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V O h - X X T I I - - O S W E G O , N . X , D p ^ O E M B E B 8 , 1890. E S T A B L I S K E I ) 181# ANIKt£»OETAKa7 gOflT, T ried Before Boferea Pouqlioe In •■ I , Ke-w Y o r k li'^Bt W e ek, The notion qf O tonce Bfrdseje, . eignee o f Baker & Clark ag^t ihoraj Sin|E8ford, was tried two days to N York City k a t week before Bfon. Bouober,Boucber, tefeferee. THE MOKEY lABKET. lim iB V IE iW W i y g 0BOBHTABY w m i i d M , w The platnHfl wa* ereproeented By tW tom of BitaBoya, <lloja & BayliiiS and the defondahji by BdhV'WHliam Eernan of Btioai-B,'-!-. -and F.. E. HkniiltOD, of t l ^ oIfcy,‘ ‘The.airiounttovolred i« about tlUiOOdi^ rata i« pad o f three oasea brOtiilbti by thppBdDti* growing out of tbe fidinte T b e T reaanfy P o tag a ll Ih C a n ix fteldd-^etheBrdaens trnfOtfcunat( O o n d |g ~ M o » o y f ie ld to Pri- a growing oufeof tbe fidinte OtW. J. A u a r intoa,, o f tb i r e te akd Baker dfcCnatkolNewYmk/Tb«i0tIftoe.: bw a p tt *po«eari?n^* \ Judge WrightfB Good Work, ^In tbo Judicial qoWtniaeiou to .rdrlae: the COnatitutfon none o f the Ckiaasia- Bionera have been more active or mcm- •promtoenttban Oiwego county’a lopnk . Beiitative, Judije, Eh b. Wrigbt. On Friday the Cdmmieelon, on motion of Commieriener, Wright, voted to tevetae- te action in Anguat latt to regard tdtbe 'Section of the jodger on a general ■ ' of the whole SI .epeotivo diitriote, The oommiaaioti aleo ---------- noHoaoUfe.J&IgM M Jo a ^ S s s s i I otoitt _ ' adopted thamioticm.otMr. \&lghtaB to l ^ •flUtog np the blaifto toeing toe ntnnfato ,, of judgee of the Supreme Court for each dletrict, as follows: The whole number to be aixty, divided aafoUoWa: Twelve 'in the Firat, edevea in the Behead, a to to the Tfaird, five in tbe fourth, aeven in ---- the-Fifth, flvwlu tho0ixtij,-Be'veiLto the Beventh, and aeven in tbO Eighth dto trief, reepeotiveij /ro|uocB a aoardtr of money, b u t the p«ei|ent condition of affitin ctanot be aosountedforon titot ground. I think that fop thn greater pi>^t o f the hundred tudilionB which bavO been expended by 4he%ea«wy--to-toopurobiuepj^bondBr * fH. rapeement gvd will bo* awlgned Oirouit work and two for General A n o th e r P emth fieporfed. Saturday afternoon fhii paper called attention to the death of a young daught<. gdva adequate relief. The ' to'rreapondont aeked whetoer MtvtotT''dTe or ona hundred arilllonil could n o | be p a t to dronlation ito opoa ThooeawtaryrepliedT -What l m* * to the. future '1 oann(^ aay, beoat havh n o t decided, bnt l do n o t prop< let ibe treian^ become b ankrupt who* r «1 m may become ao, while I- enough money to pay out abrmt ito milliona of d<toaxa: for bocdi Olfered to er o f Ur, a nd Hra Adolph Bandriter ln ■Oiwego town. Hra. Bandellaria a ai ‘ -ofU ra Joawph Bickeiy, four of wl children wacecarri^,of^ h j acariet fever,-. She aaeiated to the mirrisg.df kef Orter’t little o n ^ amd cairljed *the dlHeae Into her own liorily. totorday w lfie the Undertaker ww paepartogtoc tbe/imer> al of their ten.y ear old daughter Anna, another of their children died and the poetpooed untit to^ay whan aare tbe e i funeral waa _ both ohUdren were burled together. Other memhen o f hothfamOkai ported aa atOl being tick. Foe