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The Cohoes Republican. (Cohoes, N.Y.) 1892-1920, April 28, 1906, Image 1

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•, .,_: .:, \And Many Strokes, t36ugl1 with' •. I Little Axe, Hew Down lnd· Fell ,- The -Har·dost Timbered-Oak. ,. SATUR·DAY .. 1\.FTERNOON, h\PRII.; 28, 1906 PRICE COHOES, N. Y. VOL. 14-NO. 1·189. FEARJ, OF · COOP D'·ET AT, AUJHORITIE~ SEARCH FOR ROYALISTS MINISTER .. GLEMBHCBAU AT LAST TAKES STRINGENT MRASURBS 1'0 GOARD SAFETY OF PARIS-LABOR AN'D ANARC8IST PLOTS RIFE. PARIS, Api'll ~.-'lb<' i'atl&lon <'iVTc RuthorltiP•. •nppor~ l.>y a lnrgP f{)t'ce of troop•. ha \'P arloptPd dPd~i\·~ m~as· urps to appr~brnd the t-ll'ment whieb is fomenting rli•ol'd!•l' and cnt>tm·e the SOUITPS or il!o\ ~ll}lpJiPR. At an rarl.1· hour a Rearrb waR mndl' of !hP bPOdqnat·tPI'K or till' ConfP<lera- tlon of Lnhor and al•o Its flftv braurll- es throughout thP rity. SimultanPfH!Siy · thP po!icr Kf'R rr·hpd the ho,!U\'~ of ~u numb~r of Hoy a li~t sym pnthizrr• who were •nspt-<'ted of en~ouraging dis01·de1' in th<> hop<' nl' PITPo·lin!( a •·oup u'etal. TbP offices of Lu Croix. a reu<'lion!lt\Y paJWr, WPI'P also seprdH!d, IWJlortnut pnp<>r•. i1 i~ und~rstood, wer<'\ found at tlw hom••• of som•• or tile Hoyalists. 'Ql.fi\ •MrdJ of the llf'U<lquarters of the l'-oilf<'rl<'rntinn nr· La!Jor yi~ld<>u nega- ~11\1' rP•nlt '· ThP RHI'tJlPf·l~ Hmoug th<- RoynliRt~ au<i Bnuapnrl!•t• inr·lndP-'tbP hPad:< of I lht>nt ('OI!Ilf Jiurand. df' 'J!realirPgllt'll. t'ouut rlt- Ia HPglt-, Gt-neral Rnron d<> Tnradel. ~1. Ba•·conniPr. p!'esirl<'nt of Ute Hoyttlist nrh·nncP. ;.:unrd; ~!. Tbou- l'f'n<'l, nr. inOmate friend of Prine!' Lnuis ~apoh'OII. Tht' nstrnslh!P purpos<' of lh<' '\arch· PR wa~ to di~t·o\·Pr if <\ll('011l'A:gflmP·n1 ha<l hPPII gl\·<'n to th<' rioting ill tile llllnln!( rlistrll'! in thP north, hut tlw n uthm·lt If'~ PXpP<\I<\rl a I thf' sa UIP timr to UIH'OI'Pl' 11H• Plllil'<' pl~ll of lhf' (ll'f'R· (lnt labor ngitntion.--inr•IUdlng any men- al'in:;: l'<'lllltl'<'S of thC' dPrnonslraiion whi<'h i~ to tali<' placp ~In~· I. Tlw !lrmnP•• or ~I. ('IPU1P!H'e:t 11 4)1 making Af'8l'<·IH'R ann !';lllhPriug hn·gp military for<·f~ ha• IP!l llJP ~X<'<'Il1 il·r ('0ll1111it!PP nr thP Fl'dPrafion nr J.nhot' to ron•hlPr qtP adl'iRahlllt~· or tjostpnu ing HlP dPmonstrnliou from ~In,. 