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The Cohoes Republican. (Cohoes, N.Y.) 1892-1920, April 30, 1906, Image 1

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·Many Stroke•, · L;ltt.le A)ce; J;tew. Do~' •nd . :rhe Hardeat · Timbered. Qik. • 1 r '· • 0 .. e~s··· ' ~ ' ' . '· ' . ,;. . . ;.. .. _YOL. 14-NO. 1190. C 0 H 0 E S, ~J N. ¥·, MON:pAY. AFTERNOON, 'ApRIL\~ 0' I !) 0 (j. ''D· .rw· . ·1'.:~•-·w· · ~t.- .. •:-_,,\~1· '.1·· .. ·E H-D'ME\ . ·u·-·;.:;r iELIJ·:· .. ,· --., '. ·.. .· .,,.. . . -ENTERS ZION WITH \PEACE BE TO THEE, .. ELIJAH lJI APPEARS AGAIH IlPORPLEANDGOLD BEFORE ALTAR AND CHALLBNGES ACCUSERS··SPOUSB . WAS MISLBD, 'IlR SAYS: CHIC' AGO, April 80.-\! ani glad to he homP agnln.\ \\'ltb the.s~~yords John Alexnnder llowiP, till' d~.ifpsed l<>alietl of the rht·l~tl•n !'atboli'C' ehnrl'l1 ill AmPrirn. steppPcl within tile povtnls of Shiloh Houi<>. thus completing his mu<'h hPrnlder! Pntry into Zion !'lty after an uhsru<'l' of sevm·nl mouths. dul;)n~ whl•·h time- Ql' bnd bNm desPI't· ed by n iarg<> pnt·t of his fo!lowei'R and ,hail l1e<>u strlp]><'fl of all errlesiltstl!'al nuthorlt,1·. ~ll'R. DowiP, th<>,wife of tbl' \first apo•tiP,\ mH him at the door of Shiloh HonRP anrt gaYe blru a hearty Wl'f('OIIH'. llowiP'R l'Pturn to Zion ('iQ' wns ''oid of nil pomp anrt c<>remony. Only n hanrtful of people w<>rP nt tlJP stntion to grrrt ltliu, n11<1 thP majorit>· of thPR<' Wl'l'f' WOUIP!l. flp WIIR Ot'{'OIUpnnled hy Se\'Cl'nl of IJJR !IC!'ROUaJ U((f'UUan!s. As llowiP ali~hted from tltP trnlu h~ was gret>tell lor HhontR of \PPn<'P to tbeP.\ HP rP•IHIIHIPd with thP custom· ary \P<>nc·p to thet• multiplied.\ ' 7 1 hn \'P rlonP nothln~r sincp I sn w your fac>Ps,\ be said. \of whi<•h to IW. asbanwd. Xot onf? or thP aerusatJons ronde ngainst lllP I• trup.... not on~. God biPss fnu! PPR~P to thrP! .. I.nfo1·. standing uustPadil)' nnd 1\'lth grPnt t>lfnrt hefore an nnrliPnre of 2,500 per•ons in Zion l:thN'n!lrie, llowio <>barged his trndurers, if auy Wt'l''' prt>s<>nt, to ma!,e their a•·•·u•tttions.:ffit- for<> the \\ hofp c•ongt·e~tatiuu. gc,rcr.· lfP\ii'eli rere<i TitSiiCldFestl' ·s~n WI bl'fore the altnr. Only ocraalonnlly, when roURPrt to an unusual pitrh of ent•ne~tn~ss, dirl lLP rlAe. :\Jrn. llowie, Whl> hnR severed her nl· leJ<ian<'<' with YoliYa, Rat in n •vickt>r l'llnlr nrnnng Dowie's follow~rs In the ron;:-I'PJ':IItion. Exrppt for former ~!nym· H.' ll. Har]H'l'. ,!Jowl!' was nlonP on the platform. ]Jp pr!'fnred his sermon hy n \JliCitPrl r!Pnlnl of the charg<>s that hnve he<>l! hrought agnht~t him by Yo· II I'll and othPrs. Dowit• pnii! n tribute to ::llrs. Dowie. \~l.v wife hns snru\ nohle qualltll's, but sb..: waR misled and iwposPrt upon. Th<'~· U<P<I hPr until they W<'l'~ thi'Ougb with ilf'r unci tiH'n cast h<>r nslrt<>. ::lly son pla~·ed tri<•ks on rn<> whil'h he ought not to ltn1·r done, but h<>, too, wns rl~<'Pil·ed.