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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, March 30, 1889, Image 4

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THE PRESS. PUBI.ISIIKD E v EKY S.\TUKDAT. SATURDAY, IMAKtH 30, 1889. T H E a r r o g a n c e OF CJAPITAE. The taiift-fiitfened cotton-ioUl c'wuers of Fall R iver “refuse to en­ tertain any proposition or to make «ny concession whatever” looking? t:> « settlement of the. difficulty with f heir striking? operatives. The State Vioard o f Arbitration succeeded, after much etfort, in obtaining from the w eavers an agreement to return to work upon fair term s, to await :.nd abide by the result o f friendly j'pgotiations. But the M a n u iactu- lera’ Board refn.sed to listen to it. T h e y will accept nothing except unconditional surrender to their entocratic w ill. This has been the attitude o f the representatives o f combined Capital towards organized Labor in nearly ♦ very ditference that has arisen ^ince the last election. The power o f their money having secured to tiiem “four years m o re” o f protec- non against foreign competition and im m u n ity in form ing Trusts and oonibinations to control the home market, the beneficiaries of tlie tariff for bounties propose to work their ]>rerogdtive ot plunder for all it is worth. The m ill operatives o f Fall River receive absolutely kss wages lor the ♦ loth produced than do the spinners and weavers in England, and they work more hours. The cost o f their rent and other livin g expenses is ♦ onsiderably higher than in E n g ­ land. The stock o f the m ills which they operate commands a premium o | from 20 to 150 per cent. It pays di\ idcnd# o f from 10 to 20 per cent. T h e m ills are protected against foreign competition by a practically prohibitive tariff'. They are pro­ tected again.st loss on contracts by a s]>ecial “strike clause” exempting Hjeni from liability for d elays caused by an entorced stop'pageof the mills. The} have a President and Congress bacK of flieoi for “four years more.” N o wonder that they are arrogant. But w h at teachers these Tariff Barons are in the campaign of education!—TFbr/d. ARBOR D.VY. | The first genera! observance of Arbor day in this State, under the act of 1888, to encourage arborcul- ture will be on Friday, May 3,188 9 , and the duty is im p osed upon the State Superintendent of Public In­ struction to prescribe a course o f exercises to be observed in the ,«chools o f the State in carrying out the spirit of the law . The superin­ tendent has, therefore, undertaken the preparation o f a programme which w ill bei ready for publication about April 15. T h is w ill give a general plan for the information and guidance o f those contemplating a formal observance of the day by literary exercises or otherwise. This programme w ill give sim p le directions in reference to the trans­ planting of trees, and w ill also give such information as may be obtain­ ed, touching the kind ot trees most suitable for transplanting, care and treatment o f trees, etc. Preliminary to the publication o f such pro­ gramme the superintendent invites suggestions from all who are special­ ly interested in this subject, as to the proper arrangement o f a course of exercises. A circular sent out s a y s : Pending any further announcement the following observations and recommenda­ tions are Submitted: The plain intent of the law is to encourage the planting, pro­ tection and preservation of trees and shrubs with such other features as will tend to im- tle, and farm. It ia the finest medicine ever made.’ Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio, savs; TT.. j -4. T>_ T r : --- NCW DlS- “ Had it not been for Dr. King’s covery for Congumption I would have died 3. Wasgi\ 1 best of health.” Sample bottles free at G N. Brown’s I)rug Siore. covery of Lung Troubles.' Was given up by doc- 1<»rs. Am now in best of he Try it. A bill has btjen inlrodiijced in the legislature prohibiting any person under 15 years of age from smoking a cigar or cigarette in any public or place in the State under penalty o f a fine o f $10. A good bill. ELECTRIC BITTER S . This remedy is becoming so well known and so popular as to need no special inen- liou.. All who have used Electric Bitters sing the same song of praise.