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SOMEWHAT STRANGE. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS OF E V E R Y D A Y E IFE . Newsy Stories. Novel F a c ts and Queer Hapi>eniiigs Here and There. IT T L E Davis, a Georgis :s, a Georgia boy, had lots of fun with a buz­ zard awhile ago. He found a num­ ber of the birds feeding on a dead sheep, and there- _ upon making a trap and baiting it with the sheep soon He took off his shirt and captured one. put it on the buzzard, cutting sleeves and sticlung the bird’s [igh the arm holes. Then he off_the through the shirt firmly around the buzzard’s body, leaving the tail of the garment unconfined. This done lie liberated the bird. Avho flapped its wings and the shirt flapping in the breeze. away, the _ _ A flock of crows saw the strange object ---- - and attacked it fiercely. Two in the air and attacked it fiercely, or three days afterward little Jerry found the poor buzzard a mile away, huddled against a tree and dead. A t a meeting of the Berlin Medical Society Professor Virchow introduced a French physician, Dr. Feldrnaun, who made some experiments in hypnotism. A young man named Garrick offered himself as a medium. After a few sec­ onds of the usual manipulations the medium fell into a deep magnetic sleep. He became perfectly apathetic and motionless. In this state of ' ‘sug­ gestion” Dr. Feldmann showed the in­ flight of stairs at his home. Dietz a mania for jumping from high pla( He has been in the hospital three tin in twelve months, each time from injur- Dietz has m I 3 received id physician.s say bone in his body. jumping from windows, he has not a sound '. The most serious leap Dietz ever accomplished was when he jumped out of the third-story win- jical ward of the tal about eight From the first floor there ■ainda, and Dietz alighted ■ ‘s. The heavy two and the long fall of his heavy body came near tearing down the whole concern. From this obiective point Dietz precipitnted ago. protruded a veran this objective point to the pavement below around once in the air. The fall -wou have killed an ordinary man, but he seemed to possess a charmed life. He survived, although his hip bone, leg three fingers and nose were broken and mashed,besides a number of other brui­ ses and fractures. close by the fox and watched him. Thus they were found by a farmer who saw part of the performance. The fox wa8 so tired that the man easily killed it with a club. A unt OAuoiiiNE H ahuis , a colored woman who was buried in Quitman county, Ga., recently, was 120 years of age. She never claimed to have seen the in its successive gen- iath came to her. In record of her age is un- Slie was blind for many but during the war she regained which she clunj erations, until this way the doubted. SKss: E»!L'€!S-Sri thority in talking to the youngsters of md 70. Journal states ,mp called at the house of a Bethlehem widow, liv­ ing alone, about ? o’clock in the morn- T hk , Albany (N. Y.) that a dirty, foul-mouthed trai ing, and oflered to saw wood in retm . ' hi ly. ‘‘Are ye hungry? for a breakfast. The woman eyed J suspiciously. “Are ye hungry?” she asked. “Yessum, hungrier nor a bear.” “Well, ye can have yer food first, 1 guess.” He was given a bountiful meal. At its conclusion the tramp rose and took U2> his ugly looking bludgeon, in hypnotism, i “I’ll keep my eyes wide open tight,” he u named Garrick oflered said, grinning, “and if I see a nedium. After a few sec-1 wants ter saw yer wood fer his I nuence ot varrous meJrcaments on the medium, who took quinine for sirgar, smackirrg his lips with enjoyment, and he believed ammonia to be perfume and smelt at it for some time. Immediately afterward, following the will of the doc­ tor, he showed the usual abhorrence of those bitter and caustic substauces. With the same success he ate a lemon lor held eiiect. Tb^ r an apple. A piece of campht r his forehead had a singular man as yer wood fer his breakfast I ’ll give him yer address.” Then he opened the door and slouched out. He had gone bnt a few steps when he heard the widow’s sJiarp voice calling a halt. He turned with an oath and saw a gun m. The widow come right back. He ind sawed not one, but two. pointed squarelly at him. ordered him to ( came back, and ss cords of wood, killed and plucked two chickens, whitewashed the hen