\ The follow!'rR nf Yoli,·n. tbl' nl'w IPnd<'i' of Zion City's a!YoirR, !lOWPl'Pr. werp nt that mnmPnt att~ll<Jing 1\ riYAl rnrl'tlno:. RN fot· the snmP hour, nt the Zion coll<'l!'l' hullrtln~r. Wilhur !;iPnn \'ollrn nnrl his follow- et's lleirl n mi'PtfllA' iu t!JP tnhPmarle. thP nucllturium ht>ino: nhout tll'o·thlrds full. In an ai!rlt·r•s \'olh a nnt only riP nounrPrl Ilowit-, hut :'\lrf'.. llowiP as well. HP snicl: \[ clo not proposP to Jtf'l'tnlt n11y ~i'UtWI' in this' nlo\ontent to c>sc·upt•. lin not tlunk th~t IloWIP is the on IS nnP to ht> c·alled to \ar•·nuqt. ThP UI\.Xt OllP will lw ~Irs .. Jan!' Do-'•ie. ln soU\P I'Psppr·ts :-oh~ is ns J!I\PJlt' n sinnttr n~ I>md<'. !'h<> Is on his side to<lqy :tnrt always hns hPPIJ. The lust In lull' hen1·t fm· pok<'r I< ns g-l'eat us In his. I sny thP wbo)P }loW]P famJiy lliUf\t he · fiW<>pt otl' thl' <'>ll'tn.\ ifhis statPment wns roundly appland- WHEN,THE ACTIVE GOLFER BEGINS TO ROUND UP HIS CLUBS • !ol\li, IOET ~WEATER HAD Bf:E'N p~i-eC.TINC:. A YOL!Nc;.'TRE'E: ALL WINit:R HI~ WlF'E' NEi'ARL. 'f C,OT I 6-0L.F -chicago News. Dowie> was hOl'DP hortlly h.~ two stnl· wart nrgorn nttPndnnts froru a!'- nnte room to thr platform and depositPd upon '\\ fePt hefnrP the t•lnhorate ul· tnr. HP \\\ ntth·pfl in a new R[)OS· toll<' rohe nf whitP, gold and ·purple. On hi~ h<'n<l wns a turban of mat'Vl'l· .!l!ll! pn~rr~;, ~bl'o.iller~ll w l;_m·p.!p•and MITCHELL. ·4NIHifiiT CHAII£~0FINAGANCE AID WASTE . . ~ . COAL STRIKE Q 6 ESTIO. IIOW CENTERED IN B61LD_ING' OPERA liONS IN CHICAGO MAY SOON BE AT STANDSTILL 'SCRANTON CIJHVENlliJN OH THURS- Secrtary Bonaparte May Have Pnenmonia--tigbtnjngs Fatal Work Yesterday And To-Day--An- DAY, ·WHERE MINER'S. MAY ·DE- otber Appeal Comes From San Francisco Several Killed In Freigbt Train Wreck- CbARE- -A. 6TR-1Kf. ' Latcsl News By Wire. WILKERBA.RRE, Pa., Aprll 30. atiirs,- \l''!iet·e Is \ffip' -nf!Ynnr<> fo i'om<> Pr!'slrt•nt )litrhl'il of the t.:nlted Mine ·rrom if It ls~ot rl!nr~rPd up to tl!r .. on· Workri'R hn• gl\·pn out the following SUIIIPI' of domPstlr ron I? It on•nr~ to stntt>mrnt. me tho! the small nth·unc'P JH'nposPrj hy Cb!cago. April JO.-With il wall·•ml IS\ oll'm llf (a ring f·n· lit<' ~Ill(\'\' It \.i)' ( aU3(' of a failure of the &hertrr of the of nearly t.onn structural iron wm'~•·'t·~. J•'Hllif' T111~ nnlnunt·!. dt 1 ri•l or ~·'f nJ.tllllry to put in au appearauc~ and building urJeratlons u.