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Chronicle-express. (Penn Yan, N.Y.) 1926-current, February 06, 1991, Image 20

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■qr—' 4- ' I I 1 ? '* \ f _> \ \ I Page 20 - T h e Chronicle-Express, Penn Yan, N.Y., February 6 , 1 9 9 ^ ^ ^ F O V C O I I g § G G ( l l l C C i t t o T t Many funds available E d i t o r ’s N o te: F o llow ing is th e seco n d in a se r i e s o f a r ­ tic les o n s t u d e n t a i d p r o g r a m s av a ilab le t o th o s e p l a n n i n g to p u r s u e a college e d u c a tio n . criteria of heredity has been es­ tablished. ANNAJENNER PY p layw right’s w o rk to be s taged By BOB G ILFILLAN KEUKA PARK — Getting to Grandma’s, an exceptional adult comedy/drama w ritten by a talen­ ted local playwright, A n n a Jenner, will be presented in the Hegeman Theatre on the cam p u s of Keuka College on Feb. 21, 22, a n d 23. The play will 1^ presented as part of the Keuka College Spot­ light Series, in conjunction with the Yates County A rts Council. n t ’s both a comedy a n d dram a ,” stated Jenner, 1091 Anthony Beach Road, R D l, Penn Yan, “but its not for children.\ In addition, according to Jenner, Getting to Grandm a ’s (which is set in a fictional area much like the Finger Lakes) explores the psychological m a turation of the m ain character (Wink) a n d her in­ teraction with the five other characters in both a serious and comedic m anner. Also, as Jenner, who cites playwrights (Jeorge Bernard Shaw and H e n rik Ibsen as favorite authors, explained, “I w anted the p lay to h ave a hunting background or Finger Lakes background and to dwell on a family. “And,” related Jenner, who wrote the play over the course of four y ears, “as I s tarted to g e t the characters, the plot started to “It (the plot),” she continued, “kind of unveiled itself; i t was a s if something very certain was un­ derneath i t all; and veil a fter veil came off. H im rod Dianna Ayers B a rbara and George Barton have sold their home a t the corner of Plum Point a n d Hall roads, and moved to Armond Beach, PL. They both said to say “So long” to their friends here in Himrod. Glenn, at the Himrod Grocery Store, h a s their new address if anyone woud like to h ave it. I received a letter from Jerem y Miller, son of Polly and Dewey M iller o f P lum Point. He h a s w rit­ ten a poem about his feelings for the families of those serving in Saudi Arabia. These thoughts were published in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Jan. 30 issue of The Chronicle-Express. Thanks, Jeremy, for y o u r support. Tm sure your poem will bring comfort to many. CHECK OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES For All Your Plumbing Heating & Electrical Supplies YATES PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLY C O ., INC. DAILY 7:30 - 5:30 SATURDAY 7:30 - 4:00 240 LIBERTY STREET PENN YAN, NEW YORK 536-4495 “And,” she added, “the more I worked, the more certain I was th a t there was a good story under there.” Admission for the p lay is free. B y RU S S HEARTON So you can’t afford college? Unfortunately even after tap­ ping into existing federal and state grant and loan programs, there can still be a gap between the cost of education and what is affordable. That is why m any students turn to a multiplicity of public and private scholarship sources. New York State offers a variety of scholarships to students with diverse criteria. The m o st commonly known are the