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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, January 19, 1889, Image 5

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Railroad Time Table. Trains on the Fonda, Johnstown and ©lovereville R. B, will arrive and depart as follows: GOING SOUTH. A. M. M. T. X . .P X lieaveN o rthT ille ...................... 6 22 1 20 “ Cranlierry Creek.........« 38 1 34 ” Mayfield .......................... 6 57 1 4fi “ Kingeboro ................. 7 12 1 R7 ‘‘ Glovereville ............... 7 25 10 40 2 10 5 35 » JohiMrtown .................7 35 10 50 2 20 B 45 A n i r e Foods ........................... .7 53 11 08 2 33 6 03 GOING NORTH. ^ A. X . X . p . M. P. X ‘ Leave Fonda ..................... 9 05 12 R7 4 35 6 48 Johnstow n ....................9 35 12 55 4 48 7 03 ** Gfoversville ................. 9 40 5 00 » Klnfrsbnro .................... 9 45 5 04 « Mayfield ....................... 9 57 5 16 “ Cranberry C reek....10 15 5 30 A rrive N o rtbville..................10 8 5 45 Connecting at Fonda with all Faaeentger Trains oh\ th e N- Y . C. R. R . ; at Msjffield w ith Stages tor Broadalbln; at Cranberry Creek with Stages for kfisb Honse. and a t NorthviUe w ith Stages for W ellstown. Lake Pleasant, BatchellerviUe, H a n te- ville. Day. Luzerne a n dBenson. NORTHVIL.1.E. A male bag—The capture of a bushand. Town meeting occurs on Tuesday, Febrtrary 13rh. Hon. Mortimer Wade of Jobns- town, was in town Thursday. The Presbyterians are getting ready for their concert. WhHt*.s the matter with a howl­ ing mob ? It’s all riot- Raining cats and dogs is surely DO worse than hailing strangers* The lips and downs of life are better than being down all the time. There must be some merit in Tulip soap or every body wouldn’t buy it. The dirtiest men in the world are made the cleanest by using Tulip soap. A pretty girl don’t object to re­ flections on herself when they come from a looking glass. We are under obligations to the Amsterdam Recorder for a copy of thetr neat and tasty Annual. Face powder does not always help a young woman to go off quickly in the matrimonial market. Extra meetings have b»en held iu the several churches this week in continuation of the Week of Prayer. George N. Brown rewiv^ a car load of stone from Tribes Hill Mon­ day, for the foundation tor his new residence. Dogs are said to speak with their tails. Would it be proper, there­ fore, to cal! a short tailed dog a stump orator ? There will he two new moons this month. ’ There will be no new Dinon in February, and so March, a tibictih of 31 days, will also come in for two. Attention is called to the notice of Dr. Waite in another column. Dr. C. A. Pooler will be at the Doctor’s o£5ce Jan. 21, and remain one week for the purpose of doing gold filling. Mr. John Spier delivered a very aWe and instructive lecture in the Baptist church Sunday night, on “Thoughts for the Hour: or the Sources ot Growth and Decay in Nf^tonal Life.” Mrs. Palmer and daughter Jennie have left Parkvilie and gone to Gloversville to reside. Their house­ hold goods were shipped to that place Tuesday morning. Mrs. Palmer has lived at the Dam for 40 years or more. The Postmastership of North- ville is a matter of strife. The ap­ plicants are Frank Satterlee and C. B. Resspguie, and both claim they have the bulge on the other f^iow. We don’t know how this is, and care le.ss. It may happen that both will be beaten by a dark Itorse. It is not safe to bet We remember an applicant for a similar office remarking to the writer that having all the best business men on his application “ that you couldn’t beat him with a club,” but he didn’t get there all the same. Mrs. Lucina Courtney died at the residence of her son, David Scid- more. No. 9 Middle street, Glovers- Yille, bn Monday, Jan. 7th, aged 84 years. Mrs. Courtney had been aeriously ill for many weeks, and her death was not unexpected. She was the mother of H. N. Scidmbre NorthviUe and H. F. Scidmore of Newton’s Corners, Her funeral was held the Thursday foUowing her death. Rev, W. E. Parke of the t^ngregational church officiating. Mr. Parke made quite a lengthy address at the funeral, giving many personal reminiscences concerning the life and character of deceased. School Meeting. The special school meeting held on Tuesday evening last was har­ monious in every particular. The Board of Education presented their report showing every item f>aid to the amount of $4,029, and that $1,259.99 more were required to pay the amount unpaid. After some discussion the report was accepted and the Board authorized to raise the money by bonding the district for the amount, payable as follows ; $500 Nov. l.