house and cleaned out the cow stable. He will not repeat the visit in a hurry. J udge E gbert .lANnESON, of Chicago, tells a curious story of a culprit who has been before him in the Criminal Court several times. It is the Judge’s desire le medium bent his body far backward j several times. It is the Judge d had to be held on his chair. A mag- ajl cases where it is possible and ad- t caused a dreamv state, during which ! visable, to deal leniently with the V( 60 an A M assachusetts mother went to the room where her little girl was sleeping, and, when she turned up the light, noticed something dark under the little One’s chin. Stooping to see what it was, a mouse sprang away like a flash and was gone. The little girl had been eating crackers in bed, and the crumbs had attracted mousey, who tried to hide under her chin when the light was turned on. L ast summer a 13-year-old boy,, while putting fodder on the farm of his father, George G. Bi-ogdon, of Gwinnett, Ga., unearthed a rock described as “full of gold.” This fall Mr. Brogdon had^ the vein tested by an experienced miner, who says that it is a remarkably promis­ ing vein. It is opened for ten feet, is a foot thick, and will yield from $30 to $50 to the ton. A mong the many wonderful sights which are being organized for the Paris exposition is an unprecedented flight of carrier pigeons from the Champs de Mars. All the societies have promised to take part in the affair, and it is calcu­ lated that over 40,000 pigeons will be released simultaneously for their flight to all parts of France aud the continent. j FATAL MISTAKES IN DBUGS. A Physician Tells How Easily They Can be Alade. Tlie mixing up of prescriptions througli Avhich a number of serious re- suits have recently ensued has called renewe.l attention and interest to the subject of drug clei'Ks’ mistakes. 1 * 602)16 in gpuer.il do not stop to re- flt-ct how easily such mistakes may oc­ cur, nor how little short of marvelous it is th-it they donot happen more fre­ quently. A prominent physician of this city was recently talking upon this sub­ ject and said he: “It is the most natural thing in the world for errors to occur in liandliDg drugs and medicines. There are many medicines aud drugs which, to all out- Avard appearances are identical, though differing widely in cljaraeter. Unless the utmost <-are Avere taken to keep them properly labeled and separated fatal mistakes would constantly occur. In­ deed, the great Avouder is that they are so comparatively infrequent. “Another source of danger is the sim­ ilarity in names of different drugs. Take, for instance, wine of opium and wine of ipecac. Wine of o 2 )ium is a deadly i>oison, unless taken with the greatest care, while wine of ipecac is comparatively inoeuous. Suppose a physician is writing a prescription for wine o f ipecac. Somebody interrupts him by asking a question or otherwise. He writes wine of opium instead. Dis­ aster will folioAV. “Then the use of the gramme and the grain is confusing. There are fifteen grains in a gramme. Suijpose a physi­ cian in ten- is to write a grain of opium in a prescription. He Avrites hurriedly, J and the symbol for grain looks like that i for gramme, for they are ranch alike;. D b . j . a . M inick , of Worthington, Ind., has performed the most remark­ able operation of surgery that has been performed in that vicinity for tha] net caused a dreamy state, during Avhich ! disable, to deal leniently with the very the medium related his in^Bussions as j 7°\“? prisoners brought before him. to events in the street, in Avhich he -be- | The boy in question was cliarged with ................................................... . -- A'—— stealing, it Avas not his first of- He had been arrested many times before on the samecharge. Judge Jamieson made inquiries about the young fellow, and learned' that a few months before he Avas bona his father had been arrested for horse stealing, convicted and sentenced to a ten years in the penitentiary. The fell AA'ith ci-usliing force upon the poor wife, who was about to become a moth- For a time she was out of her head, liild Avas b lieved himself to be. Then the medium I boi'se obeyed the will of the doctor in various ■ f^nse. ways, shoveling suoaa % skating, falling, ‘ * and rising again Avith one jump at the doctor’s suggestion, -and finally took a pocketbook by force out of Professor Virchow’s pockets, ed by Dr. Feldmai and soon woke ou ’ He Avas then order- inn to reseat himself, t of the hypnotic sleep, remembering nothing of wliat liad haii- , pened. Two young physicians then spoke, declaring that .sucli experiments j e blow an a century by taking a irib hn Hixson, of Linton. li from Mr. 