New York S tate Regents Col­ lege a n d Regents Nursing, Empire S tate Scholarships of Excellence, and New York S tate H e alth Ser­ vice Corps Scholarships. These provide am o u n ts for study th a t range from $250 to $15,000 annually and are generally based upon academic achievement, n o t need. Some scholarships, like the Regents Nursing, H e alth Service Corps, and Regents Professional O p p o rtunity Scholarships, are available only for students plan­ ning to p u rsue specific careers. The s tate a lso offers scholarship funds for children of deceased police officers and for children of deceased police, firefighters and correctional g u ards. These scholarships are also competitive once the prim ary T h e S t a t e o f N e w Y o rk is not the only source for scholarships. According to Keuka College Financial Aid Director Penny Chapman, students often fail to look in the right places for scholarship money. She insists, “There are lots of scholarships for those who a re gif­ ted or talented and lots of other sources t h a t anybody could apply for. There are m any t h a t students don’t have to be ‘the best* to qualify for. “Students often aren’t aware th a t service organizations, chur­ ches, trade unions, even the local Red Cross are scholarship sources,” she adds. Chapman recommends The Scholarship Book as a fairly com- Dean’s list WILLIAMSPORT, PA — Holly Jones was among the 146 students named to the dean’s list a t Lycoming College for the fall sem ester o f the 1990-'91 academic year. Jones, daughter o f Mr. a n d Mrs, Barry Jones of K e u k a Park, is a sophomore a t Lycoming College. The dean’s list is issued at the close of each sem ester in recogni­ tion of superior scholarship. Students are nam e d to the dean’s list i f they complete a t least four letter-graded courses and earn a minimum grade point average of 3.50 for the semester. prehensive source nationwide, however does urge students to first use the m o st obvious and helpful resource before them ; their guidance counselor. A t Penn Yan Academy students wishing to learn more about where a n d how to apply for college scholarships can tap into another nationwide network called G.I.S. or Guidance Information System. According to Dave Pajme, a guidance counselor a t Penn Yan Academy, G.I.S. is a computerized service th a t allows students to find out which colleges or other institutions offer scholarships th a t fit their n e eds a n d abilities. Using G.I.S. a student can m atch his/her qualities to a variety of scholarship sources in m inutes. One thing t h a t Payne does not advocate students using are any mail-in scholarship search sys­ tems. Payne cautions, “I’m not aware of any students having received any money from those services. 'They give you the impression th e ^ l find scholarship money th a t nobody else knows about. But they usually ju s t come back with places to apply.” He explains, recommend any those services; definitely not ^ “1 really 4^ students money.fc^ less there guarantee.” So if you’re looking for scholj ships to close the gap or cotU costs, it appears that your ft stop should be your high guidance office. TH E UX)M1S baton ' c o u n t t y e l e g a n c e in furniture Solid w o o d furniture and cuScq u p h o l s t e r y in country and tiadiU o n a l d esigns. A lso leclin e r s , pteoilut! mattresses, area r u ^ and braidai rugs, lightifvg, pictures, accessoiie Design Service - Free Delivery tak e R t 364 to RL 247 tu r n le f t o n Loom is Road Tues. • S at. 10 • 5:30 Sun. I- 4, Closed Mon. 716-554-3154 4942 L o o m is R oad R u s h v ille,N .Y . 