«5t, 1892. and $759 99 Nov. 1st, 1893. We are glad that the spirit of harmony prevailed at tbe*meeting, and that the inhabi­ tants of the district upon the second sober thought concluded it best to authorize the Issuing of bonds to pay the debt, instead of entering into a litigation which would only result in making a larger bill to pay- ______________ A Fatal Accident. A few miles above Griffin, at or near the County Line Crossing a temporary bridge has; been built, across which Wxi. Henderson and H.nother man were hauling bark. Last Thursday as Hendeison came onto the hri<lge with a load of bark the sled slewed off of the upper side turning over into the river, the horses also going off on top of the load. The other mam, who was a few rods liehind, imiuediately ran to the lower side of the bridge to assist Henderscti, but the water be­ ing very swift, he could see nothing of him. Help was procured the team rescued and search commenc­ ed for Henderson who.'-e lifeless body was found the next day in deep wafer about a mile below. The remains were brought to Wellstown and the funeral attended in the M. E. church on Saturday. He leaves a widow to mourn his sudden death, he having been married a lew months ago to a daughter of James Pettit .—Adirondack Herald. Those in want of a first class Piano or Organ would do well to communicate with Grouse & Fuller, Broadalbin, N. T., who are the agents for the celebrated A No. 1 Boardroan & Gray Piano. Speak­ ing of Pianos leads us to remark that Lieut.-Gov. Jones has just had placed in his residence in Albany one of Boardman & Gray’s Upright Pianos, which is pronounced by those who have seen it as superb. This is a deserved compliment to Messrs. Boardman & Gray, and should satisfy all tint their instru­ ments are hot excelled. Special 30 Day Sale I HOSIER & WILLIAMSON OBEAT BIG BABGAINS IN ' and N OTIPS. Dr. C A. POOLEE 'Will be at my office for W E E K , commeDcihg Monday, January 21st, at noon, and remaining until Saturday. Jan’y 26th, at noon. Those wishing gold fill­ ing will please call at the above time, as lie will be here only the time^named. ____ M .K WAITE. W e w ill n o t nam e PRICES M A U R T F r i '' as th a t m e a n s NOTHING* nil- F rancisco —B ice .—At NorthviUe, Sun- 1 dny, January 13. by Rev. M. B. Mead, Mr. VOU M&VO S0C1I tllO UllftlKy « Azariah A. Francisco of Wells, and Mrs. ^ ^ • Lyddy Bice. --------------------- - Look over our OVERCOAT STOCK when yoii wa t “> W will give QUALITY and save you MONEY ! remedy is Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. It vitalizes the blood, itgulates tlie sec retions, and ex- ftels all scrtifu'ong Liiinora from the system. Try it. I’rice $1. Worth l.’S a bottle. The Teacher Tt^ho advised her piipUsTo strengthen their minds by the use of Ayftf’s Sarsaparilla, appreciated the .truth that bodily health is essential to mental vigor. For persons of delicate and feeble constitution, whether young or old, this medicine is remarkably beneficial. Be sure you get Ayer’s —the only $1 Sarsaparilla worth $5 a bottle. Every spring and fall I take a number of bottles of A.vcr’s Sarsaparilla, and am greatly benefited.”—Mrs.'Jas. H. Eastman, Stoneham, Mass. ” I have taken Ayer’s Sarsaparilla with great benefit to my general health.” — Miss Thirzs L. Crerar, Palmyra, Md. My daughter, twelve years of age, has suffered for the past year from General Debility.. A few weeks since, we began to give her Sarsaparilla.arsaparilla. Herer health hasas gireat­ Ayer’s S H health h g ly improved.”