oar rjecent'bereavemenV. Also to the friends who sent flowers;-• 1 Mrs '.Jame8La ;w/ and family. Zoic and Grinding'Make •-Zino.-and- mndin^-niake-Devoe-Lead- and Zin'o Paint .rwear.twiee as long as lead anddUniixed by hand. - v. v >. • • \ --• -i Sermon'forthfc=Grahgers— : ' On Suhday^eveningi November 19, at the Baptist church,\ the BeV.H;'B Wil­ liams wfll give- a Bermon to. the Patrous of •Husbandry of-. this,.[vicinity. The local Lodge otGrangersiwill be present inabody, and all.;farmers are cordially invited.- • v t.'X : -. n c? - \ - : Library Ehtertainmenl- Benefit ' ''Alton ;i.O. IandseylVthe' unpersonator and, dramatio reader, will' give the sec­ ond ratertainment-\of- jtheV.series Thurs- d^'eyening,''Noyemb& < 16,\'at Assembly ' Sihgle';ticket. •• ' ' 25 cents. Student'stdcke't' , .* , 20cents. - \'• The annual^ meetmg\of;.'the\8tockhoUl- ers of the'-Manlius PlankjRoad^^cdmpanj' .will ! be\ held at : the; banking house of Piatt* HrSmithi FayettevilleAlir.'Y., on ,Wednesday; November, 16,'•1899/ at three o'clock.p,..ni';; ! ;;.l',\P ; H» SMrrH-,,SEC. , / '<j8t2,;':' v ,;i'...;f 'r<\-y'- •• - : Please'take notice' that a*. Special Meeting of theDlreotoreof tho Farm ore' Institute Bulletin Publishing Company Will' be held; at the office of tho'company, corner of Mill and Elm' street^, Ruretteville,N.'Y:,at three o'olock^p.'m.,gat' uxaay,.the % .18ai'-ot November,/1899,-for the transaction of - such business as, may propon7i i come before the meeting. \ f • -V\'.;\;' \ ,~'V\ L.M;PECK, 1 Secretary. < --Dated October & lm.-y^'-yfi-

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