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Hamilton County press. (Hope, N.Y.) 1873-1890, March 30, 1889, Image 7

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F O B C H I C K E N C H O I iS K ii. 419 H u ron St., S h e b o y g i i n , \Vis.,*Kov. 12, ' 1SS8. I have u s e d St. Jacobs Oil for ' chicken cholera ■with great suc­ cess. Every fowl ^ affected w i t h th e disease yrau cured by It and I recom m end if as a sure cure. It ha.s t us saved m e m a n y dollars. H. A. KUENNE, Breeder of Fine Fowls. D ia m o n d V e r a - C u r a F O R D Y S P E P S IA . [. STOMACH TKOUBLES S U e n AS , ...— it ---- n, Kau?ea,jGii _____ , ___ X- liiAAJlCiSO < Biwng^ in tlie Mouth and disagreeabJ eating, r-ervousness a nd Low Spirita. ( A t D r v g g ists <■ n d D e a lers or sen t b y m a i l o n re- ' eeipt of to cts. {5 boars $1.00) tn stamps. Sample sent j o n r e c e ip t o f l - c e n t stam p . ______ Th« Charles A. Voaeler Co., Baltimore. Hd In 18S31 contracted Blood Poison ■ of had type, and-was; treated with mercury, potasli and\ sarsaparilla ■ mixtures.growing wdtseall the thna I \ took 7 athalThottlcs S. S. wliicl - J c a r e d die :cntirely;and no.sfga ol H the dreadful' disease has returned. ' 3. C. N akci , I ' MyJtttltf niecft nS3 white ewelline H An csdent that shc..was con fined to the bed for alon^ tima !■ More than 20 pieces of .bone edme ^ , o u t of ber Ifeg, and the doctora aaid. ■ amputation was the\ ordyjtcmcdy ta l^^■ ^ H L X s a Y e h e c l^fe. Ixefusbd'the operation ' and put Her onS.S.S. and she is now ** ‘^npondactiveandinaagoodhcaltUas I any cMld. Miss A ksib GEiffluno, a Feb. 11, ’89. ^Olombps, Ga. 1 Book on Blood DlseMeis'Beht'free. ■ SVvnrr.Si’BdEPioCo. ’ ‘ Drawer 8, AUantSa, Ga, VOIJ VVJT.I,.SAyiiMONfeY T im e . P n in , T r o u b le , itiid M ill C U K E C A T A R R H B Y fcSIN G Ely’s Cream Balm. .'ipply balm into each nostriL ELY BEOS., 5C Warren St. K. I scorn EiULSION OF PORE COD LIVER OIL AZSS H Y F O P H O S F H I T E S A lm o s t a s P a latab le a s Milk. So d l a g n i a e d t h a t i t c a n b e ta k e n , d i g e s t e d , a n d a s s i m i l a t e d b y tb e m o a t ao n s ltiw e atom a c ta, w b e n tb e p l a i n o i l h c a n n o t b e to l e r a t e d ; a n d b y tb e co m - ^ ( b l n a t i o n o f t h e o i l w i t h th e h y p o p h o s - W h ites i s m u c h m o r e efficacio n s . Senurkable as a f esb prodneer. Persons gain rapidly while taking It. CONSUM P T IOM , SCROFULA, GENERAL DEBILITY, WASTING D ISEASES, EMACIATION, COLDS a n d CHRONIC COUCHS. The great remedy for Consumptian, and ting in Children. Sold hy all Druggists. Wasti PEERLESS DYES Snrsirj’nunf Eo^lte Doi^^^ay* S h ictionl _ D. R. D Y C H E & CO.. ■ ^ Chicago, i n . 1l.OO. S Sold by Druggists. G R A T E F U L -C O M F O R T IN G . EPPS’S COCOA BR E A KFA S T . our oreaKiast tauies witn a aeiicateiy cavoured bev- erag^w Web,n^ay save u s nmny a*c^ns?itution may'be gradually bu^t^p*u*nt?/6trMg enough to r e sist every tendency to disease. H u n ­ dreds o f subtle m aladies are lioating around u s ready to attack wherever there is a weak point. We m at escape m a n y .a fatal s h a ft by keeping our.