tb pro« tection of other 'famiika in that vicinity it would be welt fortoe Board of Health of that town to take aomeateps to pro* vent the ipreadtog of the dkeaee. T a lk o f th e Town. The fine atook of boot*, ahoesand rub- beta in all gradea and varietiea to be found at BQque'a, hi Weat Bridge atxeet. This Srmbuya for caah and gireBita tomera tbd benefit, - If you doubt any of tbe complimentary thicgi aaui of this firm call a t their place of busiaen in West Bridge between Sixth and Seventh and bo convinced. The walk will psy M a ttera. In connection with tbe echool for n commiseioned officera of the 29th Se. rate Company,an examination .for newly eaftec orderly night at ■gade EbadquifteiB, Bufialo, will be Saturday o f each week instead of Tuai- & e otooers of the Oswego companies have received au invltatiodto be present On “ Military Nigbi” a t the greet^bazas of the Tenth Battaiioo, Albany, ^ . The membont of tpo f9th &patoto Company regret tq loob l^fivato Johd Flarity u h o gom to'l|sw Ybrk to locate. ■ B u a ine/pa^^uW a i. _____ a number of the e»al mtoed f ^ day. Trouble With tbeskikers is f ^ rtd. , Extra toduoementa given to purobas- era of Iho Celebrated Stoinway <fc $qua pianos, told only by LOit«i BrOs., Syra­ cuse, E, Y . “ Oommuaicato o r call. /i'r EnfaUtog In effeoti Eways reliable, pure and haimloBS, to simmona Biver S®) Begulator. dtofideod&wf, J j j j lOnitjf 1At A < ^ B«jr p e rapgettw 'ClikB'tJBsrOBb^ ■<^firatoiu*eriff (md ioith W 'ifioaf riimtUMk SUtoOsS,; r -pfm tf to osto dnd’to Olf c o ^ .MAem it o/tHe livk and m m 4 and a s th d r oeonle have nothinir Oener'. itly leaving dstence. Of < To ,thla tbe fitoueral i ■ Bis .— aeveasean ana a nair muiuoDS to fractiboidcnrretMy wkiob m%ht be paid o ottothapambaaeoCbtodabot. T sUpiKWa,' it -that wmi dona itwould be effared'itixt d a y JauxStouga' t o r -ptOa.' baoka, so that gtoaolkokam^hb b eptld out a t fira^ although there is a laricof tnnali outrehby all over the oonutty, but i t would not be potrible t o pey <mt tbe jamoUnt of mooey yon meetioa. fund to ^srve. w o y not puoe tow wito tee Eatiousd banik deporitocieat auvgested thereportor. “That will never bo done with my oonteut,” aaid Mr. Windom with em> pbaris. ''Ctoc^gresanii^t order it dme, , but I oertobaly would never recommend it. That would ba the worst possible remedy in m y optoion. There mratev- .end others which would do better, b u tl would not like a t this time to discoes twentjr'iuu, MUU,VUCUQ,U JU .UO UBUUXMI bank reporitoriea, but I don't think that would be a very popular proposition a t the piecent time. E m t Is one of the beauties of tbo depoilt ay atom. v*n— »*-*. treasury needa the money ft broad and ifitw a -6 .pto^wi afford a great o ___ undcmbtedly ^ relief. I don’t from, aa tbe com- __ not signed,, but the form of a series' of ititiona. Each one pt mem waa printed 'yesterday for the purpoee of cdrculation, and bore at tbe top to large black letters, ‘'Stop robbing tbe treasury.?’ The first of the eerire waa addreatto to the S9oretary''Of the Treamry,. toiltug ou bhn to stop robbing * • — \ ■ ' tl» E to W * ^ auoh aoM^tt. LOMSOW, Bao. 8 . artioto lays it wiH l to’aMdat Maw York thlto dimoattieBfWftii fSt^di lliLANl) SEAT PI WAB T H E I N D I A B S told a Ottotorenoe W tto doperitl B rooko-T h e y are. PFtpnlaqp Food Arid G o t ib - A . Squkw Damoe. ^B 0 | f i SBOmOlirs OF TfiBilBISH , ; B a RTY OOINGSpldE, ‘' ^ b e r of p S S e n t ”' Writes .