1 t·< ,JtlllP 15, ' sevf>rli)_ ' :\I'I'Pl\lhP)eRR !bP poJirP fllld militUI'\ !!l'i•lo<'ruJ.ll:._ rami liPs, among· [H\I'<'autlmr• arr not bPiug ahatPd. Th~ I g!'ltrral Jllan,_n, auuounr-<'d hr tlw pro (P<'ttll'P of poli<'<'. i• to hn \\ troop• magsed on Conr•orde squnrP. HPpulllir squart>. Bont'sf:t ~quor~ nnd thr> prir11·i pal houiPYarrl• and nil point• whPrP il i• pos•illlo for •·rowds to gntb<'I'. :O:i:.: thou•anrl polirP, suu •·uyalt·v on<l S.OOil infnntry hHv~ O<'Pll drtail~tl tn gunnl th<' hank•. rnlh'oad 'tatinnH nut! the J>fnnts of thC' p)Pdrie, gas a uri \a- t£'1' eompn niP•. ' At Toulon HiP :.rns wm·kEJ\rs ~ti'Uf\({ at nwlnight. 'l'l'nops hal'e orrupiPr! thr works. J,ast Jflght l'io!Pnt ~pi!P<'hPS WPl\~ ll}ndl' at RrP•I at n geUPt•al n!E>Niu~: of ~II the trnd<•K uuious. Thf' pr~,-nilinJ tllPme n•os \IY<1rktileu Br.>t?.l' th<• mll- cllines! t'r.>~s_a~'!'::.!llli':_ ~? ~~lld!'' TRIAL NEIRIG AN END T RECTllKS' CDDRl.H~ARS ARGUMENTS FOR ~NO AGAIN·ST•ACCUSED-~PRUSECUTION ·· SAYS,- \TiltS IS~ NO CHURCH FOR .. HIM.\ . BAT.%' !A. ;'\ 1., April !$. - l'fllm· mlng up h) \\\'m•el iu till' ht>r<'RY <'1\Se or thP n., llr. Algrrnou 14. ('rnpspv ll~gan M ..Uro,r1 ae thP rourt oppn .;1 herP. Jl'rnnklln II. Lol'!;<', who INI for thio prnoPrut Inn. salrl: '''l'hP nttttfi<lo of thP pro.,,rnlion Is hl>l\t!Y t~•, \Y•• nmintllln l!mt thP Ape~tF!'~· f'o·rNI fno·m• part of tb~ faith rJf tbP ProtP•tnnt Epi><<·op~l , o•hm·•·h. ahd P\-Pry f\if\rg-.t man in thi:o; ~·h1nd1 :r;llU!!t 8<'<·rpt PYI\I'j' <'Oilrt'P!P ~<tatrment containPrl IU<'I\Pin. .· \It iR intolernhle to Uduk tlln'f auy det·g.nnnn nf lhi~ <'hun·h mtt rle.-JarP in hiR dmi·d1 in tltP mm'tllng that he heliPI't'R thrsP thin!(>< and to lltl()r llffl flenial of tlwru in th~ \'·euing lt is ndmlttPd h,,- the riPf<'ns~ tbnt 01·. l'rllji· sey doe~ nn• h••lk>\'P some stntcmenls containPd in\tbi• t'I'PPd, \Then tbi~ '\ no .. hurdt fOI' blm. He can go to somP oth!>r rhur<'!J. We do ~~ not cbal!f'UI!'r.> his hr.>li<'f, hut we do · , ch~l.leli~P hi~< right to till -hi• otfklul 110, · f;itlon in· the <'burch while he holds · t)Jese view•. \' · .· '''W<> say be should go. 'rhia is ike. at, · , · tltude or\thP prosPrntion.\ · Dr. ,J~'raneis- ,J. Finll or the Western r;, •' T.beolog'lcl!-1 .. SPWinary, Clileago, . ad• 1:.