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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, August 01, 1890, Image 2

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fen,« F t D A T « I C O N f f J l E S S I o m : S E W S . ' I,' ews-swr.- -r '<W« Amcmlmenli po tU* ,Si j^^Wjprlatlon BJJl W«l S oh -C obouw WI i j S E f e J i m :,3fcv«rt- l#dl«iaths:peudlisi »j‘*6W dto«»emW nf«btar6’r» o t . t W Strjr^#meney 'piich t h e y i n b ^ b ^ Jorityiiotlng wBeu ____ -MlUdy W as there to l)ii one <itioram r(K lir^ In t o e j t i e e ^ d enetheiqndi^to, In ■ It S r ' stajidieg up, and noh pies ^ It- by yean i \ ■ rialm d lke this utterlrignc . . . ......... . ................ jtom ........... -- r s Lg ”S ^' 22 ;“j, « ____ _ to fiweifQ ^ h at d u ^ J f the farmer* if JC s A m were p w m ltjjd to bay tjio artl- y n s e d a t A TOJ^pon<dnKa»^ liWfiryKp'li, fn ien a n j^ t *ras Mr. McPher»oji mowd io redne* th* ' a*tyoB.co<t-Uret-oUfroinlOc^tepotgaI- k hm to the.preM ttt r a t e , ^ ywr bent, a d |hfidi««a^.aw l*aid ^afelO e e h t * ^ gallha tsywr gidh . ____ . irtjdutadTalotM J * ' AJW c 1>) 4 m ^ o w ; MeiNterMa imored t» rednoe thit enfiihhUfyom 8 cents p e r gallon to llp#tceot.aairarorem . p-»—*-> ;B w a ciraph raph i7,f,'re relatinglating, f to op!nm»ini* )d(ai rehoUmehded bythtfihanc* n 9 pec cent. «d mdtrphia forsm o lcteg,^p^ ,* (Inetaad of Md ae in. the &o«M). igh Mr. Sherman angsesthd th j^ Ihrate of dntyyronld p robablyan. ,the smnggling of opinm c frihe l?aracraph48,aatobar7tee-crasacAended r^'wli the recommendation, of thefinanoe aatBUBlttee hy making the d n t r on th« n n . sannfactnred article H per to n instead of- I. as in the bofise hilt» and Oh the m a h h ' othred article one-fonrth of 1 cent per ■ instead o f 97 per tool \ ____ IcPhersott moired to rednon the tatyOn chrome yelloar, chtoxhe green, ^ f r C m tJ^centis per ponhd to * ! pet (t. ad TUCrem. Sejeetad—yeaa^ 90; 1^. M e l?h^n oiDtered dmllaramead^ ^ ' . t o laiMdment by Mr. McPhei _____ „ h ftwai doeduilf Of a cent _ _ _______ o«»t. n d n d o r ^ i e r a s disctieedat M telength. Mr.Me?herSon s tatedthat I th a ooet of -vUtihgwas only font* 1 1 ^ of 1 cent, p e r ponnd .tho duty of mm h a lf o f l o i n t per ponnd eras e q td w lltct to 399 t w cent, all-ntforeixt, Mr; J t l d M ricOenM titim *|ateinent «nd Mdd th*i h e ootdd UCt w cat* time ofthaaenateinoorraeiliig a i l ofM r.M c- L nunacm'amieetatkn^ti. ^ A fter a dltcnailon th a t laated o t w o h e ' a h a u h o n r s the aihaedaMOt a ria r»- ‘ ^ ^ a ^ e n d m w i t r a t t e d t>y the iruaM* p ^ g r k p h ( 6 i y w in referenee .. g --- ^aph .{Oiyrra* lu . vlcecuw . of le a d ^ h e flnenoo COintnlttie idfiag an ihcrisac Of the d tttyln white acetate Of lead * per ponr^- ■- «HE . 1 , C H O I ^ E B i A T i p i . =■“^ 5 1 =“'? OPA3KiyKeJ^».t,IKs|^ Baited S t a t e s 'W t i i 'A n iW ittes RWl- to e m t^ pM .to*^?TO!.ya!eU Onerl.^ Postal Ant1i«ritle| mdtonled. ^ a a s B S S ^ a h s w ■Wa*'the qnorncn th he^ a, majority ^ — ^ ^ w b e n a ll otherm ethodh of det«m- ahotherf Doc* i t ' require any dlfft -iody to pase a b illhy y eaa a n d na p i h y ' a rito g .YOter A mejm^ty being can 329 sSMdbeii to 3 pass a bill h g n p , a nd not- p It- by yeas and i-wite;- naed.