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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, January 19, 1889, Image 8

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NEWS IN SHORT ORDER. D03XESTIC HAPPENINGS TOED IN A F E W B R I E F W O R D S . Interesting Paragraphs Condensed fr o m M a n y R e d u n d a n t C o lu m n s . —TLe Shah of P e rsia will v is it St. Peters­ b u rg in April, where h e will rem ain two weeks. He will afterw a rd visit France, Spain, Italy , M o ntenegro, Greece, Turkey, Asia Minor, and th e Caucasus. —Princess Alix of Hesse will s h o rtly be be­ trothed to the Czarevitch. —Prof. Geffcken is seriously ill a tH a m b u rg. H is illness is due to his recent im p risonm ent. —An E n g lish s y n d icate with a large capital h a s been try in g to ' ‘c o m e r” Cuban tobacco for the purpose of b u y ing o u t all the H a v a n a cigar m akers. Other English capitalists,hav­ ing g o t wind of the affair, b o u g h t the tw o largest factories in H a v a n a . —A letter for K ing Leopold has arrived a t Zanzibar. I t is supposed to be from H e n ry M. Stanley. —A dispatch from Brussels says t h a t the new Italian loan am o u n ts t o 600,000,000 lire, a t five p er cent, interest. —A P a ris despatch s a y s : The contractors a t work on theC u lebra section of t h e P a n a m a Canal deny t h a t they have m a d e excessive dem ands, and express their willingness to continue their labors a t their own expense un til F e b ruary 15. th u s affording tim e for necessary steps t o be taken for the reorgani­ zation of th e canal enterprise. —The N a tional line steam e r Egypt, from New York, arrived a t Queenstown. While a t sea a fire was discovered in th e cotton, of which her car^'o paj'tly consisted, b p t i t was soon extinguished, a fter having burned for eight h o u rs. —Gen. Gruitch subm itted to K ing Milan th e com p o sition of^ the Cabinet formed bi' him, which the K ing rejected. Premier eris­ tic’s Cabinet therefore continue in power sev­ eral weeks longer. —^Advices h a v e been received from Afghan­ istan t h a t during a parade of the tro o p s a t Nazaricherif a Sepoy of the H e rat I n f a n try fired a t the Ameer, b u t missed his aim. The soldier was executed on the spot. —The B o ard of N a v al Officers a p p o inted t o exam ine t h e p lans of Representative Thom as, of Illinois, for a subm erging m o n itor cruiser reported t o th e Secretary o f th e N a v y recom­ m ending th e adoption of th e plan. —The Coroner’s ju ry a t Birm ingham , Ala., which h a s been investigating the s c o o ting in­ to ' th e m o b by th e Sheriff and his posse, a re unable t o agree u p o n a verdict. F o u r of th e ju ro rs declare the k illing t o have been u n law­ ful and tw o are of th e opinion t h a t i t was lawful. The Grand J u r y is now investigating th e case. —The body of Augustus J . Pierc*, a well- known resident of N o rth Andover. Mass., was found hanging from a bedpost in t h e bouse of a friend where he h a d gone v isiting. H e was 60 years of age and undoubtedly in- —An altercation arose between Charlie A r n e tt and Johnnie Bridges, grown-up boys, at the Bridge school house, three miles west of Vienna, 111., th e other afternoon, in which Arnett shot Bridges. The latter will probably ^The will of the late Captain H. S. Adi 3., gives $12 _ e will o f the late C a p tain H . o. Adams, of K ingston, Mass., gives $125,000 to the . B o s ton M arine Society a n d $60,000 t o the B o s ton P il o t Society. ' . —The-Pennsylvania R a ilroad Company h a s been robbed of brasses from cars to th e am o u n t of $100,000 during th e p a s t year. The work was done by regularly organized;, gangs of boys a t points along th e line be tween Cleveland and Philadelphia. Whole­ sale a r rests have been m ade along the line p f th e railroad. , a n d sunk. The .cargo, whicl 00 bales of cotton, and 1,50( on seed