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Fun for the kids of ail ages. R a c e fo r t h e F a i r 1 9 9 9 GREENWICH JOURNAL 1' r*M SALEMPRESS Thursday, September 2 , 1099 Page 3 Young e q u e strian perform s for the judges. || G reenwich ] S c o u t s r e g i s t r a t i o n Signing up y o u r son and/or daughter for scouting will be easier this year thanks to the combined efforts of Greenwich Cub Scout and Girl Scout organizers. Registration night for all boys in grades 1 through 5 and all girls from Kindergarten through 12th grade will be held o n Monday, September 13, from 7 to 8 p;m. at the Greenwich high school cafeteria. For family convenience, leaders of all age levels for both the Cub Scouts and the Girl Scouts will be on hand to answer any questions. Both new and retumihg scouts are invited to register. Light refreshments will be available. Rain interrupts stockade tour If you want it to rain just plan an outing. Nine members of Willard's Mountain Chapter journeyed to Schenectady to walk the Historic Stockade Area on Saturday, August 14. They first visited the Schenectady His­ torical Society building on Washington Avenue and received brochures to fa­ cilitate their walk. They also visited the adjoining libraiy with a windowed wall which looks across the garder; with its view o f the Binne Kill, a branch o f th e Mohawk River. The group then pro­ ceeded down Washington Avenue to­ wards the river for about a block when the heavens opened up and umbrellas were opened and shelter under over­ hanging trees was sought. As the rains continued, it was de­ cided to return to the Historical Society and drive to the Captain's Cove in Scotia for lunch. A rather wet and be­ draggled patty entered the restaurant where they enjoyed lunch during which time the sun came out. The group de­ cided to return to the stockade to con­ tinue the walk, but, by the time lunch was over, the rains had begun again and everyone made a mad dash for their ve­ hicles in which they finally made the tour o f the stockade. On September 25, there is to be a conducted walk o f the stockade and several members have de­ cided to make that a priority. The September 11 meeting of W illard's M ountain Chapter will be held at 10 a.m. at the home o f Estella Johnson in Easton. Mary Havens, Line­ age Research, District Vice Chairman and a member of the Jane McCrae Chapter o f Glens Falls will b e the guest speaker. Senior Citizens Greenwich Senior Citizens will hold a covered dish lunch on Tuesday, Sep­ tem b er 7, at noon at the V.F.W. Post on Abeel Avenue. Members are asked to take a dish to pass. V.F.W. 7291 meeting V.F.W. Post 7291 members will meet on Tuesday, September 7, at the Post on Abeel Avenue at 7 p.m. to pay bills. A r g y l e Bible study groups Small group Bible studies will start soon at the Argyle United Presbyterian Church. Anyone interested in joining a study group may contact the church office. College entrant David Lee White will be entering SUNY Potsdam as a freshman this fall. Potsdam is one o f the oldest schools in the SUNY units, tracing its origin back to St. Lawrence Academy in 1816. The college offers liberal arts, teacher education and the Crane School o f Music. About 4,000 students attend the school. Rrgyle News prop F o r y o u r con v e n ien c e ,n e w s articles, ads, and notices may be .drop p e d o f f at th e h o m e o f Shirley A d am s on E a st Street in a box on the side p o rch. H o s p i c e a p p o i n t m e n t Elinor Caton, executive director o f Hospice o f Washington County, a serv­ ice of-M a iy McClellan Hospital, has announced the appointment o f Jean E. M eyer as Volunteer/Public Relations