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t . ’■i ^ 1 ;. Mil ■>i.'^ <> ' h :i,r' ■ .*•>«• •■ ; 4 - -% ■ s • 1 1 Page 10 • The Chronicle-Express, Penn Yan.N.Y., October 31,1990 JV soccer ends undefeated By RUSS HEARTON PENN YAN — The Penn Yan girls’ JV soccer team began its final week of play for the *90 season undefeated under the direction of Coach Rennee \niayer and came away with the same status. The Mustangs hosted Myn- derse, Monday , Oct. 15, and dominated from the outset. The entire team got in on the scoring action.. Kelly Clark made the first score for Penn Yan early in the first quarter on an assist by Carrie Wiliams. Jill Slentz assisted Nicole Hunt to make it 2-0 before the end of the first quarter. Dawn Robinson and Kim Allen teamed up for a goal by Robinson, good for one point opening up the second quarter. Jenny Reynolds fielded a pass by Pok Sayavong for a score, boosting the Penn Yan lead to 4-0. During the third quarter action, Christie Eveland hooked up with Wiliams for another point, fol­ lowed by two more. At the goal, Kerri Church scored off an assist by Hunt. Becky Thomas kicked in a point, after an assist by Clark. Throughout this point barrage, the Penn Yan defense remained impenetrable for Mynderse. At the opening of the four quarter, the score was 7-0 and reflected a season of overwhelming play. Hunt, who scored in the first quarter, returned to the net to put in a second goal off an assist by Kim Allen, for a final score of 8-0. nesday, Oct. 17 but the score was much closer in a game marked by over-confident JV play. Neither team scored during the first quarter, as both teams con­ trolled the ball equally well and equally as long. Coach Thayer comments, “The, girls became overconfident during the first quarter.” Sayavong scored after an assist by Hunt to put Penn Yan up 1-0. Mdlakes scored soon after to tie 1 - 1 . Coach Thayer comments, “After the Midlakes score, the girls played much better, like they wanted to win.” Penn Yan rem ained un­ defeated against Midlakes, Wed- Like in the first quarter, the third quarter came and went without a score by either tean^. Midlakes was proving to be a sure Scots lose to Indians By RUSS HEARTON DUNDEE — The Dundee Scotsmen met the Indians of Red Jacket Saturday, Oct. 27 at Red Jacket, and the final score, ot the Indians 27 and Dundee 8, put the Scotsmen’s sectional hopes to rest for 1990. \Ibrnovers were the key to this loss,\ Coach Allen explains. “We were in a situation where we had to pass to win.” Dundee dominated the first half of the game, scoring twice in the first quarter. One touchdown pass to Robby Hares was called back due to a motion penalty against Dundee. But Hares caught a 39 yarder that was good for 6 plus 2 on the conversion. Dundee led the first half 8-6. The Scots had been moving the ball effectively during the third quarter. They made a drive that looked like they would score, pushing all the way to the Red Jacket five yard line. After the Scotsmen failed to score, the Indians ran a counter play that was good for 50 yards and set up a score to make it 13-8. On the Scots’first play after the return kick, they fumbled. The Indians recovered and managed to press into the endzone for six. Before the end of the third quarter, it was 20-8 Indians. In the fourth quarter, Dundee tried to open things up by passing for the quick points. But this a t­ tack proved costly as the Scotsmen threw away three inter­ ceptions. Coach Allen explains, “You can’t make those kinds of mistakes and win ball games.” He continues, Tm not trying to make excuses but it’s tlie fact. Of the 21 <»* so kids that came out for the team, 10 of them either haven’t played in a year or haven’t played a t all. “It’s a matter of being able to react quickly and react correctly,” he asserts. Allen attributes the turnovers to the fact that his team was for­ ced to make the big play for late points and inexperience. Dundee stands at 2-4-1 going into Saturday’s matchup against visiting Bolivar. Regardless of sec­ tionals, Ehindee is set to win the season ender. Coach Allen notes, “We just have to go out and play our game. We’re looking for Bolivar.” competitor. Penn Yan goalie Kelly Perry played a crucial role in the Penn Yan game. Coach Thayer asserts, “With 10 saves Kelly played her best game yet. She definitely saved us from a loss.” 'The Mustangs gained momen­ tum during the fourth quarter, scoring twice. Hunt scored off an assist by Thomas. Then with 7:00 minutes on the dock, Thomas took it in unassisted for the final goal of the 3-1 Penn Yan victory. Friday, Oct. 19 the Mustangs played their final game of the season against Lyons. Penn Yan walked into the game undefeated and walked out with a 1-1 tie, still undefeated. Lyons scored its goal during the first quarter off a penalty kick. Coach Thayer comments, “It was beautifully executed to the top left hand comer of the goal.” Both teams played two tough quarters without a score. It was obvious that both teams came to win. Finally in the fourth quarter. Church put one in for Penn Yan. The Mustangs learned a lesson about sloppy playing. Coach Thayer insists, “One mistake by our defender and it cost us. Lyons is a good team with good passing skills. We played extremely hard after they scored; nobody wanted to lose our undefeated title.” A g ^ ssive offense and stingy defense made the difference bet­ ween losing and ending in a tie. Penn Yan goalie Perry racked up another 10 saves which Thayer says were “excellent.” Coach 'Thayer reflects on her first season as coach, “It was a wonderful season. Great girls! I can’t wait until next year.” Eaton's IS your store for — ^ WATCHES, DIAMONi:^ JEWELRY REPAIR am Friendly Service! 