^ r lstln g ly oY'fke Situation to : ^ h Ctotops-qoftiment b y th e “ ik4to Press, a b ^ d be given food, o r words to tbab effobt. As for bortea and wagons being eeot after the beef tbe General said thrt Eatbe*?SHt|%aBet4o-mtwwtoloahoi^eDer*-] Any reference whatever to the whrio- ■ale dovaktatioU and depredation, thievi. ing and buriiiog of buildihg^ eto, was atudiotoly avoided on both sides. After ibo pow wow -waa ov«, the thieving ------------oonduotad to the quartermaa ' T h o ldteR e o c a d . PASSAig K. J . , Dec; 8.-—Toe Fin* Ifeinoon. .hots 114,000, The Sunday School was to aesaton but itil the chil-> dreri were safely renooved, -througb m baaement. Adefn ‘ ' SCBiHTOW, P v Deo, 8.—TheJBimpeoB if. E . church wraa'gutted by fire hu* ptorion of ^ to tbo A T e x a s B ir d S tory. ITALT, Tex.^_J3flo. 8.—Yesterday a large bird was noticed circulatiog around the town and suddenly ft deoended with great rapidity into the yard of Charles Waller, seized WaQec’sdfour yeerold boy in its talona and ascoeded slowly. CrMping his gun tbe ohildls father mounted h k hocee and wmit in pursuit. The bird made ditw* for the Creak bot­ tom, two milea irotn the town, but after carryhig tbo child halt way it slowly deaoendedih'gbting near a ravtoi The father ditnoounted and crept uptb ravine within a few yards of the bird, which wasitandingonthochild’a bnaMt, and shot i t in the head. Tbe child was unhut^ but the talons of siill in the cMld's doth!n_ measured three feet fronT thewLogS. -----------------------bird cMld's clothing. The bird feet from tip to tip of Baatoees Troubles. ---------- --------------- le an assign- j^ u le s _ S to ^ of WashlngfeOn county, FT. Y. The fitni h a i been ■St $1,000,(100; assets 1500.000. iSilv^pian A Co.,, manufacturers of to t o i^ c a p a , have aaslgued; liabilitiei^ T ie blandat nsanto be mot vrith these ays J a - i h e ^ b ^ m rheamatiewho b a r to dayiTa:- prepare an a d d r ^ to the h bpino and abroad. , Wbat do you •.propose to do? Go on a a s - s s a -wjtogtovea Hfl_njaxtjp(rit Med EiipA ..... ™ * ™ m w K u 1. , i t a g I K s?si£jaiA sr.'4^,s5 -O«u»fedovrithout hlm:ontdo( saoood and last to raiae our country,” fia added: ‘Tbers may b e some who will' iaM away bom H r, BiBxn'eli, but tbwa wiBpotboone honesi man among them,” 'tooed r what b e thlnka of that newt la i t true that ParaeU' struck MbOar- HerTnarelyjmtrimd the tto th in ft. pito#r. Of course evecybody was vny esM to and ws b adnot got our Qoose of Ckmauma etiqnette wish as. , :l»by ia MoGartky so bftftrf Beoanae bo is totirely uncki the thumb of old fik^dstooe. The old man will play them . ________ Cmcslaor^eo. 8.