't Avas a suc- Thehe patientatient is doi:oing nulful operation. T p is d larkably well, feeling comfortable,and [ be well in a few weeks. Jo] cess will be WiDDCATS abound this winter in the vicinity of West Stcckbridge, Mass., and have played havoc with turkeys and chickens.' It is thought, too, that the great scarcity of partridges in that neighborhood is due to the .abundance of wildcats. A Kockland Mills man caught one the other night that weighed twenty-three' pounds. UD as TO luc oener expenmencs, jspeciaily the effect of medicines and the Hague'-, they thought they needed :ul e x a m ination,. --------------------------- fu l examin^ati-pn, A HUNTER named S-weet, --- -If let, shot a m’on A case of 2 Be-natai influence. He sent the .boy to the BridoAA'eUjxntll-he carcass antlers I shall become of age. A HUNTER named IS shot a mon­ ster moose lust week between Ashluiid, ! I n Califorhia a man borrowed a squir- Me., and a neighboring town, and, ac- ! rel dog of a friend and went- gunning, cording to report, it is one of the largest i The dog led him in various directions killed in that State. The dressed i until he was tired out and sat down to s .and the | rest. He launched many anathemas at eet. The j the animal us a brute that krieivnothing sportsman AA'as much ifieased at eaptnr-i about the business for which he was j ing such a large specimen. Four other | recommended. The dog, how'ever,! hunters in that region did not have sim- j frisked about all the same. Presently ilar luck through the nervousness of one ■ he began digging in the ground in a of the members of the party. They had , veiy enthusiastic naanner. The disgust- , been out huuting nearly all day aud had i ed hunter paid very little attention to tbree not been reAvarded by even a glim2)se of this neAV dodge until he saw the dog any large game which they Avere after. | ijoldng some dark object about with, his At last what should they see but four • nose. Going to the spot the hiinter big cariboTX coming directly toward them found that the dog had unearthed an across an open 2^1aco in the Avoods. . old leather purse. This looked like Everything was la\ux-able for a good i game at lass.s. Taking tin it, ............................ than 1.50 feet across. The height of falls is estimated at 2,000 feet. the A MAN in Mai ton, Nev., tipped a lohmen for miles around to come and see it. The next day he sold the spring for $10,000 in gold-dust and fled the country. A M aine pine tree recently felled at Bullen’s Mills was 105 feet long, 3 feet sriimp, and the first sacli made 1,228 sixth cut, 72 feet from the stump, was 15 inches through. be disgust- j inches L three cubuts feet of sawed boards. The top of the the of 12 feet G eorge B. W hite , a farmer residing at north of Franklin, lud., has a 2B(? quite a curiosity. The animal ir front legs and feet, all perfect, oes. It is alive and three i has four 1 rivel b le for a good ! gnme at las 'Taking the purse from shot, as the wind Avas bloAving toward the dog the hunter found that it cou- the men, so that the scent would not be \ tained $300 in gold and $1 in silver, carried to the caribou, which Avere com- • counting out the find the hunter i ing along at a good paite. The hunters eluded that the dog was not sucli a “fo< had concealed themselves bi-hind a log i critter” after alll. and w r e auxiousl.Y iuvaiting tliB ,.p-1 ^ grndimte o f West Point | i prench of the niiimnls, M'h.e i were near-' ^ pleasant account of hisiastsight ®f 2,000 tons and 5,400 hol_se- lyin range, IV),on one ot the immber , J,. GeuOTal Sheridan. That illustriSus : to Wilhelmshafen soldier was malciug the inspection twenty-three rounds of the Military Academy with ! ndaut. Sheridan lingered i n< ron- i twelve toes. “fooi I weighs forty pounds. T he fastest armored cruiser in the world is said to be tha German vessel became inm-h excited, and, jumping up, blazed aAvay. of the bnllets ■eached the mark, aud, it is needless