-.praadi' b ^ M r . l ^ h e r M n w as disagreed aaltodi'^W w i them ■peeiToral toendm ebta pmpowwi ^ . OtiMT MragN?hi. Ito. ihoTlng — ..A tof the r a ta on caatOE o a ir o t a (as owik p d r ponnd,' ^McPherson J h a t ^ fWTtSer- ratoyra* eqnllralent j ' S r f ^ r . S i S i H r i s s - i K i j s s z 5 no *t Vo t o j j & d S a t o y ’ ^ ^ t ! » 5 S S ' f £ » U t ? t o « ™ S - ----------- - ------------ - ------------------ •ohdettit'e*.constitution. iVlirst^era tb,e -yeas and nays g lreh fori ; . iliook a t the debates on the adoption' of to jii^omi the periple how their rapieeen- tatire* voted. If they Voted at,all,‘i ^ also '99Afe art, TOminfc ovef^^^Syp^'^dayriSd wMobt ate.presnmnhlyaUoTCedto c ircjlafe :h the Ainerican xDpils, on* can .......... '• “ \ \ \ t - x o j s j o j t , iMy h u i i ^ throngh the Ataerican hardly cicdft this report-that markable thOngh painfa ngled ontforthe raro c _______ _ __ _ le United States government. I t will b i Interesting to see whKt -will follow. I f th.a,WashiDgtoa ptatill anthorities hiVa nonsHtntedthetnselTas censwtS.Of literary •mormify, they must net atop short with 7oI*tai. TV'ho \vlll hstliO rjoxli viotim, -or perhaps It would bo more correct-tosay,- the next hcneflolatj-, frem on advartWng point o f view, of thejr fastldjona jnd^: A singnlar Offlolal Actlcm. , 6 ti bf*Ty>g - clhfhwyt J^oeeht to a majority a cting la en tlidy a .m o d e m ihT e n U o n ,«riloglcaldele Isn h . dh* e‘rili» be oorrected b y tUanew mlea la a d m i i t ^ by an-lL D. Be, there* fore, prCpoaes a m f ^ higher remedy, as .h e thinks in the oatoetit. eb c n ld h a b m i i n mind th a t ^ rtmCdy in the house hai donelbiworic. Xhe house ' “ cablsgtain^ssidi “a ih lsls^ vetyalsgnlar ofReial action. The fact Is th a t th e K r t n t . s*r Sematai* a a far rentor-edf rohithcetotlo hanjoraliires ofljcaonaa - a physiologloal t a t book b from a n ohscene picture book. done its w o n t X hehonse bf npresenta- tirts, by its capable a n d sensible traniao. lion Of;bttilaees, hib stirseted (b* sp* 'l * ■’ rholei eoiinfay, Tba nn^ vprova o f -the wholei eottotry, Tb a uu~ know n w r i ty r tsy ttb i ^ this Bhouldhe all se t aside s a d h k rentody adopted, a n d the jnaayertlnentpereoas, d eed end o o c n rto th o rted o r w M t a ringnlar db> pehi^oa<o{ B r o v ld ^ ^ i t i* witaeby. thO oewbodonothave th e th ing e o f tb b . World <0 do could h ave always t aom d c h h e tter .than the poor whOdiddcvthein?, Did yon ever see 9 sidewalk committee who conld d o t bnlld Aftner house than th e . arebltcct add f*-“ r^ ’ .xealiylohks as the mestei; woridniidl I t t If Providence ^ 1 wasted itsmoeVnloying aweetnes* d h the denCrt 1 ^ fChsnewm lew hSdi t i a 'critid sng*. g e s tsb th d tt h e speaker shontd due ea& (bthytthe speaker ehontd due each Berlin, hae left for lYashingt iber Who refuses ip vote not exceeding snroe, i t is stated,' imposition in t md thereby compel the horse to drink, department, taniii very strange, ooming. ‘ “ txoia, a writer who has so deep lorthoJetterOt the la'\' \ w ritet WhO h a s io deep nrespect oJetter Of t h e la'W that, when A * . ’OonatitUtiDU saps the yotes.of b c ^ h -sdnsll be determined b y theyeiH* a n d ' h e w ill be aStbdedw lth h o oouttmetion w U c h ahalLnot d ei«rm |nsthe qnorain the PRlQHTF'tiL .DOTTlN q AFFB a Y. 'A ll Attaehe of Zrwha Wreid C trns ■' ' Wselcea.'WIthaZtasor,' SiBAdrBBK, M. Y,, A ng. l.