was lost, crew h a d a narrow < T h loss is $ 2 5 ,000. of 20 0 bales o f cotto n , an d 1,5 0 0 sacks of co tto n seed w as lo s t. The c a p tain and his escape from drow n ing. —L ittle & Sm ith’s foundry and machinft shop a t Crawfordsville,Ind..were b u rned. Loss $ 12 , 000 . —Quincy, M ass., which furnished th e first President of th e P rovincial Congress, and which has given tw o Presidents t o th'e n a ­ tion, inaugurated her first city governm e n t Avith th e H o n . Cluii-les H . P o r t e r a s M ayor. —Benjam in Hoyjkins, of Fidelity B ank fame, AA ho was recently pardoned from the Ohio penitentiary by President Cleveland, died a t his hom e in Cincinnati. —No disturbances have as yet occurred on the canal works a t P a n a m a . —The g eneral m a n a g e r of the M issouri P a ­ cific h a s o rdered a reduction of ten per cent, on all salaries of employees over $100 per m o n th. —A four-cornered duel between River Crow and Gros Ventres Indians, in which all th e p a r ticip a n ts were killed, to o k place a t Sweet Grass Hills. I. T. C O N G R E S S A T W O R K . B B A Z I E I A N B A N K S . T h e B a n k s o f I s s u e E a w D e c l a r e d in F o r c e i n B r a z i l . Prom u lgation was m ade in Brazil to th* decree g iving effect t o th e Banks of Issue law based upon the iJmted S tates N a tional Banks act. The to t a l capital of all the banks of issue is limited t o two hundred millions, Rio Janeiro being allowed half. The g o v ernm e n t is t o issue 4 % per cent, bonds, for the special purpose of being the basis of the issues of the banks, b u t the existing five per cent, bonds m a y also be d eposited to half the bonds de­ posited, Avith reduction, in such case, of their interest t o 4^/J p er cent. The governm e n t m a y contract with a bank for th e calling in and cancelling of all th e governm e n t p a p e r money, th e a m o u n t o f which is now a b o u t oue liundred and eighty- six millions. The issues of the new b anks a re stroyed, the banks will have t o redeem their own bills, half in governm e n tm o n e y and half in m etallic money. Banks desiring to he banks of issue, redeemable in m etal m a y hold' m etallic money, instead of depositing bonds, end m a y issue their m etallic m oney bills tc thrice t h e m etallic naoney held b y them . A Itiiig - D e p o s e d . Advices received at, Zanzibar, Africa, from the interior, say th a t M w anga, K ing of Uganda, liad been deposed for p lo ttin g t o de­ stro y his e n tire body guard, and his brother, Kiwewa, enthroned in his stead. Kiwewa appointed m any Christian offieials. This en­ raged the Arabs, who murdered m any of tliem and replaced them with M o h am m sdaus. T h e S e n a t e . The Senate was in session with closed doors learly all day, considering Mr. Edmundls’ csolution involving th e M onroe d o c ti' md provoked by afl’airs connected .with' »a,nama Canal The resolution was p a s vith only three n e g a tive v o tes. N o thing was donelone onn thh e tariffariff bill.ill. - Unanimnanim o u s consentonsent o t e t b - U o u s c ms given to change t h e date o f a g reem e n t t o ■ote o n th e bill from th e 2 1 s t t o th e 22d of Januar.v. Thi the he only change m ade in th e tariff H ll b y Senate was upon the m o tion of Mr, Alli­ son, raising from three to three and one h a lf cents a pounds, the lim it of value of bagging for cotton, composed wliolly or in p a r t of hemp, ju te anid jute bu tts. There were strenuous efforts m ade to secure the adoption of an am e n d m e n t to p u t cot­ ton bagging on the free list,. The debate was very sharp, and lasted all day. Mr. E v a rts, of New York, introduced a bill provid­ ing for reform in election m ethods so far a s R epresentatives in Congress are concerned. A bill was introduced by S e n a tor Voorhees authorizing the purchase for the Governm eat of th e dressing and shaving table used by George W a shington