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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, October 23, 1890, Image 6

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MHi if THE OS^BGO FAUAPIUM^ THDBSDAt. OCTOBEB 23 ,- 1890 . 'iSHOSM m X’Hfi MOOT. “‘f2L“ *f™? ”\\• --MtSSSfiD FOR MOSET. .. .... . ■“■■■■ “ ■ TO .gMBA|lRA§SEp.. DARING robbery #ND ATTEMPTI h -MURDER BY A NEQRO. snr..~\ ’ IJ e t Y opk , Oot, predicted t h j > tioahas fallen through, jit deast for the • pir^nt. The Players league coafetoaioe gi %d«»pew»:a negro, and it^thQpghtlja i Ror. iE.,M..Deem! tte d ^ ^ ^ t ^ o g ^ a n d it ftnCSID RRDM WfARmN^ltpf^,. Te)e^(tos<^gwtiBegriuns Tej of greeting yyere rest .Vio4 President ®inaey'eHhO Btate ence and p;om dnatyddneil eocietieA (ting Tiyere read ftoni .j . enM and indlitidna g o c l^ represeatiuK tiie Christian gates to the iron and ste^ j ^deavon Boovement dn Toronto, said a to call on him Saturday. Sothe^ooting few 'wprda.otgreatingjrom the ProyincUl trip has been postponed tmtil next week. ..Ilnionof ObristJanEndeaTO? soeieties ol Yesterdaythesecretary of the * ' ' f signed certificates WASHiNatdir, Oot. 23,—The president has postponed his shooting trip. J^|ter the announcement of hl^ plans attenupn - - ■ ■ - ■ ijhePritish\ ■ jpnvention Sothej^c m tilnext lhutntBndeolIneti,;to call the ct fKrencB to ordwr nntii the thtee piayi h id left ill,. ’ •leased, to represented in a cobferenoo wherethmA yrero three hTational mcO and three An- aocaation men, the' Players'-leagnashotild iaTBSisropmSentstiTOB, UnloBS they had tbatnnfiiber tjhey did not feed, like oopferf xingwjth the other oommitiees, ^'hoi ■eomini^a for one.year,®. A, Banraann , Tennessee, Virginia, Color ; pf Knghamton; m e m ^ fontwo years, M. Minnesota Oregon, New HampshirO, A{at i I Syracuse. hauia, Idaho, North®akota,a^ the t ^ - \ not .Sp-aouse was p a n t e d toryof NewMoadoo. AnotherIdstalfment loiiiaX tha shape of a t^u- is already doCi hut - . • - r oommitiees, y._ B then ensued. It. was held o n side that ns the oominittes ad,- in .Oct, 9 wltlt hnfe him The afternoon, sessit Committee conferences, presided over by sgentlemen; prayer meeting, Godfrey I of Utica; social, A. P . Gaylard of country knows the stfw_ ------------- , „ , , action taken, sof.that if ahy oh’octloni , followed hy to Ife made they ntiH bo made vr\- (resided over by j^y j^a -hiton any fm ' •eenldpothecoiisidnred untd . . ______ «nce of nine had Stsembled. hfr. John- •on acimovledged that this vyould he the ^noper thing to do. The three players retired and t h e __ Arenoe- waa Called together. The^ com- mnnication Apm the PJsyera ItafimOwaa then readby the chslrmas, I t stated that three,additlcnsl: ftemhers bed. been -etfeoted to leek out for the interesta of the Plsoretsleague and ssked thatfhey be ad.