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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, January 26, 1889, Image 4

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1 : THE PRESS. P ublished E very S aturday . SATURDA.Y, JANUARY 2G. 1889. I^E G I S L A T IV E N O T E S . Mr. Lirison has introdnced a bill jDto the Senale amending the elec- tHcal execution law by providing tor the admi«!sion of 12 reputable citizens (newspaper men not de- l»arred) to witness executions. Mr. Brownell introduced a bill in the Assembly Friday amending the law requiring settlement by the Comptroller with the Treaeurers of Hamilton, Warren and Essex coun­ ties in relation to certain non resi­ dent taxes. Assemblyman Lewis Brownell 1 as introduced a bill which provid­ es that any light board fences or other structure more than six feet high erected for the purpose of an­ noying the owner of adjoining prop­ erty or of obstructing the view, shall be declared a private nuisance. Mr. Crosby introduced a bill Thursday in the Assembly which ought to become a law, with one amendment. The bill requires every candidate elected to a public 4 ffice in the State, or in any county or municipality thereof, to file with the Secretary of State, within ten days after his election^ an itemized statement of all moneys disbursed by i.r fcr him in the campaign. A lailure to comply with the act sub­ jects the delinquent to a fine of $1,000, and no person is allowed fo enter on the duties of an elective 4*ffice until he shall have filed such an account. A provision ought to be added making any falsification or concealment in the statement an offense against the election laws, punishable by fine and expulsion Jrom office. Having voted that the j eople shall pay a bounty of one cent a jiound to all manufacturers of ilomestic sugar, and a tax of more than that upon all imported sugar, and doubled the tax on every din­ ner-pail, teapot and tin can, the Republican Senators feel rather nervous about the fate of their bill. The Democrats could ask no better Issue on wlHoh tofio to ^ „ tian.tiridA' 4 (forded oyjhls monStrous lueasu ^ ^ V t A Boston inventor claims fO have I eifected a process by which ice may be manufactured in an ordinary refrigerator. He has exhibited \his invention to a gathering of capital­ ists. In the room was a retrigera- tor. TJ.eie was a stove, and the temperature of the room was 72 degrees, Fahrenheit. In the locked and sealed department of the ice- < hest was a small tin case filled with the “ mixtures.” There was no ice in the chest. The tempera­ ture of the rest of the chest was 25 degrees. All was clean and dry. A g e n tl e m a n placed a tumbler of }>artly melted ice in the chest, 'and in titteen minutes it was frozen solid. The inventor claims by his process t<i be able to produce cold from any degree down to zero. The annual cost to an ordinary household would be about $7. Can o n e B e Fouuil f From tbe Pbuttdeiybia Times. '1 he Republican leader who wants nothing for himself or his Iriends bbonld be given the place of honor on the first new postage stamp. Celebrated Gardens. Tbe ceiebrattd “ Hauging Hardens of Babvlon ” were within ibe precincts of the palace called “ The Admiration of Man­ kind.” They consisted of gardens of trees f a eeriea of in the form kind.” They consisted of garde and flowers on the topmost of arches 75 feet high and built i of a square, each side of which measured 400 Greek feet. Tlie city of Babylon, with its famous gardens, was razed to its foun­ dation. (390 B. C. ^.ardens of James Yick in Rochester, New York. For description. Catalogue of seeds, advice how to obtain free a copy of Vick’s Floral Guide, and also of the famous new loi-e, called “ Vick’s Caprice,’’ addrei James Vick, Seedsman, Koebr\*'- bester N. Y. The Philadelphia Times Almanac for 1889 is on our table. To say that it is “ handy to have in the house ” gives no idea of its useful­ ness. It is mullULQ in parvo,^con­ taining as it does siaiistical, tabular and much general infoimalion. it is handsomely gotten np and y)rint- ed, as are a]l the publications issu­ ing from the Times office. T h e Richest Country in the TVorld. Recent statistics show that the United States is by far tire richest country in the world. The last computation, made a few years ago, gave its j£8,730,000,000, or suffi­ cient to buy the Russian and Turk­ ish Empires, the kingdoms of Swed­ en and Norway, Denmark and Italy, together with Australia, South Af­ rica, and all South America—lands, mines, cities, palaces, factories, ships, flocks, herds, jewels, moneys, thron­ es, sceptres, diadems, and all the entire possession of 177,000,000 people. 