-:~\, dressing .ife court for tile pt'OSCCUt!!tu, •· !nid: · . ifl\ no. case ot heresy bunting, :Pt· •. c:raiiSeY'S utterlinces ha Ye'\been months, it. is hi. the question Is -ffit!: ·slialf tiie <'hur<'b pennit on~ of hH chosPn priPst~. who llllsrepresepts ll(>t\ to continUE' in ber ~Elr\i,..e7 .:Til'-' issue Is perff'rtly <'lear. HPre is a Jll'l'est wbo promisPoi to rio his duty \'-' teaching the faltb aecording to tlw do.\)rlnf'R of tl#> <'hlll'<'h. HP Is now acr·usPd of ~iolljting hi~ 1u11· hy Impugning the I'PritabJp llmlloPad ur JNms ~hrist. \\'e do not as~all Dr. Crapsp~··· right of pl'rsonal ••onYiPlion. but thi'i; •loP, not lllf':lll thai hf' t•an tal1P a<hantage 'if his offidni position ru · eommit '\'l\ ~~·hi<'b th<' <'hUr<•b l't'fltidla te~ ... \If yon PnJidPmu'this mnn.\ •air! fll'. ~lcl'omb fot· UtP dt>!'fensl'. \.1'<111 !'on· llf'mn n 111>111 who ha8 lltthli~hetl on•r •him own nnmt- tllnt t.bt> ApoRtiPs' \'reed is the most pcrte .. t statetnent of Chris- tian trutb extant.\ \Dr. M.t't:ot:nll~R <'II max wns <lrnm:ttie. to thP eourt ttil!l rJeclnrcd in Yol~t'l \If ~-ou judgP th~l\ lines you prn•·ti<'n · t11e nut.ior·tt.v ()f .v- nf .tljo I't·otestnl!t .al dmt·r·h. fur _!llet'e ll'if [•nr . ,n\ lll{llfllRt '\iloru RIH'h: fli~I'J!ell, sou JOI he nt·m~·Pd. I lleli~y(!, ltoW~\'ql' Utt thlK r•Otll't IVill take It liobler and lrlgher point of view.\ \.IJ:lte l'l\8e Will bf' I.'IHl('ft'!JIP•d llie t'Otn;t tod~y. announce tbe tile: Ii!Jr•lsflmetlt' t:o Japan: \Hrw much you take for 'i m, Sam?\ \Oh he's sueh a gentle crittt>~ I'd hate to part with 111m I\ -Donahue ln Clov•lond PlAin Dealer. - ---4- -- ' ANOTHER AMERICAI VICTOR 'AT GAMES A COLLISION IN Sl RAtTS AND THIRTY CHINA~EN DROWNED The DeCastellane's Tronbles~:Balloo~ Ascension· At Pittsfield- .. A Negro-, Woman Com.mits Mur- der ln New ·York---Wi_tl Vote,~or a Strike-··lndoor Swimming Record Lowered. -neath of General:Yon Briddle··Latest News By Wire. ~aplr ... , April :.!R.-.\uuthcr tll:~ ... :-lt.o· ~evt•rul -\Vlll'hs '-lgu\:. llella 1Jai!P,\·. u hah- ha~ ueuu-rt·fl in 1h1· \\t•Httviau n~~~Pu. · itue of the'f'eu~(!l'luin thi)-1 mor·Jting ..,ho' I I l ill • '- . . Tbruu':!.hout tht• 11a.:-.t nif;ht turl't'lll of ,.an{ i etl·:\Iu.ri{' 8ali.t:-r iu thP t'ltrt..•t>t. ratu ft•!l. UtTumpanietl U~ u lw:l\:.· r:,.dc I Tlw riwl·~ict· uctu'rrfld aftl'r th•· I\\IJ \·u· of Wlll•l. c·,tll~illg \afljl' U\J.lalldl''\ t.f ltlt'll hH.tl t\lif.cll:feO ill H hatu\~to-\,..nt! nmd . .,and. a:,hl'\' and «:iiH.II c~ to ful! ov- ~trugp.ll·. Tht~ BaH':'\y \\o'OHHUI -.;ttr'l PIHh'l· t·r· .\na Summa uud Santa .