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WOULD NAIE Chanlflr T a lks A b o u t EuWi§ ' g e r t i e e Commisslou IN THEMpH^WK VALLEY WEATHER PREDieTlONS <-W A S S m s a o i r , October x&r- irbr iVcatemNeiv Zork^Sair and warmer tonight. Sunday atmvera “drid cooler. THE DIAMOND MATCB COMPANY. n/V W li, V A L L iDI i^gi s j i jtpsWB SslesEx- ' >■ ce<f tkos!) Last l e a r —PresliUat Barker’s Lerter oa Birnlagi. CostsPekkie »l,000a Dayana Uoei Not eene Bp lo Expsetatloasr-r aemkeis Without Experltace— Bpa»t BeUere in PlBcing. Ontritd Ben in ODce. U tica ,Got. 9.—The speech dellTer. «a by Lteutensnl-Governoi Lewis Stuyveesut Ohanler, the DemocHUe candidate for G^varn’br, a t Illon and Prankfuit has made thoasande of votee for him In the Mohawk valloyi He said Input: “ VSTheliier It intelUgehee._ I tje “ h t•i*'^^**‘^ * C hioaqp , Oct. 10.—A Gh stockholder Id the Diamond h Oomptny -bas received the folio (ram jeiealdeat Batbat: NEWIORKHAS MYSTERY 'J , • Conple |i|a n ( l T o g e ther Pound ^ J a m a i c a Bay. PERScis OF WEALTH Both ExpijiisiTely. Dn ssed and Erin ^slanro Class-Woman m f - - - • and iostallmentofiiaw machinery ha been charged to e w m e of mannfac ig, which w&Id account f conalderable expsndltnra^ , STly cbatgeable to mannfaeu _ exptme. Xheae adjostments'at the eod of the year, were pnt into the proper account. ■ -• intelUgehee. I t le not a a easy thing to make so many epeecbea in a dayf The ' honor- that has been dona In nomibating me, giaat aa It Is, le slUI greater aa coming liona a con- vectlon the moetbumonioaa held lo ‘^We.J^aVtr bad one of the worst yeare. Thltwss ah'umony-ptodnoed yean of mannfsetarlng naatchm op by a deep.aeatedand earnest desire aceobot of the great heat and hnthld. of the nelegitea that ibis year wa u y duingtha Spring momlni for ahonld ha (Qily united, and by carry.* yean. In the first thrae montha mer~ ine KawYbrk.seoaie4b0.jBl«!tlO{L>bl rfixantihecama veryoobservatlve; Vfe ‘ believe thatlBdaytheraU a smaller Mock of onr goods op. the markei than f pr Boma^earr. I t has not been onr habit to make teml-annaal |tate> menu a u d it canonly ba donaat,great expense. We him to inn onr batinesa on u occmomlcal a acale as po^ible,, and to thoroughly eittefy oqritbck.' holders al tba eod of tba year; as I have no doubt wa will be able,!;! dd oBOlcBiagpar biqks Decambsr,8lBt. on my^hoUWeri olobe. rwontdxwt d l v l 4 Itshve as Idivldtd Itwith the ptopli lo whomlwonld owemy t l c Uon. (Appliueef> Had Wudjpkk Bing on IFinEer-In Water ’Bkt a Few Uoars-Xar.Hs KessoriuTrom Ototbing. N bw Got. 10— Bjuad face I face wjl^rope and wire, the bodies of a nian^ilad a woman, both ex­ pensively 'elad, were found today fioating(^l^e waters of Jamaica bay and thei^ooklyn police ate Inveatl\ gating w h p promises to be one of the deepest inysteilea In years. OUO Matdeir-,pr snloide? that queslloni ;Dld an enemy wl ____ , r -rope abijpf: the_conplajRhlchJield. g them . c lp ^ ^ b ll e tbe euangtlng wa­ ters ohbkw out life, or did they, seeking qblLvloo, deliberately obhose an- endictotber rather thjn a lift apartf Iff That thp eulclda tbery la possible In Indicated by the fact that to tbe woBoan’s wrist was wlieda faani^ms alllgsto^hig containing matUated