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The daily palladium. (Oswego, N.Y.) 1890-1908, November 03, 1890, Image 8

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B U R N ^ STJUWIW F U V O R l i i ^ m Absolutely -Pure. Full Measure, N& Cattoons to-Hide Ijong-Necked an:d Paftelled^ Bottles. , NOTICE TO HOUSEKE e N r S . . A ll . C o o ld n g E x t r a c t s , s u c h a s L e m o n , V a i ^ l a , R o s e , rrlm o n d , Celery:^ e t c ., p r e p a r e d a t th e la b o r a t o r y o f J o s e p h B u r n e tt & C o ., B o s t o n ; can be', r e l i e d n p o n fo r th e i r p u r i t y 'iS n d g r e a t s t r e n g t h . F j ^ u p w a r d s o£ t h i r t y y e a r s th e y have- b,een u s e d b y th e le a d in g h o t e l s th e ^ e s t fam ilies th r o u g h o j a t th e .U n i te d S t a t e s , a n d a r e so l d b y aU ^ f i r s t- c l a s a t € r 0 cers< a n d druggists... • - ’ / ' ^ ” mmm At PsicES TO SUItJEjray : — . iBODY. ..F o r T h r e e Y e a r O ld Boy^. Good B o y s ’ O v e r c o a t s . S t o u t B o y s ’ O v e r c o a ts. „ a i m B o y s ’ O v e r c o a ts. B o y s ’ U lster O v e r c o a ts. B o y ’s C a p e O v e r c o a ts. ^ o y S * ^ n c h i l l a B e e fers. jBoys* O v e rco a ts f o r $1 .5 0 . B o v s ’ O v e rco a ts foe $1 0 .b 0 . ' H e n s ’ S t r a i g h t ^ S e a m B o x O v e r c o a ts. F a t Horn’s O v e rco a ts. C lerg v m e n s i O v e r c o a ts, P r u d e n t M a n !s.O y fflrpoats; l a c l n n a n ’s O v e reS a t. . ^ v i i s h i f a n ’s O v e rcoat. O ld M a n ’s O v e rcoat. J e a n M a n ’s O v e r c o a t. B a i l r o a d M a n ’s O v e rcoat- T o u n g j l a n ^ s O v e rcoat- ■ W ^ a r e H e a a - Q a a r t e r s I t o r j B -BfSIlMTS: ^ . STYLE, PRICE, QUALITY. OTTOLAIMBO liETTBRS. -- “Eemalfilaff i l l tW O w e ^ iT N T Y., PostofBoe for th e W e e k Ending S a turday, :N ov . 1, 1890. lianrent Myra Miss Ogden Henry N Basmnssen Servis Elmer • „ Smith BenjamiiL Vincent J W Del & Winters Es a ' LfltEx -Wright Fratrfc . . • S3-i Walnut st .. -■ ' J ohn ^A. P laob ,P,M . Sttufunia KsiKet*—tw reieKTaph], «EW ’TORE PKODUOB. SfoT. 3.—1&80 p M. Oonox—^Merket Is qaiet. Uplands 85 Orleans 915-10 Fnturea steady.-Novembe SO 17- fiecemlier, 1961; Jannary fO 63; S-ebn Market nnsettl^, Rooelptt of 31OCO tranels.. Sales of ll.(no barrels. Tiax extras 9%. SltOiWSTO; n*»enSr« 8 gM>m>- Fttni, 13-7501S5 - ns^ j^arket Is depressed. IRedelpts SlBSOSSlt; pater 'is flrnn7&07T« rket flri— — *-• of m is December 107 m ^ L - B-n-MarK ........... ..... .. ^^^R«l^j|^Warket firm; -western 75390; Ca-. Market easy at SC C2i*. —Firm. UeeSpit, 5610 ni — *' “ta; oreamerytlOaSOc ram—Firm. ueeSpit, I dairy. li> 21 ^.; oreamen nsi—Market steady; re Jtate SUJfflfe FraogTO-rH»rXet afeproeecO-lOruae 17X0 ^ a^TMat -r rn r 7 oax « N0Tei?r)fr 3.>-Money on cm U ii fse W . Prim«! taeranxile McrOIlSa-B ail rer tqq . IBUoHiut MutibAiige la stoAdy. tqq . IBUnflliut MutibAiige la etsady* -t'sr i r .s s r ^ s ' a i a s ; ' 165K. Hovemment honda-stead- - - ■ , SMalUbOi^ ^ OPPOSITE CITY HALL. {[kuO& TP^EKAEK S S E i f i s t s a j s s ! ”'” ^ ■ ^ g s s r s ? s s » ; « . : j o r n o g u D ^ ^ c a , Beeoham^ tilki ouze BUlioiu and Toaalik. ® s ! S Ij)otev’e'’” Naah ifi^yotefor him, because Judge Aveir sy«a a leading the War Committee and mads nomer ous patriotie apeeohee daring the and no man in S i S S l i P doAOmaha S7H Stack Mark 3^ mw Y omc .15 ot .: ____ isnsasy. 4 ’to\® d.oal» bSered . . . Prime ms«ba»t'iep»iM6«|8. hat aarer 106 , ster- lua exCblnse steady; attnal business II SOk loteo day blliB asd *4 81M for damanAPotted ntes SI 819S* 65}1. eoramment bonds steady BaUxoadben^qiiiet. htoclaqniet and firm on klarkat. . efef. £?«<,N oy .