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• tV. L. .a . i l ^■^■' October 31,1990 - Page 19 ^ G i v e the U n ited Way C e n t e r o u t l i n e s s e r v i c e s editor’s Note: The following ' • - on the Middlesex Val* jjcle is on th e Middlesex Val* f V CbiW D evelopment Center, 1 of 15 beneficiaries of the 1991 Way of N o rthern Yates ^ unty campaign. The cam* flip* goal is $514250, o f which center will receive $800, . ^ v idin g the cam p aign goal J r reached. Contributions may L sent to P.O. Box 432, Penn NY. 14527. ji^ddlesex Valley Child Development Center, Inc. ^ 0 Middlesex Valley Child pevelopment Center, Inc., located gt 12 Gilbert St., Rushville, uses United Way of Northern Yates County funding for its Family Life to 30 workshops are conducted each year at the center and at other locations. Workshop topics disapline approaches, child behaidor, communication skills, activities with children, school issues, creative expression, play and play groups, and other topics. Family Life Skills staff also is available to present workshops for other agencies and groups. This variety of workshop topics, as well as many others, can be tailored to meet a group’s specific needs and interests. * > Skills Pre^ram. Director Nancy Stanton Multer notes that the center was es- t^lished in 1975 and has been receiving United Way assistance for eight years. The center’s Family Life Skills program provides services which enhance the positive development of parenting skills and the self es­ teem of parents and children. Ser­ vices offered through the program are available for all families in Ontario and Yates counties, and all members of the family. Parenting W orkshops are provided fc>r parents, as well as child care providers. Twenty-five P a y n e ’ g e t s p o s t at C o r n e ll A library offered by the center of parenting resources has more than 600 books, cassette tapes, and hundreds of pamphlets and articles available for public use. Topics dealing with parents’ con­ cerns of toilet training, sibling rivalry, ages and stages of child development, discipline, school readiness, and others, are among the variety included. Children’s books on divorce, death, temper tantrums, new baby, bed time, toilet training, fears, going to the hospital, and many other topics are also avail­ able for loan. More than 2,000 resource materials were circulated by this library during 1988-‘89. The P a rent’s Request Line (716-554-6846) offers parenting information and referrals by phone. Of the more than 450 re­ quests received this year, 60 per­ cent of the requests received are related to child care needs. The Child Care Register provides a listing of adults and teens who are available to care for children. This register is an ex­ change of names and information, including references, for parents who need to make long-term child care arrangements, as well as those needing occasional evening or weekend babysitters. Home Visits are made by the center’s Family Life educators to those parents and home child care providers unable to come to the center to use services. Visits in the home provide sup­ portive dialogue with parents and children, information and ideas for dealing with family situations, and creative materials and ac- tivites for children. Home visits are also make to in­ troduce new families to the cen­ ter’s services. The Young Parents Program provides home visits and a sup­ port group for Yates County parents under age 20. For more information about any of these services, those interested should call the center a t 716-554- 6846 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. ITHACA — Steven Payne, a sophomore at Cornell University, Ithaca, was elected by the School of Industrial and Labor Relations to serve on Cornell University’s Student Assembly. Payne was also elected by the Assembly to serve as its vice president. The son of Karen and David Payne, 12 Hillcrest Drive, Penn Van, Payne is 1 of 23 elected members on the Student As­ sembly and will serve a one-year term. Payne will play a central and ^ important role in the governance *' of Cornell and in the formulation, review and recommendation of policies for the Division of Cam­ pus Life. McLaughlin attends RPI * TROY — Timothy McLaughlin of 9449 Grove Springs Road, Hammondsport, has enrolled as a freshman a t Rensselaer Polytech­ nic Institute in TVoy. McLaughlin is majoring in en­ gineering a t the college. The 1,001-member class of 1994 has an outstanding academic profile. According to Rensselaer’s admissions office, about 60 per- cent of this year’s freshmen were in the top 10 percent of their high school classes. RPI is the oldest technological university in America. Since it was founded in 1824, many of its graduates have become corporate leaders, scientists, engineers, technologists, and inventors whose work has shaped the modern world. 