The defeats which hav^ ooms^i^ s- have been becaose we ihava notbeen united. Ihm p roadtohklbB jtand- ard-besreiJ c f a united Demccracy. I cm draw faiplratlon froma- nnlted. and^hsrmonloas —rty. id^hsrmonlona pa Governor, I ahonld cmanlt nishad Be IfiohoMn ;wlth diB- only aMlltyJmd knowWdgs. I (« m m ehoold be appointed to eaeve In eon- aecttot with railways, I WOTld^^oote one who had worked on rallto*ds w a taew praettoslly all about theoa We « * ihonldmtke the best n « of eiAttog Dondltkaa. Most Of Ihe cntlolim “ I t costs •1,000 a day. Doesltoome nptolboetsndard set hy Goverto: Hnghea ol glvlog dillsr tor doUu for ihla'kxFetieDce? Did the msjoiUy ofttese men have the pKctlcal ex perlsnce to qualify them tor the po. sUlonf For two years I have beet Lleolecant.-Qo%emoir, aadtoprtnuote a man to be Governor Is natnral; bat the wlU of thei people la to fill offlBraby blsttlOB,rMhEt t t s a by pointment, as that is the Demooi Idflh offovemmmit by the people Qovettor Hngbee eayB w e may tnro atltbseecfflccaover to untried men. This is etr^beona. ‘‘Taking the Itoblle Service Octo. mlatlon as i t now eklstSf t t might ^ . u s tdbylbi corporatlowhs It la the crsntnris of the prmeht Governor, nttn I say i t 1« bo Invldione way., Tm Bsmteratlc party > .0 P P ° ^ enflntot ootnmieBMtrv ft la govfetnniiiBnt hy'the •' Unto be sixty psgoenf. or mors, which H < 0 .00«iad^bsblym < ^ ; “jitSfatdtag the ooropustivs rtll- iag ptlM olstoek of the Xlltmotd Msteh with sloski paying ihi. earns dtvldsM, DlaiBOnd Match stock' Is in wayatiperalaUvatlobk. sniecaU attcatloa paid to tha saUIng ptiQe tha sloek as fsr as thenoaBagsment Mcisd. The stock, is now; vary igfety dlstilbatad, tha company fahving about S,800 stookho dsri,11ve pw cant.ot whom aka wumso. - stock IS only teonght out whan aoms hoMir Uslnks ha can find a hettac In­ vestment. ' “ Ihspisatoof tha ccmpi magDlficent physical oon< tke operations of Uie company are oondasted on economic, and iclantlfio lines. I believe the 8p«“ P»n* i* 1“ better ebspe today th'sn It hui aver neon, and that It will coctinna to grow and proepsr In tbe fniutef as In the piBb. I bold more Btoq{: today ^Sr«ouLnseof ti««P«pl?' ; - ?JS.5r®^= MEAitia lira p M i i a m -■ AiHlSsikt&Maato,. ' ln BlHn»t aiotii Com»>m 0hl», ' . ■Ajrotfehd Ulk, AeoMsnti lHialtli aaU Bm s F ^ ^ b , ■stvnaswsi-;* ,KBd ionto'kwu itorattve to nar^ T f t Beach WABHiNGgMMifi-O'oi JO— Oboltea ifis a nd 7,S»C jdetslled repbrl' 'bo Tnblio HTeSltte Sbrvhser <3**^ Qaarbuffnls - ‘tiO,jA J#tol|». Up: to baiii; had; been J28I6 ,880 dejitWj bUdatocelhtof averaga nublhak oMeatfas per wCakhad bUant #qrs<hi»|i 603. The flgnr»?ccvre sdmopmvlccto; In many of whleb tlw| tendlfions ar# much worieihifiiltr MsblJw. In Jhs; iderf- Atiiaat >ll^d there werd -- '-:70e-i<iear“ [f tla#'dei ItoM ftllp Which .M anili J9 province reptwtod ^ deaihi; Union *606 fca^',mhd';70«'<'|MlhV id th^ archipelago.