'Great Britain i.s by far the richest country in the Old World, and yet the wealth of the United States exceeded that of Great Britain In 1880 by j£55,000,000. What makes it more astonishing is that, since 1860, there has disap­ peared from the wealth of America a sum of j£250,0C0,000 as represent­ ed by the slaves. In the ten y^ears from 1870 to 1880, no less than 000,000,000 was added to the wealth of the United States, being an average of j 050,000 every hour, night and day, except Sundays- Of course, a very large portion of this enormous growtli of prosperity has been due to the development of the gold, silver, and petroleum mines of the country.—. Manchester {Eng,) Mews. It is well that the Board of Super­ visors has completed its labors. In addition to wearing out the court house furnace, it was found, Tues­ day morning, that tlic clerk was no longer able to bear the strain and had been placed under the doctor’s care; the janitor was too much ex­ hausted to draw bis pay, tbe assist­ ant janitor’s hair had become a bright red, Supervisor Hart lacked strength to put in any more bills “ for services in the Perth appeal,” and tbe chairman had barely strength enough to countersign checks .—Gloversville Standards ADVICE TO JfOTflERS.—Ahe jon dietarbed a night and broken of your rest by a sick child suf­ fering and crying with jwin of Cutting Teeth r It so send at once and g e t a bottle of ’‘Kra. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup” for Children Teething. Ito ralae is incaicnaule^ It will relieve the poor little suffer* er immediately. Dep'Ud upon it, mothers; there is no mistake about it. It cutos Dysentery and Diarrhoea, regulates the Stomach and Bowls, cures Wind Colic, softeus the Gums, reduces Inflamma- tion, and gives tone and ea'-rgy to the whole r-ys- tem. “Mrs, Winslow’s Soothing Syrup” lor chil­ dren teething is pleasant to tne taste and is the pfescriptiOii Of one of the oldest an d best female iiLtlie-Knit«d-Statet,.,«ndJB lor sale by all droggists throughout the ..world, .ftlce- Wenty-llve coutiialKittIh. ‘ Be Sure and ask ^or “ M rs . W inslow ’ s ’SooTnine S yiicp ,” and take other kind. ' ingthens the nerves, perf systeni. Popular experience has long placed this medicine a t the head ol tonic alteratives. yer’s Haiir Vigor. There is nothing bel ter than this prep.'iration for strengthening the scalp and keeping It free frotL dandruff and. itching eruptions. Bncklen’s Arnica Salve. T h e B e s t S a l v e iu the world for Cuts, Bruises, Soi’es, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, andl all Skin Eruptions, and positive­ ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by G. N. Brown, North ville. Epoch. The transition from long, lingering and .;iil sickness to robust health marki epojh in the B o f the individual. Su< remarkabls event is treasured in tbe mem­ ory and the agency whereby the good health has been attained is gratefully bless- Hence it is that so much is heard in se of F.lectriclectric Bitters. So manyany feel praise of E Bitters. So m they owe their restoration to health, to the ie of the Great Alterative and Tonic. If feel dth, to ! and Tonic, disease of Kid- ig or short ing you will surely find relief by use of Electrk Bitters. Sold at 50(ji and $1 per bottle at G. N. Brown's Drug Store., G O I N G H O U f E . (Published by request.) To that “ Beautiful Land,” to that far off I am going away to return no more; I am looking my last on field and