«--OJ| opened: at TO,' f. K. 79o: 190 IP. Ji. 783*0. on closed at ^~^**^-®**™ market 'Is Van Houtea’a' CodOa-HleBoioua -and made tastandy s „dnmnwed&{ri W H V B U T I b B R * ® iiirif'CiiiieF i It tpntaiiiB 60, p e l otot. of the Pu ^ -it. of the Putt , -, . -iO 60 per o ent as these Emul- f^ o r U d ^ I z S B . Being made espeoialljrfdjf hiy own salee I make it evety week. ThiBlfiet Bhqtdd gire i t ^ e prefej ■ 1, OBlTlffABV. Orville B raga. ' Under the death notices of ^ t a ivsning’s paper was that of Qi Braga, who has been, emplojid in the fiind factory, first id lattorly with Wright & Boyle, for the past twenty Ee was a kind huEbaad mid with the Blanahards anc father,-temperate,industrious and) tive to the interests of his ejnpk, _ , Bis wife and. one son is left to .mourn Ms loss,mid will havei the heartfelelynipathy 1 neighbors and feUow workmen. W rig h ts Boyle factory will ployes may attoi takes place a t his late residence, c< of West Cayuga and Ontario sS^ts, at Echoes from fe’aded L e a v ^ . The First U. £. church was QllCd last night to listen to the AutumiiUl service. The interior o f the church was splen­ didly trimmed with Autumn leaves— walls, back Of the pedpit, o rgw and all. On the platform wer&karpsj dyr«^-airc - chore and other symbols, all of leaves.- The service consisted of Bible quota^; oh leaves, poetic blossoms or citations from the.poots on leaves and their les­ sons, -wili songs, solos, quartettes, male quartette, a}l on the subject o whole servicfl was impfSisi^e.\'*\6oi6rwere s t u i g ^ ^ Babcock, Uissei Youog,“ Ayleswprth, Perry and Lamoree. , Working the G. A. B. Men. We are informed that UemckBtowell 13 recently sent oireulsrs to G. A. b ! , men extrolling hia service as a soldier endiuBinnatiiigthat Mr..Avei 7 , ] mpathizer with the South. .2the ha this not a Grand Army man ongh it i r fake member of pstriotie speeches during no man i n Oswego bovm^ -was more loyal tothb^canrso of the union _ Miles’ Bescorative hferylnR • They guarantee It to ure headache, dkzlness nerVons prostration, sleeplesst e.«a, the ill l-clTects- of spirits, tobacco,, coffee, eta Bmgdsts say it is the gmatestseller they ever tmew,and is nniversally ipdast^ctory. They alsoanarantea Dr. AUB^TNew Heart CnrH.ln.nU ca.vFa. of Bervons-oe-orgaale- heart disease, palpitation, pain in slde,j smothering etc. Pine book on “ Nervons and Heart Diseases\ free. M ilo’s BI£AH D -n WOBZS. Gentlemen’s clothes cleaned end Faded dothea dyed and pressed to ook 08 good BSnsw, ' Madias’ garments of all Itinda cleaned ' dyed.jmd finished nicely. L S. J . Mux), Pkoprieior. No 110 Weet Second St., Oswego N.V Oldest Dye Wor£s in the <rity. Long Popd ;by setting nets across. iding at (iie Sopl :e violating the K6me ^om etim eaj was notifli in g thega law, • the channel that the i«iMMmtortfa 0 —iate- Whereupon Mr. Brewer .^iroceedod to the plaoe-wSerc thenets were said tq be hqt nothingjn the shape q£ nets being M ‘ sight, Me proceeded to use the grappel,- which-rqv^edl the fact that the -whole j between Bishop’s point and; the ffieek were fike nets and were set'in^^ to completely bar the flsl Mull of gill t ^ c h a way and after consultinig from ionni „ in bis superior, officer, . . jeded to haul the nets intathe boatatill he baS all hia boat would carry. There were four gill nets with from three to four sections in each and rods in a section, and two Nopr- frona S? to 40 . ffite nets \bith leaders, to claim them except The nets were oonv«' Lack of Mr. Brewer’ large brush heap ' was set on fire ani Brewer left reyed to the landing nr’s home, piled on a and then the i-rnsii -burned to ashes. I sev^ o r eight large fike n rhiin he could not cany. W inter Exoursion Tioketa are now. pn sale a fthe Laoka wanna^ depot' to], idl ■ favorite resorts. Alao ocean and coastwise tickets to al The D. run a Ten Dollar Excursion to ..fashingtoil and return December 22d, to return on or before the filst. Galoons M u s t'^ e o p Closed. The Chief of Folide gives notice that all saloons must keep Closed to-znorrow that all v io la te will ^ prosecuted. .MABBIIID. SH B ^t^l^n'raG E B a^S-H la ^ a by Bhmm»nd^s3 Jm^a^tegexiilds BEOKSTED-SOBRIBNER— HoTember 1st. iU ^ ^ d ^ n g ^ t-o'f Fw^TloktBa’Ci^f Funeral from parents regldelir ^ “ Beneotbstv.cenSfh andSthstri day.