-' Of i h # deaths, ijUJy tonrleenooenned luMhcp pcovlDog.fb Which .M ahili J9 looted. Iloilc province rep . I S M p J lJte tg a t ^ b i g faced 1 ^ ^ the I EJICLAIi 10 ttEtP TURKS elotblngi rtu d been ef. Dlthetwovlc. down abont two miles from C ___ stieeVHasl Haw York, fud a mes­ sage was sent to the police aa soon at tbe lanhch attack shore with Its tow. Coroher Kntt, of Qneena connty, decliree tbe bodies had not been In the water more than three or fenr ■aay owing ta the tides of tba harbor. [Ing. She had never known prlyi tlmt nochadtbeman who mid dtol withheir,^’ f U th u d i ;■ Ib e i d M i M g o k w t o e k ^ e l h ^ thtoe irlBkstaibepolleei:^ to sohrw the mysterir <haa which no««.mct« posxilog hasingkotosd ihtot alMoUon poifsin- eSyPIHES Hombet o f ' S > ““ J«- ^HEWAYSOf WAtt STREET i i S M - logs St ratoons losses. fisTlQia of the Coantry, ____ Iljinfl/u ibM^^ clothe Stock E x c h a n g e Deuonneed ae G am blui^ Oea E. P. BachBBav, of A. O. Browa & - Company, XeUS tbe Beeret-*8a]s ’Change Is A eigantlo Tamplre Sacklag Oat tbe Life Blood of . Country’s Tollers. ^ Ntew Y obk , Oct. 10.—Dsnonnolog tbe New York Btook Ezebange as a gigantic vampire which sacks out tbe (ifa blood of the coaotry'a tollers, de* ciuingltra gambling den pnre and elmplk end advocatiog the abolition of epeonlativa trading fn stocks and of the ticker, £ . F.fiachanan, orgin- IzBf and mansgsr of tbe defanet etoi —^ htokerage^ioinff of A. C; Brawirap Oompany, today gave ont ao Inter view unparalleled to the annals of tht A asam es f a r t I d th e E a e te r a T r « W # —Ships Loioioii, 0<rf. Jik-iQreat Btllaln has sent tvPSlVs wa^blps to ihe Aegean fisa tp,^w r«it Orlre fcriUto'g analllanoe vfitk Qztoce and Egypt from doclarlhg hie iadependenee of orders.’ Gne day recently they Jaggied 1,000,000 snuee In breaking the market,and a nice little oantalonpe DP for the Insiders. »Uik Jbrgih Trsdiag. paid tor. , ‘■It Is not to be wondered at that tbe conntry West of the Hudson tlvsr feels bitter toward WaU sueet and Ua lebingmaoblnery, tha Hew dtdihe lugeel commlKion broktoaae haslittoa In theeonntry. 'Edward.F. Baobtnahwas tbe man vho put It I t tha top of thebesp. Hb Bays that tbs “ wash sales” osmpslgn wbltoi drove his firm ttom. the Stock fnl ssuiemaed hf th« Bali can be nttamaed. lUly bis JolkaA Bbeiand, France ad Bascla to kIM fitotkey. Mooteaegro Mrdtoetued hef Isdiv sndehoeT” \ 'f OHAXB&X. . 9 r COXIEBOB ke kdJsnnMi Annual lleellis I baHald ■•udaf Might The idkMumtd unnail mteUog of the Ofatmher rf Commerce wBl be held M d c ^ y nignt tot tha potpoee o :tbag cfficsis. 'heNomlnaila two weeks ago hs uodconsideied e large namber They will fauvearepoit FASTERJTHAN Alt EXPRESS TRAIN. Hkw Y obk , Got. 10.—Merbert Lvtier in thalsola, won the Vundac- blK oup race, meklog the 284.6 milca tc the averege of alxty.five i F hiuadxiehia , Oct. 10.—George Bobertson, la hlslccomobUe, won the rrace a t Wtot Fairmonnt, making the .800 mUeaat fitly miles an hoar. Mnufnun tfon. Mxw Y obk , Oct. 10.—A1 £ » £ . man, tbe, Oalltorala heavywrefgbt, knbcked ontFiedBradley.of Botton, p— ----- -.v....