during his life time. Sen­ ator Evarts introduced a bill appropriating $35,00035,000 foror the construction of a lighthouse $ f and fog bell og bell a t Oyster »on RiA'er,.New York. The Senate . resumed consideration of th e tariffriff bill.ill. Mr.r. Vest’sest’s ammend e n d m e n t to b M V a aph 393, placing bitum inous and ■’ 0 free list, Aas lous an d whale w lost. On m o tion of ,phph 39U 9 3 Avais amended by Mr, Allison p a r a g ra 3 Avas amended by ad d in g to i t “coal, s t a c k e r culm, such as will pass through a half-inch screen, t h i r t y cents per to n .” The House am e n d m ents to the ISficaragua Canal bill were non-coiicurred in, and a conference ordered. A bill was repor­ ted favorably from the naval affairs com m it­ tee providing t l i a t any enlisted m a n o r ])etiy officer o f the n.i-vy m ay deposit his savings, in sum s n o t loss t h a n $5, with paym a sters in tlic navy, who shall funiish him with a regu­ lar deposit book. The sam e com m ittee re­ ported favorably a billl to advance Chief En­ gineer Melville o ne grade in rank for his gal­ lan t services in the .foannette e.xpedition, and t o have s truck off a nd distributed t o the survivors of the expedition and to the heirsof deceased members m edals com m em o rative of th e perils encountered by the Jeai^nette p a r ty in the Ai'Ctio. Considerable progress was m a d e on Senate tariff bill. On m o tion of Mr. Allii th e p a r a g rap h tax in g m anufactures of e b a s ter and am b e r 25 per cent, ad valoi was amended by om itting from it th e words “ cork o r cork b a r k ” a n d a d d in g t o i t th e words “ o sier o r iwillow p repared for basket m a k e rs’ use.” The du ty on p earls, also on m o tion of Mr. Allison, w as reduced from 25 t o 10 p er cent. On m o tion of Mr, B r o w n th e d u ty o n precious stones n o t specially e n u m e rated, a n d on gold w atches a n d w a tch cases, was increased from 25 t o 40 per cent. A bill introduced by Sen­ a t o r M anderson proposes t o p a y $10,000 iu settlem e n t of the claim of Miss E lla Carroll for services in furnishing valuable infortna- tion t o th e W ar D e p a rtm e n t during th e Re­ bellion. Mr. H a le ’s am e n d m e n t t o th e Senate tariff bill m aking fresh fish dutiable a t one ceut a pound was passed. On m o tion o f Mr. Alli­ son old scrap leather was taken off th e free list. Mr. Aldrich moved t o tak e osier o r wil- th e with, o f Illinois, t o I onsul a t Berm u d a . The Honse. The work of th e House h a s been impeded b y a deadlock resulting from the proposition of th e com m ittee on,.rules, t o ‘abolish t h e .call of S tates on suspension days. Alm o st t h e entire day was taken up with th is m a tter. The sundry civil ap p r o p riation bill was re­ p o rted by th e com m ittee on appropriations. I t appropriates $22,000,000. The resolution to suspend th e call ot S tates was recommended t o the com m ittee on rules, th u s breaking the deadlock in the House. The com m ittee on the election con­ test betw» en Col. E lliott and R o b ert Smalls, of S o u tli Carolina, reported favorabij' t o Mr. E lliott. Mr. Hires, of Neiv Jersey, in tro ­ duced a jo i n t resolution authorizing the Secretary of W ar to purchrse a tra c t of land, consisting of 1 2 ,375 acres, in A tlan- Cnmbcrlund counties, N. The post-office com m ittee reported back the bill p roviding th a t omission to pay lawful p o s tage on a “special delivery” letter shall n o t p revent or d elay its transm ission ,and de­ livery. b u t t h a t the lawful postage shall be collected on its deJiveiry. Pas.sed. The H o u se spent th e whole d a y over the O k lahom a bill, a n efforM iavingbcen m ade to secure an a<-t.ion on th e bill, the result of whicli is another deadlock. No Avork what­ ever Avas done. ________ -- 'esolution a by Mr. Taylor, of Ohio, foi to ascertain i c o m m u pon “ w h a t term s and com tio n s ” the