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To carry o u t ‘90-‘91 p r o g r a m year Owl’s Nest slates fund raisers The Chronicle-Express, Penn Yan, N.Y., September 12,1990 • Page 5 PENN YAN — The Owl’s Nest community center has planned several fall fund raisers for the 1990-1991 program year. The first fund-raising event has already begun. For $1 a chance or $5 for 6 chances, those interested can win prizes donated by local merchants from overnights in .motels and dinners for two, to a -tank of gas, dozens of donuts, car washes, free seafood, lottery tick­ ets and free soda pop. The merchants have generously i done their part to make this raffle I successful and enjoyable. Now it I is the time for Yates County residents to also participate by buying as many chances as they can afford knowing that all money .^spent is actually a gift which will •'help make the community center successful in its first full program year. flckets can be obtained at the Owl’s Nest during Drop-in Hours, or from any Board member or volunteers, or from local mer­ chants who display the poster in their window. The sale of tickets will only continue for three more weeks, so those interested should hurry and buy theirs now. The drawing for the many win­ ners will be done at the annual meeting of the community center, 112 Seneca St., Penn Yan, at 7 p.m., Oct. 9. Brian Iddings is in charge of the fund raiser and notes ticket holders need not be present to win. Be sure to send all youngsters and other thirsty people looking for the Owl’s Nest Logo marking the booth. The third fund-raising event is the sale of t-shirts with the The second fund-raising event is another food sale, this time the sale of Icy Drinks a t the Buckwheat Festival. Nelson Han­ sen is chairing this event and has obtained two machines so the supply of Icy drinks will be con­ tinuous throughout the festival. Owl’s Nest Logo for $8 each which should begin the first week of Oc­ tober. The sale is also under the direction of Brian Iddings, a new volunteer at the Owl’s Nest. A large order of t-shirts will be a r­ riving in “cool” colors - • blues, whites, and other usual colors. Anyone who would like to have a “hot” colored t-shirt can put in a special order at the Owl’s Nest. The final fall fund raiser planned is the annual member­ ship drive. Renewals for member­ ships will be mailed out with the next newsletter. The Owl’s Nest Board asks that businesses, service clubs, and other organizations, as well as in­ dividuals put the Owl’s Nest on STOP! Are you, your family, your home and valu­ ables protected? Let NEW TECH show you how affordable it is to install d e a d bolts, burglar alarms, heat ana smoke detectors in your hom e or office. Phone for a free consultation. Don’t let a thief steal yor p iece of mind. NEW TECH 315-53M213 their annual giving list for at least these first five years of the com­ munity center. After two years of investing thousands of volunteer hours and thousands of donated dollars (al­ most $20,000 last year alone), the building is still not finished, ^ ^ e n the upstairs is completed, there will be rental offices providing in­ come, which along with program incomes, will help to keep the cen­ ter afloat financially. Right now the support of every community member who has even a few dol­ lars to contribute, is needed. The two floors downstairs are completed enough to begin full scale programming, and grant funds have been secured, but there is no assurance that the center can complete its program goal unless the money is either pledged to the treasury or already deposited to cover 12 months of expenses, center officials explain. 0 7 -\\ Time is running out to order personalized crocks for Christmas... ^ Deadline is September 30th Watch for Buckwheat Bargains next week n e s t E G G Gift Shop 111 E lm S treet, Penn Y a n Open Mon-Sat. 9-5 Friday 9-5tM) Back- T o S c h o o l Back-To-Work, Cooler Mornings Treat Yourself To A Little Luxury G o u r m e t C o f f e e s - Reg. & D ecaf. S.W .P 20 v a r ieties-ali y o u r f a v o r ites S p R » 3 g co b e a c 108 Elm St, Peon Yan • 315-536-7981 Toods Dally 9:30-S;30, FVi. til 6, Sat. til 3 Watch for Buckwheat Bareaiiu WAGER’S CIDER MILL t , SWEET CIDER T A M M Y 'S H A I R STY L E S Wed. 830 • 530 Thurs. 830 - 5:00 Fri. 8:30-530; Sat. 830-230 \ C a ll T a m m y at 536-7008 5 | \ 122 S h e p a r d S treet gA . ........... ^ CIDER DONETS COLOSSE CHEESE FRESH APPLES ■ :;.v-,.0PEN DAILY8-6Sun.9-6 256 East Main St. Penn Yan 536-6640 bSBROOIS Pharmacy 1 ■ ■ii— eWFWWW This stand-up shuffleboard game and 25-inch color television was recently donated to the Owl’s Nest com­ munity center in Penn Yan by Boyd VanOyke. The cen­ ter has planned a series of foil fund raisers to help finance its 1990-*91 program year. (Photo by Barb Al- ' conero) Luncheon slated The Past Presidents Club of the Seventh Judicial District will hold its annual fall luncheon on Satur­ day, Sept. 29 a t the Glenn Iris Inn in L*tchworth State Park. « The Seventh Judicial District is * composed of Cayuga, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Steuben, Wayne and Yates counties. Betty Wallis of Keuka Park is president of the Past Presidents Club of the Seventh Judicial Die- Sheriff’s — ■>! Continued fromp age 4 judge. There must be both a male and female court security officer when court is in session, he ad­ ded. “Now you have an idea of the structure, duties and respon­ sibilities of the SherifFs Depart­ ment,” Scofield said, “but the reality doesn’t stop at the Public ^ Safety Building. There is an ongo- I ' ing contact with practically every I human service agency, news I media, lawyers, courts, judges, community groups, and other county agencies. “Presently the operations a t the Sheriff's Department are strained in the areas of work load,” Scofield continued. ‘Complaints are up 70 percent in the past 5 years, calls — for service are up, reporting responsibilities have increased, state mandates in the jail have become increased, the need for training has increased, and most of all, personnel have about all they can handle as they feel the stress and frustration of being be­ hind most of the time. “But, we do our best to provide the most professional service to ^ our community,” he concluded. trict. Jeff Yancey, the Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of New York State, will be the featured speaker. A social hour a t noon will be fol­ lowed by lunch which will be ser­ ved at 1:15 p.m. in the Ibrrace Room. Family members and friends are cordially invited to attend. A choice of three entrees will be served: London broil for $10, breast of chicken for $10, and seafood Newburg for $12. These prices include gratuity. Reservations should be made no later than Wednesday, Sept. 19. Mail choice of entree and reserva­ tion payment to: B e t^ Wallis, Box 8, Keuka Park, NY, 14478. Trade Up To A SNAPPER Snappers are built to out-llve other tractors with features like our on- the-go shifting, d-position cutting, heigni and twelve for'orward speeds. Snapper, The lawn machines that won't run themselves into the ground. 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