-elves well only in half pound tins, by Grocers, J A M E S E P P S C O ., Hommopi London. England. >»thic Cbemiati^ PENSIONiSsl 1», C», BuccessfiUly proaeeutes claims, original, icdy. for Catarrh Is th e 1 to Use, and Cheapest. I i$5 TOSIOADAI! |A G £ N T S W A N T E D ! f tW ”ClRCUI-.tnS FREE. . J B rew s ter M f-. Go., Holly. M i ^ . * NEW » REtPl-REFfREHCE MLENDIB, -» CALEND A R TyBE-lP/oS MO n ¥ k R E F E R E N C E T Q T .VST Y E A R , N E X T J f E A K , O R A N Y O T H E R Y E A R ITNiON PTG. ,1 5 V u n d e w a ter S t., N. Y . THE ROCKS PURE GOLD. A W estern Machinist Who Refused a Great Mine a i a Gift. In one of the side streets near the Oakland Peny, San Fraiiciseo, there is general junk shop carried on by one E. T. Steen, Avhose daily struggle for the mighty dollar is a hard one. Mr. \Steen makes a specialty of second­ hand machineiy, in the purchase oi which lie travels considerably over th^. Californian mining counties. Abandonee! or broken dovra quartz mills and hoist­ ing works are his delight. He is by no means' ifi rich man, ah, though he constantly tells jthje story ol how he was offered a large fortune onco. as a present, but refused it. It hajipenec: this way: In part of El Dorado County, ealle.l Grizzly Flats, a mine had been worlmcl with more or less profitable results by « IDarty of Boston caintalists. These men had spent considerable, money in im- pi'oving tiie property, and in tlie couisf of development had gotten out some twelve or fifteen fmnclred tons of ore. Tiiis lay on the dumps. For one reason or another the machin­ ery at the mine did not Avork satisfactor­ ily, and the ore was not crushed. It alsc haj)j)ened that a cave occuiTed in the minemine; 1 shaft,'Avhichaft,'Avhich so discouragediscouraged thee sh so d th Bo,ston folks'that they &ially concluded to. abandon the property. 1 ’ . The only thing to be doi|ie was to: sell the machinery for the most money! ob­ tainable. Mr., Steen was in\ited tc tainable. make a bid, anii , tlie Mount Pleasanttit it the. mine— r'Jeasan was called—^looked over the macliinery,liinery, andofi'ered a stated Steen was d he Adslted sum for it, which was at. once accepted. The mine owners offered to throw the mine into the bargain for a few hundred dollars more, but Mr. Steen wonldnM have it, remarking: “What on earth dc I want of the mine? I wouldn’t take if as a gift. ” This was some seven or eighi years ago. Mr. Steen then hauled the machinery away from the property, whidi after­ ward lay idle for some six months oi more, when an expert in the employ ol the same Boston firm happened to visil the place, ^ e was there to examine and report upon another mining property ir the vicinity. The expert, more from curiosity than tage hy some new }3rocess. He assayed a sample from the dum 2 i and was aston ished to find the result over ,$G0. Thai is, the ore, if this was a fair sample, uld yield ^60 iier ton. He then mad< further assays, Avitli even better results, and wrote to Boston, stating would pay to imt uii a new mill pi-operty. After SOI that i' ;er some hesitation this was done and the ore on the dumps was rui ■tluvn.gli-the> mill in less ihun, a month, yielding about .