Coordinator. M eyer has an extensive background ip the hospital environment and in early childhood' education. She is accom­ plished as a speaker and in providing workshops for staff, parents and profes­ sional organizations. A t S t Francis Hospital, Hartford, Ct., M eyer was the supervisor o f the child care center. For several y ears she was the assistant director o f volunteer, youth services for the Connecticut divi­ sion* American Red Cross. Her area of expertise includes continuous quality improvement principles and the devel­ opment o f training programs to support needs o f parents, student teachers and volunteers. The Race for the Fair was the open­ ing event, taking place at 6 p.m. on Monday, August 23. It was a five mile run. Eighty-four people competed in the race. W inners In order o f finish Men George Van Hook, 28:12, 45 - Cam­ bridge; Richard Zwirn, 28:15, 39 - Gansevoort; Ian Kerr, 28:58, 17 - Greenwich; Don Minkel, 29:41, 44 - Salefn; and John Camelio, 30:05, 53 - Sandgate, Vt. Women Danielle Cherniak, 32:57, 37 - Cohoes; Erica Patrick, 36:38, 19 - Greenwich; Sandy Adams, 36:52, 39 - Shushan; Christine Citon, 38:50, 30 - Glens Falls; and Sally McGuirk, 38:56, 40 - Queensbuiy. 7 - 14 - Male - Robert Furey. Female - Brittany Pine, Kaila Mattatt and Emily Herrick. 5 - 19 - Male - Dan Sautelle, Bill McShane and Isaiah Shaw. Female - Kathleen Forbes, Tamara Pine and M ollj Oswald. 20 - 2 4 - Male - Don Pierce. Female - Jessica S triffler and Molly Bashaw. 25 - 29 - Female - Erica Chamber- lain and M arie Chesborough. 30-34 - Male - Chris Coons. Female - Michelle Delise. 35 - 39 - Male — Jeff Fedor, James Grogan and Bob Sipperley. Women - Lisa Sheldirch, Donna Ruppel and Audrey Amico. 40 - 44 - Male - Bill Vender, Gary Bergen and Joe Sporko. Female - Anita Gabalski, Jen Kuzmich and Gwen Brilling. 45 - 49 - Male - Ed Powers, Jim Forbes and Steven Lansing. Female - . C hristine M urphy and Barbara Fane. 50-54 - Male - Doug Bischoff and Kenneth Lohr. 55-59 - Male - Chuck Nacy, John Ball and Peter Smith. Female - Sakiko Claus and Charlotte Smith. 60 +• - Mate - Kurt Claus, Paul Bleakley and Bob Dunham. Female - Joanne Bleakley. List of Runners in order of finish 28:12 - George Von Hook, 45 - Cambridge; 28:15 - Rich»«5 Zwirn, 39 - Gansevoort; 28;58 - Ian Kerr, 17 - Greenwich; 29:41 - Don Minkel, 44 - Salem; 30:05 - John Camelia, 53 - Sandgate, Vt.; 30:11 - Bill Venner, 40 - Granville; 30:21 - Dan Sautelle, 19 - Greenwich; 30:42 - Gary Berger, 40 - Troy; 30:49 - Ed Powers, 49 - Melrose; 30:50 - Jim Forbes, 45 - Valley Falls; 31:18 - Steve Lansing, 45 - Melrose; 32:14 - Joseph Sporko, 43 - Saratoga Springs; 32:54 - Bill McShane, 18. - Greenwich; 32:57 - Danielle Cherniak, 37 - Cohoes; 33:19 - Isaiah Shaw, 15 - Greenwich; 33:36 - Paul Vinsel, 61 - Greenwich; 33-43 - Gary Czupil, 44 - A d m in istrators w e lcom e d On Thursday, August 12, a recep­ tion was held in the McClellan lobby at the hospital to introduce the newly ap­ pointed chief executive officer, Dr. John Rugge; C h ief Operating Officer Douglas Cushing; and director of hu­ man resources, Leslie Dorsey to the staff. Over 100 people attended, includ­ ing mem b ers o f the board of directors, volunteers and members o f the auxiliary. The reception was informal, provid­ ing everyone the opportunity to meet Dr. Rugge, Douglas Cushing and Leslie Dorsey on a one to one basis. Arthur Center, chairman of the board o f direc­ tors; Paul Tomlinson, treasurer; and members Dale MacNeil a n d Carol Car- mody hosted the event. Cushing assumed his post as C.O.O. on August 9, and during his first weeks at M ary McClellan held open meetings for all employees. Leslie Dorsey at­ tended those meetings as well and each met with the department managers indi­ vidually. Dr. Rugge met with the physi­ cians a t a special medical staff meeting held on Thursday evening. Cushing said, \W e intend to keep the lines o f communication open be­ tween the administration, staff, physi­ cians, volunteers, auxilians and the general public as we move forward 1 to­ wards our goai of a financially viable future for M ary M cClellan Hospital and Skilled Nursing Facility.