-Jw iu prog 1 ·r • 1.1 t'11y i.· diddr.J 111to ;,('\''II rnlliLH.V 11.~- gi\.f• thnm aurhority to tal\.e char~o of C\hil'ago and t;;ttrrunntHn~ :-.uhnl'll-\ \\Ill flit ..... '\•lt h .... uh dint!l·d iutu cl hnHdi,'f( lhfl :-.ituation. \Vh£>0 Un~ t;.herif!.;uriVC!'S .. orne prartkally to a ,;laude till H• x, !<'lid ,tullnn.,. lt<'\Jloll:-tihlr •·!lv<•w will hr. will ~;iw hi\ orclers aull troops will \Vedn('sday mnruiug. hP phii'Pd in t•hal·~~· of ~J{'h n•lit>f. i.l~ Ill'<• oil tIn· uwh if It becomes unruly. .., .... .. I I \ ' ·tr· l • PRIClt. ONE WHO KILlED LUZHEUOFFSKI REVOLTING PEN PICTURI'OF MUSGOVI1'B BROTALI1IES OF THE BUREAUCRACY TO CO YOUHG WOMAN. ST. PETE!lRBT'RG, April 30.-Tb~ I iiiiif saCrffie; oriiisltii'nf!Y, following is tllP justlfic·a tion made !Jy. ertl a !?od ed,uc>altlonl lnHthe • . s av ,,orma s~ 100. e MltP. Spn•iflono\'a, tbe gll·i wbo mur- est, ciPnn. Pntbuslastlc dered Luzbenoff•kl, thP ehfpf of tile He used to sm· 'All of genrlarrnPrie at Tnmbo\·, to the court and kuowle(lge' '1 w!ll martini which sent!'nrPd her to lle my .-illnge for dls:trlbutlc•n hnngE'd. It Is in e\·ery respert a re· brcthers.' Be markahlP Rtory, painting a re•·olting ,\ftlnon' whPn pleturP of the tenihle t·epre~Rions prnr· went to him as tisert hy thP \pE'tty ezn1·s\ who Pxer· peasants and Luzlumolfskl cls<> almost the powN of life and dt>ntb their requests with a in the farnwnr prol'in•·es of Russia. Cossarks. , \Y<'~. 1 mnrdl>rc>d LuzlJPnoffsl<i, and ''Foi' four days Zeltseft' th10ff were 1 deRlr• to £'Xplain Ill)' i!Pert. I am n they died. memhPr of the Roc-in! Rerolniionat·y '\.U't<'t' his 'triumphal' pnrt~·. Th<' discontPut of tllP people nolfskl was able to lay wltll the ex!Rtin!.l l'Pg]mt> hns tm·ned v!Ptorles' at the feet of into l\flt·olutinn urnwd rPsi~tan(le to cy murrlered pensauts,\ the nutboritiPR, nttnc-l;s on o!tic'inls and assaulted wom!'n and into opl'u t·olltslons with the troops in pled children. tbf' streets. ln•tearl of meeting the \HP was an oppressor needs of thP I•<>ople the govf'rument and be merited death. . usad guns. bayonets and Jmllets, but olutlonary party seeks to, they did not suc·ceed. interests of the masses · \Thc>n th<>r inYI'nted thP manlr .. sto prlee of personal sncrlfice. of llhPt't~·. But nt tlte snme·tlme they to estnblish polltlcnl and also im·<>ntPrl niiC'ged populnr demon- conditions which will stmtlons 11;-· tlJP m·ganlzat!on of the to reallzP a SO(,Jolllst:lc Blnrk Hundred outrages. The mnni· 