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Reg only) Loose case 24 cans -$12.75 (Reg.) 40oz-$1.59 (Reg) BUSCH 6 pk/cans - $2.69 l2pk/cans-S4.79 COORS 6pk/cans-$3.45 (Reg&U.) 12pk/cans-$6.49 (Extra Gold) '2pk/cans-$6,49 (Reg&Lt.) Available at Penn Yan Store (203 Lake St. at Liberty) only OLD VIENNA 6pk/blls-$3.55(11.5oz.) £ m . MICHELOB 6 pk/btls • $3.79 (Reg, Ll. &Dry) @ 1 PABST 6pk/cans-$2.69 D S f iJ P 12pk/cans-$4.45 tU m Loose case 24 cans - $8.85 40 o 2.-$1.19 MILLER 6pk/cans/btls-$3.15 (Reg&Lt.) / l i i i r 12pk/cans-$6.25 (Reg, Lt.& Genuine Draft) GENESEE 6pkcans/btls-$2.45 >2pk/cans -$4.89 (Beer, Cream Ale &Lt.) HAMM’S '>pk/cans-$1.65 HEINEKEN bpk/bUs-$5.29 . KOCH’S opk/cans-$1.85 UBATT’S pk/btls-$3.49 (Beer.Lt.&Ale) MUSTER BRAU bpk/cans-$l.99 I^Pk/cans-$3.99 ‘llloz,-$.95 MILWAUKEE’S BEST 6 pk/cans-$1.85 (Reg&Lt.) 12pk/cans-$3.55 Loose Case 24 Reg/cans • $6.89 40oz.-$.99 MOLSON 6pk/btls-$3.45(ll.5oz.) (Beer,Lt,&Ale) OLD MiLWADKEE 6 pk/cans - $2.29 12pk/cans-$4.55 (Reg&Lt.) B 40oz.-$.99 Loose Case 24 cans - $7.69 PIELS DRAFT 12 pk/cans-$3.55 (Reg&Lt.) „ SCHMIDT’S 6pk/cans-$1.85 SHARPS 6pk/btls-$3.15 UTICA CLUB 6 pk/cans-$1.89 * Btts/cans ■ 12 oz. unless otherwise specified ' Listed price plus deposit and tax (Safe prices good 10/31 11/27/90) WINE COOLERS SEAGRAMS 4pk-$2.65 (Wild berry,BlackCherry, Tropic&Golden) We now have... daei^EGG NOG ^-i«^CREAM ’?ae^LIGHT HOLIDAY NOG SPECIALS GOOD WED. OCTOBER 31 THRU TUES. NOVEMBER 13.1990 PENN YAN STORE 203 Lake S t r e e t . Byrne Store at 1 corner of Lake & Liberty Sts. 1.W.W BYKNE DAIRY STORE C O U P O N ^ m h * \ F P a B Y R M E h a l f g a l l o n I \Miqhty-Fine\ICE CREAM MILK^ |w Coupon good for 25C off purchase o f one half gallon | of Byrne \Mighty-Fine \ fee Cream or Light Ice Milk Limit one per family-Offer good Wed. 10/31-Tues. 11/13/90 w j T M j l ■ ■ H I ■■ ■■ I H H M H Mi BYRNE DAIRY STORE COUPON q u a r t S I Z E A traditional formula which we have strictly / . followed for , ./ I over I / I 50 years. ^ ' ■ SST\\ _________ ! n Coupon good for 25C o ff purchase o f one Quart o f Byrne Egg Nog. lim it one per family - Offer good Wed. 10/31-Tues. 11/13/90 BYRNE DAIRY STORE COUPON H A L F G A L L O N UGHT HOO d AY n o g I e g g NOG FLAVORED MILK LlGHT-97% ■ |y 7 Coupon goodfor 250 O ff purchase O f one f ATFREE! I f Half Gallon of Light Holiday Nog. Limit one per fam ily-O tter good Wed.10/31-Tues. 11/13/90 HALF GALLON GLASS BOTTLE Famo'jsiByrne Quality “Mighty-Fine’ICECREAM VAHIILA. NEOPOIITAN & ASSORTED FLAVORS FEATHERUGHT ■ 7 j n : i 99 « Plus 40c Deposit Ihmii 2 31 sate pme please) (CLIFFORD AVE..ITHACA.CANANDAIGUA. SPENCERPORT, PEHN YAN, ONEIDA STORESOHLTI \fio r n e n ia f f e Byrne ICECREAM FRENCH VANILLA w ith chunks p i u T ^ I | 0 of CHOCOLATE. | ^ | 9 VAHILLA-FUOGE.BUTTERED-PECAN Lmit 2 at sate pnee Plus 40C Dep SLENDER lliinit 2 at sale puce please) HALF GALLON GLASS BOTTLE BYRNE REAL HALF&HALF CREAM - * ^ PINT , Uimft 2 at sale 1 price please) ^ No Sugar or Preservative added! 2 / 69 < Byrne M^<|Pu^eUj»RID/^ 1 3 0 “’'\'S n \ P 0 TAT 0 C H I P S ||.^ JUICE HALF GALLON lim it 2 at sale price please)' Crush^Prool$| 0 0 S / GLASS BOTTLE I 8VRNE f r e n c h f i Q C w ^ N l O N D ! P O g A « ? W ' BYRNE ' Delicious! f i Q C SOUR CREAM D g itimil 2 a! sale pnee please) PIN T Uimn 2 et sale price please) q VIZ, Byrne S U N D A E C U P S 4 0 Z ofS/rry 4/$|.Q0 iLimU 4 el sale price please) BYRNE FAMOUS ^CHOCOLATE g O v r f MILK fi,n,„ 7 Kile once pleai.e' ^.^uWermftk 65« i,mu 2 at sale pnee please’ QUART BEERS OF THE MONTH! Old Milwaukee REG. and LIGHT Caseot 24 -12 oz. Loose Cans » 7 6 9 LIMIT 1 CASE PLEASE PLUS DEPOSIT PEPSI 6pack SLICE Cant /VLountain Dew u q a o u i A.-T i«.u£..t.uuo»^u..o ______________________ . PEPSI D l « 4 I 70 ^ 2 1 9 Ifil 1*1 D4#*lf - 17 n-v P a n e * o> nc r^PPOSlT Whilehile Supply lasts 12 Pack- 12 oz.Cans LIMIT ICASE PLEASE PLUS DEPOSIT W Supply lasts BLUEBERRY MUFFINS $ |J 5 iLimit 2 at sale price please) Peanut Butter „ „„ 9 ^ COOKIES PACKOJ HALLS Ail F l a i r s 3 0 c t r Bag' While Supply Lasts I F l a i r s ■ ---------- -...Mjvi |)\1KN ''M'UI l ' \ I’' ’'-*\ ^ S C „ E . S « S r O N K E « S gyrSiliFREE! o n e _ p m f a I l y ^ 1 . ji\ 'mm '■CCr, Hiri

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