“ d?eorg* Bax-' ter, one o f tbeitU o h e s of H|e fawln Bros,' - ( d r ^ ww* alSshed I n a tOktfnl manner wlthsiraaoraaritylaMeteningby d fTaIio, tlie' (tcmforticari^ othsrwbe -ah th e .“hiudJdi ahaoduda.* The t w as done id tb* meee t>H«t w h ere' jB aX t^ bisnlting'— ld,biidmdde -.ion wDoiftdlo's wifi. There was a l a r ^ unmlns' i>t people on the gr<mnds,hht aw one venturod to in­ terfere. Baxter at last nwhed from ‘ ‘ i S ' C s s ^ i t o ’ \ © i S i S S S m k stte r a startiaent l ^ S f r . ; ■oalenlatlodirttWi hwliidU rti^ b o f l l ttk ^ o f d ttta t a \ nJ 3 S S . l > ^ Clfetad 9 m sihiL — ati<iS.of t ^ 'ch d r its -.of o«b ^ ^ ‘4ttonyrtBi tho-..p*dte«s«( gainit.momai«...ioAiihs iIonideMmwtl diver MU agi n rite decddonwMiih, nod by avow ;of 97.^ ‘ M tlonatolendtheuiudto tlH employs* of l^iney .te co., shonld tik;r«Mrt>fOr the demdid-a feWdayi,. ' **' ^ I'.lu i t a l W i 'A ^ d i k ' PciMliteir lldin, and eftiklng h ^ w i ti*» iwddwMhn M trt MUod him i |4 a d d r . fh e w n iem e M a ttated . * tiio EngUsli Company is Uep-rcsitof the rade.de, '. i ' - •African S t a . Tra j iOstnl anthoritleahdd oxclndod TolitoPs f<Krenta)rBonata''from tho mnilS b m- celrtd here with expressions of fntngi«n astonishment and r«iottie.' ■Whir* -we may sqaesUo^'roiwb ment, wesironot permlttod, to d o n h ttjA btahavesgm e d ttm t t h o * s S ^ m s ^ of the book hr C&a which deinsnds leeog. nltlon, and te a t Tolstoi's treatinont of I ^ tinent of i ^ ijnstiilablo ^ T O ^ n o w s p a p e ts not only deny ----- frkan alsvis-trade, b u t they assert- that the traffic ^ mb 6h right nnd t tdl the oompany»s officials. is expected that thiBmpeWr ■VYilUam Will privately visit Lond:Qn \Vcdnesdsy. H* will rtsldo at hfarlboro-ngh house, and transact German state boslncss with Mm- ■ ‘ “ I ^ s f e l d t _ American legation a t , - ----- -------------------- tho foreign ipartmf\*^ vransaco uennan state ons istorH atsfeldt. ' Mii Grbsbyof the AmeT Berlin, has left for lYas \ l a k e V E S S E ti TIED UP. Xiisiigdrttlos of th e laD o n ’ Strike for .an AdvaDco Jo wrat<». Anj ' - - t a Salting Vettol will leave — -------------------- ofcstpiidtt, shall „w a jMmber .of, 'thd ta lo n and shall *a' dippodlrom . the S f tm m b n n io n hted- ^ r t e i s by weasel owneias: The Toss»l Ownera’ hwoeistfon X e f a ;^ the demand. Thehnaypoesibllity of its fsilttre to md- terialixe. w m be b y at square back-riown o n the,phtt of .on«or tihe other of th e inter- frow, 36mtiah' irteth. - - m m r n onCoLWeWr \ epragainsfea ‘^*“d» -*'*eeAW»-»yVttve VCMI^ WL VUOUU4UUPA reported In table A, wore fpr fchafigo In hours of l»boi?;t pf these1,300, orYSMS-lTT? per cent, were suocessfnl and '23839-1777 per cepte Vrem h m m d e e s s f u l r - ' NEWS FROM JAPAN. T h o - S i w W a t & f .''S i r ''i^ ^ ‘ H n attag lot Jja Enforced. 5 7 ' ieEnfOTced. \ 7 le'Steamship; 1 from lECong -------- ...