—A purer med­ icine does not exist and it is guaranteed to do all that is clainied. Electric Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver and Kidnej’^s, will remove Pimples, Boils, Salt Rheum and other affections caused by impure blood.— Will drive Malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all Malarial fevers. —For cure of lie adache. Constipation and h'digestion try E’ectric Bitters—Entire sat- ifitaction guaranteed, or money refunded.—^ l^rice 50 Gls, and $100 per bottle at G. N. Brown’s Drug Store,-, Practical Civil Service Reform. From the Indianapolis Sentinel. President Cleveland kept Abra­ ham D. Hazen in (he office of Third As.'iistant Postm aster Genernl, to which he had been appointed by President Arthur, more than (wo years. Hazen^s Democratic success­ or bus already been displaced and Hazen restored to the office. We presume this is done in (he spirit of civil seivice relorm, which the Chicago platform declared should govern all Executive appointments. No medicine, has bad' greater auci ese ’n checking cousnmpiion, in its ear y stagen. tlmn Ayer’s Cherry Pectoiul. It stops coughing, soothes the throat and lnn;s, ai d induces much-needed repose. Hondrecs liMve tesiified to the remarkable vlriuts of tliis preparation. t'nclcrwiar-froin medium to the finest qualities, lloeiuer & WilliBinBon, Qloversville. something to overcome the destruction of trees made necessary by the demands of busiuess and commerce. Something should be done to make more attractive and com­ fortable the many iliousand school grounds whic’ Something s be done to make more attractive and fortable the many iliousand school gr< in the State which now lack a tree or shrub, either for use or ornament. The spirit of the law will b« complied with, certaiHly, at first, by setting out trees about school grouadle, dedicating them to dis- inguished scholars, educators, statesmen, :enerala,rals, historiansistorians orr poets..oroets..or too peopleeople gene h o p t p or children closely identified with the schools. Where sc I k as toi leiave 9 are so Jmi plantings t; le no room for tree pi may be planted along Uie approaches to i*chool grounds, or in any appropriate place be sheeted by the school authori 'es. liopcd that where school grounds limited to admit trees, that the proper authorities may soon he induced to secure grounds, or m any appropriate . to be sheeted by the school authoriti It that where school grounds are too additional land. In cities it may be neces­ sary to omit tree planting. In such cases it is recommended that principals of schools provide exercises the character above ontlined. AJbilJ Jbeen Ajssembly a u thorizing, but not com- I elling, the Boards of Snppryisor.'j iu the several counties in the State to make their term o f office two years. If you need Clothing go to H.'ismer & Willianf-ou’s, Gloversville. ANY ONE *sssi5NP CAN D Y E C S 4 Dress, or a Coat, I /fp y Cotor Ribbons, Feathers, > pon Yams, Rags, etc. j ten cents and in many nth«r way* SAVE Money, thing* look lika HEW , by using DIAMOND DYES. Tha work i* taay, aimple, quick; the color* the BEST and FASTEST known. Ask for DIAMOND DYES and take no othar. For Gilding or Bronsing Fancy Articles USB i D I A M O N D P A I N T S . Gold, Silver, Bronse, Copper. Only to Cents. Baby Portraits. w* IWrrnUnnf Twkautiftllhabvnh m A PoitfoUo o f beautiftil baby pic- tan;a from life, printed on fine 3K any Baby bom within a year. 1 Every Mother wants thcee V pictures; send at once. Give 1 Baby’s name and age. /«E U t, RICHARDSON 4 CO., ' nunklNOTON. VT- • ^ it - Cleanse \ the System DO IT • NOW w ith that moat rellabl* medicine—PalDo’i OeJery Compound. ItpuitOeatbe blood, cures Ooostlpation, and regulates the Ever and kfdneys.eirectuaUyeleanS' log the system ot all WMte and dead matters. P a ine’s ’ Celery Compounil combines true nerve tonlo and atrengthlst qualities, reviving theeneigles andspuita •* I have been troubled lor some years with a complication of dllllcultlea. After tiylng va­ rious remedies, and not finding lelief, I tried Palnc’B Celery Compound. Before taking one full bottle the long troublesome symptoms be­ gan to subside, and 1 can truly say now, that I feel like a new man. Digestion has improved, and I have gadned ten pounds In weight aUwe t have commenced taking the Compound.