grove,. I am saying farewell to the h a u n ts! love. No more shall I wait for the coming spring, Nor listen with joy when the wildjbirds sing Nor the meadows w’ide, nor the wild-wood bowers. Shall I seek for fair bright flowers. You have heard me speak of my Father’s W here sorrow and wearings never can come; Where^my^friends are waiting to clasp my When my feet shall have pressed its shining strand. lessenger waits with, oars and bark, To p ilot me over the river dark. The waters are turbid, and deep and cold. But strains from the angels’ harps of gold, Come floating across from the o ther side, As my feet draw nearer the surgeless ti<Je. Tlie Earth is receding! Farewell, Oh, Earth; I have shared in y our sorrow, and joined in your m irth; The messenger beckons, the breezes swell, I can tarry no longer; Farewell, Farewell. T E A C H E R S E X A M IN A T IO N S . SSageville, second Tuesday, March 12th. Hope, first Saturday, April 6 th. Morehouse, first Saturday, May 4th. Wells, second Tuesday, August I3th. Indian Lake, first Saturday, October .5th. Long Lake, second Tuesday, Oct. 8 lh. Examinations for certificates o f tbe first grade will begin on the second Tuesday each of March and August and continue two days and will be held as follows t * Wells village school, Aug. I3ih and 14th. Sageville, March 12th and 13th. Being governed by the Department of Public Instruction no private examination will be given. DANIEL COCHRAN, School Commissioner. VT OTICE TO CREDITOR 8 .- I n piirenance Xi of an order o f Hon. Clarence W. Smith, 8urro| against Catherine T. Wai town of Benson, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same crcuiiB ui sum uecesseu, a t nis resiaence m the town of Benson, in said county, on o r before the 2lHh (Jay o f June, 1889. Dated December 24th. 18^. . W m . E. WASHBURNE. Administrator. TUOTICB TO CREDITORS.—In pursu- J V ance o f an order made by Hon. Clarence W. Smith on the 12th day of December, 1888, notice is hereby given to all tbe cred- V 4 A M ^ na a ! I MM n A m n4 present their claims with the vouclv therefor duly verified, to the subscriber, the duly appointed assignee of the saici William H. Cole for the benefit o f h is cred­ itors, at his place of business in the village of Northville, Fulton county, N. Y., on or before the 30th day o f January, 1889. SASIUEL A. LOBDELL, Assignee. J no . P atterson , A tt’v for Assignee, \Nortville N. Y. OTICE—Public notice is hereto given l l Dursuant to> law that the lands and lands snd waters described below, will be used as a private park for the purpose of propagating and protecting fish, birds, and game, namely: Lot No. ' 86 , Jerseyfield Patent, Herkimer County. ¥ N . E. ^ of lot 70 Jerseyfield Patent, Herki­ mer County. N. ^ 6 f W . ^ lot 70 Jerseyfield Patent, Her­ kimer County, Lots Nos. J I ' and 12 Lawrence Patent, Hamilton County. rence jratent, Jiamuton CJounty. Lots Nos. 1 ,2, 3, 4, .5, 6 ,7 and 8 , Sickles and Van Angles Patent, Hamilton County, comprising the whole of said patent. Lots Nos. 12,13 a n d 14, Caldwell and others tract in Hamilton County. These lands lie in a contiguous body and contain the following named lakes and waters—viz: Jerseyfield lake. Cold Spring lake, Potter’s pond, Diamond lake, and Midkiff lake, with their connecting streams and waters, and also the outlet of Jersey- field lake to the south bounds o f the lauds above described. All persons are hereby forbidden trespass­ ing upon said private park or territory, under penalty of the law., O, P. W il l i a m s , Owner. S W T H E ONLY / Brilliant Durable „ \ Economical i A lt Diamond Dyes. They excel aH others in Strength, Purity and Fastness. N o n e others are just as good. Beware of imitations—they are made of cheap and inferior materials and give poor, weak, crocky colors. 36 colors; 10 cents esch. Send postal for Dye Book, Sample Card, directions for coloring Photos., making the finest Ink or Bluing (lo cts. a quart), etc. Sold by Druggists o r by WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO., Burlington, Vi. For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Artlclea, U S E DIAMOND PAINTS. ^4 Gold, Silver. Bronze, Copper.' Only 10. Ceats> 1 c o u p o u m CURES PROOFS Neuralgia v . “ P aine's Celery Com- pound cured' my nerr- ous sicl: hea&ches.