—The bnrineMseo j^ ^ f ^ ^ o n tp e l le r , Ind., waa bamed;. ..b a ^ P ir inelU tesdonot aaem dia- ifeeed totatonm o lLbasm eot-tw o pf. PatLillltogeis wito tham stilL What can be d o t one of them a^ed me; he'ovee rates hiipopalarity to Zte~ land. Billion and O’Bciea a t e . juat as populito If they were free to come back w* should sweep the decks. Do ysQ thlnkBsUour would let them } to>w ooold he, I xepited; he is not toe law asd ia bound to see tbeir sentenee carried out, Welljit would bo a good stroke of policy on his part to cancel tbe soutencee. But see Parnell’s poedtion. fie has aQ the church agilnst'iam and all tbe best men of bis old party. Locftcattbe tethehas' 1 “ around him—Blaine, Bymei, Mahoney, Corbett—men srithout any Parliameto- ary standing or abfiity. PameU himself wiU not work hard any more. Ho sel­ dom came near ns except to snub i insult, o r else b e would coply get npi the H o ^ a n d repudiate ail that Billpn and Sexton bad 1 ^ saying and doing for weeks beford. We shall get on bea­ ter iiMkPat blm now. I doato whether you will be able to get rid to him as e ^ y as you imagine. We mean to do ft and ft will take a good deal to beat us. I adnoit he fight; like a tiger, 1 admire him for that, Thi Englfth Glad'toniane are beaming to­ day, thinking tbo battle practically over. The Cooaervatives are not rate how the matter will e n ^ but they believe that whateir«r happens their party will get the oystm and tbe other ride the shell toother he costive: or biUlous - the moet S S a 5 g = The work alttokBoftodigtetion Sim- L ohdo F, Deo. 8,—^Erierring to Pat^ ’nelk'tbM.-Times sayt: Setting asito tUp meriki'..toi. ^ho case, JParneilhtohgtda; placed bis Opponent^ ’teoboIoaUy to the* wtongestod tocored nlaualtte groundsfor. denounmdg'thein t o l r k l h e ii^ ^ ift the toolt^, EUgifsh' poUtitKoSir'^ery elecliemto Ireland Will'bbfoUght on this issue, and we. venture to doubt the anx­ iety of toe Healyltes to submit toem- selveS/to this but the forces on Ittaer tide are strong. GJadstoue’s letter I in tobatanoe credltobfe-to him, dardL Ssys; Parnell keeps toe hAs diitilxliflhicl thd 6^(1^ BtonkirvoWng power aUfl; tendered the prospect of QladatOne’i acoeesion to power more remote thak ever,and final­ ly has Sutoeeded ihshoWlog irtiandtjbat Gladftoae dtoiineeto protofte two vital J O I COBPRW PEAD. The Onoe-Famoua PugUfet: SuOv oumba to Oonsunaption, N ew Y ob “ over foot to o n td /'B is friends 'j attention to toedrentostanoesinoonneo- }4on with too recent arrest and iwoseQa-‘ tion of Meeara, Dillon and O’Brten, and would move a rseolation in relatioa to William Henry Smith, the government idfiE.jffiBOBBe8d that when tbe House ent into OQri^Uee oh landj puicbsto ilhewouid move an ad jouminent of the Houte ontil Jannaty Sd. Mr. Balfour moved timaecond reading of toe land department (Ireland) bilk Mr„ fiealy moved to adjoum toede- mtoe groundtiut the govmnment ( NriwYOBaq Dia a Sullivan, DiDoQ, O’Oe ___ , Irish envoys to AmeriOs, toe tixtb member tbe party, who has deoidedtocastiuhislot with Mr. Par­ nell, did not accompany them, Ihmtm, Dea 8.—Dnitog th# coming w e ^ Parnell vrill make adieeses at Dublin, Cork, limerok andWaterforA Cold W e a ther. OaiUJOBtasn^ Deri 8.—This is the coldest d*y of thi pcewot Wfatec in toq earlier than ever before. H amosohbtoo , V s ., Dec. 8.