^ uttted to the eonfetenoe, >. lohnsonmc ^idtoror® Clark of Boston. ‘tAj^r a solenin consecration s om'ention adjourned. NEW YORK FOREST COMMISSION. the. dying a t Cincinnati. His wife weary to accompany him and yeh afraid to '} he left alonAsp he purchased for her a« a I means of protection for herself anfi Ker i tdend, bliss Warren.who was to stay with . her, a revolver. While ho was inslmetlng .TheEitabirsl»n»*ijt of a State Parkin accid; < the AiUrondaoks Strongly Faroroa; ' N ^ Y o BKK, g . Oct. ^ ^ T h o -fi^ • r, a tovolver. While ho was inslmetlng wife in the use of the, weapon I t was [idehtallv' laisoharged,. ’ sheotin* the young wife through thehoarN Hiss Wsif; ren at the hiomont was about j— ' Association men Voting Against it. Tfiie three representatives.: Of the Players „ IsefiAeMiSawithlGbw from the confetehoo and ®ipea the thiye.iwtolddedvphiyors. ey weresmite omph^C in- th«xr htato^ 't.thoco_ ‘’lejNmferehco w/m tuA, Imy were smite _ioBtauc -------- for they vrohid not fchfor unleM the play- MB WMOgivea a heating. .Ihe cenferetto*: ^ ol Iho.; p i PiWdmtThnrinaVittiaainttintoglun potitidn s s ^ “When tho confetence coin- r- ntitreeyh^mganis^dZvinderatoed thstit I, r^xceetiited-thrto titra t e assohiatiotn^ esatisstimdirign^ Its own nlirit«K Jho arealloftho mmt nncertain character, leagne%thren m n and then*- Soverallumhernieu tod residents of th« tiodm e^eiheht-tiynobody. As chair-' ‘Adirondackretdonanneared and cavaes- l \ - ... nnito'oonimitito Icpuid. I Oefc g S ^ T h ^ t com- xenat^e^iho^i^tw asB hontj^ttingher msebd Cox chairman^ .Sherman narrowly esCaped her fate. It is said that ila:and Theodore B. Basselin, Spencer has beoamo hopelessly insane. commlSssioners; tod A. Ii. Train, secro-, ^ ------- <-?-1 - . ---- tary,andS. P. Garmon,'warden,met y ^ | F o m Eor»oBS;Ki}i6doBthdBaliroto. terdayat the office of Mr. Khevals, M, , ATI.AHTA, GA. Oct. 23.--A special to TI Nassau street. The Commission — - - -------------- --------- pointed hy Governor Hill during legislatarB to investigate, the i tpmunga state park in ibe Adirondack! SSfS. 2 SS.V&”.S ““.S th»-fiflnter. , , afterwards. Asonihltoundpaseetigertrain ' , , aftenvarda Asohthbdundpeseehger t court of jiiqniiyv: Ex-Hnited States Sen- ChickamaOgaas-tbeti^ndaBhto o u tofa storJphn B. Henderson of St. Bonis ap- ent, a covered wSgon was Upon a crossing peared tod advised that the 3tods needed The engine struck the wagonand killed J, for a ^ k h e aCTufed atonce,asthetitlea W. Jenklnsi his wife and bato and M«. — ail of the mmt nncertaln character, JamtoBowinam sB. of Walker county. n^taHBtotiv^. -i. -, . UNlyEftSALIST GONFER'ENCE. . Serttat 'ldtoi<i<tob'Sab- je6U 6y prominent Polejietefc iisiTeactionvr*»tajtoOj,but ^ toemheri __ if the coiomwsion exptessea themseives Bahoi troUgly in favor of establishing k State after i park. In accordance with the terms ofthit lowing legislative resolnUoa, iW . Bis of the AmerioSn-Assertion ^f jt ^ j e n m e d .yesterday afterm after a busymommg’s session. The 1 iciation o » ----- . -.T— ■—-j efternoon busymommg»s Session. The fol- ------------ - -------- --------- - ------------------- „ offloeis were edected: President, j , legislative resolnUoa, I'W l Bishing of Bhiladelphia? firet vice — ‘v-— . } presidency M. P, Cattibk Of Pittsburg; . fa U toerofnaad STeroes, second Vice president.: C. A. MUlerof tt «?. BakOSTOS, N. y,i Oct. ^-,-Pnily rishtttg; ivtoidingsSCfCta;?, 0.K, Willets ..snUgersfromthe Hudson river oototies o f Etiet t*eaSBr«v J. S. Johnson of pitta- gathered here yesterday to vritness th« ,hnrg, iiancaster was seloOted for ifio ■nitveillng and tiedteatlou of the monn- tiiohSXtcOavkntic,ninAUgUSf,j891. Joha meat erected to the soldiers And Sallor« of TT SnEi-nw w»i mWlwir ai> i . TJJster county.. There was-an i^p dvioand militaryparade, asoote or ..,„.., ^ , of visitiDg’ Grand Army poets, separatij Convention of; tompanles-of the state militia ftoin NeW-1 WA^(fsorttsx bUtg, Poughkeepsio tod CatskiBheingml fourths line. Ctol. John IfcEnleeof this city was Institttt marshjit. The thoroughfarM along the lind of march were thronged with tod public and 'pri“-^^ '' profusely deCoratea. ermbrici WWi people, liidin^ w to S S S i S I s S m M s M i lon^w In Court , .-^AL Sayman. has j R ^ S i i S wWlllclosSto^ghi 30,Cot.'f^^,< yntWfoOlleglatepootL, --------- | : K > : toaictsd fdr MNlVontimf Boa&en, ■ t e a t ^ W d ^ X c o ^ o f l l S . ^ - ' Mayor .r^ltor Not 'l ^ i T ; , ^ 5 S - 3 f S 5 ® Thp oruiuiuy j3?po»i6C8 tiio itcitgu iued;untiiiiext;Motrday ‘ . SON$ CtF, BT;,: GEORGE., Anmgniacsiit )EosaFbrom Fiekwiok^ ceeter visited thocottYentiOm (.SSlS’srsSISSffS.SK lodge of city; and also Qoee.n lodge, gave a' seceptidu to the lodo'S and th«. delegatfea a t Windsor ----- investlgallnjrthe Iceland SvKAcnBijb ■ ' ■ allnjrthe XMand XSotelFfre. B, b et. 2?,—A large number of witaeMea TOro call^ last ^8**t hu the Leltod hotel case bofprt the cotoner’s jury. The testimony went to show that building u.a.'nei. ^uiuRly tod collapsed ipletelyletely m a fewew minutes.inutes. The chiefhief comp m a f m The c of the fir. department said he had been conuemed with the deparimentaince i87i, and never Before saw a building fee so quick.: Adjourned till next Monday oven* Ing. Ayoteot censnro will: pro'>ahly'lM made on the hotel buildings, a n i the jury witt retomufcnd the appoin me A of a fire marsharandthepnssageof an imlinahoo providing that all hpitels here hereafter erected shsllhe ,tireprool< Tne llefaco __ _ __ ___________ , ---- .n n .U ,.i.A - e ft..-K..I.-A was not sQcoessfol. The remarkahly (alls which arri » Tie XAoaii i 53.—The hi ; Xiwfeoiy lueriiased by,i’nppi>dl>>sr syio-. tiojis—Tim a^^Sfinioy Bjii ^rentea' a- ; ^mohg Mimuira ipiteto, would.fludthe HdmeHule party isabldd in adVailCe of theenoounter. Trade diffionlties Are arlsiug in ShsiSdeld ^t off thehe MoEiInloyo^hiloy tariffariff bill,ill, • Thomanu-anu- ou o t M t b - Thom facturert Are ACriotia to . outdovm Wage?