*’ Mrs. L. A. BkKKTKn, San JaciiuOiGal. Nervous Prostration “After using six bot­ tles of Paine's Celery Compound, I am cured of rheumatism.*' S amvbi . H utchikson ', South Comisb. N . M. Rheum a tism Kidney .V < D iseases “ I t has done me more good for kidney disease than any other medi­ cine.\ Gso. A bbott , Sioux City, Iowa. All Liver Disorders “ Paine's Celery Com­ pound has been of great benefit for torpid fiver, indigestiDD, and bilious­ ness.\ E lizabeth C. U dali ., Qutchee, V t; , F. L. BARKEii’S CASH BAZAAR l i l E We keep a Full Line of EVERYTHIMG! DRY GOODS, FANCY GOODS, NOTIONS, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, BOOTS & SHOES, CROCKERY, GROCERIES, SUGARS, TEAS, COFFEES. Also a pound bar of Dingman Soap given away with every pound of Fifiy-cent Tea. FEAHE L. BAIEEE NOftXHVOLE, N. Y. NOW COMES M J J I S T 'l i THE eLOTHBSTllLE JEWELER, Would be pleased to bare yon call npoQ him. He has the LARGEST AND MOST COMPLETE LINE OP Watches, Diamonds, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware and FANCY GOODS In Central New York, which he ' would be pleaffkl to show yOu. NEW GOODS Prices Way Down SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN E I S T A B L I S M E D i 8 4 5 ,.-.. circulation o f any paper o f ita class in the worlds Fully illustmted. Best olass ot Wood Bngrav-^ ingg. Pnblisbed '•reeklr. Send for specim es copy. Price f3 a year. Four nurntbs’ trial, *L liUNN A CO.. FtTBLiSHERS, 861 Broadway, N.Y» ARCHITECTS A BUILPERO n Edltin «r $«ieBtlIe Aaiarlpaa. w A (treat snoeess. Kaeh issue eontains eolored lithographic plates of oonntry and oity residen- ees or poblio buildings. Mumerons ensrraTiiiga and fan plans and. sp^fleattons for the use ot sheh as contemplate building. Erfce $3.50 a ye«». Z5 c ts. a copy. MCMM A CO.. POSI.ISHXBS.' r have had over ave made ov«* HTlsan and For- ___ ;s. Send for Handbook. C ' pondenee strictly confldeutiaL TRADE MARKS. tte,pfo ------------------- C O P T R I G H T S for books, Charts, aoapa. etc., quickly prooored. Address niUMN Sc CO., PMenC Salteltora. GXKXBAZ. o m q x : 961 BBOasWAY. H. T. ii:S8SSIiFfi%SS.1b[ latrty. BMt • • s l i Iw steblalbsvond. P * .kMpsr. War. --------------- -- Isolid Gold BunMiic O titL Blscsat sad assm lStial. . _ BothladlM’sadtSBU’sIM t ^ with vorka sad casas of eraal ralnsJIBiE P B M O M ta aa<di toealRjr eaa aaeart oaat^^ w m . How is ttus poMibur Thtta aaauSaa,as wall aa tba watdkira aaad Jkaa,aad altw 7<Mt barasapt Tbamia yemr bosia f»r • taonttis sad shewa IbMa •OKJD watch sad COaxW aaaiplasftaa, as thsAowtacaf «bt Bsaaslas la say loesUty, stwsys lassiufai a trada ftr asjaftaroaraaaiiilasteTebaaB lasloealilyfocaaaaatbortwa aeoaUy get from S a o e e t e S e e e e la trade ftwa tbs swronadlag aoantry. This, tbs most voodarfril o(R>r t f t r fcaownja made la order that oar ssmplM may be pisoad St oada wharaUtayeaa beaaao,aU over Amarioa. Write at oDca,aad SDak4»raorthaebaaea. Baadarnwtnbabardlyaaytronbla for yea ta show tba saimiaa to tbosa Who may sail St year boaia aadroorraward wiU be laostaatiabetory. Apostmeardoai arbkh to wrftausoostebatteaataadaS^yuakBoarall^iryaw doaoteatatogofUrtbar,whynobarmisdons. Botlfyoado, aaod yoor addrsM at OBotu you eaa aaeora WOtiCB ooo ortbai btst solid cold wstebts u tbo vcrld aadoor larso U boo T ^ t S m ^ n S S S ^ A r n o l d tUrOllTICSTElll CODIES A ^ D c o r P E E PO T ii?/- BMomat a juratoheld soeoi- ^ city wlurovw introduced. . W a f w n n t ma atotlvw aiatl iiatelliseat m a n or wouaita i a each t o w a ta repiesent ii»ln aeiUng them. To fhoee who are willing t o work we promise laige profits. , Bead tbe following;; ww have bondreds like them. 1 tovc kept exact accou^oSf reire^^imd’to^nst Yonrs troly, (B r j C. W. H at oom^ W ILM OT C A S T L E ^ i “ c 0 . 3 ROCHESTBBrN. V. '

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