$27,000. IJj)on examin ing the mine further it was found thal the eave in the main shaft had exposed * “ chimney” of very rich ore, upor which the mill was soon set to work. From this on the mine was systemati­ cally worked, and, singularly’- enough, the deeper they got tlie wider and richei the vein became, and to-day Moun’ Pleasant is probably the richest golc mine in California. For seven yeans the Mount Pleasanl Mine has yielded a net return of fron $25,000 to $4:0,000 a month, and there is .said to be ore enough in sight noAv tt kce^) the mill running ten or twelve years more. A million dollars in casl would not, to use the Western idiom, “ touch one side of the pfbperty.” I have often seen the man at the Mount Pleasant mill after a day’s loir take up great iron buckets full of riel amalgam from the plates and have seen quartz sjiecimens from the ledge worth many htindreds of-dollar s. About a year after Steen had refused scept the pro^ day in San Francisi rich mine up in El liear so much about'?” he asked m< to accept the property I met liim on* ncisco. “ What is thal n E l Dorodo county ] lout?” he asked me. “ The Mount Pleasant,” I told him. “ Good Lord!” he exclaimed, “ you don’t say so ?” And then he told m< about his purchase and the attendanl facts as above described.— Ifeio YorT> her aid. A Gigantic Employment Agency. Tlie employment agencies of Ne-w York are requii’ed to be licensed, bul this is the only attention or regnlatior of a public nature to which they art subjected. The experience of Paris rnight be profitably studied here. Thai city has begun the erection of a building to cost $600,000, w'hose first floor will b< used as an emjiloyment agency, con­ ducted by the city, \with a register open to all ajiplicants; the top floor is a hal- seating 2,000 people, for the use of laboi meetings, and the floor bct’.veen holds the offices of the Paris. Fedeiation ol Labor and of every union in the city. The city heats and lights the building, pays its expenses, and jqiiiroiiriatei $4:,000 a year to pay tlie office expenses of the Federation. All this, in the end. comes out of labor, and in France w’ork- men arc illy paid. There are some feat­ ures of the scheme, liowever, that ar« commendable .—New York Graphic. A G eougxa Constitution, of A jffiysician wi'ites to the A ‘lanta, that the solution used in the ha::^ ,jT«r.acliC3 now offered so extensively for sale is easily and cheaiily made hy taldng twenty |iound£ of comaion salt, ten iiounds of sal am­ moniac (muriate of ammonit so extensively lor sale is easily ai cheaiily made hy tailing twenty |ioun of r*nm m n n t^xi XDOUnclS Of Sal a) ammonia, to be had of any df''-\-<gist) and dissolving in seven gallons or water. When it is dis­ solved it can be bottled and. kepi in eacli loom in the house. In case of fire, one or two bottles should be thrown 'with force inlo the burning place, liavcl enough to break them, and the iii-e will certainlj^ be «xfinguished. FOOD F O R REFLECTIOl^:. The New York AVoild of February 9tb. •‘T h e q'ne.stion .asto liow im ich o f w lrat they ni-otoJul-to know- d o c to r s rcull.v k u o w is a very ^ “ T h e ^ p o e W s s e .vreptionally g r e a t fo r h u m b u g g in g , an d th e p r e s u m p t i o n i s t h a t th e v a r e n o t p r o o f in nio.st c a s e s , a t all tim e s n tT o a s t, ag inn.st t e m p t a t i o n t o m a k e use ol th e m . T iieir profession com es a.s n e a r bein g aiie-sotericono a s any t h a t is acknow ledgec to be resp e c tab le. B u t th e rev e l a tio n a.s to th e i r view s in tlie Robinson a: souicul poison- t h e i r view s in tli e R o b in s o n a : so ing- casp.s in B o s ton is s t a r t l i n g . \T h e r e w ere live d e a th s from t] the doctors in their certificates aLtfibuied Ih e m