*tln.M. Frl ' IiAPLAESr-Iar Oh riea.son -------------- aged 1 year and Imoi th. Etan<*ral from parenb* rraldencb In • lAvery’s Jane.ootween Brldso and Caynga streota. Wedntadayat 10 Ji. u. FtJesda are invited, ' Bio -DriAGA-Inthisclty-Kov; - vUl0BraKa.age449yc; HAPPV HOOSIERS. Wm. Timmons. Postmaster of Idnville, — Inm, writ®: “Eiestrie Bitters has done a more for me than all other medicines com- « « bined, for that bad feeling arising from ^ 8 ^ ' tronbla’^ John i.es- ineffiobto; made me W-. Gardner, ^ ^ t n C e n t ' l g ” ” _ W d . Kg:^pney oa^ H .j .feel—like--a^ew man.” manwli strength, gdoA appetite Imd'fdtTnstUke le had a nqw lease of life. Only 5oc. a bott]e,at-H.(0. Sharpe& Go’s Drur\* - er hejdves or ^ e s ; he^ I Co’s Drugstore\ ScankoBros G R ^ T SACRIFIGE SALE I 400 -O v e r c o a ts I Men, Youths Boys and Children. 500 S u its ! _ Children, 3 6 ^ ^Youths , add Men. A l g o ^ t l i e r |F t i i n i f l l i i n g Goods, fiemembertbeso are b rain s at Soaiilan Bros., IWiokes o0k,syest;BridgeSt. Fnnerat Triesday ftromhls late residence Comer West Cayuga and Ontario Srbeeta, at bSO p. H. Friends nie invited. , son, aged 81 years. ‘ Fnneral from her paren.ts’ mldence on Ibo Salltgher road Tuesday at iO a . oi. FHenesar. invited. . • ■ OfWfgoTewm November a ' . m *. Hwlngo daughter of ^ Da-vld oefl S d e a . Wlllmolt, agtd Oyearsand SdasS, _Funeral from parents' residence bfi d road Tuesday a t 990 a n a fmm church a t 390 p. ai. FU e iids^ ; T H F PEOPLES’ GLOTHING STORE. _JSB?LGOODS - AMD THROUGHOUT we don’t bfaike you FOB PALL ■ •/■AlilD’ w i h t e r . ' BON’T BE tABDY THE BEST- WILL BE I PICKED UP .F I R S T . \We have only to repeat the promises we have so often made. Ours is ^^eaphargain store b u t -we guarantee all goods sold and m*mey i s dheerfullv refunded wht unsatisfactory. Wo do our Beg^ ^ strike you .right the first' time win ty , try ihd ^ we i’t be t iteit like our mettit and SO long as we please them we •will continue to be the Leader f Clothii thetl for L . ______ n'y’*,. enfileBs . ( deavor to get y trade. _____ ^iae; W e k n w ■ ' 4 St® The weather is a striking reminder to hini who has no Overcoat ■Tieeds-a“new new one, that now is the time to gather one. . The —orTieeds-a one, crop is ready for the harvest at ■ OSJERHOUT’S Bis^to(^.is niatchle^Sa .3<ttLC3ti make your olfoice from, -all Jhe ___ - fasihonable styles and bev^fc materials On a fine, elegant Over- . . ji!.at 0 you cam save $10 by purchasing from him. He has a line for $15 that cannot be piudhased elsewhere for less than* $25. Be has Overcoats irom $1.76, up to $30. He -will seU you a UresB or Business Surti:50per cent, less than any of his oompet-! itors in .the Sfime quality of goodR, His ' CUSTOM: nEPfiR-TMEHT I Is stocked -with the choicest and latest patterns of Goths, from ■which any kind o f garment wiU he made to order. I r t USTERHODT, Arcade BHiMingrEswego 3ST B A R G A IN S IN BOOTS MD SHOES Tho Gireot route between your home and unhquaUed atka'c- , lion of Low Prices is to •. i i i ’s EiolailsliGSta West Flr^ Street, Oswego. Hosierfud Oflderwtar! SPECIAL VALUE. LADIES’, CENT’S AND CHiL-DREN’S - H o siery and Underwear OPENED TO-DAY. BURDEN & MARSDEN^ 37 East Brie^gfe Street, Oswogo. R ^ a l Irish P o in t V f f iH s y - Wednesday and Thnrsdav we will r>t|ter©nt P a t o m s at J^IVE PER CENT, above WliolesaJe Prices. . Wigan, t a t e S Etofl* DO w mM But Call a t ontes [for a Bair of Our I ■ % a i ^ a t i o h w m , s h o v s f ; t h a i i & ^ - UnconalM for ttr ioney. P R A N K % B !^ b W N & C O „ ig * ts , Boston Bfanch, i i fest first Street; : ^ r - : > r

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