\na~t~~ia. t·d to tht~ J)ulkt• Muth an· Hl't:rt•:-;~1-:- ch·.,tru~Jllg: htit.b!.tt...::, IJiol'l...in~ lhl' l 1 T!ttb. tluud111~ llliHlY haldtatlou{ lntrrnt,~l ill~ '·mumuu,c·:tt inu hr tf'IP~ra).>h aud c.:·:·!~ in~ away pur;ion~ ol tht· nuhHI). Tl'uop ... and ulilitary wa~~·'h WPrt• \nlr- JIItlly •h:-opatdl('ll to tll•· tL\\:'-i·-t'l.IH~' o( thB ..,uff~rr-r~. Thtl mhalJitaut:-:. or tlw ~t cu·l\f'u i·la- c·t~~ mentioned wc·rt· uew to th,•m and running out of tht-ir houM·~ J...lwr f, i1IU'l t.hlir Jli'OP<'I t;: thrcat:nt•ol hy a 11<'11 l!<T- ror. th~ full nf a~hco. Tht• WDIII<'Il anol chll!.lreu Ucd. ;;creamin~ with t:rip;ht 111- ---x-- Th~rty Chinamen. Drowned. SIIIJ.;J.lttln·. ~tr.~~t ... ~c! lil uu·ul ~. \ '•til ~:i. Tht· Brith·h ~ ·~tt\ilUU'r Hcl\ ,., .. 'mill tlrulJ!lP:' tJQ\Itlij.' fo.r OJl'Shl, With ::IIUII 1\nsHiU;l:~~~ld f(.>i'f; 'l].IJ~~~;~. cull iolrd i~: Ill n,.,.,B~ito~k. ~ l=al steam<'r iu tit<' Strait ,.,.r ~If~ men. Th<; Ben toll:; '-' a\ -nul< f\11~~ }ll~'t,Y G~iues<· t!rllwnPd. ~.·v­ t·nt:r-mu··· pt-tsous.·. WC'rt'~ rr!'wllf'(l. Till' JlrltlsiJ l;o~lt wus,i;t!} sli~htly lnjom ol --·-z-- Will Vote to Strike, to tho open cQUiltry, a.; if pur<~wol Iov a lhing tuon~tcr. But. in ~pile Of tho '\a- Rhamol<lu, l'a , Aprll ZS.-D~Ic,.;atr,, landtc-1;, ll<lodo< aurl galt'H 110 io,;,--; of !iio• to lhl• millers t•ollY<'llliou -to Lp hPid at had hc<en revortl·<l !II> to III<· I im,. tlol\ ::kmn{on• tiQJ1t ')voc.lt. will be ~<'lc.·tetl ou •lisputl'il wa~ filt••L ;llonday Ill-, t-h~ tiinth rH\II'it\l o<·n;'ollllg EYcr)\b\'ly i~ 11rayl.ug foi fair w••ath- ' · = to onler~:;suod fr·om -heauquartcr·, tt.is ~r \-\ il is ht>lieve!l that whil<' th•• ><lortll u.:ornlng. Mltl:er• ,;ay lhry wilt \*' fur rage>< Vesuvius IH llal!ie tu IJ<' a t\Jlll!LU- I a 'trill 1 1 1 tl , 1 , 1 • s e 1 1 ~ lt\.' ge bUilJl' (], 1 lt.Jl ~I mcll1i.ce to li[\ aud pruJ>t·rty, nnd demands. that the people In the n•giotl of the voo- cano may bav~ vt~itatiou~ of a more serlou,; nature than ]ast nigl!t'H ava'nn- _che. -x- The De Castellane Divorce Case. ---;r-- Death of General Von Budde. Berlin.' April 28.-0oU<'l\Ui You ll Hldc the P.l'llS!>;Ull mlttislel' Of pul.>Ue wr•rl!