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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, June 27, 1890, Image 5

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• '■’s S S ^ i j r ^ s i a i i ' i r a s s ; i f 8 . 1 a . • ; « r s “ 5 i s . ..«gM»»tU>«|Eiii|lit>t>tI>«l^ : r ^ - « tb«rt filUBff m i m t TJ.ae*- 189 ,M. «aUi!a« not b f bOot^iWfe ‘ S9TM41 ot; wl# a#n(w tiiouA #hoM p ^ r . . W y dldnoiw tetto ib f i i w Ifc, MpAiwihett | » 4 d w theB o * ^ f OpmmiiaioDBrBciidu vlKiUibimtdC , 4k’B W * h tqC I*bor,jum j^tehkf*.tW <bh 3«mbtaw, wad lulctddM 4«i«c»tM k 1b« K&i0it« of L iib^ wooKI ^ U i M M liobolidaowott, “Id o o ’l tUnic tiifgr -oi«d6i^Mr.PrtoI<i«»t^” h*orfik “ Ifcv ^ r e i U offioen wad sw o faul^ ^ UMcb iii>ot( # k b < ^ amooc ttem, a9d Di«jr iriU cerfaiiOy m XiriU T0t« t o b t ^ K •MW by Uw dky .-vnloM K n l^t* of ]«bte g i n « bond Ibi^ t h ^ wlii do it M idMt^y *•■ |t ' bedoni by c«tr«ofci> 1&. j f o ^ ^ d i h e wM lea; It tbe ocmtiiKbi went le^ to «^**** Ik W iMUdkV nek m of ^ s Mmr* h)i)d ' tobetierf __ dbtaiden who eJbployed ouWdo h ^p. SuperinteDdont O^l^cibo w m appealed ^ id r e | ^ to tbM,ae<ifen Qoir b n i ^ ^ •«nd be ateted ibere Kraa work at. any timO for tiMoitiaens oe O a w ^ He '^ a i » E dgfat of Xabor, but tbe Kaigbta ‘ ~woald not Ttork I n Miron, t ' Mutteringa iWre beard onjall ddea,and ‘•ome-one niored to adjoatn. Inune> -diateiy afterirarda load rroide a ' keaidlrbMtbedkMaao^dommiea '^Feesoy, arboiialeo aXniadik He: Hr, CkUina iwatalkiaiKaad after hi aroidabadlMMi Id a ahakaa in faoe^ HDr. dbUbw left meeiinc Wboroofihly angered. Saperintendent O ’Brien Mid after the meetiiiff Oalt Whole troQble began h r bk diMhargiifg . W d oaenddinenM beolM wni appdnled Snperintendeat. They ooold not do a ^ ’a work^ k i aaid,and tbemwitf aetlee peyfcg them limply beoenee they l?dd' !Tbe nieetihK w a t called t o ocdeb by Hrerident Bmlth, and all the Commia* •ioowa wentpraeent. ThefidllOwiDcao* wounta were allowed: Smiliadi CMibiiri- der, #5.76; P. litaglbbODa, |4i.W ; ' Oeorie Baaerit^ |S(h46t Vnloan Iron % a n . 1810. llta Bnperiniendtiit then ^ ttOdOB td O ^ ^ an The inaHer iH p a T ini W e * Bridge W M t vaa talM UK a n d a 0 odtM )u^ «on fr^mr tke 01 ^ Barira>oeatatfaig that , el* 00 * irtftKtnoOM {tjub ahoaM wovik r 4nKmnt to fS,$10 %% waa plaoad on ^ prertoui reaoliidbk awardiag tha loontnot to Hr. Heoriok w«a itbaindad and then A propokWoit .WaB M 4 ftom 1ft, Henriok IgfMiiig W d o tha ■IOC. - lil,8,lO.S8,.- and ■ke'- i oiMkaok trte -, kvardedtokim . HaWM,irainM|'|l,90O sc?*; 5 '\SX':£'sss - ' k e ^ ’tu d S M w i i a .N t S S d % - - t t. «i. dbbn atttNr;'du*1*'Wo«dd:' fdrafakjMd ley atoM Hdawidkaoii thf B o ^ . i ( d a o l W a ildegt^ dhiM^kaea# Wotkliii-Bitteirefoe'' m MtenikNr Ifeiaei-: o m kihd' etone,;' : n m m m iom ; I m t it* 'k a h j 'a M r t l t i a ’lMAfci' ■*' -,w«»'euppweMd-«o:(utdarfMM'h^ S m <£ , % S 5 » i S S a 5 ^ - '^ ^ fnj m S S S X Iteioo, ' l . » . D. HottOo’SJ'iVelry a t ^ ^ o f #?6,000 wortk olt'dianionda and jewel^^ wiia ;oOnolndad yetterday afteraooh, W h^ Hplmatt waa dfapharjfed irom onatody. The eiftet npade to oOnn^t him with th e t^ejsrah u A U ^ tO lMTe beeD ient to bini watf a failure Mre teiegtopb operatora,, e in i^ o d by the Weatew O n loatolegri^ eompany nere aarom, bntkhey did not remember htoing 9m\ aby BO^doloae dSfltartckea o r talking about any. SaperintendaDt Gifford of the WaatantHnionoompany waapnaent topeottottbecompanyk toureata. The Plnkatton Baftctine, w k o ware em ployed by the JewtUmkAUiaobe to track the r ^ ) b ^ are e T } d e o W 'k»l^ Xor a Tnotiiiiar i n Syrawuae. T ^ w waa aooM pretty taolBk on the tweety-ilre bnaftred people. The weetlierwia floe, The young bocae, kuottB ,,ialared|ii the * : « race, tion, dolaga Mile in #t8H- *ba iaaleat perfONcmanea «p to date P u m , noo, Himbrino Boeny...... ........ 