to say, the caribou were qui'-.kly off in an opposite direction. Thishis to bee prei that the man of nerveserves the commandant. upon his being the t-ause of their losing i such a splendid lot of game. I ^ thri T to b presarued n Avas not .tulated by his fellow .siaortsnien ,n lingered! F or nearly thirteen years Mrs. awhile in the (juarters of my informant, 1 Bouton has superintended the Avhose father was the General’s friend of i tions of a stationary engine aud long standing. Before leaving. ‘\‘Little I «S'^d in filling a railroad company long standin Phil” step near Eastman, Ga. Eebec- le opera- d pump i company’s rank A HORSE in a small tov/n near Norwich, ' Conn., which is disi)osed to sAvallow a n y -: a whole assortment of bottles thing that comes within its reach, re-1 l^>^sks and cigar boxes. The cadet say: cently bolted a large ball of Avrapping ; aghast AVith the death sweat ot chimney, mak- ’ CnuROHiUTi C ountv , Nevada, is in g a tlirust Avith his sword Avorthy of a ^ clanger of breaking in two. A crack has •ofessiouiil SAveep. 1 attletybang, crash, | recently appeared three feet wide, sev- ,me a whole assortment of bottles, : erai miles long, and how deep no one can find out. jr bolted a large ball of Avrapping ; htoou agn.isc aaiiu tne aeatn sv . The ball rolled in easily, but a ' AiiB. General Sheridan Iroze him Avitli at the end of the cord anchored it-! ? s^ern glance, and then, turning to the ' report knot at the end of the cord anchored i t - , ? stern glance, a: self AvindAA’ai'd betAveen the anim a l’s front : inspector, said; teeth, and the knot and the visible piece case; I liaAfe taikf U'A'od as a kev to tlie sitnnfinxi ! ------ • 1- Well young the stable and ins A Barbarous Sclavic Lover. teeth, an of twine served as a key to the situation. ^ . groomswomau visit'd | nig-ialace of my cadetship. “Do not report this' taken .an unfair advantaue ' iinember the old hid- i Among some of the Sclavic races a strange custom jarevails. Eecently Kate Xviiezevie.s, the belle of Possedara, in father’s herdi remember tin cadetship.” nspected her steed. There! L evi D. FunnER, av I io lives in C o r - I l^^r father’s herds ’ , riage as any man m the country, \; the last twenty-five years he has been | capture Now, it so happened ^ i seven, He veeeiveG ?\OrU that tlllS WHS a mail that )t, wound .six inch around her lumd and bei the mystery. The horsi open, looked Avise and , to under.stand Avh lirnes.*^ He has received I Q answers to such adver- should mdr J,10Q mderstnna wh,,t wns going' ou; alul | S“ wonde°tdTCs am? K r a T l e t t e ; one j cany her off, when it, yard .after yard, fathom by fathom, red-lieaded He has tw o cliil- ' came toiler leseue and a fearful a animal aomplianlly yielCed np Ins , 7 1 fight ensued, in which, the miders W 6 and on neither-side 01 aite, whom he got in response to p e r-: ™“<I\«hed. rhe Vienna A cts sistent advei-t'sing, as the best of the ned sh e had a man that no earth- iice her to man flight, his hands, precipice. Dis- that she Avas not dead, tin hey the animal peculiar dinner, the manger Avasa comment uttered, ex­ cept that now and then tlae graceful that now and then the t emitted a sigh as he obi external ball swelling in magnitude and felt the internal one steadily dimini.sli- ing. Finally the last yard of cord was nt of the hfU’se,* wound np, and , Avlierc the “ m T g o ? h f S , ’ ons: T p ” ’ : T i dvert^sTng, as life best of the “ There is houor ,-vei. among ro- 1ms J.opes of em ling his days j •1®“*';'^ J®™™- t’'® ^ ' loft their 2 >rize, the girl, in accordance i Avitli timo-Siicred ])riuciples, would have C apt . M ark P euov , of Cox’s Head, been 2 )laced in charge of her future hus- Me., has a foxhound of great grit and band’s mother and sisters, and kept a intelligence. He got afler a fox tlie 2 irisoner for one night only, after Avhich day and chased him steadily for j she vAunld liave been at liberty sistent lot. He Avith her. othei ^i-to return Done ana a b.dly mashed head. Ho | thfnk\hat heija^^ enougl had jumped headlong down a long | -[eft to fight with, and so he I sat down i m itted into the Union March 1. lSG-7. ^ IXlilJPy XUL UUVJf lAlUV/U OiXlVC?* The patient, as a result, takes fifteen times the amount. “Then there are and hydrochloric acid.. hydrocyanic acid 1 The former is a poison, one or two drops being a dose. 