^ in view of the loss ^ American paSfkeU to ^ and haie jmado it tha moi^ jopulaf remedy known. • Syrup of is for stde m 60 f chauged their, minds, in too hop® that the hUl 1^1 aocnibs modifi^or repealed. The prosecution of the i ofU.tor of ths Gotha Tagblrit on the charge of insnltjng a member of th e reigning houto of CobUrg Gotha, aronses considerable interest in •Germany, as prin<iePerdihand «f Bnlghrla who is alleged to have been insulted, U only a oonsip of the soveteigm ofSaxC-Co- hurgandif the law of les majeste would je,-it Would A](ply ■ ■ .apply in l ^ oaSerit W6 Of .prinoes and print to scores . , .toronghout Europe oonnectedmth the Coburg famlly, ,wh.o are related more or less to the lolgn. Ing honsea of Germany, England, Russia, aud several other states, tod also to the ex-Kmperor of S ratil and the Comte de- PariA. ' The city, was startled yesterday by a amor that tbs Buke of lievonhiire bad rumpr th at tbs Buke of Bevo: died suddenly, and pending vei refutation of iharoportpolltica circles were greatly excitr-’ Ceselon of the aiMqnis of, I his fathers title tod seat it lords with'too Attendant p lords with'too attendant political pi hilitiaawas eagerly dlscUssed, and hun­ dreds of AnKionsions btoMrewquirew hrslegedsleged tot In hr residence In iTcadilly, The falsity lor having been. estahllsbed, in- ■'scloeeil ■ sd tboftot ■Aibi toired to devote'mi tllhorc- institm 'Wm AdTAnce nxpraw Bates. BoemY, Oct sa-M r. Wsldo Adams of toe. Adanjs Express company yestorday le. Adams Express company yesterday ,jnllrmed the report that exprtp* xatefc ,were to be advanced NbYspiber 1, h u t de­ clined to give isny detoUS, saying that too company would notify the'puhllo jpsb wbat toe tariffs are When they go into A-CUEVER THIEF, «*w»ra»oIi Xtoiiiidy Bobbed BowXmk Claeklne XSealsrs. NawTont, Oot. 23.—Trancis KenAedy, UaaBhilUps,WAiBaaBhilUps,WAiB rslei^tromBBsedfromtoe toe Singsings aU rsl S oeontypenifentlAry Taesdsr,, After Aerr- ingaterm of nine uoktiui far ataaiingah u pon leavlhg the pneen ha Waaimmtdl- atoiy arrested by ^teettvas-Arnutrous tod WoOltidgs o f inspoclor Hyraea* staff, rged vvitost«BllngOiotMngaihototWg PPO from VAtipUs dolhiAg stores in' tclty. Kennody, ctetiiic Ida confine' at in 'prUoB, has h«an 51, and ha W ipaesat heisir Aireatad a» soon after vIUg..one sentends swoon.otttheprtoonbto##. Ha vraa placed in t o SmhuIancA and lotitod. up As. a ptiaoner At BsllevuahOApitah . mtot^up<topri]^^lA dtoline^to to W ffBIfied bjT HO S to v d . toerak^SlcItnfrftSapitAlandpublicaplrit IlOOt At I^All Y^l WlttSHy IL ■ in Berlin to fom^Mnspamm'whioh'idll hj andhadadashAboht that made ^yauccfessful. * \f* --- >•’- — custom to dn a stylish • ‘ .yttb 'oitttract— . .. _ ___ __ gpn« to bartt unknown, leaving subroom trabtois in the lurch to chafimoontof tf i t o ^ over, them and moved slang to todanaountihS that he sa'w nothing to ■ ‘ Mm, Be wonia take his depertms s. howAtsf, pidduB Up the suit t by hia Blanket. ; S l^io o d e s to io m ^ 4,6VgRkbB h ibl a t W ooster , o . : M#-A4AMii«ei ■to:Tww*oi», kiUt Meetfei , which he ^livered' In Canton Tuasasy’ ievenfUK He wsts at MmSs loudly and .tothtunaatioally.tothtunaatioally ApplaiBaea.laudea. ■ ' App |;Bh«m iati Crilchaeld arose and redd a of the rnmor having been establlabeii, in­ quiry ae to Its origin dl the fAdt tbabitbad beem started by hookm^en otNew York Tuesday, from Queenstown toBuhlin and I,ondon, -was influenced by the good recordord reoently made In trans- good rec reoentl; tatlon of malW froto^ _________ ^ton. ral suggestions have lately been made bettorttor timeimecould could hee toododo from portation of mails fr< Southamp that be t h toa from somi other port than. Queenstown, and the ------ have a t last aw ‘ ‘ WaBmUwaj their danger Ineeo thrpi ■ ----- - -------- .