\ Latham; 33-49 - Chris Coons, 34 - Johnsonville; 34:05 - Jeff Fedor, 36 - Corinth; 35:30 - Ted Shuster, 40 - Greenwich; 35:40 - Bob Sipperley, 39 - Greenwich; 36:11 - Jesse Lee, 16 - Greenwich; 36:38 - Erica Patrick, 19 - Greenwich; 36:52 - Sandy Adams, 39 - Shushan; and 37:00 - Jim Sullivan, 38 - Arlington, Vt. Also, 38:50 - Christine Citone, 30 - Glens Falls; 38:56 - Sally McGuirk, 40 - Queensbury; 39:16 - Chuck Nacy, 56 - Queensbury; 39:17 - Ricky Morgan, 47 - Stillwater; 39:41 - Kathleen Forbes, 16 - Valley Falls; 39:47 - Robert Furey, 13 - Burnt Hills; 39:52 - Anita Gabalski, 43 - Shushan; 39:53 - Doug Bischoff, 54 - Cambridge'; 40:08 - Michael Latiove, 43 - Trpy; 41:21 - Kurt Ruppel, 45 - Greenwich; 41-34 - John Ball, 55 - Salem; 41:39 - Gary Danforth, 47 - Greenwich; 41:45 - Jen Kuzmich, 41 - Greenwich; 42:12 - Erica Chamberlain, 29 - Salem; 42:13 - Mark Regan, 43 - Glens Falls; 42:23 - Sakiko Claus, 57 - Schroon Lake; 42:42 - Kenneth Lohr, 50 - Cambridge; 43:22 - Michelle Delise, 31 - N. Ad­ ams, Ma.; 43:03 - Marie Chesborough, 27 - Greenwich; 43:58 - Lisa Sheldrich, 36 - Hampton; 45:58 - Donna Ruppel, 35 - Greenwich; 45:50 - Tamara Pine, 17 - Hoosick Falls; 45:59 - Peter Smith, 59 - Gansevoort; 45:59 - Audrey Amico, 38 - Greenwich and 46:00 - Christine Murphy, 47 - Ft. Edward. And, 46:02 - Jacob Robinson, 17 - Greenwich; 46:02 - Tom Graves, 37 - Greenwich; 46:05 - Jessica Strsfler, 23 - Arlington, Vt.; 46:24 - Joanne Bleak­ ley, 63 - Geneva; 47:01 - Benjamin Gifford,' 18 - Buskirk; 47:11 - Brittany Pine, 12 - Hoosick Falls; 47:37 - Aaron Brace, 35 - E. Arlington, Vt.; 48:36 - Martin Fane, 46 - Buskirk; 48:47 - Davis, 48 - Cambridge; 49:13 * Kaila Matatt, .1! Hoosick Falls; 49:15 - John Fitzgerald, 59 - Greenwich; 49:33 - Kurt Claus, 60 - Schroon Lake; 49:57 - Molly Bashaw, 20 - Salem; 50:09 - Jon Pratt, 44 - Hartford; 50:11 - Mark Brilling, 44 - Glens Falls; 50:11 - Emily Herrick, 14 - Greenwich; 50:28 - Marli Oswald, 16 - Greenwich; 50:43 - Gwen Brilling, 43 Glens Falls; 50:51 - Warren Lansing, 49 - Troy; 50:^9 - Paul Bleakley, 65, Geneva; 51:08 - Amy Gifford, 16 - Buskirk; 51:11 - Phil Bell, 43 - Cambridge; 51-46 - Don Pierce, 24 - Cambridge; 51:49 - Charlotte Smith, 56 - Gansevoort; 51:57 - Krista Matatt, 13 - Hoosick Falls; 51:58 - Donald McCabe, 42 - Hoosick Falls; 52:42 - Heather Nor­ man, 35 - Cambridge; 52:52 - Michele Reiners, 38 - Melrose; 55:04 - Robert Brace, 38 - Sunderland, V t; 55:04 - Amy Deragon, 14 - Greenwich; 55:11 - Stacy Davis, 15 - Cambridge; 56:50 - Bob Dunham, 69 - Wynantskill; 58:59 - James Grogan, 38 - Hoosick Falls; and 1:00.47 - Barbara Fane, 45 - Buskirk. Sculpture exhibit at Artisans market \Figures and Fragments,\ an exhibit o f sculpture by Ann Shapiro of Salem will open at the Small Gallery of the Valley Artisans - M arket on Saturday, September 11. The exhibit will con­ tinue through October 6 . The torso fragments which begin with a drawing on a slab of clay were done from live models with the excep­ tion of two which were the artist's im­ pressions o f nude studies photographed in the 1940's and found in the Skid­ more Library. The life-size female fig­ ures were done by working from