r e s p e c t i v e l y to x>Peumonia. t y p h o i d fever, meningitis, bowel disease ami Bright s d ise a s e o f t h e kidneys. T h e t r u t h w o u ld h a v e never been k n o w n - b u t to r su s p icio n s w ith which th e do.ctors h a d n o th i n g . t o .do -1 ln?rc is food here fo r r e flection—an d lo r o b e t o r s . . ■ ‘ T h e a b o v e criticism is -inlly w a r r a n te d by th e s t a r t l i n g ig n o r a n c e s h o w n by th e a tt c iu l- In g phA'sicians in th e S o m e rville cases. -( , . J t can he a p t l y said t h a t h u m a n life us t o o often s.acrificed to t h e ig a o u u ice a n d b ig o try o f t h e profession. r ^ T o o o f ten it h a p p e n s t l i a t f a t a l re s u lts fol­ low an im p r o p e r co u rse o f tre a t m e n t — th e physician t r e a t s th e p a tie-iit f o r c o n s u m p ti o n . gen e ral d e b ility o r fo r n e r v o u s d iso rd e rs, w h ilst th e real disease, which is slow ly d e ­ s t r o y i n g t h e k id n e y s an d filling th e sy s tem w ith a p o iso n q u ite aS deudry a s arsenic, is a l t o g e t h e r o v e r l o o k e d ' o r d o e s n o t a t t r a c t a t t e n t i o n u n t i l t o o l a te . P h y s ic ia n s t o o ofl u tr e a t th e s y m p t o m s ' o f d iseas'e.instead o f .the d isease itself. : - I t is well e s tab lish e d t h a t fo u r-lifth s of -the o r d i n a r y ills, which • t s ^ h tn l ^ T h a a ity a r e th e re.snlts of di.se«^e, in fh|R kidnej^s -winch will yield t o th e cu r a tiv e , pVopertfes, of W a r n o r ’s So.fe C u re if tiraeT.r’ iised. ffnd t o i t alone. W h a t is a p p a r e n t l y a dise.aso in th e o t h e r ' o r g a n s is m o r e often tim e s ,.a m e r e sy m p td tn o f k id n e y disease, 'w h ich siio iib l bo quickly e r a d ic a te d b y W a r n e r ’s Safe E u re before it secures too firm a hold on th o s e oj-gauK. A M azarin Bible b ro u g h t § 10,000 a t a re cent a u c tion sale in London. M o r a v ia , N . Y...M M a y r», IS-ST.-O. F . W o o l - ward : I h a v e been u.«in.g K e m p ’s B a ls a m .-),nd I find i t v e ry effectual in rcli.eving a c.oiugh F r o m K c n ii b li c a n N . Y . a y r ., 1 11 u.«in.g K •y effectu a l in rcli.evin g a 'co w ith w h ich 1 h a v e b e e n afflicted of late, b u r d r u g g ists te l l mo th e y sell m o re o f th is t h a n a n y o th e r c o u g h rem e d y . 1 c a n ch e e r f u lly recom ­ m e n d it. Y'ours T ruly, ,T. .1. P kase , E d i t o f R e - publican. A t .ill d r u g g ists’. B a rge bottle.s,‘ • n d $1. The French infantry are-to have sm.aller weapons su b s titu ted foi- their present style of revolver, experim ents having shown t h a t tlie sm aller a rm is much m o re accurate. . B r o n c h itis is cu r e d by fie q u e n t sm a ll doses o f P iso’s C u te f o r Con.sum ption. em p loy them C a t n r r h On red. A clergyman, a fter y ears of suffering from th a t loathsome disease. C atarrh, and vainly trying every known remedy^ a t last found a prescription which conipl etely cured a n d saved tim from death. Any sufferer froih this d read­ ful disease sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to Prof. J . A-Ln,'vrence,88 W a rten 8t.. N. Y., wiU receive the recipe free of charge. ■on’s Eye-Water- Drugrgists sell 25c. per b o ttle A R a d i c a l C a r e lo r E p i l e p t t e n t o . To the Editor—Please