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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, October 23, 1890, Image 3

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. t o OSW B 0O f A U A D in M , ORGANIZE? UABOB IS BUSY IN BOTH ' ■■■■ ' *SW)P'tfa«>.'WeTir1f*>A pentralrStelkiiB-: ]< M a r -»a poiliie*/iW- uiw yoj;k- to B S D A Y , OCTOBER 23, 1890. 'oHjie* 'iW- nw ! T'Jdce*— P«*»M Afthni- SitlaaiilC IlUdneu,” ' r ^ s r * I S S £ ? « peirnyYa-linor flitreet cpftief w a t t o ^ ^ yth e u a this latest i aoonaejtf Sjpeakiii^ of Dress Stuffs the other day we called attention to the great run on rough m ater­ ials, T h e sarhe feelingf prevails in j acket Cloths. T h e demand m r Cheviots and Chevronshasbeen im^ menser-almost sensation­ al. W ithout occasional sensation trade would stagnate. From early a p ­ pearances abroad we e x ­ pected a Jacket season and prepared well. W e afe ready to Satisfy almost every whim however pe-’ cuiiiar and ' every fanrfy however far fetched. The Garrhents with Black or Gray Astrachan or Pers­ ian Lamb trimming an< Marie < A n toin^te collar appeal to the best taste. Wie pick out one which selteat sight. A'Cheviot with Shawl collar, appl| que sU£ trimmed^ Price $ i 4 . 5 0 . Come <and see them. Every d ay we bear of looking elsewhere and buying here. wemypf orgamz^ labor, doof 5,.,A. outcome p i tno S S S m S S on the m h S ^ ot “putlio opiniorf'has been maaa.dcar m bnttbat t h e l ^ s S S S g S . The CentoU Btriko yras lost beoanso a ; i = s S £ ^ ; : & o n n coni WQ «®er^ for iut incnrahle case ot dqnatuig one cent , lin t any local assemblyr^im n t to the campaign fund» or in any way as aesembliea aisisttog hi the election of bfelsoni T?M» is: history, and there ^ e ifeyeral cesea like this on 1890 OOTOBBE. 1890 lafestroad let him say so; b n t he ionld. ^ M t talk about “ unjust burdens” and the Talking about political action t y or­ ganised labor brfaiigs to mind the shna- tioto hi New York city. The People's Mnnidpti leagne of that c i ^ , c o m p o st almoet, entirely of clergymen and dim Archibald, has been casting its net a t issemblies, b n t so £«r t TOtl 19 26 20 A » , M a b l e E e m e a y , ; ■' T^ISfisons kYer Rep^^^^ -AN aPEomo poifo' L.iM.,HtKT 9 MiJi,p.,WashifipcB,, A H« OCrZS^ \ Iazsaos0a.,aulafeljfo^t. Oj.»e«ao aMicmtST-ofr reiagiapn^'^ 25 Jtonie, lateiioii jl 0$ d(Hsl)iii;gB. 8, the nnidnSand assemblies, b n t so £i hanlshavo been without “fish.” Theife areseverd. grant the leagde,and they deserve; '*hah \he lonewhiohsoelnatoine i t o which see No indeyehdent poUt mected with >»b6ttexfate the wheel! on the Central would stop tnrnlagwlien the call went out and re. main still until justice was donethemen. , TSiefe should n o t have been any lent” i n the matter—“pnbr “ await them. Itical movement in as ahle to iblic” or othar- shonld have lid the managers o f tho railrciad show any \aentimenti^ during or ^ o e tho strike? Somd of the new spap^ have wdd within a few daj« that the company ia not showing