\ H omkstub SnAKHS, FelchTllleb $1.00. Six for $5.00. AtDruggfata. WxLu, BicHAitoeoN A Gd., Burlh^iceoii. T$» fering and crying with pain of-Cutting Teeth? It BO Bend atonceand getahottle of \Mrs. Winelow’B Soothing i^mp” for Children Teething. Its value la Incalcuaole. It will relieve the poor little suffer- er Immediately. Oep<-nd npon It, mothers: there is no miftafce about It. - It cures Dysentery and Diarrhoea, regnlatee (he Stomach and Bowie, cures Wind OoHc, softens tba.Gums, reduces Inflamma- ^^r^Mle^by^an^dr^ists^ro^ the work tor‘‘MM.*Ww8Low’aSioTHi^^^ no other kind jp.\S^take BucUen’i Arnica Salve. T h e B e s t S a d v e I u the world for Cuts, Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, C b a p j^ Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Kruptioos, and positive ly cures Piles, or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 25 cents per boic.- For sale by G. N. Brown, Northville. - Long-Standing Blood DiseaaeB are cured by the perseverixitf use of Ayer’s Sarsa> parilla. This medicine ia an Alterative, and causes a radical change ia the system. The process, in some cases,, may not ‘ quite so rapid as in others; but, with ] aistence, the result la certain. R le process, in som e cases,, may not be per- Read these testim onials “ For two years I suffered from a severe In in m y right Bide, and had other trqa- pain in m y right Bide, a n d h a d other troa- Dles caused by a torpid liver and dyspepeia. Alter giving iseversd m e d icines a fair trial without a cute, I began to take Ayer’s Sar­ saparilla. I w a s greatly benefited by the first bottle, and alter taking five bottles I was com p letely c u r e d .\— John W. Benson, 70 Lawrence st., Lowell, Mass. \Last May a large carbuncle broke out m. The usual remedies had ao for _________________ 2 2 ____ . lore. In all my oEparienoo with medicine, I never saw more Wonderful Results. rilla, and continue it for a year. Fo: months I took it daily. I have not 1 blemish, upon my body for the last three months.\—T. E. Wiley, 146 Chambers st., New York City. \Last fall and winter I was troubled w ith a dull, heavy pain in m y side. I did not notice it at first, but it gradually grew worse until it became almost unbearable. During the latter part ot this time, disor­ ders of the stomach and liver increaMd my troubles. I began taking Ayer’s Sarsapa­ rilla, and, after faithfully continuing the use of this medicine for some months, the pain disappeared and I was completely cui;Bd.\ —Mrs. A. A. Farbnsh, Haverhill, Mass. | Ayer'S Sarsaparilla, FJtBFASKD BT Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Price t l : six bottles, SC. W o rth S9 abottie. NOTICE TO TH E PU B L IC . At a meeting of the Board of Health of the town of Northampton, N. Y., held at the Towfi Clerk’s office in said town on the 9th day of February, 188#, the following officers, tn-wlt, Sraitli Supervisor, John MeCnight, John W. Brown, C. S. Tanner. Justices of the Peace, J. N. Mead Town Glerk, J. F. Blake Health Officer, being present, the following resolutions were adopted :: Itesohed, That the Health Officer procure fresh vaccine matter sufficient to make a thorough vaccination of the people of the town, at the expense of the town. Also lietolml. That the charge for vaccination be and hereby is. fixed at twenty-five cents for each person, to be paid for by the p(ir- soit or persons vaccinated if able so to do, and if said person or persons so vaccinated shall he uriabie to pay said charge .then the same shall be and become a charge against said town. In accordance with the above notice the undersized w(ll be at his office in Kortb- upon other days, dtiring; the nekt'^-few weeks, to vaocinatC' all who may dfesTre vsccinatlon. J. P. BLAKE, M. D., Health Officer, &c. Sf®¥SS, GOLD COIN S T A V E S ^ And BAMGES, All the various sizes, at WM&miORl COLE’S BLOCK, NORliiTLLE, H. Y. DO NOT FORGET T H A T ____ L i . THE CELOTEBSTILLE JEWELER, lElllTM M A itC H 1 , 1889 , TO THE LITTACB BLOeS, 18 So. Main Street ^O T IO E TO CREDlTORS.