a 7 inch maquette which had been done from a live model. There will be an opening reception on Saturday, September 11, from 4 to 6 p.m. The public is invited to attend. The Valley Artisans Market is a coop­ erative gallery of fine art and crafts lo­ cated in the historic opera house, Hubbard Hall at 25 E. Main Street, Cambridge. Hours are 10 till 5 Tuesday through Saturday and 1:30 to 5 on Sundays. President Grover Cleveland had more than one \first\ to his credit. He was the first president to marry while in the White House, He wed Frances Folson in 1886. He is also the only president to have served two non-consecutive terms. Both records have yet to be broken. C o u n t y F a i r J u d g i n g O C P . R e s u lts Horse Pull 3200 lbs. Class, 5 teams competed First, Brent Bentley, \Jim and Scotty\ Argyle; second Joe Malloy, .\Rosie and Frank\ Adams, Mass.; third, Earl Tudor and Sons, \Mike and Doc,\ Sandgate, Vt. Free-for All 10 teams competed First, Bud Hurlbert, \Russell and Big Dan\ Winchester, N.H.; second, George Reed, \Pete and Davey\ Greenwich; third, Brent Bentley, \Jim and Scotty, Argyle. Oxen Pull 2400 Distance First, Audet Bros., Harwington, Ct.; second, Fran Mason, Worthington, Ma., third, Kyle Clark, Charlemont, Ma. 2 8 0 0 - 6 ft. First, Audet Bros., Harwington, Ct.; second, Stacey Felch, Ellenb'urg Depot; third, Audet Bros. 3200 - 6 ft. First, Audet Bros., Harwington, Ct.; second, Hine Family, Worthington, Ma.; third, Tim Clark, Charlemont, Ma. Cart Class - Obstacle First, Mark Whitney, Chelsea, Ct.; second, Adam LaRock, Brookfield, Vt.; third, Jackie LaRock, Brookfield, Vt. FFA Fjrst, Ricky Smith, So. Kent, Ct.; second, Audet Bros.; third, Lou Clark. Farmer's Olympics Placings First, Last M inute Team; second, Crickers; third, Best of the Best; fourth, Light Weights; fifth, Jersey Stunners; sixth, City Slickers II, sev­ enth, Shushan Team; eighth, Sheep Barn Team II; ninth, Come Lately; tenth, Sheep Bam Team I. Junior Dairy Showmanship Novice: 5-6, Krista Drew, Alicia Anuszewski. Novice: 7 & up, Lissa Chambers, Rebecca Fedler. 6 & 7 years, Angela Anuszewski, Jessie Keys. 8 & 9 years, W ayne Foote, Jr., '‘Abraham Andrew. 10 years, Luke Getty, Christopher Harsha. 11 years, Ryan Clark, Ashley Gillis. 12 & 13 years, Michelle Smith, Matthew McKemon. 15 & 16 years, Crystal Dickinson, Nathan Petteys. 17 & 18 years, Amber Hoyt, David Swezey. Master Showman, Kyle Getty; Res. Master Showman, Crystal Dickinson. Sheep Judging Southdown Ram - Champion, Darrel Kenyon and Earl Kenyon, Cam­ bridge. Southdown Ewe - Champion, Darrel Kenyon and Earl Kenyon. Re­ serve - Darrel Kenyon and Earl Ken­ yon. Polled Dorset Ram - Champion, Robin Allen, Schaghticoke; Polled Dorset Ewe - Champion, Julia Rey­ nolds, Cambridge. Reserve, Dave Hoick; Hampshire Ram - Champion, Brian Kelly, Hudson Falls, Ashley Gillis, Argyle. Hampshire Ewe - Champion, Brian Kelly, Hudson Falls; Reserve, Randall Kelly, Hudson Falls, Tunis Ram - Champion, Julia Rey­ nolds, Cambridge; Reserve, Darrel Kenyon and Earl Kenyon. Tunis Ewe - Champion, Reserve, Julia Reynolds. Suffolk Ram - Champion, Reserve, Anna Shippee, Fort Edward. Suffolk Ewe - Champion, Anna Shippe; Re­ serve, Ewe's W elcome Farm, Green­ wich. Romney Ewe ~ Champion, Mary Pratt, Valley Falls; Reserve, De­ bra St. Jacques, Argyle. Other Breeds Ram - Champion, Darrel Kenyon and Earl Kenyon. Other Breeds Ewe - Champion, Darrel and Earl Kenyon. Reserve, Greg Foster, Schuylerville. Grade Wool Ram - Champion, Debra St. Jacques. Grade Wool Ewe - Champion, Hope Brynes, Hudson Falls. Meat Ram - Champion, and Reserve Nancy Hall, Fort Ann. Meat Ewe - Champion, Reserve, Ewe's Welcome Farm. Grand Champion