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r O L . X X T O — N O . 282, O S W E G O , N , y . , T U E S P ^ ' T B V E N I N G , D E C E M B E R 9, 1890. E S T A B X I S H E D 1819 £SS* OOUB.T BBOPBD. «7uc|so W right’s County .Oourt , Grinding A'nray a t t h e G rist. O swego , Deo. 0 .—Tho cash ot James O. D, Mallory against Myron iUle» was givenn too ,thee juryry inn Jutigoigo Wright’aright’a t th ju i Jut W , ..wuvt atiJ^O o’clooh this afternoon. The 1 action was brottght to lecovot damsgea ' from the defendant on eocount of )ra the defendat Bonal injnriea infli iaeonse ’ \ le court eince noon yeBterday. In the coEo of the pexjula against Horatio 8. Darling, who is Indfoted for. nnlawlully dispo&g of mortgaged property, the defendant was apraigheJ and pleaded not g u ij^. The case of the people against Benja* min S. Williams fe p u t oyer tq the n?xt term of theCouit-of 8 f|»onat Oswego; A B u Jlroad Bhoelvey. KHOXTiLtB. Tcnn-, Diei 9 .~thethree ■ is in the band? of a repelven: ? of-u reoelven: >-yesterday ap* pointed Samuel awto oi Memphis re- —-ceiver,--He-48.^-a?^aend^J^ .the oon^ ifll McBsnaid, Shea s and fi surveyed to go to Minneapolis, Va. There are about thirty miles of traok laid in Teaneseee from the North Cweiina line Nertlu It is eaid the com* pany owes $800,000 .to contractors i englneora. A New York creditor tached a n engine yesterday i« to the track. The *' York creditor a t. and load, 80,000 ponn , per square inch, 92,000 pounds j-tonsile « strengthpersqaaremcb,lC8,8C0pound3; tloh eiengation in 2 inchea, ,05 inch; elonga> te receiver alto. It is said the road owes McDonald, Shea & P>. nearly $500,000. Orushei. t o Deathi. a old, wss -worklsg in the p l t ^ owneli slate qnuny, Granville, ay afternoon, when a car weigh­ ing 600 pounds was tippsd over and fell down the pit, 900 feet,striking Morrissey and crashing him into a shap^ess msiia. The body of Dennis Duell, missing ovember 29tb, waa founcLdrawncd.Jn ‘ er yeaterdi A S tr e e t O a j Struck. iiA, J3.UB., jueo. o —aa street car ac a laiiroad oroeBing loatjDjght was struck by a train and knocked forty feet and almost completely demolished. m jumped and escaped Motorman w ith slight injuries. two'paKengera Mrs. John Boot a Samual Holton, who were fatally Injj ed. The accident Is said to have been earned the oareleasness of the motor-, The O rulaerNetyarlc. PHmAjDiEtoHU, D e a 0.—i ISTewark left Cramp’s shipyi , o’clock this morning on her < -The cmiser rard a t nine , ____ k this morning on her official trijd trip. The Newark will m n down the _ ___________ : will m n Selawate xirmr to-day to the breakw'a- ter, where she will remain a t anchor over i^ght and to-morrow she will ran ont to aea where the attempt exceed the quked tw e ity knot will be made. BunnKOHiM, Ala,, Deo. 9 —A bloodj^ fight between negtea and white men is Ji reported, to have taken place Snnday j,, rear littlton, lesulting in the deatl loe white man and the wound! molher.other. Several Several negroes are reported having been wounded, but none killed. * Y Jatohoa Stolen. SANFKAKCiaco.Deo, 9—Threo masked mon Sunday night bound And gagged Wm. Johnson, janitor and night wati^- n of the Wigwam theatre, and then ........................ ..... nineteen votohes nett received a cablegram to-day from hU wife, Mrs, Fiances Hodgson Burnett announcing the death ot their eldest son 'ionel, in Fatds to.day. Ho tvas takei broad,broad, enteringnilering fromrom consumption,ption, ii a e f consnm the hoj^ of finding relief, but hebedai graduimy Worse, and difed to day Labor Tkoublef KjDsai, Htah, l)£c. 9.