shy resentment 8ga‘ the strikers. Hew'does th e follow posted a t eycry station on the New Vorlc ■ Central and Hudson Bifer railroad by order of Acting First Vioo President Wohb.read as a piece of non-resehtment literature: “To ^ AgeUtt—Gh. and after Septi SO anyp^netians to be made \<mtbe road must *1». inado f o r men now- in the employ o f the ooiripany. If you need' new nismyonniay h ii* them, bnt in no case oro yod tu employ buy sum who left the Obmjany Adg. a .\ ' _ . jpehdent _ New York city is admitted as ahle to cope with the pdwers that bo unleae snp- poirted by labor, but the bulk of the clergymen -in the People’s Hnnidpal “ to allowing labor hat of voting i ates. Patherl ington proposed the following resolution at a recenttaeeting of the league, bnt it was pnt nnd0r_tte bench; T E E WHATECaB BBFOBT. New~ ybrs—T h ^ t ^ g ...... ------------ irr rains Kasterly winds, byoomlog variable, stationary tempera­ ture. The weather In New York to­ day i s cool and rainy. Obaervatlons 0>ot 2 8 , 9:00 A. U i h l iW York <rity: rlehths tsll yon something, p oS^prirrab s ^ prirrate history in dl- the reverend speMhinNew “And now I an^lam erpo a ^ Tulgingit. .Wimntimstrike tmthoNew York C ^tialandBudsonBiverrailroea was begun Ihr. Webb asked me to go to the strikers and toll thenar that ho was in & e’ ti g h t T will do nothing o f the land,’ 1 repEecL- 'la m net in the em­ ploy of yonrrailroad, and ihaveno right tointerferointhia f i ^ t and I will not*” By the way, Yather Uncey is fast tak­ ing the course which will land him on the ohtside with Dr. SfcGlyim. One of Pather IhiCey’A n « « it expretaioia is fonmdinthofonowiug Words: “Eiohee k ^ no m an <nit o f heaven ss Icmg as he leads a good life, a u d i t s yraa ftat ftCie who,*# Umow, lueaoh from the altar that poverty is a Messing lie, t o d th^y know they lie. They toow, as yrall as I, that i t is a “Resolved, That the People’s Mtmici- ...... TUtoda, .\'\'w.ge 4S.K ff 1^^ Deteslt ......... to.00| t s c 13 fKato ^ H n m a gO.Oiifig 10 fcloody Grand Raven, .go ore 40 a e , Pt'Cl’d j Oateago ....p.ore SONB U P t 'i P ^ ite g ^ t t e ....... ^ o e lOHKie Pt*oi*dj D n l^....,....S E w r 45SW 6 IpfeCl’^ lo c a l OhM rwatioiis--8:00 A. M Tima. B a r. WIxid. W ieaih. ^ e o OiM W.SS SB |erCI>leM >40 4« 800 AN. noso s a Isi Oondy 14499 Marim aiB tsmp 54; Iflnimum temp. 86, Maximum ystodty oi wmd. 18 miles S E .at(M 5 h 11 . Total pneimtatton- None. ' VesB daRy beroDMer Jsr oetoherSfeM, was^ao^ roesa'teta- psramaie 4 4 and mean relative humidity 88. Avscaae skstdiusH ---- * *-\• - mayor of this who is not n e ttled , as s candidate by amsjotity of tho labor organhations of tho rnty.” But the dtuHtion looks better in other loodities. From the sonth and west comesword~thst the artisans and farm­ ers srejoinmF’haads, andwBl go to the bsUot box to there demand their xughti. The d d amsenratiTe, sbeUrd ides that aUbor n n iouraiutnot dispuM political matters is fast wearing away. WhstSn abenrdity i t i s thask l^dtistois to enact Certain labdrinihi; hUd teetifor the mem­ bers of the unionmSldng such regudte togotothepdlsandvoto asif they had no interests .beyond those of tho bid 1 once said in Chicago 'that a alfc'cmca^'^tiwlB^ _____ _______ Follman bnlfet alMpiiir obis and tzea WSllUlDg CK^e TfllS tiSttt nUMI m p. wood and Heeawis epiinss. m P. 5.25 P.Irgr^fsviSSsA*^.