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Maxwell Honse Gan Coffee S | 6 9 WTTH THS COUPON! ^0 PURCHISI. uyrr ONE COUPON P&R SHOPPING FAVOIV C o u p o n Valid T h r u 2 / 9 / 9 1 at T o m 's S u p e r Duper TOM'S SUPER BONUS COUPON i 1 m m $ $ S$: I I 1 1 M I I s s I I I I I i i G r e a t M e a l s S t a r t W ith TO M \s Q u a lity F r e s h M e a t s Lipton T e a Bags $ 2 > a wimTHiscmiPCM i uiroM F c n iip n j ppr siroKiiiQrAUiLY Freab Grade A Qucicen Hillahire Faim$ Super Tru USDA Beef Chuck Cut Up Fryers 8 9 C Smoked or Polska Sausage Boneless Chuck Roast Super Tni Semi Bonelss Ham Whole or 1/2 $ 1 7 9 , $ | 7 9 Sopw T n USDA Beef Q w i Boneless Shoulder Roast $ 2 2 9 Super Tru USDA Beef Bonclesf Beef For Stew • l ” i . Super T in USDA Beef Boaom Round Roast StpnTn USDA Bw( B r n l f S U p S t i ^ SoptT T n Pled) (boBad Ground Beef S i^ e r T iu ( r a h S u z o o u l e $ 4 9 9 Loif Rich VMeatballs / 8 |8 9 Turley Bacon SuperTiuIIb.pack B ob L cd ^ But Dogs Super T ru, by die p iece Brtwnschwiegw SafoTttU S D A B aafR M ad Cube Steaks i S T i t a T i S r * 2 “ $P69 $|49 hrkefBrod • C o u p o n V a lid T h r u 2 / 9 / S \ a t T o m 's S u p e r Dupei TOM’S SUPER BONUS COUPON CoDv. w . , iwL euee Pampers Diapers 7 5 0 o f f WfrKTMRCQUPON UlUITSHCPPIMGR SHCPPIWi FAMILY C o u p o n Valid T h ru 2 / 9 / 9 1 al T o m 's S u p e r Dupei TOM’S SUPER BONUS COUPON Nature Valley, assL w . Granola Bars ~ ^ ! F R E E WfTM THU« MUPtlN I ilfT flNF fYNlPTM K fl SHTlPPIur. 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F r a n c h C u t B a a n u o r C u t C r M n B e a n * 1 i M 1 Dairy Delights / V RedAWbite ■Bus. i I i 1 :W: M 1 P m M m 1 i P 1 P: Upetatc I Milk gal. $ | 8 9 Citnitlil Ciowln Yognrf - 3/99C - » |« Red & White 21 6 02 •lS“ 9 9 e Qoiy 21 oz. P u c k a r a P r i d u a V A A P l a F i n e . # S G v Cteudht 6oz Tomato O # $ l P a s ta O f H Caudn 8oz, T o n i e t o m # * ■ S a u c e 4/*l na14V ■Msr 1 . $ l » • 99. IM4 Pillsbury Crescam RoUs $149 RedAWhoe Cottage Cheese ^ 9 9 0 - « 2 « Kraft Cracke Barrel Maiadu Corn Tortillae 6 9 0 Fndt0ulAtall!^j 5Z !gy M m . 3/n Pork 8 B e a n s, K idney B e a n s Lt. or Dk. 3/n U A M iftS lIn d a r Hd«a l6oz. con IMeUpidBater. Adf. >3” Hotb heialRsai 300 ct. box $|aa loiaiierackirs 8 9 0 13 oz Hneykahtos 99C 16 oz. DRCleBealffics $189 14 oz. RedAW hiu Goconjd CdMuIndtabi IS oz. _______ 8 9 C ProgremlheaB I 90 Z Soopaqo* Swhslliu Cocoa $ | e 10 oz. Com ISoz. nakei q 7 ! Beenirich*s NawiDBamCilhi ine •aw '•iPfeiEs'ftr*' Ur rUpSl rrUU Gddbfedil Sib. Flour Ccoadm 15 C2. S q i S ^ m B|I9 8 9 0 Joy Liquid 49 Liquid, Suniinae. Blue UcHifraiicSiftiMr * 3 “ 96 oz Cat Chow 7 lb. > 4 “ PuAPlua Thna 108 ct. Spray-N-Wash $ |9 9 2.8 oz. MiliMtdiBDsHM Old Q Paso Sals $ |79 16 oz. CgusyKUB Log Cabin SjQi H e rshayt Candy Xmife Coffee . 0,1., * 3 \ O v Bag Cookies $|2B 16 o r Corn Chips ^ P m i . C o n , Preocb Cresi Bmn ^ Birdseye Veg. 10 os. 5 9 0 Awste Orange Drink Septf iHt. Ice Cream t i n . 6 3 0 S|“ RvtTMSidi Auni lendina VandeKamp Minced Stickt ... .,® 3 ” Reg. Cool Welch’s Grape Juice Whip ■.» 9 9 0 iV Cinn.fofieeCake $ | 6 9 ^ 11$*. ?rkw In Effect Thru Febrewry 9.1991 - Umit A on all itviiw unleis otherwiw ilatvd. Wa Radvem Fvdvral Food Stamps S WK - NO SfiLES TO DEfiLEW No! rnponsiblv for typograptiiwl or pktorigl erren.

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