4 8 1 t I ^ • • | r i « i : : : : : : : : ; : : : ; : : : : 6 » » s s ........ .........................“ .. TlmeMBK.Sd7y,S:»7K- W B . .. ., ., . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 i 1,1 1 8 * f Time 8:S7. FRIDA.Y, J t r y E 27 , 1890 , y rh a tn O o lo r T e a l a ,. U l i l b a r g a i n ' wTi* , 'wwainer: ^ » a , iber Of the law firm of BaTft, D r. W. P. Oardbier Oi BtoOkiyri aoiad aibort ttan. ^ oeh* F:=k‘^£?iS IttM Rhodea ' Green, Misa l £k°r.t£.S£\£r ; I looked f O r ^ Mari hdt didM^ itor the list o« ! a ^ . If thoy fakTe ohe iit wiU be nndft the aploftl fefee of the A L D e e e rvingO o m p l^nt, do not,k^to5WW;ybtt,;,:bBt^ O. S. Osterhout. j^ O A D B B u m o n f o , V , The above cctoJpltowl w^^ pidd i Hiss a M. Hilbert tbe Arcade JCOUner I'mldflommer weari. Tomorrow Iftaa glbeit wfli gtoe U» ^ l a ^ a ^ 5 ^ b tid::::::::::;:::::::::A j 1 1 iaeee««»a4eaa«a*«*W*d»*f*.e* V 8 The bridek ooeitune wto of ivo ry w hftt aatin and ailrerbrobsdk with atoUe veil faetened witk a dliunond. She oerpded a bouquet of HTpeioe buda. lftB.^l)rigg| wore a bbok a a % brocaded wiikbeWK trOpe, kdampod oraameata. Ifta. P; Gardinar, niothft oC the. groom, ;w«M a magnlSooit oottome, Tbe xn*d ef honor,JIlM lftayP. HOi^ of PulaaH won a ooatttiae of ]^ik rilk en traio, trimmed with white and gold and e er- riadbooqnetoofraeea. TbebtidManalla AUdreeeedin white embaoiderad India tOk^ oarrjing lafkaaoe roaea. H m oatamonywaain the S a i ^ ' toniB. A soTel feature was PhTraanh e r - ehaitia of Oawago, jdayiag the wedding maiohae. Tbem aidt^ honor appsand ftomtkeW tayfoUowed by thebiidMl maids and webwa. The proenakM B ^ h e d down the center akle to tb i dkuroh dooT. meeting tfaere the b r i ^ attended by h e r father, and tban retonir ed up tbe aisle to tbe ohanoei, nhara they were met by the groom and bael mao.hiBhcotibar, 3Dr, W. F, GardkMc. Tbeqpaaieg Miitencaa of tbeoerammgr w e n given a t the ehancel atepa. The bridaaad groom, aktaodad by maid of hooor and best man then advanced to tbe altar yaU, Wbare tha oannaoirr 'wto ind atfcpa ware baafed ited b y an arahot lama 'mldflommer weari. Tomorrow Ibeit wili gite the ladlee a i ' rgain. She noelved tordi^afli ladies White Tea Q<wna,/Wbi irrow aadHonday ehO wUl dkp aborgain, They art, jnat tbe; i honaewearaudia finish and at cannot be duplicated to lOdaummer. millinary at half j^ce. OompUmakti a r t bear ^ fine atOcic |to~MilMt from. tb v are^ d t- tviug, and,aiDeMto Tb* lady had Sited evwy laiablitfnnent in the city, and it wae n o t onfil ibh aiitertd Him Hubert’s that alMfodad wbat ahn v e n t «L T b a rtW c m totto baiar eitiabUib tneatM good gannaeto, > h t hia compmedwllb tboaa atlBia Babe) .::::! I ! •.v.