—The Union ifio ewitobmen in the Qgden yards struck yesterday o n account of a reduc­ tion of the night fofoe and a out in wages. It ia feared the steike wilt a same more setious proportmh« tCMlay. 4 I A H n o y m J o u m l ^ t . B e ^ d B u tfaloltem a , BoE!PAtOj Deo. 9.--.A number of romlnent gentlemen met last evehini organize a permanent assoelM If is probable that the: project will c&rtled out. ^efreww IT m ' “ '■ ' York central h a i discharged tn at the freight house, who mger wanted, oWmg to the were no longer wanted, OWmg 1 close of navteatiom i t is done everr ' auntsI year and amount to nothing. BUBiness TiottbloB, HvENSvn-WB, Ind,, Deo, O.^Theoiim Goaufiin andeon, leading f ^ n f g ^ t d r A a « o f * S ' i s s are said to-be iti f i l t e r (rf this amount, N s w ’Srossfc, D£0,'9.--The failure of Colhroa, Ohauntejf &.O 0 . ha* he^u an- nouuood On the Stock ^ c h a n g e .. Boewm, Deo. 9.—Whittefl, |tardett „ AYouugf.olotbiogdtialets, have a^igm ed, The liahilitiea ore about |^0l),00d. .port A'WEDDING OE METALS. A Bittsburg Sian iSIakea Niokol- teel W ith firealtsucoeae. S teel W ith, G fealf Sucoeae. PmsBVSOf Pa,,. Deo,'*0;-4’fhomas Harrington, of Allegheny, has demons' Iratod to tho'satisfaction' Of severalloCal steCl men bis ability to .manufaotee, to alidy steel Jte&. ifrem poroei^. Metallurgists agree ibatthe great obs^-< ele in making amlPk plates fhak will glve the g - ifeulty^, Offlter M t ( a t m s a u t » G.P, v w a- W a r n . » - pooiids Of h iok^ nothlnghito f ts othai:, ^ e u idl w « e resdy to cast he a d d ^ nftompOBlHoB^—^he^toelw aaO agtl^t ingots and these V nwed dowhf Thosteel was tested t ----------------- Testing lahoratroy on Friday, « ith this result decimally expr^aedt Original r. PinoBfdge Agency: A <!coat ^ W e t o a -last night and retorted that-ho aoouw st4h!ad the hwtite-oitofit m t a r n ^ htoto ~~~~ Sunday UumlSay uon.iwrcenv., » o. x w ij » c wao-njicr-.-^ ward cut and . broken into pieces. The fracture was carefuHf examined under a magnifying glass, and showsd very gray color, an totlre ---------- ------------------- j. projeo- sho a 'sU- __ ___ . __ ,^tlre absence of pores or laminations and fibrous ptoj ------- *\'Te4h»break -has beenmadi g glass, and d color, an entli WHERE IRISH FUNDS GO. A B itter D lapnte O v e r the Oaah OpUeoted inObicBgo. CnibAao, Deo, ».—The;.DMIy Hews pcimi the follovdng: ^ \The disposition t o be made o f ih r Parliamentary ftmd collected in pbicago -jaw subject which promises to plnngo thplocal fsetionsiuto aittuggleto bit-- ttU the Gladstone Famell tronhle arose when the wealthy merchants and many smaller oemtsibutera who did not endorse Hr. Famell began to back out. The ex- lonnt Kowr- in view is kept ^ a Kcret .view is k a oc( bat i t is authoritatively asserted by chairman of the ezecufito ootatmftee has ^ ■ act amoi the fond has shrunk very rtmtei^y Ltheflrst figurea. While he ddes not make ah esHmata i t is ftor to pre Bume thakbardly more than half that amount wfil be real' “ However, oven ;r, ovcu 110,090 is enongh to provole quite a squabble. Hr. FatoeH’s Meads insisted that the money aboold go to FameliiWhileUioM who took aides, wiaLthe O’Brien Dillon faction just as rigorously opposed this. F o r t h e i ^ e of iromotiDg good feeling and avoiding a lispnte SB far as poaeible, Heesrs. Ebur- ington and Dillon called on Trew rer d a r k before leaving.Chicago acd an- nounced their willingness to have tho tenants. They further eaid that what­ ever should bo left over should go to the Parliamentaiy fund. At tbistolnttho dispute Seasonable Item s. PoESEPSiB. N. Y., Deo. 0.