-^' 5,’30 P. Thr-iurh -JfTpreas for 'Water- TBJUNS ABRIVEAT OSWEGO (WlS 1 M ysts-isldne _ ______ -,'SS^iS- tqj»3>--at*rhet Arm st Igeih ' ’ ^^^^a£ a r k e tJ e a te« J r. CtJisJT* . Oorm.-llrm; So.'nSfff:. erly w itidi^^^^um m O T a n ^ ! dativa hnmldiW lO took a s ^ m r ’s P. JL Arthur, grand Msh cocksdmnm of tho Brotherhbbd of hoMmotiTe JBnJj- Snd paragon UQtedsl]^ instsUed T3sa W a y M ade C lear. 'O o o d te* most awioasoMaeles tea s i t ^ p s ; 9351 KswTtmx, Oetdae eaaysae. Primeuiei diver ..... Bterllnjr Sxoiuuiia 'flna, 'BCms ■boetoeae HSlUnjd ttreo a*T bB3*s tfiaOiiR , tW turnip Po*^ H«a4W. €tov- ....... m f m i . But fat all the Aotindering which has ’; foDowed. the defeat of the NeW York Central stammrs there ia nd>Q dating sus that o f the generd oMcers of the Knights of Labor. With all thtir fioiatakea llr, Powderly and bis aaso- dates uutko none graver tiuut the at- tedpts to ed?l*ih'*v?ay a failure. It dod hdt hen^t Jibuti m^sd^tiaationk _ _ espedaU^ installed by the capitalist d^ees, h a d e inediug of his henchmen in New. York reom'*^- Mr. Arthur ii) uotawditidngman, a n d r beg bis pardon fetf ref - - - - thisconnection. But; of a Sodety that baa fa ___ _ ______ good, men who are proud of the fSact that they eat their bread ihtha sweat o f t h tir: brows. -Idfr. Arthur \minds his own hnsinew,’*sndh{shnaasceein this New Yoflemeetidg teemfed to bd fisfai^ up thing]i so aa to secure a re-election as <*ief o f fee B! ef L. B. ' The lUeetiog. according tu'^the New ■ YMk w b idtadthenm pfaes of the qUaMte-- tions of labor taep for leaderdiprKas ftriMln.lmA'nc In tfer wrmTVk-rt £?i^-1S&S?r*\s5lgM??aa7i£ dlsMSIaaia t(M ottut a loarov -at awedk . . . —‘---air,vaialBqiib>. itJ*iioen»a a gitewiar^ DEI BEniEES • ; _ • ^ ,Y , ..... Attooes to ^ inoneoftiiolocalpspersi' ’ - “K was S i f t e d that C*iaunooy M. aS?s^ Rveiy IM u g h W Wife or Mothei; a ISAGanesm . Au ALutuxnnal B xoUrdc^ ^ RewYotk^ Westttn M ian, IM u initi lestem BR ■ TRAINS LE^V e OSWEGO. :7.40J 310J 74,0! M O UUMdASOVUMT M p r ^ m A » 1 ^ 5 “ 1 “ las^ mu Pn0$rx$d ii!S 3 & iS” PnltajaPiaise* »S f e ' f PORT O P O S W Bi^. »nton,ttf4;m ft phii 7.00 I ...... ■ |1 eyes or those i , u « » r mentethstwe. t e s £ . « » w ) 'i i S t ^ ' . s a a : '>Y(L , 3 1 a o x » ’ t x x M C H R i W l p W M wmm OfRur«©o4iayepfftt«aA unity te o a t tiUltey with their New York-fahnot^ j,. ' - i Sallitf^^teata, Br, Swarne 4s Roni Y - o a r p A i e E r 8500 BOiSWls OATS, 4000 BOSHEm^COBN, ISO T 0 » $ SHORTS. 400 BARTRELS FLOOR w a f r E o m ■ ■ - - uuK ^ a ^ u S ,,.), , a s s x ^ . ■ s = * = = = = = s | i ^ t e t = i : . ■ -.c’ ' ■ ^

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