-., in the tonttb rennd last night. ( is seleclod by tbe Board o f Blrsctota. outdldele tot te election aa Sccretar ol the Chamber, and fttends of Ed ward W. Amten areorglnghlm to fund for tb.e portion. Tbe Becretnry THE ^.lan tsK a n g e From fS,S00 te Oae ' ; Deul-^Moat of Fund Front OoUar Silfkrlpt'ons-FariUl Lilt of Silt ecrlkers 4a<ls FuWlo—Tbosa Wk* 'ttove-to thn Fnntf. bank: bilanoes. \ * M b w Y obk , Oct. 10,—The Demo« “Easleet thing In the world, tbia NWlonnl Oommittee Is prepim rigging the market tor the down trip, log to annonnee next week tbe amount of Us caimpalgnfand and thelndlv Individ, nil' cochtbatora of amoni aurting fll’e- ,not soar grapes . which prompts my declaration,” sain Bnchanan. “lam glad now tbit tbe bisineas commaniiy of tbe conntry, otauefaod follow: all prodneere, men who bring some- Delnnmy Nlcoll, New York city, thing ont ot tbwgrodnd, thay have .tl,600; Jiooh Bappert,. New York, that a pence- ikan qOeellon - • TnUetku Seerett. . ■ the gambling orkStoftl^ Xx- i f ^ t ^ a v s h f >■ MiaoqaiMr}'. Now a«a ^ iUp: toMlMKUutala. oQ eltort to.mnka alaglliaaateBtotor E x ­ change ont of the preeent gaanbUiig '''^“ Wllhont the NewYork Btook Exchange it wonid beimpoMlbta tor this oonnity ta have a panic. It la tha medlnm throngh. whieh a b m i ars spread tmm Maine ib Oalltornlu, over ihe leased wins of the commls- aton racokerage homes. No man baying andBeUtogatoelca on mnrgim Is producing anything. , “He it a gambler, pare and alm|di an idler. A i for tbe Btook Exchange commission broken, they gre merely lamb-heiden working for the owners Of t<e Blocks they sell. Dealing Out Intunuailuu. “th e big men deel out tbe Inlor- istlon ubont thepropeitlca they o«n ptconlrtd to anit tbnmseivw, nudmia iatormntioD Is ull which the limb beroen, or so-csikd c.mmieMon brokers, aeod'aat to the lamtw—I mean tneir cnstomnrr. “Now thaa tdg men, tbe sccnil , losldue, tberaal ownen of the New I York Stock Exchtnge, they never I have any real eame tor wbrry,jmtau ',j long as the general pnbllo ate indn . . ... . . nihatfhi ig ont ot tbwgroni leto TMlIzs the annnsl fligbtfrom Didst of aUtbeoairsnoy swept It WaU ihiget mnelstrocn. Akelish ihotlekcre. ‘(Inoldentally tkf tapa fe-no imill agent in the fnatoudationa oltbeNew York Btook Ezeearge. It la the most Kdoettvi and JDfiuentlal aaeau ol earrjloga man off his feet^\ T wonid say abolish the tlekec and halt the “ theca.'an many other tandfica- tkweteeoiuiitotoirycUlL thwhuailMii of thegebtltiauu of tha New Yocl StoelcSxtoiange^ whoM vary Pfaei ethas a sp ^ a l portnar who le ideroolfa flbor,. and whoM 'Vtoe Ihasklaat doto m t dlsguiie the fact that be la u speentatar. I stocks of the geest ladUstBala and ] nflroad oorporatlpDs, aiy.bottowine people's money so deposited In the. banka to carry andiBslcs; op tbe prices of their stccksnnttll each time as they ore ready to nuii; U>» stocks ft the depoalton in their'own banks. “Then throngh ^tho, k* • I tooitTO '-ladUCfUtoeguiJuie^iiMSaM t< their savings In tbese very e< which l i e w o g fldated f ^ ti ‘TOs lilastei^s *’ “ Shearing tkaUsikL . ‘■Bee the Wheel au It tarns. Tht^ aflnrcee of the ocuotryfuto the handi, G (iW R iy T ti|i iomplete l ist t o Be Fnblislicjl . Next Week. OVER $220,000 TO DATE ply iet a few big men clfcnlate a rt that Bryan might be elected, (Charge a lot of menlnploked com- erolal ceotbra of the odnntry, call ana throngh tbelr bankai refnse laqcisl'ald to mercantile enter, kes, and then throngh tbelr own iit'cnltr brokers cell certain market the rats of •106 ind over and the lists which have _ been compiled to ; date and sent h e n \ from OhicagOiShuw that the campaign iTlttle over •220(000. Ofthta- unolhing