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^dirt)Oicle-E’‘P'’« s , Penn Yan. N.Y., August 22,1990 - Page 3A Barrington pfjtspp 243-7582 | ,j8 Doty, Wanda and ({ovvell, Ella and Sherry 0 '' enjoyea tne riremen s ’ ^ on Friday night, Aug. 10, 2,er- The music was good. ' £ Knapp was a recent Say night supper guest of his ^ 5,EI'nKn®PP- ' 1 and Mrs. Perry Kuehne iW Sretent dinner guests of his David Kuehne a t the Red j Inn in Naples, in honor of ^ 42 nd wedding anniversary. ^ and Sherry Knapp were guests of the former’s thg IJ^ter and husband, Tbiry and ^Kowley on a recent Sunday Ithaca. They went to see their j,house while they were there. *p|en Norton, David and Gail ^rtaon received the Right Jd of Fellowship as they joined jfdmrch last Sunday morning. Knapp and Schlappi ^11 team members would like lhank the sponsors of their 0 , Knapp and Schlappi Lum- g Company for all the help, ^port and fun they’ve shown ^all through the season. Vilma Knapp hosted a buffet ijal shower Monday evening, 6, at her home for her Of % 'ftie Pat’s Yarn Shop 49 Sheather St., Hammondsport Phone: 607-569-3508 * Y a m s * C rafts * M a c ram e Supplies * S tenciling * C o u n ted Cross S titch Open Mon. - Sat. 9:30 am • 4:30 pm Yates Cooperative Farm & Craft Market Inc. 1990 Season Begins When: Now thru October Where; Yates County Parking Lot (same place) Time: Saturdays, 8 am -12 noon Make It, Bake If, Grow If or Sew It. Com e Join Us. Non-profit organizations welcome at NO charge. Call 315-536-4288 to reserve space. Yates County’s Rea! Farm & Craft Market ''^1 fldal Juiddaughter, Judy Wgnall, •h* ^ marriage to Larry Jepsen jiplace Saturday, Aug. 18. L e s t We F o r g e t S ince th is p h o to g r a p h o f th e S o ldiers’ a n d S a ilors’ M o n u m e n t in th e Yates County Coiu*thouse P a r k w a s unveiled in 1908 \ to h o n o r t h e m e n o f Yates C o u n ty w h o fought to save th e i r c o u n tr y ”, th e tre e s hav e rise n above th e m e m o rial an d th e nine-inch n a v a l g u n s becam e p a r t o f th e s c r a p m e tal drives o f W orld W ar IL Still, th e m o n u m e n t stan d s as a r e m i n d e r o f th e 2,000 m e n from Yates C o im ty w h o f o u g h t in th e Civil War. T h e m e m b e rs o f th e 148th New York V o lunteers w ill red e d icate th e m o n u m e n t on S a turday, Aug. 25 a t 2 p.m., in conjunction w ith th e Civil W ar a c tiv ities b e ing h e ld at th e O liver H o u s e M u seum , 200 M ain St., P e n n Yan. T h is p h o to g r a p h is a p o s tcard tak e n from th e collections o f th e O liver H o u se. ■ VITAL COMMUNICATIONS - S p e c ialists In * Business T e lep h o n e System s * Digital PABX System s * F ax M a c h in e s * C u s to m e r Satisfaction Bernie Castner, Owner (315)' 536-6508 Uderherry B its Continued frompage 2A jut 4,600 children were abducted ^ strangers that year, and more j gn 100,000 others were victims tf would-be abductions primarily passing motorists. Congress ordered the federal Judy called “Missing, Abducted, fcmaway and Thrownaway. fliildren in America” in 1984. It ; iteinpted to compile the number ' /frillie s in one year against all ibldren under the age of 18. ’The Justice Department has *me gats to come out and do •latthey did,” said John Walsh, U of the Fox Network TV Show iisfrico’s Most Wanted. “It finally pita a handle on the fact that kids a exploited in this country.” ftlah’s 6-year-old son, Adam, was Mken from a Florida store and uurdered in 1981. Easy Test for Alzheimer’s Doctors have discovered an easy ly to test for Alzheimer’s dis- ue. They ask the patient to draw 4e face of a clock. Nine out of 10 people with iltheimer’s are unable to draw a cause you the most harm. — Stay in the shade. When summertime activities take you outside, stay out of the sun’s direct rays as much as possible. Whether on land or sea there is usally a sun break available — be sure to use it. — Don’t over wash your skin. Too much washing removes protective cdls, which result in drying and wrinkling. — Avoid tanning “accelerators”. They may provide an artificial tan, but the tan doesn’t protect your skin from damaging sun rays. What’s more, you can’t get a tan without some injury to your skin. — Be sure to wear appropriate clothing during prolonged periods in the sun including a broad- brimmed hat, long-sleeved shirt and pants — Dr. Mervyn Elgart, Department of Dermatology, George Washington University. Even Geoige Washington hod trouble getting good home repair help. Two hundred years ago. he was having some interior decoration done at Mt. Vernon. In a letter April 13, 1787 to John Rawlins of Baltimore, he explained: “Sir, I have received the friezes for the doors and windows which I think are very pretty, together with your letter sent by Capt. Man, but 1 did not think proper to comply with the contents of it at the time. and you would think so yourself, was you to see it. The Stucco work in the Parlour is much cracked and stained, the plain work in the New Room and in every other part of the House, is in fact but little better than the plaster which was pulled down.” “Altho’ it is not my desire to en­ ter into any dispute respecting the payment of the money, yet before I do it, I wish to view the work, that you may, yourself judge of the ex­ ecution. No