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B^ey, Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bailey, Philip L. and Nancy M. Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ballard, Mrs. Charles Banach, Jtrftn Banach, Linda < Barden, Bryce Barden, Florence Barney, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barre, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Bascom, Mr. and Mrs. Lesta Basile, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bath National Bank Batzold, Mr. and Mrs. John Baum, Mr. and Mrs. John Bauman. Wilma Beauchamp, Mr. and Mrs. James Beaumont & StMk, Inc. Bechhoefer, Arthur and Steinwachs, Barbara Becker, Alfred Bedient, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent D. Beecher, Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Bell.Eloise Benedict Joyce Bwson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Benton Methodist Church Betts, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome The Birkett Mills BIsioff, Betty Bixby, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Black, John Blank, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Blodgett Ms. Barbara Bloomquist, Rev. & Mrs. Earl Jr. Bluff Point United Methodist Church Bonanni, Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bonnette, Mrs. Amy C. Boquard, Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Borglum, Mr. Bruce Bom, Dr. Midiad J. and Jo Ellen Wahl Botsford, Mr. and Mrs. Prank Bovier, Lloyd and Winifred Bowles, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bradfo^ Clara foanchporl Hardware Briggs, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brow, Dick and Ruth Brow, Helen J. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brown, Mr. Erwin c. .1,- Brown, Howard Buddey, Winifred S. Bump, Mr. It Mrs. Victor Buraoff, Mr. Clifford Burdidc, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burg Doris Burling Mr and Mrs. Larry Burling Mr. and Mrs. Maryin Burt Mrs. Rosel Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Bush, Faith Butin, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bulterfidd, Fred and Eva Button, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Byme, Mr. and Mrs. Charles \C\Fund Calabucd, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Calder, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Calhoun, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Calvin, Edith A. C a m p ^ , Mr. and Mrs. Dou^as Campbell, Mr. and Mis. R o b ^ Carey, Jim and Doris Carey's Coal and Mason Supplies Carges, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carlsor and Mrs. Ernest Carlson, wu. iviargaret Carlsmt, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Carregin, Dorothy CarroU, Mr. and Mrs. Qaude CairoU, Mr. and Mrs. James CarroU, Marie CarroU, Roger and Gloria Castillo, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Castner, E. Robert and Barbara Castner, Glen and Dora Lee C.C.F.L. Faculty Association Cermak, Mr. and Mrs. David Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Chapman, Mary Prisdlla Oiaisky, Richard Chase l^coln First Bank Christensen, Efner and Lois Christensen, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Christensen, Mr. and Mrs. Richard The Chronide Express Clancy, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Qark, Miss Jeannine dark, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Clements, Mr. Daniel Qeveland, Joy Close, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cogsdill, Ms. E)oTis Cohen, Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Collier, Raymond and Alice Colonial MoteL Jim and Kathy Moon ColumUa Banidng Federal Savings A Loan Assodation Comstock, Rev. and Mrs. Qaylon Condella, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C Conley, Mary CoiUey, Thelma Cook, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cook, Mr. andMrs. John Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Corbett, The Hon. and Mrs. Donald Corcoran, Mrs. Virginia Coriale, Mr. and Mrs. Sal Si. ComeU, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd ComeU, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Coming Incorporated Foundation Corwin, M i . and Mrs. William H. Costenbader, Dr. John Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Crevelling Mr. Stewart Crosier, Carlotta L Crosier, Marion and Janet Crystal VaUey Grange Culver, Ms. Juanita Cummings, Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ciubeau, Dick and Boiuiie Curbeau, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Curbeau, Mr. and Mrs. James R. D'Abbracd, Mrs. Mary Dahlberg Mrs. Evdyn Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation Dalldt, Mr. and Mrs. James Davenport Hatch Foundation Davis, Mr. Preston Davison, Raymond and Margaret Day, Mr. and Mrs. CUnlon Dean, Dr. WiUiam and Elizabeth Decker, Timollw and Anna DelRossa, Ms. Carolyn DcUamore, Mrs. Estella DeRoo, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DeVita, Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DeWidc, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Disbrow, Rev. Benjamin Dodge, Elizabeth Donahue, Tom and Cindy Donnells, Pam Dowse, Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Drake, Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Dieisch, Dr. Mary Dresden Hotel Dudley, Mr. H. Dugan, Marcia R Dundee American Legion Dundee Chamber of Commerce Dundee Fire Department Dunning Mr. and Mrs. F. Eldyn Dunitm, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Durkee, David and Florence Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eddy, Mr. Charles Eggleston, Doris EUiotl, Catherine W. Emerson, Lloyd