—Tho etr. Aneonia,which left Saugertiee yesterday, lies fast in tho ico near Eaopos light house. The steamer Norwich has gono to h er asiisttoce. LvHDOuvaui, Vt., Dec. 9.—The mer­ cury waa 80 degreea below zero this morning, A pousta , Me., Dea 9,—M toyoftl loe compaffim on the Kennebec rivt hnnebec i r ice fields ___ _______ „ ____ inttocrop ice is firom six to eight inches thidi the fields am in excellent shape, t is n o t over 60,000 or T6,006 tons 0 T h e ir L a s t Drunk, CsooKstOH, ;$Iinn., Dee. 9,—Sylw ^ Sylvestereen a&d Samuel MoQi ter Sylvestereen and Samuel MoQeo, farmers, werd killed by a Northern :Pu- clfio engine a t a orWsb% in this, city wagon drunk when tho wagon was ■ loktodtolhiverwinstontly killed. T h s D d ttery Da-w; H eh U hi S, Tenn.; Deo. 0—Frabfc Gregory, managing.editor of the Bveu- ng Democrat, has been indicted b y the redoral Graod Jury for violating the otterylaw. The paper publiehed the winning numbers held by Memphis too- pie in one of the Louisina lottery draw'» 'WaBhtogton. Notes. WASliiKaTOK,- Deo. 9.—The Sc . committee on fiuanoe to-day authorised Senator Aldrich tdrepo** favorably and to endeavor to secure epeedy action on ibebUlitoMed by the Houee yesterday „ represenWlvee, after *tf6d. T H E I N D I A N S M o v ing F u rther Into th e Bud! L a n a s —Bumors o f a F ig h t W ith Panohm e n . armed men, W'ell fJhf Phi hot verified. •‘from the council h< prSoeededtomove deeper into too l _______ , __ ___ ___ ootocQing to movetbOrefrom as advitod by General Brooke. , Ana, Minn., Deo. 9;—The Indians of Fond dtt lA c reservation have made a complaint to Washington that five mil­ lion feet ot pine cut .in the Winters' «f 1888 89. the removal ot widch was pro* hibitedby the government, has been Hoatedlntothedifierentbooma witbopjr the Indianshaving received asinglepeo* ny fo^ it. They say alto that six log ging camps have been located on the .reservation asairnt the will of the to - disnl. The Indians will hold a general .CQuncii andaak-foca epeciaLciommusion from Washington to InveoUgato the depredation^ j a n d w a s n i ^ e l o f U — V — ‘TwirlrandKd'men, women apdchlldreir Were in liar, |n d theur shonta rang out with ^oreii«tt 5 vigor a t each stop in the The procWbn woa headed by a band im p o sed^ti^ performers with sccoid- a;'onB~Tflth\»’ ttmljourine-cf-tvfenty shown last Gutherie, Oi the exclKmi klahoma, with reference to lent among the Cheyennoe, Arapaboes and Oomanches on the Weitoi ernhOTdSforOklaBomjC H e S a rtheie Tbdrsole Wideavor vrSs to time. AfWrgitoig 1 , atsoting peh^ and . i attoet warn to“died, a s tg i was msd< I |T be mnto} eeased. Carefnlly the ii tterpromply.EtHe ih touiana bad a ihw earn tne tam e inuiaha bad r gmatmedicine dance in 1874 and broke out and created great terror from WeWt- emS^amasto Old Hezica ___ 'finally conquered, disarmed and dif mounted, bat in 1885 they w « e agaii rearmed and lemiumted, and were <» the verge of a n outbreak. About ong. fourth of tba army was concentrated there .and held them in check until the trouble passed over. “It la wonderful,” going a dczto f ^ i , tbo paseage widened into a court, upon'which fully haUi hundred doors lotted. Porch after porch arose in tiers on dtber side to the height Of five stories. trouble passed over. “It la wonderful,” added . ^ Qeoeial, “how wide-spread thtsMeariah craaS is. There axe about 8,600 Cheyennes, Arapahees smd CO- that territory.” M ason Crry, Iowa, Dea 9.