member having the O k lahom a I in charge will alloAv the House to tra n s a c t buisness. Mi-. Sherm an preseiUed a petition of citizens ofNew York a s k ing for legislation to prevent shipm e n t of intoxicating liqut from th e United S tates t o heathen natic and t l m t steps be taken by tre a t y or Avise, t o unite all C h ristian nations-in t plete suppression of t h a t traffic. The H o u se is still deadlocked. No b u siness w h a te v er being enacted except the jiassing of • tAvo conference com m ittee reports, appropri­ atin g $1,800,000 for public buildings in Mil­ waukee, Wis., a n d Um aha, Neb. A n A n c i e n t Q u a k e r D e a d . Zachariah Crouch, a well-knoAvU Quaker, d ied 'a t his hdme in jQuakertown, Ct., a fter a lingering ^llness. He Avas one of th e m o s t prom inent ot th e Rogerine Quakers living, and was ab o u t 90 years old. The Roger- ines Avere something of socialists. They hated the Jaws which governed other people. They began by Avorkiug on Sundays —then a very grave m o ral a n d legel offence— and droA'e heavy carts by churches to dis­ tu r b Avorsliippers therein. They despised the civil a u thorities, b u t all their doings have a l­ w ays been characterized by an h o n esty ol p ur- ]j07-e and belief which has Avon for them the respect of Thinking men I t was con trary to 1 h eir tenets to doctor with me(licine.s o r t o employ d o c tors,and t o a n e .vtentthey p retend­ ed to believe in the efficacy of the faith cure. In latei- y e a rs the Rogerines have developed into a very industrious people, AA-orking as blacksm iths, cat-penter.«, m a sons and farm ­ ers. Only recently it is claimed t h a t a gang of s m iths .and carpeniters from am o n g them relused 1o Avork on ,-i building Avhieli was in )a-oi;ess of erection nearby beean.se it Avas being p u t up for religious purposes. Cliarita.1>le Bequests. The l a s t will and testam e n t o'f Joseph B H o y t, disposing of a large am o u n t of real and pc’7-f.-oti;xI property, was adm itted in the .Probate (^oui-t of Stam ford, Ct. The B a p tist Homo Missiona ry Society, of N cav York, and the American B a p tist M issionary Society, of B o ston, arc each .given .$50,000. one-half of each ca.so ro be use\ k of the society and othor- )Ston, arc each .given $50,00 0 . o I* l) 0 (|uests in each ca.so ro be used for e current work o f th e society an d on« ■If to go to a periuiunent ^endowment fund. CURRENT EVENTS ABROAD. —A m a n nam e d Gavin, Avho to o k a farm from A\-hich t h e ten a n t had been evicted, has been s h o t a t Clara, Ireland. Phe R o y al College o f Surgeons. 1 L t o 2, h a v e passed a resolution ( JacKeiizie for p u b lishing his bo< of th e late Em p eror Frederick. —The P r o p a g a n d a , after hearing arg u ­ m ents on both sides in relation to th e com­ plaints of th e Irish Bishops in America t h a t Germ an Catholics residing in m a n y Irish districts insist u p o n huA’ing special parishe* of their o\vn,AvithGerra.an p riests and schools, 1ms insti-ucted Cardinal Melchors to prepare for the Pope a reiioi-t on the subject. The s«.‘lecf ion of 0aj'(lin:il Melchors is th o u g h t to indicate a decision in favor of the Germans. —An unknown schooner is reported ashore a t Bass Rocks, Mass. One m an is dead on the beach, and the others are supposed to be on th e A-essel. A heavy gale is blowing from southeast. —A large am o u n t o f snow h a s fallen or m o u n tains of Mexico, and th e tem p era is lower t h a n usual for this tim e of y e a r. —White Cetps are at work at Salem, N. H. A t a l a te h o u r the.y rook a citizen from his house at the North Village, maltreated him, and threatened to l.