-.In purauance Xt of an order o f Hon. Clarmice W. Smith, Surrogate of the county of Hamilton, notice is hereby given to all jMraoha having claims agamst Catherine T. Washburn, late of the town of Benson, in said county^dcceased, that they are required to exhibit the same with the vouchers Ibereot, to the subscriber. Administrator of the goods, chattels and credits of said deceased, a t his ipddeoce in the town of Beason, in said o t ^ t y . on ior Dated December 24th, 1888. ■ . W m . E. WASRBHRNl^ AdndttistratoT. TEACHERS EXAMINATIONS. Examinations for certificates of the sec­ ond and third grades for the year 1889, will be held as follows, beginning at 9 o’clock A. M. on the dayenamed: Wells, first Saturday, February 2nd. Sagerilie, second T u ^ a y ,. March Hope, first Saturday, April 6tb. Morehouse, first Saturday,- May 4th. Wells, second Tuesday,, August iStb. Indian Lake, first Saturday, October 5th. Long Lake, second'Tuesday, Oct. 8th. Examinations for certificates of the first grade will begin on the second Tuesday each of March and August and continue two days and will be held aafollows: Wells villiwe school, Aug. I8th and 14th. SageviUe, March and ifitb. Being governed by the Department of Public Instruction no private examination will be given. DANIEL COCHRAN, School Commisrioner. • m i -- S«wln*-affiicMa4 at oac* . i t a b l U l is sU pam , \ Hplacias o a r w f c h ii..-. ■ H S good* WhCT. tk . p ..» U MB M« thcam w . will *Md r r c * M OB* >iMnM in Mch t o c a U t r ^ vtijr bMt Mwh»g-— rfcln» bm S. la Lthi werM,wilk all tb« MtacluMBt*. I We will *1*0 tend Tree scomskM \lto . o f ««r €o»tly and valoabl. a rt KrtMptaa. la m o n iw a a tk tb a tjro a — what w# tend, to Ikotc whs call a t your koBi.. and after W lb* all aball bccon* toot oww trtv. TM* sraad M cUa* i* .. jaftn- t b . S i i t w c r patcati^ rbichhavarua a«t: before pairaia , roaiHiiitBoiaforSIVIS, witiltho icbmeat*. aad bow aelU for . ,^ > 0 . BMt.etroiiteat.BMMtnN- lftdrtaebtne in tbe world. AS ia brwiissarta ear* fire e the Seat Mwins-oMiblw te u . world, and tta A Fine line of Carpets for Spring Fur­ nishing''at O. F .H f s th’.o, Northvillf'. THOTICE—Public notice is hereby given 11 Dursuant to law that tbe lands and lands snd waters described below, will be used as a private park for tbe purpose of propagatf game, namely: Lot No. 86, Jerseyfield Patent, fieridmer County. N. E. of lot 70 Jerseyfield Patent, Herki­ mer County. N. ^ of W. ^ lot 70 Jerseyfield Patent, Her­ kimer County. Lots Nos. II and 12 Lawrence Patent, Hamilton County. One hundred acres off W. side lot 10, Law­ rence Patent, Hamilton County. Lots Nos. 1,2,3, 4,5, Q, 7 and 8, Sickles and Van Angles Patent, Hamlltcin Oonhty, comprising the whole ot said patent Lots Nos. 12,13 and 14,. Caldwell and others ' 4rsct in Hamilton Couny These lands lie inacontigqh ody a n d contain tbe following named lakes and INIS.T7. x i j v v c r a |i u u u , A / i n i u u u u u u k v ^ H iiu Midkiff lake, with their connecting streams aod waters, and also the outlet of Jersey­ field lake to the south bounds of the lands above dei>crib.jd. All persons are hereby foibidden trespass- iig 'p o n s a il privnle park Or territoiy under penalty of tbe law. C. P. W il l ia m s , Owner. F. L. BARKER’S CASH BAZAAR miBISE NEWROCfiM Prices Way Down We keep • Firfl Line p i EVERYTHING! Everythi •> for Men’s Wear <it H.i II er & Wilii mso s, G '.o - r.-vill •- DRY GOODS. FANCY GOODS.. ' NOTIONS, CAEPETSt OILCLOTHS. b o o t s A S B O E S ,. CROCKERY, GROCERIES. SCOURS, TEAS, COFFEES Also a pound bar of Dinemtoi FBANE L fotMngn NORTHVTLLE, N. Y.

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