—A t « . ribleatorm set in here last night, snow and hail fell. \t ‘ ____. I intoasnqw storm and c weatherif intensely otoA night. Sleet, a now tamed rages futiouslj w winter was expetiancad last night. The nieroary regirteted from 2 0 ____ degress througboot the Adirondack TELEQ B A fi^ IN BRIEiF. . Aaron Q. Oakley and his wife, many.years reeidents of Lookport, ^ found Sunday morning to their elee] m a atovemtho room, that King Ealakaua of Hawttiin Islands ft ocmiing to Wato-- ington. The will of Daniel B. FSyerweather, toe millionaito leather dealer of New York, which was .fllad to.day, gives $9,100,000 to different coUegee and $05,000 to hospitals. Hamilton and Cornell get $100,000 each. The confederation of Irish societiee of Sings county last night, by a vote of 25 to 10, endorsed toe election of J McCarthy to succeed Pamell. Jugiro,under sentm;oa of death at Sing Kng, ft tiyIngtQstsrvebimselfiodeath. Proposal for annexatiem before. Mr. Blaina Martha Dickson, aged80, andNorman Oalhoan aged 91^ weromatriedto;jNlm».- w . E. W o^niff' Steto Trettqtti i Arkansas,ft$§7,000.Short: 5 - k i r ' S S S S I i . ^ S ‘ « T S bale and St to for demand. Posted rates at. It tost 84. Qovemment'Ixmda firm, BalT- load bonds Weak, Stocks Hem. H o ^ r tT r S a ? We offer One. Hundred Dollars reward for any cate qf catarrh that cannot 1» fielA^ He ' ivotl S ^ i h t s K S o ’ririkstoeme. IblnwA D ^ .S:‘-fin i.re ^ to tha Wes.t ATfdax, WholesaftDrdggtet^, It was * hard fight and l a i ^ 'p n o hour and tpm inutoe. McCkxfe was terribly punished, while CoburiS e K f t ^ without ft mAr]^ It wfts piiuolr % h t after tho h t it hour and he oanied off toe hopOrs After tUe battie CbbuoLohal^ _ 'em Maoe, of England fo fight for $5,000 a ride and the ohamploiisbhp pi toe world. The Amerioan, after Put­ ting up a fo*Wt of $ l, 0 (H),starbodaorQre - toe water. When he itiKshed England there was a hitch to tbe atraugementei wbioh ended m Mace's tiauy. retasiM: to fight. Obbum pocketed Mace’s forfeit and returned to tola ooontiy. Some time afterwards MaOeoimie hers and aftrted a ssloon on West Tweaty- tobd street. Ctimtft ohallMiMd E m frequentty, buttoelnglfthm afiw tsptr- slstantiuhft refusBls tomestto« Anuri- osriohamptop. Ctoedi^ Oohum walked into Msoe’s ssloon and.atratk him i n thefsos. This was too mnch for Mtoe, •Ihey wore matobed for $6,000 a s i ^ and met on -Cftpadiari •on. They were in toe ring over two hoqnabdnoe.ablow wsa struck up to the time a sheriff ordered them to leave toe cwiUtry. They met agaiu in Penn- sylranla, bat diet not fight. They were again matobed and fragfat nsar Bay City, Mfte., totoe raU of 1871.' After • toe mm had been fighttog fte tbreeand . halfhours tbe referee dedaied the mill a draw. Cbbntn toen made a tour of the cmin- y. He spent his money asfieely as sm adei^ andteemedto baveaftoulfy for getting into free fights. When under the influenoei^ liquor Oobum was o x . citable arid quarreftoma fia once sh(C$ ~ pt^cemau, and served a term in Sing tog for that offensa , Aaeanated b y Poles. B hookitm , N. Y., Dea 8.—Peter ■ Dempsey, a .cooper 23 yeere old, a nephew of Jaok.Dempaey, the prize fighter, was stabbed in thire plaote snd perhaps mortally injured ftsttighk while protecting a young girl from the' atiaulfc of two Poles. The Price, were ceptared after making a de^teiste resfttanoa - on p M v ^ e n , Dec, a-PetrsWant BSikatls eeay aiejt. . ’ Bsvley Hsrlcat. , OznciiQO. Dee. S.-.11U5 a . m .— Wkeet, i^tur~ W»eSt> m : | m Pork.,. k:‘ i l l is . , [ g i ' - S ' ^ J - /v -

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