'The usual dose of hydrochloric acid is from fifteen to twenty dro 2 )s. Both of these acids are. used daily. The hydro- cyanic,might, in the haste of the mo­ ment, be readily written instead of the hydrochloric. “ rhereare almost numberless other medicines that might be easily con­ founded. I cho.«e these illustrations, since they are in constant use. These are the simplest pitfalls that may trap tha unwary. “As a precaution, a prescriiition is very often returned by the drug clerk to the physician who wrote it if it ap­ pears unusual in any respect. “The other day a lady Avhom I know swallowed a lot of corrosive sublimate. She had not looked at the label on the bottle. Slie was rescued with the great­ est difficulty. “The greatest care should be used not to take anything from bottles not proi> erly labeled. Medicines should neA'er be taken in the dark. I t Avould be a wise arbitrary law for Congress to pass that ail bottles containing poisons should be made of some distinctive shape, so as to be readily distingui.vhable in the dark. . “Bitter nlmond;; and SAveet almonds might readily be confounded, and the bitter almond is ijoisonons, ..while the sweet is harmless. Such almonds are commonly -administered to infants; Should the bitter be given by mistake there would be a dead baby in less than no time. “Drug clerks are enjoined from sell­ ing poisoH, except on physicians’ pre­ scriptions, ’nut a person intent on sui­ cide can easily get around that regula­ tion. Several druggists are visited, and as much poison bought from each as they can be induced to .sell; for of course they will sell small quantities of dru^, like laudanum, Avhich can be taken with impunity in small doses. The combin­ ed amount is then swalloAved and the desired end attained. ‘*Ye«, it is very easy for people intent on lAoisoning themselA'es to accomplish their object. “As is the case of the drug clerk, but to a greater extent, the physician carries his reputation in his baud. No matter hoAv brilliant a record he may have achieA'ed during a long term of years, .should he malaj an error such as i have tried to illustrate, his rejiutation and practice Avould straightway vanish. Ue- S)ite 2 this sword of Damocles, which is constantly snsireuded o\’er our heads, the exercise of our exacting profession name ? Don’t you know two or more men bv the name of Schmidt ?” . , - , ” “ By Sheorge! but I ddan’t ttrnk of dot!” “You’ll probably be arrested on a war­ rant some time to-day, and I shan’t feel a bit sorry for you. Has any tiring else happened ?” **Vhas Shakespeare dead ?” “I should I'emark !” “He vhas dead a good while I” “Yes; a long time.” “Dot pleases me. Vhen you explain about Washington, I vhas afraid Shake­ speare vhas alive. A young man com ^iu my place und says, vhas I Carl Dunder ? I vhas. Vhell, Mr, Dander, I like‘to sell you a book py Shakespeare. Here he vhas, und I 'sell him sheap. Ser­ geant, nopody must take me for a fool I” “KoT ’ , . “ If Shakes 2 )eare vbas dead how^ can he write some books ? I t vhas a shwiudlo on me, and I take dot young man und , almost lai’eak him in tw o .” “Then you’ll probably have a second Avarrunt to look out for. The young man was a book agent and all r ight.” “ But you said Shakespeare vhas dead.” “So he is. The -men Avhp Avrote the Bible are dead, but the Bible keeps, right on, doesn’t it? These are the books Sbakes2)eare Avrote when he was living.” “ Vhas dot so { Why doan he oxplaiu It to me?” “ T he judge will e xplain it. Anything else? “A man comes in my place und says he likes to sell me some strips of weather. Vhas I a fool ? Doan’ I haf all dev weather I vhant mitout pay? Doan’ I get some cold und hot und rain und shnow like odder peoples? Sergeant, I doan’ like to haf some one make fun of me, und I knock dot chap oafer- two tables,” J. I . “ Well, you’ll 2 ^ay a fiuc iu the 'Police Court for it.” “ You doan’ say!” “Yes, I do! The man wanted to fur­ nish you weather strips,,didn’t he?” “By golly I I believe he vhas Weather strips.” “ They are put on doors and windows to keep out the cold. You’ll hear from him i” “But why doan’ he explain tO me? How do I know tl>ere vhas some deefer- ence between Aveather strips and strips of weather ?” “ The Judge will explain.