'liberty. frntet·utty festo was only a piece of strntegy and be a reality and not nothing\'\\· \ln tbe name of \As soon ns thP hurenurrary realized and of justice the that thP manif<>sto could hP over· and I thrown It plannPd its <'ampaigu and dfo.ath. With a full returnPd to the traditional method or t'\isponalbllit;r of my oppressln~r thl' peoplt> whieb was so tlje exe~ution of the dear to Its beart-anmely, repression. m'y beal't \\'113 The horrors of the reaction was worse ··3d it was no thnn anything wblcb had preceded; · · th the mles, o& Over 200 men were murdered un$r h.. LuZhenolfski's the guise of exl'cntions, the 'Intel!· e· r~ •. J. b.aS,...seen gents.ia' were or!Uiltneli~!l·J!rt~ons .. gilne lnswe after every assocllitlon., w-h~~.mJ~tlm tnf't a . woman government was .c~os~. ~'e;:I~Ut)v!!-s l'auso> her pretty gagged, the al!ll1ed 1 uprr~'illl!'S\ · 'WP· tfl.l' bad t:hrown prrssed with mnclllne;: l'll!llS-:Jt·l'l!.;.i: ~1 .\ 111 sbn<ne hPCnuse \The- burenucracy deliN!l\¥ei <'rP· h,t Cossn ... ks, ~d ated eondltll>US wlll<!h made It: littpn•· p~Pt of \orture could sible for Ute ]li'OJlir ·s indlgna tlon . to PC::utiug IDY decision. reach tbP aupt'fillP power, nnd tbP of- i·And really the f!cinl r<>ports werP fillrd wltil 'trnn· lli1P upon me was qullllty. llnpplue\\ nnd J>Pa!\'r.' Infamous \In tbp SUJlPl'P~siou or tbr Pl'I'R<'nt anrl dlsordPI'R th .. · wnrk ()f tbP hmPaUC:!'a\:V \·birh tbe was <>spPdall)\ splenlii<l. !t should be about nholi!Blli!lig, written iu hi\tt\·~· in golden letters. I in ms letter· won't speak nlmut thP ·pa('ifi~ation' of turl'd not only ph.fal.eall!t'!P..~it;;,l the pl'asaut• In mnnr or the pro.-!n!'e.s. I ; wns struck i I won't 1'\'Pn RpPnl< of the whole or tho I mentPrs spnt !Ii provlncr of Tambol', but w!ll confine p~;oceedetl to t~U myself to the bloody work of.. Luzhf!· which has · nofl'ski. hqw she · \YIIInges whl<'b hP risited be IPft b(irMd lool;:lng like Bulgnriau •·illnges nfter ~h~ cottcl~~d·e,.ii; Turkish raids . .Iu the village of !>av- !'In·{'P.ite · lodar ten me!l wpre I•llled b;r ]Jis or- 1 ~have ders-Shc>b<>rbnkoff, three of t1le family tb,e \I hn<P just rel'PI.-ed, rend and form· lbr mliu•rR mb:ht lllll'P hePn takPn off ally ark non IPdgPd President Bner's nn· the exot•hitnnt t'rPight rntPs .. hnrgPcl h;r sw81' to thP last dPtnands made upon thrm. What tlJP oniN>ml' wlll hi' <'!Ill· the operators hy the miners, It np- not b<' Pl'<>dirlell until thP rom·euttpn is Pl'!lrB perfpptJy l''l'id<>nt that thP OP<>l'· h~ld. a tors ha I'P not rbnnged theh• .attitude \PPr•onn ll.r I nm mtll'h disnppolntPd. In any partlrular rturing the pnst six nurl I nm SUI'\ nil wiuP Plnplo;rPes l'X· yeats and thnt-thP strlk~s or 1000 nnrt p~rtPd moo·\ \onslrt<>rntiou than they 1902 wer1' 1w lesson to tlu>m, Tbei'P Is hal'<\ re<'elvt>d.