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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, January 19, 1889, Image 4

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THE PRESS. m PuBi.isnED E v e k y S a t ur d ay . SATUEDA.Y, JANUARY 19. 1889. L.EG1SC.AT1VE NO T E S . The Governor has affixed his signature to the hill fixing the date o f the meeting o f the electoral col­ lege on the second Monday in Jan­ uary, at noon. Assemblyman Rliodes has intro­ duced a hill repealing the half­ holiday. law and providing for a full holiday on every Saturday dur­ ing June, July, August and Sep- tenjber. A person who gives or offers a bribe to any elector with intent to inffiience him in respect to his vote for a candidate for any public office, or tor delegate at any primary elec­ tion is to be punishable, according to the terms of a bill introduced by Assemblyman Cottrell, by impris­ on meid not excee<iing five years, or i»y tine not exceeding ^5,000, or both, and is also to he forever ex­ cluded Irom the right of suffrage. Any elector so receiving the bribe is to be punishable by imprison­ ment not exceeding one year, or by fine n«it exceeding $1,000, or by both, and also excluded from the right of suffrage. A bill by Assemblyman Crosby repeals the Yates prison bill and provides for the employment of prisoners in the manufacture of ar- tides needed in the public institu­ tions of the State and other neces­ sary supplies. The Comptroller, Superintendent of State Prisons and the Presidert of the State Board of Charities' shall constitute a board to prices at which such goods shall be furnished, which shall be iinilorm in all institutions. It does not prevent any institution from making articles or supplies for its own use. All prisoners not em­ ployed as above shall be placed at industrial labor, but in no one branch shall the number exceed ten )»er cent, of the number of free laborers employed outside in the same branch of indnstrv. The Voice, a Prohibition news- pH|er published in New York, Hs mailing list was stolen . 30 Id- to Kepubliean campaign committee for $250 a lew weeks lielbre election. Its 60,000 snhserfbers, it says, re­ ceived through the mails anti-pro­ hibition documents folded inside copies of the Voice, creating the im- {uession in their minds that the Voice, while ostensibly supporting the Prohibition candidates, was in reality working in the interest of Harrison and Morton. The theft of a mailing list is a j'enlteutiary offense, and there is no manner o f doubt that the employes who stole and sold it conld be severely punished for their crime. The Voice claims that those who purchased it from the thieves. Knowing it to be stolen, are equally guilty of a crime, for which a term in the penitentiary is the legal pen­ alty. The executive committee of the Prohibition party is said to be «*oosidering the subject of instituting a criminal prosecution against Chairman Quay, Secretary Clarkson and Treasurer Dudley, of the Na­ tional Republican committee, as receivers of stolen goods. Jndge Barrett, of the New York Supreme Court has rendered a de­ cision declaring a forfeiture of the charter of the North River Sugar Refilling Company for surrendering its franchises and management to the sugar trust. As all the New York corporations composing the trust are in the same boat with the North River Sugar Refining Com­ pany, Judge Barrett’s decision ap­ plies to all and if not reversed by the Court of Appeals must result in the dissolution of the trust. ^ V I C B TO MOTHBHS.—Are yoo dlBtnrbed a ie incalcaable. It will relieve the poor little suffer­ er immediately. Dep> nd upon it, mothers; there is no mistake about it. It cures Dysentery and p i a r r h ^ regulates the Stomach and Bowls, cures Wind Colic, softens the Gums, reduces Inilamma- ^^thingeething iss ple»8wtleasant loo mehe tasteaste andnd *s dren t i p t t t a i tl prescription oi one of the oldest a nd best female physicians and nurses in the United States, and is lor sale by all druggists throughout the world. Price twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask lor “ M bs . W insiaw ' s S oothiso S ybot ,” and ' BO Other kind. HARRISON AN D MORTON E liB C T E D . The Electoral Colleges of thirty- eight States met in their respective State capitals Monday and voted tor President and Vice President. Three copies of the vote of each State were made, one of which was sent by speclial messenger to the President of the Senate at Wash­ ington, one fo the Judge of the United States District Court within the jurisdiction of which the State capital is located, and the the third was mailed to the President of the Senate. The result of the voting was to elect Benjamin Harrison as President and Levi P. Morton as Vice President for the term of four jears from March 4 next. The electoral vote of each State was cast as follows: FOB HABBISOB. C alifornia Colorado Illinois 1 Indiana i Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Netiraska Nevada New Hai New York Ohio Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island Vermont Wisconsin FOB CLEVELAND. A labam a II Arkansas Connecticut i Delaware Florida Georgia 1; Kentucky L Louisiana j Maryland I Mississippi I Missouri 1. New Jersey i Nortli Carolina 1 South Carolina 1 Tennessee 1! Texas li Virginia ■\ West Yinirginia c V Total 108 233 Harrison’s niHjority, 6.