— Mrs. Harriet H. Battles> i>i\th CheIxQsford, ^ass.'. - iV... / . “About a year ago 1 began using. Aye Eursaparilla as a remedy lor debility and. Sarsaj neurugia resulting from malarial expofnre in the army. I was in a very bad condi­ tion, but six bottles of the Ssrsaparilla, with occasional doses of Ayer’s Pills, have greatly improved my health. I am now able to work, and feel that I cannot ‘say too much for your excellent remedies.” — F. A. Pinkham, South Moluncus, Me. Bov. S. J. Graham, Unitei Church, Buckhaunon, W. Va. ” I suffered from Nervous Prostration, with lame back and headache, and have been much benefited by the use of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. I am now 80 years of age, and am satisfied that my present health and pro­ longed life are due to the'use of Ayer’s Sar­ saparilla.” — Lucy Moffitti^^lingly, Conn. “ Mrs. Ann H. Farnsworth, a lady years old. So. 'Woodstock, Vt., writ “After several weeks’ suffering from ne The miners throughout llie entire coal regions ol P«*nnsylv»nia' all use Tulip soap—unmistakable proof that it is a good soap. Seventy-five thousand trout spawn were received at the Sacan- daga hatchery last week from the Caladonia hatchery. “There It goes again” said one of “After several weeks' suffering from nerv- our grocers yesterday as a lad.v went out with a dozen cakes of hiuf of it my usual health returned.” { Tulip soap, after vowing she would use no other. T h e V^erdlct CJiiaiilmoua, W, D. Suit, Druggist, Bippus, Ind., testi­ fies: “ I can recommend Ellectric Bitters as the very best remedy. Every bottle sold has given relief in every case. One man took six bottles, and was cured of Rheum­ atism of 10 years’ standing.” Abraham Hare, druggist, Belleville,, Ohio, affirms: “ The best seliini; medicine 1 have e v e r handled in my 20 years’ experience, is Electric Bitters.-’ Thousands of others have added their testimony, so that the verdict is unanimous that Electric Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver, K idn^s or Blood. Only a half a dollar a bottle at G N. Brown’s Drug Store. A ^Voman’8 Discovery, •• Another wonderful discovery has been made and that too by a lady in this county. Disease fastened its clutches upon her and for seven years she withstood its severest tests, but her vital organs were undermined and death seemed imaiinent. For three months slieT coughed incessantly and could Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, Mass. PriN$1;sb,$5. WoittlSiaotOi. HOSMER WILLIAMSON, ox.,o*i*:ia[X G 3 £ u s , U North MIdn Street Gloversville nSSfOli HOMBM R x m LADIES’ AND GENTLEMEN’S Seal Caps, Gloves <fe Collars M i W ig |' r FIXE SILK maBBELLAS. SM HAHBKERTO Tilts iQnality of TraTsliag Bagi f | IT E C K W E H J I JIRSEY ©MiilMSj, ' And Everything pertaining to Fine QuAlity of aElSTTS* E U K i s r i s i l i N a s . Cotuest ipricfs fer Ediable (©odiiff. Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Robes and Blankets and Fur Coats- jR X J B B E R G O O D S . HOSMEB & WILLIAMSOir, No. 11 North Bbin Street, GLOVERSVILLE N.Y. sm w s B . GOLD COIN S T O V ' i E ] © And bousrbt or ns a bottle of Dr. iscovery for Consumption ih relieved on taking first dose that she slept all night and with one bottle has been miraculously cured. Her - - ,»> lew Dii and was so mnci name is Mrs. Luther Lutz.” Thus write W. C. Hamrick & Co., of Shelby, N. C.— Get a free trial bottle at G. N. Brown’s Drug Btore. Notice. I hereby forbid all persons harboring or trusting my wife, Catherine C. Gifford, on my account, as I will not pay any bills of her contracting, from and after this date. NorthviUe, Jan. 7, 1889, SILAS G. GIFFORD. RANGES, All the various sizes, at W M I W O R ’S COLE’S block !, NOBTUViLLE, N. T. LARGE ASSORTMENT o : e » SAKPSTSa'. UCE CM TA1S8, OIL C lM , DRAPERIES, fUBNITlIBE, And a General Stock of HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES. b. F. HEATH, 3X rO IV .T I3['V II..I..E 3 , TiT.-'Sr. A,,

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