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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, June 27, 1890, Image 6

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V f i M M y r O B L D , S S ? * S - — 11 VtHSM ^oql^lw “ K ^ S S ;.-». iM W .ortrwtiita* irbi K » ’§ ‘ ^ S WooMa’aiMddaiignof^eir Ittgo, jm4 ■ » o f T B g a id t i ^ r td l s :^ , v n ^ * x ^ o n , t o d men s ^ A with i^ 'm y ap, h n | th« el0chrio light t e a _,)y*on a wojnatfs oonjElenon. If elie te TCartteadsteo man&gnestions.’ ’’—New ^ j s j s s n s r l.aiuioTui drcQiiuitance connected ■\ a ixw«9tiiig WM ih a t no woawn I Iieim>na, aecietaiy oi the ly- ___ 1^ _ __ ____ L __ --1 _ C 'Womea’a aaeodatioh, xead a ■ - - - - ; the I la K «oh facte oonctening „ , ^ 4^ tl._ Wk|^niMm)ftft)«echteLwmchh 0 ap- ■ i to tbft women, who mo«fl 7 .anl>> A. tite dr^ goodf eatabltehtecnta, to — - ___ I oiitab ................ I th tau m te in faTOjr of n reform. p itr y r p ^ * M werk.- homMas' foar wmnen that U y l ^ ^ l t o e a e n e S a a l ^ a oter cxow d ^ \Bte f e K s s g w f f s i £ “ a S S 3 V t t ^ t t e T M tho TomTjs.' Tho k bbakcU i» pot inOre ttgolap tn i * S J S - S £ S ^ p l » n O T a u p » n « b lp f c l » . p ? S S l ^ t f c ^ S S . “ - “ S S S s S S IfaaAiba.Aatr^ atfettWrand pua%p<>£)p>ii«>tjop p t M » i k C T j a f f i M s j s a w ' f f s r i ^ y «< y e g w <?>iitaa hted r» i p ^ c n t o f cii^-' h S L S l E ? S £ it straw Hat* felt Ifojiiea. ^ J h 0 8 ^ 0 rhatisag;ain f a ^ o n a h te if , S S - r « * S l W p i fwoyonng their ftrcmg; xeaemhhmce. Tho yoimg odipnth&niiegniarly three tim ^ d ^ ^ ^ t h d r deyotion into the earn of AnOy preaentM hte ^ 1 with nhandsomo h r e a s ^ . The n e x t evening they called at the honae, feeling peif«^y eecnro. and. one went into the fremt parlor to Wait for the ohject of Ha devotion,whilo the other remidned t o the halL. In the' metotune the twine h ad exchanged the gifts they had reedved a abort mme ho- The yonng men did not notice tho dif- ferencetice, and, rasmeqcently, each yonng had the other’s yoOng lady. Dnr« ing the evening one of. the, yotingmen “popped” tho momeiitona question tod was accepted < hx hehalf of her mater. y?hm hetai«tet heardirf this She said dm WnSldnothAveibe propoeef. Here the atotyxesia. 'What will hop] the nert toeehng tlm qnartefe ^ T * to he g n e a ^ Itteaafe to say. a at win Inwever, that some profnao e^laining wiUhave tohe done.—Waehingtdn Chitio- WiiUMMd l^SUk I b 'BI m ; xnta, | g r « s ^ £ s mere h»4 l » r eart w ^ Teiyparllcttlarto mego thafcwl bo iwerted in - the jmnctnre, h a t the thread toahy naed oontaided some c d - ^ £ S l p * S ^ o S 4 l S : .. ......... .. Sacramento Letter* ■ i i P p - S ' S i S a « . d » , -hon^wl^ «M |hw i of thte academ) vdee cf wtenaa . m sweeny m iearth^ttointhe. iherclffldrear'Hnttlbdhaserd^^ dte Of iny ,dom« -— defte<*nartry,'with ite hoat -denf hi^rih? .If 1 hate coMentSd^to '■ \ ' '.'■•■ platiWduiEp i a g s ^ g E T p S s r s s i K f i P . p S : ; 5 5 % 5 5 ? r « b S s m ite-^dhOep,'^;' ; s ' : t e i * South Soriha,' '■ ' '''SUb-old;:. q i ^ f r o n i r s r » ' m am h b ^ S ^ e l i e ^ r o r ^ ^ ^ ^ have teheha w # Ihold ohhff, imdhJ^ ^oondngon flndy.’ BndSy 4«em» tolte Somewhat datn««ed, while wheat and s Pvmayonhg, W f w i ^ t is . c e t ^ fascinating. MiUmera bim it d m ^ rono! velvet tod a fold o t j m oheijrieit 'are S ’J ^ » A S i 4 p 5 f f i 5 for yinhting ato bdmmed with a f hf white txrepa or g £ plaid ■Vdre* duaterof knotted high o n top, or Vvith a duster 01 iour8.“yNew Iturls Tiibnn( 'Iteeeday.for tltetinboaaaxd Islanc hointe^toste - - S r s 3 i g s s | f r | . | 2 | . efBeftelc^ letehere oaaand Isltoda where with his Oorty, , _ , _ . Inmo in a rew ruriTWbnne, he intendetostay a fow days wi bride to whom he waa m a rri^ a t < Ite, thepM t wedtp—iiha Ifinnie tod Uiia Conway natertaiaed friends ‘ Synotsw oveci3undar.—fh a Wol- ^ th ^ h e y ^ t e h d S y .