-nmli him, on the ground th a t ho h a d been g u ilty of p e tty larcenies. An a t t e m p t will be m ade to bring the perpe­ tra t o r s t o justice. a.. A\-as siif- led from a j was fifty years of —John T. Phillips, engineer o f S a rgeant & Greenleaf’s lock works in Rochester, hanged himself in the engine room of the factory. No cause is assigned for the deed. —The Riverside Hotel at Oanisteo, N. Y., Avas burned. The inniatee escaped, some of them being- o n ly partially dressed. They lost nearly all their clothing. —Advices from Mandalay,'\.Burmah state th a t in a b a ttle fought between th e B ritish forces a n d a t rib e known as th e K a rens, th e B ritish'loss was five a n d t h a t of t h e K a rens 200. —An attem p t t o blow up th e royal palace was m ade a t M adrid, Spain... F o rtu n a tely no one was injured and th e only dan- ge done was th e sm ashing of m a n y Avindows. The petard with Avhich th e a ttem p t was m ade was exploded on the staircase o f th e palace. —Princess Bism arck is seriously ill. 253 votes, ag a in s t —Queen C h ristina of Spain has offered the P o p e an asylum in M adrid if he decides t o leave Rome. —O ttom a n agents have seized th e Israid Railway for money due t o th e Governm ent. The G rand Vizier, replying to the English A m b a s s a d o r’s representations o n th e subject, declared t h a t he h a d s e n t d o cum e n ts t o L o n ­ don justifying th e P o r t e ’s action. —Princess Lieven, while sleigh riding a$ Charkoff, Russia, a ttem p ted to cross th e rail­ road track; A tra i n th a t wa.s rapidly ap ­ proaching struck the sleigh and killed th e coachm an. The Princess was hurled from the sleigh, and the t r a i n passed over her, b u t did her n o injury. —The Welch troops Avho have been doinir d u ty a t Suakin were withdraw i Governor-General h a s issued a mai th e tribes, inviting them to expel th e der­ vishes, and offering them food and m oney. intbeap- ig on East lean affairs.- . Naval reinforcements Avill s t a r t for Zanzibar im mediately. - r i t is reported th a t R u ssia h a s placed a w a r flotilla on th e V istula River. -^The election for a member of th e Cham­ ber of Deputies in th e D e p a rtm e n t of Charen- te, France, has been carried by a B o u langist. —Prince H e n ry of B a ttenbcrg has been ap ­ pointed Governor of th e Isle of W ight, vice Viscount Eversley, deceased. —Severe w e ather is reported on t h e 'B lack Sea. During t h e p a s t fo r tn ig h t m a n y sailing vessels have been wrecked and over o n e h u n ­ dred seamen have lo s t t h e ir Jives. —The German corvette Schwalbe, which was aground On a reef n ear B agam o y o , E a s t Africa, has been floated, with th e assistance of awn. The m an ifesto t o k-will t a k e p a r t ii i the Reichstag s been fl a B ritish gunboat.^ ■6eirm —G e any is anxious th a t th e United S tates should prevent i ts citizens from inter fering in Sam o a n affairs. S E E K I N G A F O R T U N E . A S c h o o l - t e a c h e r H o l d s T i t l e t o S e v e n H u n d r e d A c r e s i n a 'V illa g e . W. E. P a terson, a school-teacher of P o r t , land, Oregon, one of the heirs of Zachariah P a terso n , a re-sident o f S tr a tf o r d , Ct., before the R evolutionnry W a r, h a s p u t in to th e hands of a New IlaA-en laAvyer a c laim for sev­ eral hundred acres of S tr a tfo rd land, includ­ ing m uch of th e t e r r ito r y noAV occupied b y the Villageiilage of f t h aa t naman e. :erson m ade a willl ab o u t o t h t u Z a c h a riah' P a terso n m ad e a w i . _____ 1760, leaving the p roperty t o his Avife, b u t with th e condition t h a t if she m arried again after h is death i t should go t o th e ir children, Hezekiah and M ary. After P a terso n ’s death Mrs. P a terson m arried a m a n nam e d Qray, b u t t h a t she m ight retain possession of the property, g o t the children, then quite young, o u t of the way by giving them to a m an yarned Barnes, who lived in DelaAvareCounty, The children grew up in ignorance o f their inheritance, and it, Avas n o t u n til 1849 t h a t a NeAv York lawyer, n am ed Ja y , discovered th e 'ill while looking o\-er th e S tr