—Seven­ teen Sioux dancers, including one Sionr chief, passed throogb thiad^yettartoj enronte for P o rt Sinelling, Mina, tc which plow they were b e ^ taken h r « \iment of 1 CONGRESS TO-DAY. resolntioo lookiiigto the removallofthe Grant remains from Biversidi ' ashikgtok , Dea 9.—Tho Senate iiigto to ereruova yeu 0!3, nays 163. ~inate is again discoieing itional elections hill; A fter Tyi>o Poandzles, ElAKSASCrrv, Dea 9.—^A paper hero r composed of Baglish and igton was defeated in tho House; Oh, nays 163. ay s a company 00 m] American capitalist^ . lis known m American Typo Foundry Co., is gofiatingjfor tbo purefaaso o f all the type foundries in the United S tata. Itop- rerentalaves of the company have at ir diipoeal for the pnrpoie of pur­ se twenty xnilliMr doll— A Southern Oyolone. ‘AuacSTA, Qa, Dea 9.—A wept through the interior b_ iounty Sunday morning. It lilted the housfrot Jack Hebdorspn and dashed it to spllntere. Henderson w a killed to- atantly, his mother wss fatally injured and a baby w m blown 800 yards away smd daidied against a____and tree and killed. (M _______ killed. . : the same plabo waa.a negtohi house with eaVen inmatea The honto was blown away, but not one- of the inmates was GouhterfritorB O apturad. 1. . . ’i Statcj making and ptorihg' ipurious f 10 Their hotoquarters being a t Psl« oaptured 4 four about 0 ( near tho . . The officers aeoured the whole outfit. -. One of the counterfeiters tricks to *‘aj “ \ Their headquarters being a t Palestine. Of tho prisonera two were captur at oh, cue a t Maeeillionand 4 . niles Southeast 'of bere< Pennoylvabla State Uhe. T bogus money was to vinegar. ' the new ak the bills in C o u rt of A p p eals. AutAiiv, Deo. ,9.—Day calendar for ■Wednesday,December 10: Nos. 668,661, 607, 626, 627, 687, S68, 6?6. Second divlelcu; Noe. 1182, 1157, 1162/lifli.U e 6 ,1166, 1167,1168. Chi^diiiFlDjOy. thopItosmiiiisVor, gentleaolionand- ccthihg effects of 'Ssmp ofiKs?, wE«h ffiheea of a laxative tod if,i^ be ooafive Or bUito ITALIANS CELIBKATE.- FPIAST OF . P . ^ IMMAOU- LATH OONOBPTION. Poorly Glad W o m e n a n d Children g u n jaeedlessly Into th e SnOw ■ % ) ^ ^ H o m a g e t 0 the M em ory of i p ^ h M to Time?, says- prooeWjDik, stich as wan certainly never seehihefeto in ttua city, suaprobahlyh ’ 'n ony oMier city in the United State bolt pteOi batweeh 2 smd 5:30 o’dc< jasterdaytoprning, the occasion betog ■toer CS<dS|ation Of the feast Of ithA imt msculatw I^ooncantion, bv the Italmto. ■Yffipuraiso, “ T m ^ lP w T a m e /w ^ pre­ vailing at the time the vessels spoke eaohothev. thorough^_ BehtedAUa came a dozen amiwa Si(»lllaaa4pr!ng on their ehouldeui wooden jjfetform. On this rested i _ iftopgo ofIpkBIesssd V«gin:_Mary_deflV. Oragto a i ^ edtornod, withgold gold and eilver in Dublin. - . ___ and eilver and' preolltid atonee,' tod, Burrounded w ith wreMb* o f fr'rit and flov all four ^ e s burned sacred ca reflectioaaurona. which sent kMutilafirai of light from the < frhioh bet^cked the figuta. T - ---- ---------.».Jer, has expressed , th e hopeto»tthedivlri(mbsliwsej&4be ^ twotwo sectionsions of thehe NatiOnaliBtatiCnaliBtpu^ p u ty -willill . rbioh beid|sked the figure. The image ra» of pliitter o f Faria, and was medded li -thia c i^h y Cosmo I^cario, an Italian. keep proper blocks from the i before‘ktorgan w to lowertd to tho ground and slowl lowertd to t slide into bustoe off ways which formabawilderinglabyrinth o the narrow paseage hform Italian tenement house, and a BtxsDge toght it was. At the sound of the irxusic | o near a t hand tho tesl- deota had petoed out from the crowded iratlera in perfect swarm^and a bewi ^ ___ ra iaptofectswarm^and a bewll-: Aarihgaeato eogtr faces was ^eeented to tookiaeltto'aBhagsxcdupfrom ' court below. As if imbned with the zealota i.u'iuun. iotzii, w.