\ “Sergeant, look at me! IneferBee sooch a countryl One day I gif some- pody fiA'e dollar, und vhas all wrong. Der next day I knock shust sooch a man oafer two tables und vhas arrested. .No- pody vhas two times alike. If I doan’ knock somepody I vhas an old green­ horn. If I do khock him I must go mit der Police Court.” “Well?” “Vhell, dot vhas all, excej)!; dot I go home und go to bed und tell Shake und der oldt womans to ran der peesiness. It vhas all too mixed oop for me. I vhas no good. Good-pye, and if I doan’ see you some more I like you to visit my gravestone some time und weep a leedle.”— Doi^'oii Fme Trera. Hurried Sho 2 )ping iu Guatemala. Speaking of the Gnatemalafis, a Champeiico merchant says in the San Francisco Examiner: ' They are a very polite people, and on coming into the store will pass some re­ mark about the Aveather and ask how business is. Then if I. am Avell, and if my wife is, and my sister and my cou­ sin, and everybody connected w ith me; and when I say they are Avell, they say and when I say they are Avell, they say they are extrelnely glad of it, and hope 'we will alAvays be Avell. I must ask the same of them, even if it consumes an hour or more to do it, and must wish long life and prosperity to them. Then Ave smile all around, and I ask if there is anything I can do for them to-day. They say they hadn’t thought of it, but will look at this, that or the other. I get doAvu goods of every grade, and they examine them all, and price them, and discuss t’aem very sociably, and, after spending a good deal more time, they thank me Avith many jA^asant Avords for the Idudhess and considera­ tion I have shown them, and Say, “yo voy avisa,” that is, ‘ vise,” meaning that they■ Avill noAV go home and consult all their other folks bows and ] Avfn about it. With many bows and jiolite Avords we day \ ;his fascination and absorbing ire lacking the physician A\’ili not be a success.” —New York World. CAUL DUNDER. The Detroiter Falls Into Trouble Once Again. “I thought it about time for you to show up again,” said Sergt. Bendull yesterday as Carl Dunder hesitatingly entered the Wooclbridge street station.* “Maype I like to talk mit you a leedle.” “Well, go abend. I suppose you are in trouble again ?” “Sergeant, vhas Sheorge Washington ‘ ‘Of course he is. ” “He vhas d« a 1 a lonjg on time ?” iirs.” “ VhelJ, dot lAJeasesme. I vhi make a mistake und haf to go i . black inau comes in my ])lace di AW ^ A 1.. “A great many yen Yhell, dot lAieasei I vhas afraid to shail. oiuler ‘ '•hii- his “ Vhell, dot I ' day und Uk( lings for a colored sburch. He says name vhas Sheorge Washington. I be­ lief Sheorge Washington vhas dead, und I gif dot jnan such a kick dot he flics tAA'enty feet.” “Yon did ! Why, he was probably named George Washington. I knoAv of several colored men by that name.” “But Sheorge Washington vhas dead 1 If he vhas dead he can’t be alive !” “Can’t there bo two men by the same 'Omeii, ly u u o i i j a , itULi Avboever else may constitute the house--- iiold. The same formalities asto health ore gone tinough Avith, and then- the goods are all brought forth again, until the countev.s are all littered o\'er, the fabrics and cost are discussed thorough^ the ly again, and then it is possible -they may buy. - - . However, perlia 2 )S they 'vili say, hav­ ing selected soruething, that it is very fine aud beautiful aud cheap, hut that they Avili call for it at some day .soon; and thank mo for the kindness I havV shown them. I see then that they liavb not the money jiist ready, SO .UWy that I shall be more than ])leased to have them take Avhatever they . want, and hope they ATOu’t bother themselves at. ail about the mere matter of compensa­ tion. 4 Well, then they say they will bo pleased to take the goods, and will pay me in thirty days, or whatever time may soonest suit their purpose. They thus at last accept the goods, and with” many, polite boAvs take their dejiarture. , . This is the way 'ousiness is done there. A G incinna ti establishment each year beats out 21,000 gold dollars into gold leaf, and as each dollar can be made into a sheet that will carpet, two rooms six­ teen aud one-half feet square, some idea may be formed of its tenuity. It re­ quires 1,400 thieknessts o£ gold leaf to equal a sheet of tliiu ijaper, and 280.000 to form an inch.

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