a tfo rd tow n Bcords. He became convinced t h a t a g reat foritune awaitei (ded in findiii cam e coi 1 the P a anced t h a t a g re a t rson heirs, a n d suc­ ceeded in finding the de.scendants o f th e chil­ dren Hezekiah a n d M ary. H is oiA-n d e a th p u t an end t o th e investigation now to be re­ sumed. A R A I L W A Y CLEARING-HOUSE. T h e N a m e hy W h ich a G ig a n t ic T r u st W ill be K n o w n . The conference of W estern railro a d -maua- gevB a t the residence of J .P ierrcpoiit M o rgan, in New York city, has resulted in th e form a ­ tio n of an I n tersta te Commerce BailAA-ay .As­ sociation, or “ R ailwayClearing-house, Av’hich. in other words,is equivahuit to th e fonnatioii of a gigantic railroad tru s t , and the prom ise o f the president h o f Western, .South­ western and tninlc lines to enforce th e .Inter­ s t a t e Coin inen-e law and to m a intain rates fixed by rm ilual ngi-eeinerit. The railroad presidents bind tliemselves to .personally carry'Onf. these inAportant conditions and to dismiss subordinates who Adolate instructions ba.se<l u p o n this .*igi-e(.-iiient Siicii is the conclusion reached by the r a il­ road men of the United State.s and approA'ed by the principal 'security holders and by the lntece!r..-i,te Commerce t.'oinnii.ssion. The pl.aii of organization is simple and the provisions are stringent. The .-igi-eement. aim s a t the im m e d iate inauguration of a reign of peace and good w-ill. The ag,i-eeniont as form u lated m eets the approval of tlie In lei-S tate (foinraercii Coin- niis.sion on one hand and of the bankers rep­ resenting d o m estic a n d foreign security hold­ ers on the otlier. ALVORD HOUSE, iftTif Bnu8f» OxATiBsnLU^ H. T. O. O . . A t V O R B , F r o p r l*to». This popnlsr bonss hss reoentlj been en­ larged and improved, and is now in first-elsss order. Two splendid BiUiard ’ Tables (Bene- dieVa make) have recently been introduced. A good livery stable attached. Terms reason­ able for trKudsntpr regnler boarders. SBSIS,_ ^ J I* BAYS’ TKIA] T ^ A F u ll Set o f J I V Atfaclim enta. — a r r a n t e d Irc i i l a r . G. HOWE «*: CO., ;ir. 61b S t., PbUtt., PO* I 0 3 ^ ' H. WERNER, NORTHVILLE, N. ¥, All thelatest s t^ e s of FALL and WINTER SUITINGS FALL AND WINTER Suitings. L BELTZER, NORTHVILLB, S. Y. Call a n d Inspect My Stock and Prices. H. F. FISHER, Shaving and Hair Cutting p a r l o r , ^ Door to the Post Offloe, NORTHVILLB, H. X. Cigars and Tobacco. JO H N PATl'ERSOW . myiCinlvitllai. NOBTHVILLE, N. I . Pensions seonred with e»editiom _ ^ OoB«y ^ tions and Conveyancing made specialties^ and All Jjffl^ess promptly attended to. ANIBAL & MURRAY, GOiSEW tt UW,, ' fiFFICES o e JOHRSTOWA BAH, JOHNSTOWN, N. Y. R.P. ANIBAL. N.D. MURRAY, lIURDRIir & 6 RAYV IPIANOS ' ESTABLISHED IBS?* STERLING, E. H. McEWEN, and SMITH AMERICAN Pianos J L N D Organs O F A L L M A N U F A ^ C T U B E , ‘ Sold on the Installment- Plan. K Write for prices and tormis. CROUSE&FILIEB 1 A.O-EKT'fiS, BROADALBIN. N Y. lA M A M UNACQUAINTED -WITH TH E GEOGRAPHY OP TH E OOUNTBY, W I L L OBTAIN MUCH VALUABLE INFORMATION FROM A STUDY OF THIS MAP OP br r, Bt. J« THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE. (Chieagro, Bock I s lw d & Pacific and Chicago, Kansas 6b Kehraska B y s.).. OiAVA WVW41AVAL AAA AV/ VY A --- A»AAAAAV7«|.ULrAlD CbAXtO. OV. JC'CAUA AAA JM.AA.NI A.^ JBA** - RAD O . T r a v e r s e s n e w a n d v a s t a r e a s o f rich farm ing' an d g r a z in g la n d s , afford in g t h e b e s t f a o ilities o f in t e r c o m m u n ic a t io n t o o ld e r S t a t e s a n d to all SOLID FAST VESTIBULE EXPRESS TRAINS THE FAMOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE JO sepn, A t c n lso n , J jeaven-wortn, K a n s a s C ity, M inneapoU s, a n d S t. PauL E. ST. JOHN, E. A. HOLBROOK, General Kanager. C F T IC A ^ 'K ). IL L , Ger'lTick tftPan.Ag«iL

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