—aid Wobb, MoRogh and Diokso: scribed lOO pounds eaCb, Mr, Chance 200 potmds and Messrs. .tod Dmothy Healy 50 pounds to ■pitit of the zealota below, dozms of the reddeota began climbing down fight Mccarthyifo*. TboTSiHy Nsws toys: Should UcCvdhf, in the resolatiOu ha after flight of the rickety stmiis to fUiig a ; themaelwea weeping and praying in tho to sn o r a t tbo foot of the irasgo of the Blessed Yiigin. Fade faced mothers pressed th d r pretty babies’ aoft cheeks to tbrir own and chanted a prayer fer the etiestj of their pzecloas Uttio cnes. B lato b e ^ e d and bushy browed mca elbowed their way to the mcred Shrine and creased tbemiolves reverently in tbo iwessnoe of the Madonna. After am interval o f hair an nonr roe imsge w as again lifted and tbo march was resnmto South. Acroao Morgan street went the pHX»35ion and into Cbamhexmrid stilly, on the oppoeite eida There a short atob was made aod the same scene on a smkfisr scale waa repeated V b a n d p f devotoea. Then, the journey was rertowed to Franklirx building,Cno of theWoat dm Iv inhabited tenement b o n ^ i The building is occupied ( y the Italians, - - eively b y 11 tion of morore m than waa held in the wide court the row.. Here again Italians, and a^emonstra- ran half an bomil’s duration yard facing clad womm rhilo flowers and perfumes vew S c s tte ^ at intervals from tho hal- conlM overhead. The ^rcoOeaion then wound around in the mass of paaeagea for another half hour, atoppiig a t tho door* of thp piln- oipalmesi of tiie viciaity. Carr street was reached; a n d a long halt was made in t o aHey between Sth and.Sth streets. A t this point a yoong man appeared carrying a weather beaten violui, over the itririgs ot which h e drew forth beau­ tiful tones;b»io3tiument sobbed like a ob9d ioK a few seconds, then suddenly burst intoa jnyous refrato, which throw the llstan e r ^ to a p«feot paroxysms Of delighi Then (hero Waa a solernnhush B8 theplaiyer’avQiorrose k eoMyrrith tt He was singing a songto U ___ ______ionna natae was uttered. sm g todad with a fervent “ omeu” from th e multitude and another court htoored witha'visil. a socrevif Ihe Teeii men a n d women,! ______________ twC blocks, taudging along barefooted tbrobghc t o snow. Jhet. as day was dawning the carriers .dcposiidd their bnrden to a niche iii a corner Of the room a t 866 Etflex alley, where the. imige will renaUin fox the next eight day*. The room has been gorgeously deCmated w ith bright- Colored tislue pa­ per, •flswwa arid fruits, One corner being arriiiged to foftnan altar. Hero, every evening of khUpresoni week, the faith­ fu l will gdtheri to repeat their prayers to the blcaBecl Mtoy. * ,-H6?Be8; Hold. ^ ' ■ bsimcftoif, Kf(, Deo, I . —A aj^ ,enflan«B Cf tajeftoeh at-the thOfongh- ibved»aia.ct Oob B. D. Bruce, yesterday nuade bidding iivelr. Sixty a n im i'^ -- : told fito lij, 180. TODAY’ S FOREIGN NEWS.* Itenas of Interest from For#ign .JRiotofrdWaMam — 1^. i . , Dean of os. .......odraJ, is dead. H aebtirq , Dec. 9.—A b a rk which has H ahbtirq , Dec. 9.