— ,— _ _ 4 iD m Yokohama,: arrived yesterday. Advices from Japan stateitethat that thobo anthoritleanthoritlea proportroport to eh- l a p ____ force theprovislons of tho act of 1884 rtg- nlatihg thehuhUng hy foreigners of seal and otter, hunting about Hokk TIdff Hemuroand the.Selgballen ‘blnnds.;and k man-pf-Wnr trill bp-wjhtto the Islands to prevent trMpasslng. t . The tetayntoubor of cholera case* npto July 11 hM Incteaied^to. 238 and Hi Forty-seven fresh t^rttbaw ern re- The latortrtpbrta of disoider on acoonnt of the high price of r i r t eomefroni Alkav* Sado IslanA - Abont S,ogo people, aided by miners, began rioting on the Irtinst., and tho pojlco being powerless troop*-wart sentfrotn.anrighboringgs--'*— ' 1th insb. new* wte ye® riotert were becoming mb)» ■ were deetrbying the te*td< erty of the rici merclbnta iboringgarrb^ powerful „ __ ._,._vnee* a n d n: m e rest* , IMPORTANT t o STREET RAlLyirAYS, Attorney General Tabor's DeeUlon la ’Begard t» this BnOao Company-. handed down yesterday. An applfiiuon wa*madeto the attorney general to have him apply to the supreme court lot leave to bring a n action i^pdnst^tbe .Bhffalo idgment Bailroad company—Anrt, tb pro- I a jndgment forfeiting Its charter; aeoond, to restrain it from maintaining istencebf the ro.sds hall expirrt and the dhatter.'had not been renewed. Xhe attorneygenOtal says It will bA time enough foifhhh to take action when acllbn it Jxpia, against the state by thAdty. As .totheqnestion, of.limitation,- it wa* the duty of tho city to Cborte a n apptaioer to value the road a t the expiration of thirty ' Decision in t b f B1 SOAPt ■SS? m GiB®iOS i t S f if' Wlgh^YaDej, ^ igj¥f r \ ' - I f ; ' w , DYSPEPSYir G o a l . SSorotf^' t o * „ l a c i a w a n i r v SS^ILJ ^ l A a R l L , ^ shhs ; 1 f‘S . J i _ - - - ■ lEhottsandaBcriaoiMd.. themSolve*, weakening their BeajUby the nee of tea, coffee, tobaooo and aloohol. These ide H xabx YfHirt, oansthg I t to ^ n ^ n g , pain* a b u ^ M d ^ a n d ^ ^ d ^ _____ in£ p in Mda and shoalder. Weakened « h J Inrltatea h iarte th a »»•* erwrywhert highly reoommand th* ifaw H e a rt Onre discovered by D r. Heart Onto discovered by Dr. Braaklin S U h T b rhich is. a -voinminons one, awinds to Icweuoe, the illi^timate chlldl of the de- easedd millionaire,llionaire, Thomasmas H. Blythe,the, the mi Tho A Bly bnlk Of the estate, valued a t about \ ' Ihlon held tbateac- 000 . The court's onlhl ... . .. ,QfG _ _ ter, h a i ^ g orallyv and [edged her.aShk.<;hUd ___ estnh ---------- -- — paterhlty to the latter, rin Writing;,*cktt0wi<' ,, ' . ICsddcned by Joalonsyi DmisVIIiOt, B:y.,,Atig, 3.-^Yesterday morning > t 9 o’clock Defer McCrorety, .night watchmdh at'tha St. Lonk oemat ie ^ , aged 20 years, in a flt.of Jealonsy balled at the residence ot John Heap, and calling Annie StSken, s pretty servant ftmictingdicting amortalm wettnd,Otmd. fie rolter, in a oiM W “ ed two bnHets intn hk owhheSd.- __ . muds art not' chttSldered fatal. McCrtrorrhad thrrt^nbd on several o® A -iisi Gang ArreMrti • -lOh^- as8»wabrie30ebt. T O W E I KI I E l i 'lOjidAwiy.* ■ f i e H a t t o n a l nm’M lii A S S O C I A T I O I S . R 0 C H E S T f c » ,|f.V . noorpbrtrtdto*jrto|3rtri'««the Slate jsaaBlfaffl .S S iK * '* ototo-'.. i X i S i r - T - : SSi - . | S S -aha to Y ' oa-toi moat elal given it S c R A N T O W C o A V ^ ^ ^ M f b S s M r s . y “ ' , 0 . * w s ; s s ■i w n . M t T E i i J D b i i r , . S c r a n t o n C o a I , Yfeat K ist between ^ u y U t and Vsn Burji osYgapo B. y. w S ^ I - i^gjgjg a S r - OsiegotJODiitf G o u t -tooetih\ SH ■3 .to « .. .color O f iu i nad ; , g i S b ‘ S 8 J e ' r ^ llMwi _ dreesrti thohi :il -S.,it; t « a S W « W « - . * * r t » : ... . . aH rtit S f » t o J>«rifl.e< ii^S pmrn ^

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