\ Be,;f<lc•s mailing the first lmpoJ ;aut lion. a.<sh.trd b;· a.rnicl \laff. llndv til- Jabot• d!sturbanees of tbP ypar. Ill\ ~o]lf'<'tlon~< will 1>:· OlJ<ir nn•l d\V·· '\· •a lt'Oll\VOrlwrs' strihfl DlaY lJT~ il' il~. In ( r,rJ\P<•t a,hliSPt-\. --- or ZeitsPIJ', Ostro'l'itinotr. Dubrovin. o~ Can Use Everything Sent. etc. l:QilllP' L'ti.Vel no tnstnn<'P on rt>rord during thP quar- llreat lnt<>!'Pst rPotPI's iil thP ronvPn· ter or a PPntm-y which tbE' rallt'onds tlon of mhwrs wl!l~l!. is to hP held ·have domluo.ted the anthl'a('ite indus- 1~\..Scrnnton on_ Tlmr~rtn;r. Presld<>nt wahcr gcll(!\ral up·,bt:avals in thr IJtnldlllk Industry. 'I\llere are un tllrer:l ln>ill' .. - tlons 1 at pr~senl that sy-mpat ltd!!· &trikes will occur, but thr iron wot·f,ers a.re affillated \Vith tbe nsodutt'rt bui:u- f:'an Frnud~rn, April :JO.-:vrayor I :::=:;::::=:::::::::::::::::::::::=::;::=::=::::;::::=::::::::=a=:;::;::::::::;:::::; ---x-- t'li'lJJUiclt. Ill u statrut'.,nt l•sne!l (U•<l!!'Y Sectelary Elonaparto' May Have Pneu· '\)~: \Sail l•\runcisco can lL'>e aiJytlJinl?' monia. In tlw wny of fun(ls, <'lolhiug or 111'0- rlfcli;(t,JIJ i\'ashlngton, Avrll :;o.-Athi•·•\ r.,.. vlsinns. Ren•! funds to the Hon ,. try·.that an ad'\-'imc·e In wages has been l\JJ\.<'h<'ll, .bn l'lng l'Pf'l?h Prt ,the rPply of :-:gJ.'ltBted their t>mployPi's. Evt>ry <'lib· tbl'' opt>l'atol\S dt>nylng his lnst r·eqnPst 'ce's8ton bns been .l\'I'Ung from t·IJPm ror an lnf')'pa• .. In Wf11tPS, will I'ITII n ~ str~kes .[lad thP p!'essnre of public J!eU·, meeting of tht> suhscnle eopnnittPc, r~i•o·t j.!rre rmm ::ll't'IT1ary Bona! Jrtt'. ll. PhPian. rhairman of the financa com !ng trades, which rrePI!ltiy ha,; IIUI!inell lUiltrP; all mwvl!rs to :lla.jol' (.';A. 1'i1l;;::•l·-·::-·· a puli<'y of 511 pp 11 rllng ldudrccl m;luns W!Ju iti ill ill his t~umc in Uult!IIJ•>I'P . .ll'e • 1 , tiH' pffc<'l tlmt hP 1· bl'\lle.vro to b~ vu.l, Q. \I.. i ·. S. A. Prcsid.lo Wharf,San · Ulls- way. ' . \ . Franrlsc;o,\ t . •tlm<>ut. · who, It Is expP<>tPd, will ·In turn re~ort *\\The rullrond-roal com!Jinqtlon not to the eou,·pution. \l'he qyestlon llf n only fiXPS al'bitrnrlly the price nt whloil strike wUI then IJp def'id£'d, thrF\alrne<l with JlllPUlliQ.!Iia. lie i~ ~uhl tn have ~uffercd from :t ''hill whil<· 1tt .\J]ant!r ('•Jty l•\r]day UU<! tlti\ Will..; f.