—A bark which has arrived a t this port leporte that on July Slstnear^ Capo Horn, she spoke tho bark 8toct Marguerite, commanded by Cript. •lAlkaTtn / A _ i_\ 1,--Mr. PameU h as *r- Loffi ^ y o x a t the Mansion House. He totento to teorganfee the NationalLMgne sect of t N w bo gradually bridged. “ liwOT. Dec. 9.—3 sh has hitherto s_,,, urges him to retire. B elwot , Dec. 9.—The Belfast Newe, which has hitherto supported Pamel), now urges him to retire. t, Dec 9.—In an mterview to­ rt Herbert Bismarck, who has returned from I<ondpn u d Haris, denounced the obsttoi mptain’a wife, floating on a spar, was washed to a place where * the first mate and the .sailor secured a ' Btocesof Paris. got h e r ashore Hdth^diSlonlty and then the captain was seen floating on a pcr- j o f the deckhouse. His child had D dbuk , Dee. 9.—The priests I ^ d h a v e appealed to Mr. Balfour to arop there. Owing to the lai food they are compelled to potato^ to keep from atarvation. The Down Patrick branch oftbeNa- The Down Patrick I ional league has ad( ipudlafing Famell. Bishop Woediook strongly pronounced against PJameD. boHDOJf. De& 9 ^ M r . GladsUme haa; written a letter regarding tho orieis in toe Irish nationalist party, in which ' ho. ’sr- sensible. Some sailora who had reached tho beach managed by wading into tho_— surf to get him ashore. ------ ' “The native Japanese living near by in some fiabing hats had come down to the beach andr took the rescued people to their homea oh toe biU. When in the light of that tempestuous morning tbe survivors assembled in the fishing villsga it was seen that ten people were mlMtUg heridea the baby, WhTfth waanever sMn after the captain took lt_in_h^arm v . __ ^ The captain and the aged'carpenter ling­ ered for a fow days, then died from thelg-Jnjutfeg. — ’ -* --------- - \\ &Ajfk~tD[&rO tO'b@^DO feotfrig himself, but only an nnexplainod oon(a^otion between the Famell o f No- imothy Healy fiOpoondL „ __ _ . fnad to be devoted to toeiateroita o f the Sbotud McGsetoy, in toe nwolatidu he intenda to present to too House of Oom- moni^ ceuBurd the government for its paioBecntion of Dfllou aqdO’Brisn, aTety liberal would cordiallyiiallysapport anpport him.un. Itt b I iportaot, says the News, to im uponpon Irishmenishmen toeoe factact thatat press u Ir t f th every vote given lor Famell or Ms adherents is a vote given for Balfour and coercion. A BIG DEFICIENCY. Over T h irty-Four Moro Millions N eeded for F enaions. 'asBiKaiov,sBiKaiov, Deaea 9.—*1110—The Wa D 9. Secretary of the Tnmauiy to day transmitted, to the ... --I - ------------------ ^atinj estimate aggregating |84,> 500,000 submitted by tho Secretary of toe Interior to supply a defimeney for tho payment of army and navy penaioos for too current fiscal yeari Capt. Ainsworth,sworth, oMe Capt. Ain cbiet o t tho Pension division, War Department, states that at too end ot the Qrcal year all calls for information on bis office bad bear an­ swered. Soring the year 341,893 ealla for papera -were answered and instead of psnsioaa being deli^ed throngh delay in bis office, as heretofore, cases were bandied promptly. B u tter a n d Oheese, N ew Y obk , Deo. 9.—Butter:—The market is holding up firm, with curtenk 'arrivals only fair, and a inoderate steady trade. Qaotationa are for: Creamer: il8 ; firkins'and tohs beat 93aM; do prime 81a 32; do good 19a20; door poor 16al0; rolls llalO. Cheese—The market ia not a tall vlg. oronabu tra4ihg, jfei has a firm Ifrie for too better styles of £ ^ S . The khfiotlir fahoy September b rin^ shd for-other ftooylote there is difficulty ii^’tinyhiSf^ under 9 |, BbipperS are taking upr a few tetSi The home trade demanda iriefairly general and add , msteto^ly to tire dis­ posal otniOo lots.' QuotatioiUara: Foe fancy, S |; llne, 9iaSf ; ( | ^ , 8a8|-;f8ir, 7a7f| sklnu, 2a 2$; Ughk skims, 6ia6}; do, fair to good, 4Ja6. The Ffro Baoord. SvKEri»WH,Mo.JDec, 9.