Middle Names George Washington had no middle name. Neither did his four immediate successors in the presidency — John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe. !Kj.cfiard M, Uiompson, T, T. PHYSICAL THERAPY 100 East Main Street at Lake Street Penn Yan, New York 14527 536-4051 536-4907 F a c ts i n H istory Washington Had Worker Problems “My sole motive for employing Mr. Tharp to execute the common plaster work and giving a higher price than I could have it done for by others, was the expectation that, agreeable promise, it would have been done in a masterly manner; but this is not the case. NUTRITljriN PROGRAM Researchers gave the test to 312 people, including 106 with Aliheimer’s, 76 with mental ^foblems caused by strokes or /depression and 130 normal peple. People who didn’t have ilzheimer’s disease — even those «th other mental problems, had jndifficulty in drawing the face of i clock. Ninety percent of the ]U(heimer's patients failed the Jest. They drew clocks without ambers or put the numbers in wird places, like in the middle of -iheclock, said Dr. Wolf-Klein. ' Alzheimer’s patients have dif- Ificulty drawing the clock face be- Icause the disease impairs the side pf the brain that controls memory jind space visualization. ' The new test will mean easier diagnosis and better treatment for lAlzheimer’s patients because it >ill allow us to screen for it a id Jkk it up earlier,” Dr. Wolf-Klein ^d. ’ Existing methods of diagnosing 'Alzheimer's are time-consuming, costly and uncomfortable for the ^tient, it was noted. ! Protect Your I Skin from the Sun ; You can save your skin this summer and protect it from the rearing sun with these tips: • — Use cosmetics that are ,*ater-based, not oil based ones .that clog your pores and result in ;*in irritation. • — Be careful of sweatbands. ^ction and perspiration cause irritation around the forehead. \ — Even if you are 'vutdoors on Jeloudy days, app..y sunscreen jiberally. Minimize your sun ex- ;po5ure during the peak sun hours ■d 16 a.m. to 2 p.m. The sun is 'ost intense at that time, and can s < oc § QC CL Z . t 2 Aug. 27-31 Monday-Goulash, wax beans, salad greens, Italian bread and vanilla ice cream. Tuesday-Blended juice, baked chicken, sweet potatoes, cranberry-pineapple mold, whole wheat bread and cookie. Wednesday-V-8 juice, tuna/macaroni salad, pickled bsets, jello cube, apricot muffin and fresh fruit cup/citrus. Thursday-Baked ham, peas/carrots and marinated tomato slices, roll and birthday cake. Friday-Barbecued beef on bun, baked beans, lime citrus mold and pear slices. Reservations are required and may be made by call­ ing 315-536-6038 for the Penn Yan Grange Hall, St. ‘Mark’s Terrace and Branchport United Methodist sites; 716-554^223 for the Rushville Fire Hall site; 607-243-5940 or 315-536-6038 for the Dundee Nutri­ tion Site; or 716-374-5294 for the Italy Valley United I . o z 1 Life Insurance: Have too much? Call a Nationwide agent for a confidential analysis. Pay­ ing too much? Dangerous gaps? Find out FREE. VAN DYKE AGENCY Bill Vat) Dyke Lake Street Plaza, Penn Yan, NY (315) 536-4486 NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Nalioowtue IS on your sk J c iNorM/iOe LXe lntufbrK:« C ompany Home Otfico; CokjmBus, Ohio UDWNir T i^ V I N G PORTRAIT PACKAGE a super value-only $12.88 P o r t r a i t s by V i r g i n i a Moore portrait package contains: 2-8x10's, 2-5x7’s, 10 wallet size 88c deposit at sitting, balance on delivery, poses our selection. Groups $2.00 each extra person this package. Limit 5 subjects. No e x t r a ch a r g e fo r sc e n ic backgrounds. r ...lor a Good Look I Tom Jones Studios. Lid. The L exclusive VIP Club company. Babies thru adults. SPECIAL COUPON Worth $10.00 off $49.95 | com p lete package. | _________________ 1 Friday & Saturday Only, August 24 & 25 Fri. 10:30 am • 6 pm; Sat. 10:30 am - 4 pm Lunch Hour: 1 - 2 pm 131 Main Street, Penn Yan IF YOUIRE THINKING ABOUT LANDSCAPING Talk To A Growing Company. %ree (gardens Landscapin£ and Qarden Tfesi^n Design and Installation of Specialty Gardens Old Fashioned Perennial Bods & Borders. Herb. English Cottage, Rose and Rock Gardens, Lily Ponds, Statuary, Gazebos, and Walkways. Your properly has hidden potential that a unique design can enhance. Let the design staff at Three Gardens assist you. Schedule now anb receive a complimentary annual garden 31S-S36-3140 315-536- 7497 3l5’536-6029 VIKING J) KEUKALAKE CRUISE SHIP ^ eomm Private parties Weddings Anniversaries Famil}/ reunions Business conferences Birthdays ^ Club meetings Company OMfin^s Class reunions Tour buses Phclo by News An ProinMIoas 1570AM WFLR 5 p.m. daily cruise May 1 through October 15 Ask About Our Special Dinner Cruises 5 p.m. cruise without reservations poudly announcs the acquisition o f the exclusive radio b roadcast rights for Ontario, Yates a n d Schuyler Counties! Starting August 13, listen for the B ^ a l o Bills all season only on Bring this ad with you for $1 off 5 p.m. cruise! BUFFALO BILLS For a FREE schedule of Bills'broadcast^his season or to become a Bills' advertiser, call Toll Free 1-800-776-9357^ _________ Cruise Keuka Lake 680 East Lake Road, Route 54 Penn Yan, NY 14527 315-536-7061 or 315-536-9757 FAX 315-536-0737

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