-.;, lai . A^FubltoSoeadaL , The paoslo living to |k#Baighbochood of Ranklto Squirt are proteeting vkter. ooalyaiatoat tbacl*'aiidiccl^liarmft. tinv gingacfboodlnmato play baR to theSqnart. The matter hiebcocme a acaUdal. Xnat year, when no baltplay- ingwaanUowed, tbeptoiM waatbeitoort of women and eUkhran who fOMsd it a daKaktfnlpftoetoieek idrand tk». How nowomanorebUdn naeAby theyoOngmaraia of toa v ^ kind and can be beard to alt the natgb- boring dirtUinga. It is a downright shame thattboee popple art to be oitft raged to this manner. ' Gfdtog <toV iitoiroh. ha memhenOf which torthepafttoonth have been at Bart Hlaira ddtog target prabtioe, . will wlurt to. tolaf rityjto At 8^Viiock si^wday mors^g a* behaa p iu o i^^ totod* ’■ WnarSBim. ^;heli»to'Of;«w trimmed- 'patiarii' .hata-aadtomiMta-mtiit -be oioeed’out to', mtotok,; le you whir f t r a aiylkb bat !: :at half the )Mga%' ;priee eoma Aow.akd. *’*’***^ ’ • JutoiditoBomBi, btiil lftB!i#l)aia''tk! Piuwam. - ttiiiitordap OldltooftoritoKw ^ have-' A ,naa poicftilt el .niee 'Htdli a — iritb; fkll' .heoddid ft tm withfeenkfrant aaddabiea. There ftomdto . Gardiner. Tlieelataat aad H ra Bngga to Ha Batfeanydsoorated tropical planaa rare art; Tbaoccaaionini by fkvraaato orchaMm and dan< tog, An eiagast OoUmian by bsMtltollbir- kgMoiB, the keft-ktoww SytaoiMe W m - fn’rnilitoid. nam' gnwm praMtoed the ban naan and each of the ntham srito 4* inooii atone ecarf pin, whkb wen dn^haatM oT toooemana> factuced for a recant promiiiant wad- dt^toTriattyOMirmi, HewTOtto The bride gave to meto of bar bridesmaids and maid Of boiw a bsaadfat vtoaigr- •tto SbaweddiiiggiftewaraooaByand r 4 ,*?g^“£'£rs,S£ s 3 £ “&£r^o^r.£; S& 3 s S 5 * k '•tb e r ^ Ir t f l ^ a a d - vri»riy‘» ^ - nesi oftheifcto ktovariab^obtateedby tbOss wbo toe Boeaoei’s Oomiilexibn . Botrderi ' ■ ^ ' , ' ' JidJttoBariTmBtoatoWBto ; ,Hltoto:good'Ordek -forplsatoreeeek- itoto bandtorniib totob aftamooli and etoainit Botel on ft* gtoanda will fttrakb^odWrithaU thedaHtnolieof the . iidto* A,. Ik,: 'dldtidge by--lettof to tue ■ ■ 'tm t t m m - 'I9ikatlfiiap«t4- date Satur^,rJtoh; -'A a w ad t ^ ’skwiria A-i?: tAatok'Biz'toR': ■ , « i > n M Owa»-U»M )V'V», T B A ,fB lR lB N T 3 Given With One B tond Best Tea. 1 ‘‘ « Ttombien. CtotoBontoBotoMp to«<K>l»gto NOnbsm Queen Wash Boanls. BnatoekdlmiiSettlm l^ O o p p t o ^ O r i o c ^ m *« ■< «*OcffeeBofc d^PfsoaGtsssSsts. T G '‘BeriySets,; Andtkowandaof ether m U o to * HAYDBU’S, 47t e a Bridge athSendH o . HW em ^ f l g e Street a t end oT Bower Biigds, E L W* lilCG I Soi, 7 6 , 7 8 a n d 8 0 ? 5 i d S £ 5 5 S M i . * $ , £ . S t , OsWiiio, SATURDAY : BARGAIN! Ottod .,5-' Bato^JVaefi':CSrl^ift^^ .0. 'O o ta^ BeOfi '• ]toina Made StotAidk I ^ o ^ ^ i P o r i , 4 I b a f t o , , . . ; M Btot W fiiternB s e i 38 p a r iieiQwMainiito i P j f m ; ' '/l. OSTERMUK E V E R Y , ’ SATUEDAY AND MONDAY. THE GKEAT SHCCESS • ■ A . ; . ' ; . STMHLESSJOSiRYJ Ladies’ Gents’ and Children. P O E a i l * 0H3L,V B V ‘ , BURDE-IS S' M A R S D R N ai *ASI BBnKGB SIBEBT. - . T ” : f O R IT If y o u ' test t h e ' t r u t h of o u r Shoe talk. K y o u p u toup h o u a e t e n l * ^ iog depart­ m e n t to proof. If 3T0U lOOlC over o u r Sum­ m e r d e t h l u p a n d H a t f . m o r s THOSE SUyePware o i hamd the# Ja kaldi'v. ^ a ■ Mto a irtode:Block, Black Plaid Or^aodle Lawns. AVost 'JDesiPjtole^ and at pres- “ Tenl,~Vepw scared articre; , 10 Pk Ite c e l y e d a t GlinCY! JU S 'T I Pari-:- liYoiY a ' .. ■ ATdtn : Biuaca x-e===-!_'^i^:KSS?i- , 'Hria*a«Y Hid Thflliiwi Out • - \ ■ ',■*>•«>• ' ‘\dWi'A'''\ ’’'w' ^ jN e w S t y l e s m . THEY ABE BEAUTIES. ^ W iiie i r C d u r day, Ju n e 28 th. CUT PBIOES ON KO. ; A-«

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