~ •. wh., hit'd· been suffering fnnu canl'<'T for some Unie past, ilfed tv-aa1·- He was uoru In 1 Sol. ' -:s:- WIFE MURDER CHARG!.;O, DnrTRrtl Tnfor ~f'ln~l1t by fhf> PoliN~ ru t h i(•n gon. I'A \IRilllot:J:. \\~' .. \prli :.:R. The ('amhrirh;:P pflli,·P !n.,.t nl;::;ht i\'\IIPd n Tf'UI'f::lllf fnr· lht' lll\l'P<:;( of gljciJ ~htPl\ ,,...,., n11 in:-ttrw·tnr 1n t;Nman ;1t Hnr· n1nl unirPI'Qit~·. nn n 1'11111'~'' of mnr flf\l'in;.: his wffp in thi..; .. it,\· H hout t n-o \f\C'kf.. n,:;:-o. H i~ u llf\~rd thnt ~IJ·s. ~ftJ(OlltPJ\·~ riPOIIJ Wftq t\ h\' 01' ~Pni1·. Thflo hod,l wn\ tnkflll to. ('ill· f'a:;::o and f'I'Pmnf•\rl 1hf.\t'P. l,h,\ ~ftoiu 11.-: whn n I tronrlPrl ;\I r!-1. ~IUE»\D· tPr r.-portr·<l to )lf'riknl Bxnmil~<'r };wnn anrl un auto}Jsy ~ .. 1s pPrfonUP£1. ~II·R. ~IUPtl!PI' nn .\p!'i! ti gnyp hir!b to 11 <'hilol nnrl wn• n fl<'lliiP<l hv two ''hrisl i:111 ~~·iflllN\ rlo,·tor~ nnrl u 'nurs~. '\Yhil•• •h~ i!Pli<'Y,.:<l in t\hrlstlnn ll<'i· Pll\\· hPr hn~hnnd \'\\ opposPrl to it. ThP pni!Pf\ at'<' rPti<'ent in nttrlbuting A moth·<> fow llllll\d\l'. Th<>)' bare lt>RfiJl'TI tlmt \fr~. ~fuPntPr's life wn• lnSUJ'Pd h.l' th<> :>.P'\1' Yo1·k Lit'P ln•urnlWP rom· pnnr for $f,(J(ln, \'l'h•n llr~. ~II!Pilf\l' diP<! Dr~. H<'r- lof>t·t R ~lr-lnt~T\ ami 1·'. \\'. Ta,vlor; l>l'Ontitt<'nl t 'amhrillge J>h,rsidans. 'iyho !lad ''\\\ •·•lllcd into tbe •·as\· rPf.t)SPd to stgn n riPath ~Pt'tifir'ntP anrl l'PPt!l'IPd to !Jt· \' fl. ~wan. nwdh·nl PXamint•r, -u·ho Jl,...l'fnrmNl an nntopsy, nr. Swntl ~ .. nt tl!\ <'outPut~ of till' stoma<:!} to T't·nfP<\or \\\illlatu F.\ \\hlt.u(':V of' tim Hanni·•! ~ll'llit·al •r·hnol for ~nalysis. Wlwn Pt·. :O:wan anil Distrit't AttortU>Y Hnu<l,.r•on· \Pl'<' notifiod II~· I'rofealiOI.\ Whlln•·.1· th11 t t!tP ••a us<> or de11tll -_IJP- P<'at·rd to h<\ nrs<>nie:tl lJOisoniug tb.e d_istri<'t altornt>~· notified t!,lP ·u~rn­ lll'idf!\ poli<'P to arrest ~lllet{te~ ~on u chari!;P of murdN', · \l'lrl·mnRtnm·~s nhout tlie dea'th futu•t·al nrrnngemcuts , of • JUY · ,. .. ,.~ n f •uch a nature· tbat' t ll'ith nil tbe other tu!.'lni;Jet'~ or SECR(TARY METCAL.F'S REPORT ON' INDUSTRIAL AND COMIERCIAL DAMAGE ALMOST CONCEPTION-·BVBRY MUNICIPAL BUILDING DESTROYED. ~A~ FnAXC'T!'i'O, -.\pl'il ~s.- ~~rro· tar;\· :\[~lf'alf. whn is hPrP a~ tllP rrp· l'PRPntafh·p. of thf\ lHIIional admini~- 11'Ation. wJih iu(O,Il'tlf'!ion!; from til~ prP~itl~nt to r·Ppor·t to him l'f'\gurdiug 1I1P c·onrlition'>~ in thP strid.u•n ritv •• It~ •lloul•l fin<! them. ha~ \Ylrf'fl th~ prM•irlrnt a f\nmplPtP ~mnmurv of th~ •Jtuntinn. ifP think• the los~ of lifP will nnl Ho·r·P<l ;,no. thr injUJ'Prl hPing al.oont 1.111111. ~r,•rf'!nrr :\IPtl'alr says, ALL THAT !