—Afitewhicl started in 'floldingworth’a painfc shop. .Sunday nighty destroyed most of to* hukfuds^ portion of the town. The body hf Hoidlngtworth, burned almosb to (^dOto-. Waa foand in toe rultm. Lose The L a s t Tow. Rojrnotrr, Dea 9.—The last tow of the season left Rondout Otsele thfc the season left Rondout Ortele rneroirig. It was composed of 81 ves^ sol's ol^ Various'kinds. D80i ».-^p«ltt*;*um market i* PE E IE S O flB E S E A - A SHIP TORN TO PWOEB IN FIV E ’ MINUTES. Thirteen lAyes Lost-iThe Oaptai the Crew and Threo 'H u n d red C attle Killed. ceived he nlars of Daa 9.—Nows wae re- rterday containing partic- the loss .of the ahip Lizzie CL I toe -rooks off the feland of iP'^+Tfae ■. tIMs port, fiho was commanded by‘Capt. 'Beojarnio, George FoWtiea and her first mate was John RawJingu Troop, Sheaho cairied a second mSte, a carpinter a ' was every man for himself aboard the ship then, and the second mate cried second mate cried Imi” Heandeov- hlmeelf and helped the carpenter, who was <rid and feeble. Every one, nefw clinguig to pieces of wreckage ‘ into the sea. The paptaia’a wife lodgement on the shelf of the cliff. They ' •first mate then led , the crew and the 'ain’s ’sw ifetoife a viUageUage three miles where the governor of too island capta w to a vi t away, where the governor of lived. The way was over abarp stone*, which out like knives. The governor gave thsm every assktanoo and all the resooroes of the Island Were placed a t tbeir disposal. They waited there Ss gussts ot the governor for seveni days until a Japanese junk c4me in and took thena to an Island where they got a itimdrr,^ . .oe Breakwater a t 3 p. iL. on Saturday, having been forced t o put ______ „ __jryland, from Baltfr November 27. for Londem andtiwaoKs, htod at t Breakwater a t 3 p. k . ■ On the morning of December 1, aboutabout sixix hondredondred milesiles offf shore. s h m of shore, the ship encoontsued a terrifio gale from thoSouth and at 7:80 her decks were swept by a tremoadous sea, wMoM initaiitly Idlied Captain .Lnokimnt, the boatswain and Second code, also Inreak^ toe leg of Ffrat Officer IJojd, breaking toe arm of toe carpeoto: and •everelf injuring others of tho crew, .Nearly every thing moveable was Bwei away, inclnding toe bridge^ three boils and other deck material Of the 626 cattle on board 890 were killed and many tore to badly injured as to bo wprthleaa. le boatswain and cook were buried a t u The captain’s body-is stiU aboard. wegian bark Batjhelde was wracked i t Codroy Sunday night duriog a heavy ~ snow etorm. Thirteen lives were loer^ '- bnly two of the crow being caved. Bttek JUarkat—a«a««S sU S l^to s ^ S . ]^me m e ^ ^ e psiwtVM Itsteadv, A o t^ bmlnees bOif KQd U ecu for demand. Pivtad rates at 11(024 M. eorsnmant'bo'nda ateadv. Ball- road bonds steady. Stocks active and strolls UBZGiaa V—vs* .Mar: 98e. Odm. .Way. |U3* Mar lard, ICdliY. Cmdaao. Dee.#-11:33 iisSsSs'teS! Uooe-HlBhe’n ronvh and common. | 3 162 8te; h«avrpacke 8, gsiosaso; ugiit. ssooq )e^ ^ ° « p 0 ^ a tf y e e p i ^ ^ r ^ 5 S d ^ ^ Wlmat OpdxUzig EugliOH 11 ■ g . 1 ■ , S ! S - U : Torit.; 1 II: [Mf II Ii -3 C :.. , m - 3

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