All Breed Ram - Champion, Anna Shippe; Reserve Champion, Mary Pratt. Grand Champion All Breed Ewe - Champion, Darrel and Earl Kenyon; Reserve Champion, Julia Reynolds. Dressage W alk/Trot Tests Walk/Trot Test 1 - M elissa Blanch­ fleld - Red; K a r i C a relli - Red and Blue; T raci C a relli - Blue and Red. Katie W e v e r - Test I, Red; Test 2 - Red; Test 3 - Blue and Test 4 - Blue. Monica P r a t t - Test I - Blue and Test 2 - Blue. J a n in e T ran fa - Test I - Blue and Test 2 - Blue. Lindsey Q u ick - Test 1 - Blue and Test 2 - Red. K a itlin Olsen - Test 1 - Red and Test 2 - Red. C a ssandra W ilm o t - Test 1 - Blue and Test 2 - Blue. A b igail Niles - Test 3 - Red and Test 4 - Blue. Amy Slocum - Test 2 - Red and Test 3 - Blue. M a ry Slocum - Test 2 - Blue and Test 3 - Blue. 4-H English Horse Show Fitting and Showmanship Beginner, Melissa Blanchfleld - Irish Rose; Novice and Juniors, M on­ ica Pratt - Plane Ol Sox; Senior, Katie Wever - Amber; Cham p ion Show­ man, Cassandra Wilmont - Sherlock Holmes. Halter Yearling, Katie Wever - Harley David's Son; M ares-H o rse, Gabrielle Dessaint - Samantha Jane; M ares- Pony, Kari Carelli - Sangers Royal Sue; Geldings-horse, Casandra Wilmont. Equitation Beginner, Kari Carelli; Novice, Jackie Wood - Domino Bar None; Junior, Monica Pratt; Senior, Mary Slocum - Dr. Joe; J r . H o rsem anship, Amy Slocum - Chester; Sr. Horse­ manship, Mary Slocum. Pleasure Beginner, Traci Carelli - Continen­ tal Jeborah; Novice, Jackie Wood, J u n ­ ior, ' Monica Pratt; Senior, Mary Slocum. Performance Versatility, Monica Pratt, Novice 4-H Project H o rse, Jackie Wood; J u n ­ io r 4-H Project Horse, Monica Pratt; Senior 4-H Project H o rse, Katie Wever; Beginner English, Kari Carelli; Novice English, Jackie Wood; Ju n io r English, Kaitlin Olsen - Scenic Foxy Bright; Senior English, Abigail Niles - Cactus Sondance; Beginner/Novice Simon Says, Kari Carelli; English P a ir s Class, Amy Slo­ cum, Katie Wever; English C o m m and, Monica Pratt, English Road H a ck, Mary Slocum; H u n ter Hack, Katie Wever. Trail B eginner, Gabrielle Dessaint; Nov­ ice, Jackie ’'VVdod;'- J u n io r, ‘Monica Pratt; Senior, Katie Wever. Costume Traci Carelli - Continental Jeborah. Bareback Junior Equitation, M onica Pratt; Senior Equitation, Mary Slocum. Western Results Ken Quick, Jr. - Blue Walk/Jog Testl. Amy Slocum - Western 1 - Red and Western 2 - Blue; Mary Slocum - Western 1- Blue and Western 2 Blue; Katie Wever - Western 1 - Blue and Western 2 - Blue; Janine Tranfa - Western 1 - Blue and Western 2 - Red; Lindsey Qukk - Western 1 - Red and Wesem 2 - Red; Kaitlin Olsen - We- sern 1 - Blue and Wesem 2 - Red. Draft Horse Show Grand Champion Gelding - Jim Liddle, Argyle; Grand Champion Mare - Joan Graves, Schenectady; Grand Champion Stallion - Fern De­ lisle, Argyle; Fitting & Showmanshlp- Becky Graves, Schenectady; Lady's Cart - Farm - Tamara Healy, John­ stown; Lady's Cart - Open - Laura Schreiner, Schenctaady; Men's Cart - Farm - Noel Alisop, Ghent; Men's Cart - Open - Dereck Allsop, Ghent; Junior Cart - Joe Hanson, Nassau; Team - Farm - Jim Liddle, Argyle; Team - Open - Paul Spencer, Palatine Bridge; Junior Team - Joe Hanson, Nassau; Lady’s Team - Becka Olson, Pittsfield, Ma.; Unison - Butch Miner, Caroga Lalce; Four Horse Hitch - Tom Hanson, Nassau; Obstacle Course - Jack Curran, Schaghticoke. FULL SERVICE DEALER Briilion, Sunflower, Knight, Killbros, UFf, Miller, Echo Alien Farm Equipment Co., Inc. 11853 St. Rte, 40, Schaghticoke (518) 692-2676 1-800-692-2725 H O S T F A M I L I E S N E E D E D Mia, 15yrs. M ake a new lifelong friend from abroad. 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