■ S o ^ ■ ■ » ■ Nethirt of North Scrlba, OondUcting Xooic 0 « t for Tonr C«l|»r. The wilar i s an Important psu — important p art evety house, t a d nowte the time loex- amito it, have i t thorcrnghly doanod and shed, todi let in as modi Simlighi as poemble. Next, exarolno a il the water­ works of yoor Ostehltehment. Stothafe the drains imd in ,goo^ oondition, thrte timee a^ 'Weel^ dnzing ttm -liot w eathtoppotoinioerr^nnkand basin in the iionsOm gdlouof hotw at 1 ^ ' base hall dnhgo to Sodna to-day to croM |mte with a elab there,—d meny-go arottad osi New Hartford street is raking in the nloUes in great shape.—'W.H.OuBpbeiniasalaige force v« at J ( o h r t e ^ tle tta - X h e y crop te.pot te g M h ^ M teat -,-ThellQunt Pleasant dheese faoteryls I are bndoess ' honsee i side of Main atteet;— abemgt “ * ------ J. e . o o ^ a s a ' W f J S i S s a . ' J t , ___ . -ived. Stoiowornsttnsa oiC\ holic add, or hay9 their mnks washed once a weiik m t h carbolic a d d soap, b ut tSiis odbr te bo disagreeable t o soma per­ sons' that it cannot always ho, recom- mended,—Now Tork ^tar. I pteoa-^Dr, Draper haa get one . .. ........ ..................... S s S S i S S S ‘Dncte Jimmy’* Wiigh^ i_ . , ____ —Eaena and formerly a v « y feotiva has. InSss man te i t present very near death’s R o p p h s t e K On* o f the Xateit 33hldS, Nowadays young iades seem to be. trying t h d t hsmdsat all noits of work and play. One of the last fads is 1 ‘'smefionparty.” A. girl ---- ... . Jjujj^ugj the auctioneor’s , fast as ever tpdati tha brita for tbdr nei expeetedtltey latamer imd ax a ptofsamdiiaL Hach )w dmreh and it i _ __________ wfllaoou begin work,— Johnson d; Nocfhtop oomhtenoe laying tbafoimdataoU for tbdr mw avapoiated l ( e f » l . | g y f | t e u J i . L : „ ! WOvideJ with a 4teint. little sQk bagfilied with small 'beans, which reproentindiey. Tho anettone®r ' fratewa'^diouseoa'Wedneeday. ItilrtO - and40 feet wide^three reprdmitindiey. The auctionee te t a apackage o£ whichrhichnn no oiiek ootttmits,'todtheMddeiteKms,' 'bUyi con tonxnoMddeite a^iej'itw liiehdw a y s prol pfetiy omameirt or m of 1 New York Worid, [knows the ys-‘^ i n belOOfaetlongai _____ , stories high beetde the basemen^ 1 Will be nine feethigii. _ - ------ - ---------------jrkmar^tnrltat*. HoW P^wcnc^w s i a AtpUm irn^dM ^ E ^ S S s s s i & a s : . 9 . 5 5 ^ ^ . KewYorjetodlat 6 . 5 S „ ^ S M “ s l ^ g ® 'Williamatowzu JuMc S5.—Misa ton O . Boric 6 t Naw ’j^.a«^ro^M*''lATELY--Twents.'flve arsast a \ ‘ opf rich, O elds, niSw ySk. Mladletown, itoU and. iutennsdiate sta-’ - GIrU: Are toe .ImHcrSWteimci^ ^ ) £ l S S i g ' f e ! o t e “ toa A person hi ------ — -- -------- - fhenunierote swinmung' sciheote t „., ----- ------------------- ,,._je dist,., . Her fnaeral toc^ place in SCHteriokte chateh Wednettey m o n ingf test week. B t i a S t e t e w a W f c l P , b.ataw m i;-RM tn ‘IRAINM L wa Y f .: how amah a proportion <rf ^ e people ImoW- hOw to keep themadveP. to say (thing of other?, aEoat. Shrouguout ■ ■ • e,:thK30 reoRwoBy mocninir, unc v borted In the Cauiotio oMnei- NatherMoGniW. MieaBork wae d g l f e ^ d d . __________________ _ S H - S S t S ^ S ^ i ^ s w l the xeeideitee of JO.- H. White. The liJU B M g i * .W iiiit I t a ' t i M i . i S S S 1 S - S S lives in h ^ u iet homo in ^Tamaica Hldn, a Boston Buhttdb. Bfer honsete aioomy ■oldplace, ahnostMaaoh in. tho heart of kforestofoalr, and o v t a t a with cltob- iagptente and vtees, whieihi as a friend my^Jtfe full Af tweet odOMtod song^ 2 ^ » b dretees ever seen, S e r fathers friends •krtists haye esclr ptinfed an Shy bathe, in ordw t<> te d ^ o a {woceSs of atsriimatitet. te itWWeritOaS net id nptet -------- - ihete change of itmaeteh ahd b bfllhete.theeMncligie,^ . W o l f l l i A ^ E B I a c K i n g s m i i i x c M i o i I p i E i l B r B t a a i t E t l . T f l I i a i D O X A B m M H f l d j ^ M l t d M S At-Vtettemteyr . a g e r n g g a a s ' > s ? i ? 3 ™ S t t $ ® B T [1 / -iv.-'- t v iA A ii

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