*>, While the electoraf vote was cast Monday it will not be counted and the result declared until Wednesday, February 13, at 1 o’clock, when the. two bouses of Congress will assemble in the Hall of' the House of Representative at Washington for that purpose. The President ot the Senate will preside over the joint body. Two tellers will be appointed on the part ot each house, who will make a list of the votes ag they are opened and announced by the President of the Senate. If there are no contests the tellers will report to the President of the Sen­ ate the result of the voting as shown by the- lists which they have kept, and he will announce the state of the yofe an4^ declare who has been jclected President and Vice Presl- tfe.ete.are no cpptegfgin any of the States and the majority tor Harrison and Morton is clear and unmistakable the process of counting the vote and announcing the result will be merely formal and will consume but little time. For all practical purposes the balloting of the thirty-eight Electoral Col­ leges Monday was decisive of the result. The entire aspect of nature along the Hudson just now is far more like spring than winter, and the ice- gatherers are in utter dispair. A farmer near Kingston has just been sowing eight bushels of rye; others are plowing for other crops. The steam passenger yachts have been dropped into the water from the dry docks, and are making regular trips along the river. Tows are being made up for various points north and south. Continuance of such mild, moist weather is contem­ plated 'With alarm by the fruit­ growers. The great popularity o f Ayer’s Pills as a cathartic is due uo leas to their promptness and efficacy than to their coatin and freedom from any inji Children take them readily Almanac for-this year, just o W hat Has Become of W inter! We are now well on toward mid­ winter according to the Almanac, but winter has thus far failed to put in an appearance. No snow for the boys or the lovers of the sleigh with its furs and jingling bells ; no ice for either frolic or the ice-house that is to cool the summer draughts, and DO tobogganing iu the Park or on the rural hillsides. What has become of winter ? Is it strayed or stolen ? or has the cyclone that inhales the hot breezes of the South at its birth, driven old winter from his throne ? Wait and see. The seasons may be gradually changing, and the temperature of each latitude may be imperceptibly modified from year to year ; but, it so, it will be countless ages before winter can ‘ fie effaced from our season^ Even with the steadily lengthen­ ing days and the increasing power of the sun, dqubtless we shall have a fair share\ of winter yet. Be patient; ther'frosts and the snows and the icy sleet will come by and by, and the merry sleigh bell will be heard before the flowers that bloom in the springtime shall give out their fragrance. Don’t fret about w’inter; it will yet come and with ample severity to bring sorrow and sufferitig to the poor.—PAi/a- del-phia Times, Bncklen’s Amioa Salve. T h e B est S alve iu the world for Cuts, Corns, and ail Skin Eruptions, and positive^ ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to eiye perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 2.5 cents per box. For sale by G. N. Brown, Northville. Vf OTiCE TO OREDITORS.--In pursuance J .1 of an order o f Hon. Clarence W. Smith, Surrogate of the county of Hamilton, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Catherine T. Washburn, late o f the town of Benson, in said county, dcceai that they are required to exhibit the s« with the vouchers Ibereol, to the subscriber, Administrator of. the goods,, chattels and credits o f said deeSased, at bis residence in the town of Benson, in said county, on or before the 20th day o f June, 1880. Dated December 24th, 1888. Wii. E. WASHBURNF., Administrahir. OTICE TO CREDITORS.—In pursu- J » ance o f an order made by Hon. Clarence W.. Smith on the'' 12lh day o f Deceml^r, 1888, notice is hereby given to aU the cred­ itors and persona^* having claims agslnst W.iI|iam„H. J^BSineaa^in. ^the town oflSeSfeRo^^nl^bf-^ . 1 .