(.walked to cer of losing this profitable hn» . ,mgh thoto indifference to the pnbllo demands for mote expedition* service. The importtooe of hurrying the mails through having' daWned' upon the rail'way olBcia' -- - improvements tot the .tTanspm-tetlon ifiee ace n o t without the hoands of j L Go'eA TMA rot Baltainx Soeiotiee. iKKLSS, Oet-tSt-T-It is annooBi^ by The B n o iy, Oet-lSt—It is annoonoed by The Retchsanieiger that by tosaeu of Alack oi fnndsdb tilele governmentvemmeni is compelled to d*- ti go le loaning money t jngmen. TheBruesiattMlnleter of ;Com merce, Baron Von Beriepsch, eaysi “While ‘the government Joyfully Wilcomee All effpruinthe direction -of proV'“ iDie KnriaeeyBismAA. BiBMimaaAJf, Ale-r Oct. 8A—Tim men nntBaKtoess mar^ who ITM; to fipni - l a m ^ 1 0 1 ^ : I dBsp- ii I : Byrup of ?igs is ___ nd $1 kotueghy all leading dfupf f tor any one 35 o not aoce|it ai > in d \ ^ o ® X i o U > l i “ t o ™ ; W i At Bradford tovhral large manufacturers ttafO it promptly tor any one te 1 who had spoken of golfig to Amwica and Wi^es t o 't i y It, D o no starting estahliahmotits there', have: , ----- ’ • minds, li '• ’ \ - ” QAummA m srm co. SA»mHOISOO,OAU w m m m , kv ^ wer yoak . h x yji OABRMT OB M 0 8 icr F’^WAimAOB’ B.. raiSAJA,iSAJA, Xsssuel WAimAOB B ra x end B cr M Q N p A X B ilG H T j OCT. 2 7 ,, IcKee Bplin, In , s . w uid ^U iiat era«tI«D, ,-Q.d ■‘T h e C a n u c k .” BMellentooinpanj I . FiORumqienoveU*ee.and . Obsreo;erlst.'o songs and d ligjgR A M G E S t ACORN PARLOR STOVES. Tlie largest variety in' the^ worldo t select ftvm. : SEE THE REfT STOVE THE Bojal Acorn The HimdfomeBtStoYe made. The most powerital Heater mad a The C lein^ Stove to min. UffetlMstiieltii^ any other. o^feiiSu^to°the%SiSHfii rmprovfimehts pos* .. .. .. ---- seisfld hy no otter Stove. For Sale by m . - and A htick dwelling -weril Burned here laSt oVebing. Bosa m shcp gSO.OOO; pan- Attlcidi-to.AnroQktyA’jiieUl. I s*.*—A man who tagiii- ' ....... Boteliro.l« ,&t'TfjtorAttha!a< I Bttoet, Brooklyn#. RelioA TrvU in » SjQ8;QalA BiCHM£»a>,Bld„ Oct. ^.-ThestAUlon Netiott hero yesterday trotted A half mile In 1A«. The first half mile TOes.' Gainhridge City, where he htol record, waAtrettod in iinrie iawrencA BoskeA Of. ,, RiWYoait. Qofc fi3.-A t«he antopsy: ;„ysstotoay sitornoon Deputy Coroner Con- lin found that unrse Lawrence’s bio# had . ...... ' ~ fAgUe’a death and Be’ is Xiti# B*toaM vwiiiawto. C S B B E G © CODHWSMfflGBANE laraw S w it riT it .B « BtWgt , S t r e * t t , 0 8 w t t 9 , l | , V . toocrpbtatodBtltito to-Jpxm OflMM - p im S 'S i iS - fiatnrdAy evenings from * to a oriodk. Intbreetpala depoaitors. 8 Ji PER CENT. Vioe-Bresideta’Ai W i i l 4 * -fiSTjCR - s m ■ ;;st»tes W Presli H Bei A i r AUS i It I l O H wit luot # 1 5 3 - 1 ./-

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