inform your readers th a t I have a positive remedy for the above nam ed disease which 1 w’arrant tacu r e the worst cases. So strong is my faith in its vir- tnes th a t I will send free a sample bottle and valuable treatise to any sufferer who will give me his P . O. a n d Express address. Resp’y, H .G . ROOT. M. C.. 183 P e a r l St.. New Y o rk. The English T reasury D e p a rtm e n t is con­ tem p lating ihe issue o f £ l notes, as a. remedy for th e depreciation of th e gold cun eiicy by IJ KL co n s tan t use. Volt SPECTAI. Rates for adverttsln* in this apply to the publLslier of the paper. T a y l o r t e Ho s p i t a l C u r e f o r C a t a r r h . Warranted to give satisfaction or money reftinded. Sold on ten days* trial. Price com- hplete $2.50. For pam- Bpjilets and. terms o f sale f address City Hall Phar- ' macy. No. 264 Broad- way, New York. ______ JONES H E tssasffis; Tor* Box for f» Ererv !^« fk-alo. For n«e pr.^e lift 1 JONES “ of ^T^AMTON, i W u B B m i 3000 mi trations lore Word.s and nearly 2000 more IIlus- ■ations than any other American Dictionary. An Invaluable Companion in every School a n d a t e v e ry Fireside. Sold by all Booksellers.^ Illustrated Pamphlet 6. A C. MERRIAM & CO.” Pub°rs, Springfield, Mass, stamp for circular^to I n d i a n a CONSUMPTION 1 have a ponitjve remed.v for the above disease; by its use tliounands of eases of lUe worst kind and of long standlnK hare been cured. So strong is m y faith m its efHcacy tha* £ will send two bottles free, together with a valuable Your Blood Needs A thorough cleansing this spring. In order to expel the im purities which have accumulated durini the w inter, or which may be berediltary, cause you m uch suffering. -We confidently recom­ mend Hood’s Sarsaparilla as the very best medicine. By its use the blood is and vitalized, th a t t'red feeli purifi^. I and spring, entirely- overcome and the -whole body given s trength and vigor The appetite is restored and sharpened, the digestive organs a re toned, and the kidneys and liver invigorated. “ I had boils all over m y neck .and back, troubling' me so much t h a t 1 could n o t tu rn m y head around, nor «toop over. Hooa;s Sar.-apariUa cured me in two w eeks.” D xkxei . R ea p . Kansas City-. Mo. H o o d ’s S a r s a p a r i l l a Sold b y all druggists. $1; six for $5. Prepared only by O.T. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass. lOO D o s e s O n e P o H a r __ Hood’s Sarsaparilla is the b est blood purifier befon^ the public. I t eradicates sctofnla and all hnman^,| cures salt rheum , boils, pimpiee, et& %lie sevenrt^ where other preparations utterly fa i l T ry It th is season. “ F o r years at irregu'ar intervals in all seasons, I suffered the intolerable burning and itching Of blood p o isoning' legs, i n mj’ th r Hood’s Sarsaparilla, i C aivik T. SmjTE. Wentworth. N. H. ;ood’s Sarsaparilla, as a blood purifier, with -iw' lought of it as a special-remedy for iVy poisonlxig.] at i t has effected a perm anent «nd thorough H o o d ’s S a r s a p a r i l l a ^ j >ld b y all d ruggists. $ 1 ; six for $5. Prepared only! rC I Hood tCto.,Apothecaries, lA iw ell,M a w .' | IOO D o s e s O n e Dollar - “ I know ’tis a sin to, But I’m bent on the notion. I’ll throw myself into The deep, briny, ocean.” -------- Fie. fie. mv c and settle dowj conduct, when aches, poor ; driacal condi which will all