~ • LEFT 0!\ GRACE cnrnnr. liorrevPI'. 111nt th~ ln<lu•trlal and rom· mf'rf'-i11l ln<o~..,t-•s nn• nppalliug. Tllfll'E' is nn sutl'Pring f1·om ht<'k of pr(n·i~ious or '1'1'0 l<'l'. Jo:\ <'!';<'thin~ I'OII\idN'Pd th~ health of th<• pPople is P:tt'PllPnt: HI~ rPtmrt i'!\ a\ follows.: \H\\\ pra<·lkallj· <'omplPtrll iuRpeoc· tlnn uf lh• ruinP<i di~tril't\. I do 110t b~liP\ e 1llP ln\' ot' Jlfp will bP as gr<>at \' wn• auti.-!pn!Prl. fn my )Udgm.:-nt It wtll he impo•~ih!P to UPtcrmine the PXD<'l DlllllhPI' nf d<'llths, hut ~OD;CI\•'Il­ th·e Pstlmnw• plttP<' the uum~ct nt not to <'Xt'!'Pd :!00. There me about.l,OOO suffer~r;s irr· lot• a! ho.spltnlso ·.lJIItl pmlm· hi}· uot m•l.'r--100 a.re: b\Pt•iou~ Jli.furl'<i. So nf!cessU;f ,\\!lsts>ut tbll''P.};'jllent limP for nurses or doctors. \ tl'gardR industt·inl and commE'l'- <'inliMRPs, tb(' o·omlitions arc appnlling, fi!{HrP• aud !ll•t:ttwe~ <'OtlVPY slit:ht ('01l<'P)ItiOnR 01' I'PHiitiPS. C\ot Olll'l' itRTP the husinPl<• a~td industrial llous~s and establl~bmPnts of folJO,onn peopiP <li~­ nppt>ni'Pd. !Pa,-iog tbPm t!Pstilljl<' ftnnn- clally and tlwlr rn<'an• or lpYPIIilood temporat'il}' gonP, hut tbP •·olUJJiira1ed systl'm of trausportntion, indispensable tobthP dally .-omfort unrl interl'sls of 50· ,nnn peopiP has hrPn almost !Otlll· Is de•u·oyed. o,-,.r the eity's area or twenty-fh·p squarP m!IP~ Llle rntlre sys- tem of rnih,-uys was damaged or de· stroyM a no! llos not as ~·rt been operat· ed. TbP ~··<Ints Jl!PPiy of nulrua)s and c~rrlagPs l'PmaltMrg after th<' fire has het>u largely hnpt-css!'d into l'ivll a u<l mllitar.~ servir•(>, In order tp pre,·Pnt · starvation. The entire telegmpbi~ and tt>tephonic ~ysiems W<'l·e destroyed, making <\ommunleation impossiblr. \Pra~ti<'allYJ l'''<'l'Y municipa.J. builll- in~ is dPstt·o;sPd, fot't'ing the citv oftl· cials Into S<'an!; quat•ters, necessarily sit~a tert in localities di,l!lenlt a!';- au,·pss owmg to dlstaures und ln<'k iii' 'tvnns- portatlon. 'l'hrcP hnndrPd ~otil,<nnd PPOJ>IP ·WPI'P rendPI'Prl bomeless '·a ud 4estitut<>. I!Pln<'dla 1 metllod~. ·a~ot>ted · a uri prospr•ut erl w! til 'gt•ea t pflfr:iency ha Vt> l'!.'!iPrrrt ·this .I1IIJl-l!t><'Nl<'nl<'<l, dis• aster. The· ('Hir.