-* required to the ATouchers under that name, Jhat they a pre^ht^ their claihis with therefor duly verified, to tl iters, at his place of business in the village of Northville, Fulton county, N. Y., on or before the .30th day of January, 1889,. lerefor duly verified, to the subscriber, duty appointed assignee of the saia of his cred- before the .30th day of januaiy, 1889, SAMUEL A. LOBDELL, Assignee. J no . P axtebson , Att’y for. Asugnee, Nortville, N. 1 jyr OTICE—Public notice is hereby gi' J l pursuant to law that the lands and lands snd waters described b'elow, will be used as a private park for the purpose of propagating and protecting fish, birds, and game, namely: Lot No. 86, Jerseyfield Patent, Herkimer County. J N: E. of lot 70verseyfield Patent, Herki­ mer County;'''’*^ ‘ N, ^ of W. jt lot lo Jerseyfield Patent, Her­ kimer County. Lots Nos. Jl and 12 Lawrence Patent, Hamilton County. One hundred acres off W. side lot 10, Law- rence Patent^ Hamilton County. Lots Ngs. 1 ,2 ,8 ,4 ,6 ,6 ,7 and 8. Sickles and Van Angles Patent, Hamilton County, comprising the whole of said patent Lots Nos. 12,13 and 14. Caldwell and others tract in Hamilton County. T h ^ lands lie in a contiguous body and wing named lakes and above deiKsribed. ting 8tr< B outlet'^ of Jersey- •ounds o f the lands Everything for Men’s Wear at Hosmer & Williamson’s, Gloversville. ' If You Are S ickl With Headache, Neuralgia, Bheumatlsm Dyepep- sti^ BiUouniew, Blood Humors, Kidney Disease, Ccmstlpation, Female Troubles, Fever and Ague, Sleepleamess. Partial Paralysis, or Nervoua Proa- tration, use Maine’s Celery Compound and be cured. In each of these the cause Is mental or physical overwork, anxiety, exposnre or malaria, the ellbct of which is to weaken the nerroui sys­ tem, resulting in one of theee dlaeaaea. Bemove the CAUSx with that great Nerva TOnl^ and the utauLT will disappear. Paine’s Celery Compound J ab . I u Bpwmt, Springfield, Mass., writes:— '‘Paine’a Celery Compound cannot be excelled aa aNerre T<mic. In my case a single bottle wrought a great c h ^ e . My nervonsneM entirely dtampeMed, and with it the resulting aflbctlon of the s ^ a c h , heart and Uver, and the whole tone of t ^ system wm wonderfiiUy invigorated. JtoUm^MOT^^ifalck aa I have bee:^ Paine’s Will Cure You! Sold by druggists, t l ; six for S5. Prepared only by WXLLB, R ichakdbon it Co., Burlington, Vt. LfOrJtoJIged, WervoOT, Debilitated. C. P. W il l ia m s * Owner. ■ ■ . A Dross Dyed \ V for A Coat CoIored\u I Q Garments Renewed cents . A C h ild dan u s e th e m ! Unequalled for all Fancy and Art Work. At druggists and Merchants. Dye Book free. ^ WElj-Si RICHARDSON & 6Q h Buriingtsii, vt. F. L. BARKER’S CASfl BAZAAE NEW GOODS r—T7 ---- -V* “ / f Prices Way Down We keep a Full Line of EVERYTHING! DR Y GOODS,, FANCY GOODS, NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS. BOOTS & SHOES, CROCKERY, GROCERIES, SUGARS, TEAS, COFFEES. Also a pound bar of Dlngman Soap given away with every pound of Filty-cem Tea. FBANK I. BARKEB NORTHVILLE, N. Y. NOW COMES IM l . i. •.M IBTM THE OLOTEBSTIUE jeweler , Would be pleased to have yon call upon him. He has the LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE LINE OF Watehes, Diamonds, Glooks, Jewelry, Silver Ware and FANCY CO O D e In Central New York, whichvto would be pleased to show you.' ' SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN £ stab L I SM E: D IS 4 5. Fully illniitnited.*' Beat claas of Wood KngnT- Inga. Pabliahed weekly. Send for apeeimen copy. Price $3 a year. Four montha’trial, $L HUNM 4 CO., PUBLI8HXB8. »1 Broadway, A R C H I T E C T BUILDElie f t Edttin of toLUM, A mt I ou . A graat aneoeaa. Kaoh faane eontaina oolored' lithographle plates of oonntry and eitvrMidea-t ‘ eea or MbUe bnUdinga. Mumerons angrariDga and, fall plans and apeeilleattoni torJbB m* p t auoh as eontwaplate bnilding. Price WM! • seiT, » cta.«copy. MUMM icC p .. P C B ijnsnuL i TRADE MARKS. • ' * immadtata proteotion. Send for Handbook.; > - CO P T B I6H T S for 1> oo I eb . ehaita, maps, • t ^ quickly prooured. Address MUKN dk CO., Patent S e lleltera. GxxuxAi. Ogfzcx: s a B boajdway .-M. T . ^S85efflte^<yj MREE kmrmr. W.rraati<. Btmrjf ,Solid OoM Kaattac OSaM. Klagaat aad augaMetat.'' BdtbliidiM'eadcMUa’sfaNa wUb araefcs w d aasw aT steal valasJUK »— ---- ; sboaJ^tboM TiNSasai^M>awaUastha«|M^«< s s a K ^ “..>s5JaSf* aas»Syi»ld.lno«dor*h.toB ra.in|ilM inay^plaa.datoB e a ' eraw^teycaa bssa«^aU•!rarABMrtaa.wr^afaoaea,a^ ■Mk^sNorUMaSsM BMdMltwmbskaidlyaBrtMMUa ---------- - — -------- - ------------ whsaasycaUatyoQrSw— ‘—r. ApaMalcardai T h i s A R N O u r i tyiOIITICSTEirtOKEl! A i ^ C O F F A E IW T S I BsMmef A hOBSdiold zteikH ■ity wherever introdneed. j 'W Terwaat mm jadttww' an d iatelH c eikt ataW ew wonuua i n e i ^ «ow» tw lepNsent HI in eellint . To tlMJiewIm ste wilUiw te^^ work we ptotniea large ptodts. . Seed Oe folkmiagt iwa hATebandnttlifcefbeiD. 7 ^ ------------- A r S £ r ^ “ *®® «» ffirther putladais. ^ odami J W H.M OT C A S T L e 'a 't c O ^

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