and Evdyn Ericks cm. Dr. and Mrs. Donald Erie, Mr. Elwood Errico, Marco and Joanna Eskildsen, Bonnie Eskildsen, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Esiey, Edith Evans, Dr. and Mrs. Emerson Fairbrother, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Falvey, Michael E. A Co. Falvey, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Farnsworth, Mr. Howard Fedele, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Feeney, Mr. and Mrs. John Finewood, Mrs. Joyce Finger Lakes Times Finnlgan, Mrs. Sharlene Filch, Ho-bert Rich, Linda Rich, Tay and Lyn Fitzgibbons, Jim and Carol Ryiui, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frote, Edward Forest, Hope Foster's Equipment, Inc. Foulkes, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fowler, Mr. Peter Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fox, Lucy M., Estate Fox, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Rands, Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Redertksen, Mr. and Mrs. Hbfold Reatch, Mr. and Mrs. Romulus Rench, Sarah and Betty Rey, EmUy Rey, Mr. and Mis. Henry Fritz, Homer and Alice Fritz, Seena Fullagar, Mr. and Mrs. Collier PuUagar, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fullagar, Edna Fullagar, Vida Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garvey, Mr. and Mrs. David Sr. Gaylord Brothers Geneva General Hospital Staff Gibson, Ms. Doris Gibson, Tom and Connie Gifford Jeff snd Wendy Gift Tree Giles, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Giles Shur Fine Food Mart Cillan, Peter Gillilan, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gilmore, Ms. Mabel Gleason, Beverly Gleason, George and Anne Goodman, Ms. Mabel Goulds Pumps Inc. Gow, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grace, Wendy Gray, Gertrude Gray, Harold and Cherylanne Gray, William and Betty Green, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Greulick, Herman O.D. Griffiths Home for the Elderly Griswold, Marie Cuilfoose, Mr. and Mrs. John Cunderman, Mr. and Mrs. William Curba, Roger Cute, Miss Susan Cuyanoga Valley Grange Halbrltter, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald, Sr. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hansen, Mrs. Nellie Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Harkness, Mrs. Bernard E. Harris, Beach A Wilcox Harrop, Ms. Irene Haugen (StraiU, Mr. A Mrs. S. Hayden, Robert and Lois Haynes, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hayward, Dee Henderson, Mr. Richard Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hetrick, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Qarence Hibbard, Ms. Bessie Hilton Huft, Mr. Wesley Hines, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hinson, Robert L. Hoban, Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert The Homestead Residents Hood, Ruth Houck, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Hovey, Ms Grace Howe, Mr. Charles Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Howland, Georgia Hull, RobWt Kingsley and Crady, Elisabeth S. Hunt, Ms Elizabeth Hunt, Ms. Marjorie Hunt, Eugene S. and Nancy S. Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Rulip F. Hunter, Howard and Vi Hurrin, Mary Jane Ide Radiology Croup Ingham, Ms. Edith Inscho, Cert Iversen, Mr. and Mrs. Richard James, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene James P. Cordon Foundation Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Jensen, Dr. and Mrs Robert O. Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Russell J.J. McGovern, Inc. J. A L. Seneca Farms Johnson A Higgins Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Johnson Smith Rorist, Inc. Johnson-Costello Post, American Legim Jolley Chevrolet, Inc. Jones, Mr. and Mrs Barry Jones, Robert and Elizabeth ' Jones, Walt Josselyn, Mr. A Mrs. Fred Josselyn, James F. and Elizabeth E, Jossem, Jarred K A L Oeaners Kalwas, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Kaul, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Keefer, Marie Kellner, Ms. Margaret , Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Rank L. Kent, Mr. Lynn .j • Kenyon, Mr. and Mrs. Elmond '* • ' Kem, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Keuka Shoreline Roperties, Inc. Ke5res, Dorothy ^ KiersznowsVd, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Kilbum, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin KimbalL Mr. and Mrs. Donald, Jr. Kindelberger, Marguerite King Bambi Kinner, Mr. and Mrs. Royal Kirk, E>r. and Mrs. Arthur Kirkland, Mrs. Betty • Knapp A Sons Sunoco Knapp, Rela ' Knaub, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kneeland, Mr. John Kniffin, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knowiton, Mrs. Lyda Koehlctr, Mr. and Mrs Robert Koek, Mr. and M is Kevin . Krans, Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Kransler, Mr. and Mrs. John Kuh, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'Kurt^Mr. andMrs.Jim Lakes Gas Lakeside Country Qub **Pll Lamphier, Clifford and Suzanne - 1 Lank, Edith i ' 1 Lanpher, Mr. and Mrs. Richard L • Lasser, Dr. Steven LeOaire, Mr. and Mrs. Charles LeOaire, Jean and R. Bruce Lefko, Mr. and Mrs. Alan Legault, Mr. and Mrs Robert E. LeGro, Mr. and Mrs. Jon Lerch, Barb ' - Llghtner, Charlotte • lindenmuth. Dr. Norman W. and Susafl\^^*^ Lindner, Marian Linderbery, Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lingg Mr. and Mrs. Ken Lions Qub of Penn Yan Lloyds Limited < 418 North Main Street Penn Yan, New York 14527 315-536-4431 Attention has been given to the accuracy of this donor list/® ^ your name is misspelled or has been omitted.

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