<?ns' eonnn!ltPP,: np· . ' ~ .. rPstora :ion w~t'P so rfllclent- per&on bas \uftPred from lack watPr or •hPltrr. It Is that no discrlmin~tion of bPPn shown against nny <'Ollnt of racft or color. to assist tbP snfl'\'ring, may hP. f'ases of violence bavp been exce~dingly r'w:e. '\fhp fortifl~ations are ln.JnrPd. CoalldPrab~ done to the military hnti !din\'· Presidio and on Angel indicate that there was the htllldlngs on army warehouses !n the tirPiy destroyed. The praisers' bnlldlngs are .tact: The subtreas\lry stl'Qyed. Opinions differ i<'nt 'or .!n.lnri~s to the not b~lleved that any tt·~a •ury or any banking the rlty ba ,.c sut!'ered any· dtill1UgP. \It is almost impossible thP ruin 'Hougbt by the and e~pPcinlly by the Tlw <·onflngratlon 11·as the absollltP lar·k of P<'OPif'. bow..,-rr, are hopPfnl for the future and . any SPn•e lost thP!r f!OUl'OgC, Pari,;, A.!ll\il 28.- Tllis was tltl' rlay tiel for Count Boni· DeC'astellanc .•nd his wife. Countess Anna to UlJPoRI Lc- fm·() Judge Ditte to allow tile Court to make a finpJ attempt ,for reconcilllat;un. The Jud>ge· was notifie~ ltowe,·er t 1\!i.t tile meeting ll!ld been postJJOned m:ttl after the< p'endlng French elcctlou'l. lndoor Swmmlng Record Lowered Chicago, AI,rll 28.-IL J. Hnnu~·, of tile Central Y. M. C. A. lust nl!l1tt low- ered· the Ainericait one-lllile ind(lor ilr. that thl't'f' Is s.o h:::~~~~:!~~;~~~~,l] wt·oug:· Thill w~s .t Persons wim :protess to lt~ow all that . ' . bus pussE>J between the coup!~.> 1:1 tely ·• . sw!,mtuingmark to 2G.1j In the Central Amateur Atldiltic Union ·swtmm!ng cilamphmshlps. Tlie former t·ecot•d wa:- held· !Jy C',:_M. Daniels, of New Yor~•. at 2G: 19\02. olret• to bet' that tile snit ,'Will nr.1•er collie to trla.i eV.Ctf fol\ aepat'!ltiou. . . ...::-- ............... -------:s:~ ·A Ballo.on: Ascension. Lic_u~. Col. Pug~l Dead. Plttslleld: ~1a!ll!:, ~px·i! 2 $.\\\douut Lubin, ~11~5ia' Polltnd\ A.pt·U 28,... , L.ieuten~t' c;;i{;lllel P'u \'---I . o.f Hanl'i D~la'lr~\J.lC'ilf Pill'is. \Vtii mal:ll his uv fub•il balloon ascelt'i!!Ofr in Amoricinhi!i gendarnrerJij:at OltoJm;, WM .n.mt''lfmredll aftemoon fl~on1 •tM& bi-ty lf the wellt~): ·Ina~ lllg!ip.. !.1\~~a>ss;l..<tSi~- escaped; . conUit!QM remain fa~Ol;Rble. _ - .. : l: ·. . .. . . .. ·· '. . •. ~ ~ ...•. ' · . ' ~ . . . ~X~~- . . . --· ~~' . . ·/,.,. hy t:=ng<>n\ H. Kre~!Js, dParl woum.n~ . _, ~ . ·f • , _ ~lut>nt<\r left Q;u_ttfwidge 'on J..ill'l~i)-7', : going to Cllica.g!i, wilb..bls 'lvlff}\; bo(jy:, . r~~-; ~,1i .-

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