>:· lowed llll?ll ·his retnrn to B.llthitur~ I>Y coni Is sold te consumers, 6ut seeks to 'fbP . t\nited lline Workers In some fix nrblh·arlly th\ pr·lcE' nt 'l.\l!ll'b labor section~ llfJ fhc antbrllcite regloll hllve ·snail be bought. It seems ·tbnt e•m·y ~!ectad delegates to the .Scranton· ron- . conclllatory overture me hn>e III;tde for ventl~n. Some of them were ili~!i'ul't· Tho iron workers, wbol!P o<·c·uf>alton Is confined chiofi.Ji; to t<he erPctlon of thP structural frame\vorlt on sl!yscra;rers nnd otber large bulidlngs, have loocn reeelving 58 ~-4 cents an •hour. A m<>nlh anotlwr and more s<>vei'C one . a, peaceful settlement Ms· !Jeen ed. to vote for a strike unless tire ·oper- ago theY presented demands fm· au in- -x- terpreted by tbe operntors. as· :signs nt•ks grant eoltcesslons and othllrs to l·rlreutse.to G2 1·2 ceilts. an hour. Th~ i!<'- 'Wel!kness and our coilservatisJi\. fin iffiffport l!llY fueasure Pr<>sldent Mitch- mands were rejected ·hy·the ccmtm\·tors of cowardirl'. · nmy tlllp.k :liest for till! wotkln~- •vho comvose Ute !roa teague. illterest~-- \ Stru!lk by L.l~htnlng and Kilied. :!!iorthljOrt, N.Y.; ;AJ(ri131}--burmg a.a ~~~~~:!~!J~:~~~~ruu:\UiiiU'f heaVy thimdcr storm U!ls ' ;f--ll:le-l-lll!Dg the-:.biHWe ·of wllliatu -s-.umttts- CQtnrnnc.~I,, wn::; sLruel\ hy jiglJlt.ing, :c.o.\\\;oo: .~..:Ji\'<illiiAl!·hio;B()'\¥~1fr~oJd 'Silll 'Getit'g!!< J;.\'JII• Struci< by Lightning. '· nu.ffalo, Apr!! aO.-A l:<>lt of lightn'ug strucl< the bouse uf Martlii Sehl'l!iicr, a faJimet• \iVing near Swormsvi}lo, ·iast night, selJting flro to and ui.>Stroyin~: lt. T.heh· H-;enr-ald· son. Is illlssing ·:atHl ll pctlcvttl wus kl1ll!tl· -~-.--~~,..___ Poltolilf'P, ~dod Hotel Gon~ ~ H..l.llHIR\'ILLE. \·· Va., April 110.- A hig blar,e threatened to Wipe out the I' ·-=-'\===:---=:----:-:-c:-=--::-::---:::-...-'~~ rntire town. hut was' ·subdued aft:~r c•nns.lug- n loss or about $25.000. 'J!he blaz\ sia.rted 111 the N'at1ou!!l l!otel, ·de-' slroyt>rl t!Jnt building, licked. up the Fl_l·s.t 1\n tiona I bank building and then burueu the J>ostotflc~. With liil11:$ eo1rH~··11:a• tents. E•·ery a -.:all11ble inhlt· In town wlls called.: upon to .tlg)lt the ffames. The our,v ilte fighting flppa- ra tus to 11c obtnltt~d wne; two hnnd dre el}ghjea. The ~li~e Is tJn~nown. : . i::ialnmu_• !,,brother i)f ~o elder Sa.nult:& · 1 ,.n,Jrs<ms stunned: ant): I'} not-axpecWd to u.-,_ '\\'-c ,T,· .• MM lliil·llai'il o'f '£4om~ :Brl.m- .~;tllmih ~ta..«.~trltel,-.:n11td i:mnJJleteiy destroY- ~+--\'7 ..... -::-'\'\'::.... ....... .;....;..:... ·t'!lliei' scack <' •. ..(l \.

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