giv< hut make use of that w( Piei'ee’s 'Golden MLeldieaT Discovery; diseases for wliich it is recommended, or mo: cured me when I was in a much, worse coi only try it, you will soon be singing-— “ Rut my spirit shall wander Through gay coral bower And frisk with the Huqus, conic meaicme jenown AS-Ur*. > guaranteed to benefit .or cure in ali loney paid for it will b.e'\refuf»ded. It •nditiou than you are, afrd if you will : with the mermaids It shall, by the Powers!” Copyright, 1888, by W o r l d ’ s D is p e n s a r y M e d i c a l A sso c ia t io n , Proprietors. CATARRH ™ heap . * * * * * \ m ■ m ■ B no m a tter of how long standing, is | / l > m anently cured by DR. SAGE’S CATARRH REMEDY. 50 cents, by druggists. . tsot REWUD U«5 e . 1 aiMsd to tiie Brat imu -* ob « iatonaiar ■ ia tka HMo lha v m i M M to t fonad. t MiBna sannffiiic carTsen^ will receiT* QW ~iera tkan oua comet airairer tbe atcoaS VO $!(, the third glC; tt* fourth glS, . ^ .5 euh, D m nest % 9S <aeh. tk* SMt g t o t l each. Ceaipotkon mart Mod 30 da. far C M which thav whlNoriTa Tbe Yahnc lAdia^ ___________ ItbnlealrirM a :—iaraMB M l M W StaaBBUrlllaa- r t l t l traMaad azcelaiH aaegsaneof literataia, teTMOsIsIteUa^^ bir^-id^-A^^ A 1 f l C T PIDE a LU o I blKL. ettoetbera. st-un-atnV;oaawgaaca»)i. A d d raraT h e T o u n g L a d iesM a g a zine.K a n c a s C ity.lto..CNstioulBlecEf St so^badly onl.^^^rfect W ild and 'Waterproof te no other. If your storekeeper . K, 20 Simmons St., Boston, Mass. W . L . D O U G L A S $ 3 S H O E GENTLEMEN. •5.TO genu ^ e “ h a n d “ ew e ^ ^ • 4 . 0 0 H A N Ih-SE'W ISD W E L T S H O E . I) • 3 . 5 0 P O L I C E A N D F A R M E R S ’ S H O E . •3 .S O E X T R A V A L U E C .4L F S H O E . AU made in Congress, Button and L ace. W. L. DOUGLAS S 3 SHOE LA?.\... Beet Material. Beet Style. Beet nttinsk , f t A f T m r n w r d o u g l a s s h o e s witiiont l a J K I I I l l l l l l n a m e and p r i c e , stamped on bottom, p u t him down as a fraud. I t not v a u A A V A l sold by your dealer, write W. L . D O U G L A S . B R O C K T O N . MASS. FOR RI.OO: How To kBnilil A House. I f you a re ihinkiiig ot builaiug a, uouse you o u g h t to b u y the new book, l*nlii.xci*’H A iiien c u n Arcli> itc c t lire, o r every m a n a complete huUder,prepared by Palliser, Palliser & Co.,the weilknown architects. ‘There is not a Builder or any one intending to build or otherwise interested th a t can afford to be Without it. I t is a practical work and everybody buys it. The b est, cheapest and m ost popular work ever issued on Building. Nearly four hundred drawings. A 85 book in size and stjTe.but we have determined to make i tmeet meet the popular demand, to suit the times. ___ ___ th e i SO that i t can be ei This book < lia r demand, to si ly reached by all. B 104 pages l i x r • and order the best by mail. Plain directions to onl- tiv-ite Boses. - J. W. ADAMS Sc CO., Springfield, Msse. .^ C H O L E R A PROOF, OR O hio I m provei ^ H ohssts * H oos . ssno rcaoEscRiPTioNaraiw 3 m w w «« muuiuMi i prevent. Brownlee & C .,..— .... — -« Blair’s Oval Bax, 34i raaaal. J4 Filia. DETECTIVES FL O R ID A ! Frttlnformailoii. F o r map. State bulletin, pam phlet and ««jnpira Weekly. \South FloridaP r o g r e s s f send « e . postegsu FjAlw^aPnG^Asl Qet the Genuine. ---------- SoldE v e m rherc.

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