over >180,000- has Which, iwlth 142,000 of thoDsnver oonvwitlon fund, la thetotattondtiuiW to the Dsmooratlo Ireasuir. ' It was JearnedthatJhere have Been fdartaen Individual oontrlbutoru ot •1,000 each. Th«e have been no coDtxIbaUonaof sams between >1(^000^ and •600'to date. The Benver head- quartera ot the NatlonaL Oommittwr j hueolleoted •6,000, whlnb-la said to 4 kolddea oheok of •l.ObO'ffbhi former Btnator WJUlam A . OlBsk,Df-Mon. ^ a'. Tbe e'malleat coDtrtratlon> re- one cent, wbict •1,600; Jacob Boppert,. New York, ♦hOOO; Nathan Surani, New Ydik city, •1,260^ Natlonsl Bemomatto. OIab, New York city, »Z;B00f, W . P. Sheehan, New Y(»k, lUOOQ;. Archi­ bald McNeil, of Bridgeport, Oonn.^ •LOOO; Gay B. Tackdr, LiUk Book, Ark..glOOO;M.F. Danlup. BUnoli,. “Bat 1 have only dlnmssed the fandacaeouis. A moral toaua was ceived In the cloelng o f ‘Dick’ Chm- Beldk gambitog,*hca a and hs aUml. natlrn of betting nt the race tracks. Thace were but fleu b lue compared to tbs 'wunton fieatractlon on the New York Stock Exchunga, wblah, d Iftreotfrom eitber the race track or the ;gimblln.gbcBse, harla the inrK» CBniaswaUas the participants lathe great legallisd crimi.” FKENCHMftShWON THE MARATHON. Beat Jehu J . BayeaStaarg hy Naarly LlghUauAlauUx today woirtoom Igfieompsfltors 'ha saM eoanets that followed OiympuM Marathon. Sltat'atfme 'laVanteeUmtoai., ___ fiVeiedbnd#, BL m l BIret, a Fii man, today woirflrbm 128c • rerthf - ^ tiions, fo^lhesimple reason that (he} m ^ u a r a ^ a . Sltat'atl triona masses depoelk th^r «wrifw« dh u ieein S:SB:l8,iDd ihatofDoran- ----- ' finished Bbesd of HayiisHayiis bat bi living ail Sleet ili^kbed s Idi itMiue w u w . , ir . a n t . E I , . - - s s s e s s ...... Mai'ieeili'pjaM Ufe'. ‘^ s nnoe lufame.” The sisndaid ol ekcelleoc^ -ifeny laittetiofif, bui xieuBiti. The IbCMt of first ulaii ■hers/,'* a i t i L, Owes, Oklab , . Jogan, LaOcosM, •1,000; E..O, Wood/ Qltot, 1 _ 11,000; B iJr. Goltta,r ' 000; Mbiau tJ. -Wettu I I 000; Norman is; J . tl.000; MMbeti Oats:, “ $ m j Jsmiwon lAvr, N sw York city, 1600; Dr. John'Oox,, Oooneett- cat; 1600: William F. Boros. New -York cliy; IdUO; B. B. B. MallelTe Selma,Ima, Ala.,la., 1600;; witbanitban Oato,lAe-to,lAe- A 1600 w Oa Angelee. Oalx, IMKI; P-. W. Buoe, (toloago, 1600; Joseph Fell, Peon. sylvaala,|80a;W »)lnx A Bodgattr Fhtsbufg, *600; Oirlti. 'Vtoomen, HBiaidmes.t3, •SOOpUeIvlUa E . In- gaUa, OlnciBoaU, >6u0; 'W .Jt. Bart, ttoglnaw, 1600; M atrsy Ohrletm, ------ 1600; F. B . Lyncdi, BU l; T. J . W»hb,BtsUBi, ________ 0 ; W. B . George, BaUogt, Mont., ISuO; B. B. Ford, Gieut Fali^ Mont., thOO. ' Themejm; oltba Demooriila oempaIgnluBd has come fronn dollar dcnitilbUtdrc and fiem tbe Bemo» crntio preeu, wbloh darted camptlgia BtthMilptloas. LOCKED BOV h DARK CLOSET PxABODY, Maes., Oot. 10 —Th« youUi and praltant tsars of EatbuiDU Bsynbldi, s school‘‘maeiU,’:eofteood mu. beads -of the Faubody ^^hool Board, whicdi met list night Jbf ths potpoee pf adnilDiatetlag:p 3 nl 3 hm«ib .....d . « ir.*d'S‘£ s % “\ .s f 'S £ s s .... ....... J tor the expert ___ iflas Beynolda said: that ^ * 4 ItoYeep hlfia looked i n i ’d’ i i i i i t = s ? ^ £ = \ - \ wnoiwadabrakslit 1

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